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  1. Nov 24, 2010
    I keep giving the AC series a shot, as there is much to appreciate, but based on my experience with these games and my own preferences, this may be the last AC game I bother with. I seem to be in the minority, but I find these games rather dull and extremely repetitive, regardless of the pretty environments. This game in particular (as hinted at by the title) does not feel like a standalone game, it feels like more of the same of the last installment, sort of a glorified expansion pack. For people who love the series I guess this is more than enough, for me it is more of the same and a very narrow experience. I am also quite surprised that more people don't dislike the Animus stuff as much as I do, which has always felt awkward and tacked on since the first game (it doesn't help that our hero looks like a douche) - half baked sci fi elements used to make a very simple game appear complicated. With the addition of "Da Vinci Code" type conspiracy and "secrets" which were greatly expanded in AC2, I find the game comes off as just plain silly, and not in any way profound which it seems to insist that it is. I gave this a shot, but I think I am done with AC for good at this point. Expand
  2. Nov 16, 2010
    This is easily one of the standout titles of the year. Hope the critics understand its worth and its uniqueness. This is because it is for the first time that the gamers will get their hands on the multiplayer component of a pure action adventure game.
  3. Dec 20, 2010
    I have to echo DigitalShark's sentiments completely. The free running gimmick was enough to keep me entertained when the first game came out but it's not enough to carry another two titles. A story that advances too slowly and some seriously repetitive gameplay have me turned off to this series. Sorry, but carrying a box of flowers for some wench isn't my idea of fun.
  4. Nov 16, 2010
    It's a perfect sequel to Ac2 and one of the best games this year! The graphics and gameplay has been greatly improved and the story is the best in the series. This is not an expansion, it's one of the greatest sequels in gaming history.
  5. Dec 28, 2010
    I..... really can't define how complex and vast the game can be. Many, many complainers rate this game 3's and 2's because of a certain ledge or building they can't climb, or complaining that they feel overwhelmed with all the activity and objectives that must be completed. Well, heres the deal: Untraversable building: You suck. If you feel overwhelmed: Read a book and get off the couch and get some brain power for once. These are only a few reasons in the vast majority of idiots who can't even play the game because they don" have enough brain power t realize whats going on. I am addicted with running around Rome (or climbing) and sneaking around Borgia Zones and taking out Captains and Towers with well-timed attacks and strategy, and the Followers Lairs to collect the Armor of Brutus (Though it makes you look like a animal abuser and a idiot) makes you just about a deadly, agile and acrobactic tank. Don't listen to the negative reviews about running around and repetitve gameplay, they obviously didn't know what they were getting into when the first AC was described as a "open world" game. I mean, come on people, we've all played GTA and Crackdown, haven't we? We know that games like these require a extensive amount of time to appreciate it, right? So, if this message got to your head, kindly refrain from nasty comments and reviews. Also, I am stumped by postitive reviews that only involve " gOOd gwapics" (typing due to common typing accuracy on most game reviews) I mean, really? This game could have had post-80's Pac-Man style graphics, and I bet SMART critics would still rate this game extremely high. Multiplayer is a great addition to AC, but sometimes I got extremely frustrated after I kill 5 targets in a row with master strategy and positioning, but only to escape one guy only to be assassinated from above while being camped by. Those kinds of things should not appear and diminish a otherwise excellent experience. This concludes my review. Have fun with the game for the people that like it, and if your not on board, because of certain in-game reasons, buy the strategy guide. This seriously helps your experience, and if you dont have it, it will be impossible to complete the mandatory Follower's Lair. Have fun with this game, and gamers game on! Expand
  6. Mar 25, 2011
    I've attempted to get into the Assassin's Creed series a few times now and have trouble doing so since the first instalment. After recently picking up AC2, beating it within 2 days and enjoying it somewhat I decided to get Brotherhood. I wasn't expecting a whole new game as even from the box art you can see it's just going to be a Assassin's Creed 2.5 reskin. You play, again, as Ezio, or more a cardboard cut out of him. He lacks the charm and immersive dialogue of the Ezio you play as in AC2. In fact, all the characters recycled from AC2 are bland and uninteresting. The funny and likeable Leonardo is now a wooden shopkeeper. As for the gameplay, frustrating is the word I would definitely describe this with. The free-running (something you do for the majority of the game) is as bad as previous Assassin's Creed titles and you'll often find yourself leaping off buildings to your death or climbing when you just don't want to. You CAN pull off some really good runs, leaping from building to building and swinging from poles and looks great if it works. Unfortunately, that would only be about half of the time. Combat has improved from AC2, with new weapons and combos and insane kill animations that make you feel like a badass. In reality, all you're doing is a very simple series of button presses. This isn't a bad thing, however, as you could take on several enemies at once. The graphics are, as the previous titles, great. I didn't notice any texture pop-in or buffering as you would in most other current gen console games. The textures are nice and sharp and Rome looks pretty in both night and day. Onto the actual tasks of the game, the missions. Frankly, I have never been more frustrated at some of the missions in this game than I have in all my years of playing video games. The new "full sync" feature will give you a 100% complete in a mission by performing a certain task, for example killing the target in a certain way, or beating the mission in a time limit. This sounds like a good, challenging feature, however if you try to fully sync every mission on your first play through, you're going to be tearing your hair out in frustration. The terrible AI and awful controls will be more of an annoyance than the badly thought out missions. In all, it has nice graphics and a nice setting, the sci-fi and historical cross over is cheesy but welcomed. The controls and gameplay are awful, the voice acting is wooden, the music is pretty nice, and then theres the fact it's a reskin and has early DLC. 4/10 Expand
  7. Jun 21, 2011
    A very poor effort by Ubisoft in this input into the Assassin's Creed story. The storyline goes from okay and then nosedives, the ending absolutely makes no sense, and is a severe turn in the wrong direction (and I can't really see what, or where they are going with the main, as well as, the minor characters). The story wasn't as good as AC 2, and felt drab and uninspired. This game feels more like AC 2.5 than AC 3, with the same issues involving the free-running controls and killing nightmates (you try to run past a arch, but end up continuously running up and down the side, or you mark a kill, but the game somehow switches to you killing an innocent). They decided to try and freshen things up, by adding these extra stipulations to completing mission (do not get detected, do not kill anyone), but it only adds to the frustration of playing this game and it definitely limits the player's freedom. Needless to say, AC2 was better as the game at least allowed for you to go about beating the game how YOU feel like beating the game, this, on the other hand, limits your ability to beat the game by creating these necessarily aggravating difficult stipulations. The mulitplayer, while somewhat entertaining, feels very unfinished and just feels like they slapped it on there to raise replay. You will bump into other players, but you can't kill them, you will bump into your target, but you can't kill them, it almost feels like the attack button is inoperable most of the time. Another serious issue (and one that, go figures, adds to the aggravation of playing this game), is that there is a severe lack of countering in the game, if you bump into your chaser, you should be able to kill the chaser, not have to be forced into a chase and ONLY a chase. You should also be able to counter an attack WITH an attack (not have the dead attack syndrome, like how most of the mulitplayer feels), and counters like smoke-bombs, firecrackers, and the like, should be open to use ALL of the time (not just open to use when you're incognito). In all, the nonsensical storyline, the introduction of story-hurting addition of mission stipulations, and the still shoddy controls, hurts the game. The game feels more like it would've been more akin as an add-on game, and not a money-grab by Ubisoft (a game company making a shoddy money-grab? go figure, right?). While the mulitpayer is interesting, it needs more work to make it fun and not aggravating, like most of this game. Rent it first, otherwise, you might end up strongly disappointed. Expand
  8. Mar 10, 2011
    I did not think this installment in the franchise brings anything new to the table (aside from it's multiplayer) It's single player campaign IMO is completely boring, thanks to no innovation in the gameplay, a shoehorned story, and zero character development. Ezio has extremely dull acting, and his character stays one dimensional throughout the whole adventure. Exploring Rome is cool at first, but then you get recycled environments after environments, that get extremely boring. There are a few impressive landmarks, but besides that, I felt completely bored. The graphics are still impressive, but have not improved much from the last game. In terms of gameplay, the combat has some cool animations that have been added in, but no improvements have been made on the lock on system. Free running hasn't been changed in the least, and has gone from entertaining, to frustrating due to lack of improvement. The series used to emphasize and encourage tackling assassinations your own way. This time around, the game encourages you to kill your targets in a specific way, lessening your freedom. This is a huge step back in my opinion, but it does add to more achievements and trophies. The story and characters are the worst part of this game. The only slightly interesting characters are the villains, and even they are pretty drab. The story also allows for one of the worst acts I have ever played, being the one right before the climax, where it throws away all of your weapons, in favor of a "kill everyone" type of tool. IMO it sucked.

