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  1. A decent enough Track'n Field -clone. It looks nice and there's a lot of events. Too bad there's way too much waiting on one at a time -multiplayer events. [Aug 2008]
  2. Sega brings the genre of sporting games back to the top. A must have for Fans, but newcomers will also have a lot of fun, thanks the adjustable level of difficulty. However, it’s most enjoyable when played with friends.
  3. With the many events available to you, in both male and female types, along with the lengthy and challenging Competition mode, there will be plenty on offer here to keep you coming back to tackle your personal best.
  4. 77
    Beijing 2008 isn't perfect by any means, but it's certainly fun. It takes a fair number of risks, and more of them pay off than fail. Some of the events aren't fun, but most of them are entertaining in at least some manner, and a handful are great fun.
  5. 75
    So, sure--Beijing may not be gold-quality throughout, but it's the best Olympics game we've had since, well...probably ever.
  6. If you're the type of person that's glued to the television every four years, carrying a torch for the Summer Games, Beijing 2008 is tailor made just for you. With its wide variety of events and a solid presentation, you'll be hard pressed not to get something out of this release. Still, control issues and a poor online experience keep this game from having any chance of bringing home the gold.
  7. Although it’s not an essential buy, it can very well capitalize on the fever around the Olympic Games. Especially because it has a good amount of competitions, online modes and worldwide rankings. Just a word of advice…your fingers will probably pay a heavy price. [July 2008]
  8. Beijing 2008 isn't doing anything all that new, but there's just something undeniably addictive about going for high scores and fastest times. If you've got an urge to twiddle an analogue stick faster than any human knew was possible you can do a lot worse.
  9. Despite its many flaws, Beijing 08 has a certain addictive quality to it. Some games, like many of the shooting and gymnastic events are a lot of fun, especially head to head, and it’s always a blast to wear out your thumbs in the many button mashing events.
  10. It’s actually quite good in multiplayer and if you enjoy setting records then the same can be said for the competition side of it.
  11. The single player is very limited in terms of enjoyment, but open the game up to multiplayer, either online or with up to four players locally, and you will have a good time.
  12. The challenge is enormous, it has some variety, but make sure to warm up the fingers and make an insurance policy on the gamepads.
  13. Unfortunately, Beijing 2008 transmits hardly any atmosphere. Is a view of the stadium or sportsmen preparing for competition in the background too much to ask for? Nevertheless, due to the huge amount of disciplines, the game still is fun.
  14. 68
    Ultimately, Beijing 2008's sporadic hits are swamped by its all-too frequent misses, which only serves to highlight just how potentially good the overall game could have been had SEGA and Eurocom opted for interactive simplicity across the board.
  15. While it’s all very well playing through these events, to be honest it is fairly boring unless you are playing with friends.
  16. The problem is, once you’ve played each event a few times they become drained of any further interest. It’s great for a quick laugh, but there’s a serious lack of charm that fails to motivate in coming back for more.
  17. Rent first and see how you go with this one, especially if you are a lone gamer.
  18. 60
    And this wouldn't be so bad, except for the draconian daily qualification requirements you face during the Olympic Games mode.
  19. It’s as though no effort has gone into the gameplay beyond what merely works, and little thought has been given into making either the main single player or multiplayer modes fun or worth pursuing.
  20. Beijing 2008 doesn't escape from the stereotypical Olympic Games video game mold – it's a series of some good and bad mini-games that, while somewhat fun with others, don’t amount to much entertainment.
  21. This is not the kind of game you'll pull out after the Olympics have ended.
  22. They still haven't worked out how to go beyond button-mashing without breaking people. [Aug 2008, p.75]
  23. Track & Field and its ilk have few pretensions beyond being disposable and frantic multiplayer diversions; Beijng 2008 has made its events marginally more taxing, but no more joyful. [Aug 2008, p.100]
  24. As much as I feel like setting fire to Beijing 2008 with its own Olympic torch, it's not an unmitigated disaster. At least a quarter of the 38 events available are mildly enjoyable, especially if you're a retro-head who actually gets excited at the prospect of going online and taking on like-minded buffoons in their 40s.
  25. 50
    Beijing 2008 is a button mashing game with a very tough learning curve. The multiplayer can be a bit of fun, but the lack of gameplay innovations result in the game finishing in last place.
  26. Beijing 2008 is not a good game. Despite the extra coat of gloss, an impressive roster of Olympic events, a practice, competition and Olympic modes, and even offline and online multiplayer, the majority of players simply won't derive much enjoyment out of its extremely repetitive and often overly punishing gameplay.
  27. The tedious button-mashing might be fun when watching your friends make amusing faces while pounding their way to the finish line, but any extended time would be better invested in watching the actual games themselves. See you in four years, Summer Olympics.
  28. It's the official game of the event, but unlike the real thing there's nothing particularly ground-breaking about Beijing 2008. What you see is what you get, and with nearly 40 events it's a lot to cover. Unfortunately they're mostly similar to play and the awful controls ruin what could have been a solid title.
  29. Dry, charmless rundown of the Olympic events with a direction-less single-player. [Aug 2008, p.49]
  30. Those looking to continue their Olympic high with this title will be sorely disappointed.
  31. The most important reason why Beijing 2008 doesn't work is that the events become plain boring after a few tries. After an hour of playtime your fingers will hurt from the button bashing. The multiplayer is alright, but you would do well to spend your money elsewere, unless you're a complete (Olympic) sportsfan.
  32. Beijing 2008 proves beyond a doubt that rapidly pushing buttons is not fun.
  33. Poorly conceived controls destroy what otherwise promised to be exciting and challenging. The simplest tasks become monotonous chores as you exhaust your hands in an effort to keep pace with world-record A.I. athletes.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 23 Ratings

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  1. May 20, 2014
    A solid satisfying sports simulation that continuous to improve each Olympic year. The introduction of campaign mood is not worth your time,A solid satisfying sports simulation that continuous to improve each Olympic year. The introduction of campaign mood is not worth your time, although I found the game really shins in its athletics events. At its core you will find a lot of fun especially on multiplier where players are still kicking! Overall this game will appeal to many sports fans and is differently worth you'r time! Full Review »
  2. Mar 19, 2011
    i really love sports games but this has to be the most frustrating out of the lot and i have to agree with shayneG that you will destroy ai really love sports games but this has to be the most frustrating out of the lot and i have to agree with shayneG that you will destroy a controller playing this game. you will give this game five mins and never return to it, its that bad. thankfully i only paid £3 for it Full Review »
  3. Jan 26, 2011
    Possibly the worst game I have ever played. You basically have to wreck your controller in order to get anywhere in the events. For example, IPossibly the worst game I have ever played. You basically have to wreck your controller in order to get anywhere in the events. For example, I spent 5 minutes spinning the right thumbstick of my controller as fast as I could for one of the cycling events only to come last. Full Review »