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  1. Nov 5, 2013
    if you were never into AC games you can get into this one and work your way back to AC1. it's probably the most epic AC game they've made so far. the graphics are unbeatable for current-gen and the plotline is absolutely riveting.
  2. Nov 7, 2013
    Very enjoyable game. There were few dull missions compared to previous Assassins Creed's and I genuinely enjoyed the whole story and the new game-play elements. What really sets the standard is the new ship combat, it creates a whole new play-style which is enjoyable and there is never a dull fight! I personally think that this is one of the best Assassins Creeds in the series which holds it's own with ACII and ACB. Expand
  3. Nov 4, 2013
    Taking us back to the heart-thumping excitement of the Ezio trilogy, Black Flag gives us the Assassin’s Creed experience that the third entry in the series managed to avoid. It’s a rip roaring, shanty singing, whale of a time. Easily my game of the year!
  4. Oct 30, 2013
    Assassins creed IV is truly the best best game in the series. Improvements across the board make this game worth a purchase. The map is huge, 3 large cities plus a huge open world to sail through and pillage islands. Graphics are excellent, very best seen on the XBOX360. Animations are as great as any AC predecessor . Gameplay is great, with better stealth, fun free running and cool sailing gameplay. Nice and varied.

    The game lasts a very long time providing great value for your money.

    (any allegations calling this "glorified DLC are utterly ridiculous and unsubstantiated this is the biggesty game in the series and brings the best evolution since 1 to 2. Don't listen to the haters)
  5. Oct 31, 2013
    A good game,the new naval warfare is great and a lot of fun.I also liked the new crafting system,and assassination contracts are back.This is the game to put the series back on track.
  6. Oct 29, 2013
    Totally hilarious game, with lots to do, great essence, mixing the best of the previous installments, with a small point against, the difficulty is very low, but playing and discovering the great map, it becomes secondary. totally recommended.
  7. Nov 20, 2013
    The ultimate AC game and the best pirate simulator out there, lol. Great graphics (current gen), great voice acting, great gameplay, and a huge open world that you can explore with your awesome pirate ship called the Jackdaw. Side missions and collectibles galore as well. Obviously any AC fan should pick this up. If you are not an AC fan, then become one.
  8. Oct 29, 2013
    I honestly thought they killed Assassins Creed with the infamous AC3 but IV is surprisingly good and sets a high standard for any future games.

    Visuals are beyond what could be expected by 8 year old consoles, and you will notice it. The water effects omfg.
    Gameplay wise its what we have been waiting for, especially with all the new items (weapons, Outfits, ship upgrades etc.)
    Jackdaw is the home the "homestead" never was, and you really grow to care for the ships well being which was quite surprising.

    I can't really describe how good i found this game to be.
    It improved on EVERYTHING from AC3 and added a free roam world with astounding visuals and epic naval gameplay.
  9. Jan 18, 2014
    2013 for videogames was definitley meant to be a year of outstanding and new style of brilliant of video games. Sadly, and personally this was not the case. I felt 2013 was one of the blandest years for videogames, besides, of course, GTAV and the Playstation exclusive The Last of Us. Yet one game did shine through the darkness, and it's a completely worn out and overused format Assassin's Creed sequel. But this game is so much more. It is the funnest game i've ever played, and for once Ubisoft doesn't waste our time with this confusing real world missions. There are real world missions within the game, but for the first time, I didn't hear myself sigh over-dramatically when I had to play them. They're interesting, and fun. I really Ubisoft learns from the success of this game and makes more like it. 10/10 Amazing. Expand
  10. Nov 2, 2013
    To put it briefly, I consider Black Flag to be the best Assassin's Creed game, yet. An intriguing story, which I am in the middle of, brilliant naval combat and exploration, a huge, open world, improved combat and crafting systems, streamlining (in a good way) of some features, bringing more obvious humour back into the series... this game takes some of the best elements of the previous games, and builds on them. The biggest complaint I have is that some of the outfits don't have loops for the pistols or the blowpipe... and I think I can live with that.

    Just brilliant... and For my taste is games, Black Flag is a serious competitor to Grand Theft Auto V.
  11. May 9, 2014
    very amazing game of the assassin's creed's series
    here the gameplay is much better, the game is more neat and very nice to play
    one of the bests of 2013
  12. Oct 30, 2013
    Don't get we wrong. This game is not perfect, it has quite some flaws, most notably the story. The story is quite good though, but it's just not quite the sensation the original 2 gave you. Ubisoft has done a great job redesigning the AC series after the last disaster (seriously, AC3). This new installment brings you a lot of freedom and fun, which the 3rd one failed to do, while remaining an unique campaign. Revolutionary? Nope. Appealing, fun and time-worthy? Yes. If you are into sandbox games, you should definitely check this one out. The game deserves a 9, but i will give it a 10 to balance out the haters. Expand
  13. Oct 29, 2013
    Easily the best entry in the franchise. The scope and depth is unmatched by most games to date. Sunning visuals and and interesting character and engaging if sometimes shaky story make this one of the best games of the year.
  14. Oct 29, 2013
    I think this ACIV BF brings a great change to the AC series. The aspect of the open world with a ship is yet unseen with such scope and depth and the quality of the game is undeniable. The attention to details, the evolving gameplay whilst keeping some of the core mechanics of the older AC make it one of the best iterations of the series.
    The AC series clearly needed a change, and Black
    Flag will probably fulfill its mission with a lot of success, with all due respect to players who prefer the typical Assassin's Creed games.

    Edit: I find surprising that none of the people who have rated the game negatively left a review...
    I think that says a lot on what kind of users rate the games (probably haven't even played it) =.=
    Haters... Haters everywhere...
  15. Oct 29, 2013
    By far the most engaging and well thought out gameplay since the iconic original in the series. The seamless world integration and awe inspiring naval battles only make you want to play more. Excellent game, well done Ubisoft.
  16. Nov 20, 2013
    I played the game for only a few hours and I found that it was the most intriguing and appealing game in the franchise to date. The sea combat system is really well made. Can't wait for the Xbox One to come out so I can get the game for that.
  17. May 21, 2014
    This game is on par with Assassin's Creed 2, absolutely fantastic! Surprises you around every corner. There are many things to keep you busy, well worth the money!
  18. Oct 31, 2013
    Incredible Characters along with a solid entertaining main storyline. After Conner, Edward finally brings Assassin's creed back to life. Great Job Ubisoft!!!
  19. Nov 5, 2013
    Best of series outside of Assassin's Creed 2. Love the open world combat and I love that they throw you right into the action as opposed to Assassin's Creed 3's five hour long tutorial. I love completing each island in the hope of fully upgrading my ship. Only issue being that Uplay kicked out every once in a while stopping me from playing the Kenway's Fleet minigame.
  20. Nov 15, 2013
    I thought it is an outstanding game. the graphics are good, the story is outstanding and I enjoy playing it. I think its totally the best Assassins creed that's come out.
  21. Nov 17, 2013
    Amazing game! Best of the series by far! I love all the new features and additions.

