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  1. Mar 26, 2013
    Amazing co-op gameplay (like always) and awesome weapon customizations, although the game lacks some rich stories. But still, a great game to play with friends.
  2. Mar 26, 2013
    It's not a perfect game by any means. The cover system tends to be sticky, there are some graphical issues like screen tear and texture pop, and it tends to be a little glitchy. Lack of polish aside, the combat and game feel are still nice, and I still had a fun time with it over all. Pretty good, but not spectacular.
  3. Mar 29, 2013
    I cannot understand why critics are not in favor of this game, it's incredible. Everything from the amazing customization (masks, load outs, etc.) to the insane destructible environments, provided you use the brutal overkill mode, is just breathtaking. Its not a masterpiece, by any sense, the story and characters are pretty mediocre and there are some graphical glitches throughout. These cons however, are vastly overshadowed by solid controls, equally up to par co-op action, and countless ways to differentiate your T.W.O operative. Overall a great entry in a ridiculously fun series. Collapse
  4. Apr 4, 2013
    i'm amazed how the current so called reviewers hited a new low. they list a serious of cons and then axe the score but at same time with the same con but in another shooters we know they give perfect scores. double standards and hypocrisy at best! is not the best shooter and it never wanted to be a call of duty or battlefield. this is a shooter made for you and a friend only and have a a good time with some jokes and explosions. this is a game that makes you feel good and have a great time, resuming this is a game that understands what games are made for!! if you dont buy this game because of the reviews then you're missing out a great game. Expand
  5. Mar 26, 2013
    Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel is an amazing edition to the series. The graphics are gorgeous on the Frostbite 2 engine from the developers of Battlefield 3. The overkill mode you get from performing co-op maneuvers adds a great edition to fights and helps you eliminate tougher enemies like nothing so save up overkill for when you really need it. This game is by far the best in the series and probablly the best shooter of this year. Amazing 10/10 Expand
  6. Apr 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really, really wanted to like this game in that I enjoyed the previous two games, but unfortunately I couldn't. While I understand the plot is what it is, the game didn't stay on course with the ability to gain additional contracts. This basically ended up being a 3rd person shooter with another person just like Call of Duty. I noticed alot of people were excited about the explosive environments, but please....every game has the red exploding barrels. That doesn't make it all that great. Beyond that, the plot development and character development alone left ALOT to be wanting. Making Salem the bad guy? Really? Come 'on. Apparently the game makers just completely took everything that already existed about his personality and threw it out the window. Yes, it has good weapon customization, but meh....I could play the whole, linear game through with an over powered pistol. This is the last Army of Two I play. Expand
  7. Mar 26, 2013
    The best Army of Two so far, A lot of action, destructive enviroments, funny moments and the arcade gameplay that the franchise do so well. If you wanna have a good time with some friend, and you love shooters, this is for you.
  8. Apr 5, 2013
    I really enjoy this game. Il loved the first Army of Two. The second one was a big disapointment in my opinion but this one brings back the franchise where it belongs.

    I don't understand why reviews by Ign and Gamespot have been so hard on the game. It's filled with great action, good graphics, fun gameplay et despite what they are saying, the game hasn't lost its soul. There's still
    funny lines and co-op actions to do. In fact, co-op is one of the plus of this game. Co-op dedicated game are so rare.

    Yes they took out some things from the previous two installment but this game doest not deserves a 5.0/10. It's much more like 7.0 or 7.5. Sure the lacks of multiplayer may have affected the rating, but why do a multiplayer that sucks or that nobody will play anyway ?

    I hate that today, reviews by popular sites can destroy the sales of a game or kill the franchise itsell. By example, Duke Nukem Forever. Me and two of my friend (3 sales) where gonna buy that game but didn't because of the bad reviews. Sure, In that case, the game sucked. The thing is "Army of Two Devil's Cartel" is rated as bad as this game. It's NOWHERE that bad. I almost didn't buy it because of the reviews. I would hate regret it deeply. Please got some consistency with the ratings. I something am seriously questionning myself on these sites. It's like, you didn't pay us so we're gonna bring your game down.

    Anyway, try the game and judge it by yourself. I really love it and hope the franchise will continue.

    "-Running in front a machine gun is insane

    -Isn't that what we just did ?

