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  1. Oct 25, 2013
    Played 1.5 hours so far. There are a few minor glitches, but it doesn't detract from the game (if you use a controller and have Synergy it may behave weirdly, just disable synergy or put the other computer to sleep my mouse only went off the left screen). Still set in Arkham City, plus a bit more across the bridge, and the Batcave is there. Still has the same combat. Thus far, they seem to have done well. It's very fun to play and has very good dialogue and story.

    I do find it weird having Batman ask who certain villains are, or anyone being like "who's the Batman? You made him up!" or "you're just seeing things!", since we obviously know who Batman is as well as several of the villains that Batman doesn't know yet...

    Very glad I got it. You won't be disappointed. Put your fears to rest, they didn't produce a half-assed game.
  2. Oct 25, 2013
    I wanted to love this game, Being a stout fan of the two prior Batman games I was both excited and worried as this project was not spearheaded by RockSteady Games, However from what I heard, both Warner Brothers as well as RockSteady were sure that this new studio was right for the job, so I preordered it.

    Number one on my list is the grading system, This is a game, not a test there is
    no need to produce a grade after each battle, all that is needed, in my opinion is to defeat the people you're fighting. The XP points were enough, it wasn't broken so why fix it!

    Number two, the name bothers me, there is no Arkham Asylum in this game and of course no Arkham City. This has nothing to do with an Arkham game. They would've done better to call the game; Batman; Year Two or something to that effect. Warner Brothers wanted to simply ride on the coattails of RockSteady's Arkham series and thus the name Arkham Origin was born. Maybe I am being picky but the only thing that this game has to do with the name is the Joker, The Penguin, Bane and Killer Croc, all the other villains are mostly assassins out to make a buck by killing Batman, which the same can be said by Warner Brothers Game.

    Number three, and the one that bothered me the most. WB Games put an embargo date on this game meaning that any reviewer who got a review copy was not allowed to review it until after the release. I did not sign anything and did not get a review copy, I pay for my games and thus I am not dictated by the companies on what I can or can not do. In my opinion any gaming developer who put an embargo for after the release has something to hide. Now I know why, because this game does not hold a candle to Arkham Asylum or Arkham City. Its not a bad game but it is repetitive and more of the same.
  3. Oct 25, 2013
    what a huge letdown. cant compare to the last 2 games at all. graphics are pretty bad unless ur on pc, game runs horribly unless ur on pc. city is dead, combat is soooo easy which makes it quite boring.....there are not 1 but 2 i win buttons being the shock gauntlets and the grapnel device that lets u string people up anywhere not like the last 2 games that while still quite easy required a little skill.....not this game u want to win spam a button and u win. honestly this game isnt that good its too short. clearly people are blinded by the fact that they paid money for this and are giving it much higher reviews than it deserves. Expand
  4. Oct 25, 2013
    this game is DLC for Batman:Arkham City.and if you like Batman Arkham City you can buy Batman Arkham Orgins.Graphic and gameplay same from Batman Arkham City.No new thing
  5. Oct 25, 2013
    Game is hugely bugged.. That is my biggest complaint. I have had multiple lock ups, just a plain black screen every time go to stake out the story line mission in the first part of the game. Awful release compared to the last two!.
  6. Oct 25, 2013
    So, I've played it for around 5 hours by now (if my Steam is to be trusted) and it is basically an Arkham City 1.5.

    It doesn't make a lot of things better than AC, but it also doesn't make things worse. So ratings of 6 or 7 are actually baffling to me, if you give AC a 9 or even more at the same time and it is not like Arkham City is massively outdated by now. So if FIFA, CoD or
    Assassin's Creed get good ratings again and again with every iteration, you can't just say: "Oh, Origins isn't much different from Arkham City, so 6/10!"

    On it's own Arkham Origins is a very good game. The Combat is as engaging and fun, as it was in Arkham City. The graphics are good, the performance on PC seems to be better than in Arkham City, although I had a few technical problems at the beginning of the game. The story starts a bit slow, but the dialogs are well written. The voice overs are great, even without Conroy or Hamill. The only problem is, that the City is too empty, even on PC. This is likely a problem of the Unreal Engine, which wasn't developed for large open world areas, as far, as I know. Still, I would give it a 8.5, but since you can't do it on Metacritic I round it up to a 9.

    Bottom line: If you liked Batman: Arkham City and you don't expect huge a revolution, then you will like Arkham Origins as well.
  7. Oct 25, 2013
    Played this game on the pc and its fantastic not much different from the last 2 games even though its a new developer WB have done a good job and in my opinion if its not broke don't fix it saying that hopefully rock steady can give the series some new life in the next game still a well deserved 9/10
  8. Oct 25, 2013
    This is a love letter to Arkham City, while not improving on anything established in the first two games it just continues from what Arkham City did. Interesting story so far, if you liked the first two you should enjoy this game.
  9. Oct 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The first thing I noticed when playing was the worsening in the quality of graphics. This is strange because it uses the same engine as Arkham City but is has poorer shadows and is glitchier than Asylum. After going through the intro phase of the game, you begin the EXACT same way as City. You must defuse Penguin's frequency disrupters, fight in a gladiator arena and then defeat his ace etc. Did they literally just re-image a few characters, back grounds, and call it a day? It continues down this path and is littered with melodramatic catch phrasing to top off poor dialogue. It feels more like Die Hard than Batman.

    I love the series and I didn't want to think this was just expanded DLC but the story line matches up too closely with the fact that Black Mask, Falcone, Julian Day, and other B listers were set up in the last game (I love the under appreciated villains btw). It is apparent they just wanted an opportunity to cut corners and sell Joker statues. Continuity is all askew until you realize this was meant to take place after Arkham City and be done by Rocksteady.

    Only buy if you HAVE to have Batman, like me. I just hope this doesn't mark the end of a series like Gears of War Eday: a money grab by expanding DLC.
  10. Oct 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game starts off on a good premise telling the story of Batman before the events of Arkham Asylum/ City. A new cast from the rouge's gallery make their appearance, but they are short lived. They don't add much to the story, aside from being part of monotonous boss battles.

    Origins feels very much like City 0.5. An unpolished version of the sequel with bugs springing up all over the place. Bugs like graphical glitches, combat bugs where enemies still stand up when the battle's already over, and the already infamous Burnley Tower glitch. Landscapes feel the same, and it seems like Origins only added an annoyingly long bridge, giving access to another island in the game. I'm not exactly sure if City has this bridge though. It feels almost unnecessary as it doesn't add any depth to the game it's just more areas to explore, more areas to have to glide through or fast travel to. The addition of the fast travelling system is a time saver, but it destroys any fun one would have gliding around the city in City. This diminished exploration instincts, and I found myself fast travelling in order to skip through the somewhat weak plot.

    The plot of Origins wants to link up to Asylum. After all, it's a sequel, but it does so clumsily. The addition of the mercenaries add little depth to the story, but instead feel like gimmicks such that the game won't hinge solely on the Joker as its villain. It feels like they are adding the villains just for the sake of adding the villains, which was one of the things Rocksteady addressed in City very well. The different factions in City added gave the villains a purpose. Unlike Origins, the characters seem to only make a cameo appearance. They don't seem to have any ulterior motive other than being paid to kill Batman. They seem to be spurred only by monetary incentives, and not by any explicit, innate hatred of Batman. Let me illustrate with a look at a few of the mercenaries:

    Electrocutioner's appearance in the game might incite some laughs, but it's ultimately just a 'big bad joke'. It's anti climatic, and it is indicative of the diminished role of the new characters.

    Copperhead's appearance feels out of place. The fight with her is hugely reminiscent as somewhat of a cross between Scarecrow's encounters in Asylum and the Ra's Al Ghul fight in City. It is however, one of the fights that I enjoyed.

    Deathstroke also feels out of place, he shows up randomly to Penguin's boat to try to kill you.

    Bane is the one which sees the most screen time, but he doesn't add much story wise other than introducing players to a serious drug addict. The story doesn't make sense either Bane raids the batcave, injures Alfred, and runs away? What was the point of all that? It feels like Origins is paying homage to the comics and the Dark Knight Rises movie, with Bane figuring out Bat's identity and raiding the batcave. It seems like they are trying to hinge on the successes of those two, but does it badly. Origins does nothing to expound upon this point, nor do anything to explain Bane's motives.Two of his boss battles are practically the same thing, albeit at different points in the game. In Origins, one gets smashed into a pulp when you try to do that. What's worse is when one gets trapped in a corner. I'm not looking forward to these fights in the 'I am the night' mode. Our third encounter with Bane is hugely reminiscent of the Killer Croc fight in City.

    There are no obvious links with when the assassins actually try to murder you, and this is a serious plot hole. The gadgets are another plot hole one gets gadgets that are only obtained later into Asylum, and some don't even appear in Asylum. The chronology seems confused, and the game feels like it's trying to continue off of City, when it should be a reimagination of the series. A more raw, more angry Batman early in his career, with limited gadgets. Similar to the beginning of City, where we play as Bruce Wayne fighting mostly with nothing but his acrobatics and fists. I don't like how his Batmobile is under construction when he has a Batwing up and flying him places. This incongruities put in a larger view of the Arkham series throws off the plot of Origins.

