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  1. Aug 21, 2013
    This game really boils down to the question, do you focus on plot or gameplay? As far as plot goes, the game manages to surpass its predecessors. The characters are highly believable, the plot is well executed and as far as overall storytelling goes, the game easily lives up to the hype and is deserving of all the praise it has received.

    As for the actual game play itself, well...Its
    fun but it there isn't anything original that hasn't been done sadly. For the most part, the RPG-ish element that felt present (i.e. finding weapon upgrades, saving up EVE for those high priced plasmid upgrades) is largely if not entirely replaced by an admittedly more expansive but largely uninspired shop system. Basically, whenever you want any upgrade outside of your health/vigor(eve)/shields, yes I said shields you go to the circus of values. Even the player upgrades are reduced to search and retrieve missions.

    As for the shooter mechanics, the ability to use the Columbia rail system is fun and leads to some interesting combat mechanics, but after awhile it really does become repetitive. Between the cliche two-gun system, the attachments and the regular repetition of getting into a fight, killing some bad dudes and moving forward the actual gameplay feels far more linear and doesn't encourage players to explore around as in the previous two titles. Don't get me wrong the actual gunplay is SUBSTANTIALLY improved over its predecessors. The weapons feel smoother and the actual guns all have different purposes which will have you weapon switching to suit each battle...but I get the same thing (speaking purely of gunplay here, NOT plot/art!) in Halo to be honest.

    Overall, Bioshock Infinite is a good game I would still recommend to friends...but unless you are looking for a narrative-driven game in which case you will enjoy this significantly more than I did, its just another well-done shooter, but really nothing that is groundbreaking in terms of raw gaming mechanics.
  2. Sep 10, 2013
    I can't deny that the gameplay here is extremely well-designed and well-implemented, or that the setting is interesting, but the problem with Bioshock Infinite is that there isn't a significant overlap between the two like in the first Bioshock. In the first game, the powers and the gunplay flow naturally from the dark and edgy environment, and the gameplay comments on and expands the ideas laced throughout the environment. Here, though, the powers and gunplay, while extremely well designed and implemented, don't flow from the environment. It's like the gameplay and the environment coexist but don't interact. Some professional reviewers have commented that the violence is actually a distraction from the environment, and I agree. Doesn't mean it's not a fascinating a highly enjoyable game, but don't expect the emotional whomp of the first Bioshock. Expand
  3. Nov 26, 2013
    Great game. Amazing detail and brilliant setting. The pacing is good, not brilliant. The story is very good and enough to keep you playing, wondering what will happen next.

    Combat is varied enough with the help of vigors. Buy lots of ammo as their is lots of combat.

    Only real negative is some of the objectives in the mission dont seem to exciting.

  4. Mar 15, 2014
    GOOD: superb story, immersive world, great attention to detail, well-written characters, great voice acting, best partner in gaming history who will find a lot of useful items for, abundance of loot like gears and infusions, some good guns, purchase stations, opening tears into other universes, some good vigors, challenging last mission, and a satisfying ending

    BAD: most vigors are
    useless, most guns suck, no weapon purchase stations, questionable AI on melee enemies, all of the small choices in the game like pick the bird or cage will not change the story, when you go through the first half the game exploring you have all the good gears and the second half's gears are useless, backtracking, boring first 1/4 of the game, ending leaves two loose ends even if it's good ending(NO SPOILER: how is Comstock a racist after finding out his origin and how does Elizabeth have powers)

    FINAL VERDICT: It barely squeezes in to an 8/10. It's a fun game that is worth $60 and should played by all shooter fanatics
  5. May 27, 2013
    For me, this game is overrated. On the plus side, it's very pretty and has amazing art direction and design.. but on the minus side.. well, the story is not amazing. Really, it isn't. It feels cheap, and filled with obvious "whoooaaaa"- and "AHAAA"-moments. The game holds your hand all the way through and proposes no challenge except for you to push buttons and shoot enemies. You always know where to go and the game is more than glad to tell you that. Also the areas are a little repetetive, if it wasn't so damn pretty I'd give it a score 6/10. Average. Parts of the story are really dumb and silly, in the same way "The Da Vinci Code" was. It's like it's made to make stupid people feel smart. I don't know, I'm disappointed.

    Also, the vigors are not very exciting, I ended up not using most of them. You just sort of find them at random, they doesn't feel too connected to the game or gameplay.
  6. Apr 3, 2013
    The story is quite extraordinary, and that's what carries the entire game but the frustrating game mechanics and shooting is below par to give this any higher of a score. I recommend this game as a rental, or buying it half-priced. It takes about 15 hours to play (I died a lot on normal setting), which is better than the average first person shooter, but its ending is such that you'll never want to play it again. The first person camera frame is too narrow to get an appreciation of your surroundings when you are being attacked from all directions. I haven't seen a camera frame this narrow since Dead Island.. The floating islands of the city are quite spectacular, but your path through it is linear. The populace in the city are all the same and non-interactive. The bottom line is the story is great but is it a fun game to play? No, not really. Expand
  7. Apr 7, 2013
    Few games totally upended genres as effectively as the original Bioshock. The weird amalgamation of shooter and sorcery-style gameplay, the settings, the story writing...all of it was fresh, original, and thoroughly unexpected at every turn. Bioshock 2 tried to keep up with that legacy, although didn't quite have the steam (seriously, no pun). So how did Infinite do in keeping up the Bioshock mantle? In short, it did pretty well. Make no mistake: Infinite is a radical departure from the games that have come before. For a change, you are not in the decaying and (mostly, not quite enough) abandoned city of Rapture, but rather the vibrant and very much alive...and flying, did they mention the flying part? of Columbia. Columbia is sort of the mirror-universe evil twin of the America we know and love: it's a place of racial segregation, theocracy, and mindless fervor based on a cult of personality built around a "prophet" whose bolts aren't just loose, they're missing. The other quirk the game design has, and this one is unique among all the games I've seen, is that nearly the entire game is an escort mission, but escorting someone fully capable of handling problems. That someone is Elizabeth, a character so well-designed and well-written that the folks on Irrational's "Liz Squad," the tiger team put together to make sure she was a good addition to the game, clearly all deserve major congratulations and probably a raise. (Read some of the development information to learn more about them.) Let me say this: I hate, capital HATE, escort missions. They annoy me. It's constantly trying to save a brainless AI from itself. I almost decided against Infinite because of Elizabeth, but got it anyway. Glad I did, because Elizabeth isn't your usual escortee. She's tough, very helpful, and never a hindrance. Environments are well-built, thematic, and engaging, not to mention unbelievably creative. So that's a lot of praise...why a 7? A few reasons. One, where environmental graphics are good, the people inhabiting this world are not well rendered; they all have a china doll appearance which is very unsettling. Texture resolutions are generally good, but some of the level decor does suffer from decreased resolution. Interactivity with the world is variable and, while occasionally quite good, does sometimes leave the player wondering why something has no interactions. But perhaps most frustrating is the total lack of directional input on character development. You are locked into the script as it was developed by writers and have no opportunity to make choices...and, frankly, the player's character is really rather a jerk, and that didn't resonate with me at all. Finally, Infinite does follow the Bioshock 2 approach of segmented world progression, meaning that when you leave a sector, there's typically no returning. That's a departure that started with Bioshock 2 and one of my least favorite things about the game. So, points off for poor NPC graphics resolution, the inability to change your character's insufferably-bad attitude, and lack of open worldness (or even its emulation). Still, don't misunderstand: 7 is a good score, and Infinite is well worth your time. It is a true piece of originality in an ocean of the mundane and the ONLY heavy-hitter release in the last three months that didn't leave me severely disappointed (I'm looking at YOU, Colonial Marines). A good and well-earned 7 for Bioshock Infinite, the year's first actual "you really should play this" game. Expand
  8. Apr 8, 2013
    I loved both Bioshock and Bioshock 2 and this game is very good as well but it is not a 10. There are a lot of excellent ideas and all are well executed and the game is beautiful to look at but the atmosphere that was so compelling in the other 2 games is not as rich in this one. I had a lot of fun playing this game but the achievements were a little ordinary as compared with the old games. The game grabbed me most when it referenced the old games so there was some emotional impact but not nearly as much as the old games. This game is worth playing and worth buying to encourage these kind of games being made but while a good effort it lacks the magic of the first 2 games. Expand
  9. Jul 2, 2013
    Summary: 7/10, Good but not great. No spoilers review: My enjoyment of this game followed a straight line from 10/10 down to about a 3/10 by the end. The first hour or so should not be missed by any gamer. It's all downhill from there until gameplay is just a chore to endure to continue the story. There is also an unforgivable difficulty spike (yes, on easy) in the last portions. Music was excellent but the sound design had several extremely irritating elements and poor volume mixing that had me constantly muting. Visuals are mixed: most are excellent while others such as the characters are not up to par with recent games. The voice acting by the main characters was generally overshadowed by the lesser characters (Elizabeth being particularly bland--it's a bad sign when a non-talking mechanical bird is more interesting than a main character). My recommendation: play the first half, watch the rest on a video website for the story and visuals. Expand
  10. Apr 17, 2013
    Here's the deal. Starts out incredibly slow, like want to throw myself off a bridge slow. Then about 1/3 of the way through it picks up and gets better. Is it the best game I ever played, no, its not even close to the best Bioshock game I've played, but it was entertaining and I did like the story. However the game mechanics leave a lot to be desired and it was WAYY to short. I feel like I barely played it, they should have made it longer. I just think this game is getting good reviews because of the lack of quality games lately... but it doesn't deserve any lower then a 6. Expand
  11. Apr 24, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. When reviewing a game with the Bioshock name it is important to take in to account the games that came before it. In no way does this game compare to the previous titles, but as a standalone game it is worth playing for the overall experience. However, I was not a fan of the majority of the new abilities, my favorite part of the story was the final sequences that were mainly story based with little action or excitement--visiting Rapture gave me memories of what some on Metacritic consider an "overated" game but the first Bioshock was revolutionary--not overated. In this podcaster's experience reviewing games Infinite was a good game but looking at the Critic Reviews, I feel it is overated. Listen to all my reviews on the show, Liquid Gamer Podcast Expand
  12. Jun 23, 2013
    So it came out, the game everyone was waiting for. But was it worth waiting for. I say yes, and no. The game is not deserving of its critical acclaim. The game when you get down to nuts and bolts is not amazing. Its good. The story didn't really even blow me away, but it was pretty well written. And the ending was just stupid and left more questions than answers. This games hype was through the roof, and I did not find it to build up to that hype. 1. It was much, much shorter than the first two Bioshocks 2. The ending... What? 3. Replay content is pretty low and I did replay it, and I can say it wasn't worth it 4. Defending the floating ship near the end was a pain 5. The confusing story, don't even get me started. But it did have its pros, I really liked how helpful Elizabeth when she gives you ammo and such. I also liked how they kept vigors, and the enemy types are varied which I liked. I also loved the steam-punk, cartoonish design they gave this game. I also loved the floating city and it how it wasn't linear the whole way through. The games beginning was great, but kinda had a "dip" after that where I lost interest (I did beat the game twice), I honestly think they should have kept the series in Rapture. I would recommend this game to anyone who liked the first two and who like confusing stories. Expand
  13. Mar 27, 2013
    When you fire up this game, you can tell immediately that a lot of money, thought, and time has been put into this game, There are many things that stand out or are innovative. What stands out the most to me? i would say the backdrops and scenery. These are the most detailed surroundings in a game I have ever seen. The graphics are very well done and the game controls are very well done, although aiming is similar to Bioshock 1, and so it still feels rather imprecise. So why only a 7? You might be surprised, but it is the story that is a letdown. It is the same, tired themes, straight out of evry college and university classroom across America. "America is evil", "the founding fathers were corrupt men", and the super-played out "religion can go too far and is dangerous, especially Christianity"......those narratives are not taking a risk, they are now MAINSTREAM. If you want to be innovative and unique in storytelling, you can spew the same stuff we could easily see or hear on MSNBC, or the BBC, or any college classroom, or Assassins Creed, or movies, or almost any tv series or drama being broadcast today. We have ALREADY seen societies without God or organized religion. The Soviet Union and China in the 1900's? 100 MILLION PEOPLE DEAD.......THOSE ARE THE FALSE UTOPIAS......but sadly, Ken Levine must remind us and drone on about the evils of Christian fundamentalists and so on......what a non risk this is. So tired, so lame, so done a million times before, so false, so silly, so egotistical, an so the easy choice. This isnt new, this isnt being daring....IT IS MAINSTREAM and it has been for years. Remember when young people would rebel against mainstream thought and chose to be different? Young people are not like this anymore. Every college kid thinks the same way now, and they all drink the same kool-aid dished out by their professors, and it seems Ken Levine is no different. Way to be on the cutting edge there Ken. Expand
  14. Mar 27, 2013
    As far as a shooter goes, Infinite is fast and generally gives you something pretty to look at, but if you're looking for a "fresh" experience. I'm not sure this is one.
  15. Aug 15, 2013
    Let’s get this out of the way.
    I’m quite disappointed with Bioshock Infinite.
    I was looking forward to a big world to explore with interesting characters, a great story, and of course some satisfying action to spice things up.
    What we get with Infinite however, is a game of missed opportunities.
    Unlike the original Bioshock the beautiful world of Columbia feels more like walking
    through Madame Tussauds than a city. Sure people are doing things, but they all have the feeling of waxworks that you can’t interact with in any way other than listen to their conversations, or, when the action picks up, shoot them in the face.
    A big drawing point of the original Bioshock was the story, which fit perfectly with the setting and the action. In Infinite everything feels a bit disjointed. The idea of the vigors is basically a crossover of the plasmids from the original, which caused the fall of Rapture and so played a part in the original story, but in Infinite they are like most other things in Columbia, just sort of there.
    These vigors are the source of your special powers, but these powers are strangely useless. It doesn’t feel like the action was designed around them as the original was. They feel like something that is there simply because they were in the original, which makes them rather inconsequential. As a matter of fact you can go through the game without using them.
    Then there’s the story. On the surface you get a very humane story of redemption and the frailty of men and human ambitions (along with political commentary), with some very emotional and well voice acted scenes, but the minute you walk through your first tear in time and space is when the story starts to fall apart, and from tear to tear in the fabric of reality, the story opens one problem after another ending in a rather contrived mess.
    Then we have Elisabeth. Now, Elisabeth is largely a well realized character (though there are some serious problems with her in regard to the story), but her presence is both a welcomed addition, because she’s a likeable and interesting character, and a major problem in terms of gameplay. She basically acts as a default lifesaver. You run low on health, she magically finds health. Run low on vigor, she finds salts. Out of ammo, she supplies. Leave a vending machine without buying anything, a lot of coins magically appear at her feet. (For some inexplicable reason she can’t seem to pick up lockpicks even though one of her main abilities is picking locks.) This makes the game a lot easier than it needed to be and removes tension from the fights. Then there’s her ability to apparently render herself invisible to enemies. Considering that your character is there to free her, protect her, and bring her back to New York, it feels very contrived that she’s only in any danger in cutscenes where the player has absolutely no control. During fire fights, where bullets and grenades are flying all over the place, she’s in no danger what so ever. Again this simply removes tension from the fights and undermines the whole idea of you protecting her.
    So what we are left with is basically the FPS which is the main element of the game, and it unfortunately feels a little sluggish. Now, even in the original the FPS elements were not the best parts of the game, but since everything else worked so well, I sort of forgave it its shortcomings in that area. In Infinite it stands out as it’s the only thing that’s actually left for you to do. That is such a shame considering the obvious amount of work and love which went into the realization of the city in the skies and the presentation of the game as a whole. It’s not that the shooting is bad, it’s just not as good as seen in other more “focused” games.
    Now, this may sound extremely negative, but despite its shortcomings I actually enjoyed Infinite.
    It’s a good game!
    It’s a very beautiful, well presented shooter, but it could and should have been so much more.
    I still recommend it, but just realize that behind the beautiful facade there really is nothing much to uncover, and that’s a shame.
  16. Mar 26, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite has great potential, but somehow disappointing at the same time. For me, it a very awesome game, however after you played it, you just feel that something has gone very wrong about the game. The E3 footage has absolutely gone, they weren't in the game. Because if they are, the game might become so much better in presentation because those footage has so much potential. What the E3 has shown us is so different than the final presentation of the whole game. For me, I think the original sound effect are awesome, they don't need to change it. The reason is because the sound effect that they are finally using is the same sound effect we have heard over in many games. The E3 Demo shows a store, has gone. I'm so excited to see that store to be honest, but now nothing left. And the postman scene, has also gone as well which disappointed the heck out of me.

