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  1. May 19, 2013
    Making the most of Krieg requires more situational awareness than other Borderlands 2 characters. Between watching your health and cooldowns in your UI while dealing melee kills in crowds, there’s a lot to handle. What you do get out of Krieg is a palatable rush regardless of how often you die, and at least dying gives you the chance of taking enemies with you.
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  1. Aug 9, 2013
    Krieg is one of the most strategic character you can get out of Borderlands 2. Krieg features a new design of a skill that can easily get you killed if you aren't smart at using it (like me). Overall the new character is awesome with him screaming bloody murder as you smash an enemies face in or when you are throwing dynamite at enemies for the second winds. I have only done a single play-through so far and also a let's play of a single play-through with a friend and we both were good at just using Krieg and the mechromancer's skills together. There were times where i started the skill and instantly died upon using the skill so when i got a second wind i had to wait a few minutes (without the skill that recharged faster as i took damage) so it was really annoying. I rate this an 8/10 because its a very good character with very small drawbacks. Aside the dying instantly on the skill use and also having taken burn damage to deal burn damage Krieg is a new and very fun to play as character. Full Review »