    Everything tries to tie back to the Asylum in City plots, with the introduction of Harley Quinn and Joker being locked up in the asylum. In doing so, Origins adds little new original content into the game, feeling like just another Arkham game. It also seems to be more of fan service than anything. It provides many of the familiar gadgets from City, as if to try not to bore returning players of the series. The premise of the game had so much potential, but is ruined by WB studios staying in the shadows of Rocksteady's successes.
  11. Oct 27, 2013
    While it is fun to once again play as Batman, Origins is lacking compared to the other games in the series. It is great to see how people react to Batman when no one knows who he is but it is not so fun when your game crashes 4 times, a boss battle bugs out and becomes impossible to complete and to put the frosting on the cake, corrupted save file, forcing me to start all over again. Which I am not going to do. I wish I could have enjoyed this game more but when I spent a large amount of time turning it off because it crashed, I simply cannot. Expand
  12. Oct 25, 2013
    Professional critics are smoking crack these days. This game is simply "more of the same"? This game "brings nothing new to the table"? I mean, I understand all that but damn.... this game is totally worth playing. I paid full price and I don't feel ripped in the slightest. This is total Batman goodness through and through. I played Arkham City for about 2 months after it's initial release. I haven't revisted the series since. After coming back with Origins, I have ZERO complaints...... ZERO. When I see sites like Gamespot giving this a 60 our of 100, I simply know they are smoking crack. These review people are getting too damn picky. TOO DAMN PICKY. Saints Row 4 got a higher review..... WTH? Hey, you guys have a ball smoking crack.... I'll be playing Origins. Expand
  13. Oct 25, 2013
    When you hit the level of perfection that Arkham City did, you can't change that without shooting yourself in the foot. I will never understand people's criticism of this game being "more of the same." The combat system is perfect, predator is perfect, free roam is perfect. This game took Arkham City's design and polished and formed it into a more satisfying game. Combat is more brutal feeling to coincide with a younger and less restrained Batman. New gadgets have been thrown in making forcing you to come up with different predator strategies. The only issues I find with the game are that the head position of characters reset on each line (head jerking up or down, depending, to a default level). Overall, on par with Arkham City or even a bit above. Expand
  14. Oct 25, 2013
    You get to don the cape and cowl once again. What's there not to like? The best combat system in gaming is still well intact and even more in depth with new gadgets and enemy types. Stellar boss battles is really the highlight of this game, along with a really good story, and a plethora of side quests will keep you playing the newest entry in the batman saga time and time again.
  15. Oct 28, 2013
    Having played and enjoyed Arkham Asylum for its mood and great character presentation I felt that Arkham City was an unfocused let down in comparison. And unfortunately I have to say the same thing about Arkham Origins. The concept no longer fresh or expanded upon, they're still doing the exact same things that was done in Arkham Asylum. But this team lacks the intricate understanding of the characters, and how to create atmosphere that made AA so great. It is a harsh verdict but I can't bring myself to see this as anything but a "casual cash-in". Go and replay Arkham Asylum instead, by far the best game in the series. Expand
  16. Oct 31, 2013
    I would really love to give this game more than 4 points but unfortunately its impossible.
    Gotham City just looks empty as if the developers didn't care about it, in Arkham City you had Civilians all over the place however in Arkham Origins every person you meet on the street is an enemy. Its almost like every person in the whole town is a criminal including the police.
    That brings me to
    the next point, the police or the Swat teams they got the same AI like the villains, and that AI only got two modes.
    Completely retarded, or Brain-dead.
    The next thing on the list are the fights against the bosses imho they are just over glorified Quick time events.
    Counter, counter, attack, attack, counter, counter, rinse and repeat. It gets boring within 2 minutes, unfortunately the fights last at least 15 minutes each (with only one exception).
    The next real big problem are the bugs. After the patch 31-10-2013 its impossible to finish the game anymore. As soon as you loose against Bane and restart the fight, which you will most likely (whose dumb idea was it to put 15 to 20 other mobs, armed with shields knifes armor and tasers to a Boss fight Its not making it harder its just annoying also Bane always was a man of honor who wanted to beat Batman alone to prve that he is the strongest man there is.(just wait until the Hulk hears that)) all Cut scenes from the fight will play at the same time, after that the screen just goes Black but the Game continues.

    But not everything in BAO is bad.
    I really love the idea of the early Riddler acting as a Hacker to expose the secrets of Gotham's Citizens.
    I really loved Jokers Origin story it had lots of atmosphere

    But those things cant pull BAO out of the Dirt pile its buried in
  17. Oct 25, 2013
    I've played this game on both the PC with a high spec Rig and the Xbox 360. The PC version does have updated graphics, way better than Arkham City. they have added so many little things to the free flow system, thing s such as if you do a counter by a wall Batman jumps off it or slams the enemy onto it, I've seen maybe 6 different versions so far. What I don't understand is Arkham City got a 96 metacritic rating, why is Origins so low? It's just as good as City if not better, you have a huge open world which is beautiful. The effect of christmas eve is awesome. I'm having so much fun so far in this game. Expand
  18. Oct 25, 2013
    Epic Best Batman yet.It doesn't reinvent the wheel but a amazing game.I highly recommend if you like the Arkham games.Rocksteady passed the torch to work on the next batman game but don't let that fool you,this game is amazing.
  19. Oct 25, 2013
    The cape is finally black, and there are no man panties in sight. Now Rocksteady should learn to make a serviceable Batman by omitting the absurd blue/purple cape and briefs, their Batman design is a walking paradox.
    P.S. The grey belt is nice, keep that too.
  20. Oct 25, 2013
    In some cases it's not as good as Arkham City. But brand new developers to the series, WB Montreal, they obviously put a lot of effort into Arkham Origins, and in my opinion, it's better than Arkham City. If Arkham City is a masterpiece (Which it is) then Arkham Origins is the sculpture David.
  21. Oct 25, 2013
    I had my worries at the first but after playing around 5 hours I just freakin' loved it I've meet a few bugs and glitches here and there but that's not that much of a big minus also most of the reviews that i've read were pretty patethic specialy the IGN and Gamespot ones Those type of idiots who gave this game 6 or 7 needs to learn that this is a trilogy ofc they're gonna use almost exactly the same gameplay mechanics I swear to god ppl always find a reason to complain bleah bleah this isn;t rocksteady if WB dared to fully change the gameplay ppl would just complain Nah why you went for something new ya runied it but when they're using the same good old nah we want something new it's getting boring already Just srly stop this crap and learn how enjoy a freakin' good game Expand
  22. Oct 25, 2013
    I feel I must begin by stating my rather disheartened state given some of the official reviews and, whilst I can agree with many: that this isn't a great leap forward from Arkham Asylum or City, it certainly does a service for all the fans who have played those games to death and are hungry for more. The quality is still there certainly, and to penalise what is, in isolation of all that went before, (at the very worst) a 90% game, up to 30% based entirely on its derivative nature seems quite frankly ridiculous. This seems more particularly pertinent given the episodic nature of many of today's titles which continue to receive strong reviews time and again despite their continued, extremely slight derivations on a theme.

    Setting that issue aside, we have here a Batman game with an initially lighter tone than that of previous installments yet all the more befitting of a world as-yet unperturbed by the asylumees(-ites?). The atmosphere is established well, with Batman the mysterious figure of the shadows many still do not even believe in. The numerous new character models, new areas and even the newly 'retrofitted' areas from city are all well done and in fitting with previous titles and the gameplay mechanics remain as strong and well executed as ever, with a solid feeling behind every punch and kick. Soaring around Gotham is still an immense pleasure and you certainly do still feel yourself in the role of the Batman, the possible loss of which I must admit was my main concern upon hearing of a new developer. The performances are still strong and whilst I do miss Kevin Conroy's voice this didn't break the atmosphere as much as I'd feared; his return in the next instalment however, will still be a cause for much celebration on my part. I can agree with some that the plot may not be quite as strong (perhaps we are missing Paul Dini) but it is certainly compelling to be hunted by some of DC's more formidable non-super-powered rogues and the story remains stronger than that of numerous other games.