    Multiplayer is slightly redeeming, but I found it far from addicting.

    All in all a waste of money in my opinion. Spend your cash elsewhere.
  9. Nov 16, 2010
    This game is amazing in every aspect. The graphics are amazing, the combat is improved, the story is solid. Ond of the best games of the year and easily a game of the year contender.
  10. Jan 25, 2011
    This game is with out a doubt a massive improvement on all other AC titles and is one the games of the year. The multiplayer is innotive and a change from the boring shoot em up titles.
  11. Dec 27, 2010
    Garbage... another poor game-movie like any other ''wow good graphics game! ''this generation that requires no skill to beat and again with laughable AI and no missions diversity.Seriously good graphics? I just can't understand how reviewers are blind about the actual game play and content and they just praise the visuals, cut scenes and voice acting ( that is not even that good )...honestly this generation of gaming is very disappointing , overrating all bad gameplay / story games filled with bugs and absolutely no challenge at all. Sorry but a game with no difficulty is a waste of money and time... repetitive and robotic actions trough all the day without questionning about any strategy. Rent a good movie with great specials effects instead of playing this fail sequel hollywood blockbuster game-movie crap trust me. I'm giving a 1 just for the environnement design and that was the last time I play any Ubisoft's games. Expand
  12. Jan 21, 2011
    In a nutshell, a troubled guy's fascination with heights,jumping off ledges,and a desperate try to prolong the duration of a game by forcing you to figure out by trial and error where to jump to next.
    I believe he must be the same guy behind the dreadful Prince of Persia series.
    Congratulations to the art director and graphics artists ,all you need now is a game designer.
  13. Feb 12, 2012
    After not being impressed with the first AC, but then being very much impressed with AC2, I had high hopes for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I loved the setting of Assassin's Creed 2 and I found Ezio to be a fun and genuinely charming character. But Assassin's Creed Brotherhood fails to recapture any of what made the second game so involving. Yes, we're still in Italy. And yes, it's still quite pretty. But, there's nothing new here! This isn't so much a sequel as a fully priced DLC to Assassin's Creed 2. Which would be fine if the novelty of the free-running hadn't already worn off. In fact, I enjoyed the story and setting of Assassin's Creed 2 so much, that I think I may have been blinded to the horrid gameplay mechanics that seem to stand out like a sore thumb in Brotherhood. Free-running is inaccurate and unskillful requiring you to hold down run and a direction and hoping you will jump to a ledge or run across a tight wire. So often do you grab the wrong platform or simply fall to your doom because there's no way of accurately gauging what Ezio is capable of. The combat is horrid and extremely tedious, plus changing between weapons is clumsy so you just end up bashing away with your one sword until a death animation plays out and you can auto-lock onto the next enemy for the same button mashing. Also, why on earth do the Assassin's Creed games, where stealth is so very important (and the point of the game), not allow you to crouch and creep up behind your enemies? In fact all you can do is walk upright behind people and stab them. This looks cool in the street when your blending into the crowd, but looks terrible when scaling a rooftop. I honestly never really felt like a master assassin at all. I've always liked the combination of sci-fi and history in the story, but I've never liked the way the developers have implemented it. Everything feels forced, and very often there's nothing driving the story in the present day setting which is very irritating. Also, missions are extremely repetitive. I know most games of this type have some elements of repetition, but the side missions are all exactly the same in this game. It suffers from a serious case of uninspired quest design. Do I really want to kil the same Borgia leader 10 times in the exact same method? - no, no I do not. That's just not fun for me. Where as the story in Assassin's Creed 2 had me gripped from the outset, the story in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood just had me bored from the get go. I've really tried to like the Assassin's Creed series, but I think it's just a series which doesn't resonate with me, so I instantly recognise and become irritated by its many short comings. Overall, seriously lacking. Expand
  14. Dec 17, 2010
    Story: 10/10 Presentation: 10/10 Character Development: 10/10 Gameplay: 10/10 Combat: 10/10 Graphics: 8.5/10 Music: 10/10 Sound: 9.5/10 Replay Value: 10/10 Achievements: 9/10 Ending: 10/10 Total = 107/110 Rating = 9.72/10 Result: Breathtaking Experience. Cinematic and Mindblowing. Game of the Year. Perfect Bridge between AC2 and the upcoming AC3. Must-Play for AC Fans.
  15. Jan 10, 2011
    This game isn't a masterpiece like Assassin's Creed 2, but surely is very close to be one. PROS: In almost all aspects AC Brotherhood it's a great sequel. Some gameplay innovations like new combat tricks, new weapons and the assassin's recruits and his missions made really great improvements on the AC Series and will be very welcome in the next games of the AC series. The game story is outstanding, it's probably the best game story of all video games ever. Since the first AC this novel about the templars vs assassin's war is increasing in complexity and became in AC Brotherhood a master piece, with the most awesome game ending of 2010. Also, the addition of Lair of Romulus quests, however really aside of main quest, it's very fun and the puzzles remember the gold ages of Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia franchises.

    The addition of multiplayer was very well made and it's hard to think in another kind of multiplayer which could be addicting and faithful to AC experience.

    The addition of an extensive list of side quests to create a more lengthy game can be frustrating to some gamers, because the main quest it's quite short. This can be forgiven by the fact that some gamers could have no patience to play along a game with more than 20 hours of gameplay, but in the long run the game looks "unglued".

    The con above can be also an side effect of the poor polish of this game. Even though still more polished as many of games launched in the last year, it's clearly worst of AC 2 in this aspect. However, AC 2 was developed in 2 years and AC Brotherhood in just 1, but my point still.

