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  1. Dec 7, 2012
    It's easy to lump all military online shooters together and cast them aside if they're not your bag, but going back into the Battlefield is as rewarding an experience as I've had online this silly season.
  2. Dec 6, 2012
    The Aftermath DLC is a good extra content pack for Battlefield 3. Two maps out of 4 are really awesome, while the others are quite standard. The Scavanger Mode is too fast and chaotic, but could be useful to change something of the usual gameplay.
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  1. Dec 24, 2012
    I my oppinion clearly the best Battlefield 3 dlc. All 4 new maps are great fun and offer the good old battlefield feeling. You really feel being in War. Open urban warfare you enjoy whistling bullets, heavy explosions and hurry to the next hideout. Team communication makes coordinated approaches delightful and effective. I am loving it....(TM). ^ Expand
  2. Dec 12, 2012
    Excellent maps. Check out the YT reviewers LevelCap, Matimio, MongolFPS, they're all raving about it. The design is superb, leads to really genuinely exhilarating gameplay. Scavenger is fine, but rush and conquest on these maps is probably the best in BF3. As a separate point, reviews so far are highlighting what's wrong with professional game sites at the minute. They are either corrupt and too easily influenced by the game manufacturer, or just out of touch. Personally I'll be taking more stock in the people who have built up their base by being excellent, such as Totalbiscuit. Expand
  3. Dec 10, 2012
    As always the Battlefield 3 Maps added in the dlc are great fun. The Scavenger mode adds a fun new aspect to the game and forces players to change their fighting style to match the weapon they have available. Only a couple of problems i discovered with the added content. The issues i had revolved mainly around the xbow. While being able to use the xbow as a means to take out vehicles with the explosive bolts the number of shots it takes to actually kill any vehicle is somewhat ridiculous (more than 8 shots to kill a tank really?). Also the reload time of the thing leaves you with a single shot with the bow before the person in front of you guns you down without mercy. However if you are up close and personal the one shot kill ability of the xbow does lead to some close quarters hilarity. I'd say this is a good bit of dlc and that the amusement you can gain from killing someone with a crossbow with a sniper scope attached is quite the bonus. Expand
  4. Mar 27, 2013
    After production, the computers and the data crashed, then the maps became screwed up and broken like they are now, just look at them, all the damaged buildings (Annoying we can't go inside them), loads of bits and rubble everywhere, and the roads and pathways are all messed up. When they put these maps on the market, they had just noticed what happened and it was too l8 to fix the maps, but they are awesome! Markaz Monolith, Adzari Palace, EPICENTER and TALAH MARKET, including Scavenger which is Conquest but you have to find weapons buried in rubble and there are no vehicles, they do need to put in more ammo though. And I see that TALAH MARKET was not affected by the bug as much. Great expansion, despite that it's all screwed up and needs clearing up and fixing, but just get Premium, all the other DLC's are really good as well. You can get the XBOW by simply winning some Scavenger games but the reload is terribly slow. (Originally posted in December) Expand