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  1. Nov 3, 2011
    My anticipation for this game was through the roof and when the first cutscene rolled and I beat people up as catwoman I knew this game was great. Playing as batman, it's not like being batman at all, you are batman. That's what makes this game worth a 10.
  2. Nov 10, 2011
    Batman: Arkham City is, without a doubt, the best Batman game produced so far. I'm a bit undecided on the combat gameplay as I found it a bit too simple. I can't think of a better system that would incorporate Batman's gadgets as well as the current system did though. The combat can get a little repetitive 3/4ths through the game but there are a ton of other elements in the game that make up for it. If you don't feel like following the storyline, there are a lot of side missions to cover. Discovering and solving all the Riddler challenges alone will take quite a bit of time. If you're a Batman fan, you will drown in all the details developer Rocksteady has crammed into Arkham City. This is a must-buy for 2011. Expand
  3. Nov 11, 2011
    Remember when a sequel was supposed to innovate? I loved Arkham Asylum, and although the sandbox feel in City is nice, I don't feel, with the other games out there (Skyrim), that I need to play through this. A longer production time and more innovation would have been nice.
  4. Nov 13, 2011
    The greatest game of the year hands down. I still cannot believe how great it was and the way they delt with mark hamills finishing of his career brought a teat to my eye like how toy story 3 did
  5. Nov 11, 2011
    Fantastic super hero game with lots to see and do. A must have in any collection. would like to have seen more in the multilayer side of things but that isn't a big issue with a game of this quality.
  6. Nov 13, 2011
    Do yourself a favor. Buy this game. So much fun. Combat is amazing when you get really good at it. I was amazing at arkham asylum, so the new enemy types really add a new degree of challenge. Love this game.
  7. Jul 12, 2012
    One of the greatest games.. Bigger and a lot better then Batman Arkham Asylum... And now we have the Game of the year edition.. Greatest hero game ever made
  8. Nov 20, 2011
    This game is a batman fans dream. There is so much stuff in this game that is ridiculous. The main story is awesome. There are surprises and shocking moments. They touch on every major batman villain in some way. Easter eggs all over the place for players to discover.
  9. Nov 21, 2011
    This is the best game of 2011 for sure and probably one of the best Xbox 360 titles ever. The Arkham series have created a perfect adaptation of Batman pulling from his roots as a detective and a crime fighter rather than an action hero. The combat is great and I love the aspect of looking for clues and solving riddles. I truly feel that I am button mashing with a purpose in this game. This game is packed full of content (i beat the game and am only 40% done), the graphics are pretty good, game play is almost perfect (a little stiff sometimes) and the characters and story is fun and keeps you interested. 100% Recommend this one. Expand
  10. Nov 24, 2011
    Batman: Arkham City is sweet on the eyes, and even sweeter on anyone who has the most basic grasp on the DC universe. It's bigger in terms of sheer size, content and entertainment value than its' predecessor - and if you'd believe it: even darker and grittier than Arkham Asylum. Amidst turf wars, a race against time on Batman's personal level and the many challenges found within the game, there's a constant sense of urgency. As it should be. While a great game, it sometimes feel as if some of the many challenge modes and smaller challenges are discreetly put aside, in favor of the main story. Add to that, that while there's a bundle of alternate characters and costumes, only a select few are available in more than a few modes of gameplay... It came off as lazy. 9/10 Expand
  11. Dec 26, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Batman: Arkham City is one of the best, if not the best, video games of 2011 and probably one of the top games ever. Arkham City continues the story (and success) of Batman: Arkham Asylum, with the Mayor creating an Arkham City for the biggest criminals of Gotham City. Seeing villains like the Joker, Doctor Strange, Mr. Freeze (who possesses one of the best boss fights ever!), Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Penguin, and Ra's al Ghul was really fun, though I would have liked it if some of the villains to have a little more screen time (i.e. Two-Face, Mad-Hatter, etc.). Catwoman as a playable character (as well as Robin and Nightwing in DLC) was a really good addition for the game as she possesses a unique set of moves. The gameplay is smoother than ever as gaining combos is easier as you can continue combos even when you counter. The stealth gameplay is even better than before as with the new items and the upgrades you have gained. The collectables and challenges have increased in quantity, thus making this game bigger than Asylum. Overall, this was a great game that improves pretty much everything from the first game. Expand
  12. Dec 22, 2011
    This game is great. The visuals, gameplay, story, and characters are great. I wish some of the other villains had more screen time, but it all adheres to the DC Universe quite well. I'm playing through for a second time, and I found a ton of stuff that I missed the first time. It's a linear open world, but I like games with a story to be a little bit linear. Overall great game.
  13. Feb 6, 2012
    I'll rarely give out a 10 star rating but this games amazing. from game play to voice acting, its real good. I don't know why people gave it such a low grade other than they don't know games. anyways, awesome game, highly recommend
  14. Apr 9, 2012
    Pathetic played this game for over 16 hours and this morning when i went to play the game my game save has been wiped this is a well known problem, total raged right now avoid this game for save reasons alone developers can go and suck one
  15. Apr 16, 2013
    1. Incredible atmosphere and graphics
    2. Awesome mechanics for fighting, grappling and gliding
    3. Engaged me to achieve 100% completion (not once feeling like a chore)
  16. Jul 11, 2012
    I bought this game when it first came out and i have to give warning to anyone wanting to buy it, its not a complete game. if you buy it second hand you don't get catwoman. if you don't pay extra for DLC ( Taken out content ) you get no robin and no costumes for batman, WHICH should be in the game as unlockables anyway. its ridiculous its just pure greed. im not a person that usually complains but when i buy a game i expect the full game. which is exactly why i returned my game months ago when it first came out and always said i would buy THE COMPLETE EDITION. no not game of the year edition THE COMPLETE EDITION which is what it is. on september 07. yep all this time for a complete copy of a game because i refuse to pay extra for content which should already be on disc, and unless you done the same your basically bending over and taken it up the ass while opening your wallet. great game - worst greed practices ever. this game probably deserves a 10 but ill give it a 5 since i only had half the content on disc. Expand
  17. Jul 15, 2012
    Batman: Arkham City gives you an open, Easter Egg-filled world that holds on to you and never lets you go, even after you've beaten the 20+ hour storyline, found all the Riddler Trophies and beaten all the challenges! The massive amount of Easter Eggs show how much developer Rocksteady cares about the game-series. Altough the world isn't as dark as Arkham Asylum and - in my opinion - there is a lack of the Joker. But to make up for that, Rocksteady gives you over 400 Riddler Trophies, 12 Combat Challenges, Predator Challenges and Arkham City Campaigns and lots of gadgets and upgrades! Expand
  18. Nov 22, 2012
    the real game there this year. Beautiful graphics, side missions and main rock. Take away the idea of ​​linear games, giving several possibilities in a rich universe of Batman. Several mecânias and choices can change the course in Arkham City, with the most varied types of mission
  19. Feb 14, 2013
    Alright, I loved the Arkham Asylum great game. Then they come out will Arkham City. The franchise is starting to build up if they can make another one just like these two they will have a successful game and franchise.
  20. Feb 26, 2013
    Their is no question arkham city is one of the best games of all time for me it was the game of the year in 2011 and the story is one of the best stories i have played in recent memory and the joker voiced by mark hamill is an incredible villian and he kept me entertained the entire game
  21. May 27, 2013
    Best... Batman game... Ever!
    Sorry, I realize my pop culture reference is antiquated, but it is the best Batman game ever. It's actually one of the best games of this gen in my opinion.
  22. Jun 3, 2013
    positives: lots of gadgets, awesome upgrade system, everything looks and feels great!, arkham city is fun just to glide and batgrapple around, theres lots to do even if you don't do the main mission, puzzles/riddles can be pretty challenging and inventive with the use of your gadgets, controlling the RC batarang is extremely fun and great for scouting, web swinging,,ahem sorry i mean using the batgrapple is great and using them feels fast enough, the story is pretty awesome and cool, everything about the graphics of the game is awesome(sept for one of the extra batsuits but thats an extra and i want to talk about the game itself),the game actually gets the emphasis on being sneaky correct for the most part(try treating this game as a beat em up the enemy WILL get you), battle system is great, controls are easy to remember and use(this game uses 2 button combo controls for which im glad as i never buy a game with school test level fighter controls that require memorizing 500 button combinations to use one attack)and just almost everything about this game is awesome!.there are tonnes of extras and easter eggs! its an awesome game and almost everything is awesome..well almost everything.

