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  1. 90
    As a free download, The Signal is certainly a treat. The story is as warped as ever with taught writing and a style that never becomes too self-serious.
  2. The story in Alan Wake's first downloadable episode lacks a purpose, but exciting combat and a moody atmosphere make this a good addition.
  3. So I'd rather play an erratic instalment of Alan Wake than a highly polished cover-shooter clone, because even when it fails, the former gives me something to think about in the ensuing days. Put another way, The Signal gets better the more I don't play it.
  4. Ultimately, if you enjoyed playing though the main game, then The Signal is going to be a welcome expansion to the adventure.
  5. So whether you have to pay the 560 points or use your freebie, you will be pleased either way, if for any reason to continue the insane story line along with the man called Alan Wake.
  6. For anyone who bought Alan Wake, played through to the end and loved every minute, be sure to download The Signal. It is largely more of the same than an innovative step forward, so if you were not wowed by Wake's adventure the first time round, this new episode is unlikely to convert you.
  7. 78
    Overall, The Signal is a good continuation of the story of Alan Wake; it just doesn't introduce anything new into the mix.
  8. The fact that it's free (supposing you bought the original game new) makes it well worth a play, just don't go expecting any plot revelations or answers to the game's more fundamental questions.
  9. The Signal doesn't change the gameplay nature of Alan Wake, but it delivers a shake of innovation into its formula.
  10. The franchise's future looks - ahem - brighter, but we'd be best advised to withhold assent until the second extra episode, The Writer, is released later this year.
  11. The Signal is a solid DLC with fresh gameplay ideas, but a short playtime (90 min.) and not so much progression through the story. Looking forward to The Writer.
  12. The Signal is everything Alan Wake should have been. In about 2 hours of gameplay, the developers created a great atmosphere, a fantastic gameplay and the right amount of variety. The lack of different kind of situations was the main issue with the original game. The "floating words" idea is fantastic, and brings an awesome and original feature inside a previously boring gameplay.
  13. This doesn't solve any of the original's problems with storytelling and variety, it just makes them worse.
  14. You might get the impression that Remedy is stringing you along what feels like a never-ending nightmare, but in this case, it's a trip worth taking.
  15. Alan Wake is back with an interesting new episode. It's the same game, with the same visuals, the same environments, the same enemies, the same weapons... but with an interesting plot. It's short (about an hour of gameplay), but it's fun and interesting, and the most important thing, it's cheap.
  16. After playing through both The Signal and The Writer, the biggest impression I'm left with is that these two chunks of game (hateful combat aside) are better than anything that came on Alan Wake's retail disc. They illustrate Alan as a character, they immerse him in a world of his own internal madness, and they play to the strength of the premise in a way that actually makes sense. I can honestly say that if these levels had been included in the main campaign, my overall evaluation would've been significantly higher.
  17. The Signal is, simply put, another episode in Alan Wake's nightmare. This direct follow-up to the story of the main game doesn't answer all the questions one might have, but opens up another chapter for the writer, and also introduces some new situations - a variety we can only welcome. It's clearly destined to those who finished the main game first, and since it's free for all who bought the game, it would be a shame not to play it!
  18. The Signal is a great addition to the Alan Wake story but there is not enough here to really understand the reasoning behind it.
  19. The Signal is a really cool, twisted and somewhat frightening expansion to Alan Wake, but doesn't have much story to it. Still highly recommended to all fans of Alan Wake.
  20. Continues the narrative and challenges the player the way it should in the atmosphere and the environment. It is a good first sample of the depth of the story created and leaves us eager for the next episode.
  21. The Signal features more "best" than "worst," and is absolutely a must-play for anyone who's completed the initial release, as it extends, clarifies, and complicates the game's narrative -- just what Wake fans are looking for.
  22. Clocking in at roughly 90 minutes, The Signal provides varied set piece battles across diverse settings that are well designed to maximize the tension Alan Wake is known for. Despite the retreading players must endure in the beginning and an abrupt conclusion, The Signal provides well-polished action worth picking up for anyone who's already completed the core game.
  23. Alan Wake fans will want to check it out, if only for the morsels of story it gives them.
  24. The Signal downloadable content is essentially a brand new episode for you to go through and enjoy. The great work that Remedy did with the original game was definitely brought over to The Signal.
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  1. Aug 29, 2010
    The first dowloadable Alan Wake DLC, which comes free with new copies of the game, is an intense and satisfying DLC. You continue where the game left of. You will se new strange places and meet new enemies. The DLC is not exactly long, its between 55 minutes to 1h and 10 minutes. But its just perfect. You will find out more about the darkness in this DLC to the game that in my opinion shoud be GOTY 2010. A 9/10 Full Review »
  2. Sep 22, 2010
    This DLC was a complete waste of my time and money. I loved the game. I thought it was fantastic but this DLC just sucks. Sure it adds more story (just a little) but a game should have more fun gameplay too. This howevere is the most incredibly dull DLC i've ever played. Don't worry about any jump scares because there wont be because youre told ahead of time exactly what happens. There is very little combat and what combat there is, is meant to be avoided. You will spend a good majority of the DLC just shining your flashlight on words. That's the opposite of fun. It drags on too. Trust me by the end of the dlc you'll be so bored you will either quit or be begging for the end which just seems to never come. Full Review »
  3. Dec 21, 2011
    Great DLC, it's intense and challenging and it gets you to understand what happened after the incomplete ending, it's just a great addition that keeps scaring. Sure, we have already done most of the things in the main game but this DLC brings new stuff that you haven't seen. You should really get this DLC if you loved Alan Wake just like me. Full Review »