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  1. Oct 22, 2014
    I have already reviewed most of the games I have played this year so far so I thought I would go back and review a few games I played a year or two ago.
    Batman Arkham City is the awesome sequel to the then best superhero game of all time Batman Arkham Asylum. Is this game better than Arkham Asylum? Yes it is, Arkham City improves on all most everything that needed improving from the first
    10/10 One of the best games I have ever played
  2. Sep 29, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Woah.. I love this game, everything looks brilliant, Batman is better than ever, fighting crime and defeating **** spasticated villains, mark hamill hits bullseye, giving a completely fantastic performance as the joker, the controls feel perfect and better than ever, the boss fights are expanded upon and I loved the joker and batmans relationship, it is expanded upon and by the end of it, after seeing the joker kill thousands upon thousands of people, he became a legend, seeing him die, was incredibly sad, and I got a sense of feeling that however batman had one the battle, he didn't do what he set out to achieve, and that was saving everyone. I loved the game so much and the open world was amazing. Almost perfect story and plenty of sexy sidequests. Expand
  3. Sep 17, 2014
    Bought this game a few months ago in May... Played nothing except BAC till mid-Aug. when I had to pack up my games & console cause of exams... This game is absolutely fantastic & immersing... The story is great & there has been a lot of work put into it in those 2 years from 2009-2011... From Riddler Challenges to the combat, this game is absolutely a masterpiece created by RockSteady... The AI is super intelligent... The graphics are satisfying seeing what a 2011 game should look like... I really fell in love with the Batman franchise... All thanks to this game... One of the best games I've ever played
    A few cons that I noted were the unresponsive counter button(sometimes) which caused me to die as Batman many times, a few glitches(very minor) For eg: I got stuck on a helicopter during the campaign & wasn't able to proceed further... But sorted it out when I quit the game & restarted it... Boss battles are nothing special... But my most favorite boss battle was against Ra's Al Ghul... Great replay ability, loads of content... One more special feature... Arkham City may not be as big as open worlds in GTA games... But is very deep & there is a lot of stuff to do & explore... Proud of RockSteady... Greatest job ever done by you guys at RockSteady... Hope Arkham Knight to be a huge success & the best installment in the Arkham series!
  4. Sep 14, 2014
    With intense combat, epic story telling, and more varieties of challenges than before, Batman: Arkham City is an astounding follow up to an already excellent predecessor.
  5. Sep 9, 2014
    Batman: Arkham City is the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum. While Batman: Arkham City adds in tons of new gameplay and content the first game didn't have, Arkham Asylum was a lot more enjoyable if you ask me.

    Arkham City's graphics were polished, story was excellent, and gameplay was phenomenal. However, I didn't like the vibe I got from the game, compared to the first one. If you get
    right down to it, Arkham City is just a bigger version of Arkham Asylum with new more enemies, gadgets, and areas to explore. The entire game felt like one big DLC. Nothing was changed very much except for new ways to get around. (Ex. The grappling hook and almost never ending cape gliding.) The game offers a huge area to explore with a bunch of secrets and goodies scattered everywhere but, it just left a bad taste in my mouth after I finished the game. I guess I should say that I expected more.

    Overall, Arkham City is a fantastic Batman game that any Batman fan can and most likely will enjoy. Personally, I would pass it off as decent.
  6. Aug 18, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well everybody loved Arkham Asylum back when it came out it, it was considered the best superhero game of all time, then it was announced that a sequel, Batman: Arkham City was gonna come out. I was just as excited as everyone else. And when I heard everyone say it was better than Asylum, it didn't suprise me because unlike in movies, in video games sequels 99% of the time are better than the first. So I ignored it all and bought this game and - I was really underwhelmed by it, I was actually kind of shocked. Im sorry but Arkham City is overrated. Whether you agree or not here it goes......first of all this game is obviously and open world game, so you can go over the city and do side missions, collect riddler trophies and go on the main story but when you complete everything which doesn't take long, you are left nothing to do except for fighting the same thugs over and over again. Then you have the story which for the most part is good but then there is that needless filler like when you have to go to Mr Freeze to get the cure but all of a sudden you have to take down penguin but then before you can you have to disable 3 jamming devices all over the city just to open a door, then when you finally go to stop penguin, you have to rescue some guards and then get a gadget from Freeze that stops his weapons so then Batman goes to stop Penguin but has to fight Solomon Grundy which is again another problem, all the villains in the game aren't focused, Hugo Strange the supposedly main villain is not much in the game, Two Face is in the game for a short time and so is Joker and Penguin and Clayface etc. Which begs the question who is the main villain in this game, Strange ? No he was just a puppet for the most underwhelming plan, it turns out Ra's Al Ghul was the main villain and is quickly killed off, then Joker shows up again and tries to kill Batman's girlfriend but it turns out he was actually Clayface and I can't believe despite all the obvious clues nobody saw it coming except for me. The whole Protocol Ten is the plan to kill the criminals in the City it was just as silly as in Batman Begins but whatever, then there are parts in this game where you dont even know where to go. The boss battles haven't improved much except for the Mr Freeze boss battle. Also all that mystery that was in Arkham Asylum is lacking in Arkham City sure there is some but there isn't much. The side missions are disappointing because half of them are just set ups for Arkham Knight. Oh and Catwoman being a DLC is a middle finger to all those who don't have Xbox Live. So by now you probably think I hate the game but I actually think its decent. The combat is great, the ending is really good and so is the voice acting, and the gameplay is great. So I think Arkham City is the worst of the Arkham games, even worse than Origins. 4/10 Expand
  7. Aug 17, 2014
    Batman is one of the most well-known and superheroes ever created, and until Arkham Asylum, hadn't been portrayed in a video game properly. Arkham City does everything Asylum did, but bigger and better. The story, characters, gameplay, everything is just superb in this game. Gliding and grappling is fluent, and you just feel like you should as batman.
  8. Aug 1, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Officially the best superhero game EVER!

    The new combat mechanics are like, making a high end Ferrari car even more faster, the voice acting is superb, thanks to old time veterans Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as Batman and The Joker, the story is even better than Asylum's story (Yeah I know, try to imagine). But it is the main villain, Hugo Strange, that makes this game work. The guy just plays it flawlessly. Oh yeah and the ending might shock you a little bit.

