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  1. Apr 1, 2013
    You are going to need a Classic Controller and a love of JRPG's before you pick this one up. Finally the Wii has a game that is best described as epic. Huge, imaginative, beautiful open world accented by killer music. It reminds me of Skyrim. The overall story and characters are very vanilla (hence a need love of JRPGs), but it has enough twist and turns to keep you playing for the 70+ hours of campaign. It is a shame that side quests (300+) are fetch quests for random item drops and monster fights. They aren't thought out like the loyalty quests in Mass Effect 2. I ignored side quests and focused on combat. Combat is a lot of fun and will get tougher as you get deeper into the story. Negatively, aging Wii hardware means the game slows when fighting a lot of foes. Expand
  2. May 7, 2014
    One of the best games I have played. It has everything you would expect from a jrpg. Great story, interesting characters you come to care about, a ton of quests (and yes some are annoying). The only issue I have is that you can't buy advanced skill books (not that you need them that much once you level up considerably). If you haven't played it I definitely recommend you do. The game also works on Dolphin emulator without any significant problems (Only a little audio issue here and there). Expand
  3. Jun 25, 2013
    One of the best games that I've played ever. Just do yourself a favor: buy a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles and be prepared to be blown away, you won't regret it
  4. Jul 20, 2013
    This game was the game that finally broke me, I promised myself I would never touch the WII never purchase one, never wield that dumb condom combo. This game did it for me.

    Praise be Shulk the wielder of the Future that is the Monado!

    On a serious note this game is pretty badass and if you are somehow able to get a copy of this I strongly recommend this Title. Though finding a
    copy will be a tough shot considering I have gotten emails from Gamestop wanting to buy back my copy because apparently making only a limited number of copies for the region for a number 1 defining game of a console a perfect plan doth thou make (combined with the WII being at the end of its cycle with the WII U being released). Expand
  5. Aug 16, 2013
    Gameplay: Amazing. OST: Awesome. Story: THE BEST. Is the best game ever for me (Ocarina of Time... was the best before I play Xenoblade). People who says it is bad... I think they are a mere haters. This game cannot have a score under 9.5, seriously.
  6. Dec 16, 2013
    The game is great, but I wish it was a bit more difficult. The side quests are also a bit of a disappointment, due to the fact there are so many of them and most if not all are not worth it. Definitely worth playing if you focus on the main story.
  7. Oct 18, 2013
    Best RPG of all the seventh generation, not ha notthing better than his game believe me, if you rave a wii or wiiu, you need to play xenoblade cronicles. this is the uniq game.
    final fantasy, dark souls, ni no kuni, tales of xilia will not have more fun after you play xenoblade
  8. Nov 2, 2013
    THE GOOD: This is (as of now) the best rpg game i've ever played. It has an intense original story full of plot twists and emotion. The ending was absolutely perfect. The characters are a memorable bunch. Voice acting is fantastic. The world is extremely large, full of wide open spaces with a high amount of variety, from grasslands to jungles, snowy mountains, cliffsides, and countless others. The game truely takes advantage of the wii's power and the scope is insane. Its not the best visually, but the character models and environments are still noticeably detailed in such a large open-world game. Battle system is innovative and completely upgradeable. Characters are completely upgradeable. You can change any one of the 7 character's clothing any way you see fit while adjusting their stats. The game has a seemingly unlimited amount of sidequests to do. The replay value is large and a single playthrough can often take a minimum of 70 hours for the average player. The soundtrack is one of the best i've ever heard. Every piece of music is memorable.

    THE BAD: This isn't a big deal but it would have been cool to see online multiplayer options. It also would have been good if sidequests had cutscenes or voice acting.

    This is literally about as perfect as a game can possibly be in my opinion. Absolutely phenomenal title. The best game ever released for wii. PERIOD. MUST BUY!
  9. Nov 11, 2013
    Little late to the party on this review. I hated my Wii up until playing this game. Even now I can say its the only game I truly enjoyed on the system. Even being on such terrible hardware, they graphic direction made it one of the most beautiful games I played last generation. Couple that with an amazing story, voiced by probably the best voice acting of last gen and its just a great journey. That's not even mentioning the gameplay, customization and best in class soundtrack. I couldn't say enough good things about this game if I tried. Right up there with the Mass Effect trilogy and original Bioshock for my top game of the 360/PS3/Wii generation. Expand
  10. Nov 22, 2013
    Xenoblade chronicles is the best game that i have ever played, it has stunning graphics, great quests, a long story, and lots of plot twists, which i find amazing. No game i ever played before has gave me this unique gameplay, and the story really connects with me, when "Shulk" felt sad, i felt sad as well, i think that the creators of this game really wanted to create a game that can connect with the players and give them the feelings of the characters. Expand
  11. Jan 7, 2014
    This game is definitely a step forward in the JRPG genre, it's huge, unique, and comes packed in with amazing music, story, and 200+ hours of game play side quests. If I had to choose my game of last gen, it'd be this one for sure. Despite being a Wii game, this game is huge, the landscapes and environments are beautiful. Although the game starts out somewhat typically, once you get into the fourth area it starts to blow you away. The story was just heart wrenching at some points to me and I was hooked on it. Besides all that though, the Characters are relate able, the quests are fun and not required, the secret areas leave exploring fun to do, the collectibles, achievements, and even the crafting system will all keep you busy when doing some grinding, so it's not all that tedious unlike some other JRPG's are.
    Although the game is a masterpiece in story, music- (and practically everything else) It does have some setbacks. For those who like graphics, this game might not be the best on your eyes, but as I see it, the pros blow away this small con. Also, the AI is just horrible at times, sometimes they just fail at the wrong times unfortunately, but it's a rare occurrence. The characters.. although most are amazing, some just aren't as deep as you'd want- but hey, what game doesn't have this?