    In the end, it's a really great game, a truly sequel for an franchise with great games. As a AC fan, i'm anxiously waiting for AC 3 (or whatever), while playing the awesome multiplayer of AC Brotherhood :)
  16. X11
    Jan 16, 2011
    Outstanding. This is the first video game series to keep me interested since Zelda. Unbelievable story and game play. You find yourself forgetting the world around you is rendered by a graphics card and is not actual 16th century Rome. Perhaps it's the bleeding effect... Anyway, unreal experience. A must play.
  17. Dec 15, 2010
    Outstanding game with both single player and multi player experiences. Sadly, the online servers are slow, buggy and crash more than most. Sometimes it can take me and my friend over fifteen minutes to get into a single game, killing our desire and motivation to continue.
  18. Nov 20, 2010
    AC:Brother Hood is nothing short from amazing as Ezio is back in this spectacular sequel to AC 2. It has a good story and and enough content to keep you going fro ages with there being even more new and exciting things to do around Roma whether that be an assassination or scaling up to the top of the Colosseum. The games combat is basically the same as it was in AC 2 but that doesn't mean it isn't satisfying considering the vast array of wepons you can use hell you can even use a broom, the climbing however has changed slightly requiring you to be more precise with where you are going, but tbh it rarely does what you want and the climbing is a lot less fluent as it was in AC 2 which is a major disappointment.

    Graphics are breathtaking on the environment as every detail is captured perfectly, but the graphics on the face aren't done that well and the splash effect on the water is badly done, the water itself is done really well though. Sound is as authentic as it gets with the Italian voice acting and every step move and crumble of a cliff when you scale it is captured perfectly.

    The multiplayer although I haven't got the chance to play it can be nothing but a bonus from what I have heard and due to this being the only pure action adventure game with multiplayer on the 360 is worth buying on its own it probably rivals Uncharted's multiplayer
  19. Nov 16, 2010
    Wow!!! Incredible game. Brought everything back that you loved from AC 1+2, and got rid of everything you hated. Well placed new features, such as new weapon choices. Well developed story. Multiplayer is just perfect for this game. None other like it and it will keep you wanting to play it for years to come.
  20. Nov 26, 2010
    Assassins Creed Brotherhood is definitely my Game of the Year. The story is still great continuing right where AC2 finished. Theres also a lot more to do this time with Leonardo's machines getting taken over by Borgia. Sending your assassins on missions, calling them in to help you in single player. Plus this time theres a great multiplayer mode!! 10/10
  21. Jan 27, 2011
    The team at Ubisoft Montreal really nailed implementation of a new and great multiplayer experience. The premise of the AC: Brotherhood multiplayer is that you are one of six to eight Abstergio Templars placed into the animus for "employee training". There are several settings (some unlockable) and multiplayer modes. I have only played the "WANTED" scenario although there are also team scenarios.

    in WANTED, you and the other players are playing against each other, but only one specific player is your target. Other Templars may also be after your target (I think the number of pursuers go up the higher the player's killing streak). Your objective is to take out your target (in the most covert manner) before any other pursuers do and before any of your pursuers take you out. It's basically 100 points for a kill or for a successful escape plus bonuses for finess such as killing from a crouching position, from being hidden, from three levels of covertness, and a host of other bonuses. Plus there are bonuses for using a variety of different bonus methods.

    There are a limited number of character models in the game, so there are plenty of other NPCs wandering around who look exactly like your target and who look like you. This can be used to your advantage. You can hide in a group of NPCs where one or more of the characters looks exactly like you. If your pursuer kills the wrong target, he loses his contract on you and is penalized for a few seconds as a new target is picked for him.

    There are quite a few unlockables that includes weapons (such as the hidden gun and throwing knives, perks (you start out with the ability to change into another character model for a time), and characters you can play. There are challenges with multiple levels that can also award you experience. I think I like it because it takes patience and the typical Call of Duty techniques don't work. The "run-and-gun" method fails, because as soon as your target catches wind that you are on their tail, they start running and often escape. The camping method doesn't work because there are always one or more templars after your ass and you are a sitting duck if you don't keep moving. It takes real finess to score a lot of points, not just a bunch of kills. You will often find that the leader does not have the highest number of kills. The dynamics of a Renaissance city filled with people not only adds to the experience, it is key to gameplay. The cities are complex and beautiful. The presense of perhaps dozens of NPCs identical to each player makes it very challenging. When your "radar" shows that you are within a few meters of your target, there could be several others who look exactly like him and you must take out the right one. Or your target could be disguised to look like someone else. Or they could use the "morph" unlockable in which they stand in a group of NPCs and everyone in that group looks identical. There is a large sense of satisfaction from seeing the message that "your pursuer killed a civilian" and, perhaps, some points to go along with it if it was your cleverness that caused it.

    I didn't plan on writing a mini-review of AC: Brotherhood Multiplayer. , but I guess that's kind of what this is. Still haven't touched the single player campaign and I won't until I get past that stupid capture-the-flag challenge at the Venice carnival in Assassin's Creed II. Nor have I tried the other multiplayer scenarios other than "wanted".

