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  1. Feb 16, 2013
    PC Version. Graphics looks much much better than console version. Sometimes there are very nice lighting and shadows. Story is good, First time since 1986 we can play proper story in this franchise, Most of all I like multiplayer It is much better than AVP2010, it has nice dynamic and tension, many upgrades and other combination stuff, you can build your own soldier and xenomorph, and it is much better than Natural Selection 2 also, not boring( to me NS2 became boring very soon), it has nice graphics, many ways to play it, in the begining you must uprade your xenos to make them stronger, because they are rather weak on first level. Well if you are fan of Aliens and also wanna play better multiplayer than AVP2010 and Natural Selection 2. This is the game for you. Expand
  2. Feb 16, 2013
    To Start off Aliens Coloniel Marines is not a graphically impressive game. It does have some minor texture flaws and what not. But all in all the game is pretty awesome. I'm currently going through the game on Ultimate Badass and im impressed. GearBox have made a wonderful attempt at the aliens franchise. Its not a perfect game by any means but its still a wonderful and awesome game. Aliens Coloniel Marines keeps the intensity going with the dark corridors and bleeping of your radar. All in all i would recommend Aliens CM. Expand
  3. Feb 15, 2013
    Playing this one on co op with my gf and were both enjoying it.the graphics look on par with call of duty. Don't let these monkeys scare you away from a decent co open shooter..boooom!
  4. Feb 15, 2013
    Lemme get this straight. 184 people already bought this game or rented it are calling it garbage. I see nothing tht negative about it. Just purchased it guess what? I like it. If ur comparing to a halo to a cod etc yes its not tht. But I dnt recall it claiming to be tht. Just enjoy tht its different. Haven't dun multi yet as im doin campaign. How bout this novel idea support the game just maybe we can get a better sequel. Tx sega. Sheesh u fools on the bandwagon kill me. Expand
  5. Feb 15, 2013
    The first thing you will notice about this game is the amazingly awful graphics, which instantly will take you out of the atmosphere that maybe the main menu provided. Yep, the main menu is probably the only thing even remotely close to atmospheric in this game. If it weren't for the fact that you are actually shooting at aliens from the "Alien"-universe, you probably wouldn't know that this game was inspired by that aforementioned movie series, "inspired" being the keyword. If you love the Alien-universe you would do best to stay away from this game, and don't hold your breath for any future Alien game (that's actually enjoyable to play), it'l only be downhill from here on out folks. Expand
  6. Feb 14, 2013
    Aliens: Colonial Marines is a poor attempt to satisfy any fan looking to get more out of the franchise. The singleplayer, which may be the most anticipated portion of the game, is laughable. Terrible AI and ugly textures completely throw you out of the experience immediately. The story doesn't do anything to pull you in. The voice acting is good but none of the characters are memorable, I didn't care for anybody in this game. Gameplay is very basic, you point and shoot at aliens jump at you and human enemies who are dumb heck. The game does have a good stealth part where you lose your weapons (for some dumb reason), and you travel through a sewer crawling with enemies. I really enjoyed that part of the game and the multiplayer can be fun for a couple of hours. But those few things aren't enough to put down $60, its a rental at best. You're probably going to see people who say the game is awesome and that reviewers don't know what they're talking about, but I read and watched their reviews and everything they have to say is spot on! If anybody tells you that Aliens Colonial Marines is awesome, they either have low standards for video games or they're in denial. Expand
  7. Feb 14, 2013
    I've been waiting for this game since the Gameinformer issue back in 2008 (Huge Aliens fan and needless to say the hype was worth it for me). The first thing I noticed with this game is that it looks like it was created back in 2005. The resolution and graphics of the game are set low even for an console game and yet I can still get choppy frames during gameplay. The campaign from what I've played is decent, nothing to write home about other than cool level design. Co op takes the horror elements out of the game completely and replace it with "competitiveness" I guess. Multiplayer is nothing new, similar modes like TDM, Survival, Objectives. You can choose and customize classes (only really interesting for aliens). All in all the game satisfies me, but people looking for a game that's fresh or exciting should save their money for something else. Expand
  8. Feb 14, 2013
    This has to be one of the worst first person shooters I've ever played on the Xbox. I'm really disappointed because I love the Alien franchise and I've been looking forward to this game for months. Firstly, everything feels very outdated... it's an extremely basic first person shooter with graphics that belong on the PS2. The checkpoint system is just a mess; the last thing I want to do is have the same firefight over and over again just because a checkpoint didn't activate after I'd pressed three or so switches (perhaps acceptable on lower difficulties, but if you like a challenge this is a nightmare). Which brings me to my next point: switches! The entire game is simply going through corridor after corridor, activating switches and cutting through broken doors. It's nothing like the horror-survival/FPS hybrid I expected. There are no jump-out-of-your seat moments, despite the potential, since y'know... it's a game set in the world of Alien. The characters are all two-dimensional couldn't give a flying sh*t about any of them. What forced my hand to write a bad review was the glitches; if it's not a non-moving elevator, it's an NPC not doing what he's programmed to do, ultimately forcing you to restart from the last checkpoint that was two fights ago, do them again, and hope it works the second time around! (again, a nightmare if you're on a challenging mode). Really, it just feels like you're playing a very rushed, cheap, glitchy movie cash-in. I'm glad I rented it before deciding to buy it. Expand
  9. Feb 14, 2013
    Arrived in the post yesterday, I heard some bad reviews but as a fan I thought this was exaggeration. Well I wish I never opened it and got a refund. The campaign is 5 hours long with an AI that terrible for both your squad and the enemy. I should be saying Aliens rather then enemy, but half the game you arnt fighting aliens!!! Thats right, an aliens game and you spend half of it fighting other marines on the Corporation. The end boss as well... just over one minute to beat... the games just painful. I want to give it a good review, I pre-ordered this on nostalgia and the fact that this looked like it was the aliens game that would be it! Multiplayer is the only thing that can make this game fun and it wears thin fast. The marines are very overpowered and while you can take out lone wolves, if they stick in a group and are organized playing as an alien is just not fun. Other players give up quick and it makes it impossible. Basically if you stay in a group then its an instant win. High hopes. Crushed by technical problems (screen tear), poor AI, poor graphics with missing textures and retcons. Dont get me started on who they bring back from the dead! Oh and those awesome early previews which got everyone excited, guess what not in the game!! Poor poor show. I pray the DLC can partially redeem this game especailly as its supposed to be cannon! Expand
  10. Feb 14, 2013
    One thing I have say,"What The Hell". If you watched the demo were the hell is that part of the level on the demo know were. The game looked badass for the demo holding off enemy waves with other marines. Like on the first part of the demp you seen all blood and gore in the tunnel that connects the Suphora and Sulaco. Come on guys the demo was better than than the original game. O and correct me if I'm wrong this company didn't explain Sh*t. Like in my last review where the hell does Hicks come from he dies. In Alien 3 it clearly says that Hicks and Nute die. The one character that actually looked the same from the movie is Bishop. So If your thinking of buying this game don't, instead buy Aliens Vs Predator a lot better. This game sucked and especially the shotgun's shooting the humans they never mind I don't want to upset Sh*ty Gearbox one descent game I loved they made was Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway. You suck Sega go back making Sonic Games!!!!!!!! Expand
  11. Feb 14, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. If you could look past the graphics but with a game that has been in the process of ten year of development I didn’t expect anything more but to start of the game looked promising for the first half hour or so with the suspense of seeing a xenomorph in the shadows and not being able to shot it and with structure collapsing around you. Even being handed a motion scanner seemed to give this game a good vibe about the but unfortunately after the first level you had already seen all the game had to really throw at you. With very short cut scenes with terrible dialogue you couldn’t really connect with the very basic story line that didn’t keep you entertained. The more and more you progressed with the game the more you noticed how bland the environments, characters and guns etc really are and to make it worse the game was littered with countless numbers of glitches I found myself of teammates stuck in walls, falling through floors and shots from guns not registering. As promised I expected an intelligent alien AI to figure out how to hide in the shadows and surprise attacks but instead all I experienced was countless hordes of aliens running strait at you giving you plenty of time to react and kill with a few blasts of your guns. With the final boss being the Queen the game had a chance to restore some pride by giving you a badass boss battle to end but were let down again with a boss that can be easily defeated within a couple of minutes with teamwork, no bullets needed. This is the first game in a while that I couldn’t think on really any good points and that I was left thinking I have wasted my time and I was glad that it had ended.
    Multiplayer is also a huge disappointment with very weak aliens with bad controls and near to impossible to kill marines and a huge lack of customisation that was supposed to be a huge point to look unique online. Levels have a good size to them but with a lack of players in each round you can spend a while just trying to find enemies rather than being in the action.

