Mixed or average reviews - based on 13 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 13
  2. Negative: 0 out of 13
  1. Just make sure you turn the bloody sound off. [Issue#20, p.116]
  2. 75
    While there are no parties, corn dogs and tokens in 3D Ultra Mini Golf Adventures, Sierra's new XBLA title does a nice job of creating wacky holes that are a 10-year-old course designer's dream.
  3. While fun, the single-player mode is terribly brief. I played through all three courses a couple of times and found the hole-in-one technique for most holes in well under three hours.
  4. The course design is the real highlight within 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures, with gameplay that will frustrate until you figure out every detail of each hole, something that will take longer than most would care to spend with a XBLA game.
  5. The absurdly named 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures takes the "sport" to extremes that should delight the kid in everyone. [Apr 2007, p.87]
  6. 70
    It’s easy to play, fun with friends and extremely addictive... and isn’t that what the Xbox Live Arcade is all about?
  7. 70
    A very good game. Wither you are tired of playing Tiger Woods, or you just miss going to the mini golf greens this one is sure to please. It even has replay ability since you can play it online with friends, or strangers which ever you prefer.
  8. A solid enough minigolf game; good for a laugh. [June 2007, p.95]
  9. It doesn't really raise the bar or set a new standard, doesn't offer anything I haven't seen before, and is unlikely to make any converts. Considering who made it, I guess we can all just be happy that it actually works.
  10. 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures is a bit of fun when played with friends, but the single-player experience is lackluster thanks to slow pacing and erratic physics.
  11. The overall experience tends to favour the functional over the thrilling. It's adequate amusement for the price, perhaps, but still falls short of the gut-busting potential presented by online crazy golf.
  12. If you can get past the poor physics – or at least accept them – and you plan to play almost exclusively multiplayer, it’s decent. Otherwise, it’s not really worth your 10 bucks.
  13. 50
    There needs to be more single player for the game, because Tournament just isn’t enough. If you have no Live and no friends, the single player will tire so quickly.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 15 Ratings

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  1. Feb 6, 2014
    A lack of options means that 3D MiniGolf Adventures won't hold much appeal for the single player but when played with a group of friends it comes alive. Mostly striking just the right balance between skill and luck it can be enjoyed by gamers all of ages and abilities whilst also allowing for the better players to generally come out on top.

    There is the odd glitch here and there and it would have been nice had their been more than two courses (a third is available to download for a small cost) but six years later it is still a game I return to on occasion for a but of multiplayer fun.
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