Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. The perfect arcade football it was on the Xbox and a perfect alternative to the professional licensed titles out there.
  2. If you haven’t played the current gen versions, then Blitz for the 360 is worth a pickup at the $39.99 price tag, but if you have played this already then the most you will get out of the game on 360 is XBL Online Leagues and Achievements.
  3. As blotchy as it is, it still remains as pure an arcade sports title as you can hope to find.
  4. Midway rounded out a decent looking, sounding, and playing game with good Blitz mechanics that will make any fan smile in delight.
  5. Even though it's basically a port with some additional features, Blitz still has addictive and intuitive gameplay that you can pick up time and time again.
  6. 75
    Xbox Live play and addictive Achievements round out the incredible gameplay and make this game a must own for anyone who enjoys some good old fashioned hard-nosed football.
  7. Blitz the League repackages a year old game for the next generation, but it's a GOOD game. Worth picking up if you don't have the original version.
  8. Blitz on the Xbox 360 is the same addictive, violent game of football that it was last year. But after a year's time, you'd hope for a bit more than a barely touched Xbox port.
  9. Fun is the bottom line here. Arcade simple, but entertaining. A.I. is unscrupulous at times.
  10. As a less in-depth alternative, to Madden, you can't really fault Blitz. It stands somewhere between the feature bloat of that immensely popular series and EA's own faux-urban NFL Street games. However, whichever way you put it, Madden still comes out on top.
  11. The single player, three-tiered campaign will keep you busy for awhile, but as always, Blitz shines best when played against someone you know - that's been the best way to make the helmets fly and pile drivers smash since its inception.
  12. A last-gen game, lazily ported over to the 360. But, on the upside, it's an extremely entertaining last-gen game that takes a different approach to its sport. [Issue 22, p.58]
  13. However, hitting the line of scrimmage with a friend on Xbox Live distills football's best elements into a tasty online brew that fans will suck down with gusto. [Dec. 2006, p.76]
  14. If you passed on the PS2 or Xbox releases last year, Blitz: The League is definitely worth a look on the 360. If you’ve played the game already, there’s not enough new here to justify a second purchase.
  15. It's just a shame that with such a great idea, it could have been twice as addictive. [Mar 2007, p.90]
  16. 70
    Blitz is no work of art. It's quirky, bizarro entertainment that grabs you like a swift kick to the testosterone sack and is best played live with guys in an M-rated atmosphere.
  17. 65
    Visually, the game is ho-hum, although the bone-breaking cutscenes are fantastic, and beating opponents with their own helmets just never gets old. The trash-talking is intact with plenty of delicious profanity. The gameplay is hilarious, but frustrating and poorly balanced.
  18. Midway ports the Blitz on the 360, but doesn't feature anything new, apart from visual improvements here and there. Get it only if you didn't already.
  19. Just another half-hearted port, albeit one that's been released at a relatively low price point.
  20. As playable as ever but too similar to the original even at a lower price tag. [Issue 18, p.94]
  21. 60
    The catch-up AI quickly turns potential blowouts into nail biting and controller slamming affairs, the loading times are still way too long, and the visuals aren't much of an upgrade.
  22. The addition of the new play styles, attitude, and story mode only enhance this great title. This is easily the best of the Blitz titles, and Midway has given fans a truly fun and entertaining football game that is not hindered by rules and penalties.
  23. While online play is acceptable, the game does have a number of unlockable achievements, but players can experience all of that over a weekend.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 11 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. DavidL.
    Mar 24, 2007
    8? I am not talking about graphics, or enhanced controls, I am talking about fun factor. As many times as I felt shafted by a defense in this game it is addicted. You keep playing it!! EA's counterpart is missing that fun factor despite the other things it has over Midway. Full Review »
  2. Andyman
    Feb 22, 2007
    The loss of the NFL license is a good thing for this series, but Midway isn't taking the idea far enough. If they'd polish the online play, and add the ability to customize everything, a full draft/trade system, and a play editor, this game would be far more fun to play than the "new year, same game" Madden series. Hopefully, Blitz sold well enough to merit a sequel with the improvements I mentioned above... but somehow I'm doubting it'll happen. Full Review »
  3. [Anonymous]
    Jan 21, 2007
    Now....there are obvious flaws in this game, but the gameplay is what truly matters and that is why I give it an 8, In order to achieve a higher rank the roster need to be able to be modified deeper, and the online needs some work. Actually....I am surprised this game is getting such low reviews. I play this way more than any Madden football game. It is over the top rightious fun. Full Review »