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  • Summary: It was not the end. The cries that echo across the planet have yet to cease. But why? Why does the world still suffer? Asura and Yasha take on the one who has been manipulating even the demigods themselves in "Part IV: Nirvana," the epic four episode conclusion to Asura's Wrath!
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  1. Jun 26, 2013
    Asura's Wrath Part IV: Nirvana is, in my opinion, one of the greatest endings to any video game ever. It has many sad, ridiculous, and satisfying moments in it that perfectly tie together the world of Asura's Wrath and provide closure. This really is something that all fans of Asura's Wrath should experience.
    Then why is my score only an 8?

    The ending is DLC. I've never before heard of a company that sells the ending of a game, the most significant moment, as DLC. Capcom is the first, and hopefully the last.

    It's insane to think that a company can essentially rip out a significant moment in a game just to make a quick buck off of it and still get away with it.

    I don't believe that people should purchase this. That would only further support the terrible practices of Capcom. Rather, I'd recommend watching the ending online. Given the anime style of the game, it's essentially the same as playing it.

    This really is one of the best endings I've ever experienced. If it hadn't been sold as DLC, I would have given it a perfect score.