    I can recommend AC: Brotherhood simply on it's multiplayer. It is an absolute blast. Oh, and the campaign is supposed to be good too, I hear.
  22. Dec 28, 2010
    Another great addition to the Assassins creed series. The storyline is much more flexible as you dont just aimlessly assassinate every enemy you come across there is much more bulk. I also found that in the previous assassins creed once you had completed the storyline you were left with little else to do. Brotherhood has made up for this by introducing subplot based missions aswell as the return of the tomb searching. You can also hire assassins to go on mission for you and level up making you money as you progress. The online is good but not great, its something else to do if your struggling to afford another new title out this season like teenagers like myself sometimes have to do. Only critism is the ending. With out revealing anything i just think it doesn't really reflect that of what you do throughout the story but to be honest it doesn't bring the games quality down by any means. Story 85/100
    Online 60/100
    Sub plot 80/100
    overall 75/100
  23. Jan 26, 2011
    This game delivered in many ways to please the current fans, and added features to attract newcomers. The multi-player gives a great experience as you kill your targets, knowing that they never saw it coming, but the time it takes to find a match and load is frustrating and may discourage those who don't want to wait. The campaign delivers in side-quest but not in the experience that AC2 had given. But it's still fun to find every secret that Rome has to offer. Expand
  24. Nov 16, 2010
    Been playing this since midnight. It deserves a 10. The single player campaign will take your breath away. The city is so amazing. It enhances on the graphics of AC II and it seems the AI of the guards has been greatly improved. No longer will they simply attack you one at a time. They now have the sense to rush you, It causes you to be more assassin like, and not just run in there with your sowrd out since when facing too many people, you WILL get beat. Multiplayer is new and fresh. And a word to ApocolypseBrown, shouldn't they filter you out since yours isn't even a review? Your the one bogging everything down with reviews that aren't real. Expand
  25. Nov 23, 2010
    This game is amazing.The diversity in gameplay,the amazing graphics and unmatched presentation gel together suprisingly well to form a game that is ac brotherhood.This is a game that no gamer should miss and a pure action adventure game that no one who is interested in the renaissance should pass on.
  26. Nov 24, 2010
    Best in the series. And is one of the standout titles of the year. The ambitious multiplayer component fuses together surprisingly well with the single player campaign. This is the greatest sequel ever made.
  27. Dec 11, 2010
    While not reinventing the wheel or taking any big chances, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood takes several small steps, all in the right direction. The additions of multiplayer, new customization features for Ezio, and the ability to recruit and utilize other assassins to your cause are all welcome features. I did feel the story could have been a little more involved, and the assassins you recruit could've ultimately played a larger role, but ultimately those were small hiccups in a sea of greatness. Overall a terrific game. Expand
  28. SFN
    Jan 5, 2011
    for me to tell you this game is awful is really hard because this game is amazing, the graphic design of the game felt right and the stroyline is really cool, they added new features since the second like the abilitly to call in assassins to do your dirty work is really cool plus the multiplayer is amazing, but the game does have its problems like controling your guy can become difficult at times and some glitches that really dont happen that much but besides that this the best of the series so far Expand
  29. Jan 7, 2011
    A very fun game to play. There is so much happening all at once in the game which could be seen as a negative but for the fans it's definitely a positive. A great bridge to AC3.
  30. Jan 8, 2011
    Assassin's Creed consistently delivers an extremely engrossing story, with incredibly interesting concepts and developments. The free running and stealth aspect of the game is enhanced upon from its predecessors and this makes the assassin feel much greater. The recruited assassin's are a nice concept, but I feel that they make the game too easy in many ways, which has always been one of my issues with the games, however this does not seem to take much away from the fun which is great. Furthermore, the added multiplayer component was the part I was most anxious to see before release as it's a very different concept to other multiplayer games and in that sense was either going to be awesome or a flop. Fortunately, it was executed excellently and provides a very enjoyable experience, despite the issues with slow matchmaking and a fairly low level cap. Overall, as an expansion Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is excellent and well worth the money even for just the single player campaign but the multiplayer helps add a new dimension and greater longevity. Expand
  31. Jan 10, 2011
    I loved the first AC, I briefly played the 2nd but I am clearly enjoying Brotherhood. There is much to like about Brotherhood but the main things are that it gives you the combined abilities of both 1, 2 and more. You don't have to play the previous games to purchase this title as you will be given a up to date collection told by the protagonist. I would recommend that you skip buying 1 & 2 if you've never played AC before and just go for Brotherhood. If you have already played the previous 2 titles, this might feel a little repetitive. But the ability to have a group of assassins under your command... AWESOME. "As I leapt down from a high ledge, I landed my blades on the necks of 2 unsuspecting guards; alerting the brute armored like a tank glimmering in the virtual sun. As he shouted for reinforcements the yard was soon filled with 8 - 12 soldiers, with a wave of my right hand; 4 assassins leapt from rooftops and decimated all guards in moments." That NEVER gets old Expand
  32. Jan 14, 2011
    My favourite game! The story is very good. Again. The multiplayer good too. My fvourite characters is Agugosto the Blacksmith! For me is the Game of the year!
  33. Jan 19, 2011
    The single player was great. The multiplayer is not for everyone, but I loved it. I really disliked the Desmond sequences though. It's a huge improvement over the first and second.
  34. Jun 2, 2011
    Absolutely boring. Besides the somewhat nice graphics, the environment is dull, the story is boring, at no point did I feel engaged, the animations are horrendous when in a cut scene, voice acting is okay, game play is repetitive, and had tacked on sci-fi. All three of these games are boring and represent the lifelessness of current gaming.
  35. Jan 28, 2011
    AC is one of the worse games already facts, and this sequência is still worse, robotic mechanics, you does not interact directly with the terrible personages, dialogues, horrible script, and this still continues with the old mechanics, touched in somebody comes back toward the place, does not exist action, the places are deteminados and freedom of choice in the acts does not exist that goes to make, the only thing that could save is the graphs, but the frame-rate does not pass of 30 and Enzio seems one lesma same running. This new AC does not play or will go to pass hours if torturing in scenes where you it is only one robot. Expand
  36. Oct 20, 2011
    A solid entry into the Assassin's Creed franchise that thrills in certain areas and disappoints in others. The addition of multiplayer has payed off, with the online modes being the best thing about the game. Matches are tense and fun although a little more customization would have been nice. As for the singlt player, it is inferior to the last game. The world feels smaller, the story isn't as engaging and the player doesn't foster any real emotional attachment to characters. Recruiting a team of assassins is interesting but we never get the impression that they are of any importance. The gameplay is solid and assassinating is still fun. There is tons to do and there are some imaginative levels. A worthy purchase. Expand
  37. May 25, 2011
    Great game. Fun singleplayer experience and one of the best multiplayer experiences ever. The biggest problem with the game is that the story gets really weird and by the end the game is just a little too easy.
  38. Dec 6, 2011
    Innovation is what comes out of this installment. With new mechanics like using Assassin recruits to aid you in combat is a big plus. The new combo feature was also great implementing new, varied ways to kill your enemies. Also the secret missions were fun and challenging, I was hardly disappointed with this game. Multiplayer is a good mix of free-for-all and objective based modes, and also allows customization to fit your play style. The only downside is that some missions were a bit too linear, and were not that fun to do. Otherwise, its worth trying. Collapse
  39. Dec 9, 2011
    I want my money back. This was boring and too difficult, it was all rubbish. I can see why other people like it so that's why I gave it 4. As for the online, I wouldn't bother to be honest, and I think even fans will say that.
  40. Dec 21, 2012
    perfect graphics 10
    perfect game play 10
    great story 9.5
    great soundtracks 9.5
    what we could ask more from this game to get back in history walking on the streets of old Italy with the awesome Ezio
  41. Oct 29, 2012
    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is an unmitigated triumph, taking the superlative groundwork laid by its forebear and building upon it. That you're confined to Rome is never an issue, as it's a vast and seamlessly sprawling, cohesive environment. Rebuilding the city and driving out the Borgia is about as compulsive as gaming gets and chances are, you'll sit glued to the game throughout and feverishly complete every Subject 16 puzzle, collect every item and refurbish every shop, aqueduct, faction building and underground tunnel you come across. Achingly beautiful to behold and incredible to play, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood will be the best Roman holiday you'll ever have. Expand
  42. Dec 27, 2010
    Excellent music score, good variety in side missions, and lots to do. This game really surprised me as Ubisoft Montreal usually spits out complete unplayable trash. While I am surprised at how good the game is, the taint of Ubisoft Montreal is evident in the frequent bugs, TERRIBLE climbing puzzles that rely on imprecise controls, and the nearly unplayable multilayer. I have gone up to 2 hours attempting to join a multi player game before quitting for the day. Aren't these guys trained/educated/degreed in how to make games? Or did the multiple interns and trainees I saw in the credits build the whole thing? Making this huge of a flaw in a game is hilarious and sad at the same time. Expand
  43. Jan 29, 2012
    Assassins Creed Brotherhood is familiar turf. Taking what Assassins Creed II did so well, and polishing the fundamentals up and releasing a straight sequel that improves but doesn't refine what the franchise already offers. Well.....that's the typical sequel faffle. Brotherhood is a game all its own. Yes it has made advancements and enhancements to the AC mould, but it all adds up to a much polished, yet familiar game. The narrative is one element that has received increased attention. No longer is Desmond an inactive rascal performing pointless tasks outside the animus- he's now a platforming pro. Ezio's story arc is more focused, with Cesare as the main antagonist, as vanilla and scared as he may be. Combat is far more fluid, with new chain attacks and satisfyingly meaty combat. And enough can't be said about the outstanding attention to period detail. The only real disappointments here are the general lack of variety, (a series sore point) repetitive misson varieties and some awkward parkour chinks in an otherwise spit shined armour. Brotherhood is better in almost every way than the great ACII and proves that the series can offer more depth to a progressively legendary franchise. Expand
  44. Aug 6, 2011
    I thought this game was excellent. Really well polished and I was surprised how well the Assassin Brotherhood game mechanic worked. The only problem I had was the game has issues with the controls, when you're trying to gently push a person and end up dragging a guard of his horse it can be very frustrating.
  45. Nov 25, 2010
    This is an amazing game the great single player returns and the multiplayer is amazing. The only bad thing I would say is that the storyline is not as good as Assasins creed 2s.
  46. Mar 5, 2011
    For sure one of the best games of the year. Multiplayer is probably one of the best i've ever played and the campaign is just as satisfying as all the other games in the series. How ever if your not looking for a multiplayer game your better off with one of the other creed games because they are cheaper and probably have just as good of a campaign
  47. Dec 7, 2010
    Almost seems like an assassins creed expansion pack but it is still very good. i really like the main concept of the story and the multiplayer is also very fun. if more assassins creed games are made i hope they are somewhat like this.
  48. Jul 25, 2011
    I somehow managed to purchase every AC game prior (for budget prices) and was always left disappointed. I felt tht as much as they excelled in style and environment, they all lacked too much in the gameplay department. This latest installment is an improvement on the previous games and finally lives up to the brand's reputation. A great game, the combat was slightly tweaked yet miraculously, significantly improved, the story pacing is better and the graphics are, at times, spectacular. This is the first AC that I truly enjoyed from start to finish; and, while I got it for 20 bucks it would have been well worth full price. I'm now looking forward to Revelations. P.S. - check out the revelation CG trailer, probably the best trailer I've seen in a long time. Great game! Expand
  49. Oct 10, 2011
    Pretty much Assassin's Creed 2 with multiplayer. Though I think it's a really good game overall and the multiplayer is fun as hell, it doesn't really improve on the overall gameplay. The story is a continuation of Assassin's Creed 2 and that's pretty much what I can say really because it is a very expected story. Gameplay wise, from the shorter length compared to 2 and the same gameplay mechanics, it just felt like it should have been released as a DLC instead of a full retail game. Please just give us Assassin's Creed 3 as quickly as you can. Expand
  50. Feb 26, 2011
    I went from completing AC2 right into Brotherhood, and since the former title was fresh in my mind, I was immediately able to see the improvements in Brotherhood. In AC2 you got to experience Ezio's growth as an assassin, but Brotherhood was great, because from the start, your a bad@$$. The only fault I feel I need to voice is that you pretty much have to have already played the previous game; they kinda just throw you into it, and the puzzles are more difficult from the beginning as well. But overall, I highly recommend this game. Expand
  51. Nov 25, 2012
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is a fantastic sequel to AC2. But know it as that: a sequel, and be careful about expecting tons more over what you've found in the first two iterations of this game series. Brotherhood refines the series more than redefining it. The assassin's guild is a cool addition and Ubisoft did find a compelling way to continue the storyline. But beware, as the closing acts of this game become a little harder to follow. The story jumping comes off as more disconnected than a cool storytelling element. All things considered, you'll enjoy the entire package, now with multiplayer mode, and get over any shortcomings you feel the game may have. Expand
  52. Feb 10, 2011
    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood has it's heights and downs for me. Firstly, to begin with something positive, the multiplayer is a RUSH. You constantly have to be aware of your surroundings to identify your pursuer and your target. It's an adrenaline shot, making you stand up when you are close to killing your target or it can make you gasp when out of nowhere your hunter found you. But, other than multi player itself, singleplayer feels like it's the same over and over again. The only missions I liked at all was the one of rescuing Catherine Sforza and one of Leonardo's machine. Other than that, there are no missions which recreate what AC2 did. There are no new awesome gadgets and the story did feel kind of dull, and with the new addition of Assasin's Recruits, it turns to be a somewhat easy gameplay. So, to sum it all up, AC:B is worth getting for the multiplayer alone, but singleplayer is somewhat lacking. Expand
  53. Nov 17, 2010
    It's good. Nothing really changes from 1 &2 besides multiplayer. It's a good idea, but it took forever to actually get to play a multiplayer match. Also, glitches in multiplayer are horrendous. My friend got it the same day and we both had the same problems of other players showing up during the match then disappearing.
  54. Dec 9, 2010
    Ok, this game is gorgeous. The graphics in this game are really good. Characters look the better than the previous two, and Voice acting is outstanding. But the story is very rushed, and not moving (lacking a lot of feeling.) It feels sometimes that your just rushing to go thru these memory sequences trying figure out what happens next. Instead whereas in AC2 the story flowed, you had no clue what was gonna happen to Ezio next, and it made u want to play more. But AC Brotherhood doesn't do that. Ur dropped in this story and rushed thru it. Disappointing ending as well. The final battle between Ezio and .... is fun better than the last ending battle in AC2 with Ezio fighting the pope. But the 'alien god' ending in AC2 was amazing, it gave me goosebumps when i watched it. But on AC Brotherhood, it didn't deliver, sadly. Combat is the best, the fluid strikes make u feel like a badass, sometimes i would just run up to some guys and fight them just to use the combat. A couple different counter moves but where the combat really shines is the executions (which is where u counter and then immediately attack a new soldier, then that automatically launches the executions which are brutal.) One execution with the Dagger is he shoves it up the guys chin thru his head. They are brutal (and awesome).
    ROUNDUP-Graphics and voice acting = Amazing
    Story lacks emotion and is rushed. I Give this game a 8.6 Gameplay is the best yet, combat is outstanding, better than last two combined!
  55. Sep 4, 2011
    After Assassin's Creed 2, I was wondering what Ubisoft could possibly do to improve this concept... well, they have. More things to do, better customization and in all improved gameplay in fighting from a horse, shooting and more. POSITIVE: Incredible story, still great wall climbing, training and using assassin's to aid you in your battle and send them to missions across Europe. Great visuals. Atmospheric music. NEGATIVE: Climbing/running mechanics can work against you in quick sequences, leaving you behind or even dead by falling. CONCLUSION: 'Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood' is excellent in almost every aspect, it's an improvement on the last one and quite satisfying to play. Expand
  56. Oct 16, 2012
    I confess, I wasn't a fan of the previous AC titles. In fact, I hated number one and played two for an hour or so. It amazes me that I'm enjoying AC Brotherhood and if it wasn't for the wife wanting the tv on, I'd be playing right now! Graphically it's top drawer, sound is deep and menacing, story (which I'm not familiar with) is interesting, controls (my biggest bug bear from AC1) are much improved (combat still confuses at times) and the setting of Rome is brimming with atmosphere. I exchanged Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for AC3 (NFSHP is one of the biggest disappointments of the year) and I'm so glad I did. I highly recommend this game. Expand
  57. Feb 28, 2011
    Ubisoft have taken AC:2, and tweaked it ever so slightly. I would recommend this game if you want to follow the story of the game, as it progresses both the story of Ezio and Desmond in his life outside of the Animus. The game also does a good job of balancing the story as well as introducing new players to the series. One of the big positives of this game is the multiplayer, which is thoroughly entertaining and probably the most innovative of any game. The negatives of this game are that the gameplay is almost identical to the last game, and playing through the game can be repetitive and boring at times. My advice is, if you are new to the series or have played the first two games and needs to keep up with the Assassin's Creed storyline, then this game is for you. If you are looking for a completly new experience, look elsewhere. Expand
  58. Nov 24, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This version of the series is the greatest release so far! Yet again Ubisoft has delivered a excellent product. It got a lot of variety and has a-lot of new game-play. The variety in the game with the training mode, the ability to buy stores and have your own little business, the assasin ssignments , recruting etc. The new achievement system for each mission where you can get 100% synchronization in certain conditions also brings a great challenge to the game. Game-play is as great as always, even now the developers have added more functionality to control your assassin the fun factor is greatly improved.

