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  1. Nov 11, 2012
    Single player:
    Games are basically interactive movies at this point. In a movie, you would not have a character get built up like he is going to have one hell of a fight ahead of him and then not have a payoff at the end. That would be piss poor writing (or The Great White Hype). The problem is, that is what this movie does. Ezio was supposed to be teaching Desmond how to become a world
    class assassin. Instead, we get an ending with no payoff for all the work Desmond has put in. Just a bland ending to the "trilogy".

    Some refinements have been made to the multiplayer. If you liked the previous installments, chances are, you are going to like this one.
  2. Nov 10, 2012
    While this was my second favorite AC game in respect to the story, I was disappointed by some major aspects of the gameplay. I do not think it was necessary to have a ridiculous number of homestead quests while the world was full of glitches. Ubisoft could have fixed those and saved us from the monotony of those side missions. Falling through the world and having achievements broken to the point of needing to replay the entire game are not fun (only to name two of the many mentioned by others). This game could have earned a 9-10, but overlooked problems hurt how this title will be remembered. Time outside of the main story was spent in the wrong places. If you are a huge AC fan, wait to buy this until they fix the problems or you will risk having a poor experience. Expand
  3. Nov 8, 2012
    what seemed to be the best game of the franchise turned into the worst of the main trilogy. The game was clearly rushed to be released during the holiday season, and it has so many glitches and bugs it's not even fun. Even though the story is pretty good and good action, the gameplay and combat are both a lot more fluid... the setting fails, buildings are only about 2 stories tall, they are like 500 meters apart from each other, which will have you running/on a horse/parkouring more than the actual length of the sequences.

    The biggest complain is the glitches to be honest, this game has the best soundtrack (tied with Brotherhood) but it has more glitches than the first one, and this is not acceptable, not in 2012
  4. Nov 14, 2012
    i am so confused...i am playing ACIII!!!!???i am a member of "ASSASSIN`S CREED" or playing as a regular "low-life" killer???!!???
    gameplay is good as same,with improved control and PATH-FINDING,lots of bugs but still well-design world,story is great with deep holes;i think tree-walking is not as good as building-walking in past ACs.
    still i like "ALTAIR" more that any other protagonists
    in AC.
    CONNOR is believable and grows less sympathy than "altair and ezio".hunting is cool but earning money will kick you... in middle of playing.naval fights are awesome,command and shoot,handle and fire(i like it so much).
    main missions are superb but sub-missions are weak and un-lovely.enemy AI is dumper in my idea compare to past games.
    still experience cheap deaths with anger!!!!!!!!
    "ASSASSIN`S CREED III" is still so good to me but there are so many changes in it,it is so different from AC1,it seems to me new game but i am playing it as "ASSASSIN`S CREED".
    pffff...i do not know i like this game or not?.......i like this game but i love AC1....desmond is the only BRIDGE with past for me here.
  5. Nov 8, 2012
    A once fresh and promising franchise has been reduced to a slog through frustrating gameplay, odd design choices, and bad dialogue in this latest game in the Assassin
  6. Nov 5, 2012
    Alright I like this game, I really do, but the glitches for the Xbox are too much in terms of quantity and quality. I own both but this is clear the PS3 version is better for whatever reason, maybe it was designed for PS3 first then ported? I don't know. Just do yourself a favor if you are going to get this gem get it for PS3 far less issues then the Xbox.
  7. Nov 1, 2012
    Love this game after the first 3 hours!!! It starts slow but after you become a fully grown Conner the game is a masterpiece. There are gliches but a game is huge so its to be expected. To me its a 9 because of all the content and hours put in this game. The graphics are amazing and music gose very well with the setting. Some of the gliches hold it from being a 10. The beginning 3 hours holds your hand this is for people that are new and really drags on, but after that its great. Good Job Ubisoft!!! Expand
  8. Oct 31, 2012
    This game has an slow start but overall was extremely entertaining! The combat is fast and fun although at times a little easy. Free running is also fast with much more realistic movements. In my opinion Connor is a much more relate-able character than Ezio (even though I love Ezio)
  9. Oct 31, 2012
    not better than ac2 but its sure much more better than ac brotherhood and ac revelations............Even after the first ten hours you will still find yourself learning new things
  10. Nov 2, 2012
    Are you kidding? More than 70 to THIS? It's AC, but NOT a good AC! It's just walking to cutscene to cutscene. EVEN MORE THAN MAX PAYNE 3 (that consists in a 60% of cutscenes). Okay, the graphics are good, voice acting for Spanish version was great, and I found funny to play in-game games (INCEPTION!), but it's not SO REVOLUTIONARY as AC or ACII (even ACBH for the On-Line).
  11. Nov 3, 2012
    Assassins Creed III may be both a technical feat, and an astonishing game with high polish but it still doesn't innovate and falls lackluster with it's core flow and gameplay mechanics. This game is another AAA game that pushes the boundary both technically, but yet still falls short of another lackluster rehash of what seems a forever drawn out game that doesn't do anything new. The story in ASIII is a something that we haven't seen with the Templars before, but it still feels and plays like the other Assassins Creed's games. The story itself, is a little hard to follow at times, and has some rough edges that need ironing out in the cinematic and narrative department. But as for gameplay, this time around ASIII feels more action oriented with what seems a frustratingly unlimited amount of enemies to chop, slash, and cut into pieces along the way. The true reward and satisfaction that comes with this game, is not the combat, but the art of exploring the wilderness of the old Americas, fighting alongside some of the most respected names in history, and the sheer joy of just running around roof top to roof top. The multiplayer is another treat that delivers making this game a heck of a lot more than just one polished single player campaign. Online play, is nerve wrecking and feels a lot like hide and seek. There's nothing wrong with the online play, and it, in itself is worth it even if the game didn't come pack full with a highly creative single player. I give this game an 8 out of 10, simply because the single player has awesome visuals, but it still falls lackluster and doesn't innovate on-top of the drawn out series. The gameplay, feels too repetitive at time, and even too slow. That though is made up for the highly entertaining multiplayer, and the visual prowess that ASIII delivers. Expand
  12. Nov 2, 2012
    I rarely write any reviews on any games simplky because I find it to be a waste of time; taking into account that the many opinions that will be generated. That being said, I must write this review on Assassins Creed III simply because it is one of the best games I have ever played in my life.....period!