    Finally, to the score. In isolation this is easily a 90% must buy title, but it's derivative nature must be taken into account so my 9/10 here can be taken as an 88% for this reason. If you've played Asylum and then City and are hungry for more what are you waiting for? This is great stuff. If you're looking for something ground-breaking and new then hopefully Rocksteady have that in store for us on the next generation of consoles and you might prefer to wait. As a stop-gap however, I don't think you could ask for much better. Good stuff Warner Bros. Montreal, I doff my cap to you!
  23. Oct 25, 2013
    Batman: Arkham Origins is, like most people would already guess, very identical to Arkham City. This game deals with the "origin" story of Batman, except it doesn't, not really atleast. This game is actually set in the beginning of Batman's career and deals with him meeting many of his enemies for the first time. While it bears the Arkham name is actually doesn't really feel like a game that is set in the Arkham universe. It feels more like Arkham universe meets Nolan universe, since the game is far more realistic then its predecessors (or atleast feels that way). If you are a fan of the previous two games then I would definately recommend that you pick this game up. I give this game a 8,5/10 Expand
  24. Oct 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Very impressive. And storytelling is very beautiful. And events are interrelated. The sequel to the previous parts. From my point of view deserves to be one of the most beautiful games delirious year. Because the game where the depth of the story and hand banger play Expand
  25. Oct 26, 2013
    It's simple enough, if you enjoyed the other two Arkham games you're going enjoy Arkham Origins. It doesn't really break any new ground but it's not simply a re-hash of Arkham City. The combat system is much more refined, with new moves, better mechanics, with every punch feeling more satisfying than before. While I agree that a couple of the new gadgets aren't really new at all (i.e. the glue grenade), Gotham City is a little lifeless (even with the "curfew" in place), and a few plot points are blatant re-uses from Arkham City, it still doesn't take much away from the enjoyment of the game. On the whole, the main storyline is fantastic. Personally, I found the dynamics surrounding Gordon, the Joker, and Alfred's relationships w/ Batman awesome to watch unfold. One thing that Arkham Origins did that Arkham Asylum/City struggled w/ were the boss fights. The fight w/ Deathstoke is a work of art, with timing and patience playing a key role, and I found the Bane and Copperhead fights really enjoyable as well (I'm not completely finished so we'll see what else sticks out). Overall, I found this to be on par with the other games, and well worth the buy! Expand
  26. Oct 27, 2013
    Let get things straight the story voice acting and combat are as good as ever and if you liked the first too games there is plenty more of the same here. but this game never really lives up to its potential, Boss battles have been a concern on previous games no such problems here deathstroke, firefly and bane stand out in particular. The crime scene analysis is excellent as well. However we now have a full city to play with but it is empty and soulless, there is a curfew so so no citizens to be seen. It lacks imagination, we have hundreds of gang members running amuck, but no the citizens for them to torment it doesn't make sense. The game suffers and from severe slowdown in cutscenes and the screen even froze on me on several occassions i would say at least 8 times in 2 days) I can't even remember another game that had so many problems. The size of the city can become arduous and can take a long time to travel around without the use of the batwing. Bigger doesn't mean better I would have preffered a smaller city packed with action rather than a empty sandpit with alot of snow. Finally it is also a bit daft that i can spend a cinsiderable amount of time trying to reach one particularly enemy but never manage it because in the end he is behind a locked door. I'm the dark knight a locked door isn't going to stop me. But that was it end of story move on to the next section. A complete watse of time. The premise is good with eight assasins coming after batman but in the end i didn't care. Overall it id the biggest disappoint of the year by far. it could have been fantastic instead i finished fed up thinking of what could have been. and the glitches and infuriating and they should never realease a game if it doesn't even work properly.
    I will buy the next one because im a batman fan but i and everyone who buys the game deserves better
  27. Oct 30, 2013
    OK, seriously, in its current state, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. It's crashed on me a dozen times and on two separate occasions corrupted my save so i have to start again.

    gameplay wise its much like arkham city, so solid, if becoming a little repetitive, but with no evolution from the previous game, normally i'd say 7/10, but the bugs are so crippling i'd say for now, until it's patched,
    only a 0 is appropriate.

    wait a couple of months for the patches, pick it up in January, you're not missing out if you don't play it now...
  28. Oct 30, 2013
    At least 3 game breaking bugs in this game. The combat is dubious not much in the way of anything new the voice acting is terrible the story itself is barely worth paying attention to. The Joker for some reason is british and Bane is a Frankenstein mix of the comic books and the recent movie. It's probably worth waiting till it sells for half price.
  29. Oct 26, 2013
    I'll probably get so much hate for this review but I actually enjoy the game, at least the 3 hours I played but this game is filled with many bugs, 2 of which were game breaking to me and I refuse to play the rest of the game til they fix it. Once it's fixed perhaps I can give a much higher score, because I actually enjoy it, because it's very similar to Arkham City, one of my favorite games.
  30. Oct 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After the highly acclaimed Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, a change of the developing studio and Batman's and Joker's voice actors, WB Games Montreal had big shoes to fill with the prequel Arkham Origins.

    Though not a bad game, this third part is a "been there, done that" experience. Pretty much every element is identical to the other Arkham games, especially City, which makes it feel like a DLC rather than a new installment. It's all too familiar to the point of being boring and repetitive.

    While the other Arkham games had imaginative scenarios, none of the places in Arkham Origins are memorable, intriguing or worthy of being explored multiple times.

    The story is uninteresting and predictable because of the fact that, once again, the Joker turns out to be the main villain. Yes, we all love the Clown Prince of Crime, yes he's a great character. But his overused presence in the franchise has become a cliche. It wouldn't hurt if he's out of one game at least. After all, he's not in every Batman comic or movie. He's not even in the most recent animated show. Yes writers, we all know he's Batman's opposite blah blah blah, no need to keep shoving that down our throats.

    Instead of adding something fresh to the series, Arkham Origins is just an attempt to make easy cash by living in the shadows of its excellent predecessors.
  31. Oct 25, 2013
    Fantastic game and a worthy prequel to Asylum and City. Its pretty much what you would expect if you have played the last two Arkham games. But that's not a bad thing. It was the developers Warner Bros Montreal's choice. They wanted to take many of the great mechanics that Rocksteady (the developer of the previous two) have built and just build upon them. Of course its simply not just a copy and paste job. They have added in and changed quite a lot of stuff and put there own stamps on things. What you end up with is an extremely refined game with all the best parts of previous games combined with the new. The voice acting is also good (Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker are great as the Batman and Joker). Critics and people that are bashing the game or giving it a mixed/bad score, have unfortunately missed the point. From the reviews I have read, they have gone in thinking that the game will be something completely new and innovative (like the jump from Asylum to City), when that wasn't even the aim of the developers. If you like Batman, the previous Arkham games, free roaming worlds with side missions and collectible, or good games, then pick this one up. Expand
  32. Oct 25, 2013
    Best entry in the series so far. I played through all of the story and a few side missions. WB Games Montreal have definitely proved they can tango with the big boys, as Origins blows City out of the water. It takes everything Arkham City did, turns it up to 11, then adds more. The atmosphere is spot-on, from the christmas-themed score to the christmas decorations, the pedestrian dialogue and so on. What felt like an empty, abandoned city in Arkham City now feels like a sleepy Christmas Eve town, with trouble lurking around every corner. The story is great, much more cinematic than Arkham City. The voice acting is fantastic, the combat is just as good as it has ever been, and the missions are satisfying and fun.

    My only gripe with this game is an issue I have with the series in general. The stealth and predator-challenges leave a lot to be desired. Especially when compared to the top notch combat system, those bits definitely feel tedious and boring. But that is such a minor complaint.

    I'm glad WB Games Montreal decides to take a less campy and more serious approach to the series. No more dude-undies, fake abs or ridiculously pointy ears. Batman is all business in this installment, making it the best in the series by far, and definitely a worthy entry in the series.
  33. Ogr
    Oct 25, 2013
    Nothing New in Gotham City. Batman Arkham Origins is pretty much like AC, except the love for details.
    It could have been a better game with a bit more "life" in the city and maybe some real new features added to the game. Arkham Origins plays like an solid addon for AC, so it's still pretty good.
  34. Oct 25, 2013
    Never in a million years have i ever played a such a crappy game.the controls are shabby and the boss battels are just stupid.Arkham city was an amazing game but arkham orgins is just pure dog crap.Never buy this game!
  35. Oct 25, 2013
    Pos game has locked up on me 4 times already. And I haven't even touched multiplayer. What little I have played seems like a less fun version of the older games.
  36. Oct 26, 2013
    So far I have played this game since the midnight launch and wow, just wow! It follows in the footsteps of City and Asylum nicely although at times not quite overtaking them but not far from it. It uses the same combat techniques as its predecessors and feels a lot smoother and with the addition of the new enemy types it expands the way you fight. The story is on par with, if not a times a little better than the first two Arkham titles, knowing that you have 8 diverse assassins hunting you over such a large map is exciting and makes you feel like you are Batman. The addition of the crime scene reconstructions did something that asylum and city didn't and that is make you feel like you are a detective, granted that you don't really make any decisions and it follows a set path it still makes you feel like the crime fighter that batman is not just a guy in a bat suit beating up goons. The boss battles are incredible (I wont spoil anything but just so you know they are quite possibly the best boss battles I have ever played, bold statement I know) all in all this is just how a Batman game should be, it may not cover the origin story as much as people have believed it would but how many times does the origin of Batman really need to be done, it is perfect. Try not to listen too much to IGN and Gamespot they are comparing it to Asylum and City and look for anything to poke holes in. 10/10 I look forward to completing this game. Expand
  37. Oct 28, 2013
    I've been playing for 3 days now, and so far Origins has satisfied my need to beat up thugs. It's a decent game, but it definitely needed more work. The story is solid, the acting and graphics are good, the gameplay is on par with the other games. There was nothing that has really WOWed me yet though. WB Montreal hasn't raised the bar with their installment, they barely touched it. My biggest complaint is the insane amount of times the game has crashed. Never have a seen a game soooo buggy. Especially such a big budget game. They should have worked a bit more on the game and put it out closer to Christmas (especially since the game is set on Christmas eve) and it would have been much, much better. I am always willing to wait a little longer for a game if the developer needs extra time to make it right. Expand
  38. Oct 25, 2013
    The combat is fluid. The story is entertaining. The city is beautiful. What more do you want? The Christmas theme is great. and reminiscent of the Tim Burton movie. I think it is a worthwhile entry into the series. Although it doesn't add much to the gameplay or Arkham City, but why change? My only complaint so far would be the unintuitive, and limited grappeling hook.
    Play this if you
    are a fan of Batman. Expand
  39. Nov 1, 2013
    I'll start with the positives. The main story line has more than a few strong character moments in QTE cut-scenes that really make Batman feel terrifying to his foes, and even to his allies. Improvements to the detective mode crime scene scanning make investigation much more involving than the previous games. It will actually require some thought instead of finding and scanning a specific point of interest. More varied enemy types make combat more difficult, and more rewarding on occasion.