    negatives:is it just me or is with the controls? it feels like im not controlling batman at all, rather that hes controlling himself. half the time the controls feel somehow..slow? in batman you are not the batman,the batman is the batman it seems..
    the riddler challenges are FAR too challenging, they are very,very hard.
    the basic enemy can sometimes be far too observant and overpowered
    some of the enemys such as the mad hatter are represented very badly where others are represented well.
    line launcher can be hard to use as batman moves far too fast on it.

    complaining the bat vehicles are not in the game. the streets are not big enough for the batcar and a lot of the streets are blocked off anyway, theres not really enough water for the batboat and the batplane drops stuff off and would make navigation far too simple. so theres reasons why these are not in the game. robins motercycle maybe inputtable..but if theres no batcar why put the motercycle in the game?so they didn't. still i would have enjoyed a batcar unlock of the cars greatest game, batman for the mega cd.

    despite the negatives, you should defiantly play this game! the positives far outweigh the negatives!
  23. Jun 17, 2014
    Love the dark atmosphere and the freedom to explore (although open world can be boring). Good story. Love to hunt the goons and hide in the shadows.
  24. Jul 20, 2014
    Batman: Arkham City is undoubtedly the best superhero game I have ever played. It features so many of Batman's most notorious villiains, like Two-Face, Penguin, and The Joker, and each one has their own specific part in the story. Combined with really cool collectibles, incredible boss fights, and a brilliantly designed environment, Arkham City is really in a league of it's own. But the best thing about the experience is that you really feel like Batman, having a wide variety of gadgets to use and being able to take several approaches to combat. A truly fantastic game, worth every penny of it's asking price. Expand
  25. Aug 17, 2014
    Batman is one of the most well-known and superheroes ever created, and until Arkham Asylum, hadn't been portrayed in a video game properly. Arkham City does everything Asylum did, but bigger and better. The story, characters, gameplay, everything is just superb in this game. Gliding and grappling is fluent, and you just feel like you should as batman.
  26. Nov 11, 2011
    In 2009, Rocksteady Studios released the critically acclaimed hit Batman: Arkham Asylum and in doing so set the gold standard by which all superhero games hence forth would be compared to.

    Now, just over two years later, the developer has released the next chapter in their Batman saga, Batman: Arkham City. After promising to improve an already impressive first effort, does Arkham City
    deliver high-flying thrills and a gripping tale, or would it fall victim to the dreaded sophomore slump syndrome?

    Taking place six months after the events which occurred in Arkham Asylum, Arkham City drops you in the middle of a city-turned-prison on the brink of total chaos. Donning the legendary cape and cowl, you, playing as Batman, are immediately thrown into the turmoil and tasked with getting to the bottom of whatâ
  27. Oct 21, 2011
    Batman: Arkham City is easily the best game of 2011 thus far, and a contender for the greatest game of the generation. Unmissable for fans of Batman and essentially everyone else. Those who claim the open world is too small should consider that every square centimetre of Arkham City is memorable and packed with hundreds of mini-puzzles and a dozen deep side-missions. The attention to detail is incredible, and each and every villain is effortlessly compelling despite their impressive numbers. Multiple playable characters, a tonne of combat and predator challenges (along with 400 Riddler puzzles hidden in the campaign), and a fantastic, thrilling story will keep me coming back to Arkham City for years. Expand
  28. KON
    Nov 17, 2011
    The game is all good and has free roam optional. Besides the intense graphics and the higher video requirements, I daresay this game is indeed an upgrade from the previous Batman-Arkham Asylum.
    High end PC gamers can take huge advantage of this game from CUDA and Phys-X as well. Although
    Campaign seems to be a lot longer than the previous game and the intensity of the game brings you