    The story is a twist, which we will expect from many games especially in the Bioshock series. To be honest I think that the story is nearly perfect if you are looking at it as a whole. The story has twisted a lot especially in the middle of the game. To be honest, the presentation of the story is a bit bad because most of the time, you are trying to fight to a place to get what you want, then run off. I still remember the level when you go into the Hall of Heros I think, to get a electric virgor which is basically lighting bolt. After the level where to take the Virgor, you found that in the next level, a bunch of them appears in front of you. A Box full of the same virgor showed up in front of you and was just there, like an accident. When I see this I was immediately like WHAT IN THE HECK. And the worst thing is that many things that we used to like about the series has gone. Hacking system has gone and replaced with a virgor which you will get in the very first level. This made me feel that the entire game is missing something very important. The game feel shallowed and empty without these great features that we used to like. And seriously, the gear system is aweful, you are allowed to wear 4 gears, but these gears are quite over powered. Unlike in Bioshock 2, you are allowed to have tons of them but its a headache to choose between them. In this case, Bioshock 2 actually has greater potential and setting systems allowing players to interact with. I found a lot more fun with bioshock 2 than in Bioshock infinite. The thing that I absolutely do not buy about the game is the representation of the storyline. The storyline is fine but the presentation just doesn't feel right. Most of the time you are going to pull, or punch, or what so ever the button, lever. And thats basically all. Oh yeah, and open doors. The voxophones aren't very interesting now, because there were absolutely not much of them. Instead they have view point which is basically a machine that you turn the thingy on the side to see an animation goes. Those aren't very interesting and it just feel like it doesn't make sense at all. Level design is not expressive like before no more, the developer focused too much in combat this time, seriously too much. The game now feels like a Call of Duty campaign. That is not Bioshock. Bioshock should have more expressive scenaries. Where are they?? The sky-lines are disappointing as well because most of the time you are just going around in circles. Picklocks are downright annoying because pick locks are hard to find out-through the world. And the ending, is just.... well... no comment.

    Its not all that bad, apparently the graphics are good, for me I think its still great in the x-box which I played on. Environment is insanely beautiful and it caught my breathe all the time. The design of places are amazing. Somehow weird if you ask me but I love it. The thing that I loved most about the game is the use of language and the propaganda art which we can find them all over the places.They are stunning and very creative. While talking about creativity, Bioshock Infinite has the most creativity that I have seen in all my gaming years. Everything are just so creative, its addicting to look at what the designer's creaivity. Voice acting are great and inspring. Its not a bad game but the developer really have to think about why people play Bioshock. The game feel like a COD campaign, not much different than it because it focuses on combat most of the time. We don't expect that. We expect Bioshock to have great atmosphere and realistic events happening throughout the game, it doesn't have many of those which can be a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT for Bioshock fans. I hope that the developers can rethink about their changes. If the game follows the footage we saw from the E3, the game might have greater value and will at least have its potential, finally feel like a Bioshock game. Thing that doesn't need to improve, has improve. (Combat) The one it needs to improve, doesn't. And there is no fresh idea either. Which is why this game is disappointing.
  17. Apr 2, 2013
    Bioshock infinite is a good game. It is not great but it is good. The game had beautiful visuals and a unique art style. Game play wise, the game was OK. It is like a normal FPS shooter which has a cool new feature with sky lines that you can travel through the battlefield quickly. Story wise the game is great. The end actually makes you think and actually feel some emotion for some of the characters. The reason I gave this game a seven is because I felt like it was a bait in switch from the E3 demo. The demo showed a very expansive environment that you can traverse and it made it seem like the game was sort of open world. The enemies also introduced at the E3 demo don't play a big role. The boys of silence and the siren are just bosses that appear once in a specific stage. I also got very annoyed when the game recycled the same boss three times to explain some backstory to the player. You only see the handyman four times. In my opinion the game is worth playing for story but not for gameplay. Expand
  18. Apr 5, 2013
    General Fanboy Distaste
    Bioshock Infinite is a good game in and of itself. But sadly is has nothing in common with the Bioshock series/franchise, except for a single cutscene. 2K could have independently released this game with a different and cut out that singular cutscene. But it seems they rather use a already thriving name to produce greater sales. I honestly do love the other two
    in the series though but this one seemed like a cash in.

    There are no horror aspects, creepy at the slightest, and definitely no "survival" aspects like the others in the series. Ammo and Health items are thrown at you like a Lays Truck that left its hatch open. Just loads and loads of crap flying at you down the freeway. The enemies pose little to no challenge at all, save for the Mechanical Patriots and Handymen. But those enemies are just as easily handled once you get a Usage Deduction Upgrade on your Possession Vigor.

    Oh and yes the Vigors a half arsed drunken wink from across the bar. The Vigors are a rehash of your old favorite Bioshock Plasmids, but they couldn't be bothered to name them what they are.

    There are quite a few guns, all fill their own little niche. But you can only carry two at any given time! Here is a tip, if you don't care about achievements or trophies then only carry the Carbine and the Volley Gun. Everything else is equally balanced. Other than this small problem the gameplay is fine.

    Vigors are powerful and all equally useful. I found my self only stagnant on one Vigor, Possession. This Vigor allows you to possess machines (and later people), making them give you money or fight for you. But this took out the need for hacking, so no mini game for hacking (which I didn't notice until just now).

    Story And Characters
    The characters are attractive and appealing. Booker has such a tortured past as well as Elizabeth. I can't help but love them. And when I was playing I constantly found myself saying, "I hope neither them die, they're so likeable". And that is what is the biggest problem for me in games, finding a character I "want" to keep alive.

    There is so much story going on at one point my mind wanted to explode. But once I figured it out (through the help of recordings) I loved it. But sadly the story is mystery like and once you know the twist it makes any subsequent playthroughs equivalent to spamming buttons to skip cutscenes. The only fathomable reason I can imagine playing this again is to entertain friends who aren't good at shooters or don't like playing video games.

    The graphics are beautiful, and the art style of some choice enemies are very Bioshock. Everything is bright and colorful, its like I tripped face first and got a Kaleidoscope lodged in my eye. The graphics of the large scale points of interest are beautiful and detailed to great extent.

    But alot of the smaller things that you see more frequently were ignored to make big objects look better. Such as roses on a bush, if you walk past one you can see edges and the backside, they're 2D and flat. Like I cut them out myself and pasted them to the bush!

    I never noticed much out of the ordinary. Nothing annoying, other than Songbird's screeching. The voice acting is top notch. I stop everything I'm doing when the characters are talking, so I can give them my undivided attention. Booker De Witt is got the best possible voice actor for him, I can't imagine a single other person who could do better. And the same goes for the rest of the cast.

    This game is RASCIST, but it can't help it, its 1912 kid. The game's setting is in a alternate 1912, on a floating city called Columbia. The man in charge hated Abraham Lincoln and his emancipation. The people of Columbia even worship John Wilkes Booth to some extent, for killing President Lincoln. So of course Black Men, Women, and Children are still slaves or at the least hard laborers with little pay. So if you have a weak stomach for words like "Colored" and other stereotypes you might want to avoid playing. (Note: Its not just blacks that are portrayed negatively, Jews, Chinese, Native Americans, Mexicans, Irish, and anyone who isn't American Caucasian.)

    Overall Opinion
    Despite the negativity, Infinite (I refuse to call it Bioshock), is a pretty good game. Another great in a genre that is beginning to run dry (Single Player Games). But if it wasn't for the numerous raving reviews I wouldn't have bought it at full price.
  19. Apr 6, 2013
    BioShock Infinite delivers great gameplay with a wide variety of different playing styles, although I only ended up using only 1 or 2 vigors throughout the whole of the game
    The story line was awful with a very gineric plot and most of the time found myself extremely bored throughout most of the game.

    Overall, even though the plot itself was very bad, the gameplay makes up for it...
  20. Apr 22, 2013
    Odd as it seems and no offense to the devs, but I really wanted this to be a Bethesda game. As good a little bit absurd the story and characters were, the designers presented me with a fantastic and interesting world but constrained me to one of the more linear and repetitive games I have played. I've heard it's better on the pc but combat felt jerky at times and the enemies repetitive. That said I enjoyed the guns at first and the magic (vigors) a lot. The story was just so slow and convoluted that the revelation at the end left me uncaring. Good game overall, not worth the hype or the replay. Expand
  21. Apr 28, 2013
    I liked BioShock Infinite, I didn't love it.

    The gameplay is decent, sometimes it feels like a chore. The story leading up to the "twist" keeps you entertained and Elizabeth is an exciting/interesting character. Whenever I needed ammo, she was there.

    The ending was...okay? I don't think you can fully understand it without going online and reading 100+ forums/threads. We were
    expecting the twist and it probably delivered for some... Expand
  22. May 9, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is an FPS, albeit one with ambition. It also has one of the most headspinning endings of any game I've ever played (and I've played more than a few). It is a game that I appreciated a great deal more after I'd finished it, and in the days that followed the ending and the story stayed in my mind much more so than the gameplay, which in my opinion was the game's primary weakness.

    The world of Bioshock Infinite Columbia together with Elizabeth, one of the key supporting characters, really bring much of the game to life. Booker, the character you play as, I found to be a very difficult character to relate to and all the way through the game I found this to be a source of frustration. After all, he's basically two arms and a gun who happens to say and do some very stupid things across the course of the game.Though this is likely deliberate.

    Back to the gameplay; in Bioshock we had Plasmids, here we have Vigors. Pretty much the same things, and some of the Vigors are pretty imaginative. And guns, lots of guns. And many, many enemies. I think the sheer volume of combat was what brought the experience down for me, if I'm honest.

    In Bioshock Infinite, you'll often wander into an area, minding your own business, when suddenly, somehow every man and his dog in a mile's radius will not only immediately recognise you, but come charging at you firing weapons, rockets, grenades and allsorts. What the hell!?! All I can say is, Columbia must have the world's greatest optician if so many people can immediately recognise someone they've never met before from 100 yards away and around the corner.