    So if you are looking for a open world superhero game that actually works, we got the game for you. Go out and try it, I recommend it to everyone. Comic book nerds(like my self) will love it, and the non comic book nerds will learn the franchise and also love it!
  9. Jul 25, 2014
    I don't care how small the map is. The game is amazing. Beautiful Robotics, smart NPC's, a strong story, they made the character unforgettable (Especially The Joker) the combat is the best I've seen in a Super hero game. This game is a must have. Don't listen to the 125 dumbasses, who are giving this game low scores. They just wanted a big open world. Gameplay is what matters.
  10. Jul 20, 2014
    Batman: Arkham City is undoubtedly the best superhero game I have ever played. It features so many of Batman's most notorious villiains, like Two-Face, Penguin, and The Joker, and each one has their own specific part in the story. Combined with really cool collectibles, incredible boss fights, and a brilliantly designed environment, Arkham City is really in a league of it's own. But the best thing about the experience is that you really feel like Batman, having a wide variety of gadgets to use and being able to take several approaches to combat. A truly fantastic game, worth every penny of it's asking price. Expand
  11. Jun 17, 2014
    Love the dark atmosphere and the freedom to explore (although open world can be boring). Good story. Love to hunt the goons and hide in the shadows.
  12. May 23, 2014
    As a raging bat-fanatic, Batman: Arkham City is everything I could've hoped for. Intense, fluid combat. A menagerie of some great villains. The best story I've seen in a superhero videogame. And an open world that's full of secrets to find. A must play.
  13. Apr 8, 2014
    Sequels to a game can be a challenge for some but when your a company as bold as Rocksteady Studios it comes natural to them. Its predecessor is labelled one of the best superhero games of our time from its combat system to its sheer scope and setting of the Asylum. Well what if I told you Arkham City is a far more diverse game from a stunning roster including Bane, Penguin and of course The Joker. Gliding through skyscrapers is a fun feature and you honestly feel as if you are the caped crusader. Arkham City has over 400 Riddler challenges and more power ups than ever before. So many distractions from side missions and helping civilians cornered by thugs make the experience as long as ever. If you haven't played Arkham Asylum I advise you play that before this. Recommend it to all ages. Fly safe [10/10] Expand
  14. Apr 7, 2014
    My favourite of the Batman Arkham Series. Wonderful, dark, gritty places to explore. Stealth and beat-em-up combat remains similarly the same, if not improved a bit. And I can play it with enjoyment while playing the story, or just roaming.
  15. Mar 27, 2014
    Good story, nice voice acting too and graphics but the game got very repetitive for me after the first playthrough. I've never really got into superhero games so I couldn't really get a hang of this. Other than that, it's worth getting.
  16. Mar 26, 2014
    Spider-Man (PS1) & Spider-Man 2 (PS2) & The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction used to be the best superhero games until the Arkham series stole all their sunshine. Arkham City is arguably the finest creation in the Arkham trilogy.
  17. Mar 3, 2014
    While it has good ideas, it doesn't live up. Due to technical issues.

    Your batman enough said.
    Good graphics.
    Good fighting system.
    Puzzles are good also.

    Bad story, wasn't interesting.
    Small world.
    All characters look similar.
    Bad boss fights.
    Too easy.
    Stealth was mediocre. Wasn't fleshed out enough like a splinter cell game.
  18. Ape
    Feb 26, 2014
    Great game and very promising. Almost perfect aside from a few frame dips. Tightest fighting mechanics I've found in quite a while. There's a few times you're not even sure how it reacts so fast and as precisely as it does but it's pretty amazing. Only downfall was how short the main story was. A few more hours would have been nice but aside from that it's fantastic. If you don't have it already something must be wrong with you. Expand
  19. Jan 2, 2014
    One of the all-time greatest games ever made. I enjoyed AA but AC expounded on the previous title and upgraded it in every way. I have no idea how anyone could not get into this game. It also has some of the best replay value out there, despite not being an RPG. Batman is again a bad ass in this game and the city is easy to navigate around. I replay through this game about 4 times per year. If I could give it a higher score than 10, I would. The DLC wasn't that great (being Batman is WAY more fun than being Catwoman) but still worth getting. If you don't have this game, go buy it immediately. Expand
  20. Dec 27, 2013
    Seriously, this game is a step up from asylum. Enhanced graphics, better AI and fighting techniques plus the freedom to roam this section of Gotham City that they allocated to prisoners. The story is very well written, and the best part is getting all new gadgets. Sadly, the game gets old and boring after a handful of missions and thugs to beat up when you roam around come in small quantities. Overall, this is so great it should set a precedent for all other superhero action-adventures. Expand
  21. Dec 25, 2013
    I did not honestly think that this game could be better than its masterpiece of a predecessor, yet it was. Absolutely must buy for any gamer, this game is a masterpiece and one of the most engaging games I have ever played. You can play over and over again and not get bored. There IS SO MUCH TO DO. The graphics are a significant leap over arkham asylum with vivid colours and fine textures. It looks like a next gen game on teh xbox 360. BUY THIS NOW! Expand
  22. Rem
    Dec 3, 2013
    Batman Arkham City has one notable strength: it's stuffed with content. It also has one notable weakness: it's stuffed with content. Now don't get me wrong, I love a filled game as much as anyone else, but much of the content in here distracts me from the storyline or any storyline and when I do return to it, it becomes hard to remember why I was fighting Penguin. The combat this time around is much more diverse allowing me to use gadgets even in the heat of combat. I am not a huge Batman fan, so I may not appreciate the game as much as I would have liked. Despite this, this game stands as one of 2011's best and one of Batman's best games. Expand
  23. Dec 2, 2013
    This game wasn't really my style, but I figured I'd try something different. It was alright and enjoyed playing it, but after finishing the major plots it got repetitive in the fighting, and boring trying to get all the Riddler's Trophies and solve his riddles so I didn't bother to finish it before trading it in.
    I also try Arkham Asylum and Arkham City was much better. At least Batman
    responded to my controller inputs where-as in arkham asylum he would sometimes just sit there and get beat up.
    One thing I did notice was when Batman ran away from the Thugs, they would catch up to him. Why is that?
    You would like Batman appearing to be in much better shape would be able to out run them.
    Graphics and sound effects were good. I turned off the music so I don't know how it sounded.
    IMO I don't really think this game is a 10, but isn't as bad as some of those low, 5 or less, scores
    I would recommend someone trying this game, but for a 'Keep it to Play it again' type game, no.
  24. Nov 14, 2013
    This batman game expanded arkham asylum and became open world but wasnt better in my opinion than the original. Anyway I gave the game a 9.5 out of 10.
  25. Oct 30, 2013
    Listen I'm a big gamer and I love a challenge, there's not a game I own that I don't crank it up to the highest difficulty, it was enjoyable until Y button and other associated buttons in conjunction made it annoying to play, I literally stopped playing it when the shield guys are introduced, I'm sure it may be fun for people on lower difficulties due to being able to get hit and still stand a chance, I'm a huge batman fan and the developers attempt to make this game difficult is just plain (fart noise)+thumbsdown. Expand
  26. Oct 28, 2013
    Its not 'better' than Arkham Asylum. They're two very different games in design. 'Asylum' was a much more well-rounded, better paced game. 'City' is like an episode of Batman The Animated Adventure, with little sense of direction and much more of an episodical nature, focused on encountering all your favorite characters rather than telling a story. In fact, the ending of 'City' is bland and disappointing. The pacing in-between is far-fetched, trope filled, and drags on.

    Don't get me wrong, it has plenty of good parts. But nothing in the game ever feels complete. Even when the game ends you never really feel like you accomplished or even finished anything, because the nature of the story-telling is so oblique (not in an artistic way) and generally lacking depth. Even completing the game 100% is unsatisfying, unlike the last game. The story between Cat Woman and Two-Face feels like it was translated from Korean into Serbian, then back into English on Bablefish. The Cat Woman parts, especially her interaction with Batman, rarely make sense.

    The design and atmosphere of Gotham is nice, if at times seeming unrealistic/fantastic, small, and strangely laid out.

