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  1. Dec 15, 2010
    Story: 10/10
    Presentation: 10/10
    Character Development: 10/10
    Gameplay: 9.5/10
    Graphics: 9/10
    Music: 10/10
    Sound: 9/10
    Replay Value: 7/10
    Achievements: 9/10
    (+2 point = Ezio, Terrific Character)
    (+2 point = WTF Ending)
    Total = 87.5/90
    Rating = 9.72/10 Result: Breathtaking Experience. Game of the Year. The Best Sequel Ever. Must-Play before you die.
  2. Feb 22, 2012
    easily the best game of the series (excluding revelations as i have not played that yet) the first game only impressed me so much as it was the first game i owned on ps3 but looking back now the story wasnt so good! this time though they got it so right with what i believe to be one of the greatest endings in a game yet! top notch play this and dont bother with brotherhood!
  3. Nov 27, 2010
    Among the 5 greatest games released this decade, easily. This masterpiece sits next to other venerable titles as Zelda: Twilight Princess and the COD: Modern Warfare games. The ambition of the game is off the scale, this title breathes a fresh blast of oxygen into the lungs of a genre that's taken a back seat in recent years - the single player experience. For my part, I received this game as a Christmas gift in 2009 and it pretty much collected dust until Thanksgiving of 2010. When I started playing the game originally last year I was kind of put off by the game play outside of the sneaking and infiltration sequences (like building your new estate). But a good internet FAQ on the location of glyphs and all of the easter eggs very quickly turned this game into a 19 hour marathon when I came back to it a few days ago. I see now what Ubisoft was going for and I commend them for their ambition. I can see the future of this title headed closer into RPG territory (like the Fable series). This game is a must-get. I'm getting Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Expand
  4. Nov 12, 2010
    I love this game. It improves in every aspect over the first game with much better character development and storyline. AC2 offers a variety of new tools, weapons and techniques to dispatch targets in a variety of ways. The development team really hit the nail on the head this time around.
  5. Nov 28, 2010
    Wow, what a great game. I have almost completed everything and am looking forward to Brotherhood. Hope that is good to, so whatever you do, do not listen to people saying this game sucks, because this game is by far one of the best out there for graphics, action and overall fun.
  6. Sep 22, 2010
    This game is truly excellent. The story, the visuals, the gameplay, and it is just so much fun. I love all of the missions. None of them are repetitive like the first game suffered from. I just don't have much to say about his game besides the fact that the graphics look a little worse than the 1st game for some reason but this really is not very noticeable. Overall, the game is great, not much bad to say about it. Expand
  7. Nov 18, 2010
    Another game which took me by surprise, it has a long singleplayer which is strong and engaging to the end, there are enough variations in the gameplay to keep you entertained. The actual maps are brilliant and big enough to keep you exploring around for many hours. The slightly tedious and not very fluent parts are the combats, where they are not as smooth and great as depicted. Where you see Ezio mowing through guards with ease is more like Ezio getting surrounded by many guards, all of which parry constantly unless a single enemy randomly takes a stab at you, where all your character can do is parry back and randomly counter hoping you take the guy down in retaliation. With that said though, its still thoroughly enjoyable and Brotherhood is going to feature a more fluent combat system and even a multiplayer which they can use and improve in the future. Well Done Ubisoft Montreal! Expand
  8. Apr 27, 2011
    9.5/10 = Incredible = A Scale and ambition of this game stands out so much when playing through it. It's such a unique idea which allows for a broad opening of unique gameplay and narrative as well.
  9. Nov 16, 2010
    I am in love with the Assassin's Creed series and this game didn't disappoint it is 100X better then it's predecessor and should have won GOTY last year EVERYONE should play this game! Played this just over a year ago now (when it came out) and it's sequel "Brotherhood" is on it's way to me and personally i can't wait to join Ezio and Desmond on another journey and a head scratching finale!