    straight into the story.
  29. Oct 18, 2011
    Worth every penny. Some guys are going to give this game a low review just because they don't want to see the score too high, DON"T BELIEVE THEIR GARBAGE! This game is a 10 and then some. If you loved Arkham Asylum this is a must play, PERIOD!
  30. Nov 8, 2011
    Arkham CIty se siente como un concepto nuevo y viejo a la vez. De buenas a primeras la historia impresiona mas que cualquier otro cómic que haya salido, los gadgets de batman siguen siendo el fuerte de este y arkham city es gigante y llena de secretos. Pequeños detalles y referencias a personajes de la saga de batman hace que los fieles seguidores del caballero de la noche se sientan complacidos. De cualquier forma, el modo de juego no ha cambiado mucho, los controles no se sienten forzados y los graficos son grandiosos. La historia esta ligada con cliches clasicos de heroe, pero siempre sientes que son buenos. Los modos de investigacion suben bien, pero no lo puedo comparar con algo como Condemned 2, ya que en arkham city se trata de apuntar y descifrar.La historia es lo suficientemente larga y llena de historias secundarias, retos, logros, trofeos, como para hacer de este juego una digna compra. Expand
  31. Oct 25, 2011
    This would have made a great expansion to the first game. Not much new in the mechanics, but a lot of great content. After completing the main story line, I find that I am only 48% finished the game. There are many, many side missions to keep you busy.

    The voice acting is phenomenal, Joker especially. The rendering looks good and game play only stuttered a few times.