    All that people have complained about from Ac3 has been fixed or improved. Can not even imagine how awesome the next gen versions are.
  22. Nov 22, 2013
    "Ahoy, she blows" The Quartermaster shouts as the hurricane bellows down upon your small craft, the aptly named "Jack-Daw".
    Our Hero, a welsh pirate from Swansea manning the wheel, you push the craft high over the roaring waves, before crashing back down again. The whole motion of the sea seems real, the shouts of your men and the crackling of thunder actually makes me stare onwards,
    smiling in amazement;- My wife keeps asking me to make her a cup of tea
    "NO!" i scream at her as another wave tear's over the deck, not only washing my poor crew-men away but damaging the ship as well.

    Like a cake at a fat kids party we battle on through the storm until eventually the storm clear's and the ocean's settle,

    "Neptune be begging our graves, captain" a man shouts,

    "No Davy Jones locker today" another replies

    We sail on towards an island in the distance, this is one of hundreds of locations across the map, as we sail my men begin singing old sea shanty songs, they sing of women and booze and treasure the songs sometimes get lost in the wind as we howl towards the island
    - and as we settle down to make repairs, I slip into the captains quarters to change my outfit back to the nice garments we stole from the stupid assassin.

    As i return moments later, something magical appear's on the GTA like radar?

    The White whale !!!!!!!

    My crew tell me its a beast from hell, urge me to harpoon it.

    Whale Hunting is legal in this century, so I gather some men and a small row boat and we head out to capture the beast,
    White Wale for dinner tonight boys?

    I cant go on writing this review any longer, sorry... I need to get back in what is no doubt THE GAME OF THE YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can only describe this game as "Grand Theft Sid Miers Pirat'rim Creed" (The Rim is from Skyrim btw)

    Buy it buy it NOW
  23. Nov 29, 2013
    An overall truly great game. AC3 I thought was the worst in the series with a horrible main character but they definitely corrected that in AC4 with a more realistic likable character. The gameplay is definitely different than other AC games, with the main focus on the high seas. However, it is beautifully done and has a huge diverse open world that you can spend hour upon hour exploring. The only downside to this game at all is the story line is somewhat weaker than the rest of the series but it does continue from AC3 and makes up for it with all the extra gameplay you can do. Overall a 10/10 for me with one of the most enjoyable AC games so far for me. Expand
  24. Jan 21, 2014
    One of the best games around. Beats out minecraft any day. I am suprised that it is not higher. Like a 100. How can something stupid like a drama movie get higher?
  25. Dec 4, 2013
    By far one of my favorite titles this year. The game looks gorgeous, is incredible to explore, the characters are great, and the naval bits are fantastic. I would recommend this game to absolutely anyone. I've been playing nonstop since I purchased it. I was up until 2 AM this morning playing!
  26. Dec 5, 2013
    Ac 4 is probably the best ac game in the series. A truly epic open world, bursting with things to do. While the story might be a little bit deferent from the previous installments, it's still enjoyable. The graphics are amazing, kinda like an enhanced version of Far Cry 3. The stealth segments have been greatly improved from ac 3. A must own for any pirate fan
  27. Dec 26, 2013
    This is everything you want out of an Assassin's Creed game. The visuals are stunning plus the gameplay is flawless. From exploring the high Caribbean seas to hunting the many islands for treasure. The depth of the game is almost unmatched and the freedom of being able to just go on your ship and plunder anything that flies by is one of the things you will love the most about this game. Not to mention constantly taking down waves of Spanish soldiers one by one in Havana. Truly the best game in the series and one of the greatest of the year. Expand
  28. Jan 1, 2014
    2nd best game of the decade.I loved the game as no other game till now has the given the whole pirate life adventure except this one it can be the 2nd best in the series after revelations
  29. Jan 11, 2014
    I put a lot of money in this game including paying for the $120 version, so I took a high risk and I don't regret it. I thought the game was really fun and made me want to explore the world and the ship mechanics were better than the last game, and this game had a lot of feel to it. even though I was disappointed in Edwards origin story I still enjoyed it and I will play it again and again.
  30. Jan 22, 2014
    AC IV is the best ac so far. it has amazing beautiful massive open world. it has very good story which talk about CAPTAIN EDWARD KENWAY a young man who dreamed to be rich and a respectable person after he suffered a lot from poorness and you will travel with him in his journey to find yourself between the Templar and Assassins war. I loved naval combat they made it a little more difficult as in ac3 the man of war was not big threat as well as the storms but in ac4 you need a lot of upgrades to board the man of war. the boarding system was amazing you feel like a real pirate there a lot of activities like diving and hunting shark and a lot of dangerous sea creature. they improved land as well they made the stealth very good they improved the eagle vision so you can see enemies behind the walls you actually feel it is quiet fun unlike ac3 as I felt it was so boring. Edward is very interesting character he is fearless ruthless but he has good amount of humor unlike Connor .finally I could say that as Red dead redemption gave us the complete feeling of the COWBOY , ac4 will give you the complete feeling of being a PIRATE Expand
  31. Feb 5, 2014
    Assassin’s Creed Black Flag is the fourth installment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, made by Ubisoft. In this game we delve into a genetic memory of a Pirate named Edward Kenway. Genetic memory is a concept from the creators of the assassin’s creed franchise that allows you to sit in a machine, called the Animus, and view/relive parts of your ancestor’s life, or like in this game someone else’s ancestor’s life. In this game you play as a pirate who acts pretty much like how you’d expect him to, wanting to get rich, have his own island, and drink as much rum as he could get his hands on. In this game, unlike the others, your character doesn’t really want anything to do with the assassins he just wants the pirate’s life. Slowly he is pulled into the world of the assassins and helps them with what they are trying to accomplish but only for a price.
    I liked the game it was a lot of fun and had a lot of different new elements that the previous games didn’t have. For example the open world is expansive, you have two swords on your sides at all times, you can have up to 4 pistols strapped to you at one time allowing for rapid shots, and if you want to you can play almost completely nonlethal. The world is huge and as you sail the open seas you can pretty much go where ever you want. You’re a pirate so you act like one, attacking and plundering any ship you want and taking the resources from it. One of the things I liked the most was the ship battling system; if you were able to take down a ship you could claim it as your own and add it to your own fleet. By doing this you can gain even more money and resources by sending this said fleet of ships on missions for you.
    The story line in this game was pretty good, it was basically about a man that was tired of being poor and wanted to change that and provide for his wife. The only way he saw to accomplish this was to become a pirate and when he had enough he would send for his wife and be done with the life. He however gets sucked into the pirate’s life and takes longer and longer and eventually he gets introduced to the Assassins and sucked into their battle with the Templars. Now I don’t think I should go any farther into the story least you haven’t played it yet and I ruin it for you.
    Their weren’t really many bad things that I felt the game had but I feel in order to give a fair review I should point out the very few things that I didn’t like about the game. While the story was entertaining there were just so many other things that I kept getting distracted with, other side missions and things that I would forget what was going on in the main story. Now this is probably my own fault, I should have just tried harder to stay on topic until I had finished the main story, but this may be a problem for you too if you’re like me and get distracted easily. The other thing that bothered me if I’m nitpicking was the one or two glitches that I had while playing. I had one enemy fall through the floor and couldn’t get to him to quiet him, the other part that messed up on me was when I was battling another ship and it wouldn’t allow me to board it and take it as my own. The last thing I didn’t much like, and this is completely a preference, I would have enjoyed having more things to do outside the Animus. There are many people on both sides on this opinion of liking being outside the animus and not, so this is just personal preference but I would have liked more to do.
    In the end I really liked it and thought the story was pretty good, I am still going back and doing the many side missions they provide for you, that I never finished, so I still have hours of fun left to play. The game was well made and very fun to play, and as far as I’m concerned didn’t really have any big problems with it. I really enjoyed playing it and feel that anyone else that has ever enjoyed any of the other Assassin’s Creed games, or likes action adventure games, will enjoy this one too.
  32. Mar 1, 2014
    well i played the game for about a week or 2 weeks and its been good now,no glitches and doesn't act weird i guess its the best assassin's creed game especially the ships and the hunting gives it a special feeling when you're playing it,totally recommended
  33. Apr 8, 2014
    this game is easily the best assassins creed game yet, the combat was swift naval combat was awesome the graphics were amazing and the open world is huge there are a few bugs and the multiplayer was dry and sometimes boring but other than that it is an overall great game
  34. May 6, 2014
    Great game for my lady , she isn't in all game, I'd say mostly visually stimulating and this is one if you played older assign's creed before and know what's up a bit, they make you're busy til the end.