    The combat has made a slight improvement from 'Asylum', and there are new gadgets, but few really get used in any remarkable or new way. The detective mode is still simply looking around the room until your cursor changes.

    There are plenty of bugs with combat, goons, and frustrating areas.

    I did enjoy this game, but it was quite disappointing for me. The length was nice, but the whole thing seemed rushed and poorly thought out, and gives the impression that it was the combination of several different development project. I'm calling this one a franchise milk. Its not nearly the open world wonder it claims to be, and where it excels just barely surpasses where it flounders.
  27. Oct 19, 2013
    this game is pretty much the same from the first game (batman arkham asylum), the only difference is that this game is all the greater good, all systems were improved and the game has a better story, it is enough to give a perfect score the batman arkham city.
  28. Oct 11, 2013
    The best thing about the game is the fact that the map is bigger and their is more to do, sadly that is also the biggest issue i have with the game, it just feels so goddamn overwhelming in fact it can be at times so overwhelming that i feel like im about to be sick, seriously though i can only play this game for s certain amount of time without feeling sick, still captures the same experience of the first game and the story is captivating and interesting, and very UN predictable yet because everything feels like a big fat man is throwing stuff at you the game gets very overwhelming Expand
  29. Aug 28, 2013
    Very fun game how ever though, I didn't like it near as much as arkham asylum. I don't know why, but it didn't have the same feel as asylum did. Asylum had this really good batman feel to it. And this one didn't quite have it. It could have been because joker did not get enough screen time. And I was also disappointed That killer croc was an easter egg!!! He was one of my favorite villains in asylum. And you had to find him. He wasn't even a side mission. I also hated that they have his whole side mission thing. however it did give you something to do after you beat the game,Over all though it was still a very fun game. Not as cool as asylum I think, but still worth getting. And it felt like their were more boss battles in this. Which is a big plus. Expand
  30. Aug 24, 2013
    Brilliant Combat, Terrific Bosses, Smart Puzzles, Open and Deep Map, Tons of Content, Excellent Cast and Characters, Unique Story, New Additions, Beautiful Models and Graphics-Batman Arkham City is the game of 2011
  31. Aug 8, 2013
    Ok so take animated batman comic batman a bit of Nolan batman with just a hint of burton batman along with no Schumacher batman mix them all together and you get arkham city in other words best superhero game ever. Pros: everything I said in my arkham asylum review is still in it, enemy variation makes the game harder especially near the end, the best boss battles I ever played ever (I'm looking at you mr freeze and ras all ghul) mark hamills epic final performance as joker, giant open world, more reason to collect riddler trophys as he has hostages which you must go through deadly tests to free them in a way similar to a certain horror movie franchise, every single sidequest! Cons: while the story is great there are many moments which are just excuses to introduce a villain oh whatever more villains= more boss fights= more epic, a little too easy towards the beginning with really only normal thugs that attack really slowly one at a time with no weapons luckily it gets harder as you go on) mark hamills final performance as joker, why is there so much sequel baiting if the next game is a prequel?!?!?! Ultimately you won't give two s$&ts about the cons so go back to playing arkham city or if you don't have it go buy it now. No really I am not biased because I am a huge batman fan it is a good game stop thinking I'm lying go get and play it because it is awesome Expand
  32. Aug 7, 2013
    This game is fantastic but there are two flaws 1) It's Arkham Asylum but bigger which feels kind of like a cash cow. If it ain't broke, don't fix it mantra 2) Your never getting a 10 out of me by deliberately holding game play (catwoman story) for more money Still, I can't hate on this game. The graphics are glorious, but more than that, its the atmosphere of the whole city that's captivating and so accurate to the Batman Universe.

    It is crazy fun so if you don't mind what feels like an extension to Arkham Asylum, Play it
  33. Aug 5, 2013
    Easily the best game of 2011. The world is amazing and it is so fun to experience firsthand the life of batman and as cat women. The story holds your attention all the way to the heartbreaking end. The only gripe is that when you fight a huge group of baddies, it is hard to use all the cool combat moves because one of the baddies will hit you and you will loose health before you finish the move. Because of this, the gameplay SLIGHTLY repetitive but it is not to bad. Honestly, It will be hard for Arkham Origins to top Arkham City because this game is a well rounded open-world game Expand
  34. Jul 25, 2013
    Batman: Arkham City is a little difficult to review, because there are a lot of things it does right, but it also has a lot of flaws. It's certainly larger than Arkham Asylum was, but that size doesn't seem to really pay off like it was supposed to, because on the whole the decision to make the game a sandbox was to the detriment of the experience. I appreciate sandbox gameplay, don't get me wrong, but it's only compatible with certain types of gameplay, and as I progressed through Arkham City it became clear that Rocksteady's Batman gameplay is not one of those types. That said, the gameplay itself is even better than the first one, with both the predator and combat mechanics expanded upon wonderfully, adding even more enjoyment to encounters. Furthermore, the story is also greatly improved, with the dialogue now feeling at least somewhat original. The biggest improvement would have to be the boss fights, which are actually really good now. The one that everyone mentions is the fight with Mr. Freeze, which is certainly a great battle that deserves attention, but my personal favorite was the one against Ra's Al Ghul. That said, even with the new additions to your repertoire of traversal skills, getting from place to place in Arkham City just isn't very engaging. There's more than one time when I thought that I'd honestly enjoy the game more if it were linear like Arkham Asylum was. However, the biggest issue with this game is its anti-piracy policy. If you didn't buy the game new, or if you just don't have Xbox Live, you can't play the Catwoman segments, which are a rather large part of the game. To Rocksteady's credit, even if you miss out on the Catwoman parts the story will still make sense, but it's a bit annoying to have Catwoman make an appearance near the beginning of the game, and then disappear until the final cuscene. But, mentioning the final cutscene gives me a convenient segue into easily the best part of this game: the ending. I won't spoil anything, but let's just say that the ending is shocking in the best possible way, and one particular reveal provides a wonderful payoff to lots of subtle foreshadowing throughout the latter parts of the game. Now, in point of fairness, I'm not entirely certain that that foreshadowing was intentional, it may have just been coincidence, but if it was intentional then that proves right there that Rocksteady understand subtlety: they can foreshadow so subtly that it's unclear whether they're actually doing it or not. In view of this, I'm prepared to forgive this game for a lot, even for locking off half its content. It's not perfect, but it's definitely at least as good as Arkham Asylum, if not better, and at the same time manages to feel like its own game, and for these reasons it's definitely worth playing. Expand
  35. Jul 24, 2013
    This game is one of the best games out there. It is full of content that continues after you complete the main
    story. And if you want more there is still New Game Plus which is hard, and even after that there is Harley Quinn's Revenge which is only about 2 hours long if you want to look around the map some more. Some people say that the controls are JUST button mashing but there is more
    to it than that, especially when you add in counters and combos which just add even more fun to the game. This game is a masterpiece and it should go in the gaming Hall Of Fame (if there is one). Expand
  36. Jul 1, 2013
    I went into this game completely blind because I never planned to buy it. But, one day, for 14$ it was hard to resist, and that is how I bought this amazing game. It's with no doubt the best superhero video game, and for good reasons! The combat is excelent and it flows unbelievably well. The graphics are alright, and the story is kinda predictable and generic but the gameplay compensates for all the problems the game has. The gadgets are great, the stealth is very satisfying...There is so much good stuff about this game! I was quite disappointed with the open-world because there was not a lot to explore. you just fly around from mission to mission and don't really mind the city because there are really not many reasons for you to explore...But the game is still very entertaining and certainly the best of its kind! 8/10! Expand
  37. Jun 30, 2013
    I was totally blown away when I played Batman Arkham City. I thought Arkham Asylum was great, but City is way better in many ways. Being able to play in some sort of an open world (a sandbox) with side missions and other things to do then search for trophies was something missing in Asylum. Also, Rocksteady brought in a ton of new villains (Deadshot, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin...) which are all well represented in the game. The combat system which made the success of AA is back and is better than ever with new gadgets and more possibilities for combos. The ambiance is is great and the lasting appeal is surprisingly high. In short, AC is exactly what you could've wanted for a sequel to the first game" Definitely one of the greatest games of all time. Expand
  38. Jun 27, 2013
    Arkham City is a very good game that builds upon the foundation of the first game. The open world elements are all nicely implemented and the combat is smoother. Really, if you like Batman or action games, you can't go wrong with this game.
  39. Jun 17, 2013
    When I first purchased this game I was pretty sceptical to wether it would be a flying success or a major failure and to be honest I think it was kind of in between. The graphics were a good point as well as the combat and the gadgets but on the down side the extension packs were ridiculous money for all of them together, the actual story itself was so short I tried not getting any riddler trophies and I think the actual story only consists of about 29% of the game!! That to me is to short and I hope that batman origins is a lot longer!! The fact that there are so many side missions baffles me because you actually don't intend to struggle on killing/defeating the bosses which is a bit of a letdown once you've figured it out its pretty god damn easy!! The best part of this game for me was probably doing the arena challenges after getting the riddler trophies!! Expand
  40. Jun 10, 2013
    Picking up a few months after the original title former Arkham Asylum warden Hugo Strange now reigns over a territory within Gotham known as Arkham City. Unfortunately criminals and super villains have been allowed to run free and so it is up to Batman to step in and take control. Arkham Asylum took many people by surprise and fans of the first game will be immediately at home here. Rocksteady have retained the core gameplay that was so successful. Combat remains fast and fluid and with a wealth of new counters, some of which allow you to take on multiple enemies at once, as well greater variety of enemy types there is now far more diversity between different bouts.