    The game follow the fictional history of the struggle between the Assassins and the
    Knights Templar in the early days of the American Colonies and close to the Battle of Yorktown(and further on the PS3 so I am told). The amount of historical accuracy in this game is astounding to say the least, having a Master in history myself I can tell you that much. Many of the characters are portrayed as life-like as possible with new advanced game technology and motion capture programs. While it's obvious at certain points that not every last historical detial is pinned down, it's safe to say this could honestly be used in a classroom to portray scene from the early Colonial period. Here I would grant a 9.5 Mixing the relatively new Anvil engine with new graphics it creates stunning vista's and life-like movements both in and outide of combat. It was a genius move, even more so than there earlier combination of the early developmental mix of the famed Frostbite 2 grpahics engine in Assasins Creed Revelations. A 10 here.

    The game in itself is a wonderful mix of open world sandbox like Fallout 3 and Red Dead Redemprion, and the story driven sandbox type like Mass Effect 3. It pushes the player to keep doing the main storyline which follows the main Hero, Desmond Miles, as he travels back into time to find the missing key to save the world from the 2012 Apocalypse. Playing as his Ancestors, and I mean two of them, the storyline is full of unique surprises, as well as fateful twists for the long, hard timers of the Assasins Creed trilogy. While this is all good and fun, this is where alot of games would run out of steam.....and AC3( Assassins Creed III for which I will refer to from here on out ) does a wonderful job at having additional content to keep the healthy gamer minds active. From your basic hunt quests to side missions and even alternate history quests the game is full of additional content that give the players days and days of fun. Hunt animals, or go track down criminals; don't like either no problem, go single-handedly attack a British Convoy. Maybe the sea is whats better for you, captian a ship on the high seas in epic side-quest combats.

