Mixed or average reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 18
  2. Negative: 5 out of 18
  1. This title is perfect for gamers of the younger generation. With charm and nice features, the game is a good example for a film-adaption. For more experienced gamers, Bolt is not a must have, but is fun, too.
  2. Bolt should be a definite addition to your videogame library, especially if you want to keep those younger kids entertained with some typical Disney fare.
  3. As a final verdict, I'd recommend Bolt for anyone old or young who liked the movie and enjoys platform-style adventure games with a healthy mix of fighting.
  4. For anyone who has enjoyed recent Disney titles such as Wall-E or other platform games like the recent LEGO Batman, Bolt is just as fun, putting new spins and different functions to otherwise standard platform tasks.
  5. 72
    Even with its rickety presentation Bolt is a highly entertaining and truly enjoyable experience that fans of the movie will enjoy.
  6. Bolt borrows characters from the movie, the entire game story is rooted in the TV show premise of the film, which sadly also means that Rhino, the hamster that stole the show in the theaters, only appears for the prologue and epilogue of the game, since the game you are playing is actually the Bolt marathon he is watching on TV.
  7. Repetition can be an issue, despite the brief five-hour campaign, but Bolt remains a pretty entertaining adaptation of the Disney flick of the same name, and one that might surprise some older gamers. [Holiday 2008, p.74]
  8. Bolt is an action platformer that benefits from its super ambitions, even if it doesn't completely live up to them.
  9. Differentiating between Penny and Bolt in terms of gameplay and control, the game has enough entertainment value to provide children.
  10. Eventually, Bolt uses up its charm and can slip into repetition. there are a few attempts to mix things up at the climax which produce mixed results, but there's a fair chance that even young players will lose interest before the denouement. With that said, Bolt is a more than serviceable movie tie-in.
  11. Those minigame levels are the most fun you’ll have with Bolt. The rest of the game is a buggy mess, full of bad framerates and full-on game crashes at times.
  12. 51
    A few good ideas went into Bolt but the execution is all wrong. Playing as Bolt is both annoying and repetitious and Penny's stealth sections are pointless because of her ability to take down enemies with a single QTE.
  13. Disney's Bolt is an utterly generic game, which suffers the unforgivable sin of being too difficult for a young audience. Children and adults alike are encouraged to play something else.
  14. Any redeeming features are soon bludgeoned into oblivion by the relentless tedium of Bolt's combat. [Apr 2009, p.88]
  15. Disney should've given Bolt's right-hand hamster Rhino his own game instead of shoving this one through the doggy door.
  16. There are much better games out there for the same audience. [Issue#44, p.84]
  17. 30
    A humorous ensemble film about self-discovery turns into an unoriginal two-character action game with nothing to say in Bolt, Disney's competent but uninspired adaptation of the new toon. All but erased are the film's comedy, its best supporting characters -- and even the titular canine's ability to talk.
  18. We'd rather be hit by lightning than play Bolt. [May 2009, p.95]

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