    The much hyped 'open world' acts more like a hub between different locations than a true open world like Liberty City but is for the most part a welcome addition. Side missions pop-up and can be accessed at any time and while the main campaign can be completed in well under eight hours these will keep you going for a far while longer. One minor criticism of the more open world is that the game does not always make it clear exactly how you are supposed to access certain areas which can lead to some frustrating back tracking at times.

    Outside the main game the challenge maps also return offering the chance to earn medals and a place on the Xbox Live leaderboards and this all makes Arkham City a thoroughly enjoyable return to the world of Batman even if it is not the revolution that the original was.
  41. Jun 6, 2013
    Arkham City is the sequel to the 2009 hit Arkham Asylum. As we've seen in the past, most notably the Ultimate Alliance series, Superhero sequels have bright spots, but fall short of the predecessor. Arkham City laugh at that though. With a great voice cast, great expanded side missions, and of course, great characters and story, Arkham City set the bar for superhero games. It will be a while before we see a game as good as this. Or at least, until Arkham Origins comes out. Expand
  42. Jun 3, 2013
    positives: lots of gadgets, awesome upgrade system, everything looks and feels great!, arkham city is fun just to glide and batgrapple around, theres lots to do even if you don't do the main mission, puzzles/riddles can be pretty challenging and inventive with the use of your gadgets, controlling the RC batarang is extremely fun and great for scouting, web swinging,,ahem sorry i mean using the batgrapple is great and using them feels fast enough, the story is pretty awesome and cool, everything about the graphics of the game is awesome(sept for one of the extra batsuits but thats an extra and i want to talk about the game itself),the game actually gets the emphasis on being sneaky correct for the most part(try treating this game as a beat em up the enemy WILL get you), battle system is great, controls are easy to remember and use(this game uses 2 button combo controls for which im glad as i never buy a game with school test level fighter controls that require memorizing 500 button combinations to use one attack)and just almost everything about this game is awesome!.there are tonnes of extras and easter eggs! its an awesome game and almost everything is awesome..well almost everything.

    negatives:is it just me or is with the controls? it feels like im not controlling batman at all, rather that hes controlling himself. half the time the controls feel somehow..slow? in batman you are not the batman,the batman is the batman it seems..
    the riddler challenges are FAR too challenging, they are very,very hard.
    the basic enemy can sometimes be far too observant and overpowered
    some of the enemys such as the mad hatter are represented very badly where others are represented well.
    line launcher can be hard to use as batman moves far too fast on it.

    complaining the bat vehicles are not in the game. the streets are not big enough for the batcar and a lot of the streets are blocked off anyway, theres not really enough water for the batboat and the batplane drops stuff off and would make navigation far too simple. so theres reasons why these are not in the game. robins motercycle maybe inputtable..but if theres no batcar why put the motercycle in the game?so they didn't. still i would have enjoyed a batcar unlock of the cars greatest game, batman for the mega cd.

    despite the negatives, you should defiantly play this game! the positives far outweigh the negatives!
  43. May 29, 2013
    When I look at Batman Arkham City, I can't really find anything to criticize it for. Sure there are minor things to pick at like how unlikely this scenario would be in the first place, but this is also a universe about a man dressing up as a bat. Beyond that I can't really think of anything else I don't like. Beating up baddies was once again very fun, stealth missions were improved and the boss fights were really good. They were more than just side stepping a steroid abused guerrilla and required a bit of thinking. They added much more replay value by converting it into a sandbox and adding more side quests and just stuff to do in general. So, overall, this gets a 9.9. out of 10 from me. Expand
  44. May 27, 2013
    Best... Batman game... Ever!
    Sorry, I realize my pop culture reference is antiquated, but it is the best Batman game ever. It's actually one of the best games of this gen in my opinion.
  45. May 10, 2013
    It is amazing how everything in this game vetch, the combat mode, the beautiful graphics, the campaign mode which has a perfect story and the epic finale, the charismatic characters and challenge modes of Rindle.
  46. May 8, 2013
    I just downloaded this recently when it hit Xbox live market; I am already at 100% and working on the "harder" replay of the game you unlock. I can see already that this game has very little replay value other than occasionally trolling around beating up thugs and fantasizing that I am, in reality, capable of being like Batman. As a fan of the character, I expect better.

    This game isn't
    terrible, and I can tell a lot of work went into it. However, it seems like they couldn't decide whether they were making a game for adults or for children, and tried to split hairs. It's like like they went half "dark knight" and half cartoony Batman... The story-writing and clever humor throughout the game are pretty good, but the combat mechanics are often unresponsive or too impractical; the camera angles make precise control difficult no matter what setting you use; the enemies take unrealistic amounts of damage. The game uses high health enemies and sheer numbers to make it "hard", and it feels stupid to be fighting a large crowd of "common thugs" who can apparently take 20 or 30 Batman punches before going night-night. (I understand the game wants you to master combos, but seriously?) Sometimes the game forces a certain action or gadget use when other more obvious routes should have been available to batman (having to use a zipline or remote control batarang by being prevented from gliding, grappling, swimming, climbing, or any other action Batman is normally capable of).