    Did I mention sea combat? Yes that part which is new to AC3 is sea combat. I personally feared it was going to be lame, and full of bad garbage. But once again I was pleasently surprised when the creators not only made it easy to understand the control and learn, but also added the epicness of large scale fights. Well done Ubisoft :)

    Finally, while I could go on and on about whats great on this game, there is one last thing that takes special mention. The fighting system, which thus far has been evtremely well done. The traiditonal AC games had you fighting with knives and an ssortment of special weapons that were advanced for there time in period(like trip-mines, smoke-gernades, and early pistols). The designers out did themselves in the new AC3 by not only adding to there excellent system, but also giving new challenges with the addition of mainstream firearms to the combat. I was happy when I wasn't dodging bullets to wip around and fire my pistol at advancing Red Coats. All in all it flows very smoothly and rarely has a second of pause well done Ubisoft.

    Overall and excellent game, well designed, well thought out, and fine pressed into one of the greatest games of our generation.
  13. Nov 2, 2012
    First, AC 3 is a great game. I haven't run into any bugs. The thing that bothers me the most about this game is how unclear many of the missions are. That's the only frustration I've run into so far. Especially with the story missions. I was incredibly annoyed with the "shoot the barrels" objective. Tip: shoot the one barrel near the bottom of the cart. Could they not have been a little more clear in the mission objective listed in the UI? Another example, there is a mission stating "Chase guy X" I chased him around for nearly 5 minutes of so until I realized that we began running around in the circle and I tackled him. Could they not have just said "Capture guy x" instead and save the frustration? The one that annoyed me the most was "Don't get spotted on the boat" when you could fail it by being spotted in the water... why didn't they just say "Don't get spotted"

    The gameplay itself is fun, and once you understand how the combat controls work (they are very different from the other AC games) it's really fun. I thoroughly enjoy the system they replaced the city building mechanic with, it has more character to it. Hunting is enjoyable and discovering little things in the wilderness is great. I'm finding the story engrossing and the characters are fairly believable. I actually enjoyed the beginning greatly and there's a lot in the game so far that has (personally) taken me by surprise in a good way. I LOVE the fast travel system, just go into your map and choose a fast travel point and you're there, saves so much travel time. Anyways if you really liked the AC games, especially 2 and Brotherhood, I would recommend picking this up, I think you won't be disappointed.
  14. Nov 4, 2012
    First off this review gets over five for finally moving away from Ezio. that's not to say i didn't like him but three games was pushing it. Assassins creed three is good because it focuses on a period where both sides were very similar and this is reflected in the deep characters that try to apply a sense of right and wrong to the world.