    Graphics 9.5
    Gameplay 9
    Replay 8.5
  35. May 20, 2014
    Freedom at last. Black Flag stands toe to toe with the best in the franchise. Past games were really harsh on the player if you ever stepped out of bounds. This entry makes you an incredible swordsmen from the start and equips you to kill stealthily early on. Sailing is an absolutely beautiful experience made possible by a stunning ocean and an open and vast overworld. You can play an hour at a time and have the impression that you've covered lots of ground and accomplished much of significance. Ubisoft has hit all the right notes, with very little in the way of blemishes. If it's a pirate's life for you, this game is worth your time and money. Expand
  36. Jun 27, 2014
    this game really surprised me, I'm a fan of the saga, but for me none beat the brotherhoods and finally got one that overcome, the game is perfect, images, gameplay, hours, missions, character, everything was great and we expect to be the next as good as, and not be just another game in the series.
  37. Jul 15, 2014
    I bought this game on December 26, 2013. Played it for days on end almost non-stop. After I finished the game I walked out of my room and literally had no idea what year it was.
  38. Jul 20, 2014
    This game blew my mind when I played it. Not only is it the best AC in the series, it's also the best pirate game I've ever played. The naval mechanic shows this brilliantly, with a plentiful world, amazing graphics, great combat and, in my opinion the best part of the game, ship boarding. The rest of the game is no pushover either, with vibrant locations, great hunting mechanics, combat that's still fantastic, and a great backstory. The parkour is still brilliant too. This game merged two genres, and spectacularly well at that. Expand
  39. Nov 18, 2014
    LEAVE HER JOHNNY LEAVE HER! This game took my conceptions about what an assassin's creed game should be and literally shoved them up my ass. To be honest this is probably one of the best games ive ever played, the visuals are amazing, the open world something to be experienced, the naval combat is vastly improved on ACIII to the extent where they could make an entire game out of it (which they have, and assassin's creed Rogue is awesome too).

    The environments were stunning, palm trees waving, crystal blue waters, storms and lightning, rogue waves and pirate hunters. Ive never actually played a game that made me want to quit my job and go off and sail the seas, catch a whale, run through trees after song sheets and jump into floating yellow orbs in the sky.

    If you havent played this game, then you are a sailor and dont need to. If you arent a sailor then play this game you bloody land-shark. Get out there, buy this game, become a god damn sea god and SET SAIL, Y'ALL **** NEED THE SEA!
  40. Nov 12, 2014
    A very good game in all departments. I have got the game to 94% completion, only things outstanding are a few multiplayer bits.

    If you have not tried this franchise before this would make a great entry point as it is slightly disengaged from the previous stories, although there are some flashbacks.

    If you are reading/making the negative reviews with regards to it being repetitive /
    the same as all the previous games, then don't bother playing Assassin's Creed games! Surely now after 6+ games you get the idea of the basic premise of the game, its controls and general feel.

  41. Jan 11, 2014
    Easily the funnest game in the series. Feels like a fleshed out next gen Sid Meier's Pirate's, which to any right minded soul, would be the greatest game EVER!!!! Of course it suffers from minor bugs and glitches any game, but these do little to distract from the sheer awesome of sailing the HIGH seas.
  42. Mar 12, 2014
    The best entry so far in the AC series. A must-buy if you're really into pirates. The mapo is huge, a lot of things to see and do, but the 'tail and eavesdrop' missions kind of bring the game down. It's still a great game though, despite those flaws.
  43. Mar 20, 2014
    With the last three Assassin's Creed games disappointing me to no end (especially AC3). I was pleasantly surprised to find this game as good as it was. This is what Assassin's Creed needs to be and what it should of been for the past three games. For the first time since AC2 the story was actually good, and unlike AC3 the voice-acting was great. There is so much to see and do in this game that you actually feel like a buccaneer during the "Golden Age of Piracy". It was great to see historical figures who were accurately portrayed this time unlike AC3. This game is so much fun that I recommend it to anyone who would enjoy good adventure games. Expand
  44. Nov 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is the first great Assassin's Creed game since 2009. It doesn't try to limit what way we want to do missions like 3 did. Instead we have options. Want to run straight into battle? Go a head. Want to sneak in and silently take out your enemies? Go a head.

    The game is also a beautiful one. The water is some of the best ever made in a game, the islands are brimming with detail. The animation is top notch and the game runs smoothly.

    The story is unlike the previous Assassin's Creeds. This is about Edward Kenway. Through flashbacks you learn about how his wife left him and what kind of person he is. He is a man who cares about money, not about justice like previous characters. When he kills an assassin, his first thought is to steal all his clothes and take his identity.

    The ships..... are just awesome.

    Now the faults. Multiplayer is too similar to 3. There are the occasional glitches. Some missions a dull.

    Still this is one the best games of 2013 and the best Assassin's game after 2.
  45. Jan 12, 2014
    Here is my pro/con review of Assassin's Creed IV Pros: - Edward is in my opinion, almost better than Ezio as a protagonist - The graphics are really spectacular on any system you choose - This game is filled to the brim with side activities, I spent 15-20 hours in the first set of places to explore. And there are three sets of places to go to. They range in difficulty from Easy, to Medium, and finally to Hard.
    - The ship battles are freaking epic
    - This game really reminds me of Far Cry 3, and that is a really good thing. Everything from the music (which is made by the same composer.) to the side activities are really FC3-esque.
    - The side characters are good
    - The controls, most of the time are excellent
    - The ground combat is REALLY improved over AC3, and is just really fun this time around
    - Finally I can free-aim with my pistol!
    - Going back to the side activities, I almost forgot to mention that almost all are really fun
    - Pirate shanties are fun
    - I did not play the multiplayer yet, but I am pretty sure that it is fun too.