    Everything is hidden, even stupid simple objectives like payphones are deliberately placed in hard to reach spots so as to run down any timers associated with a mission. The supporting characters play very minor roles- why does Catwoman make more of an appearance than Robin? Why is Nightwing nowhere in the campaign? Why are there 50 thousand ridler trophies; all I know is if I find them all the Riddler had best show up as a secret fight or I will be angry.

    The biggest killer is that there is little to do at endgame other than to fight and collect trophies. The challenge modes are ok, but I would rather play Special Ops in that case if anyone knows what I am saying. It is too late now to worry about any major expansions, but I hope the developers work on these things for the next Arkham game; it is too common to see developers getting comfortable with subpar output when they know the game has a dedicated fanbase that largely supports anything with the logo on it. This game is in no way a 10.
  47. May 4, 2013
    Without a doubt my favourite game of all time, and definitely the best superhero game ever. a big improvement to arkham Asylum, it has awesome graphics, a big city to roam around, lots of side missions, cool storyline, well voice acted and presented characters, a riveting combat system and super cool gadgets to use. this game includes really cool combos that you can use and the boss fights are challenging in a way that won't make you rage but you still feel you've achieved something when you have completed them. Also, it gives you the oppurtunity to solve crimes around Gotham and catch many famous Batman villains. I can't think of any flaws with this game. Overall a gaming epic. A definite 10/10! Expand
  48. Apr 28, 2013
    This game has it all, it expands from arkham asylum on every level. When I heard they where expanding the world I got a little worried, being that I was afraid that they would not fill the city enough and you would be going through a very dull world as you do in many open world titles. Will luckly that is not the case and they even got the final boss fight right. Which I will say was the only let down to asylum. But this game is by far the superior in every way. Expand
  49. Apr 16, 2013
    I'm gonna keep this review short and snappy. If you have money, buy this game. I hate superhero games, and dislike batman in general (except for the riddler) but this game is on another level, very very good.
  50. Apr 16, 2013
    1. Incredible atmosphere and graphics
    2. Awesome mechanics for fighting, grappling and gliding
    3. Engaged me to achieve 100% completion (not once feeling like a chore)
  51. Mar 26, 2013
    Best game I have ever played. I liked every aspect of this game from the amazing fight sequences to the twists and turns as you go after Joker. The only negative I can think of is the length of the main story line. While it is challenging, it is rather short. A large portion of the game is side missions and finding hundreds of little green questions marks. I got bored of finding question marks and restarted the game to play the main story line again. One of the only games that I have played twice without a allowing a few years to go by. Expand
  52. Mar 20, 2013
    game graphics great moves great flying great fights great and you will see that your costume start to get busted i like that joker is joker i like this game one of the best games in my opinion
  53. Mar 14, 2013
    As good as the first game. I could even say it is better at times, but the only reason I don't rate it higher than the first game is because it handle more or less the same and adds very little new to the gameplay. Think about it, aside from the Catwoman sections, Batman more or less can do everything he did in the first game with a few small additions. There are more villains in this game, but also they feel not as well flushed out as they were in the first game. Overall: A fantastic game that improves upon the first game but doesn't add too much new. Expand
  54. Mar 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Not being a huge fan of Batman, but having watched all movies many times it is difficult not expect something from a game in Batman universe. "Arkham Asylum" provides us with an introduction that amazes right from the first minutes till the credits. "Asylum" was solid game and perfect in many ways, but it is "City" that may have a title of masterpiece.
    The game starts with gang's riot in Gotham and Bruce Wayne, without mask, wearing business costume and not regular Batman suit, being carried by Penguin's gang members.
    You won't wait long till the first fight starts and protagonist puts his mask on to explore Gotham. There is main storyline that includes conflicts with Joker, Harley, Riddler, Two-Face, Penguin, Freeze and many others. Commissar Gordon, Oracle, Catwoman and Robin will be on our side during the game. Basically, all characters whom I remember in Batman universe appear in "Arkham City", and I couldn't be any happier about the cast.
    Gameplay introduces some new features that you will get used to very quickly. There is much to do and explore in Gotham and Riddler puzzles return to add some headache :)
    Playing as Catwoman gives much satisfaction as it gives a feeling, that Catwoman herself would made a good character in her personal game (not a movie though).
    Good music, perfect level design, hilarious acting, addictive gameplay just won't disappoint anyone.
    Game marker gave me pain in "Asylum", in "City" I remember puzzlement when having explored one tower I could not figure out how to get in. It does not make the game worse, but in inevitable sequel I wish there will be some work done on it.
    My favourite game moment while placing a gel on a wall to explode, the wall gets broken by Bane from the other side, I'm sure that any gamer would jump in surprise.
    Talking about sequel I just can't imagine how a game in Batman's universe can be any better than "Arkham City", I hope I am wrong
  55. Mar 9, 2013
    Following the masterpiece that Arkham Asylum was, could Arkham City deliver on it's promises? Did it improve the core mechanics of the game?