    Side missions and collectible are not as tedious
    as in previous installments and i found myself drawn to them as i progressed through the story. The main downside with 3 is that it is riddled with bugs almost as if it was rushed through play testing to release in a time frame that is relevant to the story (December 2012) Expand
  15. Nov 3, 2012
    Assassins Creed 3 is a game where you stab a whole lot of people all in the name of an ancient rivalry between two groups seeking to enforce their beliefs on the world with you representing the "good" side of the equation.
    Where the previous game lacked any real progression in the story line, although padded with long, boring stretches of "look, American history", does move the main story
    along and itself contain some interesting moments. I however have no idea how new players will handle the already confusing plot.
    While "busy work" is often mundane, just exploring the world they created (and stabbing everything you see along the way) is still entertaining.
    While bugs are often accepted in open world games such as this, walking into a bar and seeing one character spinning on a chair, one standing in their chair and approaching another through the table they are sitting at are just examples of the many out of out of place things you will find. Including a number of game mission moments.
    As a fan of the series, the last game (Revelations) was an extreme disappointment and while not as good as the past games, Assassins Creed 3 is a welcomed return to form that falls just short of actually being a great game.
  16. Nov 4, 2012
    The worst game I have ever played, just finished it, and immediately deleated it from my 360. Waste of time. The only rating for this game is R for rubbish, don't bother playing it its crap
  17. Nov 4, 2012
    Sadly, this Assassin's Creed experience wasn't what I had hoped it would be. Don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but it's only a good game and nothing more. The game starts off well but it's all down hill from there. There aren't many new features and the combat is basically the same. Sure you can hunt, and sail ships but if I wanted to do those things I'd buy 'Cabela's Big Game Hunter' or 'Sid Meier's Pirates!'. The story telling aspects are poor also. You find yourself jumping from month to month, not really feeling that well connected to the characters. The multiplayer is quite repetitive to say the least. It's not bad but why spend your time playing AC3's multiplayer when there are much better multiplayer experiences elsewhere? The worst part about AC3 is the ending, it'll leave you annoyed and confused, kind of like a big slap across the face, especially to long time fans of the series. The game might keep you occupied for no more than a few days and it is somewhat enjoyable but in contrast with the previous games it comes up short in it's presentation, storytelling and gameplay. Expand
  18. Nov 5, 2012
    A solid game. Loved it from the start to finish, and how it implements old and new into one game. I was to be honest not expecting much after the drop in quality (repetitiveness and such) with Revelations but I was really engaged with AC 3. What actually has me repeatedly returning to this game is the multiplayer. I predominately play the 'Wanted' gametype and the level of tension really makes me enjoy it. Expand
  19. Nov 6, 2012
    I have yet to complete the game, however so far I am loving every minute of the gameplay. Although I liked every Assassin's creed game to date, this one has surpassed all those before it. There is more to do, and new features that werent seent in the previous games. The sailing was a very enjoyable new feature to the game (They just need to make a pirate game and incorperate this). The story is captivating and leaves me wanting to play more and more. Graphics are beautiful as usual. Some complain about the changed controls, however I didn't have a problem with it, and picked it up just fine.
    Overall a solid game.
  20. Nov 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've been a huge fan of the game and series... until now. The new combat mechnics just dont play or feel right. The big final of the game, is a f*** **** I really do not understand how Ubisoft makes that. I'm really disapointed with AC III. I think, the better in the game it's the Connor's history. It is good. The animals, the ships, the battleships, the cinematics (a few bugs). But that's all. Expand
  21. Nov 19, 2012
    Ok so this supose to be game in which you take control of deadly assassin, master of shadows and silent killer...NOTHING LIKE THIS. In this game u can take out 6 NPC going full rage in daylight, killing them all, and you wont even loose much of your health bar. This game is epic fail, everything is so easy plus you getting cutscene every 2 min. It should be a movie not a game... I never gonna go back to AC series, they should call Chuck Norris and friends, or james bond time travels. Hotline Miami was better stealth game than this... EPIC FAIL! Expand
  22. Nov 7, 2012
    This is a good game but still fails to live up to AC2. This IS probably the 2nd best AC game though. There is a pretty good story with Desmond as it is all culminating but as an American Connor's story is something I know like the back of my hand and personally I find Connor to be a whining, arrogant douche. There are a few glitches here and there but overall the gameplay is solid. However the combat feels a little dumbed down as does free running . The hunting is great and a fun way to get money. I'm happy they brought back the homestead/Monterrigioni from AC2. Overall I would give this game a 9 Expand
  23. Nov 13, 2012
    Assassins creed 3 is a bit hit and miss in many of the areas which make up this game. Ubisoft has done a large amount of changes to the game in order to improve upon it, with multiple characters to play as throughout the story, an increased world size and possibly my favourite addition, Pirate ship battles.

    However, for all of these improvements, many of the faults of the past games
    return, such as initially exciting, but ultimately tedious and easy combat, repetitive mission structure and a bit of a flawed story at times. I would have given this an 8, possibly a 9, but the plot near the end was dissapointing. so much so that it made me ponder why i had played through the series.