    I found the combat to be complete chaos, and the sheer volume of it made the game something of a chore in my mind. The odd thing about it is, I really enjoyed the original Bioshock, and to a lesser extent Bioshock 2. If there were one thing I could change in Bioshock Infinite, it would be the combat. Having recently finished Far Cry 3 and having enjoyed it immensely, I think Bioshock Infinite suffered somewhat in the inevitable comparison.

    Despite not loving the combat, I plowed on through it because I wanted to get to the story and although some of the twists became predictable (one or two in particular) the story for me was where it's at.

    Thinking back across the story, there's a lot of foreshadowing the events that follow that will likely make replaying the game worthwhile, and for those who can find fun in the combat there's "1999 Mode". As I spent most of the actual year 1999 in an alcohol induced stupour I was initially tempted to check this out until I realised that it was basically the same game again with greater difficulty.

    All told, there's a good time to be had with Bioshock Infinite, it's story, setting characters, and sounds are a cut above those found in the typical modern videogame, and if you like your FPSes, this is likely the game for you.
  23. May 11, 2013
    Visually amazing, but overall in my humble opinion it wasnt as amazing as everyone is saying, the reason i never ended up beating this game was because i lost 2 hours of progress due to save issues and it just happened to be the part where you backtracked in the future and different paralleled worlds.... that ruined it for me still good just wish that never happened
  24. May 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Does this game live up to all the hype? In some areas it does, in other areas it falls short. The bests aspects of the game are its characters, setting, semantics and story. While the combat is arguably one of the games lower points. In many places the combat seems terribly scripted and some of the level design is awfully generic. And sadly there isn't that much variation in the enemies, the adversaries shown off in the trailer only make brief appearances in the latter half of the game. My biggest gripe however is the plot, I won't spoil anything, but too me it seems like the developers ran out of ideas and came up with a plot twist that would extend the length of the game. Sadly though in the process they throw every thing that was important during the first half out the window, characters, setting and even semantics.

    All that said, it is still a very enjoyable experience, and despite the poor engine optimization I would highly recommend this game.
  25. Jun 11, 2013
    Id like to say straight of the bat do you think that because you can see the sky you have freedom Bioshock infinite is a good game im not knocking that but there is no freedom here. From trailers i saw I thought that you could travel around Columbia and serch every part in a similar way to a sandbox. No you sense of freedom you feel is because you are in a box that looks like the outside. Have you ever seen the Truman show staring Jim Carey This i what bioshock is you love the game because you know no better but if you could go to the edge of that map you would realise that you in a box. yer you have room in your box but your freedom is still restricted. The skylines do not have any freedom to the either yer they can move you from place to place but not multiple places. Most of the time they are a loop anyway and you don't really even need to use them. only time i found it necessary was 2 handyman fights and that's only because i need to move away fast. Rapture in bioshock felt more free than this because even though you were walled in you were made to use every bit of space in every area and often go back for integral story. But in infinite the only time you tend to go back is to pick a lock or find upgrade potions. What im saying is the initial sense of WOW pretty ran out pretty fast for me when i realized that yet again i was playing a very linear FPS.
    Now don't misunderstand me i still enjoyed i don't dislike infinite i did enjoy my time with the game. There were things i enjoyed but nothing really stands out in my mind as memorable. Ive pretty much forgotten what happened in the story i know i was at first trying to take Elizabeth but end up saving her instead. but no moment there really stood out as a WOW moment. bioshock infinite is worth your time but rent it first or at least buy it 2nd hand. Its not as technical as the first game and the world just isnt as engaging.
  26. Aug 5, 2013
    The opening is so breathtaking and splendorous that it could be played at least a dozen times before the repetitive and often frustrating combat bogs down an intriguing (if somewhat less focused than in previous titles) storyline.
  27. Dec 5, 2013
    This game is overrated, A good game, not a great one. Critics report it to be on par with half life 2 and the original Bioshock, but Infinite does not deliver. Combat is decent, the game looks good, but its main selling point, the plot, is only slightly better than average.

    At many points the game gives you fake choices, something that seems as it will matter but in reality does not
    affect the story. Not even weapon upgrades matter, as they do very little to improve the gun and the upgrade isn't felt like it was in the first two games. Combat has taken a step back, with a two weapon limit, shields, and no health kit or eve/salts storage.

    The main crime this game commits is adding vigors for no good particular reason. In Bioshock, the insanity of it fit perfectly. In infinite, they don't make sense in the context and aren't necessary for combat like they were in the original.

    This game is good, not great, and not to be modeled off of.
  28. Apr 2, 2013
    Did I miss something? Did Ken Levine on his extended promo tour utter the words, 'Would you kindly give my game an obscenely high score please Mr Reviewer?' Or could it be because the game actually offers us something thought provoking, even profound that screams I AM ART! I AM WORTHY! that reviewers everywhere have been blinded to the GAME'S shortcomings, or scared that they'l be seen as lobotomized COD fan-boys if they fail to gush over this work of art?
    The game starts intriguingly and you'll be in awe the first time you enter Columbia and it's beautifully detailed environment. But once you realise the inhabitants are all a similar, barely functioning model and all your plans of freely soaring along the skylines to reach far off islands is not possible, the whole world is revealed as limited and lifeless as you obediently plod along linear paths with blurry floating boxes hanging teasingly in the distance. When they actually do appear, skylines are limited in their usefulness and just aren't as prevalent or as essential as they should have been. You can't carry any supplies and there is a stupid 2-gun limit which leads to infuriating uncertainty to which guns you should pick, and use your money to upgrade. While we're on the subject, if you want to upgrade these and get the more powerful evolutions of the vigors, be prepared to spend upwards of 40% of the game speed-humping tables, boxes and cupboards, spamming the 'a' button to collect loot between every.single.fight. This is made utterly infuriating in conjunction with one of the most obnoxious autosaves in living memory. There is no manual save and forget about being able to save when you want to quit to, y'know do life stuff. After a while the repetitive formula of fight, ransack, search for items, upgrade, fight, ransack.... becomes excruciating and to your regret you'll start whizzing past all the little details that you know you should be admiring.
    The combat is relentlessly frantic, with uninspired enemies who all have 100% accuracy that mostly just brainless rush you which feels rather archaic. Vigors are fun powered up and when you have enough Salt to utilise them properly but there are few of them that have much effect on the Heavy-Hitters, who are very poor relations to the BIg Daddies of Bioshock.
    The much-hyped Elizabeth is a mixed bag. She is amazingly alive and her facial expressions are great, as are the tears she creates for you in combat, even if again they are rather constrained. Her ability to not need protecting, not get in your way, and throw you much needed supplies during combat initially seems impressive...until you remember that in Bioshock it actually allowed you to carry stuff like health and Eve so you didn't need this artificial crutch. She is also by far the best,most well developed character in the game, constantly evolving like her moods. Refreshingly, she is never treated as a sex-object, and even when she does have a damsel moment, it is merely for you to unshackle her to allow her use her powers again. Even so, the players feels a huge sense of responsibility and protection towards her. However, talk of her as 'revolutionary' is pure hyperbole. The rest of the cast are underused and underdeveloped throughout, only Booker and Comstock receiving any kind of real explanation and satisfactory ending If I had to describe B.I. in one word it would be: limited. Everything in the previews promised genuine gaming evolution, creativity and freedom. Yet somewhere along the way everything seems to have been reined in. Was this down to the much documented troubles in development, this gen's aging hardware, or simply bad design choices. Who knows. What we've ended up with is Bioshock in the sky with some interesting but disappointingly underdeveloped new mechanics, playing second-fiddle to a genuinely profound story. A simultaneously good but hugely disappointing game that fails to live up to what it promised, and is the most critically overrated game since GTA4.
  29. Aug 9, 2013
    I really loved the original Bioshock when it came out so I feel like I should really like this game and on some levels I do but on others I don't. I'll break it down for you. PROS: - The story is pretty well written and the ending is great - The world is pretty gorgeous considering the limitations of the Xbox 360 - The characters are well written and I really felt for Booker and Elizabeth
    - Elizabeth as a helpful NPC companion was a lot of fun, (but then I do enjoy the helpful NPCs a lot)

    - The game feels like it drags on a bit longer then necessary
    - Health, Salts (Mana) and shield feels too small and to extend them required a lot of pointless side missions (more filler)

    - it's very linear, it is BUT its an FPS so please don't expect a RPG!
    - The graphics suck, well compared to top notch PC games definitely BUT its an XBOX 360!
    - The shooting sucks, it's not Call of Duty that's for sure but I think it was adequate.

    I think it's an OK game, not the masterpiece everyone claims it is but its definitely not BAD. Some people say "the journey is as important as the destination". Unfortunately for this game the journey is fairly mediocre but the destination is pretty amazing.
  30. Mar 27, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite feels like the 1st year sociology major that has decided to talk to you and you are sort of interested in what they are saying but they go on & on and you end up losing interest and then realise that they don't really understand what they are talking about and don't have a point but just enjoy hearing themselves talk about social theory and concepts ect. Also they are no fun. This is Bioshock Infinite, has a lot to say, starts off interesting but fails to maintain interest and ends up being a conversation that you are keen to finish. Infinite can be fun at times,I was very much looking forward to the sky hook tool, but the shooting is very clunky (probably more accurate with a mouse) and the sky hook, when you're allowed to use it, is just not as enjoyable as it should be. Draw distance is meh and the graphics overall do not compliment the sweeping vistas that are associated with a city in the clouds. The atmosphere of the first Bioshock is not apparent after the first hour of gameplay, the sense of wonder is lost and the "city in the sky" is merely a set of boxes in the sky connected by elevators and sometimes sky rails. Plasmids, or vigors, are noticibly less usefull than in previous games, markedly in the number available (8), and the types available. I loved the freezing, telekenisis and insect plasmids and they are now gone, replaced with mediocre ones which I didn't end up using or upgrading. Also the weapons do not physically change when upgraded, something I really enjoyed in the 1st game. There is an exact point when I realise I am not having fun playing a game when I open up the achievements menu and count how many chapters or special/ secret achievements I have to go until I finish the game and this happened about 4 hours into Infinite. I still finished it and the ending is interesting however nonsensical and the combat can be very fun at times. But the hacking, sense of exploration, creepyness, a great antagonist and well presented story is gone. Definitely worth a play and undoubtabley some people will LOVE the themes explored and the occasional fun combat and level design but my opinion is that it is a messy game without clear direction, ended up being a chore and the sky hook should have been awesome. 6/10. Also Elizabeth's ability to open time but ONLY at a certain place, and ONLY bringing in certain objects is rubbish compared to what was shown at E3. Expand
  31. May 17, 2013
    I started playing today and found the ambiance of the game very weak. Once it reaches Columbia we see a very rich scenario and many people talking, but it is not possible to interact with any of them Even the kid who is selling newspapers. Several games do it why can't I talk to nobody happens here?? I got the feeling that my character was an invisible ghost. Soon after, at the racism rock scene we have to make a choice but no matter the choice the result will be the same and the city immediately turns into a ghost place where there are only policemen appearing one after another, CoD style, without any trace of virtual intelligence; on these aspects Dihonored is infinitely better and more developed. Expand
  32. May 13, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite has the pleasure of being an incredibly good looking game with interesting movement mechanics (skyhooks) and a relatively likable support character (no small feat for a video game). However, it has the misfortune of having some of the most shallow gunplay this year, complete with two-weapon slots and a pointless upgrade system. The voice acting is a particular low-point, since Troy Baker's impression of a gruff detective needs to have dull, blasé responses for everything, his ennui neatly mirroring my own. The story has a habit of being on-off. When the story is its strongest, we fight to rescue Elizabeth. At its worst, the game pushes half-assed agendas that wouldn't be subtle to even the CoD-playing, lowest common denominator of gamer. These types of "grandiose" ideas take you out of the story, since it no longer focuses on the survival and dependency of two decent characters in gaming. All in all, Infinite is decent but lazy; since most of the time is spent on combat (acceptable FPS combat, in all fairness), the lame political dialog often feels jarring and is painful to have to sit through. Expand
  33. Aug 16, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite has an interesting concept, but it seems the game focuses too much on storytelling instead of engaging gameplay (a story which, overall, isn't very impressive). Despite its weaknesses, Bioshock Infinite is most definitely the most beautiful game I've ever played, with the best atmosphere of any shooter to date.
  34. Mar 27, 2013
    The graphics are a small improvement on the last two in the series but nothing too impressive. I was more impressed by Crysis 3 and its graphics. Bioshock Infinite is somewhat of a let down, the gameplay and combat isn't too innovative from the others besides some new powers and a new story and the story falls flat on its face a few times. It takes too long to get u interested in playing it. Still its somewhat decent when u want to kill some time but if u want an innovatie shooter then go pick up titles like Crysis 3, Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel or wait until Defiance comes out because its looking pretty good. But Bioshock Infinite might be a pass for the price of 65 dollars and the other editions u can get aren't worth the 80-150 dollars for the items that come bundled with it Expand
  35. Apr 2, 2013
    I loved the first two Bioshock games. I have read everyone talking about the first Bioshock but I hope you all played Bioshock 2 as well. As far as Bioshock Infinite goes, I am still playing it. If i'm going to run out and spend $60 on a game, I'm going to take it slow and get my money's worth. To start off, this game's first impression was great graphics. I love the detail and the early century artwork. LOVE IT. So far the story seems ok. I am however disappointed.