    Overall this game is top quality, it's fun, memorable, and definitely a must-have for RPG fans, if you can get a hold of it of course.
  12. Apr 9, 2014
    By far the best game i own. The battle system is very unique. Even though this game is hard (or i just suck) the game is still better than most games i have.
  13. Mar 11, 2014
    Play the game for 2-4 hours, if you're not hooked then, then the game is not for you. This is an amazing game, really feels like a JRPG from the 90's, and somehow Monolith Soft managed to make the game exactly as they wanted to, without Nintendo intervention (not spoiling anything!)

    Short review, amazing game, really well designed battle system, great plot, and overall you're getting
    one of the most well thought out games I have ever seen. The whole world just comes to life in this game, and every location feels like a real place, that has some real importance. Plus the boss fights in this game are just amazing.

    However if you don't get hooked withing 4 hours, put it down and never look back. Why? While the story is amazing, if you don't like the start, you probably won't like the rest of it. Plus there is a lot of needless walking in this game. Honestly they could have cut 20 hours out of the game just by introducing a motorcycle or something. It's just too long of a game, it could have been compressed into 40 hours no problem.

    That said, this is still a 9/10, it's one of the best RPG's which I have ever played. It really feels like a 90's JRPG, and without spoiling anything........there is a Nintendo game.........
  14. Mar 24, 2014
    This game will consume your soul for approximately 100 hours, it's like going on a journey to heaven, if heaven was a JRPG. Cheesecakes are at stake here (not really). Mmm cheesecakes...
  15. Jul 27, 2014
    this overrated tittle... The story isn't any special to me , good music , good graphic but worst fighting system in this kind of game ... it isn't worst game i ever played , but it just disappointed me because the game play really somehow boring and isn't fun to me
  16. Jul 23, 2014
    Fantastic story, visual design and the combat is incredibly engaging. This is the answer to EA's original marketing statement, Can a computer make you cry? This game proves that yes it can.
  17. Sep 12, 2014
    Simply the best rpg for the Wii. The story is pretty good and far away from the familiar (standard) rpg settings. Most plot twists will surprise you but fell never fake / factitious. The characters always bring a smile on my face. Especially Shulk and Fiora are deep characters outside off beaten tracks (Honorable mention: Melia and Dunban). The character development in this game is done very well. The graphics are O.K for me. Some will say the graphic looks dated but the game world is really nice. The soundtrack is in the top 10 for the Wii. Overall a must own game for the Wii. Expand
  18. Aug 30, 2014
    Best game on the Wii, and probably the best JRPG. Or the best game ever in general. The only thing I would rate this game is 11/10 but unfortunately there is no such option in Metacritic. A memorable story, breathtaking enviroments, amazing music, and deep yet fun gameplay which always keeps you occupied by throwing new mechanics at you as the game progresses. This game has all that you can expect from a JRPG. Absolutely look forward to its sequel on the Wii U. Expand
  19. Sep 3, 2014
    Really the best RPG I have played on the Wii, is an awesome game!!!
    The voice, the music, the story, the game play it's really awesome!!!

    10 out of 10
  20. Sep 9, 2014
    one of the few jRPG's that kept my interest (short review) Pros: +Looks pretty good for a wii game, but the resolution holds it back. +interesting combat system (cooldown based instead of turned based) +interesting story! (it's about people, not +good voice work +nice big world to explore +indepth skills/ability system +great music +changing outfits changes your how you look!

    -Really bad Friendly AI
    -no gc controller support
    -in battle event prompts interrupt attack inputs
    -camera gets stuck, and lags a bit at times

    It's a ton of fun, if you like JRPG's pick it up.
    if you like RPG's but often get bored of other because of the lame story, how linear they are, or the amount of grinding they require, Try this game!
    it's quite a bit different.
  21. Sep 12, 2014
    Very good game with a very good engine. Music 10, design 10, scenario 10, story 10. It´s very, very good and the most epic rpg i played. And i played very very rpgs. Only one problem, the console. Wii it´s not a best option and this is a problem to level of the graphics and the style of controlls. The second part it´s going to WiiU. most better. (Sorry for my poor english).
  22. Oct 13, 2014
    Not only is this game the best RPG I have ever played, but it is overall the best game I have ever played. It features an expansive world, a long storyline with many plot twists. The characters are likeable, there are DOZENS of quests and things to do, such as item hunting and raising affinity among party members or within the world itself.

Universal acclaim - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 58 out of 59
  2. Negative: 0 out of 59
  1. May 24, 2012
    Xenoblade may not be the greatest JRPG ever, but it's certainly one of the best games on the Nintendo Wii.
  2. Apr 19, 2012
    There's a lot more to recommend Xenoblade Chronicles. The dialogue, the humor, the artwork, the prophecy system, the music, the variety of environments, the character progression, the crafting system, the crazy quest density, the quest quality, the memorable characters, the collectibles, the secrets, and so on. This is a landmark achievement in the genre. As of its release, you can no longer talk about great RPGs, or maybe even great games, without also talking about Xenoblade Chronicles.
  3. Apr 12, 2012
    Xenoblade Chronicles is the sort of precious jRPG that this recent console generation has sorely lacked. Despite some missteps and over-complication, the game stands out as one of the best in recent years. Xenoblade creates a world simply begging to be explored.