    All combines for an
    immersive and enjoyable 30 or so hours.. Expand
  32. Oct 18, 2011
    In the end, Rocksteady did it again with the release of Arkham City. The game is beautifully impressive and the shift to the open world gameplay really makes a big difference as players can now explore and enjoy the dark streets of Gotham City. Despite the easy boss fights, the game is still phenomenal and simply the greatest Batman adventure you can imagine.
  33. Oct 30, 2011
    Batman AC is one of the best games I've played this year. Im about 50% of the way through the story and have loved every minute so far. There is tonnes to do in AC if you fancy a break from the main story. With over 400 collectibles numerous side missions and the Riddlers Revenge missions you get a lot of play for your money.
  34. Oct 28, 2011
    Batman: Arkham City is an incredible gaming experience, and is undoubtedly one of the best games of this generation. Rocksteady Studios has took everything good about Batman: Arkham Asylum, and made it even better - an expanded combat system, larger environment, deeper plot and characters, new gadgets, and a lot more replay value. Additionally, there were some niggling factors in Arkham Asylum, such as repetitive boss battles and unchallenging Riddler Trophies, which have all been massively improve upon in the sequel. It's clear Rocksteady has made great strides to make each boss battle feel unique and interesting. From a technical perspective, Rocksteady is literally pushing Unreal Engine 3 to its limits with Arkham City, and the result is beautiful visuals, fluid animations, and high-detailed character models. I'll be honest, Batman: Arkham City features some of the most incredible art I've ever seen in a game, with Arkham City designed as a dense, macabre and unholy prison - roads and streets are filled with burnt-out cars and trucks, while bags of waste have formed in alleyways. I could go on about just how fantastic Batman: Arkham City, but it's a game that really does have to be experienced by anyone who plays games - not just a Batman fan. It is a monumental feat in game design, and could very well be the first game in a long-time that I can honestly is absolutely perfect. Expand
  35. Nov 10, 2011
    So I was frantic to get this game, I couldn't wait and when I found out I had to wait until 1:00pm to get my copy I got pissed off a bit, but It was definately worth the wait, for the majority, I have rated this game a 7 because after you have finished the game (what an ending, absolutley amazed at it, the cheek of rocksteady) it gets boring, the map isnt that big, there isnt much to explore, very very short side missions and no multiplayer, its so short, the campaign alone took me about 5 hours and yes it was an action packed 5 hours but a sad end, so what I would say to do, if you want this game buy it cheap because all you'll do is sell it after it's been completed, I have and Im now waiting for SKYRIM (my bets on game of the year goes to this not COD, its too repetitive)
    Need Help- email me on and Ill gove you some tips PLEASE NO TIME WASTERS
  36. Nov 8, 2011
    Simply amazing. Improves upon Asylum in every way possible. The open world feeling is great, you never feel confined to the small areas as in AA. You truly feel as badass as you should feel when you are Batman.
  37. Nov 8, 2011
    Yet again Rocksteady has made this game one of the most amazing and memorable super villain game. A must buy for Batman fans, gameplay is splendid although there were quite too many riddles. But hey, that keep me busy for a while. Game is roughly ~20 Hrs including side mission. Really lots to do, challenge mode and Nightwing and Robin. However, you cannot free roam with any DLC characters such as Nightwing and Robin which is really unfortunate. Expand
  38. Nov 9, 2011
    Very fun and entertaining, I loved the first one , and I was happily suprised hey were able to add features and not just put out another game on the name of the old one. Nice job, my son and I love it!
  39. Nov 10, 2011
    This game is, as a whole, better than Arkham Asylum in every way. More gadgets, more combat options, more characters, crazy challenges, and a navigation system that is as much fun as Ultimate Spider-Man. The basic combat challenges seem easier to max, but this seems to be a way to balance the new Campaign mode for challenges. The game's pacing suffers a bit from the open world structure, but if you get all the trophies on your first playthrough you can self-pace a bit on New Game +, and it's substantially better that way. Overall, it's absolutely worth the money, buy it now. Expand
  40. Nov 10, 2011
    Oh man, what a game! I played Asylum three times, so my expectations for this game was very high! Needless to say it did not dissapoint, and delivered on every end. Everything from the gameplay, to the story, and even on down to just the tiny details of the batsuit and characters, was spot on! I love it, I love it, I love it!!! Mark Hammil gave one the greatest performances of his life, and should be honored that this was his last role (still skeptical about that one). Kevin Conroy delivered a fantastic gritty batman as well,and has stepped up his game to rightfully wear the cowl of batman. I cannot brag about this game enough, and if you are a batman fan you need to leave now and buy It. I give it a 10. Expand
  41. Nov 10, 2011
    Game of the year. Improves upon Arkham Asylum in exery aspect. Great main story and effectively developed side missions. The unlockable rewards like character trophies, concept art, interview tapes, bios all adds to the game's epic feel and it feels like a homogenous well conceived product. Getting all the Riddler trohies and challenges is fun and makes you use all your gadgets and your brains :)
  42. Nov 10, 2011
    This game was pretty solid. It continued the awesomeness that Arkham Asylum started. This game brought in a few new characters (familiar faces) to the series, like cat woman, robin etc. The fighting is epic as you just punish multiple enemies at once and the counter button is pressed a million times. The story is great, specially if your a fan and follow the series on tv, movies or comics. The graphics are impressive , specifically the charter models and scenery. I love the grappling hook and soaring throughout the city looking for trouble. This is a great buy and I recommend it to any one thats looking for a great plat former slash kick ass game. Expand
  43. Nov 10, 2011
    i love batman , this game is what the fans have been waiting for a batman game that does not fall short, it has a ton of villains and side missions ,trophy collections and the ranked matches.this game offers so much to do in a game .the reason why this game is perfect.this game deserves a 10 because of how awesome the game is , the story, and the controls, it makes you feel like batman himself.highly recommend this game to anyone. you will have continuous fun. Expand
  44. Nov 13, 2011
    After playing Arkham Asylum, I had high expectations for Arkham City. All were met as Arkham City is better than its predecessor in all ways. First off, flying is amazing! With a pull of the right trigger, you dive down and gain speed. When you pull up, that speed is transferred into forward momentum. After getting the grapnel boost upgrade, experienced flyers can fly indefinitely. The story? It's full of twist, turns, and not to mention cameos from Batman's old friends. Catwoman is playable, however she doesn't steal the show. My only issue is that if you buy B:AC used, you have to pony up $10 to play as her. She has her own arsenal of weapons, and is definitely fun to play as. The story is fairly short, but not only is there a new game +, there's a whole lot of side missions! Most are easy, but the Riddler's side mission will take quite a while. Not only are there 400 trophies/challenges, but he has 5 hostages hidden all over Arkham for you to save. Once you finish that, there are a multitude of "campaigns" to play through (Essentially the challenge maps from AA). A must buy, as well as a GOTY contender. Keep it up Rocksteady! Expand
  45. Nov 13, 2011
    This game was amazing this is 10times better than arkham asylum the map was bigger the graphics were amazing the gameplay was phenomenal only thing that let's it down is replay value you do not get the same feeling it feels completely different overall amazing
  46. Nov 25, 2011
    just a awesome game. nothing else i can really say. great buy. beat the campaign and still have tons of more to do. if your debating on getting it, just do it.
  47. Nov 15, 2011
    All the facts in this game are 10/10 Graphics, sound, gameplay, story, everything is great... but i set 9 cause i wanted more and more and more... but main story was kinda short to me.
  48. Nov 16, 2011
    Got the game yesterday and instantly love it! I enjoyed the first game and found myself playing for hours on end, but im even more impressed with the follow up and find myself losing all track of time whilst playing. Overall a fantastic sequel and i hope there's more to come!
  49. Nov 17, 2011
    I loved Batman Arkham Asylum, but my only problem with the game was the story was just to short, and I'm afraid to say that Arkham City is exactly the same. With the game being bigger the story is a little longer but not as long as I would of liked. Side Missions are great fun and are a welcome distraction to the main story, Catwoman's story blends nicely into the game making it seamless, sometimes DLC can be a little cut and paste and doesn't make much sense. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who loved Arkham Asylum and players new to the franchise.... Good work Rocksteady when's the next one :-) Expand
  50. Nov 20, 2011
    Arkham city takes the same successful game and builds on it. Rocksteady deserves a large pat on the back as they deliver a stunning game I will never forget. From the exciting start to the unforgettable ending and credits, the game is always exciting. My only complaints are that the story is too short, and some villains are thrown in there for no reason. Other than that, the graphics, and the voice acting are perfect. Every villains presence is exciting and batman shows his true colors as gothams hero. The flaws are unnoticable from how much fun you will be having, go buy this game NOW. If you are readying this rocksteady, thank you for a classic game that will go down in history. Expand
  51. Nov 22, 2011
    Very good gameplay, I enjoyed the storyline as well. The fighting is very smooth, but tends to be the same thing over and over again. I do like how it incorporates most if not all the villains. Better than the first which is good and a def must have for most gamers.
  52. Nov 24, 2011
    At first this game was AMAZING through about the first 3rd of it was fun. And then it dropped. A lot. It became repetitive and annoying. After completing this game I was furious after playing Asylum and loving it this was the biggest disappointment of my gaming history there was nothing what made you feel like batman. I played most side mission and augmented reality's and they made the game worse they were stale and tedious. The only reason im not giving this a 0 is because of the combat what was the only thing done well. if they spent more time perfecting the story and length this would be a flawless 10. Expand
  53. Nov 26, 2011
    Arkham City is great game, the graphics are second to none, the acting is oscar worthy, the game play is just fun. Everything that is Batman is depicted in this game and the one before it. Rocksteady studios is doing a great job and I will pay attention to any future releases they have coming out. They are a really hard working team that really puts their all into a project. You can see how much care was put into every detail of this game, and it goes to show hard work pays off. Expand
  54. Nov 27, 2011