    - You know when I said that the controls are mostly good, when they are not working well you might rip your hair out
    - Even though I REALLY like this game, I fear for the future of this series. Since it is probably going to suffer from Call of Duty syndrome
    - It can get boring sometimes, but only on rare occasions

    After all of that, I actually might think that this should have at least been nominated for Game of The Year
    don't get me wrong, I am really happy that GTA V won, I freaking love that game too, but I just had more fun with this game overall. So if you love pirates, and love Assassin's Creed, then you will absolutely love this game.
  46. Nov 25, 2013
    The last two Assassins's Creed games felt repetitive, and just like it's predecessors. Combat is generally the same, but the gun play is surprisingly refreshing. The levels and town are great, and they kept the hunting from Far Cry 3, I mean AC3. If you want to be a pirate and sail the seas, this is the game for you.
  47. Nov 1, 2013
    Gamers who played ACIII and loved ship missions, will love this game, as it is the core of Black Flag, as it were expected. Assassin's creed fans, who like true assassins, will be a bit disappointed at first, but Edward grows in you.
    About the game engine: Graphics are very good, the massive world looks amazing, and the water is the most beautiful I ever seen. The gameplay is stable, with
    a few minor bugs from time to time, and the amount of different stuff that the player is able to do is what keeps you tied to the game, and never bored. The combat system is as good as any previous entries, with very intuitive moves, and maneuvering the boat is easier than the ACIII.
    The only major down point is the AI. Simply put: enemies are bumb, blind, and suicidal.

    Overall, it gets an 8 or 9 out of 10. Who gives less, is either a player who don't like the sea, or a hater. Who gives it a 10 is a player that doesn't get a game for 5 years, or a fanboy.
  48. Feb 2, 2014
    Excellent sequel to an already great series. The improvements upon everything are obvious to anyone who has followed the series. The graphx on the older gen are truly great for this hardware. The VOs are quite nice, the music is among the best in any videogame and the gameplay is refined.

    The only drawbacks are the quite boring "follow and eavesdrop" missions and the script which is
    overall too shallow for a main game of the series. Though I enjoyed the pirate's tale, it wasn't as emotional as Ezio's or even Connor. Thankfully, Edward is a better character than Connor so that settles it somehow. , There are some twists in the rest mission design that I did not see coming. It has some of the best missions, full of tension of the series.

    Overall, this is the most refined AC yet, it has a ton of fresh ideas, the world is finally somewhat different than the other ACs and is full of collectibles.

    Shame on the 100% only if you connect to the internet. That's a step backwards.
  49. Nov 3, 2013
    Im not sure if I am the only one that was disappointed with Assassins Creed 3, that made me expect less from the fourth part, But let me tell you this game was just outstanding, from stellar voice acting to animations to combat to story telling. It just did it all perfectly and at a great pace. Ubisoft learnt a lot from their other games such as FarCry you can hunt, harpoon and all skin animals to make armour, pouches etc.
    Edward Kenway was an amazing role and I just hope Ubisoft realises that and goes on to make a sequel with him. Buy this game its worth it.
    There are a few bugs I should warn you about, there will be times when enemies tend to get stuck in rocks or enemies will bounce off the ground after you double assassinate, but minor things that shouldn't affect your time on the many hours you will spend emerged in this beautiful world.
  50. Dec 21, 2013
    Best game since the Last of Us.

    Graphics are good, combat well designed giving you different options for you to do things, voice acting is great and characters like able and the world is more open than ever before and with the freedom you have to explore it makes Assassins creed 4 my 2nd favorite game this year.
  51. Feb 10, 2014
    A great, ambitious, and innovative entry in a great series. You play as edward Kenway a selfish privateer captain who actually isn't an assassin and switches around and works for booth sides. The story is better then ac3, but not ac2 that starts of slow but has exciting story arcs and climaxes. The story feels like a compilation of classic pirate tales! However, the real fun in the game is the huge sandbox. Instead of doing the story you can explore a massive Caribbean ocean sandbox with hidden islands, villages coves, underwater wreckages, and huge cities the size of a GTA city. You can upgrade Kenway and your ship as you gain reales the currency. With plenty of side missions, random events and collectables as well as a solid story. This game will keep you busy for awhile. Expand
  52. Nov 21, 2013
    Based on my opinion the new "Assassins Creed Game" is awesome! lets start off the story is Good Edward Kenway is now officially my favorite assassin the combat is ok Naval missions are so extraordinary when you battle a ship and board it and take supplies or sent it to you're fleet you will want to keep battling ships again and again. Multiplayer is Ok it feels like the same Ole multiplayer from the 3 previous assassins creed games.But what it boils down to is a great game with a few glitches here and there but definitely worth the 60$ you payed for it! Expand
  53. Nov 1, 2013
    the only problem I have with this game, is in the multiplayer. its the whispers that appear when your pursier gets close to you. it instantly gives you away, even when blended in the crowd, making high value kills near impossible. if it were not for the whispers, I would have given this a 10/10.
  54. Nov 21, 2013
    This is probably the greatest Assassin's Creed game i have ever played, bugs aside. The team at Ubisoft has created a huge open world, packed full with things to do. I normally don't find myself wandering around an Assassin's Creed game, because eventually i get bored, but the strong focus on exploration, plus the added bonus of the Jackdaw, have kept me greatly entertained.
  55. Nov 15, 2013
    I had lost hope after revelations and AC3 but I was pleasantly surprised to see Black Flag inject new life into the franchise. Exploring locations, collecting loot and crafting pouches, belts and outfits are some of the most addictive things.
    You'll love plundering and killing as Edward Kenway for a good 30-40 hours.
  56. Oct 30, 2013
    100 percent completion on AC1,2,Brotherhood, and Revelations. For some reason, AC3 just didn't resonate with me very well. It seemed rushed, had it's fair share of glitches, and was all over the place, if that makes any sense. It is the only AC game I've yet to finish. Don't get me wrong, I liked some aspects of AC3, the fluidity of the running, the environment was sweet, and the Naval combat was a blast. Which is part of the reason I was intrigued by AC4. I can say, without question, from what I have been witness to thus far, that AC4 takes the best of AC3 and totally improves it. It also takes the worst of AC3 and scraps it, for the most part. They only real downside I have seen so far has been the "tail" missions. So tedious...but once you get past that, the game shines. The open world is absolutely fantastic. The characters are fun to listen to. I haven't really delved too deep yet, so I can't say a whole lot about the story. The controls are WAY better than AC3, in my opinion. I really don't understand the negative feedback some users have placed on this title. Some cry foul that it's not a traditional "Assassin" game. I disagree, I think the formula is still in place, they've just added new tangibles to it. It is evolving into what should be a spectacular next gen experience as well. Some day I may go back and grind through AC3, but for now, I am knee-deep in AC4, and couldn't be happier. Will update score if I encounter any negative glitchy moments ala AC3. Expand
  57. Jan 13, 2014
    This is the best Assassin's Creed game, with number 2 as a very close second. The combat was kind of similar to the Batman: Arkham series or like Ryse: Son of Rome or even Sleeping Dogs in a way, it flows smoothly and amazingly. Ubisoft wanted to be so authentic that they added infamous pirates like Blackbeard (Ed Thatch), Charles Vane, Stede Bonnet, Jack Rackham, Mary Read, and much, much more. It has the most gameplay packed with the game than any of the other games I believe. Apart from a few glitches and pop-ins it is in my top 5 or even top 3 games of the generation. Expand
  58. Nov 5, 2013
    This game is amazing, it is the game I have been waiting for since Sea Dogs! The only things that annoys me is the forced current day story line. They should have made it a stand alone pirate game.

