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  • Summary: The online functionality of all three platforms ensures that for the very first time, fans of the Olympic Games can experience the thrill of competing against other gamers across the globe in the world’s greatest sporting event. Beijing 2008 is a simulation of over 35 events from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and allows gamers to experience the thrill of competing in many of the official venues ranging from the famous Beijing National Stadium (the "Bird Nest") to the National Aquatics Center (the "Water Cube"). In addition, Beijing 2008 incorporates innovative control schemes that allow novice gamers to learn how to play the game, while providing experienced gamers the chance to set new records. Through the addition of online gameplay and a variety of game modes never seen in an official video game of the Olympic Games before, Beijing 2008 truly allows gamers to experience the "Olympic Spirit. [Sega] Expand
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  1. A decent enough Track'n Field -clone. It looks nice and there's a lot of events. Too bad there's way too much waiting on one at a time -multiplayer events. [Aug 2008]
  2. 75
    So, sure--Beijing may not be gold-quality throughout, but it's the best Olympics game we've had since, well...probably ever.
  3. Despite its many flaws, Beijing 08 has a certain addictive quality to it. Some games, like many of the shooting and gymnastic events are a lot of fun, especially head to head, and it’s always a blast to wear out your thumbs in the many button mashing events.
  4. 60
    And this wouldn't be so bad, except for the draconian daily qualification requirements you face during the Olympic Games mode.
  5. They still haven't worked out how to go beyond button-mashing without breaking people. [Aug 2008, p.75]
  6. The tedious button-mashing might be fun when watching your friends make amusing faces while pounding their way to the finish line, but any extended time would be better invested in watching the actual games themselves. See you in four years, Summer Olympics.
  7. Poorly conceived controls destroy what otherwise promised to be exciting and challenging. The simplest tasks become monotonous chores as you exhaust your hands in an effort to keep pace with world-record A.I. athletes.

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  1. May 20, 2014
    A solid satisfying sports simulation that continuous to improve each Olympic year. The introduction of campaign mood is not worth your time, although I found the game really shins in its athletics events. At its core you will find a lot of fun especially on multiplier where players are still kicking! Overall this game will appeal to many sports fans and is differently worth you'r time! Expand
  2. Jan 26, 2011
    Possibly the worst game I have ever played. You basically have to wreck your controller in order to get anywhere in the events. For example, I spent 5 minutes spinning the right thumbstick of my controller as fast as I could for one of the cycling events only to come last. Expand
  3. Mar 19, 2011
    i really love sports games but this has to be the most frustrating out of the lot and i have to agree with shayneG that you will destroy a controller playing this game. you will give this game five mins and never return to it, its that bad. thankfully i only paid £3 for it Expand