    To summarise this game it is very short to which you can complete in about 5 hours (11 levels) and you don’t need tactics to complete this game with ease just an itchy trigger finger and the game becomes very irritating with a countless number of glitches. The only thing I liked about the game was a Easter egg from the movie Spaceballs which brought a smile to my face. If you are a fan of Alien and don’t want to be let down avoid this game as you will be left disappointed.
  12. Feb 14, 2013
    To even review a game like this you HAVE to see the movies, there is a lot of details like the facehugger laying in the room where Ripley and Newt slept. Same is a sentury gun showed 4 bullets left and in the movies where is 10 left, I hope to find Newts doll in the sewers. if we look at the graphics well it´s not pretty and not like the demo far from it and there is to much action. But the history is awesome, and I can´t wait for more campain DLC. The multiplayer mode is pretty good and fun, but if you get good at it, you will get very good, and ruin the multiplayer mode for all the others. It´s hard to controll the Xeno but with experience, ye they are going to die. Expand
  13. Feb 13, 2013
    This game is total GARBAGE! Anyone who rates this game over a 5 either works for Gearbox/Sega or knows nothing about videogames. I rented this thinking how bad can it really be...ohhh how I found out. Finished the campaign on hardest difficulty with about 30/50 achievements in about five hours. There are really about three levels in the game that you go back and fourth through three times with different lighting. All you do is shoot wave after wave of the same enemies over and over again then the credits role.. after the worst final boss encounter in years. Multiplayer is nothing that hasn't been done in every other game this generation. The only redeeming value to this experience was the sound effects which are spot on with the films. Believe it or not the terrible Alien Vs. Predator game from a few years back seems like a masterpiece compared to this trash. Shame on Gearbox for this terrible letdown of a product for all the fans of the Aliens franchise, fans of their previous work, and ruining the opportunity to create canon material for a movie franchise. THIS IS THE CANDIDATE FOR WORST GAME OF THE YEAR!! Expand
  14. Feb 13, 2013
    Overall a fantastic entry in the Aliens franchise. The one thing this game does really well is ambiance! The sounds are all dead on and nothing is creepier than hearing the motion tracker go off and knowing they are coming for you. Is it the best FPS ever, no but it is damn good i have to say. The visuals are nice and environments look good as do the aliens. The only thing I can say is this game MUST be played in the dark, it simply doesn't work in the day. If you enjoy the franchise overall, this is the game you have been waiting for in the long list of entries that have been made in this series. The MP seems fairly decent but I have yet to spend a decent amount of time with it so can't comment too much as of yet. I will say that it is very satisfying to use the aliens and leap across the screen onto an unsuspecting victim and tear their head off!!! Expand
  15. Feb 13, 2013
    I played single through the first actish, then I played some multi with a buddy, we had a blast. I like the frantic pace of team deathmatch, tried survival too, that wasnt quite as fun, but I really enjoyed playing as an alien. The sounds were awesome, I use turtle beach x400's that I just got so that may have helped but it was really immersive. The graphics arent amazing but I think they're passable. I would have rated it a 7-8 but i gave it a 10 to balance all the crap people are posting. Expand
  16. Feb 13, 2013
    Personally liked the sound and music and it does feel more like an aliens game but graphics might not be say most fancy but then not looking so clean is not bad thing for the setting your in, cod always looks to clean to be real on its textures for example. only played first couple levels so not sure how long game is, most times in past when people complain about time they played on easiest mode, didn't look for any collectables etc and just run though game which is not how I play games. multiplayer maps feel big and its quite good playing one side then swoping to other rather than always being one or other. Expand
  17. Feb 13, 2013
    Look, this is the game that Duke Nukem Forever has nightmares about. It looks mediocre, it plays mediocre, it's developed by a mediocre company, and we didn't want mediocre. It doesn't do the films justice, it's just stupid and a huge letdown.
  18. Feb 13, 2013
    The demo footage that was shown at E3 for this game looked absolutely amazing. There was dynamic lighting, the game had tonnes of atmosphere the enemy AI was slick. The same unfortunately cannot be said for the finished product which has no resemblance to the demo whatsoever and could be a completely different game all together. Put briefly, this is another FPS COD clone but so much worse to the point of unplayability, the graphics are so outdated poor that explosions look like they are from an N64 game, with jagged textures and bugs rearing their heads at every possible moment. Gearbox have clearly LIED outright to gamers everywhere with the demo of this game I for one will not be purchasing a game from them in future, as a fan of the ALIENS franchise I found this not only hugely disappointing but also grossly offensive, it is one giant spit in fans' gamers' faces alike. Expand
  19. Feb 13, 2013
    Aliens: Colonial Marines is a colossal disappointment. But I shouldn't of expected more seeing as how it is an outsourced game from the always reliable(NO) Gearbox Software, with only one game that is decent, borderlands. Anyway, they up with Duke Nukem, and they up just as bad and sadly, possibly worse with Aliens. Jesus, why can't there be a decent Alien franchise game? Would it be that hard to put some effort into a game and not use last generation graphics? or perhaps at least ATTEMPT to immerse us in the Aliens world? well, hopefully this is the last batch of from Gearbox for a while. Expand
  20. Feb 13, 2013
    The campaign is not as good as I wanted and the set piece animations were last gen. But the Multi player is fun and the sounds and visuals and environments are spot on. I just do not see the reason others do to hate this game. Overall it is fun.
  21. Feb 13, 2013
    This game was difficult to complete, not because it was hard, but because it's a complete mess.