  10. Nov 24, 2010
    This is the best game I have played on the current generation systems, hands down. The story kept me going, the side quests were awesome, and the main story itself blew me away. I can't say enough great things about this perfect game, so I'm going to stop here.
  11. Dec 18, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I felt like the game had okay graphics, not enough of a free fight like bman arkham city, glitches left and right, it also bugged me that when enemies died, they did a body jump, they like twitched or something, but still, its fun for how sneaky you can be, the details are spot on, and the more detailed costumes made it worth its price Expand
  12. Oct 8, 2013
    This was the pinnacle of the AC franchise. This review was written well after 3 came out with 4 coming in the next few weeks and I don't believe the series gets better than this game. First of all they fixed all the issues from the first game, including the poor camera, better combat balance, and a better story. This was also the last game in the series not to sell out for more money and that was evident by the sheer amount of work that was put into the story, characters, and locations in game. The 3 games that followed this (Brotherhood, Revelations, and AC 3) were either just a a money grab or just severely lackluster and, in the case of the upcoming 4th game, at least this game had it's own identity. Something that you could say was truly original in the long run. 3 and 4 are combined by a plot line that isn't really interesting. I won't say 4 will be a bad game but this was the last truly great game in the series bar none. 4 will have a long way to go to catch up with this game and put the series back on the map. This is easily the only game in the series, currently, worth playing and the best part is that you don't have to play 1 to understand what is going on here. Pick this one up for super cheap and enjoy it as you won't get as much enjoyment from any of the sequels in this series. Expand
  13. May 13, 2013
    Assassin's Creed 1 was such a s**t game and really had no fun with it. Assassin's Creed 2 on the other hand improve with everything about the game in my opinion, the best sequel comeback in gaming! Ezio was a awesome chracter and was way better then Altar. Story is beautiful and very gripping. Gameplay has improved. Side missions are great and no doing the exact same thing here(unlike the first game)! Overall a brilliant game and Ubisoft will never make another assassins creed like this again! Assassin's Creed 2 9.5/10 Expand
  14. Jul 24, 2012
    Any score below a 7 is absolutely asinine. The improvement is so substantial from the first that I wondered if this was even made by the same company. The environments are awesome, story is epic, main character really grows on you, and stealth kills have never been so much fun. This is tied for one of my favorite games this gen. So far, it blows the other AC games out of the water. Calling it a GTA clone is absolutely absurd and one critic review said that they were promised so much more. Are you on crystal meth? Expand
  15. Oct 29, 2012
    Ubisoft Montreal have proved the naysayers and doubters wrong and delivered an organic and truly immersive story, a vibrant world full of colour and personality, and a ton of fun. Once you pick up the pad, you won
  16. Sep 3, 2010
    a much much improvement over the over hyped borefest of the original game . pretty much every thing i thought they shoulda had in the original they put in its sequel . the missions feel abit more varried and less repetitive , theres more to do, you can do some real upgrading to your charicter now . every thing about this game just feels better.. except the controls ... i ran into some issues with my charicter just doing stupid things out of the blue i could be standing on a roof not moving and then all of a sudden just fall to my death. it wasnt alot to where it really pissed me off but it happend enough that it annoyed me alittle. otherwise great game its the hype on the first one we expected the first one to be ... just only on the second. Expand
  17. Oct 19, 2010
    I really wish that I could give this game a 10, but I can't. The core gameplay of Assassin's Creed II is excellent and really engrossing. Playing through the main story will give you many fun of hours of fighting, killing, looting, and exploring. It took me a while to get used to the combat system; once I did, however, the game really opened up for me. The voice acting was top-notch, and the graphics were simply amazing.

    There are problems - many little problems. My chief complaint is that once you get decent at combat you will destroy your opponents. This game would do well to have boss fights that are really challenging. Secondarily, the pacing of the game is off. The plot felt fast and rushed in the end, which disappointed me after it was going along so well for most of the game. Lastly, you make way too much money way too easily by investing in the villa. Do these flaws ruin the game? No. If Brotherhood fixes these issues, however, it will be one of the best games ever made.