    -Yes, but we're Awesome!"

    Lost it souls?! No way!

    Thanks for reading.
  9. Mar 28, 2013
    Quick gameplay as usual and a step back from the previous games.
    This game is rubbish and quick to finish at least I liked the characters in the old on.
    I'm tired of giving a company a hundred bucks for 15 hours of fun, EA the bunch of vampires should get burned at the stake for this.
    The interface is horrible compared to the old game, but the destruction looks cool but that's about it.
  10. Mar 27, 2013
    Another great addition to the franchise... in action sense. Not very heavy on story, but just killing and enjoying the arcadic feel. The gun play is awesome, and the overkill mode makes it feel empowering. Long campaign, with short levels to test your capability of teamwork.
  11. Mar 28, 2013
    Good fun but very similar to the previous Army of two. The graphic doesn't look like it's from the Frostbite 2. The graphic is not bad but far from what would be expected especially since it's from the frostbite 2 engine. Gameplay is fun but gets repetitive too quickly. It's best to play the campaign in coop mode and shoot things up with your friends. The story is too predictable and gets really boring. Army of two could really do with a reich story and the experience would be very different. The customisation n the game though is great. There many many choices you can customise on your weapons and the customisation is a good experience. Overall the performance of this game is disappointing and not what i have expected. I expected a lot more of AoT devil's cartel but it is a let down. The recommendation is to buy the game when it gets cheap or on sale. Rental is also a good option. This games is NOT worth it's retail price and I highly recommend NOT to buy it until it get cheaper. If you want a solid and fun third person shooter experience there are a lot of choices both older games and new games. Expand
  12. Mar 31, 2013
    + Great story
    + Good co-op
    + Cover system
    + Simple weapon customizations

    + Camera angle is really bad
    + Some graphical glitches

    Very good game! Great story, nice game. Nice co-op and cover system. Yeah there is some bad things like camera angle, but game is still good. So far, the best game this spring!
  13. Mar 26, 2013
    The best AoT yet! This is a true co-op game. Don't bother playing if you don't have a co-op buddy. The game wont be the same. The use of Frostbite 2 takes the series to another level. It's the best looking AoT by far. Weapons customization is great and so is the mask editor. The voice over work is marvellous too. The only weak aspect is the story, but who cares when you are shooting up! Recommended. Expand
  14. Mar 29, 2013
    destructoid is once again smoking crack, giving this game a 4 out of 10, it is an easy 8.5, everything is destructible, great graphics, story avg but gameplay really fun, haven't found bugs or glitches and i been playing the game alot, and it is more fun than lotta new games,
  15. Mar 29, 2013
    so much swag in this game, that the swag outweighs everything else, you just wanna play until your swag has run out, which is never cos this game has so much
  16. Mar 26, 2013
    Army of Two the devil's cartel is the amazing game of the coop.
    The customize is just amazing, the graphics are georgous, it's a one of the best game of coop.
    I love this serie
  17. Mar 28, 2013
    Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel is an amazing new entry in the AoT series, it still focuses on co-op, customization and over the top action. There are more than a few flaws but overall it is a decent length thrill ride that has strong replay value. Graphics look decent and gun play is feels fluid (as long as you don't mind aim assist). The story will run you about 15 hours on the hardest difficulty, time will very on co-op or solo and skill level. Bad guys feel rather generic and there is a lack of unique enemies but overall the cartel proves to get the job done. Get this game for a good time solo or with a friend. Expand
  18. Mar 31, 2013
    I LOVE THIS GAME i do not understand why the critics are being so picky with this game its better than the last TWO [ha ha] and the gun/mask creator is very neat and polished this game deserves more praise
  19. Apr 3, 2013
    I had fun with it. Truth is, there aren't enough solid third person shooter's out there. This one has good controls, the guns have a good kick to them. The story is not spectacular but is enough to keep you interested in how things turn out.

    We as gamers need to wake up and support good games like this one, the critics won't do it as they fancy themselves as "art critics" rather than
    game critics. This game is not a work of art, and does not set out to be, but if you want a damn good time, where you can feel like a bad ass for 8-10 hours pick this up and other games like it. Expand
  20. Apr 6, 2013
    There isnt much to say about this plunge into a wall of bullets I loved the first two games but sadly everything that made them great has been taken out. Yep it is that simple, The dual sniping gone, back to back shoot outs gone, pistol customization (apart from its "skin") gone, RPG/special weapons gone a well written story gone .

