Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 19 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 19
  2. Negative: 14 out of 19
  1. With the focus on four-player action, it's more frenetic and atmospheric than its peers. [Issue#55, p.105]
  2. It’s visually appealing, but too busy to follow, and while it has lots of fast-paced action, it’s over way too quickly.
  3. While the concept of the game seems to be sound, a Geometry Wars inspired co-op shooter; everything seems to work against it, especially the price.
  4. Online play undercut by crummy design choices. [Mar 2010, p.83]
  5. Not a great game, but good fun and offers something different to the normal Arcade game.
  6. Gulti know how to design a fast and exciting shooter, that’s clear. However, the flaws here tend to outshine any glimmer of greatness 0 Day Attack on Earth may have had.
  7. 40
    When your best feature is a map, your game is either seriously flawed or hopelessly mediocre. 0 Day manages the rare feat of being both.
  8. Terrible AI and repetitive action makes 0 Day Attack on Earth a frustratingly difficult grind.
  9. Twin stick shooter fans have many other places to look to get their fix on the XBLA and almost all of them would be a better choice than 0 Day.
  10. You can find far superior twin-stick shooters on the Xbox Live Indie Games service for a third of the price as this tedious heap of un-fun.
  11. Almost unplayable by oneself and difficult to find others to play with online. 0 Day is a really short game that you'll likely not come anywhere close to getting fifteen dollars worth of enjoyment out of.
  12. 35
    Between the lackluster visuals and uninspired gameplay there's very little to like about 0 Day.
  13. One of the worst examples of this genre. [Mar 2010, p.115]
  14. There has been an internal struggle here to find any pinnacle highlights and potential attractions that other players may find interest in; in the end I have managed to narrow the list down to having a decent capacity of players for multiplayer and an intriguing idea for using satellite imagery. It’s just a shame that they were both wasted on such a inadequately produced and simply frustrating experience of a game.
  15. A game with a nice little gimmick regarding Goolge-Earth-like maps becomes just that. A dissapointingly bad game with nothing but a gimmick.
  16. Suffering from lack of players and lobby issues, particularly galling given the heightened multiplayer aspect of the game, it’s very difficult to recommend a purchase, especially at the high price of 1200 MSP (plus an extra 1120 MSP for the additional map packs).
  17. It's a really lame attempt at a shooter, and certainly not something that's worth picking up for the multiplayer component, especially since nobody seems to be playing it. I'd give this one a pass then, there's really no reason to check this title out.
  18. 25
    0 Day is a complicated mess of imbalanced levels, ineffectual A.I., and ghost-town online multiplayer, culminating in no incentive to keep playing.
  19. Ugly, amateurish and badly made arena-based shooter that relies on a co-op mode nobody will ever play.

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