    All the extra new features, variety and game-play of this game has boosted it to be one of the best games Iwe ever played!
  59. Nov 30, 2010
    Once again Ezio Auditore da Firenze is our protagonist around 15th Century Rome. I canâ
  60. Nov 22, 2010
    Ubisoft fixed almost every complaint I had about AC2, all within the space of a year - the economic system is now deep and worthwhile, side-missions are in abundance and each carry a bonus objective, combat is more satisfying than ever, and the new Lair of Romulus shrines are fantastic exploration sequences. The last game's graphical weaknesses - notably in the facial area - have also been smoothed out, and Rome seems less white-washed than the cities of AC2. IGN have got this one backward - AC2 is an almost flawless experience, even without the multiplayer, and unmissable for fans of the franchise or games like Uncharted. Expand
  61. Dec 5, 2010
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is 'THE' BEST game EVER made. It single-handedly beats the crap out of every game out there. An Improvement over Assassin's Creed 2 in almost every area! Diverse Gameplay, amazing graphics, unmatched presentation in storytelling, breathtaking soundtrack and an epic combat system, gel together superbly well. This is UBISOFT's most Outstanding Achievement!! "PERFECT" Sequel to Assassin's Creed 2. Satisfying epilogue to Ezio Auditore's story and a perfect jump start to Assassin's Creed 3. The Story will SHOCK the crap out of you! Expand
  62. Nov 16, 2010
    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood surpasses the previous AC games and is the best Assassin's Creed game yet. The SP is different, but great and the MP adds a ton of aweme on top of that. Definitely a GOTY 2010 candidate!
  63. Nov 20, 2010
    A true complete Solo part and an Innovative Multiplayer, this game it's just awesome !
    Lots of hours and an interesting story, but my favorite is this new Multiplayer game, it's just the best experience of video game of this year.
  64. Nov 21, 2010
    I think for alot of factors with ACB, with people complaining that most of it was recycled, yes that is true, but think of it like this, Ubisoft released the game exactly a year after AC2. Also don't forget, it was able to preorder in July so in reality Ubisoft only worked on the game itself for problebly 6 months. I was also pleased at alot of things that made this game better from AC2, the combat is much faster pace and you don't have to do the same old routen of counter kill and dodge, they also added multiplayer with multiple maps, i haven't played multiplayer yet but i do know there are some bugs but overall very cool and original. All in All this is How I would rate it for people who didn't want to read this whole paragraph.