    The multiplayer is a let down also. No online ship combat or drop in co op help in battles. Overall though the single player more than makes up for it with its incredible scope.
  59. Nov 6, 2013
    The 1st AC I played was III. About 4 months ago. I stopped playing before opening up anything major due to weird control issues. I got II about a month and a half ago, hearing it was the best one, and wanting to get to know the story before Black Flag came out. I burned through ACII & Brotherhood. I loved them both. Revelations is a beautiful game. The tower defense game people complain about can be avoided by visiting the heralds. I was going to finish Revelations before picking up black flag, but could not resist.
    Black Flag is a Pirate game first and foremost. A GREAT pirate game. Since November 1st I have hardly stopped(November 9th 8 days, gone, just like that). I am at 52% completed and the game awesome.
    I took a break from it yesterday and put Revelations back on and enjoyed a great 1 hour session playing the older Ezio. During that session I got to compare straight up(I also collected the 3rd disc and got to play Altair, seeing what happened to his youngest son and wife.. Revelations rocks as well...making the "Ezio Trilogy" the best Assassin "game".
    If you want Pirates!?!

    AC4:Black Flag IS the game for you!
  60. Nov 9, 2013
    Easily the best game in the Assassin's Creed franchise. After the low that was Assassin's Creed 3, I think most fans can agree that we were worried about the next AC being a disappointment, as well.

    Connor was probably the most disliked AC character to date, with his monotone, mediocre voice-acting and overall dull "must do right" character.

    Edward Kenway, on the other hand, brings a
    much lighter tone to the franchise, akin to Jack Sparrow.

    The story is great. The combat, crafting, free-running and everything else has all been revamped. I bought this game the day it came out and it has quickly become my favorite Assassin's Creed.

    Can't wait for the PC release, already have it pre-ordered.
  61. Nov 11, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Pirates. Assassins. Pirates. While still plagued by horribly tedious eavesdrop missions, this is the most fun I have had playing Assassins Creed since AC2. It feels like a different game but it contributes to the assassin/templar story and is just plain enjoyable to play. Buy this game and you will not be sorry. Expand
  62. Nov 11, 2013
    Shiver me timber, batten down the hatches and full sail ahead... Assassins Creed delivers..Epic open sea battles (head down south fer sum good plunderin') rich environments, engaging characters, tonnes of collectibles and interesting back story (who needs Desmond?) UbiSoft continues to deliver, above and beyond once more..What do you do with a drunken sailor...? u'll soon know.
  63. Nov 14, 2013
    Ahoy mates! Assassins Creed black flag is a visual stunning open world fill with high flying adventure. It is a complete joy to play from beginning to end. The game play is not frustrating or irritating but fun and intriguing. Another exciting edition to a fabulous franchise. I don't usual pay for DLC as I find it to be an obnoxious cash grab, but I will for AC 4! Buy your copy at the local Wal-Mart! Expand
  64. Nov 27, 2013
    I was disappointed by AC 3 and I haven't played AC2 or Brotherhood in a long time but for me, I think this is possiby the best entry in the franchise. The controls are fluid as ever, the graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is incredibly varied. Side missions in some Assassin's Creed games could be a real drag but in Black Flag it is very easy to change up the type of mission you are doing.

    Some of the more tedious collectibles are actually worth getting such as the shanties as they pay off in game with more songs when you're sailing. The ship battles are great fun with the only draw back being that once you've raided/boarded enough ships, it does become tedious. Aside from that, they've simplified and improved the ship mechanics from AC3 and it really pays off. There are also the addition of 'Legendary Ships' if you really want a challenge that are hard enough to feel like an accomplishment but not so hard that it's frustrating if you have patience.

    The main story is quite varied. Depending on how you feel, there might be too many eavesdrop and follow quests but I never found myself bored. The optional mission constraints aren't unreasonable either.

    As far as characters go, Edward Kenway is probably my favourite assassin in the series so far. They put a slight twist on the normal way that the protagonist becomes an assassin but it actually makes Edward's assimilation in to the order much more naturalistic than some previous entries. He has the charm of Ezio but also has a fiery side to him. I've seen criticism for Edward saying that he lacks character development but I feel that by the end of the game you see a large difference not necessarily in his beliefs but in his maturity. In this sense he doesn't really develop but he certainly grows. The supporting cast is decent as well, with some nice voice acting from the other pirates (except for Kidd who irked me).

    The plot isn't fantastic but with the introduction of a new character and a new ancient technology, it could be interesting to see where they take it in future installments. The modern day aspect is different and sometimes it was a drag but some of the information you can find is quite interesting as well as an indication to some sort of future organisation if you can find all of a certain group of collectibles.

    The only negatives I have really is that I didn't enjoy the shipwreck side quests much fun. The underwater mechanics aren't ideal and the shark attacks make it quite tedious. I also felt that the last few missions seemed a little bit rushed. Could maybe have done with another couple of sequences.

    All in all, with plenty to do (assassin contracts, naval contracts, templar hunt, mayan stelae, treasure maps, ship upgrading, legendary ships, hunting, crafting, Kenway's fleet, etc), I think this is one of the best games I've played this year and one of the best in the series to date.
  65. Dec 7, 2013
    I love the game I played though it 2 times on my third time now a lore of things to explore and do the one thing is that he is not a assassin but that is forgettable the graphics are amazing and the story is great people saying it is a dlc of as3 Thay are a**holes
  66. Dec 27, 2013
    The epic comeback of the series. When Conner kenway thought he ruined the saga. Edward saves the day with the kick butt ac4. The online was as great as last time and very good.
  67. Jan 16, 2014
    This game for me is the game of the year. It was deep, rewarding, fun, and encouraged exploration. The characters are great and the progression is well paced. The only issue I have is the storyline not being particularly consistent. The main character is great well designed, however some of the other characters don't seem as though they were fleshed out very well. This is something that Ubisoft has had a problem with in all the other games. In terms of overall game-play and depth of experience, I loved this game, but in terms of storyline, AC 2 was much better. That being said, its dynamic naval combat, settings, fun gameplay and good enough storyline makes it a game that it is worth spending money on. Expand
  68. Dec 22, 2013
    I have played all of the games in the assassin's creed series, and while I can't say its the best, it is certainly not as bad as ac 3. The gameplay and graphics are great on both the latest gens and the story line is twisted and contains a good transition from sequence to the other
  69. Dec 22, 2013
    Assassins Creed 4 is a great addition to the series, the revamp of the game play gives it a new feel but the story keeps the game's identity. Black flag is the best in the series since AC2
  70. Dec 28, 2013
    Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag is a beautiful game with amazing story
    It improves almost every problem of Assassin's Creed III and improves it in AC4. The game just a beautiful game from Cuba,Nassau,Kingston combat has also been improved just by a little having a pirate theme makes the game even better. the pirate theme has Ubisoft putting famous characters in the game like