    However, this game is still fun to play through, and has a relatively decent length of 14 hours for my playthrough. My review is based purely on the single player elements as I have not been able to play the multiplayer element for a variety of reasons.
  24. Nov 15, 2012
    i signed up here to just let my frustrations out that this game is overhyped! and empty. Im halfway and the game is just plain boring filled with glitches. i expected more on this game but it failed to deliver they hype around it. Still i will finish the game and sell it for something better.
  25. Nov 19, 2012
    This game is so muddled by glitches bugs that it is nearly unplayable. The type of game play where you assassinate people (as in Assassin's Creed) is completely absent. Missions and objectives seem completely arbitrary, as do the reasons for passing or failing. I have yet to meet a single real life person that enjoyed this piece of garbage. God only knows how it is receiving so many good reviews from critics... Expand
  26. Nov 21, 2012
    Improvements on the Assassin's Creed franchise are throughout this game and it is a great play.
    The gameplay is what you would expect from previous games.
    It has a lovely world that can feel more alive than most games.
    Multiplayer is a fun change as it was in previous games and it's good to get away from a shooter occasionally.
    The story wasn't my favourite but I won't give it
    negatives for that as I feel that's more opinion based. Expand
  27. Nov 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This has to be one of the worst games I have ever played. It is so bad I actually opened up this account to vent my frustration. It has taken all the fun out of Assasins Creed. The main antagonist Heysham is more likible than Connor. The historical setting is pointless to the story, in AC 1, AC2 and the other AC's you felt part of the history around you. In this I dont really feel like there is something historically massive happening going on around you. Perhaps US gamers feel it more than I do as I am Irish and could relate to the other settings more. I actually feel like this was a gimmick to boost US sales, but thats not the main issue here. The main is thar is the gameplay has got worse, it is like they saw Red Dead Redemption which is the best game in the last 10 years and used ideas from it like the hunting and frontier etc, but this was not even interesting enough to pdo in AC3 as I just wanted the story completed. I dont like how the fight controls are more limited, with Ezio you could kick people. Conner cant kick, you just button bash X and B on the Xbox controller. Too many chase scenes, the frustrating one where I was running around in circles for 15 mins before I found a short cut to capture the fleeing scoundral. They had too many unneccessarily stealth missions too. I also found that the as I would be running on top of buildings all of a sudden i would be diving at height into a cart of grass. There were times where I have been fighting and all of a sudden connor has stopped attacking and just taking hits. I also had a glitch in one chase where the guy i was peruing was stuck in a wall and it would not let me acpture him there. I didnt notice anything change for the good, this game was in development from when Assasins Creed II came out apparently, but what did they do? Anyway I wish I had spent the 40 quid on something else that I wouldve had more enjoyment out of. Its like the star wars prequels, from good to truly awful. Expand
  28. Nov 28, 2012
    I own and love every other Assassin's Creed game, however, this one truly disappointed me because: *They removed ARMOR UPGRADES *You can no longer purchase and unlock STORES *You can no longer purchase and unlock MONUMENTS *NO PARACHUTES *The INVENTIONS you unlock are decorations for you're house *SYNCHRONIZATION points don't reveal the entire map the game ends up feeling more like a chore than an enjoyable adventure Expand
  29. Jan 7, 2013
    I have never been more disappointed with a game in my life. Here is a triple-A title, ready to surprise everybody and then when you finally open the package, it's Ubisoft giving you the finger.

    Here's why this game is so atrocious. Beware; things stop being civil beyond this point.

    1) The glitches. They are literally everywhere. I have not played a sequence in which I have not
    experienced a glitch that kicked me straight out of whatever parcel of immersion I sunk into prior. Whether it be Connor or Kenway diving into a body of water when they're already in it, or things not spawning or doors not opening when they're supposed to, this game is pathetically full of them. Alas, everybody's commented on it, moving on.

    2) The gameplay. It's beyond non-intuitive. Everybody loves a challenge, and games are more fun when they're not intuitive and actually force you to think for a second. But this game stabs intuition, throws it on the ground, spits on it, and then sets it on fire. Most of the major assassinations have "optional" objectives, which are to remain undetected and do an airborne assassination, or something. This is okay, especially since the game is called ASSASSIN'S Creed. However, every single assassination I've played so far was just flat out impossible to tackle covertly. Sneaking in brush? Oh sorry, here's a half square foot of non-brush that'll force you to peek your head out for less than a tenth of a second, but triggering aggro from every single guard within a hundred foot radius. What the HELL is up with that? Speaking about guard aggro, it's way too sensitive when it shouldn't be, and not sensitive enough when it should be. (Being completely stealthed in a brush RIGHT in front of a guard, anyone?)