    Open World-7/10
    User Friendly-8/10
    Side Items-8/10

    Overall Gameplay-46/60

    Length of Game-9/10
    Characters' Personalities-6/10
    Ezio's Storyline-8/10
    Desmonds Storyline-5/10
    Pace of Story-7/10

    Overall Plot/Characterization: 45/60

    Extra Points:

    Release Date Length-(+10)
    Still has Basic Original Traits-(+5)
    Sensation to get Sequal:(+5)

    Added points Total:25
    Total Points: 116/120
    9.6/10 (rounded)
  65. Nov 22, 2010

    This game is amazing, the map is HUGE!!! The online play is FUN and NEW.
    There are new features added since AC2 but it works, i wont spoil it for anyone just BUY IT!!!
    Ezio continues to amaze and the game series has never had a bad remark from me so Assassins creed just keeps on raising the bar, this game like ive said is fun, it lasts long, lots of side quests,
    just pure EPIC.
    ubisoft are now the gaming company that rock!!!
    Assassins creed started with a good idea and has expanded along the way and just got better along the way also,

    If you own a xbox 360 or a ps3 and your thinking of buying a game STOP THINKING this is what you want!!!
  66. Nov 23, 2010
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has received many improvements since its predecessor with the combat improvements and the AI, the combat now feels fluid and quick; now the enemy AI dont just sit around and wait for to finish fighting another enemy now if your in the middle of an attack or counter they will attack you. But the game does seem to be lacking in its story and there a few 'boring' missions and I do wish there were more assassination missions in the main story, what I loved from AC2 was the assassination missions were you were killing for revenge against the people who killed your family and Ezio felt like he was determined to get revenge where as this game Ezio just seems uninspired, for me the best parts of the story were the parts were you take control of Desmond, its clear that in the sequel that you will be getting more familiar with playing as Desmond in the future games.

    Another new addition to the series is multiplayer and it is great, it has a certain "Cat and Mouse" feel to it where you must hunt down other players while also being hunted yourself, in my opinion it is the best multiplayer of the year.

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is an excellent game with a compelling multiplayer and some great new features, the story may not be epic as AC2 but is still a great play.
  67. Nov 23, 2010
    This is probably one of the best games I've ever played. The engine is beautiful, and Rome, although perhaps slightly smaller than the three cities of Assassin's Creed 2, is far more beautiful, far more varied, and much more interesting to navigate. This is a great example of taking everything that was good about a game, leaving out some things that weren't so good, and adding several great new features. The "brotherhood" feature seemed a little strange and tacked on from the description, but actually playing the game, it works extremely well. I'm out of space, but this is Game of the Year for me. Expand
  68. Nov 24, 2010
    This is a deep and compelling game, and certainly my favorite single player experience of this year. The gameplay is solid and fluid. While it really is mostly the same as AC2, what this delivers is a new type of experience without completely changing what worked well the first time around. It's one of the best games ever made.
  69. Nov 26, 2010
    This is a beautifully done game. I've played through every game in the AC franchise, and did get bored with the repetitiveness of the first two. But the third one cures a lot of that, giving you a lot of extras to work for, and mixing the game up a lot.
  70. Nov 26, 2010
    I am so happy to see that this game was executed excellently. It saddens me to see people think that games like Mass Effect are better than this. This game is definitely worth the price if you are a fan of AC2. Great compelling story, fluent combat gameplay, and fantastic graphics. This game makes you feel like a complete badass with the epic combat system.
  71. Nov 26, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. When you play this game the words boring, terrible, and trash are the last things that come to mind. For lack of a better word this game is epic. Its a masterpiece and not many seem to argue. Cesare and Lucrezia (or however you spell their names) are the tabloid regulars of their time, Ezio's wisdom makes him a completely different person even though he's the same wisecracking womanizer we've come to love, and the apprentices are a great addition and can defy most odds. Going back to modern times, Desmond has matured and gathered great skill, his gear has changed a lot. Well I hope everyone enjoys the Colosseum, we can all agree Lucy won't Expand
  72. Dec 8, 2010
    This game is not monumentally different form AC2, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The execution fighting mechanic seems to flow kills together and you don't have to fall into the same repetitive attack-counter fighting system the series is known for. This is not an expansion of AC2 because of the 30 hour long single player (if all the flags and feathers are collected and all of the side missions) and the surprisingly deep multiplayer campaign, it is a quality sequel that would be my game of the year. Expand
  73. Nov 28, 2010
    Assasins Creed brotherhood is amazing in all aspects. Out of all the AC this is my favorite by far. There is a great plot but my favorite part of the game is that fact how many things have changed. Instead of the repetetiveness in all the other AC there are new ways that keep me occupied while at the same time are exteremely fun. Overall ubisoft made an extermemly fun and interststing new AC which not only is unique but offers a definitive ending to Ezios journey Expand
  74. Dec 10, 2010
    Rainbow six Vegas 2 is a well designed game and a lot of people love it. This game makes you feel like youâ
  75. Dec 3, 2010
    As much as I liked the first two games in the series, I expected AC: Brotherhood to suffer like so many other games do once they reach the point that they can be considered a trilogy. The two features introduced to the series in this game that I saw as having the potential to ruin the game were the multiplayer and the introduction of the ability to control other assassins in your order. Having now played through the complete single player and just started experiencing the multiplayer I can say that they both appear to be a good fit with the game. The use of multiplayer in a stealth based game is one of the most unique online experiences to be had. Any concerns of the multiplayer being too slow are quickly alleviated when you realize that it allows you the opportunity to start noticing the little differences in your surroundings that help identify your targets. Knowing that each person passing you on the street could be either AI controlled or another assassin creates a tension not normally felt in the run and gun mentality of most multiplayer games.

