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  • Summary: The game which revolutionized pro football videogames is back and better than ever, starring new bad boy, Bill Romanowski, as Baltimore Bearcats linebacker Bruno Batagglia, and the return of Lawrence Taylor, as Quentin Sands. Step onto the field with more customizable options than ever before, with new cities, logos, and unlockable players which will help you to create what could be the greatest franchise in League history. Take your team online and dominate your opponents using new offensive and defensive evasion moves, or try and defeat the new all-star teams stacked with the best talent on the field. Get ready for another dramatic season of Blitz and experience The League like never before. [Midway] Expand
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  1. The perfect arcade football it was on the Xbox and a perfect alternative to the professional licensed titles out there.
  2. As blotchy as it is, it still remains as pure an arcade sports title as you can hope to find.
  3. Even though it's basically a port with some additional features, Blitz still has addictive and intuitive gameplay that you can pick up time and time again.
  4. 70
    Blitz is no work of art. It's quirky, bizarro entertainment that grabs you like a swift kick to the testosterone sack and is best played live with guys in an M-rated atmosphere.
  5. A last-gen game, lazily ported over to the 360. But, on the upside, it's an extremely entertaining last-gen game that takes a different approach to its sport. [Issue 22, p.58]
  6. If you passed on the PS2 or Xbox releases last year, Blitz: The League is definitely worth a look on the 360. If you’ve played the game already, there’s not enough new here to justify a second purchase.
  7. While online play is acceptable, the game does have a number of unlockable achievements, but players can experience all of that over a weekend.

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