    On to the negative. This game is belabored with glitches and oversight that were not present in the Asylum or City. Audio drops out of QTE cut-scenes and is frequently mismatched in-engine, or garbled when multiple tracks play on top of one another. Enemies get stuck and cannot be taken out in both combat and predator encounters, preventing progression and forcing a reload. Batman will often be unable to climb a ledge directly in front of him. He's BATMAN. Tough to see him lose to railing. Many of the in-engine cut-scenes look unpolished a clumsy, especially character faces.

    For a triple-A game, these are unforgivable transgressions. They ruin what is already recycled and drain the fun from gameplay. I purchased the game and season pass on launch day, and I entirely regret the decision. This game is a rental. Not the brooding atmospheric prequel to Asylum, and definitely not the sprawling successor to City that will make you want to explore Gotham after the main story is finished. This is an obligatory third game just so it can be called "The Arkham Trilogy", but that adds nothing of true substance to the other two games. It's broken, boring, and much more valuable to its developers than it deserves to be.
  40. Oct 31, 2013
    Batman Arkham Origins is without a doubt, worth of your time. Is it perfect? No, but at the same time how can it be after Arkham City, the game that defined what it's like to be The Dark Knight. Arkham Origins has everything Arkham City and Asylum had. The core gameplay is largely the same, with some nice additions such as more enemy types that makes the combat more challenging and engaging compared to the last two titles and memorable boss fights, which i imagine can get quite repetitive for gamers that have little to no patience and who haven't just played an Arkham game in general. The visuals appear to be more crisp, even at the end of this console generation. The amount of snow is a nice touch and adds to the Christmas atmosphere. But the best visual experience can be found on the PC with robust graphics and physics options, that ultimately makes the game look downright beautiful.

    The story is really well written with some great twists and turns. I found the cinematography overall really impressive. The villains are introduced in a great way, with some neat D-list additions. It'll take you about 8-10 hours to beat the main campaign and around 15-20 if you do absolutely EVERYTHING. There's also the challenge rooms adding to the incredible replay value. Playing as Slade/Deathstroke was a blast too, unfortunately he only comes with the (as of launch) pre-order or when the stocks last, as new in retailers. Surely will be available as DLC at some point.

    The multiplayer i found a great distraction. I just hope the MP community will live for longer than a month with *yawn* Call Of Duty and Battlefield around the corner. You can customize your characters for each side (Bane and Joker gang). The customization i found oddly similar to Brink, which shouldn't come as a HUGE surprise since the MP for Origins is developed by Splash Damage, the developer for Brink. There's 3 teams essentially, Heroes, Bane Gang and Joker Gang. 3 vs. 3 vs. 2. Batman and Robin being the Hero team. Overall the multiplayer is tons of fun and would recommend for everyone who buys Origins to at least try it out once and see if it's your cup of tea.

    Overall, it's a great addition to the Arkhamverse lore. (with one exception being the unexplained grapnel boost from the future) A great Origin story to the Arkham franchise with top quality voice acting, memorable dialogue and cinematography. I also think it's worth mentioning that Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker absolutely nail their roles as Batman and The Joker.


    Why it's a 10 on the rating you might ask? Because i want the user score to bury the hypocritical metascore from the major gaming websites. Giving below to just above average scores for a game that's ''More of the same, doesn't innovate the series or the genre in any way''? How unlike any series i know that keeps rehashing the same assets from previous entries to the series, with absolutely no new additions to the core gameplay. Right.
  41. Oct 26, 2013
    Although very similar to Arkham City, Arkham Origins shine on its own with exceptional writing, amazing boss battles and tons of interesting side quests. Its a Must Buy for every Batman fan and for the fan of the Arkham Series, Warner Bros. Montreal have managed to create and amazing game that does the franchise justice only try skipping that dull and boring MP.
  42. Oct 28, 2013
    A good game definitely not the best in the Arkham series. Graphics are bout the same a bit better than Arkham city. Story is top notch. The gameplay... Is the same. The open world feels empty and feels like you already been there. Combat is mostly the same. The only new feature new to the Arkham verse is reconstructing a crime scene these are very fun and cool to watch. In the end this game boils down to being a rehash nowhere near terrible but it just feels to similar to Arkham city and not worth $60 in my opinion. A good game but not great. Expand
  43. Oct 25, 2013
    I must say I was worried about this game right from the announcement, but due to loyalty to the characters I picked it up and I must say I loved it! So much, obviously this game doesn't live up to it's predecessors, but it's still a brilliant game.
  44. Oct 25, 2013
    Back to Arkham we go and hats off too WB Montreal, because they did a splendid and fantastic job. Twice the size of arkham city, tons more to do, and better graphics. how can you go wrong? Metacritic score needs to be 96 if not higher with this game. Improvements on everything including the story (from arkham city), and combat with great gadgets. its a must buy for all consoles!! Have it on pc as well! Expand
  45. Dec 1, 2013
    I wanted to love this game more than I can tell you. It was even the first game I've preordered in years. However, the glitches are simply unforgivable. There are challenges that you have to complete (seems cool at first but then you are faced with so many times that they aren't even completable. One challenge is to get an explosive gel takedown. Unfortunately for me, my game has a glitch that won't allow me to get an actual takedown but rather just knock the guy down. This is just one of many screw ups with this game. Even if you loved the previous two, as I did, this game will only piss you off. It had so much potential but fell so short. I've tried picking it up over and over again but every time I do, I quickly realize why I gave up on it in the first place. You are better off playing the other two over and over again. They are so much better. Expand
  46. Oct 25, 2013
    EXACT same game. Open world means when nothing new is introduced. It's must MORE areas to grapple and fly over.
    Not to mention the character voice changes all suck. Batman sounds like a huge pus.
    It took everything I loved from the previous games and warped it in a sub-par way. The new joker has some good moments, but he is NOT the joker we fell in love with. The gameplay feels similar
    yet awkward, and I have never had less interest in the story.
    Even gadgets are all screwed up with their quick use and feel awkward to use.
  47. Oct 26, 2013
    Okay first off this is the best Arkham game in the serious so far in my opinion. you cannot deny that the combat is still very much intact and improved from the last two masterpieces. the stealth is excellent and the mechanics have been greatly improved. this is by far a very underrated game as its not done much to accelerate the Arkham series any further or take a step forward. well there is a saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and its completely true. the game length is as long as its previous games. The story is simple but an excellent one. 8 assassins at one night to kill the bat it sounds simple but there is many plot twists in the story that you wont see coming no spoilers just be prepared to be amazed. sure its not way better than Arkham city but it still is as good as or if not better as there have been no stepbacks in the gameplay mechanics and mostly everything has been enhanced slightly. i was worried about picking this one up at first as i saw some of its scores compared to its other two releases it kinda worried me but im glad i picked it up. and you should too if you haven't already just don't expect a massive step forward for the franchise. -10/10 Expand
  48. Oct 27, 2013
    I give this game a 10/10 because it's worth it. It is very unfair for WMB to be treated as if they had to do an easy task while it was a very challenging undertaking and regardless of difficulty they nailed it. People blame them that they didn't advance the franchise at all. 1) I totally disagree. At a very high level as expected crime scene investigation is just awesome, boss fights have a character and really test your skills, and some (spoiling) details are great refinements of the work rocksteady did, plus the addition of multiplayer mode. 2) I think that to some extent they were not supposed to advance the franchise (not more than they did). Rocksteady is making a sequel and unless if any changes were in accordance with rocksteady's new ideas they would have to push the franchise to a different direction. So, they had to keep a difficult balance.