    Took around 6 hours to finish, though I was both faffing around looking for dog tags and also constantly getting caught in bugs and glitches, at least 4 times have I been glitched into the ground unable to move forcing me to restart, or with full health just being instant killed by a single

    Graphics could be ok, if I could see them... Textures take far too long to load.

    Not sure why many are saying the sound is great, characters lines kept erratically dipping in volume which forced me to turn on the subtitles, even then the subs sometimes never finished. One time all sound except the motion scanner was off, was really annoying...

    The only nice thing I can say is the level design was decent, the ship interiors were nicely modeled from the the movie though the outdoor areas looked like ass.

    The story left a lot unanswered, the ending sucked and was preceded by the shortest and easiest end boss fight I've ever done.

    The multiplayer is just pants-on-head unbalanced, as a marine just keep your back to the wall and you're golden, as the xeno, you're pretty much screwed.

    Overall the game is godawful, it feels unfinished and to have a season pass offered on day one feels like a slap in the face, I don't know how this could get so messed up after what they showed at E3. It should be illegal to release a game in such a state.
  22. Feb 13, 2013
    Gearbox pulled the old bait and switch!!!! Game shown was not the game sold....not the first time gearbox has done this
  23. Feb 13, 2013
    I actually had a lot of fun with this game. No the graphics aren't the best nor the gameplay and controls are a little stiff, but the studio designed Hadley's hope really well In my opinion. You see many things in the game you saw in the movie which was really neat. I do wish the graphics and a few other things could have been better but they weren't to bad. If you are an aliens fan you will have fun with this game with the right mindset. The co op and multiplayer are pretty addictive and fun as well. Expand
  24. Feb 13, 2013
    I was very excited for this game and now i'm severely dissapointed that Gearbox released this train wreck. The game has numerous graphical issues and looks like it should have been released five years ago. There are some parts that will please aliens fans but, a game can't live off of fan service alone. The AI is terrible, especially for the aliens. Aliens are supposed to be dangerous and scary, not weak and laughable. I'm a huge fan of the aliens franchise and this game just craps all over a great opportunity to make a great game. The only reason I'm giving this game a six is because I did have fun at some points. Gearbox should be ashamed of themselves for releasing this game, I won't be buying any games from them anytime in the near future. Expand
  25. Feb 13, 2013
    This game is made for the Aliens enthusiast. If you love the movies you will LOVE this game. There is a fantastic twist near the end of the game that can't be missed. Most of the gripes that have been posted so far have been addressed in the patch, so don't let that deter you. Their is a lot of love that went into this game. It is unfortunate that the graphics could be better but this game has been in production for 6 years and was started with older tech. It is actually incredible that they reached this level of polish considering what they started with. Please give this game a chance. Expand
  26. Feb 13, 2013
    Please don't buy this game, it's a major disappointment all round. It's so bad I felt compelled to sign up to metacritic so that I could prevent others making the same mistake as me. Save your money or better yet, buy Borderlands 2 if you haven't already got it.
  27. Feb 13, 2013
    So this is my first time ever writing a review for something.....ever. I've been a gamer ever since the NES came out. (sheesh..I feel lold). I am also a big movie buff and remember seeing Alien and Aliens when I was younger and it scared me to death! It also was one of the best forms of story telling I have ever seen in horror movies. So, for me as a gamer mixing the too is HUGE! I've played all the major titles like Gears of War, God of War, Mario Bros, etc, etc. So in this review I want to talk to the people I feel this will appeal to. Is the game worth $ is not...I payed that and it is not. Also a heads up to those of you getting the Collector's Edition...the "statute" is smaller than the game I downgraded...I was hoping for something more along the lines of the Marcus statue I own from Gears of War 3. I did not get the game that was advertised....doesn't match the screen shots...or hype that we were promised....but....we did get pieces of that promised expierence...and that has been enough for me. The graphics are 1st gen 360 (Turok) and there is a lot of screen tearing in single player...but....the sound is amazing....and took me right back to the days of hiding behind the couch in fear of seeing what the aliens were going to do to people. But...back to the game....I've enjoyed this game....ENJOYED!...not like Call of Duty...Battlefield.....Gears of War......but as an Aliens do play through the same levels as the movie....and people complain....Are you telling me that you are a fan and have no interest of seeing those same scenes in PLAYABLE FORM!!! Come on! When I was a kid I dreamed of going down those corriders and shooting those aliens with every gun, gernade, and friend I have ever seen in Aliens, and finally get to do it!!! This is a game for Aliens fans looking for more aliens.....not Aliens fans looking for Halo 4, Call of Duty, and Battlefield, but fans who loved the material. Yes the graphics bothered me at first....esp. when I saw there was screen tearing in the start menu...bluh...but I have become engrossed in this franchise and if you want a really "creepy, scary" version of the game the play AVP from 2010...I thought it was more edgy...but if you wanna scream "let's rock" and shootem up with a friend...DO IT!!!! I thought the story was good...not great...but not bad....but it functions! and I think pretty well. The sound....the sound is Great!!!....From the pulse the motion tracker...its great! And for the people complaining about having so many weapons....apprently you didn't see the movies...they were LOADED!!! They had all these toys! can't carry that many in real life...but at least you can say...oh yea....this is a smart gun moment!...too bad I can only do that on level you can do it whenever....Now for multiplayer...I hated first....its starting to grow on me.....and yes...the camera and controls suck for the aliens....but once you invest some time into got better....and the marines were always fun to play as....but everyone will find their mode in this is what I have to say rating this game.... Graphics- 6 Sound- 10 Gameplay- 7 Replay- 7 One review on here summed it up.....some people are gonna love it....some people are gonna hate it! But only review if you've played it.....I'm pretty sure a lot of the negative reviews are from those who haven't even played the game...but if you have and felt this way....then it wasn't meant for you....its generic....and outdated....but it still captures something for me that I found in the films. Curiosity and the fun that comes from the Alien universe....I play games because they are fun....its how they are supposed to be! And just for the record....these reviews you "fans" put out that people read....are the reason the game industry is failing...when investors see these numbers and comments....they make big decisions based on these....I don't want any developers to go under....cause its less product for us!! They don't play the games....and when they see this....adios take that into account before you go trashing a game...especially if its one you haven't played or don't like cause its the "other guy"......if anyone reads this...thanks for your time....hope you have a great one!… Collapse Expand
  28. Feb 13, 2013