    Combat is satisfying and uniquely rhythmic, as it was in Arkham Asylum, but additional combat moves make free-flow the best melee combat gameplay in any recent game. The additional take-downs and gadgets make predator far more interesting too. The biggest change, however, is the gliding system, which makes navigating the beautifully rendered city a lot of fun. The voice acting is phenomenal, aside from the fact that all the thugs seem to be played by the same 3 voice actors. My only other complaint is that many characters did not get the time they deserved. Expand
  55. Dec 5, 2011
    Overall Arkham City is Arkham Asylum only bigger, better, more polished and well deserving of the 9 out of 10 score I was going to give it ... until I reached the ending. Like a good anecdote which should gradually build into a joke deserving of the prolonged build up the game was building up nicely only for the punch line to be forgotten to the disappointment of those whom had been gripped only to be let down at the finale. The ending was such a disappointment for me that I verbally exclaimed "WTF? Bull!"Â Expand
  56. Dec 9, 2011
    I've been playing video games since about 1992 and this is hands down the best video game I've ever played. If you consider yourself and avid gamer you are seriously missing out if you don't buy this game.
  57. Dec 19, 2011
    This game is a solid 8. I got bored at first with the fighting mechanic, pretty much the same as was in the first one. What really makes the game great is the environment, the developers did a great job making a big world with tons of references to the Batman mythos. The story and voice acting really are stellar, and add in a big way to this game!
  58. Dec 31, 2011
    Batman Arkham Asylum was almost perfect, but Batman Arkham City was the perfect sequel!! It has fantastic graphics; memorable villains; a bigger world to explore; there are more than hard riddles to complete, but challenges; you can control Catwoman in her own story mode; DLCs with Robin and Nightwing are great, but could have a story mode for them too; Batman is still a hero, he doesn't kill anyone; we don't get tired to play it again and again; this game marked 2011 forever, and we will still play it till the other game to be released!! Thank you Rocksteady, for this great and fun game, you certainly deserve all the prices you've won!!! Expand
  59. Jan 10, 2012
    This is the best under-M rated game of the year (the best M-rated is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim). Not only is this the best superhero game ever, but the most intuitive and mind-racking game that challenges you to use your wits with an arsenal of improved and new gadgets from Batman: Arkham Asylum. To be honest, I had never heard of Rocksteady Studios before Batman: Arkham Asylum, but now I'm like, "Why hadn't I heard of this before?!" Oh, and one last thing: It runs on Unreal Technology. YAY!!!! Expand
  60. Mar 9, 2012
    I loved Arkham Asylum and now I really love Arkham City! The Batman experience is captured masterfully in this superb game. Wield all of Batman's gadgets as you glide over the streets of Arkham City taming the wild criminals that make it their home. Fight criminals like Dr. Freeze, Joker, Clay-Face, Harley, Penguin, and many more. The game offers impressive graphics as well as good character models. Rocksteady brings the Batman world to life in this legendary game. Expand
  61. Mar 4, 2013
    Simply put this is the greatest comic book video game of all time. The atmosphere was brooding and dark, the story fast paced and interesting, and the graphics and the voice acting were both superb. I was extremely excited when I first got this game on launch day and I still pick it up and play it to this day. From the cinematic opening to the shocking ending the storytelling is as good as it gets. The gameplay is excellent, Rocksteady took the combat system from Arkham Asylum and managed to improve it. The pairing of Batman and the open-world form was an excellent choice and Rocksteady excels at making Arkham City feel alive. The side missions are fun and entertaining and the Riddler trophies are always a challenge. This is probably my favorite game this generation and I am eagerly awaiting the next Rocksteady game. Expand
  62. Nov 13, 2012
    One of the best games made of all time. Huge Batman fan so it's awesome that it pleases me in the dark knight chronicles aspect as well as just being a down-right-fun game to play. Soo many side mission make this game exciting without ever fizzing out, the graphics, hit detection, awesome those programmers know whats up. Its like I am playing Loeb and Sale graphic novel. Just beautiful, BUY IT!
  63. May 23, 2014
    As a raging bat-fanatic, Batman: Arkham City is everything I could've hoped for. Intense, fluid combat. A menagerie of some great villains. The best story I've seen in a superhero videogame. And an open world that's full of secrets to find. A must play.
  64. Oct 19, 2011
    This game is a serious contender for game of the year, its combination of AMAZING graphics, voice acting, gameplay and story is enough to captivate anybody for its 20 -25 hour campaign. Mark Hamill as always delivers a performance worthy of an award, as does Nolan North as the penguin. I particularly found myself addicted to the Riddler challenges, Rocksteady has outdone themeselves with the creation of best licensed game of all time, here's hoping that they may top it in the future. Expand
  65. Sep 9, 2012
    There is so much to love about this game -- the damn shame is those things are rendered moot by the game's enormous flaws, namely the brutal combat system (unintuitive, user-unfriendly, Guitar Hero-type button-mashing nonsense) and the absolute lack of logic within tasks, which leaves you going to Google every six seconds to see where the hell you're supposed to look for something. This is a game celebrated for the centerpiece combat engine, yet I was constantly getting my ass kicked on "easy." Once the story was over, this went into cold storage, never to be played again. Mark Hammill's voiceover work as the Joker, however, is almost worth the price of admission. Expand
  66. Oct 25, 2011
    One of the best games of the year. The environment is completely immersive - you get lost in the city. The story is worth watching (one of VERY few games that I feel this way about) and the boss battles are fun. Add to this the challenge maps, and you have a game that you really want to play.
  67. Oct 19, 2011
    Don't listen to the negativity that has taken over the userboard, this game is better than its predecessor and more. Moving away from the repetitive nature of the Asylum, we are now brought into a full blown 100% open world that endulges the senses upon starting the game. The game is at beautiful as it sounds, controls are smooth and follow the same formula as it did originally. In fact, linking combos and stunning enemies is easier than before. I see that user reviews contain the same thing over and over " It is repetitive and the voice acting is bad.." Blah blah we get the point. however what they are failing to see is that the game itself is gorgeous, voice acting is astounding beyond words, and the story is better compared to what other video games have tried to offer. I also see a lot of reviewers saying that They have to play as Catwoman. First off, it is downloadable. Secondly she is in the story of Batman, and goes way back to the origins. I think we as gamers, should take the time and collectively give Rock Steady a round of applause for an absolutely great game! Expand
  68. Oct 20, 2011
    Batman: Arkham City does an amazing job of letting the player feel like they are the Dark Knight himself. The world is expansive, the combat mechanics are sublime and the sheer amount of content is mind boggling. All packaged in with one of the best sound design and score I've heard in any entertainment genre and you have a fully realized game of the year contender. Rocksteady has made a brilliantly satisfying game and I can't wait to see what they do next. Expand
  69. Nov 12, 2011
    Now this is a game you should be spending your money on.
    You know what? I am just so sick, just so sick of publishers pumping out games that are the same game every year just to make money and not caring of how fun it is, and yet everybody just keeps buying it, again and again,and year after year.
    But once so often a game comes along that is quite the opposite. The latest to fot this
    title is Batman Arkham City. This game has it all, fun and varied game-play: Check, a amazing story and unforgettable ending: check, and most importantly, different from its predecessor!
    This game builds on everything that worked in the first game and builds upon it to make more fun and varied, also even though there wasn't much wrong with Arkham Asylum, it fixes the things that you didn't even notice that were bad to make a unforgettable experience. Not only is it the best super hero game ever, but its one the best games EVER!
    But sadly it will never sell as high as COD :(
    I really think the gaming industry needs to grow up.
  70. Oct 22, 2011
    Un gros 10/10. un jeux complet. tous est a point: les graphique, la jouabilité,la durée de vie...ect. Un achat pour tout les gamer qui se respecte.
  71. Oct 26, 2011
    It is really sad to see people bringing down a meta rating just out of spite. This game is extremely well done. I would give it a 9.5 but that isn't an option so I am going with 10 to try to make up for some of the unreasonable ratings it has received. A zero, really? One poster mentioned that it wasn't a challenge, that isn't a fair statement, there are a few tough side missions but this game isn't about difficulty. I beat Dark Souls in a couple days because I love "a challenge" with Arkham City I love the masterfully crafted world which you transverse. I have never been a huge comic book fan but this game makes Batman a living character in a living world. He navigates around the environment as you imagine he might if he were real. The villains, although not a challenge, are still fun mini puzzles that are a blast to see in action. They actually have the personalities like you would expect from the characters you have heard about since childhood. That isn't even to touch on the sheer amount of recorded voice content the player can overhear while traversing the area. These conversations let the player see how the various villians are interacting with each other. Rocksteady studios actually makes you feel like Batman in a living city and they do it with flair and subtle, clever invention. On top of all that the game is huge; especially if you take into account all the side missions, Riddler trophies and of course the challenge arenas. I have never written a review on this site before but I would like to start so that companies that put blood, sweat, and tears into extremely polished content such as this game, can get the lip service they truly deserve. Expand
  72. Oct 27, 2011
    Taking the Arkham Asylum formula and putting it in an open world setting works. The complex yet accessible combat is as good as ever, traveling around the city, especially as Batman, is a treat, and the ability to complete side missions to take a break from the main story is a nice touch. One of the biggest flaws though for me was that there was just too much stuff to do. Yes. This is a positive negative but I was just overwhelmed with all the riddles, trophies, side missions, main story, and challenges to accomplish and it sometimes felt like a never ending chore. At one point I had to make a conscious decision to just stick with the story so I would feel like I was making some sort of progress. But really when I get to be a super badass Batman to do all these "chores" I can't complain too much. This game is great and a must buy. It might be a challenge to achieve 100% completion but I think Rocksteady had that in mind when creating it. It will be a challenge I will be happy to suit up for days to come. Expand
  73. Oct 27, 2011
    Arkham City is a fun game, undoubtedly, but they must have spread some serious love and $$ around to get all those 10/10 reviews. Read those reviews for what's good about it. Here's what's not:

    1) It's short, for one thing. Yes, there are a bunch of optional side-quests, but I've completed at least half of them plus the main story, and I can't possibly have put more than 10 hours in.
    (The advertised 25 hours just for the main story is totally laughable.) I would guess that it would take maybe another 5 hours at most to complete all of the side-quests. The rest of the supposed 40 hours of gameplay must be just hunting for Riddler trophies, which is sort of interesting, but isn't real content.

    2) It's small. The open world thing is cool and all, but the prison/city feels very small. You can easily get from one end to the other in 3 minutes. Part of that is that travelling by grappling-hook + glider wing is very fast, but part is that the area is just small. There are 5-6 large internal areas that you have to work your way through, but that's not any more than were in Arkham Asylum. The asylum actually felt bigger to me simply because it took longer to get around and seemed to have more secret nooks and crannies.

    3) The plot makes no sense. The ending, particularly, is full of head scratchers. There's a big 'reveal' with flashbacks and ominous music and everything, but I couldn't even figure out what the reveal meant. It really does make no sense. The first game had a very cohesive and interesting plot. This game seems to at first, but just doesn't pull it all together.

    4) It's misogynistic. As you swing around the city, you are constantly overhearing conversations of inmates. Every few minutes, you hear one that has rape fantasies about Catwoman and/or Harley Quinn. The word **** seems to be used with particular frequency. There's even a scene where Batman grabs Harley by the throat, grins maliciously, then throws her to the ground. I wouldn't have as much a problem with this except for two things: 1) this is a rated T game, from a comic book/cartoon franchise, guaranteed to appeal to 10 year olds. 2) There's no push-back by any of the good guys. Batman never condemns the misogyny. At the very least, you could have Catwoman say something like "I'm not a **** I'm a kitty" as she clocks some dude with her high-heels. Or Oracle could say something like "Those guys in there sound like real ladies-men." But that doesn't happen.

    I honestly think that Arkham Asylum was a far better game: more content, more interesting environments, better story.
  74. Oct 28, 2011
    rkham City is a bigger and better game than its already excellent predecessor. game does not have disadvantages, though no one is THIS CARD! but all the other delights of the game covering all flaws! BEST GAME OF THE YEAR!
  75. Oct 30, 2011
    Definitely a candidate for GOTY, adds to the amazing story and action from the first game, does justice to all the characters and has a great ending.

    Recommened for all, but get and play Arkham Asylum first!
  76. Oct 30, 2011
    Didn't really see what the big deal was with Arkham Asylum. Great game, but overrated IMO. Arkham City came along and BLEW my expectations away. Don't listen to the haters, this game is just flat-out awesome.
  77. Nov 4, 2011
    This game is too good. This is potentially the best game of the year so far. There is no reason not to get it. The only flaw this game has is that it ends.
  78. Nov 8, 2011
    This game is beautifully done and exceeds all of my expectation for replay value. I find myself coming back, time and time again, to spend an hour or two searching for Riddler trophies or tackling challenge maps. This game has had my interest from the minute that I opened the case, and I don't see that changing any time soon.
  79. Nov 9, 2011
    If you liked Arkham Asylum, you'll like Arkham City. This Batman series of games is simply the best (only) superhero game franchise worth looking at. It's really amazing how many moves, gadgets and abilities they've given Batman and how simple they've made the controls to be able to pull those moves off. The graphics are beautiful, the stories of both games are great, and the audio is fantastic. The voice acting in the game are the same voice actors that made "Batman The Animated Series" back in the 90's. It's fantastic. Be sure to play Arkham Island first. The stories connect, and they're both highly worth it. Expand
  80. Nov 10, 2011
    Wow, Game of the Year? I sure hope so. Batman: Arkham City has literally changed my view on the superhero genre of videogames. I know EXPECT games to be this good, not only superhero ones, but all games should strive for a narration this well written with seamless gameplay.
  81. Nov 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Amazing game, with a terrific story and varied, compelling gameplay. Much more freedom than Arkham Asylum, allowing Batman to sail over the city and go pretty much anywhere. The open-world feel suits Batman's ethos to a tee, and you get the feeling you are the caped crusader himself doing his nightly rounds as you come across a poor helpless hobo being beaten up by a thug, knowing that only you can take him down.