    Introducing the use of other assassins to the game and the ability to use them when necessary was honestly the most concerning new feature to the series for me. My initial idea was that it was going to be a complete change in the style of gameplay and require the player to direct other assassins rather than doing the dirty work yourself. This was almost enough to make me not want to buy the game, but in the end I would have missed out on a great experience. This feature should be looked at as another weapon in your arsenal rather than a burden. There are some great moments that can be had using the feature but you are never put in a position where it feels like the action is being taken away from you. As other reviewers have noted, AC: Brotherhood brings back the good features of the previous games while attempting to fine tune the points that needed it. This gameplay experience has felt like the natural progression of the series and leaves me only wanting more.
  76. Dec 6, 2010
    If you liked AC2, you'll love the continuation of the story, not to mention exploring Rome. Only complaint is rebuilding all the shops, you'll get tired of that damn animation!
  77. Dec 7, 2010
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is an outstanding achievement by UBISOFT. An improvement over Assassin's Creed II in every way! The Soundtrack is a dark masterpiece, the story is superb, presentation is masterful and the combat system is badass! Ezio Auditore is my hero, my idol! Game of the Year 2010. Possibly one of the best games of the decade with respect to Art Direction, Presentation, Production Values! Expand
  78. Dec 31, 2010
    I came into AC:Brotherhood with caution as i didn't want to stay in the same time period. AC 1 was set during the Crusades and AC 2 the Renaissance. I asked myself why did the next AC have to stay with Ezio and the same time period. I would have loved to maybe go a step further in history. During WW II maybe, or just go straight to Desmond and the present day and do a story with him. However, getting the game when it came out i tried to forget all about that. The story is good and picks up right where AC 2 left off. Nothing great about it but, lets face it, in an add on style game like this i doubt you're meant to care much about the story. The gameplay is still as fluid as the two previous installments. The addition of multiplayer is quintessential to buying this game. Along with the Kane and Lynch multiplayer. It is the most original and unique multiplayer experiences and is very fun. There is nothing more thrilling that tailing a target, pouncing for them and all of a sudden someone grabs you and ends your life out of nowhere. Even getting killed online is an exciting experience whereas in most games its just frustrating. However, it may be my personal problem but finding a game and joining takes an age. All in all, its a good little game, if it didnt have online capabilities, it is kind of a useless addition to the series as its the same as AC 2. I would give it a healthy 7.5 Expand
  79. Mar 2, 2011
    Without any doubt one of the greatest franchises of all times. Mix of RPS, action adventure and history is something u just cannot ignore. Great graphics, perfect sound, no need for word waisting. Pure 10 !!!
  80. Mar 1, 2011
    1. Ok, this game is gorgeous. The graphics in this game are really good. Characters look the better than the previous two, and Voice acting is outstanding. But the story is very rushed, and not moving (lacking a lot of feeling.) It feels sometimes that your just rushing to go thru these memory sequences trying figure out what happens next. Instead whereas in AC2 the story flowed, you had no clue what was gonna happen to Ezio next, and it made u want to play more. But AC Brotherhood doesn't do that. Ur dropped in this story and rushed thru it. Disappointing ending as well. The final battle between Ezio and .... is fun better than the last ending battle in AC2 with Ezio fighting the pope. But the 'alien god' ending in AC2 was amazing, it gave me goosebumps when i watched it. But on AC Brotherhood, it didn't deliver, sadly. Combat is the best, the fluid strikes make u feel like a badass, sometimes i would just run up to some guys and fight them just to use the combat. A couple different counter moves but where the combat really shines is the executions (which is where u counter and then immediately attack a new soldier, then that automatically launches the executions which are brutal.) One execution with the Dagger is he shoves it up the guys chin thru his head. They are brutal (and awesome). ROUNDUP-Graphics and voice acting = Amazing Story lacks emotion and is rushed. I Give this game a 8.6 Gameplay is the best yet, combat is outstanding, better than last two combined! Expand
  81. Mar 10, 2011
    Honestly, this game did live up to the hype, the beginning wasnt that great, but overall the core aspect and gameplay, was satisfying, would of been 10 out of 10 if building the brotherhood of Assassins wasnt so pointless, and the story was a **** literally this is a legit non biased review right here, take this under consideration!
  82. Mar 19, 2011
    Much better than #2. I really enjoyed this game and it's DLC. Multiplayer is pretty decent, but it's not a must play multiplayer. I love the story here. The game is still way too easy. It needs to have difficulty settings. I love the way the game plays, from the fighting, to the climbing, to the running. I loved the sword fights. The controls are perfect as well. If I was still a kid, I would be Altair for Halloween.â Expand
  83. Mar 15, 2011
    I have to say, this was one of the best games I played all of 2010. I'm a huge fan of "stealth" type games, and the Assassin's creed series, and this game was no disappointment. The main selling aspect of this game was the new multiplayer, which is one of the most enjoyable and unique multiplayers I have ever played. Pros: Huge world to explore in the pretty city of Rome. New assassins guild. It's so satisfying to call upon your minions to do your work for you.
    Huge re playability, which so many side quests to keep you occupied. Cons:
    Multiplayer matchmaking is HORRENDOUSLY slow. This needs to be fixed quickly!
    De-synchronisation when detected missions can be tedious and possibly cause some rage quitting.
  84. Mar 29, 2011
    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is a good ending to the story of Ezio. You will experience his late years, and spend your time in a early 1500's Rome. You will like the new combat system - the action fills you and keeps you wishing for more fights on the way. However, if you're looking for a challenging video game then Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood isn't your go - the only challenge is parkour you have to make throughout the game and the assassination of a target. Overall a good game that you will enjoy. Expand
  85. Mar 19, 2011
    The combat is still frustrating/boring and there isn't enough new content, but if you liked AC2, you'll enjoy continuing Ezio's story. Most of the time, getting that perfect kill from the shadows outweighs the flaws of this game.
  86. Mar 30, 2011
    Best game in the Assassin's Creed series. Ezio is my favorite game character and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is one of my favorite video games. This is a game is an epic journey.
  87. Apr 7, 2011
    Its a good all around game, but a lot like the second game. It features some new animations and moves and one giant city instead of several cities. Its a good story line with a terrible ending, I have to give this game an eight because of the fighting system, its one of the best I have seen in a game yet. Its very fluid much better than the previous games, and the new weapons are a nice addition. I would have given this game a higher score but seriously its a lot like the second, basically the same with a few new combat moves, a few new weapons and a new city. Assassins creed is a good title with many hours of play waiting for you, I wouldn't call it game of the year but its definitely a good game. The new multi player is what makes this stand out. Expand
  88. Jan 14, 2012
    Like the rest of the AC series, this is a great platformer. OK, I love the puzzles, the action, the story, the characters, but the platforming, especially in the Shrines/Temples reminds me of the best of the old 2D platformers. Having to figure out where the next jump in a series has to go is fun, sometimes frustrating, often funny, as when you spot the next handhold as you're falling once more to the floor/water below. And now the flags add more to them. Expand
  89. Apr 16, 2011
    I was somewhat dissapointed by Brotherhood, the single player did not live up to my expectations but it was still great fun in the end. This game was designed on research that had been made about Rome when they were making Assassin's Creed 2 but the developers had researched so deeply into it they thought it would be a waste of good information or at least that's what i remember from a video with one of the developers. The multiplayer blow my mind, I had been pondering how a multiplayer Assassin's Creed would work after playing Assassin's Creed 2, I didn't think it could work to well but I was very mistaken, the multiplayer worked beautifully and was very fun. I do think that this was not only an expantion of Assassin's Creed 2 but also a tester of some new features for Assassin's Creed 3. I probably would have rated it higher if the quality of the story in Assassin's Creed 2 had not been so good. Expand
  90. Apr 17, 2011
    great story in both timelines, its alternate history if you cant wrap your head around the story you wont get it also play the first 2 games to realy get it this is one of the best game ever with a multiplayer wich is great it will compell you to play dangling dlc in front of you its purly awsome
  91. Mar 30, 2012
    At first I had my doubts with this game because I was thinking that this going to be a cheap spin-off , but when I played I realized that is good as Assassin's Creed 2. Also, it features multiplayer games wich have some really good free DLC. A must if you liked the previous one!
  92. Jun 1, 2011
    If this wasn't the third game in the series I would probably have given this a 10 out of 10, but unfortunately I feel like I've seen most of this before. There are some new elements that make the game more interesting, and the environment this time is enormous. It's also great fun climbing up the collosseum, but other than that there's not enough new to the game to really get me worked up. Also, they still have some of the annoying bits that are left-overs from old games that needed filling out - collecting flags and feathers to get achievements just doesn't cut it for me in this day and age, the story should be big enough without throwing rubbish little side quests like that in to the mix. All in all a good game, if you've played the first two then you know exactly what to expect, just on a slightly bigger scale. Expand
  93. Jun 17, 2011
    Such an amazing game. I don't know how this can be improved in Revelations. The campaign missions are original yet are so interesting. The graphics are as good as ever and the addition of Borgia Towers add another edge to the double-edged blade that is ACB. The multiplayer was welcomed with open arms yet after a few hours of online game play the maps and the game modes seemed to get boring. Who would want to chase a person while been chased all the way up to level 50? Though I only had it for a fortnight as I had borrowed it from a friend, it felt as if I was there, as the one and only Ezio Audtiore. Overall a great game made better. A must buy Expand
  94. Jun 25, 2011
    This game is great, for the first half of it. For the first half of the game, maybe a little more, you are excited to play the game for long hours, and to return quickly. By the second half, it becomes painful. You want to beat the game, but it you don't want to play it. Its like a chore your parents give you, that you really don't want to do, but you have to. This is the type of game where you can't just stop playing the game without finishing it, but it is extremely tiring and boring to finish. Its a game you want to end. The story is great, and the action is as well. The way they include this storyline perfectly into the past is impressive, but nothing that hasn't been seen in one of their other games. It was impressive in the first game, but now its like they are trying to make you buy it because of the uniqueness of the story. The action is great as always. You could play this game for hours while running around and killing guards or civilians. But if that is what you want this game for, then I would recommend Grand Theft Auto. My favorite thing about this game is the incredible graphics and precise detail of the cities in the game. This packed in with the amazing free roam make the game visibly enjoyable. This is what makes the game. Without the free roam, and unique graphics, this game would be a complete failure. The Colosseum caught my eye because of tis incredible detail and preciseness. Da Vinci had some cool appearances, although not as much asI would have wanted. Overall, I think this game is definitely a game that should buy preowned from gamestop, and then return it within a week. Expand
  95. Jul 9, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is amazing in many ways, it has a great story and game play. it's side missions give you something extra to do, with upgrades with weapons armor, equipment and ect. How Rodrigo Borgia is killed by his son is a really good twist. Expand
  96. Aug 4, 2011
    After this game i cant wait until Revelations, This game proved to be another amazing assassins creed. Multiplayer was great, but the problem was that i could never get into a game. The storyline was perfect, the new combat was great, and is such an addicting game.
  97. Aug 23, 2011
    The third installment in this amazing series is definitely one of 2010's greatest games. With improved and fresh game-play, the continuing of an epic story line, and a highly original multiplayer mode, (new to the series) Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is a must own.
  98. Aug 19, 2011
    This is an awesome game. It will keep you busy for hours with its massive amounts of missions and side missions. The graphics are very nice and the story is pretty interesting. The only gripe I have is the controls can be a little crazy at times; sometimes Ezzio doesn't go exactly where you intended him to go. Also the new battle system makes fighting your enemies almost too easy at times. I don't recall dying once the entire game. Overall a very good game though and worth picking up used at your local Gamestop or renting for the weekend. Expand
  99. Sep 10, 2011
    I thought having to play with Ezio again instead of a new ancestor would be boring when I first heard about this title but how wrong was I? Great sequel to AC2 with amazing game play and a mind blowing story. Loved how you train other assassins and can use their help to grow.
    As always, the AC storyline progresses in ways which makes you want more.