    It did. In fact, it surpassed my very high expectations. Arkham City is huge, gorgeous, and offers one of the greatest video game endings in the past few years.
  56. Mar 4, 2013
    Simply put this is the greatest comic book video game of all time. The atmosphere was brooding and dark, the story fast paced and interesting, and the graphics and the voice acting were both superb. I was extremely excited when I first got this game on launch day and I still pick it up and play it to this day. From the cinematic opening to the shocking ending the storytelling is as good as it gets. The gameplay is excellent, Rocksteady took the combat system from Arkham Asylum and managed to improve it. The pairing of Batman and the open-world form was an excellent choice and Rocksteady excels at making Arkham City feel alive. The side missions are fun and entertaining and the Riddler trophies are always a challenge. This is probably my favorite game this generation and I am eagerly awaiting the next Rocksteady game. Expand
  57. Feb 26, 2013
    Their is no question arkham city is one of the best games of all time for me it was the game of the year in 2011 and the story is one of the best stories i have played in recent memory and the joker voiced by mark hamill is an incredible villian and he kept me entertained the entire game
  58. Feb 18, 2013
    one of the best game for a console,particularly the graphics...arkham city roooocks.the gameplay is like assassin's creed in a darky the way batman cracks codes with is also very good to listen to.
    few negatives:the fights is boring ,lots of x smashing (hand hurts),lots of unnecessary
    combos,witch you cannot even understand how they works,gadgets is also unusable in fights(at least for me).unable to understand how to get around to rich misson .lake of tutorials, frustrating ogmented trainning.short story if you did not download the separated catwoman dlc ,she should have been nativly included!! Expand
  59. Feb 14, 2013
    Alright, I loved the Arkham Asylum great game. Then they come out will Arkham City. The franchise is starting to build up if they can make another one just like these two they will have a successful game and franchise.
  60. Feb 8, 2013
    What else is there to say about Arkham city? Story is awesome, fighting is great, etc. I thought Batman Arkham Asylum was the best Batman game back in 2009. When the news broke that Arkham city was announced I was spectacle at first because I didn't think the game wasn't going to be as good as the first. When I got the game, I was pleasantly surprised how great it was. It is so much better than Arkham Asylum. All the things that were lacking in the first game, Rocksteady Studios improved significantly and all the things that made the first game great made slight changes here and there, but kept the same concept. Batman Arkham City is definitely the best Batman game of all time, and one of the best games of 2011. Expand
  61. Feb 5, 2013
    Arkham City is so much better than Arkham Asylum. It's gameplay is so much better, and there is more to do. However, the riddler trophies and riddles were in too big of a quantity, and too hard to get to. This is the only flaw in an otherwise perfect game.
  62. Jan 20, 2013
    It's by far one of my favorite games... It blows Arkham Asylum out of the water(and that was also a great game), the characters and story are so in-depth and perfect to the 'T'. Plenty of side missions and easter eggs to complete/uncover. The challenges are fun, the dlc is equally as fun, and the gameplay is rich. As I said before, this is one of my favorite games, don't think I'm biased, it's really just that good. Expand
  63. Jan 16, 2013
    It's a good game but far not better than the first one. It's "superior" in lots of aspects but not in the game experience. After 3-4 hours playing it's all the time the same mechanism all the time the same ( reminds me Assessins creed 1 in this aspect). The story it's not really interesting as well.
  64. Dec 11, 2012
    This game was the best batman game i have ever played and wouldnt trade it for another superhero game ever. Deff should make a sequel and i think their should be a add-on to play from jokers side of the story in city and island
  65. Dec 3, 2012
    When i first picked up Arkham City i knew it was worth the 60 bucks my friend spent. The story is phenomenal, spotlighting infamous villains like Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Two-face, and of course the Joker, sending batman on a knightfall-like quest to save Gotham. from the mysterious Hugo Strange. The combat is spot on, bringing back the old fighting system and making it one of the nest combat systems the industry. The developers at Rocksteady outdid themselves yet again and have obtained a game that will be known forever. Expand
  66. Nov 22, 2012
    the real game there this year. Beautiful graphics, side missions and main rock. Take away the idea of ​​linear games, giving several possibilities in a rich universe of Batman. Several mecânias and choices can change the course in Arkham City, with the most varied types of mission
  67. Nov 14, 2012
    Great game with amazing graphics and locations. This game was great improvement on the Arkham Asylum and shows other game designers how to make a sequel!
  68. Nov 13, 2012
    One of the best games made of all time. Huge Batman fan so it's awesome that it pleases me in the dark knight chronicles aspect as well as just being a down-right-fun game to play. Soo many side mission make this game exciting without ever fizzing out, the graphics, hit detection, awesome those programmers know whats up. Its like I am playing Loeb and Sale graphic novel. Just beautiful, BUY IT!
  69. Nov 13, 2012
    Amazing game better then aslyum in every way bigger place to be batman in the story is awesome joker is more crazier then ever in this one. Combat as fun and fluent as ever. Plus with all the gadgets u can play with just fun as hell graphics are gorgeous batman has never looked so badass in a game before or handled so well. The cast of characters that was in this game is amazing and the boss fights are fun I especially loved the last boss fight. Not much bad can be said about this game 9.5/10 only thing bad was the dlc. I think that should be in the game from the start. Expand
  70. Nov 7, 2012
    This game is definately worthy of a 10/10 it is how a game should be, the pc version plays extremely well with a gamepad but it is still just as enjoyable with a keyboard and mouse, even if you are not into super heroes (like myself) it is still a must buy.
  71. Nov 5, 2012
    Batman: Arkham City is an outstanding sequel in every department, with stunning gameplay, an immersive world to explore and fantastically well-realised characterisation. The music and voice-acting is exemplary and the visuals are gorgeous. Batman: Arkham City is an incredibly well-crafted, labour of love and no mistake. In short, it's genius.
  72. Oct 20, 2012
    Batman has definitely had trouble in the gaming world. Luckily Rocksteady came to solve this issue, and solved it they did. Everything that was great about Arkham Asylum was brought back into Arkham City with tons of new gadgets, side missions and villains. Arkham Asylums amazing and legendary combat system is back and even better in Arkham City, you can do multiple takedowns and throw smoke pellets to confuse your enemies and many more. The only problem that I had with Batman Arkham City is that the story had too many stories going on at once, which really confused me on my first play through, but that is all forgivable when you can look at everything else. This is definitely one of the best superhero games out there and will be quite tough to beat. If your a Batman fan this is a must own, if your into action and adventure games, this will make you feel right at home. Expand
  73. Oct 11, 2012
    This game really did improve a lot on Arkham Asylum. I love you have a lot of gadgets right out the gate and you are instantly flying around Arkham City. The story was definitely a strong point for this game and really sucked you in once I got going. I thought the main storyline was superb in how it incorporated so many people and antagonists without feeling like "okay, on to the next one". I didn't really play around with the side missions that much so I cannot really speak to the overall quality of those but I did find the few I did to fit in well with the story and the scenario without them feeling like a stray to-do list. I know everyone has mentioned this already, but the controls really are a huge improvement over the AA; combat felt tight and controllable. It seemed as though the gunmen were not as powerful this time around and the fist fighters were more powerful. In my opinion this leveled and prolonged the combat. Visually the game was a huge improvement over AA, and coupled with the 3D capabilities it was awesome. The depth of the 3D is perfect (although adjustable) and it definitely adds to the immersion without it feeling gimmicky in any way. The music was fantastic as well. I was really surprised how seamless the music was from flying around to being noticed by a helicopter and the pace picking up to it then calming down. It was extremely responsive and worked really well at invoking emotions in me that correlated with the scenario. The one thing that was bothersome at times was the open-world. I really enjoyed flying around but it got frustrating when I felt like I was going from one side of the city and then back again only to give off the impression that Arkham was a big place. I also a little annoyed with the cat woman sequences. They didn't really seem to serve a purpose to the overall story, and other than the combat I thought the sequences were rather boring. Nonetheless, these aspects did not take away that much from my experience and what I like was beyond memorable. I'll probably pick the game back up in the near future and play some of the extra content and side missions but for now I am satisfied with completing the main storyline. Expand