    I suppose from the end of Bioshock 2 you can't really continue the story line much, but you could always go back in time and explore the beginning of Rapture, maybe before everyone went nuts if you want a lighter story. I feel this would be a better story to carry the name Bioshock. I don't feel that this game really should be named Bioshock. It is similar, but about as similar as Rockstar games are to each other. This game is what L.A. Noire is to Grand Theft Auto.

    To reiterate what another poster said, THE DESKS! Oh my god, the desks! ENOUGH WITH THE SAVAGING OF THE DESKS ALREADY. Another little thing that bothers me is the extras. They must have only had like 4 to choose from. Every male citizen you go up to looks like the same dude... and that dude looks like me... it's freaking me the hell out! Why waste so much effort in structural detail and design just to skimp on the characters living there?

    As far as the weapons go, WEAK. If there were no prior games to compare this too, it wouldn't be so bad, but sorry, don't get lazy now guys. The "plasmids" are not nearly as fun or powerful. Plus the "Eve" seems to run out so much faster in this game. The new scale that your bars operate on to deplete and refill is also a little confusing. Two shots in the beginning and your out. The Gene Tonics have been replaced with articles of clothing, which to me seem confusing and offer too little. The gun handling is not what you would expect in a FPS either. It's very choppy and hard to aim accurately, quickly. I too dislike the weaponry, the inability to progressively modify your weapon. That was really cool in the past Bioshocks. That kind of makes a player a feel like he's earned something for his time. A little merit badge. A friend comes over and say's "Hey how did you get your shotgun to look so crazy?", and you get to show him the blisters on your fingers.

    To sum it all up I guess I'd say this game would be great if it didn't carry the name Bioshock and along with it all the memories and expectations of the other games. It's misleading. This is not a Rapture story or anything like it. It is also less a FPS and more a First Person Scavenger and storybook. This is all fine, just not what I was expecting.
  36. Apr 12, 2013
    Graphics are not very good and the game play is weak. Overall, I feel this game is nothing but a hyped-up first person shooter sprinkled with some semi- interesting special abilities.
  37. Apr 6, 2013
    Firstly, for all those who rated this game a 10, I'm glad if you actually enjoyed it, but come on, Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption are 10's, rating this game a 10 makes mockery of ratings at all.

    That said, this game was 'Infinitely' better than the original in this series; which in my opinion was 1 of the 2 most over-rated games in history (Dark Souls being the other).


    Atmosphere is 1rst-rate; a trait it shared with the original Bioshock; score, sound and design are top notch and help try to draw the player into the world.
    Story is good...not great, but certainly above average.
    Gameplay is vastly improved from the original. The ability to fight from distance was appreciated.
    AI was well done...again, not nearly as great as say ME, but solid.

    Storyline is VERY linear and the world is VERY small. This is in no sense of the word an epic game.
    Much (most) of the game is spent searching through every piiece of furniture for coins and fruit...its ridiculous.
    2 weapons and no inventory....enough said.
    There is no element of choice that cannot veer from the story...which of the guns or powers you use is irrelevant as they're all basically the same.

    I could understand an objective user rating this game anywhere between 4 and 7...anything higher or lower says more about the rater than the game.
  38. Jul 3, 2013
    When I first started playing I loved the direction and the setting, a city in the sky with all these features for your character to inhabit like magic and a melee weapon. But as I kept on playing the game started to suffer from repetitive action and events and lost interest in the game all together, even so there is cool breathtaking moments throughout, but forgettable.
  39. Apr 24, 2013
    Overrated, it's like walking through a living history museum, you try to make the best of a bad situation, because you never wanted to go in the first place, then you get dragged off to go look at something your friend finds fascinating, which you don't. Not a bad experience, but not 10 quality.
  40. May 28, 2013
    I wasn't really expecting much from this game since early demos made it look much more action-oriented than previous games. And it came out exactly as I expected. Basically, Bioshock Infinite has made itself as close to Call of Duty as it can. They've introduced a two weapon limit, most areas are just full of chest high cover for you to hide behind as you pick off waves of hostile enemies and exploration is much less present than it was before. Vigors replace Plasmids, but they do it very poorly. None of them are particularly fun to use and they don't fit into the world of Columbia at all. Basically this game tries to craft a "clever" story and just pastes on Call of Duty gameplay to get the player to each revelation. And I didn't find the story very compelling either, so that made things worse.

    The high point of the game is simply the aesthetic of the city, it's nice to look at. That's it. The guns are average, the Vigors are average, the gameplay is average and the story is average. It's not horrible by any stretch, but it's not a great entry in the series. I had more fun playing Bioshock 2. I traded this game in after getting 1000G, which took only a few days. There is absolutely no replay value, anyone who has beaten the game will understand. Rent if you can, don't buy.
  41. May 31, 2013
    I really couldn't find myself to finish this game. It was okay. I stopped at the part where Elizabeth had changed her outfit the first time. It's not as good as the first two Bioshock games. I wish they could have had something to do with the first two. It's a complete re-imagining of the series. The setting is great but there's zero acknowledgement that Rapture had ever existed. Overall, it's okay. Expand
  42. Jun 1, 2013
    There is only a couple things you should play this game for, and that's the Story and Art Direction. Bioshock Infinite looks beautiful and the story is nice and thought out, but if you play games mainly for the gameplay, you're gonna have a problem. 2 Guns. Ammo is not a problem anywhere in the game, you can blast away without having to worry one bit. Conserving ammo? Who needs that, you're like Rambo without the arsenal of guns. You'd think with such a large budget, they would've spent more on the game and not on the advertising of said game. Not to mention, even on the PC, the textures in this game are vomit inducing, and all of the foliage is done very, very poorly. Expand
  43. Jun 9, 2013
    BioShock Infinite is not a bad game. The setting and game does a good job matching two of Bioshock 1's big strengths, scenery of immersion. Story-wise, I think it tries hard and comes up with something interesting, but not particularly great. The combat takes center stage in this game, with shootouts galore. The vigors/tonics you use are somewhat underwhelming, a few decent. I'm not a fan of the sky-hook, but that is me. Your companion through much of the game is probably the brightest part, far more engaging than Booker (your persona) and not a hassle to keep around at all. This is worth a play through, but little substance here. I could not imagine waiting for the DLC content from launch day, there is nothing to tide anyone over for a great length of time. 12 hours possibly tops, and little replay value as it stands sans-dlc. Expand
  44. Oct 14, 2013
    This is a good game but not better than the previous installments. The main disappointment is the storyline which is just too confusing to understand. All in all a good game but I prefer bioshock 2.
  45. Apr 4, 2013
    As a preface, I will say that I haven't finished the game yet. Although, I feel what I've seen thus far (about 50% or so) is enough for me to give my overall impressions and still have some weight behind them.

    GRAPHICS On a technical level they are actually pretty bad and it pains me to say that. Textures are muddy all over the place. In places it honestly looks like a late-gen
    original Xbox game, no joke. Moreover, I have experienced numerous graphical aberrations with water and lighting effects. I just wasn't expecting this poor quality considering the first Bioshock still looks really good and that was released in 2007. Some games hold up even as you inspect closer; not this one unfortunately. From an artistic standpoint though things improve, so I applaud the development team in that regard at least.

    SOUND Good voice acting, nothing groundbreaking though. The songs are pretty cool. Standard FPS effects. They use some similar cues from the original Bioshock which are nice.

    STORY It's probably unfair for me to rate this since I haven't finished it. So far, I can appreciate the ties into American history and the religious overtones. It seems pretty far out there but I have purposely shied away from any spoilers so far. I'm not feeling a strong sense of player agency though, as others have mentioned. Levine might have bitten off more than even he can chew here. We'll see.

    GAMEPLAY Obviously the most important aspect of any game and this bring my biggest complaints to this title. I can easily encapsulate my feelings here: I'm not dying to pick up the controller and play this again. There is hardly anything here that I haven't done a thousand times in other games. Basically run around looking in trash cans and looting from dead bodies, madly pressing the X button. That is in no way FUN. Then stopping for a pretty standard gun/tonic battle against some mediocre intelligence level bad guys who seldom have any charisma or stand out personality traits. The fact that the levels are floating in the sky doesn't really do anything for me. If the developers were trying to create a sense of wonder and suspense from this, then they failed in my mind. Case in point, if you accidentally or even on purpose jump or fall over an edge you just magically teleport right back to safety. That just kills so much of the world for me right there. And yeah I was expecting the same kind of thing when you died, you just get placed in an area a little bit back from where you died and lose some cash. But it's just jarring when you die like 8 times in the span of one firefight and you see the exact same sequence with Elizabeth every time. I could go on about other specific ways I think the gameplay is stale, just as a FPS/adventure game in general and also compared with the original Bioshock, but I won't.

    In summation, I'm pretty disappointed with this game. It feels tedious rather than fun to play in and explore the world. In my time with it so far there have been a few moments that were neat and made me smile, but few are far between. It offers maybe one new gameplay mechanic (sky hooks). The tears are not very original as a mechanic. No inventory, limited choices in how you manage things, unoriginal upgrades and weapons. I'd rather go back and play Tomb Raider again 9 times out of 10. That's just my two or three cents.
  46. Mar 27, 2013
    The game's fine as far as story and gameplay goes, but beware! If you buy this game, don't expect autosave to actually work. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't. Due to the lack of a manual save function, you'll be at this game's mercy for autosave to actually function properly. If you buy the game, just hope you're one of the fortunate people who don't have this problem. Calling 2K game support offers up similar frustration as they will blame you or your Xbox/PS3/PC, or weather, or temperature. Anything apart from their work/game. Had the autosave function worked properly, the game would easily be an 8-9. Expand
  47. Mar 28, 2013
    So, after 4 years Levine came up with this? The game looks ugly on X360, textures and draw distance are terrible and gameplay is average at it's best. The story is excellent but that's not enough, there is no magical combination of various elements that made original Bioshock immortal, just mediocre FPS with good art direction, nothing revolutionary here.
  48. Apr 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I will go middle road on this game. Mainly due to being hugely impressed by story, graphics and concepts. Although these don't make a good game, it is the game play. This game really didn't have much game play. The story was so short, the campaign lasting as little as 6 hours max 10 hours in 2 playthrough's. The AI was no existent committing suicide, getting stuck, or running away. While your guns and a lot of the vigor's were for the most part the same or very similar. Ammo, health, salt were in huge abundance, making this game so easy. While you had those massive I win buttons, through gear and vigor killing all enemy very easily. Upon death if you where very unlucky, enemies retained the same loss of health and any killed remained so most oftenly. Lack of any real in game choices apart, from the rpg element of leveling vigor and guns. Nothing in the story line apart from flip a coin and choice of pendant. Which you had to play a certain way always going forward rarely returning to the same area's once progressing. For the most part it was a crime that this games, game play, played like poo. Away from these very bad elements the game had some favourable points. It was a lot of fun, this came from collecting all the collectibles which each had there own story. Exploring each location to find all of the collectibles. While playing a very engaging thought provoking story. Using vigor and Skyrail system was also very fun. Having Elizabeth as support again was great. Great graphics, humour, and concepts. Although ultimately what a complete and utter rip off that really should be avoided. It is so criminal to support a game that has a very small story and where the AI is practically non-existent and also the game play is far to easy. At least wait until all content is available while the game is at hugely discounted price. Undoubtedly a DLC will arrive later with a mass effect 3 scenario. Freaking rip off lame. Do the critic's even play these games? Expand
  49. Apr 4, 2013
    I give a 10 to the marketing department a 5 for the game. $65 for a 2 day game with no multiplayer?? No challenge at all in this game due to built in free supplies and unlimited lives. The A.I. Stood there and let me take my time to line up the head shots. I bought one upgrade the whole game on hard. Story? I think the multidimensional stuff was a cop out to many questions you might have about the characters. "What about this? Just add an alternate dimension to "fix" it". I'm a hardcore gamer and this game lacks any challenge. Rent it,beat it,forget it... Expand
  50. Mar 27, 2013
    The beginning is great, and I was immediately blown away by the art design, but after a while, the constant checking every prop in the game, every crate, cabinet, and desk (God the desks, so many desks rooms filled with desks. Desks on top of desks...) looking for coins becomes... a... grind. You spend half the game pointing at every piece of furniture, and if it glows you press the x button. Woo-hoo! I think the game took me about ten hours. That's roughly five hours of looking and pointing at furniture. Bioshock? How about Interior Decorator shock? "Furniture: Infinity." But money is scarce, and upgrades are expensive, and the thought of screwing up and having to wade through another molasses paced in-game cutscene kept me motivated to always be checking for loose change. And there are so. many. desks. to check. If the intention was to force players to slow down and take in the incredible architecture/lighting/design, I confess it worked. At first. After awhile though, it had the opposite effect. I started just running past all the crates/cabinets/desks to get the checking done so I could get back to the fun stuff. But this gave me the worst possible vantage point to take in the scenery; just skimming, flush along the furniture, spamming the search button to grab loose change or sometimes cake or pineapple. Why so many decrepit desks seemed to have edible cake or pineapple in them was perhaps explained in an audio log I failed to listen to. Maybe that same audio log explained why I could eat fruit out of an old decrepit desk but often lost the ability to eat fruit that was sitting on a fruit stand. Anyway, yeah, I spent much of the game pressed up against stuff looking for change and fruit, and speeding past textures that probably look better a few steps back.