    This game not only has a good story line
    but also tons of side play action which will make you want to come back to the game even when it is completed (though getting 100% completion here is, in my opinion as an average gamer, quite difficult) Expand
  100. Sep 17, 2011
    The missions are almost the same: follow someone, kill guards, kill him without being recognized. This game is buggy too - I had to restart a memory because the guards ran out of the area that I could be. But it's a nice game, though: 12-15 hours of campaign, plenty to do on Rome, and an awesome multiplayer (I didn't think the matchmaking was that good, but it's for sure a great multiplayer). If you like open-world games, and a good story, you should buy this. If you won't be able to get Revelations, don't play Brotherhood - the final lets you wanting to know more. Expand
  101. Dec 6, 2011
    Innovation is what comes out of this installment. With new mechanics like using Assassin recruits to aid you in combat is a big plus. The new combo feature was also great implementing new, varied ways to kill your enemies. Also the secret missions were fun and challenging, I was hardly disappointed with this game. Multiplayer is a good mix of free-for-all and objective based modes, and also allows customization to fit your play style. The only downside is that some missions were a bit too linear, and were not that fun to do. Otherwise, its worth trying. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 81 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 79 out of 81
  2. Negative: 0 out of 81
  1. Feb 25, 2011
    Assasssin's Creed: Brotherhood has great atmosphere, beautiful visuals, and overall excellent craftsmanship… Just don't expect anything new beyond the multiplayer.
  2. Jan 19, 2011
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is a pleasant surprise in every respect, even though some of the concerns you might have had regarding the single map and ageing formula still stand with the final product.
  3. Jan 8, 2011
    Those wanting more from Ezio, and to revel in the period set in Assassins Creed II for a little longer, will find fond memories in Assassins Creed Brotherhood; however I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd seen it all before and was being dragged along for the same old ride.