    The game reuses pretty much almost everything nice the gamers have seen in the first two games (scarecrow-like levels, gadgets of all possible forms, plot elements like jail breakouts or navigation in an open world, specific criminals) with the addition of a bunch new amazing stuff (new villains -kudos for the use of anarky a character that is used in the comics series to address really important sociopolitical phenomena- new gadgets a fresh CSI system and amazing plot). Reusability of all old elements not only doesn't make the game a boring replay but it avoids making it a routine of a very limited set of skills and gadgets as the other games were.

    I admit that intro for example was not as impressive as the intro of AC. However, one-to-one mapping from moments of one game to the other is just misguiding. Each game had a very different storyline. The AC game was created so that it's best moments would be the intro (hype of going from the prerelease comic to the surprising entrance of Bruce to the prison) and end (joker dying). This game's hype is based on the great concept of 8 assassins wanting to own your ass and has some amazing surprise and touchy plot moments.

    This game looks and feels great. If AC wasn't out there it would be a 10/10. People think it is easy to take a 10/10 game refine it and still have a 10/10 game. I've seen countless examples of franchises being screwed with a much smaller set of changes. So, kudos to WBM and thank you for the amazing game.

    - An unbiased gamer
  49. Nov 2, 2013
    I loved the previous Batman games and if you liked Arkham City, well, this is pretty much the same game but with one big difference. This one is pretty much unplayable due to bugs and glitches. This game has hard-locked up my Xbox about a dozen times. Expect to need to reset your Xbox about once an hour. In addition, numerous glitches required me to restart from my last checkpoint. When fighting Deadshot, I punched him through the ground and he ended up stuck down there, with no way for me to get at him.

    I have never played a more buggy game on a console. Stay away.
  50. Oct 29, 2013
    Certainly not the best of the lot so far. Has several glitches that I have encountered so far. Overall, it plays much the same as the previous two Batman: Arkham games. The rpg progression makes sense and meeting the Gordons and other characters in the beginning is pretty cool.
  51. Oct 26, 2013
    I absolutely have no idea of why biased critics like ign and gamespot are bashing the game when it improves upon its predecessors in many aspects.The game is excellent sequel to arkham city and successfully builds upon its phenomenal combat and free roam system.The combo and cover system is as satisfying as ever especially when fighting the deadly ninjas.Like arkham city many collectable items can be found on the map which is big enough and the story is terrific and really make good use of the characters.Like every game it does has its shortcomings though,the city does feel empty(not crowded other than enemies on marked areas) and many of gadgets at BAT'S disposal really cant be put to good use following level design and some may feel that large chunk of the Origins map is a copy paste from Arkham city and borrows heavily from its gameplay and level mechanics instead of bringing new innovative ideas, but thats not necessarily a bad thing.Keeping in View,its being attempted by WarnerBros for the first time,this game is another beautiful addition in the beautiful series.Well done Warner Bros..thumbs up Expand
  52. Nov 5, 2013
    Have completed the game and have trying to go back through... I don't even know where to start with the game breaking glitches this game has where you just can't progress at all until the problems are fixed.

    First lets start with regular game play. The flight ceiling is capped extremely low, and rappel points for this game are sparse to say the least. Even when you should be able to
    rappel onto a building, interactions with password terminals is intermittent, basically the only way to describe this nonsense is the developer has a certain way for you to interact with the item. Even though it absolutely breaks the mechanic of the game and the way items function. Then there are invisible walls where they shouldn't be. So batarangs will bounce off structures that simply are not there. This is an invisible wall in gaming that usually activates something. So the player would have to cross this wall and then it activates something like an enemy spawn or an action. In gaming you don't see it, but in coding its a necessity. Basically the objects aren't coded to ignore these barriers. Its embarrassing.

    Game stopping glitch. Joker fun house (Now Corrected by patch which took a week) When going back through the game, you get to the joker fun house the water would electrify and a timer would start. The buttons you used to use to escape the situation are now not there. Now matter what you would do the timer would run out and you would lose and see the joker mocking you.

    Second game breaking glitch. Under the GCPD building in the sewers if you have ventured into the open sewer pits. You can get across, but now there are no rappel points, no gadgets, nothing at all allows you to get across. In fact I thought I was doing something wrong, but after launching a youtube video and posting it on the WB Facebook page I found that I was among others who were stuck.

    The game was clearly rushed, The story is extremely short and what should be used to establish ALL villains and the relationship between Gordon and BAtman is a missed opportunity. It basically becomes an uneasy. I'll stay out of your way, but not the relationship they build where you see the bat signal. Its embarrassing and I am guessing they plan more character development with DLC.

    Season Pass DLC issues. So a season pass means you pay a one time fee and you get everything for a year for that one time price. Well not with this game. Not only did the season pass not work, but after purchasing the season pass you still had to pay for items that should be free under the season pass.

    Game stop COdes were also not working correctly, as I paid for my season pass at game stop and then got charged again through my paypal account through the Arkham Origins store.

    DO NOT BUY THIS game and I would recommend buying it used. The reason is the DLC they have is a joke. Costumes you'll never wear and skin packs for a glitchy multiplayer. Thats right they now have a multiplayer with packs....
  53. Nov 7, 2013
    Before anything else is said, this must be stated: This is the weakest of the Arkham games so far. Despite that, it is still a very good game.

    Story wise it is pretty good. It involves Batman being forced into battle with 8 different assassins on Christmas Eve. The game constantly shows that Bruce believes he is the only person that has not been corrupted.

    Gameplay wise, its mostly
    more of the same, which is fine since the Arkham formula hasn't been beaten to death yet, like Call of Duty. The game does seem easier than the previous entries though.

    Now how it worsens. The side missions feel very hollow/filler like to Arkham City's. The world seems empty and a bit too large. The Riddles are gone, so the game feels like less a love letter to the Batman comics.

    How it improves: The boss fights in the series, with the exception of Mr. Freeze, are considered low points of the series. The Boss fights here are great. It involves more about reflexes using cheap and tedious moves.

    Arkham Origins isn't the best game in the series or of the year(Black Flag, Bioshock Infinite, GTA 5 or Tomb Raider are my contenders) but it is still worth playing.
  54. Oct 27, 2013
    Lets be honest Arkham origins isn't as good as Arkham asylum or Arkham city but did anyone expect it to be, Rocksteady made the first ever good Batman game with AA and then made a masterpiece with AC so WB montreal had HUGE shoes to fill and for the most part they they did a very good job, i feel the only real negative is the open world, when out on the streets it feels lifeless there's nothing to do basically but fight thugs and destroy riddlers stuff (no question marks in this game cause he isn't known as riddler yet) but once your back on the critical path following the story it's right on par with AA & AC plus the story itself is extremely good at times surpassing AC in the setup, if i were to just rate this based on the story aspect i would give it a 10 but to review a game u need the whole package so based AO as a whole i give it a 9... it's not rocksteady but even when we get only half a Batman game it's still awesome. Expand
  55. Nov 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Concept: Provide a pretty thorough and gripping account of the Dark Knight's first encounter with many of his enemies and his archenemy, the Joker. This is most definitely an origins story, and as with its hero, it is gradually learning from its mistakes as it goes.

    Graphics: The attention to detail is impressive, and as with the other Akrham games, it does not disappoint in character animations and models during both set piece moments and normal tasks.

    Sound: There isn't much error to be found in the new voices of the Bat or clown prince, and for that, I am sure many people are thankful. It is new and refreshing, but not alien in the slightest.

    Playability: Take Arkham City and its elements and you essentially have the majority of the gameplay here in Origins.

    Entertainment: Whether you want to complete the challenges of challenge mode, play through the story to see how things unfold, suffer through multiplayer mayhem, or just beat on some relatively defenseless henchmen, this game proves to be very entertaining indeed. Some achievements might require you to play through the story at least three times and be quite annoying, but as i can attest, it's all doable and all exciting in the long run.

    Replay Value: High.