    BlackBeard,Captain Kidd. the only problem i have with the game is the present day story some parts felt dull and boring but thats only one problem overall this game is amazing and has a strong story i give the game 9/10 i haven't even talked about the pirate ship combat!
  71. Jan 16, 2014
    If you are one of those Assassins Creed fans that did not appreciate Assassins Creed 3 then you are going to be happy with what Assassins Creed 4 has offered. For example many people were not satisfied with the Connor the previous protagonist of AC3 because they thought him to be dull and boring, however Edward Kenway is a much more colorful character as a result from his greed and pirate nature, and his low interest in the Assassins is what makes him unique from all the previous characters. The game described Edward as a pirate trained by Assassins, which is actually inaccurate because you never really know how he has his master skills in combat, he just has it, so if you wanted a little more background on him you may find that bad. Edward is just a pirate searching for fortune that found himself in the middle of a secret war between Assassins and Templars. Assassins Creed 4 introduces open world gameplay in an entire new way with open sea travel. You will captain your ship along the Caribbean sea and also experience multiple islands and cities on foot. The freedom you have in this game is just amazing, you can board other ships and steal their loot the way pirates do, you can also harpoon sharks and whales, travel underwater for loot, attack forts and take them for yourself, you can leave your ship while your in the middle of the water and just swim around if you want. Remember that it is an Assassins Creed game so their will be plenty of ground exploring as well. So if you want to be a pirate with an Assassins Creed fighting style and outfit, then you are going to have a blast, however if you have no interest in being a pirate or traveling the seas you don't have to stress about buying this game immediately. But do check it out if you would like to follow the story. Expand
  72. Jan 23, 2014
    I got this game for my birthday, and I was so exited I got this game, I literally craped in my thong. The graphics are personally better than the game the G T A 7 or what ever you call it. Its sad I didn't finish this game because I got a big erection and it hurt so bad, I had to go to the vet.
  73. Ape
    Feb 26, 2014
    Great game that really tries to bring back the stealth aspects of the game without over doing it. The pirates and using your ship is great. Side missions are everywhere, they take advantage of the open world concept while still allowing fast-travel so as not to bog you down or slow the pacing you'd like for yourself. I did wish it were a bit longer but overall really fun to play. It has the same mechanics as 3 but this time it's in an environment that can really take them to the next level. I really wasn't even going to buy this game until the lat minute because I though it would be 3 all over but it wasn't and that was great.Hope they make the next one's more like this one. Expand
  74. May 27, 2014
    It's a different Assassin's Creed. It's more about piracy it self than the Assassin order. But that doesn't mean that AC4 is bad. Quite the opposite. Good graphics, good engine and good story, and nearly perfect naval combats.
  75. Mar 21, 2014
    FUN fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun Expand
  76. Aug 22, 2014
    This is a great game. It isn't my favorite in the series, but looking passed my bias towards Assassin's Creed 3 and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, it truly is an interesting and exciting twist on the franchise, where as Edward is more drawn to money and wealth than to finding ancient artifacts. His pirate nature blends nicely with the assassin ways, and wielding dual swords is more than satisfying. This is a great installment in the Assassin's Creed series, and a massive amount of fun overall. Expand
  77. Nov 16, 2013
    A HUGE improvement over the previous game. But maybe not quite as good as Brotherhood, which was the best of the series. IV setting is very different, as is the main character's story os don't expect traditional Assassin's Creed stuff so much.

    The setting is good, the characters are interesting and the combat system is as good as it always was. If you avoided AC3 but enjoyed the earlier
    games then get this one. Expand
  78. Feb 1, 2014
    The most successfully innovative AC game since AC2. The franchise was starting to get a bit stale but the massive improvement on the sailing from AC3 has brought all the fun back! Sailing on the high sea singing shanties before engaging a fleet of 10 ships is pure glee. Graphically more impressive; while running on the same engine as AC3, the lush greens and pale blues of the Caribbean stand out so much more. Running and climbing is faster and animations for them are smoother, the animal hunting has more of a purpose as a side activity and is much more rewarding to do and needless to say Edward and his pirate cove are much more enjoyable characters than in the previous games.

    Only issues are the fighting animations which clip more than ever before and the fighting itself remains far too easy. When boarding larger ships I noticed the frame rate would tank to abysmal levels but for a 360 game what do you expect? And the addition of ship combat undermines everything else in the game with the basic assassin work being a chore, such as tailing and conversation listening which quickly began to infuriate me. Overall a definite recommend.
  79. Jan 2, 2014
    i major step in the right direction for the assassins creed franchise. finally a game that emphasizes exploration and discovery. The game really makes you feel as if you are a pirate searching for loot and that greater sense of freedom. the locations around the game are interesting and despite being fairly similar are all unique and have a great sense of the Caribbean about them. the world is filled with life as the locations offer many missions and side quests and other interesting things to see and do. The story is lacking in terms of sheer narrative however there is a few memorable moments and edward is a hugely different main character compared to connor, Ezio and Altair. The pirate dynamic also makes it by far the most interesting game in the series as the ship to ship combat and underwater exploration just add to an already solid list of things to do in an AC game. to go along with fantastic combat, hunting, huge cities to explore, sea shanties and other fun moments of exploration this game is well worth picking up and sinking 30 hours into Expand
  80. Oct 30, 2013
    Yeah good game but definitely not perfect in my opinion. I've always enjoyed ac games but there's always something missing...a bloody crouch button! It's one of the weirdest game designs to never include it in a so called stealth game. So it means you can never ever sneak when so many occassions call for it. ubisoft are missing a trick here because to have the option to go in quiet and unseen would improve this otherwise great game dramitically. That why for me ac has never been a stealth game. So I find it really annoying when your asked to sneak into a fort when you can't do anything but walk in! Standing on a rooftop gets noticed ALL the time whereas crouching and having the ability to sneak/ ghost wouldn't!!! I still love the ac games but this is a massive flaw in an assassin game! It's such a shame cos with that inprovement it would be one of the best game series ever.But yeah for me this games an eight. Expand
  81. Nov 13, 2013
    Being a pirate is the most fun I've had in this series since AC2. There is a huge world to explore, more importantly you want to explore it, impart to the great upgrade system both for Edward and and the ship. The wilderness and small Caribbean islands all feel real and alive with plenty of booty to discover and lots of animals to hunt, the hunting and upgrade system go hand in hand and is clearly based off of farcry 3. Combat is much improved from AC3, its much easier to access your weapons on the fly and edwards animations are all great. But its the way the game makes you feel like a pirate that makes it so great, searching for sunken treasure, harping whales, and of course taking the fight to the seas on your ship,i never get board boarding enemy ships. The visuals on this game are the best in the series and there is an impressive attention to detail considering the games size. The things that held the game back for me were a few minor glitches, way to many missions that told you to follow this guy for 10 minutes, and of course being an AC game, a subpar story. The game has likeable characters but they are not given time to develop, partially because the story is to busy with ancient civilizations and apples of eden. i really like the idea of the templars and assassins but i wish they'd stop with this ancient mystical crap, it boating takes me out of the experience, and takes up valuable time that could be spent on giving us a story that isn't half bad. Bad story and missions aside, being a pirate is just to much fun not to get this game Expand
  82. Jan 7, 2014
    Let just give a quick review on the game. A lot of aspects are repeated from earlier games, such as mostly the same combat, but I feel that a lot of new features were added that almost freshen it up. Assassins Creed 4 is a good game, maybe even a great one, but there aren't enough changes done and new features added to make it really great. Also the story could have been better. It wasn't terrible but their were many boring parts, then occasionally it would draw me back in. Overall I think I over hyped it, and expected to much, but new features make it very much deserving of my time. Expand
  83. Nov 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Concept: Live a pirate's life one big raid at a time, and forget all about the main story- instead, opt for a plethora of side content and leisurely paced treasure hunts to engross players.

