Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 34
  2. Negative: 1 out of 34
  1. Anyone looking for a fun, arcade alternative to Madden should look no further, this is it. The gameplay is innovative and fun, the graphics are good for the most part, and the audio is brilliant. Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to break more bones.
  2. A gruesome and violent arcade sports game, perfect for the Xbox 360.
  3. Rib-ticklingly good fun. Not just for fans of American Fistball. [Christmas 2008, p.85]
  4. Blitz The League II is a spleen exploding, spine cracking, cleat stomping, hand snapping, testicular-bustlingly good time.
  5. Very simple controls, good tutorials and strategies that are easy to pick up. The AI doesn't ramp up the intensity like it used to in the old Blitz games which is nice as you can get a lead and keep it.
  6. However everything seems to have been improved for this year’s game, and to me if your looking for a fun light hearted football experience you really cannot beat picking up Blitz: The League II.
  7. It’s not as deep as Madden, by design; Blitz: The League II is an action game wearing pigskin, tucked inside a salacious sports soap-opera with a sick sense of humor. But ultimately, it’s the accessible gameplay that makes Blitz a pleasure — guilty as charged.
  8. Do your self a favor and at least rent this one if you love football and you may find that its really enjoyable. With the budget title price tag, many folks will probably want to pick this one up though.
  9. But grabbed by the scruff of the neck, Blitz: The League II has the tools to deliver an extreme experience that’s pretty much off the charts when compared to what else is out there. In other words, if the basics of football spliced with the raucousness of studio wrestling matches your personality type, then you can’t go wrong with Blitz: The League II.
  10. 77
    Midway has done a nice job of correcting most of the mistakes from last year's game, but the sore visuals and lack of overall polish keep this game from achieving greatness.
  11. Midway's arcade football franchise breaks all the rules, plus your arms, legs, skull, scrotum, and spleen. If that sounds like fun, it's because it is.
  12. It's readily apparent that Blitz: The League II is not a game for football purists. The use of power-ups, lack of penalties and dirty play is enough to make them cringe. However, for fans of arcade-style sports games, The League II is pretty good.
  13. If you want a game that is fast, gritty, and fun as hell to play with commentary by Madden himself (actually it's the hilarious Frank Caliendo doing his Madden impersonation) then Blitz may be that "shot in the arm" you are looking for.
  14. A substantial improvement over the original game. It’s very fun to play and although you’ll probably finish campaign mode in a day or two, there’s enough online replay value to get you through the season.
  15. If you are not obsessive about the Blitz and/or Street series, you probably won't get much out of this game. But those who are obsessive should give it a thorough testing.
  16. If you are looking for an alternative to Madden, Blitz II: The League has enough punch to make it worth the purchase. It’s not going to replace the ultra high gloss of its competitors, but it is an original take on the dark side of sporting.
  17. Blitz the League 2 takes the "No Fun" out of the "No Fun League".
  18. Overall, Blitz: The League II suffers from terrible announcers, annoying soundtracks and a boring campaign mode.
  19. The story is overblown but actually engrossing as long as you set your expectations correctly.
  20. Ironically, in trying to cram loads into Blitz: The League II, Midway has actually made it less enjoyable. The tacked-on mini-games only delay the proper action. That's not to say it's not a fun game: it's just not consistently fun. Shame.
  21. No, it won't topple EA's Madden franchise, but this Blitz is worth playing if you want a smash mouth football game with mature issues.
  22. Sadly, the lack of replay value, and plethora of better games makes this nothing more than a rental for a weekend when your local football franchise is on a bye week. There’s potential to capitalize on, but I’m not so sure even with improved gameplay if this game could ever be a day one purchase.
  23. The game controls often feel unresponsive in real-time, but using the Clash meter slows the action down and allows you to make cuts that spell the difference between torn tendons and touchdowns. If senseless violence and arcade football are your passions, Blitz is the league for you.
  24. Entertaining, ultra violent American sports without a great deal of depth. [Christmas 2008, p.73]
  25. Blitz II: The League is neither fantastic nor is it bad. The multiplayer is fun and the Campaign does offer a lot of value but the AI issues and the disappointing graphics and sound will put off most people. This won’t appeal to everyone, but if you’re looking for an alternative to the simulation of the Madden Series, you should give Blitz a try.
  26. Different and fun for gamers who seek an alternative to the typical football videogame experience. When that novelty wears away, however, what gamers are left with is a relatively shallow experience waiting to be replaced by the next new thing.
  27. While the campaign is really good fun and the brutal tackles are definitely a highlight, the graphics are really poor and the gameplay is too shallow to make a lasting impact.
  28. A fun game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Therefore, players shouldn’t take in-game action too seriously either, and if true-to-life football, play-calling, and tactics is your thing, Blitz is definitely not for you. At the most, this is an arcade intended for a good time, though the fun can tend to be short-lived.
  29. While the ability to injure the other team by ripping a guy’s helmet off and beating him with it is attractive, it comes at the expense of the core gameplay.
  30. 55
    The quintessential mediocre package. Nothing in the game – from the campaign to the online play to the extra game modes – stands out, but nothing is so bad that people starved for games (how could you be?) and like over the top football shouldn’t give it a look.
  31. Blitz: The League II unfortunately never rises above the moniker of a run-of-the-mill arcade game.
  32. Beyond the storyline, there is not one thing that is truly well executed in this game.
  33. 50
    It's that lack of respect that keeps Blitz from being a truly entertaining alternative to vanilla football. Players are one-dimensional, drugs are easy to get and use, and playing the actual game itself is more about dumb luck and freaky bounces than skill and ingenuity.
  34. A terrible football game with some good ideas surrounding it, and a marked tendency to make me wish I wasn’t playing it. If you enjoy football games, stick to Madden; Blitz is not a serious competitor, unless you enjoy getting a bit squeamish.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 10 Ratings

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  1. Sep 11, 2014
    Blitz the League II not exactly the most hyped of games but still this is my review and take on it. Basically it's over the top in your face football which isn't necessarily bad in fact commendable. The music definitely does suit the genre and at times feels badass. There's injuries all over the place and that's a key mechanic of the game. There's girls, numerous clubs, steroids (of course) . Probably the coolest part of the game is probably the injury mechanics it's really quite fun and it's a mechanic other football games explore cough, cough Madden.A big problem with Blitz the League II is that if feels almost exactly the same as the First Blitz the league. My recommendation if you're interested rent it split the cost with a friend.It's not likely though to be making a comeback at all. Full Review »
  2. Apr 13, 2011
    What started out as a serious football title before EA bought the rights to football is a fun and crazy game to pick up for anyone even if you dont like football. I really enjoyed this game alot. had alot of fun with it. The graphics are good for the year it was released. I didnt really like the story but it added a cherrr to what was already perfect in its own way. I'm hoping they will release another one. Full Review »
  3. Nov 3, 2010
    This game was designed very well and is a significant improvement over its predecessor. Unfortunately, you can tell that this was a very low budget operation. Full Review »