    I liked the Aliens PC titles that came out forever ago, and i have enjoyed this new title as well. I tossed it on max difficulty with a friend the other night like i do with all new games and had a really good time.
  29. Feb 13, 2013
    If your a die hard alien fan, nothing will stop you from buying this game. Points to gearbox for a fantastic marketing campaign and demo footage, and i hate them for it.
    This game looks ugly it truly does, plagued by low res textures and horrible looking effects such as blood, it would have looked good years ago. The enviorments are true to the film they do bring you back to
    hadleys hope and the dark work of alien, shame they look disgusting. However all of the graphics can be forgiven if its fun to play.
    Its boring, Xenomorphs charge at you from the front to die under your hail of bullets. Sure there is a different type called the lurker but he runs away and pulls you into a button masher event when he gets close and it dosent change. You then have to chase him down and kill him. This is not hard thanks to the motion tracker. Now isnt that fun and balanced right? Wrong you rarely need to use it in the singleplayer as the aliens will be coming from in front of you and they will charge at you from there. In MP it is used often allowing the marines to sit back and butcher the aliens who can not sneak up on them as they always know where you are. The multiplayer is half decent it is okay but the lack of maps and guns brings about a lack of class customisation for the marines as their guns suck. The aliens are horrible overpowered and the third person makes them to control. You will find yourself walking backwards when you jump on the ceiling until you figure out what is happening to change it. Then the mp lags horribly.
    The music is cool it sounds just like the aliens film and very industrial. The guns sounds are good if only they worked properly. When you fire your pulse rifle and hold the trigger the sounds stop and start as if you were firing in burst, this drags you out of the immersion. The singleplayer has no form of decent pace to it., they claimed that you could be fighting aliens in a last stand moment and running low on ammo in a horror like atmosphere. With a huge arsenal of weapons that you can customise at any time and each having their separate ammo pool you do not run out of bullets you just don't use your favourite gun.
    Its poor the characters aren't compelling and you dont feel like there is really any danger, the final boss fight sucks. Oh yeah and that E3 2011 demo they showed of that cool mission isnt in the game.
    Final Opinion:
    Don't buy it, I enjoyed Aliens Versus Predator more. If you must get it buy it preowned or when it goes cheap in a month
  30. Feb 13, 2013
    Not worth full price but OK.This is not a game you will love or hate it does have some in between ground. Graphics are dated but overall gameplay is acceptable. Co op campaign is fun but not great. MP isn't a lot new, but team death match does capture an amount of suspense as frantic action. If this game was half price it would be worth it. It's not COD or HALO. The leveling system is average. Overall an average game. Fans of the series will get some love. Big franchise lovers need to avoid it. Expand
  31. Feb 13, 2013
    Unfortunately pre ordered the game. Avoid Avoid Avoid! If you want to buy this just watch a walkthrough and it will dispel the hype and your hopes. Developers, please ban the word "Hoorah" from all videogames effective immediately.
    One chapter in Colonic Latrines is actually called "Hoorah to Ashes" Really?! No wonder the writer of the game story Mike Neumann took a cruise after this,
    hopefully there's a free bar. They left out things so you have to buy horde mode in DLC adding your losses to $75. Sorry Gearbox you know that's the main thing people loved (rebellions AVP) and you left it out. Dirty. Cash grab attempt to cover the money they know they're gonna lose on this game. Expand
  32. Feb 13, 2013
    I've been playing this game non-stop since I got it today and cannot understand all the criticism. I don't know what people expect from a game that is a sequel to a film made in 1986. First of all, Black Ops 2, this ain't. Its a love letter to fans of the film Aliens. There are some graphical glitches (and i've experienced some in Black Ops2, Halo, etc but these do not detract from the game's story, which is faithful to the films. The actual gameplay is what I expected; which is great. The sound effects, look and graphics are great. I mean, its not Resident Evil in space (eg Dead Space)...its a bunch of marines, armed to the teeth with one common enemy, the 'Xenomorph.' If you're looking for 'diversity' then you won't find it in the Aliens universe, unless you'd prefer to be blasting 'PredAliens' or other silly concoctions. People keep talking about 'tension'....this isn't Dead Space...i think its as tense as it should be but Its safety numbers. You're not Ripley, you're not Special Ops, you're a Colonial Marine, and that perspective is very different to other similar games. The clue is in the name; Colonial Marines not Colonial Marine.... I guess in someways its like the solo mindset of Black Ops 2 vs the Team-Based play of Battlefield 3. That applies to single player as much as multiplayer. Expand
  33. Feb 13, 2013
    I do not understand some of the low scores. The game has promise and is great fun. I liked the film tie-ins (pretty much most of the game) and a few loose ends that were tied up that fans of the series could probably predict. The game could have done with graphical polish, as textures load in late etc. However the lighting was done well. The AI needs significant improvement as friendly AI barely scratches the enemy health. The multilayer is great fun with good customisation, however escape and survivor only have two maps each. Overall I think fans of the series would like this game, and it doesn't deserve such low scores. Hopefully they can fix some of the bugs in patches and release more maps as DLC. Expand
  34. Feb 13, 2013
    What a shame, that such a beloved franchise and rich universe is let down this way, not even to mention the fans that have waited so long! It seems that other commitments Gearbox had like GoW and Borderlands really hindered the progress of production so much, that they had to out-source to a lower quality developer and it shows. Like 'The Lord of the Rings' is for Fantasy, the Aliens universe is for Sci-Fi, the base that all other ideas spawn from, so this great grand-daddy should have been treated with care and love, not treated like it's senile and left in a corner. Randy Pitchford president of Gearbox- stated in an interview, that he, like many others had been stealing ideas from 'Aliens' his whole career, it's unfortunate he didn't return the favour!! So many other games have got it right, Dead Space for it's tense, scary atmosphere, Gearbox's own Gears of war for thrills and co-op action Left for dead for intense waves of mindless killers Halo and Mass Effect for it's characters and story And even the most recent AvP just for at least getting the look and feel of the xenomorphs right! But every characteristic I just mentioned, ACM has none of them. Even graphically it doesn't compete with it's peers releasing in '12 and '13 (hitman, far cry, AC3, Halo 4). It's also ironic that Gearbox didn't do their own 'Bug Hunt' as there are so many glitches it feels like an alpha/work in progress release! Like many others, when this game was announced, I thought to myself "Finally the wait is over, Aliens is going to get a decent game developed!" looks like we're still waiting! Expand
  35. Feb 13, 2013
    Aliens CM is a disappointment. The promotion trailers for the game showed that you were in for a quick, fast paced, adrenaline ride campaign. Sadly the campaign is the complete opposite. Slow, boring with no real drive for you to keep playing. It's a shame really because at times you can see what this game could have been. The environments look like Aliens, the game sounds like Aliens, but it doesn't feel like Aliens.

