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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 53 out of 57
  2. Negative: 0 out of 57
  1. Oct 25, 2011
    The game's issues are outweighed by the fact that no other game on the market plays like this.
  2. Oct 31, 2011
    Maybe Battlefield 3's off-line side is a little bit irregular, but the multiplayer mode is outright stunning. Those players looking for a game full of innovation will be disenchanted, however if you're looking for an amazing competitive on-line experience this is it.
  3. Dec 13, 2011
    All the other components are in place and Battlefield 3 is a good game, but the x-factor of the players is holding it back right now.
  4. 91
    Taken as individual pieces, only Battlefield 3's regular multiplayer is really strong. The co-op and story are both perfectly well executed, but lack true greatness. So, that third elephant: is Battlefield 3 really better than Call of Duty? It's a matter of personal taste, but for us Battlefield 3's incredible multiplayer edges this ahead of it's accomplished rival.
  5. Jan 3, 2012
    This experience alone sums up what Battlefield 3 is about. It isn't a John Rambo run and gun shooter and it shouldn't really be compared to MW3 in terms of how you play it. For players to truly understand the Battlefield experience you need to embrace the teamwork by joining a squad and calling out your spotted enemies, as after all, sometimes you also need your back covered too.
  6. Nov 2, 2011
    Graphics-wise, Battlefield 3 rocks. But not only are the visuals stunning. With a nice campaign and one of the best multiplayer modes out there, Battlefield 3 makes Call of Duty look old.
  7. Nov 1, 2011
    Battlefield 3 is clearly a winner when it comes to the online first person shooter experience. The depth of unlocks and vehicles is astounding and you just can't find it anywhere else. Although the game suffers from a bland single player experience, fans of the series will be spending countless hours online trying to unlock their next weapon attachment or vehicle upgrade.
  8. Nov 1, 2011
    All in all, Battlefield 3 is one of the best multiplayer experiences around.
  9. Nov 1, 2011
    This is an online game to the core, built for the long-term enjoyment of millions of fans looking to keep one game in their console for months to come. In that respect, Battlefield 3 is a resounding success, it's just a shame that it didn't deliver where I hoped it would.
  10. Oct 25, 2011
    Battlefield didn't need to be more like Call of Duty to succeed, it just had to double down on what it was already good at.
  11. Nov 3, 2011
    With a powerful new engine, amazing graphics, and gameplay Battlefield 3 lives up to its much hyped anticipation. Boasting hours-and-hours of unlockables, you can be sure that you will be playing this game from sunset to sunrise without notice.
  12. Nov 7, 2011
    The campaign was completely disposable and most gamers can probably skip unless they are questing for achievements – there are some fun mission-specific challenges to earn those. But for gamers looking for a solid multiplayer offering with a heavy focus on cooperative team play, look no further than the expansive gameplay that Battlefield 3 has to offer.
  13. Oct 26, 2011
    Battlefield fans hoping for the most polished entry in the series won't be disappointed by this massive sequel.
  14. Nov 5, 2011
    The appeal of Battlefield 3 ultimately lies where it has for the entire series, which is some of the best multiplayer in existence. EA will probably be disappointed by poor reception to the single-player campaign, but the game as a whole is guaranteed to be popular so long as enough people can sink their teeth into Conquest or Rush.
  15. Nov 7, 2011
    Battlefield 3 has a near-perfect multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, it also has a sad single-player campaign with a mess of a story (even for a first-person shooter), and the co-op is just barely above adequate.
  16. Oct 26, 2011
    A sloppy single-player campaign met with matchless multiplayer makes for an unbalanced first-person shooter experience.
  17. 80
    Battlefield 3 for the consoles is a big step down from the PC version. Still, it is almost two games in one. We get a six hour outright mediocre campaign without any surprises, but we also get the really unique and totally awesome multiplayer that only the Battlefield series delivers.
  18. Nov 7, 2011
    Battlefield 3 ships an unbelievable mutliplayer with a short, unoriginal campaign.
  19. Nov 4, 2011
    Battlefield 3 is still good at what Battlefield has always done best, but the rest of the package is more disappointing than anything else.
  20. Nov 2, 2011
    Battlefield 3's multiplayer earns top marks because it is almost exactly what any fan of that series would want-a new edition of a classic game that brings forward its best assets while introducing meaningful new elements. If the single player game were at least competent, this would easily be a no-brainer solid "A" game and one that I would recommend to any shooter fan.
  21. Oct 28, 2011
    As you might expect, the PC version of Battlefield 3 still boasts better visuals and larger matches than its console counterparts, but competitive multiplayer on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is incredibly addictive, immersive, and exciting.
  22. Oct 28, 2011
    You should interpret this final score based on what you really want from a shooter. If you're a resolute campaign player who avoids multiplayer like a shark with a gun, BF3's single-player is simply not up to scratch in a year that has already given us Resistance 3 and Deus Ex. But if online is where it's at for you, Battlefield 3 is going to be one of your games of the year.