    3) The voice acting. Voice acting is great in that it helps you get more immersed in the game. I don't know what went wrong with the voice acting in AC3. The scripts are just atrocious. Who was the game production supervisor who let this junk through? The dialogue literally sounds like it was written by someone who just graduated from middle school.

    4) The characters. Connor's character is downright stupid. I would rather listen to your grandparents having sex than hear another sentence being uttered from this protagonist. The game designers COMPLETELY underdeveloped him, and it just shows in the dialogue. Every single time. There's no complexity to this character. In fact, here's Connor summed up in one sentence: "This guy f*cked with me or my tribe? Screw thinking this out; I will stop at nothing until I can lick the fresh blood from his corpse off my hidden blades." Seriously?

    5) The combat. Killing a group of men is dumb now. At least in AC1, you could tackle a group of guards and not get gang-banged from every possible angle. All you had to do was time your combos properly, and you'd emerge fine. Now? It's literally mashing B, and pressing X every couple of seconds. Maybe I'm playing the game wrong, who knows. All I know is that traditional combat sucks.

    6) The character control. I have not played a game that handled this badly. Trying to dictate Connor on where to go is like trying to manhandle a bull. Surprisingly, the times when I have the most joy controlling Connor is during the loading screens when there's nothing on the screen at all.

    7) Best for last: the plot. Looking at the game from a macro perspective, the plot seems fine. But when you actually play it through it is the most jumbled, non-sensical, poorly scrapped together piece of junk I have ever had the displeasure of playing. I WANT TO EXTERMINATE THE TEMPLARS FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH, NOT GET CARRIED ON THIS INDIGNANT PROTAGONIST'S EVERY WHIM. JESUS UBISOFT.
  30. Jan 15, 2013
    This game has a lot of pressure and hype , but i believe it has come out mostly on top. The story and the ending was AAA . The combat was refined just enough to make it the best in the series. Sure the Renaissance was the best era in this series but it had to move forward and i believed that they chose the right era. The only problem is that the game can be glitchy sometimes but that is the only problem with this game . The rest of you haters can shove off because no matter what anyone says Assassins creed is here to stay and no one will forget how this series changed gaming forever. Expand
  31. Nov 8, 2012
    what seemed to be the best game of the franchise turned into the worst of the main trilogy. The game was clearly rushed to be released during the holiday season, and it has so many glitches and bugs it's not even fun. Even though the story is pretty good and good action, the gameplay and combat are both a lot more fluid... the setting fails, buildings are only about 2 stories tall, they are like 500 meters apart from each other, which will have you running/on a horse/parkouring more than the actual length of the sequences.

    The biggest complain is the glitches to be honest, this game has the best soundtrack (tied with Brotherhood) but it has more glitches than the first one, and this is not acceptable, not in 2012

Generally favorable reviews - based on 61 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 52 out of 61
  2. Negative: 0 out of 61
  1. Dec 5, 2012
    At least the petty indignities of the multiplayer are optional and situated around gameplay that's solid and unique, if frustratingly stagnant. In the single-player campaign, however, it's impossible to escape the ham-fisted manipulations of the Assassin's Creed III development team.
  2. 90
    Assassin's Creed III is a pretty damn fine game. It loses none of what makes the series fun with the translation to another time and continent, and creates a whole new set of experiences which define the franchise. The biggest issue, if there is one, are the small technical issues, but these niggling technical issues only seem worse because everything else is such a great experience.
  3. 90
    Like any game of such scope, not every part of it is perfect. Yet, taken as a whole, there is very little that can compete with its wonderful, lavish, historical playground. [Issue#91, p.22]