Blue Dragon Xbox 360


Generally favorable reviews - based on 56 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 56
  2. Negative: 0 out of 56
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  1. 95
    Blue Dragon might not be sheer perfection, but it still delivers a truly exemplary console RPG experience by thoughtfully executing and expanding on longtime genre traditions.
  2. While Blue Dragon is clearly old school in its cartoonish art and turn-based gameplay mechanics, very distinctly different from a completely next-gen RPG-style title like Mass Effect, Blue Dragon definitely delivers something to the 360 that the original Xbox system never had enough of: an RPG so original, exciting and appealing, it will make PlayStation fans feel like they’re missing out on something important in the RPG landscape.
  3. Classic RPG gaming brought to the next gen. Sure it's no political drama, and it won't have you aggressively button-mashing, but Blue Dragon promises engaging gameplay that you'll not only want to play through once, but revisit again and again.
  4. Blue Dragon finds the perfect balance between linearity and excessive freedom - it doesn't embarrass you by holding your hand, and yet it doesn't just leave you alone crying in the supermarket. Hironobu Sakaguchi (the FF creator and Blue Dragon mastermind) is as good a parent as Shigeru Miyamoto.
  5. Where so many RPGs deliver dry experiences that adhere too closely to traditional type, Mistwalker delivers an RPG that pushes the genre in all the right directions. With supreme technical qualities and gameplay to match, it’s little wonder that Blue Dragon has revived the 360 in Japan. [JPN Import]
  6. Play Magazine
    If the market allows giant-budget RPGs in the "Final Fantasy VII" mold to continue to be made(and there is some doubt as to that), they're going to look and feel a lot like this game...and for that reason alone, Blue Dragon is an absolute must-play. [JPN Import; Feb 2007, p.74]
  7. games(TM)
    It does as much as "Final Fantasy XII" to inspire hope that RPG developers are now beginning to look forward. In this instance, looking ahead results in a slightly more linear experience than some hardened role-playing game fans may appreciate. [Feb 2007, p.116]
  8. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Enormous, intelligent, wily - a true dragon. [Sept 2007, p.98]
  9. Mistwalker and Artoon have developed something special with Blue Dragon and the end result should appeal to both Hardcore RPG fans and fresh faced adventurers.
  10. From its astounding visuals to the constantly compelling gameplay, this experience will make role-playing veterans recall the good old days, and give newcomers the opportunity to start creating some memories.
  11. 90
    Other than that, you've got the first definitive RPG from Japan that shows what the 360 can do and it's just the start - there are more to come.
  12. 90
    This is the RPG that fans have been waiting for! If you love the Final Fantasy brand, but don’t own a Playstation system then this one is for you.
  13. 90
    This is a game meant to be enjoyed, not induce frustration.
  14. It's a new world, new story, and new characters, but it feels like an old friend.
  15. Blue Dragon's light-hearted charm and role-playing goodness fills a lacking aspect of the Xbox 360's lineup. [JPN Import]
  16. I hope this sells like hotcakes because I would love to see Mistwalker and Artoon deliver a sequel and continue on the series.
  17. As perfectly as it nails the traditional, linear turn-based approach and draws you in before opening up, the only real giant leap it makes for the RPG genre is by being easily the finest Japanese example to so far grace the Xbox 360. Traditionalists, however, will simply love it.
  18. Games Master UK
    A mostly old-school adventuring format, swanked up in a manner worthy of Xbox 360. [Sept 2007, p.74]
  19. Blue Dragon definitely has the pedigree and quality to appeal to RPG gamers, however long they've been putting the hours in over the years, with enough peculiar touches to keep the old hands engrossed, even if it won't be the best they've ever had.
  20. A solid battle system is flanked hour after hour by attention-grabbing cutscenes and cinematics. Fun to watch, fun to play.
  21. Blue Dragon is a wild ride that has a lot of character and plot development over a wide range of environments. For those who like the traditional aspects of RPG’s like levelling up, turn-based combat and long winded dialog phases then Blue Dragon will not disappoint.
  22. Pelit (Finland)
    Blue Dragon is done by the book, even too much so. The game faithfully reproduces all the love-and-hate clichés of Japanese RPG's. It is like a Hollywood remake of a classic Japanese movie. In short, it lacks character. [Sept 2007]
  23. There is nothing too original here to set it apart from other J-RPGs but the simple fact that there are slim to none other option on the Xbox 360 I can only recommend this game to fans of the genre.
  24. A great RPG for a next-gen system. It doesn't earn a perfect score because every element of Blue Dragon has been done time and time again.
  25. Blue Dragon is wading into a difficult market; any veteran Japanese RPG player will feel like they've seen and done it all before – better too – while newcomers will likely be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of what is on offer.
  26. The system of building up your shadows' powers is also irresistible. But the game does lag in pacing when it comes to exploration and battle; a touch more evolution might have launched this from extremely good to indispensable.
  27. 80
    Without question, it's one of the longest games available on the 360, clocking in at roughly 60 hours depending on how quickly you blaze through it. For huge anime/JRPG geeks like us, Blue Dragon is a fantastic game as long as you can make it through the first few plodding hours and don't mind the hyper-cute character design.
  28. More of a solid foundation than a groundbreaking game, Blue Dragon still offers plenty to do. Here's hoping for a bit more punch to the sequel.
  29. When it comes to battling, the possibilities of engaging in combat provide an interesting dynamic.
  30. All in all then, if you love the premise, you'll love the game - assuming you have the stamina to have a fair whack at it. If you don't like what the game represents, you'll be wondering why you've bought what appears to be a stuttering interactive cartoon and probably be put off RPGs for life.
  31. AceGamez
    While it's undoubtedly one of the best looking and most consistently polished and flawlessly constructed games I've ever come across, with masses to discover and a very nifty class and skills system, its many neat touches and features can't hide the fact that it's a very straightforward old-school RPG, whose repetitive action can get tiresome and whose cutesy graphics will fail to inspire, or even impress, some people.
  32. 79
    The pacing through the first half of the game is far too slow to stay engaging for all but the hardcore JRPG fan and the story is not nearly as epic as the multiple disc, 50+ hour game implies.
  33. 77
    Overall, Blue Dragon offers an above average, traditional RPG, though only the superb gameplay puts it over the mark of the uninspired and average.
  34. Official Xbox Magazine
    A very lengthy, beautifully wrought, and next-gen 1998, but 1998 nonetheless. [Oct 2007, p.82]
  35. While it's not the next-gen opus fans have been waiting for since Sakaguchi's departure from Square in 2003, Blue Dragon is a familiar, accessible, and comfortable game with outstanding production values.
  36. Hardcore Gamer
    In an era where games are getting even-shorter, Blue Dragon is a staggeringly 16-bit, grind-happy title. [Oct 2007, p.53]
  37. 75
    Got an Xbox 360? Want a Japanese RPG? Not expecting a revelation? Then Blue Dragon has something for you.
  38. Its biggest issue is that it just drags on for too long without giving you anything to strive for, 3 DVDs worth of dragging on to be exact.
  39. There’s more than enough story, combat, and customization to keep you Blue Dragon for a long, long time; the game stretches out over three discs, an impressive enough feat back in the days of the PlayStation, but truly staggering on the 360.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 165 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 43
  2. Negative: 6 out of 43
  1. Mal
    Mar 8, 2009
    No idea where the bad reviews and hatred come from, this is a great RPG. It's heavy on the grind at times, and the 'searchNo idea where the bad reviews and hatred come from, this is a great RPG. It's heavy on the grind at times, and the 'search everything' parts are tedious, but the battle system is great and the story is fine. Don't listen to the haters, this is a must buy for RPG fans who own a 360. Full Review »
  2. Nov 24, 2015
    Blue Dragon has some heavy players behind it and was supposed to be the game that will sell Xbox in Japan, and even if it didn't work out forBlue Dragon has some heavy players behind it and was supposed to be the game that will sell Xbox in Japan, and even if it didn't work out for Microsoft it is not , by all mean the fault of the game.

