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  2. Negative: 1 out of 17

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  1. Aug 23, 2013
    Assault Heroes is a X-Box 360 Arcade Title which drops you (And a buddy if you have one available next to you or online) literally out of a ship into a warzone. You drive a 4 wheeled assault vehicle, and with several weapons and powerups at your disposal, set out to save the world, or something. Everything you encounter is out to get you, and if your vehicle takes enough damage you will be temporarily forced on foot where you are extremely vulnerable. These times of foot training will come in handy when you head into underground bunkers for powerups, and these are actually some of the more challenging parts of the games.

    Assault Heroes is vehicle based twin stick shooter, and after you fight through the hordes of soldiers, vehicles, and bunkers you’ll encounter boss fights. These fights are fairly interesting, which each encounter having a gimmick of some sort you need to figure out.

    Presentation wise, the game is pleasing both with sound and video, though unremarkable. One of my minor complaints involves environment destruction For some reason you are able to blow up and burn down trees with impunity, but buildings seem immune to your heavy artillery. I notice these sorts of things. I also wonder if the enemy is frustrated that two Jeeps can bring down their entire fortress. But I digress... My other major complaint involves some imbalance, in that if you are playing Co-Op you have access to Co-Op attacks, which are special powerups. One of these in particular (The Machine gun Co-Op power) is extremely overpowered and makes using the other weapons or NOT being in Co-Op mode undesirable. This makes the game even more repetitious than it already is.

    Playing through Assault Heroes will take 2-3 hours. There are multiple difficulty levels and achievements if you’re looking for replayability.

    All in all though, this is an average, but competent title. It will entertain you but not excite you.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. 87
    With three difficulty levels -- and believe me, this game can be very tough at some points -- Assault Heroes is a challenge and one of the best XBLA titles to date.
  2. Assault Heroes takes several cues from the great arcade shooters of the '80s and '90s but manages to spin all of these influences into a unique-feeling product.
  3. Just as solid as the gameplay in Assault Heroes is the way in which it looks. This is what an arcade-style shooter on a next-gen platform should look like.