    The multiplayer has it's good moments and contains more thrills than the boring, lackluster campaign.
    You play online games of Aliens Vs Marines in a few game modes. The escape mode is the more interesting option as the marines have to travel from A-B whilst being hunted down by the alien hoarde. This means welding doors shut, placing sentries and using iconic big weaponry like the Smart Gun. Whilst it's all fun for the marines, the aliens are extremely easy to dispatch meaning playing as the aliens can be quite boring. The biggest downside to this game mode is that it's only on 2 maps so this can get old, real quick.

    Other games modes are available such as standard team deathmatch (which feels really unbalanced at present) and extermination (think domination on Call of Duty)

    Sadly across the multiplayer and the single player is poor game engine that never seems to work. Walking down stairs looks ridiculous because there is no animation, just bouncing up and down and the game is rampant with bugs, textures popping in and out and is simply a graphical mess.

    All and all, I enjoy the game at times, but not enough to recommend to anyone but extreme fans of the Aliens universe.
  36. Feb 12, 2013
    Reviews for Aliens: Colonial Marines are VERY harsh! The graphics are fine, they look a little dated sure but it is forgivable given that it runs fairly smoothly at 60fps. The xeno's are scary, tough as nails and just when you think you can take them all down you can get stealth killed instantly. I am barely an Alien fan and I'm quite enjoying the game. The upgrade system is really awesome, you level up the more you kill so not only do you feel like a boss when you shut all the creatures down but you get rewarded with XP for doing so. Not a terrible game by any means! I would suggest checking it out before you read a hundred CLEARLY biased reviews. Expand
  37. Feb 12, 2013
    Nothing short of Call of Duty: Aliens. -Terrible AI -NPCS are unaware of whats happening -No scares, no frightening moments that you would expect from this game -HOLD DOWN TRIGGER TO KILL MINDLESS ENEMIES -Lazy Level Design, only 5hours. I repeat 5hours. -Lazy writing -BS ending -2 maps in multiplayer. enough said. This is another case of a developer trying to F*ck gamers and fanboys of a well beloved franchise, putting in little effort and hoping to cash in on poor helpless fans. a 5 hour campaign is disgraceful for a 60.00 pricepoint. What's even more insulting is the 29.99 "season pass"
    Thanks for giving us a completely barren multiplayer experience and expect us to hand over the dough. I don't think so. F*ck you gearbox.THIS GAME IS GARBAGE AND DESERVES A 2/10
  38. Feb 12, 2013
    Worst Game ever, Bad graphics, No story, The game is so unpolished that is not worth the money that it cost,
    The Engine appear to be so a low budget production, Also the game is very short.