    Here's the thing: when I started the game, I vowed to take it slow. I was gonna look at all the in-game movies and listen to all the audio logs. The movies were the first thing I gave up on. They were mostly redundant anyway. But eventually I stopped caring about the audio logs too. I had desks to check! I started to rationalize, "Let me get my desk checking done and I'll go back and listen to the logs", but nah, never got around to it. I never cared enough about the story. The best thing about the game is the concept, an alternate 1912, combined with genius art direction. The plot points and dialogue, in true video game fashion, were all kind of meh. Trite. Derivative. A medley of various cliches, except not done as well as the films and novels it borrows from. The best thing about the relationship of the two leads is that she throws you stuff during battle. It's a neat effect that never gets old. Everything else, her backstory, your backstory, the "emotional" stuff... as I said... meh. I never cared. But clearly the designers cared, because they slowed me down so I could listen to her wax on about her past and the mystery ahead. I hate games that do that one minute you're playing the game, the next, your character slows down like he's stuck in a tractor beam of boring exposition as an NPC fills you in on the "plot". If I were really part of the story my dialogue would have been, "Move! Can't you move! Why are you walking so slow?! I don't care about your relationship with your parents! I want to attack things with my magic birds but I'm stuck here listening to you! Do you have any idea how many desks need to be checked before I can get back to my birds?! Shut up already!"

    A word about the sky-hook. I know people are saying it's the best thing in the game, so this might just be me, but, yeah, no. There were two kinds of sky-hook events: area travel, and arena fighting. During area travel, my sky-hook experience went like this, "Wait, am I going the right way? Should I stop? Did I pass it? I'm going the wrong way, aren't I? I should've stopped. I passed it." I did not enjoy sky-hook travel. During my arena fighting, my sky-hook went more like, "Wait, where is everybody? Where are the bad guys? Am I going the right way? There they are! I'm shooting, I'm shooting! Where'd they go? Wait, where is everybody?" The sky-hook had it's moments, but mostly it was frustrating, discombobulating, and not to my liking. Every once and a while I managed to time a button press that had me automatically hurl myself off the rail onto an enemy, but way more often I just sort of fell off onto a roof somewhere and tried to get my bearings and get back into the game.

    I'm giving the game a five, because when I wasn't slogging through the boring parts the spells were fun, though fighting in general was less tactical than I expected. Should I use lightning or fire? Eh, either is fine. Should I have the girl warp in some cover or set up a turret? Eh, either. It all kinda plays out like a chaotic Borderlands 2 style mess. Which is fun I love that kind of thing. But at least Borderlands had the decency to leave out an additional five hours of furniture browsing.
  51. Mar 27, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a tough game to give a proper score. On one hand, it's one of the most thought provoking games to ever hit store shelves. On the other hand, it presents a story that seems noticeably absent for at least half the game. None of it really culminates into anything meaningful until the last minutes of the game, arguably where the game is at it's best since the beginning stroll through Columbia. While most might think that it was the most boring part of the game, it did an absolutely brilliant job of presenting the setting of both this city in the clouds and life in 1912. However, as great as the beginning of the game is, the rest of the game feels like a step back from what we got from Bioshock 1 and even 2. Why were Bioshock 1 and 2 so entertaining? Was it because the setting was just THAT good? Was it because the characters were just so memorable? Was it because they didn't hold the player's hand and let you explore large levels that could take anywhere from 1-2 hours to finish everything? Yes, but the main reason we didn't get bored was the sense of progression. When those games began, we felt weak as a player. We felt vulnerable even against 1 or 2 splicers at a time, let alone a big daddy. As we found health, EVE, weapon, plasmid, and tonic upgrades, they felt valuable like we were lucky to even have them at all. We had to put in the effort of taking down a big daddy and dealing with little sisters. Bioshock Infinite removes all sense of progression by letting the player start out as a badass capable of killing 20 or so enemies at a time. I beat the game on "hard" difficulty and not once did i ever feel challenged. The culprit of this issue is *sigh* regenerating health... yep, in a Bioshock game. This turns the game into a pseudo cover shooter. The other half is spent bum-rushing 90% of enemies with your melee attack which is ridiculously overpowered and makes the game a cake walk. Even the big daddy equivalent of Infinite, the motorized patriot, is nothing more than a push-over when spamming him with an electric punch. Infinite sports 8 "vigors" this time around which is far less than what was available in Bioshock 2. the game also has replaced "tonics" with gifts of gear. However, unlike Bioshock 1 & 2 most of the gear is useless. You will likely find yourself sticking with the same 2 or 3 pieces for the entire game and there are no upgraded versions of this gear. You can upgrade "vigors' but upgrading them and weapons alike are all done with money. Money is quite scarce for the cost of these upgrades though, so you will find yourself not upgrading many of either. Speaking of weapons you can only use 2 at a time which also makes you resort to melee most of your enemies in fear of not having ammo when you'll really need it. Also gone is hacking. Anyone who has played either of the first two remember how often you'd find yourself hacking one thing or another. Now all you do is find a lockpick and let Elizabeth pick door locks how fun for ME THE PLAYER. why am i not the one doing these things and why is something that was so prevalent in the first two taken out completely? Remember that other element that added another layer to Bioshock 1 & 2's combat the research camera? It's gone now. Researching helped alleviate the difficulty in fighting certain types of splicers but now it's all about fighting more at once than fighting enemies that feel like they spliced themselves too to become stronger opponents. The level design leaves much to be desired. In the first 2 games, each level was large and took 1-2 hours to do everything. There were countless rooms and entire areas a player didn't have to see if they didn't want just because it was optional. Infinite's level design ranges from extremely linear to quite linear. there is no sense of exploration in the game. The only actual exploration comes from having Elizabeth pick a lock that leads to a room that was blocked off along the main level so you go in, do your search for items, and resume your mission. It gets old very fast. Among the linear level design was an absence of some of the best design choices in the game. The game was heavily advertised with the sky-hook, but these section are few and far between. Any time you can use them in a combat scenario is easily the most fun part in the game but its so underused that you feel the entire game is an average on foot shooter because of it.
    Gone is inventing and gone are hypos and first aid kits. It's all been turned into an average shoot em' up where health is hardly lost and most damage is absorbed by a regenerating shield so damage against you has no real consequence. There isn't even an option to turn off being revived anymore making the game that much easier and lacks any tension. Although I pretty much ragged on this game I don't hate it. It's disappointing and as bare bones of a Bioshock game as it can get. As a Bioshock game it gets a 3, as an action game, an 8.
  52. Mar 28, 2013
    Nothing spectacular about the gameplay. Typical shooter with an added sky rail gimick. Controls are not as smooth as most other shooters. The upgrade system is lacking to say the least, leaving you to comb for gear and purchase upgrades rather than grow with the abilities you tend to use the most. Combat is nothing out of the ordinary from your AVERAGE shooter and actually feels a little dumbed down/ easy. Gameplay and mechanics get a 6/10.

    The story and sense of immersion, however, are superior to most of its peers. The environment is very well developed and the characters are colorful and full of personality. The story is a great discourse on the social climate in America both historical and present. Story and immersion get a 9/10.

    Overall the game gets an 7/10. I have seen a lot of 10/10 ratings out there. This game is not a 10. Other than the story, the game is par.
  53. Apr 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What a Disappointment. On Xbox 360 Bioshock Infinite (BI) looks great from afar. Up close and personal it looks worse than any game in my recent memory. Textures, fonts, details, shapes of small objects all horrendous, poor, devoid of realism to a bizarre degree, lacking sharpness, depth. Please don't tell me that Xbox 360 isn't capable of showing good realistic textures. Yes, it's not a souped-up gamer PC, but I just played Dishonored, and it looked very good. I just finished Far Cry 3, it looked terrific, and you could walk from one end of the giant island to the other without loading anything.
    The gameplay.. oh, where to begin.. this is supposed to be a Bioshock, a but a bigger better one, right So, at every turn I was forced to compare BI to the original game and the conclusion was quite disheartening. As many critics point out, BI gameplay is drastically dumbed down, simplified and stripped of most elements that made it exciting in the 1st game. Rapture was full of mad splicers who attacked you without regard for their own life, but in BI you fight police, soldiers or thugs who also lack any common sense, often attacking the grenade launcher wielding you with batons instead of having a second thought. Gun fights feel very subpar, partly due to very mediocre enemy AI, partly due to vast open areas that completely killed off any sense of frantic closed quarters combat. Weapons suck, they don't visually change with upgrades, some are quite similar, most' don't even sound believable or powerful. Vigors blow as well, there less of them than plasmids and in conjunction with almost non-existent security infrastructure and inability to combine vigors you pretty much find two that suit your gameplay and stick with them. I remember having a lot of fun in original Bioshock painting big daddies as enemy and watching how small flying turrets come from all directions and drain their life. Similar vigor in BI doesn't work as well, mainly because they don't trigger multiple elements of security system which is quite rudimentary compared to the original game. There’s no equivalent of big daddies in BI, handymen don't count. Fighting a big daddy was one of the best parts of Bioshock, you could avoid him altogether, could hide from him, could jump to a side when he was charging at you, and big daddy had a reason to be in the game, a very important role to play. Handymen are inserted into BI only to provide a heavy enemy class, but they are poorly executed, too fast, have no depth to their character and fighting them is simply frustrating, and the fact that's there is only 4(!) of them in the entire game is both ridiculous and good. The Siren that was advertised as a separate enemy class is nothing of this sort, it’s a level boss you have to fight 3 times in 3 locations but that's it, only one "siren" in the game, having many would be much more exciting. Boys of Silence is a total letdown. We were led to believe that these disturbing creatures will be another creepy enemy class, but it's only five of them, they don't fight you directly and you never even get to kill any of them and watch their metal head explode. Songbird The one creature that was endlessly showcased in every promotional video and was either supposed to be a boss that you absolutely have to fight or a big daddy- type monster Forget it. You two will never cross swords, and it's not even explained what or who this is. It has a purpose, but not the one I wanted or anticipated...
    There is no hacking whatsoever, an element that was fun and could set off security system in the original game is completely removed from BI. No puzzles of any sort.No inventory which is just a travesty, you can't store anything or see it, can’t use it the way you want, can’t drop items, can’t accumulate salts for refill during combat.. why, Irrational Games, why Are you that irrational nowadays Invisible walls is another thing that separates a good game designer from a bad one, yet BI team doesn’t consider it worth the attention. Too many corners, piles of rubble, seemingly friendly structures were protected by ethereal force field. In promo videos Sky-line looked more intoxicating than I found it to be, it’s not a game changer and didn’t alter the combat in a great and useful way. Remember this
    This is why BI has sucky AI and combat dynamics. Yes, BI has a great story, but this is not a book with beautiful pictures, it’s a game, gameplay here is paramount. I will always remember original Bioshock as one of the best games I ever played where the story was provocative and gameplay electrifying. Bioshock Infinite is a game with a great story and overall great art design ruined by hype, bad graphics (xbox/ps), uninspired combat, forgettable enemies and disregard for many key elements that made original Bioshock great. Dishonored, you win.
  54. Apr 1, 2013
    The scores you are seeing are very inflated. This is not a bad game. But it's not a 10, it's not a 9, not an 8 or even a 7. It's a 6 at best, 4 at worst. The story is good. The game play is above average. The graphics are average. The game mechanics are below average.

    I found myself laboring over finding loose change for half the game yet it didn't seem to matter much in the result. The
    vigors are a bit nerfed so, it's not like you have that fun superhuman feeling as in last games. The experience is less creepy than previous editions.

    I did have fun blowing stuff up and sniping at times. But the enemies got repetitive, and the hook thing was less useful than I had hoped.

    I can't for the life of me understand how many 10 reviews this game got here. It's worth playing, but the execution just didn't meat the lofty ideas behind it. It was a good game but underwhelming overall. I am convinced that many of these reviews are planted. There's NO WAY this is a potential game of the year, or a game changer, or historically significant. It's just another Bioshock with some changes. Some good and some bad.
  55. Apr 8, 2013
    Bioshock infinite what is there to say about it... well there is a lot of things to say about this game, but i will just tell you about a few of the many many things about it. First off i want to say that the game is amazing i loved playing it, i do not have many bad things to say but i just about one thing bad about it its that nobody of the enemies in the game seems to care about Elizabeth at all, sometimes she can be right in front of them and the still care about me more then her. But over to the good things, the gameplay is awesome i loved to go around levels with the sky hook and the guns and and vigors was fun and entertaining to use. The story is the best one during the past few years, it is a rich and good story that everyone should pay much attention too. I really think that this game is a MUST HAVE for everyone who is just a little bit into FPS games and if you are not this is really a good start. Thank you for reading my review of Bioshock infinite Expand
  56. Apr 18, 2013
    Wonderful setting and world detail. ~ Creative and enjoyable story. ~ Elizabeth is a NPC that adds to the overall experience and she's useful to boot. ~ Mediocre game play(I'm being nice). ~ lack of weapons(variation). ~ very little character customization and advancement. The immersive world off BioShock Infinite is awesome. The games unsatisfactory gameplay and subpar mechanics are a real stinker. I really want to like this game but just cant. Expand
  57. Apr 23, 2013
    Really? Why is this game so highly rated? It's nowhere near the calibre of Bioshock 1 or Bioshock 2. This shouldn't even be called Bioshock at all. It's something completely different. The atmosphere that Rapture provided...non existent. The suspense that was Rapture...gone! Columbia felt like just another setting. Exploration is basic at best with no surprises or significant side stories to find.
    By the upteenth hour I just wanted this game to end. B1 and B2, I played several times over. I feel bad for all you gamers who rated this high. If this is what excites you in gaming then youre just as much a sucker as I am for letting myself be hyped up over this. All I could think about while playing was starting another playthrough of Bioshock 2...
    Gone are all the elements that made Bioshock grand! And what is with all the Critic reviews? 10/10 all over the place. Huh? What?! Even the Man Jim Sterling gave it a 10. I don't get it.
    Okay, it does have some great things about it. The Tears were great. The story was good. Gameplay was alright. All I found myself doing was stripping the areas down for resources. Other than that...what was there to explore?
    I don't know.... I was very dissapointed as a Bioshock fan. You should be too...
  58. May 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Sorry, but this game is just OVERRATED! I finished it two times, and I'm a huge bioshock fan, but there are so many flaws, that's why this game doens't deserve a good rating.
    Here a the biggest mistakes, imho:

    - poor weapon upgrades hello? bioshock's power to the people upgrades where kickass, and you could see them directly on your weapons!!!! )
    - Songbird is just.... lame?! he hasn't any own story, no character, he just shows up a few times, screams, looks angry, just to die in the end! I mean, hell, the Big Daddys where so creepy, and they had a own story, but this birdy is just a lifeless object, and obviously, the developers didn't want to give him a purpose or an own story!