    Yes the explosions are pretty but come on, even
    in game there is a blurp about "TWO" contracts, I have finished the game, used my once only online code and cant find them so a) I managed to break my game b) my copy is the only one to ship with missing content or more likely c) its an over kill edition extra...yes they advertise and O.K edition feature in the you buy a standard game and are told your missing out because you didnt get the super amazing extra awesome edition

    My advice is to stay away, well away at least until a new copy is £5
  21. Apr 7, 2013
    I've only played a little bit of the previous title and so I didn't really know what to expect other than a a co-op third person shooter. I thoroughly enjoyed this game even though the story was a little weak and some cover issues, but other than that I liked it.
  22. Apr 12, 2013
    Absolutely amazing. Nothing wrong except occasional sound glitches. Really enjoy the destructible environment, the allowed dismemberment of people. All around a amazing game.
  23. Dec 13, 2013
    What happened to the back to back shootouts and the sniper effects that truly made this game playable? Gone. This Devils cartel was a joke compared to the Army of two I had come to like(not love). The online is goofy and the single player is not entertaining. If you play the 2 player co-op it can be fun but what game isn't fun playing with your friend on the same screen? Im glad I rented this game and didn't buy it Expand
  24. Apr 16, 2013
    On the surface, Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel may appear to be an inferior facsimile of the previous two games. Alpha and bravo have generic names, and their personalities are blunt. But the potential for co-op fun is immediately recognised. Most of its merit is afforded to by the Frostbite engine, rendering great destructive environments and dynamic lighting. You may be shooting for eight or so hours, with a few weird AI bugs, but The Devil's Cartel is a great co-op shooter for a perfect weekend of blasting with a pal. Expand
  25. Apr 26, 2013
    The end of this Franchise?? Possibly. It was a shame playing this game as it did feel like the end has finally come. All that I enjoyed from the previous games seems to have been sucked out of the new one. Salem and Rios have only supporting roles and the new character, who don't really have names, have none of the charisma of the original trio. There is no more fist bumping and comic beating up of your team mate and it just feels flat. Gone are the Morality moments from the second game which is a shame as there were moments where it would have worked.
    It feels like generic shooter 1-0-1 now. The AI is just awful with most of the enemies just charging at you like thoughtless drones.
    There would be a good game here if the developer had just remembered what brought people into the franchise. I'm afraid that all my previous love for the series has now gone and I can't see the Army of Two group reforming for another outting. but on this games example that may not be a bad thing.
    RIP Army of Two.
  26. Aug 21, 2013
    Most games are pretty fun when played with a friend and The Devil's Cartel is no exception. Unfortunately however this latest entry in Electronic Arts's Army of Two series makes no attempt to do anything original, or even particularly interesting, with the co-op concept. The story is your usual macho video game nonsense and at some point you'll find yourself playing through virtually every shoot-em-up cliche you can think off, from on rails helicopter sections to breaching doors in slow motion.