    Overall Score: 8.25
  56. Oct 27, 2013
    The game is so unstable that it became unplayable for me. Loved arham asylum and arkham city, but this piece of crap isn't the name batman worthy. First time startup and logging onto WBID the game hung. Restarting the game...same problem. Had to delete the file 'shared settings' on the harddrive to be able to startup again. Then it worked. Explored a lot of the city before actually starting on the storyline. About 8 hours into the game I went after the penguins arms dealer and the game hung during the cutscene. After restarting I went back to the place where the cutscene would have to start to begin the mission, but it doesn't...nothing helps except to restart the game completely, which I won't do. Instead I will return the game and avoid this developer in the future. They should FORBID this team to ever make a game again Expand
  57. Oct 26, 2013
    The Arkham series set a very high bar and personally I think that Rocksteady was the only one who could pull of Batman in ways we would enjoy. The origins story is done pretty well although it felt a little repetitive, the story was told in a manner that keeps you going, but the overall combat has been done before with no new moves to add to the system. The boss fights in this game is where it really shines and you feel like you are the Dark Knight, It has been improved leaps ahead of the previous Arkham games and it was really exciting.
    On that note some of the boss battles are done through side missions and I thought that was a bit silly except for the villain Anarky. There were supposed to be a total of eight assassins but in the story you face off against 5 perhaps and the rest are side mission bosses. If they were added to the story it would have been a lot more exciting and interesting to see how that played out. Nonetheless Batman Arkham Origins is still a master of story telling and free flow combat and is worth a purchase.
  58. Oct 25, 2013
    So far so good only problem is the first time i got it after WBID finished loading the screen just froze and I could still hear the background song so i brought it back.The new one did the same but I waited a good 5 minutes then the main menu poped up, after a good 20-30 minutes of playing a good story so far, the next level was about to start when my screen just went black. I don't know what to do now, am I the only one getting this problem? Expand
  59. Oct 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Played this game for a while, and I have to say I have mixed feelings about it. While there is no doubt Arkham Origins went for the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach, there were moments when the flow of game play couldn't be smooth. For instance, you cannot grapple to certain building rooftops make it hard to takedown certain enemies, and objectives for side missions cannot be found. It makes me wonder if the mission can only be completed later, but if so why make it available early to begin with? In the wonderland side mission, floating platforms to go across obstacles would spawn on land, forcing me to restart the checkpoint several times.

    Other than that, game play cannot be more awesome. Upgrades are on a different approach, and while you probably could upgrade your way through combat early in the game, certain gadgets and moves can only be obtained by achieving specific objectives. As you rank up more upgrades become available. The game forces you to be more daring and taking more initiative to make those achievements.

    While Gotham was not a big as I hope it to be (only two islands linked with a bridge, an industrial park-like place and the original Arkham city) it certainly make it compelling none the less. So much to see and many easter eggs to explore. Riddler has no scan riddles for me yet, and I doubt they will appear, but trophies still remain as data packs.

    The game is a joy to play, but certain bugs prevent me from enjoying it to the fullest like Arkham City. To be able to grapple to anywhere, especially to every rooftop, that would be the batman I grew up with.
  60. Oct 28, 2013
    I would wait to buy this....Bought the game last Friday and it has so many game breaking glitches it borders on unplayable. Just look at the support site gripes all over. I am on a part where a glitch has stopped any progress in the story mode. Game freezes constantly (up to 8+times) complaints of corrupted saves etc, and it's not just the 360 version having issues, unless this gets patched I would hold off. Expand
  61. Oct 28, 2013
    batman arkham origins it's a amazing game,not better than arkham city,but vey good too,the city is twice than arkham city,much enemys,i love crime in progresses and batman to young to fight with the supervillains.this game is arkham city,this is the only negative point i found,and the freeze times too.but i give 10
  62. Oct 29, 2013
    I have played this game and its a great game I would recommend it to not only batman fans but video game fans the gameplay is awesome and story is to its a whole lot better then what the critics say its Is I would not listen to a thing the critics on anything
  63. Oct 31, 2013
    Great addition to the Arkham lore with the exception being the unexplained and out of place grapnel boost. Other than that, great core gameplay, new enemy types were a neat addition making the combat more challenging and great story. Troy Baker's AMAZING as The Joker. Roger Craig Smith made a great Dark Knight/Bruce Wayne and the cast in general was wonderful. topnotch voice acting. Love the game, pure fanservice. Expand
  64. Oct 31, 2013
    I really enjoyed Arkham Asylum and and Arkham City. While I was not building myself up for a game that would outshine it predecessors, I did make the mistake of assuming it would at least be as polished.

    Graphical details while in zoom mode for instance appear to be less defined is covered up by a heavier use of peripheral blurring. While I may be nitpicking, the ice surrounding the
    city reminded of graphics used a decade ago. I kept thinking they needed something like a fresh layer of snow or frosted quality added to them. This was my first impression as I scoured the city searching for Easter eggs.

    I'm okay with collectibles if they are not overused. However, part of the fun in the Batman games is looking for nods to the Batman cannon that is peppered throughout Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. It provides for a deeper immersion into the Batman universe. It also provided the feeling of the developers being equally as interested in the universe besides just making a game by taking the time to add such details.

    I assumed the Riddler would be at it again, having me searching for such references but such was not the case. Any references I have found thus far feel like they were included as an after thought and no where near as being prevalent as they were in the other games.

    As Arkham Origins happens before the events of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, one of the things I expected but did not actively look into while waiting for the game dealt with Gotham being a living city. For some reason, I thought there would actually be civilians in the game. Although it is Christmas Eve, I expected to be in a city where people were rushing to do last minute shopping, walking the streets and interacting. However, the city is as desolate of innocents as Arkham City. While the lack of masses of civilians in a city converted to a prison is understandable, I find the lack of them in Origins disappointing For some reason, I thought I would be rescuing innocents from being robbed or otherwise victimized by the criminal element. However, the random crimes involve stopping criminals from robbing ATMs, breaking up gang disputes, and taking out bad cops, or helping the same cops out of deadly situations with gangs. I felt this element to be not as fulfilling and a missed opportunity both in game play possibilities and defining Batman's role in helping the people of Gotham.

    A minor irritant but one that adds to gameplay experience, is moving through the city. While Arkham City had defined boundaries and obstacles where the grappler can't be used, Origins seems to have such elements within the map. A couple of them are large proving to be an obstacle tedious to circumnavigate. Some are simply billboards. The purpose for this is not apparent, and makes traveling through the city frustrating.

    Finally, I have finished both Arkham Asylum, with over 30 hours of gameplay, and Arkham City with over 140 hours of game play. I never personally encountered a glitch with either game. I have been in Origins for about 19 hours and encountered a glitch with a mobsters being clipped into walls or other obstacles, making it easy to ignore them and eliminate them after I take care of other threats.

    I'm not totally downing the game. It just is not as polished as its predecessors and at times, I found myself wanting to put it down to resvisit the first two games. I am enjoying it, and do not regret buying it, but there is that disappointment factor.

    While game developers are ultimately in the business to turn a profit, I have found good games are those which the developers have also invested time in it as a labor of love. However, the suits have to be on the same page as well allowing for a well planned and managed production. One or both of these elements are at fault here. The game is good but not great. It could have been so much more.
  65. Nov 3, 2013
    Wow, what to say about this game. Personally my perfect weekend includes the daily activity of fishing the fish and a round o golf followed by High Tea.

    That is my opinion on this game.
  66. Nov 3, 2013
    Wow. This game was OK until I reached Deathstroke than it was downhill from there. The deathstroke sequence alone will make you never want to play this game.
  67. Nov 3, 2013
    I think Batman: Arkham Origins is a really good game, And i know there is not a lot of big changes from arkham city, (like there was in arkham asylum to arkham city), But what i think stands out is the story and the boss fights, I think it makes up for things that are just copy from arkham city.
  68. Nov 4, 2013
    This game is a waste of time and money. I am sick of hearing my gf go on and on and on about absolute Enigma this Enigma that just shhhhht. I usually don't mind watching the Batman games but this one is a crock of crap!! I would prefer playing in feces.
  69. Nov 5, 2013
    You can dump hours and hours of game play into this with the medium length linear open world game with its side missions, collectibles, new game and I am the night mode. and it has one of the best multiplayer game concepts I've seen in recent years. This is my favorite Batman game of this generation and apart from a few bad glitches, is GOTY material. Batman has an array of gadgets never seen that were fun to play with and new enemies and old enemies to use them against. The extra skins in multiplayer and singleplayer bring me back to waking up early to watch the animated series. Along with my favorite season and day of the year and the concept of a jam-packed night filled with crazy assassins trying to kill you and explosions and guns and death and all of the references from past movies tv shows and specials was cool and new. Its definitely in my top 5 greatest games of the year. Expand
  70. Nov 5, 2013
    There's something about this game that isn't as good as the other instalments. Still has good combat and story, but the technical hiccups and one boss fight in particular makes it a little less then Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Still what works in the game works well, and is a good time over all.
  71. Dec 2, 2013
    why does deathstroke have to have so much freaking life he is by far the most irritating aggravating complicated villain ever... fighting him makes me want to take my controller and throw straight through my tv in hopes of killing him!!!!!!!!!!!
  72. Dec 3, 2013
    Having loved Arkham City, was ever so disappointed after spending hours traipsing over a dull city, especially the damn bridge, only to come upon building after building of repetitive action. Any originality that existed in City has been aped and boringly reproduced it really does feel that it's continually the same room again and again, just with a different skin. Gave up bored.
  73. Dec 3, 2013
    This is my first review on Metacritic which I'm writing out of frustration. I played all of the Arkham games, which are phenomenal. This newest iteration tried to make changes to the formula, with new studio WB Montreal taking the helm. Gotta say every change they've made negatively impacted the gameplay. Big battles are now very frustrating. The new gadgets don't really help too much in a throwdown either. Level design is at times confusing. Such a shame considering the caliber of the last Arkham game near perfect. They were given an awesome template and brought it down with pointless changes. THUMBS DOWN. Expand
  74. Dec 3, 2013
    This game even though it is from a different developer many people have high exceptations for this but it downright dissapointing like there said that u could fight with each assassins but electricutioner was not one of assassins that u could fight with and some boss fights are too reptitive
  75. Dec 10, 2013
    I was excited for this game, and I had to wait a while before I reviewed just so I would be hot headed about it. I failed. This game seems to come with a built in clock, I haven't played longer than an hour at a time, not because I'm uninterested, but because the game freezes within an hour of turning it on. I can't figure out how it freezes as the map is basically the same as Arkham City, but instead of it being a prison that used to be a city, it's a city with no one on the streets but people who attack you. There are no spoilers in this review, mostly because I haven't gotten far enough in the game to actually spoil it for anyone. I will say the boss battles are terrible quick time events that are horribly tedious. Beating Deathstroke actually wasn't challenging after I figured out his attacks are generally the exact same every time. That pretty much sets the tone for the bosses.