  18. Oct 10, 2011
    Huge, huge, huge improvement over the first Assassin's Creed. Unlike the first one, 2 is far more varied and more fun. The open world free running platforming has more meaning to it than just being a "get from a to b" task as there is more to do than just assassinating people and the story is much, much better with more character interactions than the first. Ezio Auditore is a far better assassin than Altair from the first game because he's more explored than Altair. Overall, Assassin's Creed 2 is a complete revelation from Assassin's Creed, which I thought was really mediocre. Expand
  19. Sep 13, 2010
    First up,Assassin's Creed gameplay was simply boring repetitive & to make it worst,there wasn't any anti-aliasing for the ATI graphic card users.Assassin's Creed 2 brought in those changes.I was really pull in by this game due to a few reasons.1:The Background (which takes place Italy), 2:The storyline & plots, 3:Ezio's Costume.For the background,I was amazed by the beautiful highly detailed environments,architectural buildings & historical paintings in Italy during the Renaissance period. What makes the gameplay so addictive was due to it's plots that immerse along with the storyline,leaving players on wanting to know what is gonna happen after each sequence.Relating to the storyline,I think a story about family & revenge is captivating as long there are plenty of conspiracy to unravel the truth.Furthermore,Ezio's noble assassin costume was well designed as it's does blends in with the time line.Although like what most agreed that Assassin's Creed is repetitive in terms of gamplay,I have to be honest that it's also the same for the 2nd installment,except it's repetitive in an addictive way.For those who are concerned about soundtrack,all I can it's decent and suitable with each scenario.I also like the varieties of weapons usage eg.smoke bombs/poison blade as well as different ways & means to distract guards using prostitutes/thieves.Mini games in between such as collecting secrets,artifacts & upgrading the villa is something to keep players occupied even if he/she has finish the main game.Overall,I think Ubisoft Montreal has a really good job on Assassin's Creed 2 not in terms of improving the repetitive gameplay but the beautiful surroundings,game atmosphere,intense plots & also repetitive but addictive gameplay.Luckily,for ATI graphic card users we can finally enable Anti-Aliasing in this 2nd installments. One thing is for sure,Assassin's Creed 2 is definitely worth trying cause it's not gonna leave you with the same experience like you had in Assassin's Creed.The reason on why I can't give a perfect 10 for this game is because there some minor flaws which I believe the developers can improved in the next series of Assassin's Creed. Expand
  20. Sep 17, 2010
    AC2 is a pretty good game. It has good graphics but I still think that it lacks something. Like a better control system. When I played it I got frustrated. Instead of climbing the wall sometimes Ezio decided to jump to the water and so on. And the music. I thought that i didn't fit to the game. The game has improved from AC1 but it still has a lot to go on. Fighting is way too easy. Few counter kills and you're done. The story is good first but to the end it got really weird. Just when it got interesting ti ended. I hope that AC: Brotherhood completes the story. Expand
  21. Feb 26, 2011
    I felt that the play control in AC1 was not that good, and since I was only renting it, I didn't finish it. I gave Assassin's Creed 2 a shot and loved it! They made great improvements from the first game. Awesome visuals, great story, and the main story arc with Desmond is really cool.
  22. Sep 21, 2010
    I loved everything about this game. Everything. The story is great and has different levels to it since there is a present and past storyline to follow, the creepy puzzles you find in the game world are amazing, the combat is good, and climbing is as fun as the first game. An improvement over the first in every possible way. You kind of need to play the first game in order to understand everything though, because it doesn't explain or recap anything that happened in the first game. Expand
  23. Sep 25, 2010
    This game is awesome. It is the best game of 2009 alongside Uncharted and Arkam Asylum. Ubisoft have improved upon everything that was bad about the first game!!!