    If you can find this for a reduced price, as well as a friend with a copy, the gameplay is certainly fast paced and satisfying enough to make it a worthwhile (if instantly forgettable) experience.
  27. Apr 15, 2013
    This game is not as bad as everybody thinks. I personally don't like the idea of toned down salem and rios (as if they don't have any idea to make the original game more interesting). Yes there is no chemistry between Alpha and Bravo (not even their real name) but the action is quiet good but never great.
  28. Apr 1, 2013
    I don't understand why this game is getting such mediocre scores from critics, it's not going to be an award winning game but then again it's not trying to be. If you buy this game you should expect over the top action and cheesy characters, but it also has enjoyable gameplay, the guns feel like they sound and feel like they do real damage thanks to the Frostbite 2 engine. There are tonnes more customisation options over the past 2 games (masks, guns, attachments, weapon skins, character skins etc.) and it definitely feels longer length wise, if you want a good co-op game then this is definitely worth your consideration. The only negative points I have are there is no drop-in co-op so you have to restart a chapter if someone requests to join, and it can get a little glitchy online sometimes. Other than that I'm really enjoying it and have already started my second play through. Expand
  29. Apr 24, 2013
    Honestly i'm giving this a 9 simply to counter all the terrible reviews about this game. It's an 8 at best, but it's fun, mindless and again fun. Pay it with a friend and especially if you enjoy the other games.
  30. Aug 27, 2013
    Liked this Army of Two game better than the previous two games. Sure Alpha and Bravo are not as likable as Salem and Rios but the Story was better and the controls didn't feel as stiff.
  31. Apr 29, 2013
    This is the worst army of two series...the graphic ufff..cant discribe
    the story not even good one.
    no aggro system like before.Danger close is ruining this frenchise.
  32. Apr 9, 2013
    Great game! Not bad at all like critics are saying. I playing for myself and have a lot of fun. Graphics OK. Gameplay and history should be a little better but in the end, you´ll enjoy.
  33. Apr 27, 2013
    Was really looking forward to this, but ended up being a bit of a flop, firstly, the story is dead, the instant they announced that you'd play as 2 "New" characters, I knew the story would be dead and I was right, Story is crap overall, But that's not the only reason I'm giving it a "Meh" score, The reason is, that feature wise, this game takes more away than it adds, Lets look at whats gone: Weapon customization freedom(ANY gun part could go together to make wild combinations), Dynamic cover system(You didn't have to cover, just shooting while behind an object would make your character shoot over the cover), Poor graphics(For the frostbite engine, this game looks pretty poor), Visual Aggro system(There would be a wild RED or BLUE indicator to show you who had aggro and who was stealth from fire), Environments are linear and badly designed (except for the co op areas where you both go to different locations but even then, it's completely linear, no flanking whatsoever completely BREAKING the Aggro system), Destructible cover just makes things more difficult for the player(Like there never seems to be any decent unbreakable cover around, meaning it's hard to avoid taking damage while covering) Gun models and animations are worse(The frostbite engine is known for having VERY precise looking animations, it honestly just feels like they didn't try whatsoever here, The mag clips in the players hand/gun a lot too, Just poor development all round) and finally, the voice acting for the new characters is nowhere near as good as Rios or Salem(Who are now ironically only side characters)

    There are some more annoying things like being forced to wait for the end of the level before you can change your weapons attachments and how you can't just pick up a weapon temporarily any more it makes you switch to the picked up gun completely, The lack of pistol attachments, Overkill adding complete unrealistic-ness to the game and there is probably more, Overall this game just isn't worth playing, the Co oP is the only good part, you still got all the awesome co op parts from previous games.

    When Visceral said they were adding new features without dumbing the game down, what exactly did they mean? Because all I can see is a dumbed down cash in sequel, I've not even touched on the lack on MP, that's a whole other story, MP was hit and miss on the 40th day when it worked it was great, But sadly, it hardly EVER worked and was plagued with Lag issues. The lack of an improved mp more would have bumped my score down few, but the lack of an MP mode entire bumps it down a lot more.

    So what do you have, you have a stripped down version of a great game, with most of the features dumbed down or removed completely, Makes me sad, I really hope all of this wasn't just to support the frostbite engine, because to be fair, I find no REAL difference in the physics or graphics, But something tells me it's more to do with either a rushed release or lazy development, Just look at Dead Space 3, Visceral have proved they can make absolutely AMAZING games when they are given time, So it feels more like EA rushing them. Makes me sad, Army of Two was once a great series.
  34. Apr 16, 2013
    I haven't cared enough to write a bad review on something I've disliked in a while, but it's happening. The game title appeared after the words "Electronic Arts presents" and I muttered to myself 'oh my god...' and held my head in my palm. This game is absolutely horrible. The only reason I am giving it a 2 is because I played it with someone and we were laughing our asses off at how horrible the game was designed. The original army of two used to let you customize your guns entirely, can you do that here? Nope. Characters that are interesting? Nope. The two new characters are so incredibly boring I just didn't care for the story. The cover system isn't anything revolutionary, its been done a million times over, and even in this game's case its done poorly. The amount of aim assist by default is disgusting and insulting. The plot is so stale that I honestly believe M. Night Shyamalan could have done this game's story from start to end, and done a better job.

    Overkill mode makes the game a joke, and it gives you it at least twice every mission, even while playing on hard difficulty. The graphics are mediocre at best (played on Xbox 360), especially while split screened.