    Very awful game stay away from it.
  39. Feb 12, 2013
    I will start by saying that I own this game and I am loving it. People complain about graphics and story. To me it's all about the gameplay!! Cool customizations for my character human and Xeno. Smooth gameplay. I will finish by saying its a game of style, if you want a game where cunning and teamwork are REQUIRED! Then this game is a blast. I will see you on the field marines!!!
  40. Feb 12, 2013
    If you a fan of the aliens series, like me then leave this well alone. its absolutely no improvement to AVP game in fact its much worse, the engine is pants and generally is just awful. this was a made by people to make money quick, not as a product for people to enjoy. everyone involved has absolutely no shame.
  41. Feb 12, 2013
    Ignore the critics. Seen across the board is bland graphics and terrible AI. Coming from a huge fan of the series, I throughly enjoy this game. The sound design is excellent and the co-op is excellent! Critics judge this game based on specs and not actual narrative. At least rent it and try it.
  42. Feb 12, 2013
    Aliens:CM is definitely a love/hate kind of game. The graphics are definitely dated. Installing it on my hard drive helped making them a bit more bearable. The versus mode is definitely fun in my opinion. I played on a 360 and it matchmaking did not take a long time. Aliens nor the marines felt like they were overpowered. It helps if you communicate to pick if the marines though. All I can say is if you love aliens then this might be A game for you. I didn't feel that aliens was a suspenseful film nor did it provide jumps, it was to me a more of an action movie, so this game didn't feel like it missed to capture the film. Expand
  43. Feb 12, 2013
    Huge letdown. Graphics are very different from the previews, with heavy blocks of shadow. Too many alliens kill any tension and they appear from triggered events, right in your face. It all looks like an outdated 1992 shooter design-wise.
  44. Feb 12, 2013
    Let's just get this out of the way, Colonial Marines is definitively lacking some much needed polish. But if you are a fan of the Alien movies, and Aliens in particular, odds are you'll still have a good time with this game. In terms of gameplay, we are looking at a fairly standard CoD type shooter. Nothing mindblowing, but certainly not as abysmal as some make it out to be either. The biggest issue isn't the aliens, the warrior type is a fast wave of cannon fodder like in the movie Aliens, and the lurker type better known from Alien and Alien 3 serves up the more tension filled moments as they effectively dart around the shadows and try to get a jump on you. The human enemies on the other hand stand out as the biggest flaw of the game as I see it, they are just plain stupid. Graphics are a mixed bag, there are some stiff animations and low res textures in the environment, but good light and design work often balance these out in my opinion. While I'll sometimes catch myself musing at some of its graphical shortcomings it did not cheapen the experience. The game and environments look and feel very right/accurate, I very much feel like I'm playing within the same space as established in the movie, which ultimately satisfies and makes me feel at home as a fan. Looking at some of the criticism the game probably suffers from expectations tied to the Alien franchise as a whole, that it's "more of an action game than a horror game". While that is true, keep in mind that Aliens was much more action film than horror film as well. In that regard the film and the game are a lot alike. Conclusion: If you are not a fan of Aliens, there's really nothing here for you other than a mediocre shooter. However, if you do like getting your Xenomorph fix I'd advice you to give it try. It's not without it's flaws, the gameplay mechanics are tried and true, but you'll also find a game bursting with that yummy Aliens flavor. Expand
  45. Feb 12, 2013
    Almost done with the campaign on Hardcore more, as a super-fan of the franchise, I'm mostly enjoying it. The mood, sound, and feel are all spot-on, the graphics are a bit lacking, especially facial animations, but the weapons feel perfect. The story makes sense with the universe as well, which is nice. It paces similarly to GoW games and is genuinely scary at times. The further into the campaign I got, I did notice more glitches with teammates not following and then reappearing at the next checkpoint as well as spotting hidden Xenos which won't take hit markers until they move. My worst glitch came in a fight with a Queen that ended with me dying, then started me at a checkpoint AFTER the battle. All in all, worth playing for fans. Note: I did not try multiplayer yet. Expand
  46. Feb 12, 2013
    If your a fan of the series than you will love this. Everyone complains about graphics but honestly who the cares if the gameplay is fun. The campaign is a true sequel to Aliens and everyone has wanted that since the terrible Alien 3. This isn't Halo 4 graphics but it sure beats the hell out of the graphics Call of Duty has been using for years. Seriously though the game has been in development for years, it can't be all that bad. So far I'm having a blast and don't be so biased off of reviews. Expand
  47. Feb 12, 2013