    - Elisabeth: POOOOR relationship between her and the main character. She is only tossing coins and amo, and runs away one time because she is mad at you... I mean, COME ONE! Even my unborn son could construct a more emotional, deeper relationship between this to main protagonists..

    - Story: Okay, the end is cool, BUT! The motivations of the inhabtians of columbia to blast my head off didn't satisfied me... in Bioshock, the splicers where degenerated junkies, most of them just wanted to kill and loot me. But in Infinite, the whole City just turned mad, and it just feels kinda unrealistic...

    I give 5 points, because I still enjoyed playing this game. But after you have finished the game, and you start to reflect and think about the story, you will have to admit, that this game isn't that great, as we all thought it would be...
  59. Jul 19, 2013
    Extremely overrated. Does not hold a candle to the original, seeing as how BioShock revolutionized and paved way for future FPS game and the implementation of mature and cleverly written storytelling. This game has amazing graphics and and unique use for the sky-hooks, but that's all that's really new. It's just another FPS game with badly executed plot devices, a convoluted and pretentious story, a massive amount of filler, irrelevant choices, poor design, transparent characters, and unnecessary consistency that puts a damper on the immersion and story. This game receives a lot more praise than it deserves. Expand
  60. Jul 21, 2013
    Loved Bioshock and Bioshock 2 and thus had big expectations on this. Was totally disappointed. Long but boring. Repetitive battles and enemies. After the first third or so I was just hoping it to finish already. Also autosaving sucks bad.
  61. Sep 22, 2013
    Being a fan of the claustrophobic settings of the previous games, I was very dissapointed with the sudden transition to such a large environment, I enjoyed the older games better (just my opinion) the game did excell in gameplay and story, but it just wasn't my kind of bioshock.
  62. Jun 25, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite has received countless awards and more ten out of ten's than I can count. However, that does not make those true.

    This game a good story. Yes, good, not amazing, not life changing, but good. With no spoilers the game lasts for what seems like forever to give you just a good ending which is unacceptable. With the build up and lore of Columbia you expect a fluid, amazing
    ending but it fails to deliver.

    The combat is terrible. The combat has resorted to the "Call of Duty Syndrome" of releasing an onslaught of enemies on you for you to kill. When that said "wave" of enemies is defeated you progress a little forward, then another wave of enemies is there for your disposal. Repeat.
    There are some sections of the game that get extremely tedious in which you have a "boss" to kill while grunts are attacking you while the "boss" is reviving the grunts you have previously killed. This is just there to pad the game...

    The mechanics you have known to love like different weapons, upgrading your weapons, hacking, vigors (formerly known as plasmids) have been reduced to an extremely basic state. The weapons have basically been doubled however, you can only hold two. Going from holding eight unique weapons with a different type of approach and feel to two similar, watered down guns ready to pump out ammo.
    Hacking is gone. Just gone.
    There are eight vigors and those too feel alike in use. The only one I had fun with was Undertow but all the others basically are auto kill or distraction.
    Upgrading your weapon is useless almost. The chance of you keeping the same two guns throughout the game are very slim because with all the enemies you go through ammo like crazy. So you have to pick up other guns that your enemies drop so when you upgrade Sniper Rifle all the way then have to switch guns makes all that money you spend go to waste.

    What does the game do well besides a good story? The graphics! I am not one to praise/fault graphics unless they enhance the experience or hinder it. This game looks gorgeous and I mean that. When you shoot up into the sky at the beginning of the game and take that first glimpse of Columbia, well its breathtaking to say the least.

    Is the game worth picking up? Not really. Just a generic FPS with amazing visuals.
  63. Oct 13, 2014
    From everything I had read up on this game prior to playing it, I was expecting an abomination on par with the likes of Duke Nukem Forever. I'm not sure "relief" is what I should feel when a big-budget, overhyped blockbuster turns out to be merely competent, if overly self-important.

    We've been over and over how the game world doesn't make a lick of sense, how the combat is a big step
    backwards from even Bioshock, itself a "streamlined(read: dumbed-down) System Shock 2. We've gone over how the plot and the BIG TWIST AT THE END (™) is actually supremely stupid and shows Ken Levine doesn't understand time travel OR the infinite universe theory he based and named his entire project on.

    I knew all of that going in.

    But I was surprised at how... bland it was. How so much time went into painting a gorgeous, if hollow world where there is little to no complexity to any of your actions, filled with nothing but racist cartoons and Ken Levine's creepy daddy fetish-I MEAN THE GREAT AND EPIC AND TRAGIC CHARACTER ELIZABETH(™).

    I also suppose I'm less upset about this game knowing it's hubris collapsed the enterprise of its' founder, a man who let himself be convinced he was a "visionary" by millions of sheep, and in trying to make the most beautiful world possible only ended up destroying everything.

    I'm sure there's an allegory for that somewhere...
  64. Nov 13, 2014
    This game is nearly everything that is wrong with modern games and is by no means a worthy successor to the original Bioshock. I would even go as far to say that nothing in it justifies it's existence.
    The gameplay is that of an uninspired shooter with an unnecessary gun limit, the plasmids are all the same and copy pasted from the predecessors, Elisabeth is basically not even there and
    the enemies are bullet sponges.

    The story is badly written, most of the characters don't even act rational and all the mentioned social criticism is as deep as the developers understanding of the string theory. The player is at no point required to think.

    Infinite still has a few redeeming factors.
    The world looks gorgeous, the setting is rare and fits very well. The game runs at stable 30 fps on the 360 and has no screen tearing. I didn't encounter any mayor bugs on my playthrough.

    All in all Bioshock Infinite is nothing more than a mindless casual shooter with no replay value that runs well.
    I do not recommend it in any way, but since it at least runs better than most console games of our generation I still have to give it 5/10.
  65. May 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bioshock Infinite was a HUGE disappointment. One of the most overrated games ever. Here's why:

    The weapon/ammo system was FAR less engaging than in the previous Bioshock. I was bored to death with Infinite’s extremely limited combat mechanics.

    Sadly, there was none of the cool gadget-type stuff that helped make the previous game so much fun: no hacking, no trap ammo, etc. I wanted to be using all kinds of different ammo, setting traps with my weapons (trap rivets, spear traps, etc.), hacking lots of machines to fly around and help me out…. but none of that was in this game. I couldn’t believe it.

    The powers/perks system was pretty boring this time around too. No ice power so you could freeze enemies? WTF?

    The enemies themselves were also boring as hell. There was nowhere near the variety of interesting splicers and whatnot from the previous game. Most of the time it seemed like you just fought regular-type dudes, and every once in a while you’d fight a robot patriot guy. YAAAAAAWN. The enemy selection for Infinite was downright awful.

    No Big Daddies/Little Sisters? That is a Bioshock trademark, and yet they took that out and replaced it with really lackluster enemies. Unbelievable.

    Lastly, Elizabeth was there to do the rogue-ish stuff (i.e. pick locks), but a huge flaw was that she didn’t really contribute much to the actual fighting. She should have been able to use her powers to damage/confuse enemies, but instead she just threw you ammo every once in a while and allowed you to open “tears” which weren’t very interesting.

    Overall, the story/characters/graphics were very good, but the gameplay was downright TERRIBLE. Bioshock Infinite just wasn’t fun at all.
  66. Mar 29, 2013
    Honestly disappointed in this game. I was expecting alot more, but wasn't satisfied. While the story, graphics, music and voice acting is incredible, the gameplay seems to lag behind everything else. There are only 8 vigors, as opposed to the 11 plasmids from the first game, and only about 8 weapons, most of which are useless and boring to use. The hacking puzzles that I personally enjoyed are gone. Weapon upgrading is nowhere near as good as it was in the first two games, The Sky-Hook, though, was really awesome and cool. Landing those fatalities with the weapon was so satisfying. The last thing I'll say about this game is that the ending was a huge disappointment, and not rewarding at all. But hey, alot of people seem to be calling this game their GOTY contender, so keep playing. I still think it sucks, I still think it's stupid, but keep playing. Expand
  67. Apr 7, 2013
    This game is visually stunning. However it doesn't bring anything new to the genre and in fact is worse features wise compared to the earlier games. In infinite the entire story is on rails you make no decisions that effect the ending there is no mechanic based on morality. Games in the same series that offer less than the previous games for the sake of better graphics are not better games.
  68. Apr 20, 2013
    What happened to the gameplay following on from the great Bioshock 1 and 2?
    Bioshock Infinite has no right to have the word Bioshock in the title! Where's the choices and consequences? Where's the scares? Where's the excitement? This is the most dissappointing game I have ever played, based on my expectations!
  69. Jul 31, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The bioshock franchise has been blinded and overpraised by this new trend that "Videogames are art". Looking at this game gameplay-wise makes it a very average game and a disgrace for a series so praised as bioshsock. I don't have any problems with the change of genre but why this particular game doesn't get the same flame as many other games saying they are flooding the market with FPS and CoD rip-offs,and this game had no reason to change from a vintage health bar to a cover and wait shield; there is no point on changing. It also changes to a two weapon mechaninc... sounds familiar. But if the gameplay is different it should be better right? But all the strategy and real challenge the previous games had were torn appart into a dumbed down shoot-run-hide CoD ripoff. The weapons you use change because you become tired of using one and you want to change to another and there is no real point on thinking what weapon you should use in these particular scenario, given that all "battles" are virtualy the same being as I said shoot-run-hide-repeat. The weapons aren't memorable and you just stop using some of them to use just, well, better weapons. The same happens witht he vigoors, until you get a particular vigoor, you only need one permanet which is the mind control one and the other slot you can use whichever you feel like it. I know there are some enemies that have a weakness to a specific vigoor but you can still use the bronco one and pass the game as a breeze. And the upgrade path has been also dumbed down into a three way no brainer and upgrading your weapons and vigoors have no strategy whatsoever specially the vigoors as the traps have no purpose in a battle heavy FPS. Also, you don't get the option to unlock the poorly excuse of a vita chamber here so dying is only an issue in 1999 mode which gets me to my other point. There were claims that the 1999 mode was going to bring challenge again to the gamers but it just lets you die like a normal game and it offends the name challenge by making the enemies bullet sponges and with an unhuman acuracy. In bioshock 1 and 2 it made sense that the splicers have this king of acuracy and resistance given that they augmented their body to the point they went mad. So if you are going to change the whole mechanics of the game, you should also change the AI of the enemies for a fair challenge. It is still the easiest of the franchise but also the most frustrating. You can tell they didn't change the AI because the frikin policemen attack you the same way a splicer would; rushing in and shouting like a mad men without thinking a bit. So like many reviews had said the thing that stands the most are the skylines but it doens' change the fact that the gameplay was butcherd then grouped around some CoD and then pasted again with our next topic which is the fake gold or pyrite which is the artistic design. of the game. In every review I had heard of this game, half of it is about the plot and character design. Which people praise for reasons I can't explain. The plot is transdimencional that just explains EVERYTHING with multiple unvierses and isn't interesting at all. Also at the middle of the game all you have done to get somewhere is trowned to the trash and just go to another universe that changes everything which is just dumb. And remember, when I say everything is explained with multiple universes, I MEAN EVERYTHING even stupid things like ghosts. And compared to the depth and scientific acuracy of what was bioshock 1 and 2 this one has some serious problems and inacuracies for me, a 17 year old guy who just happens to love physics and know about some topics. It just says quantum particles which stay at a fixed height and doesn't go into depth to what it does or how it is powered. There is also NO explanation for the vigoors. Seriously, non, go and try to find out. And now with the characters, they are simply generic characters that doesn't compare a little to the characters of bioshock. I don't want to go in depth with all as I would never finish so lets go with the most overrated character of the game if not a contender for gordon freeman and master chief, Elizabeth. She is a one-dimensional generic women that does what all animes do, generate a waifu. A bland character based on millions behind her which can be or very over the top or a quiet character. Elizabeth isn't either as she is not Japanese, but her character is a copy paste from the most one dimensional characters that this world could ever imagine, a disney princess. This is not just the obvious, not, there are intreviews where they say their character is based on Bella of Beauty and the Beast. So, NO, Elizabeth is as bland as princess Toadstool. And finally, the "super deep satire and criticism of the US". I will wrap it up saying that thisdoesn't complement the plot. At theend it is just "look we're racis"t without a point just squashed into it.But the graphics are good meh ugly faces Expand
  70. Aug 20, 2013
    I loved the first bioshock and when I saw the trailers for this game I set my expectations WAY to high,
    so the fact that this game BLEW ME AWAY should be a you need to know. The game is beautiful even though its on Xbox and the art style is one of the best I've seen in any game ever. The gameplay is SO much fun, it's fast paced, balanced, fluid, and addictive. I don't know why people
    complain about it "not being revolutionary" when it introduced awesome features in the skyline system, tear manipulation, and had one of the best, if not THE best, companion characters. Speaking of characters they're all fantastic, each one of them had such depth. And lastly the story which was just phenomenal, I'm not going to say any more about it. This game is must play and it's the only game I've ever played that I'd give 10/10. It's my favorite game and you NEED to play it if you own any type of console. Expand
  71. Apr 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Yeah, we got it, the artistic content is good. But at what point did Bioshock become a solid shooter? This game required very little focus on the vigor abilities, and pretty much quickly devolved into a run-and-gun with some content such as flying across rails and what not. The vigor abilities were not as useful as previous Bioshocks, and the weapon customization was unimaginative at best. As for the plot, whoooo boy. The developers decided to do the "Inception" approach that basically just kept changing what was going on through the use of "tears". Do I like plot devices that are imaginative and lend themselves to games? Yes. Do I like games that have pretentious plot devices that insist upon themselves to make a completely innocuous ending? Hell to the no! Expand
  72. Mar 26, 2013
    Extraordinarily poor shooting, an aggravatingly egotistical narrative, and a complete lack of player agency means this game's a real aaa stinker. I gave it a 3 though because I do like the music and some of the visuals are pretty good.
  73. Jul 10, 2013
    An incredibly overrated game. It absolutely baffles me why this title has received so much praise. I am a huge fan of Irrational Games having only just played through the fantastic System Shock 2 on PC for the first time. That game was released in 1999 and absolutely stomps all over this mediocrity.