    Anybody who rated this game anything above a 7 is seriously having buyer's remorse. They will attempt to justify their purchase in these reviews telling you the game is fun and that it was a 'good' game. Let's take a look at someone who reviewd it as a 10; MikeGamer4Life says: "Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel is an amazing edition to the series." I'm pretty sure its addition, not edition. He goes on to also say: "The overkill mode you get from performing co-op maneuvers adds a great edition to fights and helps you eliminate tougher enemies like nothing so save up overkill for when you really need it." You don't get it from 'co-op maneuvers' in fact there was a very low amount of any sort of cooperation in this game at all. Where was the back to back co-op ability from the first game? Where is the customization? What the hell is EA thinking? Thankfully, I did not purchase this game, and would not ever recommend buying it to anyone.
  35. Apr 7, 2013
    Even though this game is short I haven't played the first two because I heard awful stuff about them), the coop aspect with a online friend is amazing. The customization is very cool even though it's kind of limited in spots. The Mask Creator is much better than the defaults (recommend just making your own for the people just starting).
    Overall the game is fun, gave me about 15-20 hours
    of gameplay (which i spanned over a couple days), and proved to be worth at least the $35 of the $60 price.
    Yes that may sound harsh, but I won't give a game I find fun a $60 value if it takes me just 15-20 hours to beat it.

    This is getting a 7 for that very reason. It's very fun though especially for COOP-fans!
  36. Apr 2, 2013
    I'm a huge fan of the army of two series and this game sure doens't dissapointment me.
    The first one was one of my favorite games iv ever played. It was so orignal, so much fun and the amount of weapon customization was never done before. The second was was a downgrade but still had the charisma the first had,
    Well this one by far surpasses the first two. I just beat it and i was blown
    away by the ending. Also it's quite long, and took me around 13 hours to beat which is great. The first half of the game was alright, the story didn't kick off till half way threw but once it did I couldn't put the game down.
    You now play as alpha and your teammate is bravo. No longer Saleem and Rios but they still play a major major part in the game and fans of the original games will love what happens.
    At first the new characters really didn't do it for me. They were just too stiff and generic at first but they half way threw they started to warm up and got a personality of there own.
    The gameplay is greatly improved from previous ones. The cover system is I'd say one of the best. You can now blow up and shoot up walls and cover which is just purely sick. There's also a pretty detailed gore system. You can shoot off enemies heads, arms, hands, legs and there torso. An enemy sitting behind cover? Either throw a frag at it or shoot his damn head off.
    The rest of the gameplay is solid and so smooth as well.
    Also getting a total upgrade is the graphics. The game looks great and some of the effects are crazy good.
    Just like the previous installments there's a very deep customazation section but even better than before.
    You still get a ton of weapon attachment, and so many masks to choose from(over 20) and you can also custom make mask and give your guy an assortment of tattoos.
    Even with all these great additions some stuff that made ao2 different is missing.
    No more back to back shoot outs which were purely amazing. Also missing is the ability to mess around with your buddy by punching him, dropping him on his face on step jumps and no more Rock Paper Scissors! Are these major things, no but I still liked them all.

    Sound-10/10(voice acting is top notch, as well as the guns)
    Story-8.5/10(started off too slow)
    I truly love this game. Obviously it's gonna get looked over because its published by EA and being released with bioshock infinite but it deserves better. It's an unique shooter, an addicting shooter, and a fun shooter.
  37. Jul 29, 2013
    This game is a very action packed game that doesn't need some of the features in the other two to be good. Even though it's my least favorite of the series, it's still a pretty fun game to grab and play with a friend. That being said the problems in this were pretty major. The bugs were bad, so was the story, but the action was good and the graphics were so-so. Make a long story short, if you like the other 2 for more than just a couple features, then you will like this. Just don't expect to much. Expand
  38. Apr 12, 2013
    Very disappointed in this game.
    For some reason they've simplified the gameplay to the point that it is not really a co-op shooter any more but a game where two people shoot-stuff-up side by side. Besides lifting some gates and getting revives, you almost never need to rely on your teammate. Getting more money is the only incentive to use "smarter" killing methods so many times you
    basically forget that he (or she) is also there.
    An other problem is the overkill mechanic is exactly what it's name says and makes the game way too easy. We've played on Insane difficulty without using Overkill (except the parts where you must, like shooting up the huge truck in the chase sequence) and the game still wasn't giving us a challenge.
    This is a very different game than the previous two parts where teamwork was a MUST. Here it's nothing more than an option and that is pretty sad.
  39. May 9, 2013
    This game is simply one word Fun. Reviewers seem to have listed a ton of cons like another user has said and then axed the score, yet rated other more profound games higher that have the same cons. Nothing more than hypocrites! I've always liked the Army of Two games. Okay they don't have the best story lines, but what it lacks in the story it kicks it up a notch with intense shooting and good visuals. It's just fun! Which is what games were made for, great for kicking back with a pal and tearing some enemies to shreds.