    The enjoyment factor with this game I think is directly proportional to how much enjoyment you got from the Aliens film. If you loved the film then I think you can look past the nuances of the game and just absorb the overall atmosphere. This game, although set after the film, is an homage plain and simple. As a first person shooter this would receive a low score, I have to be honest. But as a game trying to capture the essence of a movie I think it works. It made me want to watch Aliens again. It sparked memories of the film with achievement titles and collectibles. I did notice the issues with graphics, sound and game-play. But I would say noticed, the issues are to an extent overcome by the immersion the game itself offers. But that immersion is only truly available I think to a real fan of the film. So I totally understand the mixed reactions here. What I will say is I can feel some love from the developers in this game. Not in terms of super graphics or amazing game play. But in managing to achieve what I think they set out to do, which was capture an essence. Expand
  48. Feb 12, 2013
    Now if you are a Aliens fan you will love this game. I am a Aliens fan and I did enjoy the game but there were things that stuck out. The A.I is times really stupid and their are a few bugs when I played.(I installed the game so there wasnt so many). If you are not an Aliens fan then I would wait till price drop. The customization in the game is pretty cool. You get to make your own marine and xeno. The story at times is ok and at other times it is slow. The online is fun if you have friends playing with you. Or its just a game to pass the time with. The graphics feel 2009 but you have to remember that graphics dont determine a game, the gameplay does. Well the gameplay feels fun at times in SP but in the multiplayer its fun as hell when you got your friends and shootin xenos. This game is meant really for Aliens fans. Expand
  49. Feb 12, 2013
    So, apparently it takes years of delays and disappointment before you can release a truly awful game. Aliens: Colonial Marines is exhibit A. This comes from a big Aliens fan who has waited and waited for this title to be released.
    The graphics and textures make you think you're playing on the original Xbox, the story for the woefully short game is also dire (yes, a game with less than 6
    hours of gameplay), no tension in the game and the motion tracker is a waste of time.
    Looks like Sega replaced their 'QA' dept with a 'Do we look bothered about the product' department.
    Don't get me started with the strange option to put a supressor onto your pulse rifle, only to find that you can't take it back off). Leave this load of rubbish well alone and keep your hard earned cash in your pocket.
  50. Feb 12, 2013
    This game pays homage to the movies very well. So if you are a fan of the movies I would say it is a must to have. Now as for the all the other things going on with the game. Over all it is an good fps with some of the draw backs of all the fps out there with the normal things that go wrong with jumping and weird animation glitches. The sounds of the game are close to the movie since i heard they wanted to do a slightly different version of them compared to the movie. I have played through most of the game now and seen only a few negatives like the revive system is a little off. and the aliens jump around. The crazy thing i found most funny about the game is friendly fire is on. It took a few times playing to see this. So remember play nice with others and take firing lines other there will be alot of team killing. For the multiplayer this is all fun and games since they have 4 different types of game play invovled and this is where the game really shines. survival and extermination and escape are the best due to the new flavor they put into the game types. Expand
  51. Feb 12, 2013
    finished the single player mode yesterday. Game is very short (5 hours wtf!?), has really bad graphics and the gameplay feels like in low budget pc fps game. There is no horror atmosphere in this game bacause it was made as 4 player co op game (something like Dead Island but much much worse!). Multiplayer sucks, finding players takes you 1,5 minute and the lag kills the fun. No dedicated servers. Just simple p2p matchmaking like in CoD but created worse. There are multiplayer modes where you can play as alien versus humans. To tell you the truth, nobody wants to play as aliens because marines are way to powerfull. If marine players stick together, they always wins the match. The only option to win the multiplayer match as an aliens is when it is match where aliens have bigger numbers than marines (ex. 2 marines vs 6 aliens). In multiplayer match 6 vs 6 marines ALWAYS win. You can't choose sides, game does it for you like the developers knew that nobody would like to be alien.

    Oh! And one more funny thing! This game WAS NOT CREATED by Gearbox but 5 different developers. You can see their names in the campaign intro. Gearbox was supporting them with their brand. F*ck you SEGA and gearbox. Lost respect for those companies.
  52. Feb 12, 2013
    Definitely a marmite game but as a fan of the series I can say that I loved this game, the environments from the film, the xenos themselves and little attentions to detail such as Bishops legs, Newts doll etc all make this a fans dream. The gunplay is essentially the same as any other FPS, but why fix what isn't broken.

    For everyone who is saying the game sucks because the graphics are
    poor, yes the game doesn't match the graphical strengths of Far Cry 3, Dead Space 3 or Crysis 3 but that shouldn't matter good graphics don't make a good game. Also every single environment that features in both the film and game is almost perfectly recreated inch by inch, does it look photo realistic? No, but at least it shows that Gearbox put the effort in to make good environments.