  24. Nov 25, 2010
    This game is beautiful, engaging, and, most importantly, fun to play and explore. It's nearly the perfect action adventure game. Sure, there can be frustrations of a game with this kind of a scope, but what you're getting is hours of an interesting storyline and some of the game pacing and gameplay ever created in a video game. This game is one of the gems of this generation.
  25. Jan 31, 2011
    **** the people who say that "the graphics are worse" or "THE ONLY REASON I LIKE THIS GAME IS BECAUSE OF THE GRAPHICS" since when does graphics make the game? The graphics are good for assassins creed 2. Its an amazing game in almost every aspect. I think the stories great, and how can there be "too much" in the game? Its like saying "I have all this money, But i dont want THAT much". This game is great and i stayed up through all hours of the night playing this. They fixed the repetitiveness alot. Every mission is fun to play, and the story is really good. If you havent played 1, its ok, you didnt really miss much and they do a good job at explaining the story in the beginning. GET THIS GAME Expand
  26. Mar 18, 2011
    This game is pretty fun and has a very interesting story. I love the way the game plays, from the fighting, to the climbing, to the running. I loved the sword fights. The controls are perfect as well. My only complaints are that it wasn't hard enough and I would have liked a longer story. If I was still a kid, I would be Altair for Halloween.
  27. Jul 16, 2011
    Never got the chance too play the first Assassins Creed game's but as far as i can tell is over the top. Getting the chance to jump from a rooftop is always a hobby to do. The story is well written and a n important factor in it. Gameplay sometimes is unresponsive,tho, thats a minor flaw. Innovative game .
  28. Nov 20, 2011
    The first game disappointed me in its overly repetitive missions and quite simple combat. This was all corrected in Assassin's Creed II, with more innovative missions and combat styles being added. There were also major improvements to both characters and storyline, which really impressed me. The side missions added also provided an amazing past time to enjoy outside of the original missions. I have to say that the scenery wasn't as good as the last one, but only by a small portion, but beside that, this game corrected every fault I had with the previous game, and thus made this game a very enjoyable experience and sets the scene for an even better game next in the series. Expand
  29. Mar 30, 2012
    This game is so good in all aspects. Every aspect of the game has been so well cared, and offers a lot of improvements from the previous game. The only bad point in my oppinion are the DLC content that obviously was cut from the original release, expensive and without achievements.
  30. Jun 17, 2011
    What can I say. A major mark up from the first Assassin's Creed outing. The graphics are better, the combat is better, the locations are better, the missions are not as linear but definitely better. The addition of a money system really works well but in my mind the overall game length is too long considering the reason I bought AC2 was to explore. On that matter, the environments are huge yet at times too small due to in the beginning parts been sectioned off. The difficulty was the only issue. Too hard? No way it was far too easy. The feathers are also a good edition with all 100 feathers unlocking a cape and the last 2 achievements for me. That however I have yet to overcome. A great game for anyone who likes to roam around or who likes combat. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 82 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 79 out of 82
  2. Negative: 1 out of 82
  1. The first Assassin's Creed's charm was in the sumptuous graphics and straightforward action - that incredible climbing and free-running, and the visceral thrill of stapling evil people to the dirt with a wristblade. With AC2 the rest of the game has caught up with the brilliance of those central ideas to create a complete and coherent experience. We can think of plenty of words that could describe Assassin's Creed 2 - involving, exciting, cinematic - but there's only one word that sums it up beautifully. Killer. [Dec 2009, p.74]
  2. Assassin's Creed 2 is miles away form the first chapter. It's a whole new game, different in many aspects. The main quest is involving and nice to play, and the number of side mission and extra activities is impressive (and all of them are fun to play). The setting is peculiar and unique, and the panoramic views are sharp and, somehow, magic.
  3. Assassin's Creed II delivers a great story driven experience. Solving most of the problems of its predecessor, this accomplished sequel offers compelling action, beautiful environments and a great plethora of well written characters. A must have for every action-adventure fan with a taste for history, and one of the best games of this fall.