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  • Summary: Bladestorm heralds a break from the tradition of basing games on Japanese and Chinese history by being set within the Hundred Years' War. This famous European conflict between the English and French provides the setting in which hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers clash on the battlefield. If you thought the massively populated battles in the Dynasty Warriors games were huge, think again. [KOEI] Expand
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  1. Positive: 8 out of 26
  2. Negative: 6 out of 26
  1. The mixture of real-time action and strategy is a joy to play, and a nice departure from what is fast becoming a stale play mechanic.
  2. A very, very good videogame: another brilliant evolution of Koei's unique interpretation of the real-time strategy genre, and every bit as satisfying as previous efforts. What it lacks in terms of the speed and immediacy of, say, Gundam Musou, it makes up for with strategic range, design ingenuity, and conceptual novelty. [JPN Import]
  3. An almost success that lacks staying power, worth checking out if you’re big into Koei’s other franchises or at the very least not put off by a lot of repetition.
  4. A strategy game that succeeds at what it's tried to do, even if it isn't that clever. [Christmas 2007, p.84]
  5. 65
    With some interesting and fun gameplay ideas, Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War is worth playing for fans of this style of game. Unfortunately, its undeniable flaws will keep it from becoming the success it could have been.
  6. Fresh ideas can't save Bladestorm from mediocrity.
  7. 40
    The majority of the environments are quite sparse, with few buildings yet plenty of fog to help hide the fact that the draw distance here isn't that spectacular. The lack of vision also doesn't help when you're traversing the grassy plains and trying to get a read on your enemy's position.

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  1. Sep 4, 2010
    These Koei games (the others being the Warriors franchises) cater to a specific audience. I rate this game about 7/10 as an overall game, however it gets a solid 10/10 for this tiny genre. The best of the Warriors style games out there, it has strong RPG style elements, allows for more upgrading, more tactics, more mission control, and more intelligent AI than any other game in the genre. For that reason, I lean towards the higher end of the scores. Expand
  2. MattN.
    Jan 19, 2008
    I don't know why this game hasn't got many good reviews. Personally, i think it's brilliant. Sure, sometimes the people you are fighting are dumb, such as not realising you're there until they're dead but it is still Very addictive. Expand
  3. Joshua
    Oct 9, 2007
    Based on demo:

    As a jaded fan of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Dynasty Warriors", and "Kessen" I wasn't too pumped to play
    "Bladestorm". I downloaded the demo while waiting for "Heroes" to come on and ended up missing "Heroes" and staying up past bedtime playing the demo. "Blade storm" is a breath of fresh air - gone is the button mashing. Instead of being a super warrior you need your troops to win combats. Command is straight forward and easy to pick up but more enjoyable once a little finesse and experience is applied - i.e. breaking a cavalry charge with a well timed broadsword swing. Of course there's the Koei micromanagment of troops and all that good stuff as well. The graphics are nice, what a Koei game should look like on the latest gen. It's really impressive to see large units of troops in combat with no lag or ugliness. I'm looking forward to picking this up. Expand
  4. Feb 6, 2014
    This was the first game I got on my 360 and boy did I give it a belting, I remember playing dynasty warriors for the first time and very rapidly becoming bored, this game rather than putting you in that same button mashing hero position in stead puts you in charge of the soldiers around you in a more strategic way.

    In the end graphics aren't great, the gameplay gets repetitive but is helped by the constant influx of new unit types, the story is pretty terrible and very slow to progress, the "strategy" side of the game requires very little strategy and the horses and elephants are massively overpowered. But all those negatives aside this game was so entertaining and so different that I just kept coming back.