    Overall a lot of people will definitely hate this game, but personally I love it. If I had to some up this game in ten words I would say "Another glorious day in the Corps. I love the Corps."
  53. Feb 12, 2013
    I'll be honest so far I'm really enjoying this game, I'll admit that the gameplay is just your typical FPS walk from point A to point B clearing out rooms of enemies and yes the graphics aren't going to win any awards but these problems haven't stopped me from enjoying the game... I still love it.

    The story for this game is actually pretty decent and I won't spoil what happens but as a
    canonical sequel to the film it make sense, it also solves a major problem I had with Alien 3. While the story may not be as good as some recent attempts in gaming such as The Walking Dead, Spec Ops: The Line or Assassin's Creed 3 (Well the Haytham/Connor sections anyway) the story is still entertaining and (for me at least) memorable.

    Now I'll admit that this game probably only deserves a 6.5 at most but the reason I scored this game a 9 is because I am a really big fan of the Alien series and the fan service here is incredible, areas from the film are recreated perfectly, Newts doll (Casey) can still be found in the sewer where it was dropped, A lot of the original cast such as Lance Henrikson and Michael Biehn return to reprise their roles in one form or another. You get to ride a power loader, the list goes on. The fan service alone made me want to push through this game to see what else I could find. I know this may sound stupid seeing as I'm giving the game a 9 but that's all I ever want from licensed games.... games that entertain me as a fan of the source materiel and boy did this game deliver.

    If you are a fan of the Alien film series or just Aliens then their should be enough fan service to entertain you and make you look past most of the faults in this game however if you are just looking for an amazing FPS then maybe here is not the place to look.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through my opinion on the game, but remember at the end of the day that's all it is... my opinion, you may disagree with me.
  54. Feb 12, 2013
    People will either hate this game or love this game. Are there some issues? Yes. The AI is average at best and Gearbox's engine is showing it's age in terms of visuals. But if you are a fan of the Alien franchise, you are going to enjoy actually stepping into a chapter tailored specifically to pick up right where Aliens left off. The 4-player drop-in, drop-out co-op is solid and there are some stretches of action that will make it so you don't want to put the controller down. The length of the campaign is suspect, but it's just as long as any other FPS game out there (6-8 hours) depending on what difficulty you play on. The thing that will keep you coming back for more though is the very addictive versus and co-op multiplayer modes. The thing you have to ask yourself is what you want from this game. Are you looking for a fun excursion into the Aliens universe? Then this is for you. If you are looking for something will turn the industry on its head, then yes, you will be disappointed. But damn if this isn't a fun bug hunt. Expand
  55. Feb 12, 2013
    This is going to be one of those "love or hate" type games, which to me is a complete surprise. I will admit I am a huge fan of the Alien universe and I actually think Gearbox have done a good job of making this game. The story is quite enjoyable and even though there is the occasional animation glitch etc overall I think the game is really polished. You can tell that the people who designed this game like the Aliens lore too. There are some nice and subtle throw backs to Aliens. Co-op is good fun and holds up well although the teleporting back together when people split up too much is a bit of a let down. I'm really enjoying the VS multiplayer as there are plenty of decent unlocks and it is done a lot better than AvP's efforts. Controlling the Xenomorphs is now easier thanks to a 3rd person view.

    I do think the campaign is pretty short but having split screen 2 player co-op, plus 4 player online co-op and 5 vs 5 VS multiplayer makes up for the short campaign. I think this is a must if you are an Aliens fan and perhaps take a look first before deciding if you are not.
  56. Feb 12, 2013
    A low moment in what started as quiet a promising year, with low res textures, screen tear and some minor game halting glitches, Aliens Colonial Marines is not the game fans have been waiting for. An average story line with bland characters and a very basic AI (a lot of the time i was shooting at Aliens/Marines just standing behind things) the games only highlight being that Co-Op makes the campaign bearable and that the sound design is top notch, i can only really recommend this game to hardcore fans of the series. Expand
  57. Feb 12, 2013
    From 4 hours of playing it, It's a fun game in co-op, even though the game looks very dated. The multiplayer, despite being a L4D ripoff is actually very fun...If it wasn't lagging all over the place the whole time. If they are able to fix the servers, the game would be a decent 7. But that's being a little generous. I say wait for a price drop, because lets be honest Sega, this game isn't quite worth 60 :P Collapse
  58. Feb 12, 2013
    Aliens: Colonial Marines have bad graphics i've already completed the campaign but didn't play the multiplayer matches. The campaign is really repetitive and i just could play it because i was playing split-screen with my friend, that help me to get to the end of this game. I recommend only for those fans of aliens series and even them i know if gonna like it. The only cool thing is see a formed group going down. Expand
  59. Feb 12, 2013
    From 4 hours of playing it, It's a fun game in co-op, even though the game looks very dated. The multiplayer, despite being a L4D ripoff is actually very fun...If it wasn't lagging all over the place the whole time. If they are able to fix the servers, the game would be a decent 7. But that's being a little generous. I say wait for a price drop, because lets be honest Sega, this game isn't quite worth 60 :P Collapse

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 47
  2. Negative: 22 out of 47
  1. Apr 3, 2013
    There was a lot of hope for Aliens: Colonial Marines but it seems the gaming world is let down with another attempt to make a successful film tie in. The review should give you a few good reasons why the game suffers but other aspects such as the overused catchphrase ‘Stay frosty!’ and anticlimactic ending are a couple more to add to the list and this is why you should wait until this game gets thrown into the bargain bin before you purchase.
  2. Apr 1, 2013
    I'm not that witty, but I am pretty vulgar—as a result, all I can say is that if Aliens: Colonial Marines had been fished out of a Marine's colon during emergency surgery it wouldn't surprise me in the least.
  3. Mar 24, 2013
    An unremarkable FPS plagued by dim AI and repetitive set-pieces. [Apr 2013, p.68]