  74. Oct 5, 2012
    It's a short story, so it may not be worth the full $60 for you. But half that price and its worth your money. The story itself is only about 20% of the game while the rest makes up with a few side quests without any boss fights. Then the other 60% of the game is scavenger hunts for Riddler's question marks or racing from one phone booth to another. Now I'm not a plan of the precision platforming games where there is only one way to move from one linear area to another, unless the developers find a way to not make this the main part of the game. With an Arkham city to roam in, it feels more like a sandbox game with only the precision platforming interruptions when you have to enter the buildings for your quest. The big plus in this game compared to the first is that your Batman can finally knock weapons out of the enemies hands. Thank you! Plus you don't have just one attack button to mash anymore, but more like two buttons to mash plus a couple of combo moves tossed in. It's a shame that the extra characters of Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing are paid dlc because that would have made this a more awesome game and more than just an eight hour storyline. Expand
  75. Oct 4, 2012
    This was the biggest surprise of a game to me. When I first got it, I thought it would be another lame comic book game, but when I started playing I was astounded. It has a great story, great performances by the voice cast( particularly Mark Hamil), great graphics, a well crafted open world, a plethora of side missions for replay ability, and, most importantly, a fun, innovative, and genius combat system and an addicting stealth combat system. This is a perfect super hero game that makes you feel like you are Batman, get this game. Expand
  76. Oct 4, 2012
    Batman: Arkham City, is a masterpiece. A perfect example of not NEEDING multiplayer in a game to make it great. It has great gameplay, polished graphics, a rich and detailed story that makes any comic fanatic pleased, and you can spend well over 40+ hours playing it. The only thing holding this game back from being a perfect ten is sometimes the controls can get a little awkward and the camera angles can become frustrating. You need to own this game! Expand
  77. Sep 27, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is easily one of the greatest games ever made. Why not a ten? The boss fights are too easy, especially if you are doing a second play through and even on the hardest difficulty, and new game plus this game can at times be too easy. This does not mean it is not challenging, but I think it should be harder. The combat is exquisite. The controls are really easy to learn, but hard to master (hence the easy to learn , hard to master). But what makes combat is the AI. Your enemies react to you when fighting. Some will run and pick something up to throw at you, others will run and hide, etc. The stealth gameplay in this game is incredible. They are more responsive and smarter than they were in Arkham Asylum. When you swing away on gargoyles, they don't just lose you and then continue walking around. They will shoot down the gargoyles making it harder to take everyone down. All the nay-sayers are lame, and just want to hop on the "batman games suck" bandwagon. There is no debate. This is a great game. Expand
  78. Sep 23, 2012
    This is probably the best story mode in a video game! Only problem. I can't play the story over again! Oh, wait... I can with new game plus! Just about the greatest adventure game of all time. Graphics are amazing, and the amount of easter eggs can keep the most hardcore hunters entertained for hours! I found every Riddler Trophy and solved every Riddle! All the easter eggs make your jaw drop with awesomeness. One of the best games i played in MY LIFE. A MUST BUY! The map you can explore freely is huge, and the story is nice and has a perfect length with enough twists and turns to keep any Batman fan in awe for DAYS! Expand
  79. Sep 19, 2012
    This is probably my favorite game of all time. After playing and completing arkum asylum i couldnt wait to play this game only to find out its nothing like arkum asylum. This is an open world game with tons of stuff to do. The main story is more interesting this time around with multiple plot points. Im not going to spoil anything but the end is awesome.Besides the main story you can do some side missions,you have to fly around arkham city to discover them then u find them on your map and go to work. They are long and can take up to a couple hours to complete. And if thats not enough you can try to find the 400 riddler trophies and riddles. This game is sweet and most defitley one of the best games of all time Expand
  80. Sep 11, 2012
    There is just one word to describe this game and that word is perfect, from graphics to game play, everything in this game is so detailed that you actually feel that those 60 dollars you paid for it were nothing in change of what you get.
  81. Sep 9, 2012
    There is so much to love about this game -- the damn shame is those things are rendered moot by the game's enormous flaws, namely the brutal combat system (unintuitive, user-unfriendly, Guitar Hero-type button-mashing nonsense) and the absolute lack of logic within tasks, which leaves you going to Google every six seconds to see where the hell you're supposed to look for something. This is a game celebrated for the centerpiece combat engine, yet I was constantly getting my ass kicked on "easy." Once the story was over, this went into cold storage, never to be played again. Mark Hammill's voiceover work as the Joker, however, is almost worth the price of admission. Expand
  82. Sep 6, 2012
    This is one of the best superhero video games I've ever played. It really makes me feel like Batman, and gives me exactly what I want from a superhero game. Batman can roam in an open world, fight crime, and do several side missions. This solves one of my main problems with Batman Arkham Asylum, as there was basically nothing to do at the end of the game. The graphics are excellent, and perfectly replicate the dark feel of Batman. The story is also excellent, I would tell you about it, but that would attract the spoiler police! Overall, my only real problem with the game is that Batman may have finally gotten his free-roaming game, but he kind of got it a little late. After all, Spider-Man got his 7 years earlier (see my review of Spider-Man 2 the game for more details). Still, that doesn't change the fact that this game is excellent! Expand
  83. Jul 23, 2012
    Best game of the year 2011.
    Skyrim was game of the year for everyone else but sorry.....I cannot allow a game filled with nothing but bugs become a game of the year. Batman on the other hand had NOT ONE BUG. Can you believe that? In a world where game developers drop games like they are turds with the intention of releasing unfinished games and fixing them later with patches and
    dlc......Batman Arkham City stands above all these bug ridden crap fest games and says ....NO. NO I shall not be filled with one bug. NO my game will not suck either. In fact this game did the opposite of sucking. At the time of being made it is possibly the greatest super hero video game ever created. Expand
  84. Jul 19, 2012
    I'm a huge Batman fan. Love all the films, and considered Arkham Asylum to be my game of the year when it was released. That being said Arkham City is better and bigger then it's predecessor in nearly every way. The story is one of the Batmans best, and that's saying something. The rouge gallery is packed full of fan favorites such as; The Joker, Two Face, Catwoman, Dr.Freeze, Harley Quinn, Penguin, and much more. The main story is strong in it's own right, but if you get bored of that or just need more then your in luck. The game has many side quests that expand the experience, tons of Riddler Tropys, and many easter eggs. Combat remains the same, and thats a good thing. Beating criminals never gets old. The sound and voice acting is phenomanle with Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill leading the pack. It isn't game of the year. IT ranks around my 3rd fav game of the year (2nd Skyrim, and 1st Portal 2) but thats a pretty good ranking considering the plethora of good games released this year. Expand
  85. Jul 15, 2012
    The best licenced game ever made. There is almost nothing i did not like about this game. It is in my opinion one of the best 3 games of the year. It is better than the first game in every way possible, and will keep you coming back for a long time. I applaud you rocksteady
  86. Jul 15, 2012
    Batman: Arkham City gives you an open, Easter Egg-filled world that holds on to you and never lets you go, even after you've beaten the 20+ hour storyline, found all the Riddler Trophies and beaten all the challenges! The massive amount of Easter Eggs show how much developer Rocksteady cares about the game-series. Altough the world isn't as dark as Arkham Asylum and - in my opinion - there is a lack of the Joker. But to make up for that, Rocksteady gives you over 400 Riddler Trophies, 12 Combat Challenges, Predator Challenges and Arkham City Campaigns and lots of gadgets and upgrades! Expand
  87. Jul 12, 2012
