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  1. Positive: 87 out of 100
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  1. Alan Wake is ambitious, occasionally funny, and distinctly memorable; like I said before, I don't regret playing it at all. My abiding impression of the game, though, is of wasted potential. We've been waiting for the next great horror game since Silent Hill 2, and this could've been it.
  2. Great eerie graphics and sound make for a chilling setting in Remedy's long-awaited psychological thriller. It's a shame the enemies are dull clones, that the gunplay gets old fast and that it never really gets scary.
  3. Ultimately, Alan Wake is every bit as compulsive and satisfying as the fiction on which it riffs, but it also runs the risk of being equally forgettable. It’s a game that delivers the requisite number of twists, turns and thrills, but the only real revelations take place on those scattered manuscript pages.
  4. Surprises that turn into expectations; non-adventuring; facial animations that can't keep up with the scenery and objects in the game world without weight physics: these are all elements, that if done well, would round out the game to make it the epic it was hyped to be. In the end, I feel safer in Remedy's woods than I do in the actual backcountry of Washington.
  5. Alan Wake has been as hyped as it has been delayed, but now the game is finally here. It starts off as a psychological thriller but quickly switch to a more action oriented experience with light sourced and firearms as the primary gameplay pillars. Alan Wake is a two faced experience, with one side sporting great action and atmosphere and the other side sporting crude graphics and flawed gameplay. But the one issue that hampers the experience the most is the overly linear and repetitive structure of the game. Put these issues aside and you've still got a highly entertaining and atmospheric experience.
  6. Alan Wake himself is a cold, moody and clinical character, so much so that Gamestyle felt no affinity with his onscreen presence. We however, warmed to the actual gaming experience, but still left short changed and disappointed, especially after such a long gestation period.
  7. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Great thriller will reward patient gamers with a great atmosphere and multilayered story. Don’t expect anything less…or anything more. [Issue#192]
  8. Remedy loves to compare its game with television hits like Heroes and Lost, but if you look at gameplay rather than story, it becomes clear that Alan Wake is not a “complete first season on DVD”. It is more like an unbearably long pilot episode that gave all its cards away well before the third act. Judging by the final titles, Alan Wake’s journey through the night will continue (in fact, two DLCs are already shooting for your wallet), so it’s high time to switch gears and introduce new ideas.
  9. Alan Wake is an accessible, undemanding game with a neat combat mechanic and decent visuals. It's just not a very original game, it's certainly not an exceptional one, and it's a shame it wasn't ready a few years ago.
  10. While the dark spooky woods environment can get a little tedious - as can the combat, the story telling is compelling enough to keep you moving forward and just when you finally think you know what is going on, the game will turn it upside down, flip you the bird, and have you rethinking everything all over again - right up until the credits roll.
  11. Alan Wake puts up a front of being cerebral and deep, but it simply doesn't do the legwork to back it up. I had significant difficulty becoming invested in the events and found it very hard to care about anything that happened from start to finish.
  12. For a game five years in the making this is a disappointingly trivial and repetitive actioner.
  13. 60
    When presented with an infinite number of possible resolutions, any answer is going to feel arbitrary. Alan Wake starts strong but finishes weak; neither the gameplay nor the story deliver on their potential by the time the credits roll.
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  1. Jan 2, 2011
    I'm honestly aghast at all the people who think this game represents the pinnacle of good storytelling in a video game. If this is all writersI'm honestly aghast at all the people who think this game represents the pinnacle of good storytelling in a video game. If this is all writers have to do to impress the gaming world, then future game stories are doomed, and blowhards like Ebert will be right in saying that video games cannot be art. Just because you make a game play out like a movie or some hyper-dramatic television series, does not make it a good story; cinematic drama is not synonymous with a good story. Additionally, Alan Wake is grotesquely overwritten, failing to understand the power of subtlety, while beating the player over the head with cliched ideas of "light versus darkness". Was everyone too dumbfounded by the beautiful trees to notice that the human animation and lip-syncing is amateur for this allegedly high standard production? Environments, while pretty, lack the variety and meaning as they did in true masterpieces like Silent Hill 2 and Shadow of the Colossus. The game's plot-line is a contrived piece of crap. It has a pointless metaphysical idea driving it nowhere (i.e. I'm a writer writing myself out of my own story). It relies too heavily on other writers to build its shoddy sense of depth, which, despite its attempts, fails. If anything, I can call this game comedy for all the times the ridiculous commentary of the enemies made me laugh. I have to quote off a few: "Farmers are the opposite of hunter-gatherers"
    "Omega 3 Fatty Acids are good for your heart"
    "Fishing is both a sport and a hobby"

    Seriously, did anyone else pay attention to how ridiculous the enemies are? No, seriously, did you? You can't go five minutes into the game without troupes of enemies barraging you with corny dialogue. Add to this that Alan Wake himself can never shut up, and continually has to state the obvious (i.e. I had to turn on the generator, he said in a narrative voice), and you have a script that, if used for any other medium (such as a book or film) would be laughed at and regarding as juvenile. Ultimately the game lacks focus. It does not know what it wants or what it takes to get there.
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  2. GunGraveTZA(JackW.)
    May 18, 2010
    This game is truely a masterpiece. It has one of the most exciting and satisfying stories for any video game (and the ending isn't crap This game is truely a masterpiece. It has one of the most exciting and satisfying stories for any video game (and the ending isn't crap nor does it require the DLC, it just doesn't answer some questions clearly, and that's great as it opens up the ending to interpretation and makes it even more interesting), the gameplay is simple yet always fun, and the graphics are really wow for a game that's been in development for 5 years. Truely one of the best games of this generation. Full Review »
  3. Oct 19, 2011
    Alan wake is a very enjoyable game, I hadn't played it but saw that it had good reviews so recently got it on XBL, the game was not that longAlan wake is a very enjoyable game, I hadn't played it but saw that it had good reviews so recently got it on XBL, the game was not that long but it kept my interest, the plot and take on the storyline is a very interesting mixture. One of my favourite parts of the game is once you finish a chapter yoàu get an alan wake logo on screen and a song plays from start to finish it just adds an extra relief and a little while to relax before starting up again. Found the game to be like a mini tv series of which you are the main character, no doubt the intention of the producers and the gameplay, the story and gameplay mesh well together with the creative directing. There are a few niggles, the gameplay does begin to get repetitive by the end and I couldn't bring myself to replay the game, once through was enough. So.... Not perfect but an enjoyable gaming adventure, if you find it on the cheap it's worth picking it up. Full Review »