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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 52
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  1. 78
    There’s a decent attempt to extend game through online multiplayer but once again Katamari’s biggest downfall is that the magic is short lived. Even with the few problems I’ve mentioned the game is still a joy to behold and a guaranteed smile in a box.
  2. Beautiful Katamari includes few surprises, but it does offer up more of the enchanting gameplay and charming atmosphere the series is known for.
  3. The game’s title screams of beauty, but in truth, with the single player experience not being up to spec, this is the ugly duckling of the Katamari series. It just doesn’t have that wow factor going for it like the previous entries did.
  4. Nothing much has changed in the world of Katamari and this is both a good thing and a bad thing, but one thing is for certain and that is that Beautiful Katamari for the Xbox 360 is still charming and fun.
  5. The game is entirely addictive, and even when things are going wrong for you, you'll have this ridiculous desire to continue playing to see if you can beat the level once and for all. That's why I call it "good ol' evil Katamari."
  6. It's a routine that does need a bit of innovation. Just don't stray too far away from the formula or you may find your fanbase decrease like the stars in the sky after a day with the King.
  7. Beautiful Katamari holds out as a well-crafted cash-in of the Katamari formula, seeking to bring it to a new, potentially larger, audience. Unfortunately, "cash-in" still applies, and in spite of some great additions, it's still the same old Katamari.
  8. 80
    There's a reason that people fell in love with Katamari Damacy a few years ago -- it's an addicting and utterly charming experience.
  9. Lack of coherency, imagination and self-awareness.
  10. Sure, Beautiful Katamari is a little short on new ideas and online play has yet to prove itself. But the game is still blindingly bright, and a bargain at $40.
  11. 75
    The game is also rather short, but when every outrageous environment is so chock full of goodies, and the atmosphere so relentlessly positive, it's still hard to resist playing just one more time.
  12. Games Master UK
    Worth your money by virtue of being totally unique. [Mar 2008, p.67]
  13. 70
    Given that Beautiful Katamari's graphics don't look a whole lot different from those in the PS2 original, it's hard not to appreciate the irony of the game's title.
  14. If you miss Beautiful Katamari... you're just missing out.
  15. For people new to the series, download the demo and see if the gameplay clicks with you. If it does, then you’ll probably get your money’s worth out of a purchase.
  16. Edge Magazine
    That's how it feels: brand extension, dilution rather than enrichment. [Mar 2008, p.102]
  17. 60
    If there’s anything to complain about in Beautiful Katamari, it’s that vets will likely tear through the game in a matter of hours. Still, there’ll always be the online multiplayer aspect to keep them going.
  18. Hardcore Gamer
    With its budget price and most of its bizarre humor intact, you could most certainly do worse than pickking up a copy of Beautiful Katamari. [Dec 2007, p.65]
  19. Whether the King of all Cosmos is getting a little old or the designers have just lost their way slightly, this latest Katamari game lacks the quirky humour of previous games, favouring more obvious quips, and in turn the whole game feels a little forced.
  20. The bottom line is if the gameplay grabs you it carries with it an addictive quality. However there is nothing remarkable about it; this is just an over produced and pricey 360 Arcade title. Only those looking for the truly bizarre need apply.
  21. Official Xbox Magazine
    It clearly aims to include everyone and exclude no one, and that's just plain refreshing amid a holiday season stuffed full of deadly serious, high-learning-curve me-toos. [Nov 2007, p.96]
  22. Pelit (Finland)
    Beautiful Katamari is the same old Katamari with high definition graphics. That's it - and it's also very short. Still the original quirky idea provides a few hours of gay old time.
  23. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Beautiful Katamari does something very wrong--it tarnishhes the series' hallmark simplicity and ease. [Dec 2007, p.126]
  24. To say the Katamari series is becoming stale is something of an overstatement, it’s still as enjoyable as ever but if the next instalment (if there is one) doesn’t take the series in a new direction both on and offline, then this cult series in great danger of killing itself off by the lack of the one thing it brought a bundle of, originality.
  25. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Never has picking up rubbish felt so good. [Jan 2008, p.92]
  26. 70
    Definitely an above average game, but significant longevity issues bring an otherwise great game down.
  27. The novelty of the series may be gone, but its core stands as a good game idea. It won’t win any beauty pageants, but a big enough Katamari could win a county fair.
  28. Highly addictive gameplay that lasts for a few hours. A bit basic for a standalone title.
  29. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Too little's been spent on making Katamari feel at home on 360, and that makes us sad. [Issue#30, p.90]
  30. A solid debut for Katamari on Xbox 360, though the frame rate issue proves all too noticeable.
  31. Expanded multiplayer options would've made this even more remarkable, especially with online co-op. As it stands, however, Katamari's a ball.