  23. Nov 4, 2011
    That said, if you enjoy online, vehicle- and objective-based warfare, it has quite a bit of staying power. Just don't expect to get your money's worth from the campaign.
  24. Oct 27, 2011
    To use the word amazing would be an understatement when describing how engaging, fun, and addicting the online game is, but it is a shame the same can't be said about the single player game, which leaves Battlefield 3 feeling like a mixed bag that focused heavily on one aspect more than the other.
  25. Feb 25, 2012
    If you're looking for a great single player campaign you're out of luck, rent BF3 or pick it up in the bargain bin. If you're looking for the best online multiplayer action then BF3 is your game hands down.
  26. Jan 24, 2012
    While Battlefield 3 was aiming to be the biggest name this holiday season, and while it has made strides towards knocking off Modern Warfare 3, it misses the mark. That's not to say it is a bad game, it's a very good one, but the polish and excitement that is found on the Call of Duty series feels missing here. Still, there are much worse games you could end up with this holiday season, and the competition between the two series should heat up significantly in the next few years.
  27. Oct 25, 2011
    Technically unparalleled. The single player campaign isn't quite as great as Black Ops's story, but the multiplayer mode is outright stunning. That said, Battlefield 3 is the cosole shooter to get this year.
  28. Nov 7, 2011
    Battlefield 3 was supposed to bring down CoD, and without a campaign – which seems to be DICE's approximation of a CoD experience – this wouldn't have been possible. This is unfortunate, because the instances in which DICE seem to have tried to beat their rivals at their own game have resulted in Battlefield 3's weakest content.
  29. Oct 25, 2011
    DICE's adoration of and expertise with the online experience permeates every aspect of its multiplayer. Regardless of the narrative missteps or the occasional glitches, Battlefield 3 offers an unforgettable, world-class multiplayer suite so fun that it more than makes up for the package's shortcomings.
  30. Oct 26, 2011
    Still, as a complete package it in no way lives up to the expectation. Only one of its three core elements (single player, co-op and multiplayer) is worth your time, the other two feeling as though they've been added merely to increase the number of potential bullet points on the back of the box. Depending on which elements you're interested in Battlefield 3 will either be your game of the year, or your letdown of… well, the year.
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  1. Oct 25, 2011
    The user reviews posted are highly biased from a fanboy perspective. 10 from the BF fanboys, and 1 from the Cod chaps. Neither score is representitive of the games quality.

    If you intend on buying BF3 for the campaign, I strongly suggest that you rent instead as it is an uninspired standard shooter from start to finish (which isn't very long). Multiplayer is where it is at. BF3 is certainly worth a look for its MP component, and there is a lot of fun to be had here. From my perspective, if you didn't enjoy Bad Company 2, then you aren't going to be won over by this instalment, but for the best part, it is worth a look. The weapons feel tight and punchy, the vehicles feel very distinct, and the graphics are some of the best avaiable on consoles. Unfortunately as a console game, BF3 fails to deliver its true potential, as the limit of 24 players on such huge maps really does limit the game from delivering the full on scale of war that it should. The pace is certainly a lot slower than that of COD games, and there is far less class customisation. Over all, BF3 is a fun, but lacking experience which only supports the fact that we need a new generation of console to provide the 64 players that games like Battlefield really deserve.
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  2. Oct 25, 2011
    This game is incredibly fun. Never was a big fan of the BF series, but BC2 was what turned me. The online is hectic and tactical/slow and deliberate all at the same time. This iteration shows a huge leap in the controls and hit detection. Your movement is tight and fluid. Gone is the BC2 clunkiness. Minimal lag so far which is surprising on launch nite. IMPROVED EVERY SINGLE ISSUE MANY HAD WITH THE BETA! First game i got in i had a "Battlefield Moment". Its an amazing feeling to be defending an MCOM and feel a huge explosion and turn around to see the building you are in now has a huge hole in the wall. It is so immersive. The campaign is akin to a blockbuster movie more so than a huge adventure, but thats how fps games are in todays industry. Anyone saying this experience is less than an 8 needs to stop basing their review on how well they play online and start basing it on the game itself. BF3 is sure to be the top contender for shooters this year. i give it a 10 simply because it lives up to all it was said to be, which is all most gamers ask for. Great work DICE! Full Review »
  3. Nov 9, 2011
    I would like to change my previous rating of a 6 to a 9. I shouldn't review a game after only playing ten minutes of it. Now that I've played this game everyday for the past week, I can tell you without a doubt that I love it now. At first I was skeptical, but I just had to get used to the controls and the gameplay. I basically had to shed my Call of Duty-scales and acclimate to Battlefield, and now that I have, I can honestly say that this is a great game. Definitely the most realistic military FPS I've ever played. Full Review »