    I found the combat dull, the RPG elements non-existent, the looting unsatisfying, and
    the story where this game seems to get all the pretentious reviewers in a dizzy spin exceptionally boring. It contains the usual modern FPS flaws a slow running speed, an ability to only hold 2 weapons, a recharging shield (making the game incredibly easy), and tedious forced cutscenes where you have to listen to the unlikable characters waffling on and on, blocking your path.

    I was completely unimpressed with this game and have put it on Ebay and (begrudgingly) completing it. The game has zero replayability and I will never give it another go.. which cannot be said for far far superior games such as Half-Life 2, Dishonored, System Shock 2 and Deus EX.

    Rubbish and extremely over rated. I can only imagine that 'professional reviewers' feel obliged to give the games high ratings as they are given free, early copies to playtest. Either that or they are being paid, or are easily impressed.
  74. Apr 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So bad it hurts.

    Watch the last 30 minutes of The Lord Of The Rings where you think it finished about 18 times. That's how playing this game feels. I feel a deep sense of betrayal and confusion and disappointment after playing this

    The story is weird and tries too hard to be way too intellectual.. Reading all the reviews, my jaw didn't drop once, Elizabet's head is too big for her body so she looks strange. The guy you're supposed to shoot in the heart is so fast and strong it's silly. So I ran into a sideroom on the airship and he lost sight of me and when I came out he was gone. So wth was that all about? And part of the story is Columbia attacking the USA? Then it's Cyndi Lauper in the future with "Columbia" (CBS) and Merry Melodies... Devine must of been on a heavy trip when he wrote this story, cause it's like he got a blender and filled it with religious and social stereotypes and cliches. And out spewed this mess. Oh and then it's Rapture. The only reason my jaw might have even twitched would have been at the absurdly predictable and bombastic self-congratulations this story kept piling upon itself. I was in disbelief at not how good it was, but how atrociously bad. Oh the stars are all doorways to different universes. Did Levine raid the bargain bin at Comicon?

    Trying to access all the gear setups and vigor combinations is a joke. No presets can be saved and the Dpad with a bumper could have made it as easy as a keyboard. Bleh.

    Released at about the same time, Tomb Raider is brilliant in comparison. I don't normally consider myself a knuckle-dragger, but I must be because the average review scores and comments seem like my case had the wrong disc in it. The fact that I bought the season pass makes me feel even more ill. The joke is definitely on me. :(

    Feel free to respond.
  75. Apr 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a diehard Bioshock fan, I was awaiting the game with anticipation and purchased as soon as released.

    The game is playable and for those that have not completed previous versions, it is probably a decent 5 day play however, In comparison to previous versions it sucks BIGTIME. No imagination with the enemy's/bosses, no crazy people appearing out of nowhere, no splicers crawling up the walls (and you only knowing they are there because of the sound of their knives climbing). No mini turrets, no ability to go invisible or to kill the Big Daddies in imaginative settings, capturing your creative kills on camera for additional points.

    The weapons are unimaginative and boring and the storyline is pathetic. This game just doesn't deserve the hype.

    Pretty lazy of the developers in my opinion. Waste of money and disappointment. Just lucky enough to have completed and sold it with minimal cash difference.
  76. May 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The original BioShock was an utterly unforgettable experience. This game, however, doesn't reach that point, nor does it come anywhere close to it. You see, what made the original BioShock a masterpiece is that it created a truly interesting and original work of fiction. Infinite, on the other hand, just reworks pieces of the 2009 star trek film along with elements of Dr Who and season one of fringe, as well as an non-existent back story, an underdeveloped setting, poorly integrated/inconsistent elements (vigors, Comstock's motivation's, etc etc) and uninteresting characters. Elizabeth is loveable, but loveable and interesting are not one in the same. Only three things about BioShock Infinite are improved from the first BioShock, the shooting mechanics, better ending, and a more personalized (but still more generic) story. The political themes also aren't as well developed either, with the extent of their development being that they are mentioned in the first place. Comstock is probably the biggest disappointment with the extent of his development being that he is a racist, moronic, bad guy with non-nonsensical motivations. Expand
  77. Jul 6, 2013
    This game was an extreme disappointment. I pre-ordered the game with tons of hype ready for it to come out, only to be greeted by mediocre combat, an uninteresting story, and unlikable characters. After the first hour of combat, I quickly realized that this is all that the combat was. Just shooting mindless grunts in the face, just with different weapons sometimes. I figured it would get better with the new Vigors. I was wrong. After collecting all 8, which is an extremely disappointing number, I was in disbelief about how useless the majority of them were. There were only about 3 Vigors that were worth upgrading, and that left me struggling to use the useless ones just to make an attempt to make the game more interesting. This game gets an extremely low score from me for not being one of the most overrated and over-hyped games of 2013 so far, but also one of the worst. Expand
  78. Mar 8, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. HONEST REVIEW!!!
    You know what? This review is going to be short, because if it'll be long I ain't going to watch my language.

    Obviously, this game sucks. I played it on xbox and THAT much boring corridors I last time saw in Outlast and that was awful game(but I'll talk later about it). I hadn't completed it, because of its boringness!(if this word exists)
    If you want to play this game, you won't be right? if you'll buy it. This game ain't worth your's or mine money, either! Because you'll just spend time on boring story and monotonous gameplay!
  79. Apr 9, 2013
    If the original Bioshock was an artistic and profoundly engaging story with decisions, atmosphere, and detailed design in a house-of-horrors-meets-jules-verne kind of way, Bioshock Infinite is a head-scratching, convoluted affair in the theme-park-design-meets-castle-wolfenstein-gameplay kind of way. It's quite clear that everything about Bioshock Infinite was "designed by committee". A roundtable of ego-centrics wanting to have their pet idea implanted in the game. Writers that practically vomit bucketloads of inane and lifted ideas on you from the beginning. Gone are the subtle undertones of ideology and dystopia. Replaced with in-your-face-eat-it dogma designed more for an audience of short-attention-span-can't-read-between-the-lines teenagers than mature audiences the title is labeled for. Much like the skylines that you simply sit-and-watch yourself zoom along like Sonic the Hedgehog (a good game), the entire game is mostly a watching event separated by periods of "find the fruit in the desk" and "dodge the angry citizen" minigames. The setting for this game is not well framed or introduced making it even more unbelievable than when you see it for the first time. Audacious and inconceivable in any alternate reality. The writers couldn't devise an acceptable set of premises to build their environment out of, so it was simply glossed over to be assumed by the player. Sorry, this is insufficient for me. One example is using your hook to jump around. No real reason how that should be physically possible. It could easily have been designed as a grappling hook or tether to root it in the realm of "possibility", but instead things just happen magically as there are no real laws of physics here. Whatever needs to happen, just does! Expand
  80. Apr 7, 2013
    I was excited for Infinite because we were back with Irrational Games and Levine. I expected an experience something like the original Bioshock. I really liked Bioshock. But Bioshock Infinite felt much more like Bioshock 2, which was a cynical money grab with no merit.

    Gameplay? It's Ratchet and Clank without the fun. But that's not what we're here for.

    We're here for the story. And
    the story is DUMB. Just plain dumb. Offensively so. I don't think I was supposed to laugh at the ending, but I did. The same way I laughed at plan 9 from outer space. This was not the experience I was hoping for. Expand
  81. Jun 11, 2013
    Whack!! Got this game for my birthday brand-new 65$ I was so disappointed!! I'm next BioShock one achievements, And BioShock two was pretty good!! The problem I found with this one personally, Is the fact that it's nothing new to me it's the same old same old running around looking for things and shooting that's all you do,,, Is the same old same old.

  82. Sep 30, 2014
    The worst 2k game I've ever played, it is a piece of **** **** Bioshock Infinite starts with columbia as a city, it seems like the whole "opening up to the world" and "people interacting with you" was a loaf of horse****, Columbia feels like a park, not a place where people live, it doesn't feel real at all, it feels like an uncoordinated place, if you take things from once place, you're stealing, if you take it from another.. well that's fine isn't it.... sorry some of you may not be able to understand what I'm going on about unless you've played it.. so... I'm gonna stop rambling and talk about... all the errors I can

    So when I started playing the game I thought everything looked... **** not good I thought it looked pretty poor, not as good as what they hyped it up to be, this is a problem I'm having with lately hyped up games. they're all **** I hated how as soon as fight kicks off, all the civilians dissappear, I hated the character of Elizabeth, she was inconsistant and acted very peculiar, and before anyone tries to back her up saying she's meant to be, I can honestly not describe her as a character beside.. her being scared.. her having powers.. and her seeming like a **** and unlikable, she wasn't nice, she wasn't funny she just came off very unlikable, and that's the same as booker, That ending was one of the most **** up endings of all time, You literally need to look up youtube videos to understand it, and that's not a good thing, having to go in full depth analysis' to understand what the story is about.. is not only stupid but makes the game come off like they couldn't be bothered to explain it, and before anyone says it's intentional.. well I can say one thing.. if it is.. then that is **** pointless, stupid and some of the most retarded reasoning ever. seeing I haven't played it for a year, I've forgotten most of my complaints with it.. which i am happy about, I've sold the game.. actually no.. I snapped it in half when I finished it.. sorry it was **** awful.. it remains to date the only game I ever broke when finished it as I could no longer be **** with it and I didn't want it to remain in my life. I had so many more reasons to hate it, such as the character progression, the gunplay, the enemies, and how retarded they were.. EVERYTHING... I would need to ramble on for another 2500 words.. not characters. words to go in depth about everything wrong with the game.. I wish I still had my old review where I do go further in depth but I can leave you with this.. do not get this game, it's glitchy, stupid and completely **** pointless. Bioshock infinite is a rancid, disgusting piece of dog **** not as bad as the walking deads final episode.. but still pretty **** disturbing..
  83. Apr 7, 2013
    This game is utterly boring, the only upside is the voice acting.
    It's just the same 7 different enemies and the same environment all the time, people rating this a 10 have never played anything else but Tetris.
  84. May 27, 2013
    I am very disappointed. There are many thing I hate about this game. It was like a Call of Duty. I hate shooting enemies by scope. Enemies are too far, and they have rifles. I loved previous Bioshock, it didn't need to use scope, I like to shoot enemies from close range. I loved the maniac enemies who come to kill with knifes or sticks. I loved the dark, creepiness. BioShock Infinite, too many guns, bombs flying around, places are too bright. The worst thing about this game brought the story about slavery, racist, that just made the game too serious and real.