    The combat is exhilarating and you have many more options than in the previous game as to how you nail your opponents. New gadgets such as the freeze grenade and the shock gun add spice to combat, while new enemies like the armoured thugs and the shielded thugs mean you have to approach each encounter in a new way. Some of the ways in which familiar enemies were realised was refreshing and thrilling, particularly the Penguin with his 'monocle', and (to me) new characters like the Mad Hatter and Deadshot added to the richness of the backstory. After finishing the main quest and the various side quests, there are still the 400 Riddler challenges to cope with, some of which are infuriating but many of which are a pleasure to take a few minutes to take stock until you work out the solution. It's this constant change of pace and tack that makes BAC such a great game, eschewing the monotony than can so often be the problem with any game, particularly button-mashing combat game, of which it would be easy to discard BAC as one. Don't be fooled: this is a mixture of combat, stealth, detective work, puzzle solving and some lite RPG elements. Something for everyone. My only two gripes would be that (1) the main story felt as if it could have been longer, and too many crucial moments (e.g. defeating major characters) are handled by cutscene, which is no-one's idea of fun, and (2) some of the villains don't get enough screen time--Two Face in particular is mishandled (apart from a brief encounter if you play as Catwoman). I hope some DLC is released which expands the adventure and allows us to wear Batman's cape once more and kick the snot out of some bad guys.
  82. Nov 10, 2011
    I don't know what to say about Batman: Arkham City except holy crap this is awesome.. If it can be done well I think a co-op sanbox mode with a "mini - campaign" would make a fantastic addition to everything this game offers for Batman 3..
  83. Nov 10, 2011
    Probably one of the best sequel games every made. Arkham City brings Batman OUT of arkham Asylum and gives you the free roaming capabilities that everyone was wanting from the first game. The combat has been tweaked and is better than ever. Nothing feels quite as good as countering three different goons at once and slamming all 3 of their heads on the ground. Rocksteady NAILED this one. I'm officially a fan, and will buy the next game they come out with JUST because of how well designed this one is. the voice work is perfect, the graphics are incredible, The side mission don't feel like side missions, the riddler trophies are back and more sinister than they used to be. There is a TON of batman fan service, and the ending to this game is one of the best i've seen in the past five years. Well done guys, i'm giving this game a well deserved 10 out of 10. Expand
  84. Nov 10, 2011
    Awesome game. Just can't quit playing it. Only criticism is I would have liked a longer story and less Riddler trophies. They get kind of tedious after a while although I like the fact that the city is still populated with bad guys once the story is finished and you're going back to find all the Riddler trophies and riddles. In Asylum it got boring running around just trying to get the trophies with no action in between. Expand
  85. Nov 10, 2011
    This game takes everything that was great about Arkham Asylum and raises the bar in every aspect. More quests, more gadgets, an open world and even better combat controls. The graphics, sound, and gameplay are basically flawless. The story reminds you of something that you could really see yourself reading in a comic book and the art direction of Arkham makes you feel like you are really in a dark and twisted place. The Catwoman story arc integrated into the main story was actually a quite a surprise, it didn't feel like dlc and felt like it was integrated into the game very well. This game is by far the best game ever based on a comic book character, if only other developers would take the same approach with their licensed franchises the gaming world would be a better place. Easily one of the top 5 games of 2011, and quite possible the GOTY in my opinion. It's been a long time since a game has grabbed me and kept my attention the whole way through and left me wanting more while still feeling complete. Expand
  86. Nov 10, 2011
    Overall, very nice! I noticed how they took the previous game AA and recycled it, but to my surprise they avoided the same repetitive **** as COD and added ALOT more content to make it feel as if it was a different game.
  87. Nov 11, 2011
    Overall: amazing game. It struck a good balance of keeping the things that worked in Arkham Asylum the same, but changing enough things that this game felt new and better. Some of the villains felt a little diluted because there were so many, but it's a minor gripe. The fighting style is something you will either love or hate, and falls in the "easy to learn but hard to master" cliche. The primary story line felt a little short, but there is enough to do around the City that keeps you busy for a long time. This game was a blast and worth every penny. Expand
  88. Nov 11, 2011
    Batman: Arkham City is simply the total package Batman fans, and avid video game players. It improves over Arkham Asylum in every way. Just to name a few; Arkham City is a huge environment, with enemies that constantly chatter, making the city seem real. There are more gadgets, and none of them feel contrived. The Catwoman DLC (free) is a blast. The voice actors of this game are the definitive voices for the characters, and it will be an immense challenge for anyone to ever top Mark Hamill as Joker. But the most important reason to play the game is to experience the story. Without spoiling anything, events occur that could never happen in the mainstream DC Universe, and it is fascinating to watch the events play out. For a casual fan, I recommend trying the combat once if you're on the fence about buying the game-the combat system in this game is perhaps the most fluid in any action game. For the hardcore fans, there are plenty of Easter Eggs. Overall, Arkham City is a simply astounding experience. I can not recommend it highly enough. Expand
  89. Nov 14, 2011
    This game simply is a fantastic and flawless follow up to Arkham Asylum. We as gamers sometimes take for granted how difficult it is to follow up one of the best games produced for any platform. In Batman: Arkham City, Rocksteady has done an incredible job. A few new features have been added. New gadgets give you an array of choices when fending off enemies. If you played the previous game, gliding and grappling has a similar feel but features a new way to attack foes and to navigate the immense city. The combat "free flow" system is once again near perfection and crushing foes to senseless piles of meat never gets old. The voice acting is superb as was the first. I certainly am going to miss Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywalker) as he said that this is his last voice act for The Joker. Here is a pretty cool vid I found on youtube on his Joker voice acting. He's phenomenal as are Quinn, Strange, Catwoman and the others. The story is engrossing, addictive and keeps your interest with worthwhile side missions that gently divert you from the main story. It is extremely easy however to refocus to the main story at any time. Boss fights are challenging but somewhat predictable at any difficulty and the new "game plus" mode will challenge the most experienced gamers skills. The online "challenge modes" are a little repetitive as you fight waves of enemies. It is good however to hone in your hand to hand combat skills. This game has a monster amount of Riddler trophies that make you use your noggin, some of them are extremely difficult to solve but are extremely rewarding once you solve them. In conclusion this game will immerse you with it's genius storytelling, voice acting, free flow combat system, graphics and game mechanics. A genuine GOTY contender and a must play! Expand
  90. Nov 12, 2011
    This game is so good I actually had to punch myself in the face to stop playing so that I could make the experience last longer. Being Batman never felt so good (except for that one Halloween in '95 when I got really drunk). There are tons of gadgets to play around with, a huge city to explore, tons of villains, cat woman's butt, and loads of puzzles to solve. Once I wake up from my coma, I'll be playing this game again and once I beat it I'll boot it back up for new game plus. Expand
  91. Nov 14, 2011
    loved the first one and this is an even better version of that. More areas to explore and cool enhancements, a must have game for any xbox owner. The combat alone is worth the price of entry alone. It is so fluid and fun just bashing people with their own bats or throwing a smoke pellet and flee from incoming bullets. A great game with a great story !
  92. Nov 14, 2011
    Great story, stellar voice cast, and brilliant setting, Arkham Asylum was one of the sleeper hits of 2009, and Rocksteady showing once more they can make it with the big boys. This game is a must for any gamer, not just comic junkie, loads of variety, and hard to put down, my only complaint is that they could have made the world slightly bigger, as opening upgrades means you can get across it a little too quick, but the future is bright for this franchise.. Expand
  93. Nov 15, 2011
    It can be hard to top a previous game that became such a mega hit, especially on a franchise that has never produced a "good game." But dear God they did it! At first I was unsure if this game could survive in a sandbox world, but everything felt just as motivated as Arkham Asylum. The story, the voice acting (*insert slow clap here for Mark Hamil*), the combat, it all feels perfect. I will warn you, just like Assassin's Creed, this game does suffer from "collect-too-many-ingame-items-itus" (to the point that it wants you to collect over 400 trophies to continue an optional story line). But if you're into that kind of game mechanic to lengthen your gameplay, then by all means, play on! Overall; a great title, a great story, and I look forward to anymore story driven DLC that comes out! Expand
  94. Nov 17, 2011
    I've been waiting for this game ever since I completed Arkham asylum which is over 2 years. And I can say that it is an excellent game in every aspect. The game length can be as long as you want it to be because there are so many side missions. You dont have to complete them but if you dont then you miss out on A LOT of the story. An example is the Riddler missions, I missed them out completely on my 1st play though... and missed out on the story. My only complaints with the game and the reason I gave it 9 not 10 is because I was dissapointed with the ending, the game seems to just end with no indication as to weather or not there will be a 3rd game. Also I miss the Scarecrow... He was fantastic in Arkham asylum. Expand
  95. Nov 20, 2011
    This game is my Game of the Year! it has an amazing story with some amazing side missions. If you liked the first game, then you'll love this one. it brings back the epic combat from arkham asylum, and and adds the free-roam capability. also, if you don't feel like playing the story mode there are other modes that you can play. you can either play as batman or catwoman in riddlers revenge. which pretty much you beating up a whole bunch of bad guys during each wave. also there are dlc for the game. there is the nightwing and the robin dlc. overall, this game is amazing. you need to get it! Expand
  96. Nov 20, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. WOW. What a freaking blast! Batman:AA redefined what it meant to be Batman, This game only improves upon the format. Excellent in every way. Including some of the more memorable villians in Batman's rogues gallery was a great move, and the only complaint I have is that Bats never really got to beat the crap out of two-face, and left that to catwoman. SPOILER ALERT ***** Joker dying, and Batman walking out through the gates of the city with him in his arms.... EPIC. Expand
  97. Nov 28, 2011
    Like Everyone says game is nothing but a free roam sandbox, well i understand this

