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  • Summary: 007 Legends features an original, overarching storyline that explores Bond's journey from a newly-minted secret agent to the most beloved, or hated, spy legend there has ever been. Players experience the conscience and gritty evolution of James Bond by tying together 5 classic Bond movie-inspired missions: Moonraker, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Die Another Day, Licence to Kill, and Goldfinger. A 6th mission based on this year’s SKYFALL is available post-launch as DLC. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 49
  2. Negative: 32 out of 49
  1. Oct 16, 2012
    007 Legends attempts to be a big, brassy tribute to 50 years of James Bond, but it ends up a little too ambitious for its own good, with a story that is more spectacle than substance and some new ideas that don't work together as well as they should. The multiplayer, however, is better than ever, and that alone should make this a must have for any 007 fan's collection.
  2. Nov 7, 2012
    007 Legends may be a good game for the celebration of Bond's 50th Birthday, but after all it is too flawed to be recommended, not even for fans of the MI6 agent.
  3. 55
    I really wanted to love 007 Legends, given the source material they had to rely on, as well as how I had enjoyed the previous Bond games; however, at the end of the day I am left underwhelmed by the whole experience having played what I view as a average game at best.
  4. Nov 13, 2012
    007 Legends absolutely reeks of a rush job. It may have the look (loosely) but carries with it none of the heart, soul or charm of the world's greatest secret agent.
  5. Oct 29, 2012
    While having many movies of the Bond franchise to get inspiration from, 007 Legends wastes every possible chance to translate them in an entertaining gameplay and ultimately falls short.
  6. Oct 19, 2012
    Simply put, 007 Legends is a trap: a poor, uninspired game touting the 007 license hoping nostalgic fans will shell out $60 expecting to relive some of their favorite franchise moments. Bond-lovers will be offended by story inaccuracies and barely recognizable action sequences, while shooter fans will grow bored of the lame level design, lack of variety, and out-of-context story lines.
  7. Oct 18, 2012
    Reliving some of the most popular missions of 007 definitely has something appealing. But the end result, is, alas, an abomination. It's a terrible, dull, and sometimes plainly unplayable FPS which, when it tries to diversify its experience (stealth, espionage, chase sequences), just adds more frustration and annoyance.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 17
  2. Negative: 10 out of 17
  1. Oct 16, 2012
    Will this take the title of greatest 007 game? A definite no. But it is a solid game worth a play especially if you're a Bond fan. This happens to be exactly what Eurocom and Activision are aiming at. It's does a nice job of tying Daniel Craig's version of James Bond to the previous interpretations of 007 by expanding, perhaps a little too liberally from time-to-time, on the themes, stories, and locales of some of the most iconic films in the series. As a lifelong gamer and Bond fan, I find can find the fun in this game without trying and will continue to enjoy what it offers. Games in general will always be compared to the successful leaders (whether commercially or critically) in their genre, so for all of the comparisons to CoD I say "What FPS isn't compared to those these days?" But further to that point, 007 Legends does a nice job of making the player feel like Craig's Bond - gritty, fast-paced, action oriented - and the style of this games suits that just fine.

    And for comparison's to one of my all time favorites, Goldeneye 007, I'll say this... That game did something rare in the gaming world; it changed the way we look at games, specifically FPS, and for those of us that are Bond fans we are simply all the more lucky that Goldeneye was the story chosen for that particular project and time. The most I can hope for in a Bond game is that it does justice to the character, not that it lives up to the legacy of Goldeneye 007. A legacy that over time we've probably all glamorized a bit too much...
  2. Oct 16, 2012
    Not the greatest game made, nor is it the best Bond game ever made. That said, this isn't a complete throw away like some reviewers are saying. I do like how they've had to re-imagine some of the older movies to fit with modern times. The multiplayer could be better if they can work on latency issues. That said, give it a try. I paid full price because I am a Bond fan to the core, but I imagine this will be down 20-30 bucks by Christmas. Expand
  3. Mar 30, 2014
    When I first played this game I was like WOW this game is really good but when I got about halfway through goldfinger I was like this isn't that fun... I mean you have to take these pictures of computers and it wasn't that fun. However online is AWESOME I mean I could play Xbox live for hours and not get bored. The only reason I would get this game would be for multiplayer. Expand
  4. Dec 24, 2012
    This has to be the most boring FPS I've ever played. It's basically just Call of Duty 4 with James Bond slapped onto it. Only played the first two levels since it was so tedious to play, the Friendly A.I kept on pushing me out of cover as if they were against me! Expand
  5. Oct 19, 2012
    I was really looking forward to 007 Legends since I'm a huge fan of 007 both the films and the games. But unfortunately, 007 Legends wins the title of the greatest disappointment of 2012. First, Daniel Craig isn't even in the game (they only used his likeness, not his voice). Speaking of the voice acting, it's as dull and uninspired as the one they did back in the late nineties when voice acting was still something new in games. Like the actors couldn't care. I'm not the kind of guy who compares every single shooter with Call of Duty. But it's hard not to compare 007 Legends with COD since every single aspect of its gameplay is identical. The stealth is awkward and you won't care if the guards spot you since it's much easier to go Rambo on them. The boss battles are the most scripted moments I've ever seen in a game. They don't have any challenge or sense of threat. By the end of them, you can simply put down your controller and see how the AI does everything for you. Supposedly, 007 Legends is a tribute to 007 in film, but it's more like a messed mash-up. When there's an iconic moment from a movie you feel the developers said "Hey! here's an iconic moment, moving on to the next" so they won't let you enjoy it. Every mission is a very synthesized version of a movie. Because of that, they missed some key scenes in them (Bond's infiltration of Sanchez's boat in Licence to Kill) or they last too short (Goldfinger's Aston Martin chase lasts less than 20 seconds). The guy who played Bond didn't even bother in saying "Bond, James Bond" when he was supposed to. The game doesn't even finish. You're supposed to wait for the Skyfall DLC to see its ending, so if you don't have an online connection you missed it. It's very obvious 007 Legends had an extremely rushed development, lacked the passion the creators spoke about in the interviews and why did EON approved this piece of trash with 007 name on it is beyond me. Not even worth for the Torrent. Expand
  6. Jan 6, 2013
    This is a hideous game. Even the mere thought of spending money on this game, makes my pockets genuinely sad. 007 would shoot this game without even thinking twice. This game besmirches the name of James Bond and is a poor excuse for a generic shooter.


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