    I love shooting enemies from close range, but not zombie games, there are too many zombie games and movies. I like enemies who are maniac humans or monsters. Aliens vs. Predator 2010 was like that, but it was a bad game, too many xenomorph,they were too annoying, a player had to run away and shoot to stay alive. And I don't like xenomorph. Metro 2033 was a perfect.
  85. Sep 11, 2013
    This game is terrible. The gameplay is nowhere near as good as the first Bioshock. The story is pretty good, that is why I gave this game a 1/10, because of the story. 3 points taken away because of how repetitive the gameplay was. 3 points taken away because of the limited choices of abilities. 3 points taken away because of how disappointing the enemies were, they were not as frightening as the first game's enemies. Absolute disappointment. Overrated. People need to be honest with themselves. I will not recommend wasting your time on this game. Go on the bioshockwiki page and read the story, you'll enjoy it tenfold. Expand
  86. Sep 4, 2013
    Game sucks. Generic gameplay, boring, monotonous, pretentious... it's just all around stupid. The original Bioshock also sucked, so I guess it doesn't fail to be a proper sequel.
  87. Sep 28, 2013
    I enjoyed the first Bioshocks (and loved the original System Shock). This game... well, the best you can say is that the graphics aren't bad. They also aren't great, but, hey. Not bad. As game mechanics go, this is your classical "run to an objective, fight the same boring wave of enemies, oh, here's a boss" tripe that gets vomited out by incompetent studios all over the globe. In this case, it's so depressingly ineptly implemented, it'd be funny if it was any worse. Aiming and targeting are finicky and look artificial, enemy animations are incredibly jerky and there is no walk-bounce. Terribly in a first-person shooter, kills immersion if you linearly float through the world. The weapon and vigor system is boring and predictable, the interaction with the world is limited to picking up salt, health and money, and the story is inconsistent, full of holes and above all boring as hell. Stay away, stay far away. Expand
  88. Mar 27, 2013
    It doesn't deserve any hype this game has gotten for the past 2 years.
    The most overhyped game this year and not even close for game of the year category.
    The only good thing in this game is music and graphics not worth the 60$
  89. Apr 10, 2013
    The story starts out promising and highbrow but it turns into a bad Star Trek episode. Too much time-travelling, alternate dimensions, and rape of the space-time continuum it was impossible to relate to and I just didn't care in the end.

    Changes from previous Bioshock games to the weapons were idiotic: two-gun limit, no alternate ammunition, and weapons didn't look sexy anymore. In
    other words, they made it into a generic FPS (somehow, despite the great scenery, I felt like I had already played this game). I ended up only using only the shotgun and sniper. The Vigors were overpowered and yet I hardly ever needed to use them (but when I did, I only used Possession and Devil's Kiss). They also had the gall to take away telekinesis, contrary the trailers (the trailers depicted many things that didn't make it to the game). "Gears" were a limiting and forgettable substitute for tonics. There was a plethora of vending machines all over the place, making it too easy. The enemies as well were a joke, even in large numbers. Their AI was predictable and brainless, as they employed the "run up to the player and shoot him" strategy. Also, enemies were decapitated way too easily, either from melee or bullets. Kind of ridiculous.

    The Handyman just seemed like a tougher, cyborg-version of the Brute Splicers from Bioshock 2. The motorized patriots just had more "hit points" then rest of the bad guys. The Crows were the new Houdini Splicers, but they weren't that scary, since you could always see where they were teleporting to. And the Boys of Silence were just the equivalent to security cameras from the first games (and easy as sin to get past). The Songbird, the big looming monster that keeps coming after you, was another let-down. I didn't find him very scary in the least. This game was all about big waves of enemies. Been there done that. I need something more from Irrational.

    In Bioshock 1&2, it makes sense why the people around you are acting all crazy (constant use of plasmids plus the radical individualist, dog-eat-dog society of Rapture). In Infinite, it's never quite clear why people are so indescribably out of their minds. There isn't a chemical element to it this time just ideological reasons, and it's not quite believable. Furthermore, they never explain "Vigors," and it was unexplained why the enemies hardly ever used them, despite how Vigors seemed very accessible to the general Columbian populace (whereas, in Rapture, there was a greater sense of scarcity of Plasmids due to the economic conditions, so only those strong enough could get them).

    You can get hints about the history of the city of Columbia from scattered "nickelodeons," but they're all annoying, tedious, and worthless. There are the traditional audio diaries too, but somehow they weren't very compelling either.

    Where was that good old Bioshock horror? Nowhere to be seen. Not even a sense of acrophobia. It was incredibly hard to fall. And if you did, you are immediately "beamed back" onto a ledge for some cosmically anomalous reason. The Skylines were okay, but graphically quirky. Often, it seemed that Booker would magically pass through the rails of a Skyline in order to get in the right place to hook onto them. The player's character being a talkative type also made things less frightening. There was always a "music cue" in the soundtrack to tell you when all the enemies in the area are dead which ruined the suspense big time. Also, you would think that when they eliminated the ability for the player to save at any point in the game might have made things scarier but nope, it was just annoying.

    Elizabeth was perhaps my least favorite part in the game. Her character made no sense. She was sheltered, yet confident and street smart. Booker is a former Pinkerton agent, so you'd think he'd know how to pick locks, but instead the sheltered, corset-wearing girl does. She was way too invincible in battle, so I essentially didn't care about her. The tears seemed extraneous and they looked ugly. Her supplying you with money and ammunition periodically made things too easy. And her head was too big.

    I was looking forward to a new dramatic moral set of dilemmas that Bioshock is famous for. There were only a couple that had no impact on the story. The ending to the game, was long, boring, and completely disappointing mixed with imponderable, quasi-spiritual, sci-fi riddles that reminded one of the Matrix Revolutions.

    I believe the first Bioshock was the best video game ever made. Bioshock 2 was pretty decent as well. Bioshock Infinite failed to deliver in just about every way. The gameplay was generic and easy. The storyline convoluted and unrewarding. There was no sense of horror, no sense of romance, and no sense that anything made sense.

    Now, of course, this is just my opinion. I'm not criticizing anyone who enjoyed the game. Nay, I envy those people.
  90. Apr 3, 2013
    To start, I'm a big fan of the Bioshock series. Well I should say a big fan of Bioshock and while Bioshock 2 wasn't the best it was still a good game. While Infinite isn't a horrible game it is really a 5 or 6 at best. I just had to rate it lower to make a meager attempt to reduce some of what I hope are shills just rating it highly for the compay. The graphics were dated, no challange on the hard difficulty, all weapons and abilities were mediocre at best, storyline was a so-so and there was absolutely no ingenuity. If it hadn't been named Bioshock Infinite, reviewers would have called it a poorly done weak imitation of Bioshock 1 too many years to late and frankly i still think thats what people should say. Dishonored was 100 times the game this one was. Its worth renting if you have a day to kill but that is about it. I started to play the 1999 mode and while that is at least a little challenging, the thought or playing through with the current game mechanics and graphics another time left me too nauseous to continue. I figured it may have gotten a 7 or 8 on the boards, but I can't believe the overall praise its received. Maby the other reviewers didn't really play it or they smoked and drank too much. Expand
  91. Apr 3, 2013
    Ok, we've been had. Irrational Games lied to us for several years, feeding us pre-release "actual gameplay" videos that show abilities, powers, main (You+Elizabeth) and NPC character interaction, scale and dynamics of gameplay and maps that were great except it turns out none of that has anything to do with the game we received. Bioshock Infinite managed to receive 80 awards based on pre-release footage which is the largest rip-off in the gaming history. In addition to that actual game has horrible textures and detail level, gameplay is dumbed down, no hacking, no puzzles, it's short. As a gamer i'm insulted by what Irrational Games did and by what most critics did. Please read this, it describes in detail how we've been had:

  92. Apr 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Why is their less power-up (Vigors) options than Bioshock 2 and also less freedom to choose which gear you want compared to the tonics in Bioshock 2? I also found the story rather overly complicated and full of cliches. The guns were really nothing new and the levels were mostly empty and dead feeling. I liked the Handyman, Patriot, Fireman and Crow's from a conceptual standpoint but found the AI lacking. Also Hacking mini-game's have been completely abandoned and the sky rail system was very contrived and boring. I loved Bioshock 1 and 2 but this is a very watered down hybrid of both games set in a unique environment. The whole "religious" concept was barely explored and most of the focus quickly shifted to quantum physics and time travel which was unnecessary and over done. 1999 mode was challenging but unrewarding: no alternative ending? There were in fact NO alternative endings, another way in which the prequels were superior. after defeating 1999 mode which was basically pointless I had no other reason to play it again as the "secrets" were mostly in plain view and very uninteresting. Good luck on part 4. Expand
  93. May 10, 2013
    First off definitely not worth the price of £35. Not a patch on the original games. It is a point and shoot pure and simple. All it is, is deranged police security coming after you in droves and other enemies I have yet to encounter. The game jumps from a few minutes of welcome serenity to complete chaos with bullets and rockets flying from all directions for apparently no reason whatsoever. I have been playing it for several hours but most of that time has been spent shooting at something (and there is no way around this you have to engage the next battle to progress the game, which I cannot wait to end so that I can chuck it back on ebay). I am struggling to find anything that involves even a small amount of thought or skill. What is the sky hook thing all about? It just flings you about all over the place or this the 'skill' element of game that needs to be learned? It may just as well have been a spider man trick or a jet pack it has no relevance to the game.
    The only impressive thing about this game is the graphics and detail, but what is the point of applying all this detail to a building that isn't reachable to explore or to an object you can only admire but not do anything with??
    The creators of this game have missed the point big time. I hate it because you have to play it the way it wants you to and the outcome is always the same shoot, shoot, shoot.... Dull, Dull, Dull.
  94. May 17, 2013
    I paid $60 plus California sales tax just to beat a highly overrated game in less than seven hours. Graphics are terrible and the weapons aren't impressive... I've had this game on Craigslist for $35 for about a week and no bites yet. Worst video game purchase I've ever made.
  95. May 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. BioShock Infinite is so hard the police kills you so many times you get sick of it.
    Theres a lot sky line glitches I found out. you need to navigate every 3 seconds.
  96. Jun 4, 2013
    Um dos títulos mais overrated que já mentiram sobre meus olhos. Pessoas elogiá-lo para gráficos, pena que eu não possa vê-los através da flor, as pessoas elogiá-lo para o jogo viciante, pena que eu não possa apreciá-lo por ser forçado através de uma meia hora da cidade correndo ou entre o esconderijo obrigatório devido incapacidade de realizar medkits itens de recuperação de alimentos que foi substituída pelo sh regenerativa ield de Halo ou os idiotas decisões de design desajeitado, como alternar agachar ou a quantidade insana obrigatória de paredes invisíveis, as pessoas elogiá-lo para a história, a vergonha que há algo chamado de livros que não necessitam de cutscenes de alimentação forçada para baixo sua garganta ou áudio-logs para baixo seus ouvidos. Pelo que tenho visto até agora durante o jogo, este mais um jogo que tenta levá-lo emocionalmente envolvido e não oferece nenhum mecânica originais ou envolvente jogo-jogo, bem como da Telltale TWD que a única explicação que posso pensar por que as pessoas seria tão ingênuo, com os seus "10/10" pontuações sendo flinged como poo de um macaco com uma fralda cheia. Ter pessoas comparam isso com Half-Life com uma cara séria como eles são entregues um monte de dinheiro em vending-machines para HP & Skills ou dado habilidades regenerativas escudo em uma placa de prata (literalmente) me faz sentir mal Expand
  97. Aug 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. More like if you know what im saying....
    it's crap, boring weapons, very repetitive, ending written by a high dog about quantum worlds and ****
    because everyone knows what quantum mechanics mean, you can say al kinds of random and everyone's mind wil be ''blown''. Elizabeth seems to be ignored by al the enemies and just tosses you to make the game easier, because it's already extremely easy, you have regenerating shields just like al the modern shooters and the only threat is the boring ghost boss or the handymen who are just stupid bulletspunges. The e3 demo was a lie as well, stealth and choices aren't in the game (choices that change the game's story or gameplay). The weapon upgrades cost a ton so you will be only use the same weapons throughout the game and the upgrades are boring as hell, it's always +10 percent accurcy, damage, less recoil, you name it. People who call this game an artistic statement are just really ignorant. The game touches a lot of ''controversial'' topics, but none of them actually influence the main story. It's is just there to make an impact on people who have never read a good book because this story is Elizabeth seems to be totally shocked when you kill someone for the first time but continues to stop giving a afterwards and just throws weapons to you like it was her job.
    The graphics are rushed with a lot of blooming effects, which is cheap but i actually prefer such cartoon like graphics over realistic ones (although this game runs like even with my titan). Only if you are in to some good voice acting and some pretty enviroments this game can be worth about 10 dollars, but otherwise just stay away from it. I mean really people, how can this game with such a repetitive gameplay and cheap story be rated by some people as the best game ever.
    A huge dissapointment.
  98. May 27, 2013
    I am very disappointed. There are many thing I hate about this game. It was like a Call of Duty. I hate shooting enemies by scope. Enemies are too far, and they have rifles. I loved previous Bioshock, it didn't need to use scope, I like to shoot enemies from close range. I loved the maniac enemies who come to kill with knifes or sticks. I loved the dark, creepiness. BioShock Infinite, too many guns, bombs flying around, places are too bright. The worst thing about this game brought the story about slavery, racist, that just made the game too serious and real.

    I love shooting enemies from close range, but not zombie games, there are too many zombie games and movies. I like enemies who are maniac humans or monsters. Aliens vs. Predator 2010 was like that, but it was a bad game, too many xenomorph,they were too annoying, a player had to run away and shoot to stay alive. And I don't like xenomorph. Metro 2033 was a perfect.

Universal acclaim - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. May 27, 2013
    An instant classic that should be kept in a special place in every gamer's collection.
  2. May 11, 2013
    BioShock Infinite is a sure-fire game-of-the-year candidate, and definitely one of the standout single-player games of this generation.
  3. Apr 19, 2013
    Fuzzy-headed narrative and thematically irrelevant auxiliary mechanics make Infinite feel sloppy even when it's working. Combat increases in frequency and decreases in impact after the Hall of Heroes, so for most of its length the game sinks towards a deflated ending rather than rising towards a climax. However, that slow descent starts from a great height, so there is still much to value in Infinite even as it drowns in its own shortcomings.