    Graphics: Somewhat unstable framerate changes and drops occur from time to time, but the vistas and open seas look and react beautifully.

    Sound: From the realistic ballistics and sheathing of swords to the sounds in the background and melodic sea shanties, all is fair on the high seas in terms of sound.

    Playability: There are still a few issues with naval controls and encounters, but by the by everything has largely been improved or at least stayed relatively the same.

    Entertainment: The side content is impressive in amount and fun to troll through, but having to go through the ropes with your core encounters is often boring and out of sync with the rest of your misadventures.

    Replay Value: High.

    Overall Score: 8.0
  84. Feb 3, 2014
    Broken down by components this game would likely be a 7, however in its entirety it was a very good game.

    Story - always the weakest point of a AC game; story and execution here probably a 6 tops....why they continue to put the lame present-day story in is beyond me....that BS is always a ZERO!
    Action - the game allowed significant scope in how to approach the objectives; stealth,
    force or a combination - 8
    World size - It looks bigger than it is; AC3 was actually larger. The only true area to roam is the ocean (which is a lot of fun), with all but a few of the islands very linear (no entering the woods, etc) follow the path stuff. - 7
    Open world - mini games (8), sea roaming & battles/ boarding/ fort battles (9.5 - the shanties are what stick with me from the game), mini-convoy activity (6), looting warehouses (6), underwater exploration (3), chase the courier (0), collectibles (6 - the rewards are not worth the time, but they aren't onerous)
  85. Feb 19, 2014
    Gameplay same old same old Assassin's Creed- Boat combat is on of the best mechanics in gaming of the last couple years- The ability to free roam around in boats, collect buried treasure, fight legendary ships, take on fleets of ships- Story is fantastic- Pirate genre is a PLUS. Get this game if: 1. You love the pirate genre 2. Loved the ship combat in AC3 3. You love history Do not get this game if:
    1. You do not like AC combat
  86. Dec 25, 2013
    An improvement over the third AC in most ways and a great game. Interesting characters, excellent open world and environments and some of the best naval/ship combat to be had in all of gaming. However, some long standing problems for the series continue, the main story missions are very handheld and linear, the combat whilst fun is still incredibly easy etc. Overall, must buy for fans of the series and also anyone looking for a good pirate romp. Expand
  87. Oct 31, 2013
    Although admittedly buggy in the opening, and not impressed with opening sequence, it is worth the time to keep playing. The game is deep, looks good, and is fun all around in what feels like the first true step forward in an AC game in a long time. The series is in obvious need of next gen hardware, but I will have no problems enjoying my time until then playing AC IV Black Flag on the 360 for many many hours. The first game since GTA V that was actually worth changing the disc in my tray. Expand
  88. Oct 29, 2013
    There is some SERIOUS astroturfing going on, or people are just making an account to just give this game and only this game a 10, which I doubt. However, whoever states this game sucks and the franchise is dying has not played the game. I was skeptic about Black Flag due to my disappointment with 3, and while 3 was the worst game in the series, I still enjoyed it at points. Black Flag takes the disappointments from 3 and enhances them, as well introducing a much better plot, better gameplay, and a better experience overall. Remember, a different company makes each Assassin's Creed game, it is impossible for the same team to create one every single year. Hard work goes into each one, and the minds behind each team are different, which proves sure that each game isn't %100 monetized yet, and there is just a bit of love for making the game good. If you were disappointed with how different 3 was, get Black Flag. If you aren't a fan, get it, or rent it. I recommend renting due to the fact that unless you're a huge fan of multiplayer, after you beat the single player and 100% it there isn't much to do. Play the game, then voice your opinion. I did, and my opinion is that ACIV is easily one of the best in the franchise. Expand
  89. Oct 31, 2013
    Ubisoft years ago have been at it's peak releasing great...nay, outstanding games such as my favorite Assassin's Creed II. Outside of the walls of the Ubisoft building they praise on how well their game are going to be and how well they are, but I secretly think inside of the walls they are collapsing. I'm not saying Ubisoft is a bad company and that they are going balls-up like companies such as THQ did in 2011, no I'm saying that recently they have been making some calls. Some examples are the push backs of some anticipated games like watch dogs and (sadly) south park the stick of truth. Plus, there quarterly financial bulls*** they have said is taking a terrible toll. Like I said, their not a bad company just making some bad call on the games that could make them a little dough. I don't want to see them go under I love their games, but the more they turn Assassin's Creed into a yearly release like CoD the more it's the same old and same old. Assassin's Creed IV was the story changer in the series that should be over now, not saying it was the worst (Assassin's Creed 1 in my book in the worst, good but not the best of them all) but still could have been better. The story note a big changer, but not the best in the story-line (the games went historically future, future, future, and then past? Why?). I will admit the huge open world was great, loved the huge naval-pirating features that really added to what the game was to be about. The addition of Blackbeard is also a nice touch, and some twists (while foreseeable) were still nice. The music and shanties were great. The story outside the animus added that Desmond feel but still felt empty without him, but the secrets that the game answers while at the same time asks added that feel that makes it Assassin's Creed. Assassin's Creed IV:Black Flag: +Huge Open World. +Naval and Pirating adds a great feel. +Music fits in with game. +THE SECRETS...WHAT DO THEY MEAN? -No Desmond Miles. -More of the same old, same old with yearly releases. -No end in sight, lets try to put some IPs to rest (at least for a few years). Expand
  90. Nov 5, 2013
    Big Improvement from the last game. The game looks beautiful the Controls are sharp. and its just a game that will keep you occupied for hours on end.
  91. Nov 7, 2013
    I like this game, it has its glitches sometimes, but other than that, its fantastic! Graphics are beautiful and the ship battles are great! but I wish there was ship battles on mutiplayer.
  92. Nov 27, 2013
    Much to my surprise, I'm very much enjoying this game. I personally feel that the last good game in this series was AC2 and have been disappointed by the following chapters prior to AC4. Lots of complaints about the story not being as strong but I'm ok with's toned down a bit and that's good b/c the story sometimes feels overly weighty when all you really want to do is play loose and fast. I will say that the naval battles and such do tend to get a bit monotonous after a bit but the world is quite bit and there are lots of things to explore. haven't tried the MP yet but plan to as soon as single player is complete. Expand
  93. Mar 24, 2014
    Black Flag is full of stuff to do. Plunder ships, take forts, hunt animals, dive wrecks, find buried treasure, and assassinate those bad bad Templars. The single-player is fun, but can get repetitive. Don't even bother with the multiplayer. They missed so much co-op potential, going for a boring bizarre hunt and kill mode instead of an actual story.
    Singleplayer: 8/10
    Multiplayer: 3/10
  94. Jan 23, 2014
    Amazing game
    + Great Graphics
    + Fun, addicting game play
    + Amazingly giant map
    - Boring Start
    + New main character
    + Epic Ship Battles
    + Great Soundtrack
    + Fun Multi player
  95. Feb 17, 2014
    After the disappointing ACIII this game in the series revives some aspects of the AC series but it also fails in some others

    Pros:Much better Character unlike Conor, Edward Kenway is much more likable and just more badass,The open ocean and your ship are a breath of fresh air to the Cashcow series it also controls good, and is arguably the best part of the game,Cheats yes cheats unlike
    the other games with 100% mission complete and no rewards collecting things and doing good is rewarded with humorous cheats,the modern sections are much better this time around, and finally the graphics, for a game on a 8 year old console ACIV really looks good.