    Overall: This never should have been compared to Arkham Asylum or City. Origins isn't even close to good on its own. Waste of money and time.
  76. Nov 3, 2013
    This game was not ready for release. Several glitches, as well as problems where the game freezes. The gameplay is spot on as it is the same as the previous two. The story is incredibly short with very little character development which is a huge drawback. Could have been a DLC to Arkham City.
  77. Dec 2, 2013
    I'm a huge Batman fan and I so badly want to like this game. Unfortunately it's not doing anything for me. In Arkham Asylum, I was drawn into another world through an incredible plot, textures, music, and hidden Easter eggs. Here, the plot is very basic, the textures are non-existent, the music is forgettable. And just like in Arkham City, there are no Easter eggs (as in if you looked at a piece of artwork in some way it would reveal the history of a Batman character) in the way that the first game had, instead, you've got these stupid Riddler puzzles to step on which add nothing to the enjoyment of the game. Worse, slight modifications have been made to the placement of Batman in 3rd person and the controls that make me feel less in control of's hard to explain but somehow the controls have gotten worse since the first game. I don't want to keep playing the game through but I probably will so I can try and get my $60 out of it. Expand
  78. Nov 16, 2013
    I found the critical reception of this to be slightly too harsh. This is a good game, and the story is not at all "meaningless". Origin games are a fairly hard task, and this new studio pulled it off alright, at least in terms of the story. There's a lot there for someone who's fallen in love with the Batman narrative, the story was definitely it's strong point. The combat did start to wear thin towards the end, but that's unavoidable really, there was still at thrill of getting 50x combos. The Assassin scenario was not as fun as I had hoped, but had they pulled it off it would probably be one of the greatest feats in gaming so it's hard to criticize too harshly for that.

    My only problem were the collectibles, totally mishandled. Collecting the riddler's trophies, all 200+, was utterly pointless considering the outcome. I didn't bother with the riddler at all, they just miscalculated effort reward.

    If the glitches are pardoned, this is an 8.
  79. Oct 26, 2013
    If you liked the past two Arkham games, you'll feel right at home with this one. Honestly, I'm pretty surprised that the overall metacritic score is around 80 at launch. This game is every bit as good as the past two entries (Arkham City is still the best, but not at all by a long shot), along with a bunch of good new changes. The detective cases are a nice addition and it seems like they struck a nice balance with them they're never overly complicated enough to the point that you're going to get stuck, but they have you figure out enough that it is still satisfying to put together the pieces. Combat is a lot more difficult than the previous games, though altogether almost identical to the Arkham City system. Boss fights have been fantastic so far, and I'd have to say that this would be one of the parts of this game that is actually better than Arkham City. All in all, if you loved the other two games, don't hesitate to pick this one up, because you'll have just as much fun with it. Expand
  80. Oct 30, 2013
    This was not the exciting hunt-for-assassins-as-they-hunt-for-me thrill ride I was expecting. Nor the demonstration of the world's greatest detective that I wanted. The premise is excellent. And a well done Batman prototypical story flows from this premise. The combat and the gadgets remain. What's more the side quests are entertaining, but sadly familiar. In many ways the familiarity is good. I know how to fight, what to do when I seen a riddler trophy, etc. In other ways, it seems that the same game is being slightly modified that I've played before. This doesn't bother me too much, because I enjoy the adventure and the developers have recognized what works. The major problem and what really hold the game back are the boss battles. I was promised the world's greatest assassins and yet many of them go down fairly easy. In one battle with Deathstroke, I went the entire battle on hard without taking a hit and that was the first run. Still, it's an entertaining game. I think we were all hoping for more like civilians on the street, different gadgets, extended and gruesome battles, and a detective system that was more than looking for the red markers to solve. Expand
  81. Nov 13, 2013
    Origins is full of glitches and bugs and simply isn't polished like the previous Arkham games because they rushed it out for a quick cash in. That's what it is, a cash in, nothing more. As a huge Arkham fan I can honestly tell you to skip this game and wait for the next Arkham game made by Rocksteady, they know what they are doing. Origins game play is worse and full of bugs. The story is mediocre and ultimately pointless. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.

    A major part of game play, the combat, is nearly ruined in Origins because of their laziness. The controls are less responsive than in Asylum/City which is terrible for a fast paced game like this. Often I can't counter when I should be able or Batman will start punching air instead of an enemy. All problems I do not have with the other superior Arkham games. They somehow managed to ruin the fluid Arkham game play.

    The story isn't very good and actually ruins the Arkham universe as a whole. How certain characters met for the first time was better left to our imaginations because these writers were not up to the task. Batman is out of character way too much, and no, the "hes young and foolish" excuse won't work.

    Now lets look at the Bat suit in Origins. Warner Bros cant do anything original so they just took the mask straight out of The Dark Knight movie. I found that amusing.
  82. Dec 17, 2013
    Gets boring real fast. Mostly due the tired formula. Also very unbalanced going from press button multiple times to win to memorize everything with Rythim Heaven precision on the fight with Deathstroke. Unninpresive graphics, absent music, bad design...
  83. Feb 15, 2014
    This is nauseating. I can't believe the outrage when COD releases another game from a series that never had an ounce of creative blood but when WB guts its best series; everyone shrugs. It feels like an iPad version of Arkham City except with less personality. It's easier than the previous games, doesn't make sense canonically, and all the voice actors (except Joker's) seem to be bored. The only good parts of this game were made by another studio and they even messed those up. I'm glad I bought this game for 15 dollars instead of 60. It's an embarrassment. Expand
  84. Feb 11, 2014
    Its alright, the story is the greatest thing about the game, also the side missions are great, but, the combat is overly complicated, i really don't know why. The controls are almost terrible in my opinion the feeling of being batman swaying from building to building is just lost, you cant **** do it most of the time. Batman, my biggest issue of all, Is WAAAAY TO OP and HAS WAAAAAY to many gadgets and a better suit which is weird considering the fact that he is only 2 years into his career. It is an ok batman game, in fact, without the previous batman games it would be the best but compered to the previous titles it is a big steep down gameplay wise, ohh and it is pretty much a re hash of arkham city Expand
  85. Oct 27, 2013
    This game is great. Sure it didnt break new ground or redefine the genre but i think it set out to do what it was made for. That is treat its source material with respect and deliver quality gameplay at par with its predecessor. Well if the user scores are any indication, its seems batman fans are pretty satisfied.
  86. Nov 5, 2013
    The time they spent on multiplayer they should have put into the single player. I was perfectly happy with Asylum and City single player. In Arkham City there were thugs everywhere, on buildings and the streets. In Arkham Origins I noticed that you could just grapnel boost over everybody. Still a good story though. Also I found that they made fighting the thugs very easy.
  87. Oct 30, 2013
    It's good to be Batman! Subtle pieces missing to a great game. Minor glitches that aren't game breaking but need to be patched. Fast traveling with the batwing may cause a black screen freeze and you'll probably have to start your system over but all of which I accomplished before this case was saved. Gotham City is fun to explore but doesn't feel as alive as Arkham City. Like I said minor things that don't change the fact its a great game. Expand
  88. Oct 26, 2013
    I just want to make one quick comment. Call of Duty games get 9's and 10's just for being released. This game comes out and is slightly derivative and everybody themselves. I'm gonna tell all the people that are thinking about picking it up this, if you loved Asylum and City, you will love this game. It's more of the same and that's not a bad thing. They changed out some stuff to make it seem different but it's pretty much the same. My best example is Bioshock 2. That game was basically Bioshock 1.5 but it was still awesome. Same rules apply to Origins. I gave it a 9 for that reason. If it would've changed the formula dramatically like the jump to City, than it would get a 10. That's what Rocksteady's going to do with their next game. Arkham Infinite so to speak. Expand
  89. Nov 14, 2013
    A decent game none the less, the bosses such as deathstroke where very difficult for me so I did not get to enjoy my copy, unlike most games the open world was amazing. This game is would most likely be good for everyone.
  90. Nov 19, 2013
    It's basically a carbon copy of Arkham City...just with a different story. That is not a bad thing. Arkham City was a 10 for me. This is a 9 because it didn't add much. (Again not a bad thing) I give it a safe score because the new developers played it safe. The fact that this has a 73 (as of this writing) metascore it unacceptable. (I could see it being in the 80s because it played safe but not in the low 70s) At launch there were some pretty bad bugs but most have been fixed by now. Overall, better than Arkham Asylum, not as good as Arkham City but it really gives the Arkham series a sense of completeness to that of a trilogy. Expand
  91. Nov 19, 2013
    It's not finished. This game had the potential to be great like the previous two title's but unfortunately it has been rushed out to generate Money before the launch of Xbox One and PS4, I would have much rather waited another year, It's basically Theft and would request my name removed from the credit's if they were on them. Its an insult to the fan's.
  92. Oct 26, 2013
    It may not be good as Arkham City but it is truly a great game. It can sometimes be rough around the edges but WB Montreal should be proud of what they have accomplished. Don't let people fool you and check this one out.
  93. Oct 30, 2013
    Arkham Origin's lack of rennovation doesn't prevent it from being a good game, especially when Arkham City has been one of the best action games by far. You should check it out if you are a comic geek, or just someone who wants a fun hack n slash game with a decent storyline.
  94. Oct 30, 2013
    An amazing game people complaining about not being rocksteady but it is still very fun. Multiplayer is very fun, some glitches but it is an amazing game. Critics gave it low because they say it feels the same yet they give cod games 90 when there are the same so I think the metascore is a bit low. The story is great and it makes you feel like a badass because it shows the beginning of batman.
  95. Oct 27, 2013
    The Adventures of Noob Batman in Gotham City is a great game. Young stubble faced Bruce catches wind of Black Mask wanting to kill off some red shirt high ranking cop and gets involved on Christmas, trashing assassins and punching people in general.