    In fact the game is pretty good with a turned based system very classic but a class system that carries some innovation : every shadow can learn several classes, even all of them once level 50, and the more you play with one class the more skills related to this class you will unlock so you have to mix your class well to have a balance group with all the basic abilities covered (tank, healer, damage dealer, etc..), and well like most J-RPG the need to farm can be a little annoying but honestly the game is fairly easy and you don't have to reach the higher levels (99) to finish the game at all, but if you want all the achievements then take it into account.

    The world is very well designed and for a 2007 game it's beautiful, the cell-shading never gets old I guess; the chara design is excellent even if some enemies are the same with different colors, it's quite common in videogames. The game is technically flawless and works without any issues.

    Now concerning the story, I liked the general story, the universe is well written but the main characters were so annoying I wish I could slap them, and I'm not saying that because the story is child-friendly (Inside Out, Ratchet & Clank, Toys Story, etc. are also child friendly and yet I loved the characters in it) the dialogue are just too stupid and the actors too bad to make us care about them. Finnally the game will last about 50 hours to finish its main story (there is almost 0 side quest so don't expect more than 10 hours to finish them).

    All in all Blue Dragon is a good game that carries some default most link to its genre, a genre that has little competition on the console and so it must definitely be one of the first pick up for the ones loving J-RPG and owning a 360.
    Full Review »
  3. Jan
    May 3, 2008
    This game is difficult to rate because it was clearly made for small children. Anyways it somehow is a 360 core gamer game and me who got This game is difficult to rate because it was clearly made for small children. Anyways it somehow is a 360 core gamer game and me who got bored so: The first boss in this game is generally threated as the hardest enemy you will find during the storyline. I agree on this and sadly have to add the fact that i didn't even have to use one single heal spell, smart strategy or item during this fight. This beeing said, imagine this game only getting even easier during progress. So you make your way through the embarrassing storyline, dealing with the embarrassing char design and storytelling, hoping that the game gets better until it is over. Waste of time, about 150 Gamerscore, a negative review at metascore, one more Blue Dragon on ebay and thats about it. 3 out of 10 from me. Full Review »