    but why is Assassins Creed Revelations is rated 79 if games are all the same with previous series ?
  98. Dec 30, 2011
    A really great game. Pros: Fantastic Graphics
    Great storyline
    Tons of side quests
    Amazing gameplay

    Cons: Expected a larger environment from all of the hype
    Irritated by the ammount of dlc downloads.
    I think the skins should be unlockable instead of dlc.
  99. Feb 23, 2012
    Words cannot describe the fun and excitement that I had playing Batman Arkham City. An already amazing predecessor and even better sequel. Let me begin with the graphics. They are exceptionally well designed from top to bottom. Not a single time I looked around and found something that I didn't like. The gameplay. A little sketchy at some points to be honest because the gadgets are sometimes a pain to get to in time of need and at certain times, overall movement isn't all that responsive. But believe me, the game makes up with everything else for these stupid little things that I'm pointing out. Through out the campaign, the game does a great job keeping you busy with secondary missions and side objectives while the game progresses. A nice way to keep you entertained without finishing the campaign in 2 - 3 days (general time I complete the base story for a game). Batman: Arkham City does a relatively good job keeping you entertained and on track with the story with the story, but I find myself walking through the same hallways over and over again during a primary objective. But like I said the game always makes up for it afterwards. Arkham City blew my mind, it's not good, it's not really good. It's amazing. It's Batman: Arkham City. Expand
  100. Feb 21, 2012
    Overrated and overhyped. I expected much more from a game that so many claimed would be game of the year. The campaign quickly becomes repetitive and has done little to move forward from Arkham Asylum. It brings nothing new to the table aside from the expansion into a city. All this expansion has done, however, is made it easier to draw comparisons between Arkham City and Assassins Creed, with Assassins Creed doing the job much better and well before. The only truly enjoyable part of the game was the Riddler's side missions. If this game receives anywhere near the number of accolades it's predecessor did then it shall be a great misjustice. Expand

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  1. Dec 22, 2011
    Improved gameplay, new mechanics, and an even stronger story denote whether you care about Batman or not, it's still a game worthy of your time. With some easter eggs possibly hinting at plots for a third game, let's hope Rocksteady isn't quite done with the Dark Knight.
  2. Dec 1, 2011
    Arkham City handles its side-stories gloriously. [Christmas 2011, p.102]
  3. Nov 29, 2011
    All in all, outside of a few minor issues, I couldn't ask for a better Batman experience. If Arkham City was a graphic novel, it would be considered a classic.