    I'm a bit disappointed that they removed some of the things that made the previous games exceptionally fun, but that wouldn't stop me from playing the game. If you're skeptical about buying it, grab a friend; rent it together and have a laugh with it instead.
  40. Apr 16, 2013
    The gameplay is fun, but simple. The story is nothing too deep, though kind of disappointing to someone who has followed the series. The visuals look great, the cover system works fairly well- this game really is just an above-mediocre co-op shooter, with above average character skin customization!
  41. Apr 23, 2013
    I don't get all the hate for this game from the "critics" ?If you look at the actual player reviews they are mostly positive. I have enjoyed all AOT games in franchise they don't reinvent the genre but they are all fun adult shooters and dismemberment never gets old to me. I like the maps in this installment and going against the cartel makes for a good enemy to take out, had to give my take definItely better then score shows. Expand
  42. May 5, 2013
    I've seen a lot of reviewers on Youtube who gave this game 6-7. But i have played the game with a friend and it's amazing, the co-op is great (like always), the masks and gear customizations are great, but i feel like it needed more weapon customization, im not saying it's bad but it needs more. The story is not that good, Alpha and Bravo are great in my opinion and they make pretty funny jokes. Army of Two The Devil's Cartel is amazing and it's a most buy game That's why i gave it an 8 Expand
  43. Jun 3, 2013
    I'm not sure why this series gets a bad rap. When played with a friend, they're a blast. This entry is the best in the series, as it features amazing destruction/dismemberment effects and a deep customization system. Yeah, the story isn't innovative and there's plenty of juvenile dialogue (though not as much as the first), but it's definitely worth playing once or twice.
  44. Jul 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'll start by saying that I like this game. Army of Two was one of my first Xbox 360 games, and I took a liking to the series.

    Although some of the co-op aspects have been dropped, co-op still remains a focus. It is a shame that weapon swapping, fist-bumping, headbutting and playing rock, paper, scissors don't feature in The Devil's Cartel, but more of a shame is that the AI command system has been stripped down. However, even when playing solo, your AI partner will be reasonably competent, and will probably go down a lot less than you do.

    Being a cover-based, third-person shooter, you would expect a good cover system... well you'll be a little disappointed. The marker with which you select your next cover can be inconsistent, and the movement itself can be somewhat stubborn, but once you've got the hang of it, you should be fine.

    The combat can get a little chaotic, especially when you find yourself in the wrong place, with little cover, and there are cartel thugs shooting at you from all sides, but if you can find good cover, the fight should be rather easy. Just make sure that the cover isn't destructible. As for the enemies you'll face, they'll mostly be tattooed cartel thugs who you can kill with a quick burst from an assault rifle. But, don't be fooled by how easily they go down; you'll be fighting what will, at times, feel like endless numbers, and by the time you've finished the game, you've probably killed a fair portion of the population.

    Weapon customization returns, but in a much more sane state than in The 40th Day. You have access to a good range of weapons, with plentiful upgrades available. Weapons are also fairly non-linear, and there is no "best" upgrade or weapon, as such, although you will find some weapons or upgrades to be rather useless.

    New to the series is character customization, involving an in-game mask creator, allowing you to save up to 8 custom masks (which just isn't enough), a fair choice of tattoos for your character, and a range of "tactical gear", essentially, outfits. This gives the playable characters a more personal feel, as their personalities are somewhat lacking (although they do improve over the course of the story).