    Cons:The story is a bit lacking,there's alot and i mean alot of tail missions,combat is still a bit clunky, and finally the ship and ocean itself, you almost never want to go on land sine the ship is too damn fun and land is well...not a giant pirate ship used to plunder Man-O-Wars
  96. May 17, 2014
    Great game
    if you liked the other games of the serie, you will for sur like it
    improved mechanics and attention to details is what makes it a hit.
    My only negative point is, yes, all that moth**f*** naval thing. fun for one single mission but in this case it's just too much.
  97. Aug 3, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I played the whole Assassin's Creed series right from the beginning and sadly i have to say that this one was the weakest (besides AC Revelations). Now, this was not a bad game! You had a lot of things to do, with a open world and graphics which were blowing your mind for the size of the world and amount of animations. I was sailing on the water without thinking about how long I will do that, because it was so much fun. You really had that sailor/pirate feeling!
    Now comes the big...
    BUT, I think that the protagonist (Edward Kenway) is not an Assassin! Until the end he did not enter the Brotherhood of Assassins. Besides that, he did not even have to learn all the stuff like climbing, assassination with the hidden blade or stuff like that. Right from the beginning he was able to do that kind of things!
    The story was, in my opinion, a little bit thin and could not keep up with the other parts of the series. (Except AC Revelations).
    The characters were ok. Not very interesting, not too boring or annoying. Excepting this little guy named Stede Bonnett or whatever his name was. He was just unnecessary...
    But, like I wrote above, this game was not bad! I don't know if I would buy it again for 70€ but Iam ok with the statement that I bought it.
  98. Apr 22, 2014
    Finally Ubisoft found their way back to what made AC fun - assassinations. BF still doesn't do as good a job as AC1 or AC2 but it is better than the last 2 entries. BF is a mixture of assassinations and sailing. BF wisely gets rid of (most) of the mass combat aspects that recent entries had and returns to the "hidden is better" formula. Each mission has 1 or 2 optional objectives that (mostly) fit the mission. Unlike some of the previous entries you don't have to be perfect to get 100% on this game.

    Unfortunately BF contains RTS stuff that has littered the series of late. It is scaled back but still there and mandatory even if you don't want it. The most glaring is Kenway's Fleet which is a borefest that extends for days (because of the moronic hours long missions). The "companion app" only works with a few devices so is mostly useless. Once I got the item I needed from KF I stopped playing it because it is useless, dull and slow.

    The story itself would be OK except for 1 very big plot hole, where did Kenway learn the assassin skills? Every game in the series has a mentor of some sort. BF just gives you the powers of an assassin and never even bothers to explain how. Suddenly you can kill like Ezio with no training whatsoever, go figure. The modern day parts are still lame and boring. Why Ubisoft continues to include it is beyond me. Does anybody actually care (or even follow) the crappy modern day end of times story line? I doubt it. Fortunately the sequences aren't too long so you can skip past them pretty quick. Kudos to the designers though for at least an interesting backstory for BF.

    Since you're a pirate sailing seems reasonable but it still isn't really enjoyable (better than AC3). Ships are hard to control, you see more rogue waves in the span of a single battle than has been recorded in all of modern history and every water funnel seems to aim straight for you. The underwater wrecks should have been a highlight but the implementation is horribly bad. You have to get air every so often and you are continually attacked by sharks (which give little warning) and other creatures (which give no warning). Rather than being fun they are an act of frustration marred with reality over entertainment. I dreaded each time I had to dive.

    Glitches are not as bad as AC3 but still present. At one point I started boarding a ship but my ship kept moving forward and began dragging the other ship. I was trying to kill a captain but I couldn't get to them because the boat was on its side and the captain was underwater. Combat is iffy as has been the norm since they tried to turn it into an FPS. Climbing continues to be iffy as well. Please explain why I would be high above the ground and suddenly decide to leap off into mid air where I'm going to die? Some rudimentary logic would be useful for climbing. There are times where you cannot climb even though you should be able to (you have to move down and then back up) and other times where you won't drop even though you should.

    Overall BF is better than recent entries and brings back some of the fun of the series but Ubisoft's attempts to cram RTS and boring side activities into the game in combination with the need to finish the modern thread that nobody cares about limits its potential.
  99. Feb 3, 2014
    Assassin's Creed 4 is a thoroughly enjoyable pirate adventure game that has no business being tied to the Assassin's Creed franchise. This is a stand alone game that happens to use the same engines and styles as Assassin's Creed, with a weak story line taking place somewhere you're not interested in.

    The positives: Great sailing and naval combat experience, beautiful sea environment,
    excellent soundtrack, great side missions, and an awesome open world experience.

    The negatives: Very poor storyline, more follow a conversation missions, some frustrating environment interaction glitches, resource collecting requires some serious pirating farming.

    A very good game I like to break out when I feel the need to sail, but held back primarily by a lack of unifying story to drive the player.
  100. Oct 30, 2013
    Assassin's Creed IV definitely has disappointed me. I was expecting a much better game than what I got.
    I primarily play AC for the story, and this story was definitely the worst the series has to offer. It's boring to go through repetitive and terribly annoying "follow the enemy and hear what he says" missions that AC IV has to offer. The story is also too jubilant and is not engaging at
    all. Edward's story gave me no reason to keep playing in order to achieve a deep and vengeful goal, like AC II, AC Brotherhood, and AC III did. The only motive of Edward is money, which doesn't appeal to me.The last con of mine is the fact that the game was based around naval combat, which I thought was the worst aspect of AC III. These missions were, in my opinion, tedious, boring and did not excite me at all.
    However, while the story and missions are subpar, the gameplay and visuals are some of the best of the franchise. The gameplay has been polished and works well, and the visuals improve on the visual improvements made by AC III. Also, the multiplayer has been improved a bit as well.
    While the open world of the Caribbean is huge, it is a bit dull and uninteresting. Most of the islands you discover are just woodlands, and the cities, unlike Florence and Venice from AC II, Rome from Brotherhood, Istanbul from Revelations, and even New York and Boston from AC III, are uninteresting and not worth exploring.
    While this game certainly has the best gameplay, visuals, and multiplayer the franchise has ever offered, the rest of the aspects of the game did not appeal to me.
    Overall, I would say: "Buy at your own risk." If you loved AC III and it's open world, then you should buy this game, but if you are more into the story and the beautiful, diverse cities that AC II, Brotherhood, and Revelations has to offer, then this game is not for you.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 35
  2. Negative: 0 out of 35
  1. Mar 11, 2014
    The sun, the waves, the smell of salt in the air. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag offers an amazing pirate adventure experience. [Nov 2013]
  2. Jan 3, 2014
    Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is a game that feels locked between two worlds. Not only between to generations of consoles but between a run of the mill AC-game and an astonishing pirate game. It’s not only a well needed spark to the series as much it’s a redefining of it. Everything that is use is great and everything old feels like it should be thrown overboard. Try it regardless of your thoughts about earlier Assassin’s Creed games.
  3. 80
    Black Flag tightens enough screws and adds enough cool new stuff to make it the best in ages. [Issue#105, p.79]