    One of the greatest games.. Bigger and a lot better then Batman Arkham Asylum... And now we have the Game of the year edition.. Greatest hero game ever made
  88. Jul 11, 2012
    I bought this game when it first came out and i have to give warning to anyone wanting to buy it, its not a complete game. if you buy it second hand you don't get catwoman. if you don't pay extra for DLC ( Taken out content ) you get no robin and no costumes for batman, WHICH should be in the game as unlockables anyway. its ridiculous its just pure greed. im not a person that usually complains but when i buy a game i expect the full game. which is exactly why i returned my game months ago when it first came out and always said i would buy THE COMPLETE EDITION. no not game of the year edition THE COMPLETE EDITION which is what it is. on september 07. yep all this time for a complete copy of a game because i refuse to pay extra for content which should already be on disc, and unless you done the same your basically bending over and taken it up the ass while opening your wallet. great game - worst greed practices ever. this game probably deserves a 10 but ill give it a 5 since i only had half the content on disc. Expand
  89. Jul 7, 2012
    Amazing!!!!!!! Great characters, sound, story, and lasting appeal. All Batman fans will love this. Just any gamer will like it. A great sandbox game that you can play at any age.
  90. Jul 3, 2012
    By far one of the top 5 games i have ever played. Rocksteady did a phenominal job once again with the dark knight, and i definitely hope there is another one in the future
  91. Jul 3, 2012
    Brilliant. This game is an incredible monument in the superhero genre and I would not hesitate in saying that it is the best on the market. Freeflow is easily the most fun in a combat system I have ever experienced and the plot to the game is intruiging. The whole experience is always a fun Batman package.
  92. Jun 29, 2012
    One of the best superhero video game of all time is back, and this time it offers a more vastly bigger environment. Great action, superb controls (with a little bit of a learning curve) and superb production values are staples. What makes it the best super hero game series is its ability to make the player 'become' the Dark Knight himself. Highly recommended.
  93. Jun 20, 2012
    Wanna be a superhero, beat the villain's face, rescue the innocent citizens as your favorite comic character? Here's the one you shouldn't miss. If you love Batman series from the very beginning, you should grab Arkham City as well. There's almost no negative point to complain about the game, everything is almost perfect. Hate this game? You must be anti-fans of Batman, for sure.
  94. Jun 12, 2012
    Definitely one of my favorite games of the year so far. I played the first one and enjoyed it a lot. I actually didn't realize that they released a sequel! When I found the game in a Wal-mart I pretty much screamed like a girl! I really really enjoyed this game a lot. The story, the add-ons, the fighting, the graphics, everything! I really loved the campaign and the fighting a lot. I loved how Batman always had such awesome and slick moves. I enjoyed the fact that Arkham City was A LOT, bigger than Arkham Asylum, which made the experience that much more enjoyable. Definitely a game everyone should at least try out, but play the first one first because there are some parts in the story where you may not understand what happened if you haven't completed the first game yet. Expand
  95. May 27, 2012
    One of my favorite games of all time. You feel like you are really batman. The controls in this game are superb. Better than any batman movie ive ever seen.
  96. May 26, 2012
    Very good game this.After playing the excellent Arkham Asylum,I was expecting alot,& alot i got.While i enjoyed Arkham Asylum & think its a good game,i didnt like the relatively small & claustrophobic setting of Arkham itself.Arkham City however is in a much larger area & in proper urban enviroments,which is lets face it,Batmans bread & water.You can literally spread your wings & take flight.The game still has a fixed narrative of course,but is properly free roaming now,& has a whole host of exra things to be doing alongside the main story.You start the game with ALL the skills available in Arkham Asylum,plus more to unlock in this game,so thats impresssive,plus theres the Catwoman bits.Personally i'm not interested in the Catwoman content,but even so i thought is was extremely naughty for Rocksteady to make it accessable only if you are online & have bought the game new,via a code.It doesnt bother me,as i had the option to not download it,& forgoe playing as Catwoman & play it as a pure batman experience,but on principle,i dont agree with it,as it denies the content to people that have the right no choose to not have an internet connection,but have paid for the full game.The game on the whole though is excellent.It still has that fantastic combat system,& much more enemies to use it on.It also has challenge maps,with more to unlock in game,plus the ability to re-play the game after completition in 'Plus' or normal mode,with all your unlocks & alternative choices of Batman costumes,which is great.The game is actually a massive technical achievment in my opinion.In the next game though,can we finally have Batman- 'Gotham' city,complete with Batmobile please,thanks. Expand
  97. May 26, 2012
    Batman Arkham City is no doubt the best superhero game of all time, and one of the best video games of 2011. Every fight is an intense battle that you will never want to end. The game features everything you would want to do if you were Batman. With a storyline full of twists and turns, action unparallelled in the world of video games, and epic boss fights. Even when you select Easy, Arkham City is still very challenging. Anyone that has either a PS3 of an Xbox 360 should get the game. Expand
  98. May 24, 2012
    This game has a wonderful counter attacking combat system which can be truly satisfying on the hardest setting. The graphics are superb and you know the people who created the game really cared about their final product..
    The game has some weak annoyances though connected with gay gadgets and just general battyman silliness. Theres also some weak level designs too. No replay value once
    completed on the hardest setting... This however is a rather good game.. Expand
  99. May 23, 2012
    Good game. Good ambiance and really beautiful. A lot of secondary mission to do.
    I think it's less perfect than the first one. It's just maybe because the surprise is no more here, or maybe it's because this one is more open world so sometimes you don't know what you have to do.
  100. Apr 30, 2012
    Rocksteady's second rendition of the Dark Knight is just about as brilliant as anybody has any right to expect. Everything has been expanded and improved upon from the extremely fast and frenetic combat to the tactically satisfying combat. The wow moments are also significant and the cast of characters is extensive and varied. It doesn't completely eclipse the Arkham Asylum with the absence of truly wonderous sections like that of scarecrow's in the first game. But it does everything a brilliant sequel would do and that in itself is astounding. The only downside would be if this had a sequel, it's extremely unlikely to find anything that would make Bats this good, and would disappoint. But counting Rocksteady out is a fool's game. This is exceptional. Expand
  101. Jun 10, 2013
    Picking up a few months after the original title former Arkham Asylum warden Hugo Strange now reigns over a territory within Gotham known as Arkham City. Unfortunately criminals and super villains have been allowed to run free and so it is up to Batman to step in and take control. Arkham Asylum took many people by surprise and fans of the first game will be immediately at home here. Rocksteady have retained the core gameplay that was so successful. Combat remains fast and fluid and with a wealth of new counters, some of which allow you to take on multiple enemies at once, as well greater variety of enemy types there is now far more diversity between different bouts.

    The much hyped 'open world' acts more like a hub between different locations than a true open world like Liberty City but is for the most part a welcome addition. Side missions pop-up and can be accessed at any time and while the main campaign can be completed in well under eight hours these will keep you going for a far while longer. One minor criticism of the more open world is that the game does not always make it clear exactly how you are supposed to access certain areas which can lead to some frustrating back tracking at times.

    Outside the main game the challenge maps also return offering the chance to earn medals and a place on the Xbox Live leaderboards and this all makes Arkham City a thoroughly enjoyable return to the world of Batman even if it is not the revolution that the original was.

Universal acclaim - based on 87 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 87 out of 87
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 87
  3. Negative: 0 out of 87
  1. Dec 22, 2011
    Improved gameplay, new mechanics, and an even stronger story denote whether you care about Batman or not, it's still a game worthy of your time. With some easter eggs possibly hinting at plots for a third game, let's hope Rocksteady isn't quite done with the Dark Knight.
  2. Dec 1, 2011
    Arkham City handles its side-stories gloriously. [Christmas 2011, p.102]
  3. Nov 29, 2011
    All in all, outside of a few minor issues, I couldn't ask for a better Batman experience. If Arkham City was a graphic novel, it would be considered a classic.