  32. Despite the admittedly addicting gameplay, Beautiful Katamari falls short on every other front. From sub-par graphics, mediocre sound, lack of story, and few stages supported by a lack of fresh new gameplay mechanics, the title fails to justify its $60 price tag.
  33. It combines most aspects of the older titles and upgrades them into the world of high def. While the original "wow" factor is no longer there, it's still worth it.
  34. Without question, Beautiful Katamari is an entertaining game, especially for newcomers to the series.
  35. Not a massive improvement on the PS2 games, but Beautiful retains all the humour and joy you'd expect. For 360 owners, especially, Beautiful Katamari is a refreshing change of pace.
  36. Beautiful Katamari is a great game for fans, but not something that will interest those who didn't like the first three.
  37. I can see that some fans will gain enjoyment, and those gamers tired of the norm, but for my tastes, the appeal of the game was lost pretty early on.
  38. Really, there's no way you can go wrong with this purchase, especially considering it is only 39.99 for a complete package. And at 2.50 a stage, the downloadable content really isn't all that badly priced, either.
  39. The third time is definitely not a charm. Multiplayer is better in concept than practice, and the rest of the game just feels "tired." Even fans of the series will lose interest.
  40. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Bonkers beyond belief, it's not the best in the series, but it's certainly good enough. [Apr 2008, p.74]
  41. Was I ever surprised when I found myself recommending this game for my ten-year old nephew as well as my twenty-three-year old wife. This game can remind even the most serious gamer of what it was like to play games when they were a child. The storyline is ridiculous, the gameplay is simple, the controls are somewhat difficult, and the graphics are old school but overall this game pulled me in and got me hooked.
  42. 60
    While it’s great to see it on the newer generation of systems (and on a Microsoft system at that), it doesn’t feel like it’s progressed very much at all since its first iteration, a problem that dogged even We Love Katamari, but which feels even more apparent here.
  43. The game hasn't changed the formula which is probably a good thing but the length, camera, multiplayer, and HD visuals all lead to disappoint in some degree or another.
  44. Fans of the series will welcome this new version with open arms. Don’t expect any revolutions in gameplay, but be prepared for something even more epic than previous games.
  45. If you haven’t played this game before, chances are strong that you’ll have a good time with Beautiful Katamari. Newbies may be confused by the unique gameplay or bizarre story, but this series has a way of endearing itself to you rather quickly.
  46. Those who have lost interest in the katamari series may feel disappointed as no advancements on the formula have been made since the inception of the series.
  47. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    Mad as a brush and all the better for it, Katamari’s combination of a very simple concept coupled with some wonderful physics, brilliant level design, challenging objectives and charming visuals gives it a goofy charm that’s hard to dislike.
  48. 70
    For those who didn't check out the PlayStation 2 and PSP games, it will feel fresh and fun. For the rest of us? It's still fun, as long as you're not looking for much in the way of change.
  49. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    We Love Katamari left us with a deep and good impression, but this sequel – or maybe we should say this add on to the series – only manages to add the online play. It doesn’t want to be a killer game and it doesn’t even take advantage of the hardware to fix some graphic flaws, but it’s still one of the most original concepts of the industry. [March 2008]
  50. 76
    It's as addictive and amusing as it ever has been, so if you can put up with the quirks and shortcomings, take The Prince for a roll.
  51. Feels reassuringly familiar, but also fresh and new.
  52. 60
    It's too hard at the beginning for newcomers and young ones, too simple in its stage and artistic direction, and overall, it plays like a prototype to the previous and superior Katamari titles.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 40 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 6 out of 40
  1. May 21, 2016
    Maybe it's just that I live in a PAL region and subsequently couldn't play the original, but I still really, really, really loved the series,Maybe it's just that I live in a PAL region and subsequently couldn't play the original, but I still really, really, really loved the series, at this point. The PS3 game was very disappointing, but this one took everything I loved about We love Katamari, and made it far more challenging. I personally love that, so I think this title deserves a 10/10, especially considering it was made as far back as 2007. One of the best earlier titles for the 360. Full Review »
  2. Feb 8, 2014
    game is still fun and co-op is a nice addiction but i think a solo mode would have been better as without local friends or internetgame is still fun and co-op is a nice addiction but i think a solo mode would have been better as without local friends or internet connection it becomes unplayable literally Full Review »
  3. Dec 13, 2013
    Where do I start? This game keeps you interested, just when you think the ball you are meticulously rolling has gotten huge, it only getsWhere do I start? This game keeps you interested, just when you think the ball you are meticulously rolling has gotten huge, it only gets bigger and bigger! This game is great. With so many quirky and questionable Asian themes and songs you truly get a feel of an out of this world experience. This is a great addition to the true namco Katamari fan. The major drawback was the camera angles and the length of play. That's why this fun game only gets an 8 from me. Full Review »