    And that brings me to the story. I would describe it as an all-action, blockbuster, revenge for revenge story, where almost everybody dies. Pretty much every ally or team-mate you come across... yeah, they die. Its not a great story, but a few (sometimes very predictable) twists keep things on the interesting side, and it is certainly left open for another game.

    I enjoyed The Devil's Cartel, but the story is secondary to the high-octane, explosive action, and the co-op has been a somewhat simplified, but as a sequel to The 40th Day, it shows some aspects of progress. I hope that in the future, EA will combine the best aspects of all three games, to date, to create a truly spectacular Army of Two game.
  45. Jan 2, 2014
    Story: 3; Who doesn't even bother to name their main characters?! Alpha & Bravo, when EVERYONE else in the game gets a name, even the throwaway NPCs that die after 1 mission. Everything else about the story is hackneyed and tired.
    Graphics (with install): 8;
    Looks great, requires 1.5GB HD space for the pretty.
    Gameplay: 7;
    Does nothing new from the previous games and takes away some
    of my favorite bits. No Back-To-Back, no Aggro Meter, and the Overkill mechanic isn't well executed or explained.

    TL;DR, play it for the co-op shooter fun, but don't expect a lot.
  46. Jun 8, 2014
    Army of two series is excellent this one was the pick of the lot. I thought the story was blinding and the graphics were awesome, I cant understand why people thought this was the worst. I just hope they bring out another army of two they are great ...
  47. Jul 13, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. +In summary a great game, I actually liked the changes both of game play style and new lead Characters (Alpha/Bravo), the story was pretty decent too, all be it over a 5 year arc, which was hard to grasp at 1st.
    -What blew me away was the Salem character looking totally different from the 1st two games. While Rios just looks older. Very Strange. Also the plot twist (Spoiler Alert)....Salem going bad.
  48. Jul 16, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The split screen gameplay is great and its one of the first arduous FPS I've seen in a while but there are a few things wrong with the game.
    Now I'm a person that doesn't really mind the look of the game but for the ones who do, the graphics aren't that great, round things, like apples, are square (seriously, my brother found square apples) and it looks overall unfinished cosmetically but the majority of the game looks great.
    There is also a lack of guns and customizations especially with no pistol mods but the dragons breath on shotguns is a nice feature.
    The main problem is the story, not only are they ruining the PROTAGONISTS of the first two games but they are ruining TWO as a whole. They make Rios and Salem seem like complete **** in the beginning but the worst of it is Salem is an enemy. I mean wtf is that, and its all over some stupid COD-like weak reason of complete and utter butthurtness. Then ALL of the Two solders die, come on, it has to be the biggest defilement of the whole basis of the game, that the people part of TWO are good enough to be an army made of two people not just some random people off the street.
    The ridiculous cinematic scenes, like Batista killing two of the TWO solders when five people are there, are just too unrealistic, it felt like i was playing with a group of idiots.
    The HUD is also way to big and the speed at which overkill is achieved makes the the game very easy at some points.
    The game is still a lot of fun and, while ignoring the terrible plot, it is an amazing and challenging shooter to play with a friend
  49. Mar 29, 2013
    I cannot understand why critics are not in favor of this game, it's incredible. Everything from the amazing customization (masks, load outs, etc.) to the insane destructible environments, provided you use the brutal overkill mode, is just breathtaking. Its not a masterpiece, by any sense, the story and characters are pretty mediocre and there are some graphical glitches throughout. These cons however, are vastly overshadowed by solid controls, equally up to par co-op action, and countless ways to differentiate your T.W.O operative. Overall a great entry in a ridiculously fun series. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 55 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 55
  2. Negative: 11 out of 55
  1. Jun 9, 2013
    In the end, Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel is a boring, meatheaded slog through about ten or so hours of predictable situations and sub par dialogue, and if someone told me that the development team had simply been handed a bit of cardboard with the words "sink this series" emblazoned across it as a design document, I'd believe it without hesitation.
  2. May 20, 2013
    As an entry into a series that has failed to realise its potential, this is safe and dare we say it, also a bit boring. [Issue#135, p.106]
  3. May 13, 2013
    A prime example of a gamified action film from the eighties. The story is only an excuse for bloodshed and the game is far from unconventional. Yes, I've seen this before at least dozens of times, but then again, there's always room for some good old-fashioned pointless violence. [May 2013]