    While the new Batman may lack innovation, who really cares when everything is done to such a high level? The graphics, sound, and
    mechanics are rock solid. The freeflow system is as sharp as ever, which is good because apparently in Gotham proper large gangs of ten plus thugs regularly need destroyed.

    As this is earlier in the Dark Knight's career, the action is a bit sloppier and raw. This Batman is a physical bulldozer who lacks the experience and refinement of our later year Arkham Asylum and Arkham City OG Batman, but makes up for it for being a ruthless power house.

    The story is fresh, engaging, and open enough so you can go on the rails and slam through it, or chase all the side missions at your disposal, just like the other games but with a nice polish mixed with the grittiness of being early in Bat's career.

    This is a perfectly excellent game, and Gotham is a blast to explore. There should be no buyer's remorse associated with this purchase. You all know what you are getting into, it's incredibly well made and worth your time. If you have the time, take grizzly Batman for a spin.
  96. Oct 25, 2013
    For having to go up against the 2 previous entries in the series, I'd say Arkham Origins is pretty damn good. First up, get over there not being civilians walking around. Seriously not even rocksteady wants to tackle that. It's Batman folks, not Spider-man; Batman doesn't stroll the streets of Gotham while people gawk at him. Second up, the so-called "win" buttons. Have you guys even attempted I am the night? Holy crap. Even the most veteran of "Batmen"(batmans?, batmen? will be hard pressed not to use these "win" buttons as a last resort to save their hours of hard work in a pinch. The graphics are captivating, bringing out the most beautiful Gotham I have ever laid eyes on. The score is a masterpiece I can't do justice to in 5000 characters. It's just fantastic. You really cant feel like Batman without a bad ass soundtrack to go with it. (Seriously, imagine the Dark Knight without the epic score by Hanz Zimmer) The story is up there with the best of the Batman stories. While not as shocking as Arkham City, Arkham Origins is, in my humble opinion, better than Arkham Asylum. Step away from the series and view the story (just the story) as the first Batman game you've ever played and it just blows your mind. Compared to other video games of this genre, Arkham Origins is truly among the cream of the crop. Next up, Gameplay. I can not thank Rocksteady enough for giving us and WB Montreal the best (in my opinion) combat system ever created in video games. I also can not thank WB Montreal enough for not screwing it up "win" buttons or not. (If it bothers you that much, they are optional, be your own Batman folks) I felt the new enemies presented a greater challenge than we faced in either previous entry, and the game achieved the empowering but not overpowering balance perfectly. When i wasn't on my game I still got my ass kicked and thats how I think it should be. The voice acting is something to admire. These guys had some of the biggest shoes to fill and I'd say they did a superb job that they should all be proud of. I really felt that this was a young Batman whether he was extremely pissed off, constantly brooding, and sometimes surprised, for me it sounded like Batman. As for Troy Baker's Joker: Wow. I never thought that anyone could ever bring Joker to life the way Mark Hamill did but I couldn't have been happier to be wrong. I'd almost say WB owes it to themselves to have more Batman games with Troy Baker as Joker just to give us all the pleasure of experiencing that. There's really too much potential there for them to not seize a golden opportunity. Can you have too much Joker? Not in my book. Wrapping up, I can't say that Arkham Origins was the mind-blowing Arkham Asylum when we realized superhero games didnt have to suck and could in fact be really good, or the huge leap forward that Arkham City represented by showing us all just how good a Batman could be in a larger world, but what I can say is that Arkham Origins is a welcome, and dare I say necessary evolution in the series with a huge world with subtle improvements on what is already one of the best series in video games. Arkham Origins in its success also gives birth to new possibilities in the way of new stories to be told and adventures to be had as the Dark Knight and lets us know that the Dark Knight has a bright future in the Arkhamverse. Expand
  97. Oct 27, 2013
    The critic review of this game is far too low in my opinion. Previous Batman Arkham games have received in the low 90s. If you enjoyed the other games, you will enjoy this one as well. I do think that the game is very similar to the 2nd game. I believe one user identified it as the 2.5 version. I guess if you are judging this game based on whether or not there is anything overwhelmingly new, I can understand the low scores. I for one enjoy the familiarity with some new story twists. I feel that far too often sequels try to change too much. GTA for example is a perfect example of sticking to the formula but changing the story. Either way, its a fun game and worth your time. You won't be disappointed. Expand
  98. Oct 27, 2013
    This is the third Arkham game i have played. I have seen many reviews and they are comparing this game to Arkham CIty. A review is supposed to tell us if a game is worth its price and wait. Arkham Origins nails this perfectly. Yes, maybe it doesn't really differentiate from City but the thing is that it does not need to. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Arkham Origins captures the perfection of Arkham City and people are criticizing it. It has already added much more content. Tell me, what "new" content would you want. So far, 5 out of 5 people could not give me an answer. However, in Arkham Origins, Gotham is kind of lifeless. I know it is a blizzard but i am sure there would be people out there. And the Most Wanted side missions were all slightly repetitive and there are glitches and bugs in the game.
    Although this game is the weakest of the Arkham trilogy, this is still an epic game with the best story in the trilogy. The voice actors are excellent. Every single of the voice actors voiced their roles well. Stop all of the comparisons and just enjoy it for what it is
  99. Oct 28, 2013
    It's Arkham City with a Christmas theme minus story continuity and character development. That being said, I'm seriously enjoying this game. Voice acting is better than expected and gameplay feels *almost* on par with the previous two titles. The environment design is creepy and it's still fun to roam around and fight crime. Not sure what happened with the cut scenes though, they are some of the lowest quality renders I've seen in a long time. Expand
  100. Oct 29, 2013
    After reading some of the so-called professional critic reviews I was really worried that this game was not going to be good. Please don't believe the hype and play this game for yourself. From the very beginning I found the game to be engaging and exciting. I didn't have to wait for any long drawn out "look at how great our graphics" segment like in the previous Arkham games (both of which I loved by the way). I really enjoyed the playable Blackgate introduction. I immediately felt like the game was pulling me in. I have run into some of the glitches that some critics have mentioned which are slightly annoying (it froze on me once). I also have found some of the crime in progress segments a little repetitive but so were the ones in AC, aka rescue the political prisoners). One thing I have noticed about these negative reviews is that they all sound the same. This smacks to me of possible plagiarism among these critics or just fear of being the one that doesn't go with the crowd and actually plays this game with a fresh perspective. I have also found the boss fights to be pleasing and fairly organic and even unexpected. Especially Deathstroke. I haven't finished the game yet but I eagerly anticipate my next gaming session. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 46 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 46
  2. Negative: 3 out of 46
  1. Mar 11, 2014
    Arkham Origins is very fun to play and very easy to forget as soon as you're done. Kicking butt as Batman is still a joy and the Invisible Predator scenes are as excellent as ever, but the game's almost complete lack of surprises weighs the experience severely down. [Nov 2013]
  2. Dec 28, 2013
    That it's so thoroughly entertaining despite being mostly identical to its predecessors speaks volumes about the quality of Rocksteady's original design, and of Warner Montreal's understanding of same. [Jan 2014, p.68]
  3. 80
    It's a case of more of the same, but with such good source material this isn't a bad thing. [Issue#105, p.87]