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  1. May 10, 2011
    Brink is a solid mix of TF2 and Killzone and with it, it's something to enjoy. The game already has been patched on 360 which also voids some of the reviews, since many of the review complain about game problems that have been fixed. Story wise, their isn't much there and it's not something you will get focused on. But when we live in the COD generation where a lot of people jump right into multiplayer and skip the single player all together, you'll find little to complain about.

    The menu system is well designed and customizing your characters is a rewarding experience. Once you unlock a lot of different outfits you'll find yourself just sitting in the character room trying to make your own perfect unique guy. The computer AI isn't amazing, but it's not the worse out there. The main flaw is that since this game is based on objectives, it can be a pain to get the computer to do something. You might end up with a team of 5 medics when you just need an engineer to crack a safe. This can be frustrating as you might have to switch over and just do it yourself. The core of this game though is multiplayer and thats where it's the most fun. While I only managed to get online with a handful of people, it defiantly changes the game up a lot more . Each class also ends up with a more unique role during a multiplayer session too, in a nut shell this game is just dying for competitive gaming. Their are some downsides I have found to Brink. First off, the level cap is 20 which can be achieved very easily. So far I am about 8 hours in and I've just dinged 10. Maxing out a level in a couple of days can lead to a disappointment, this game definitely needs a higher cap. The other thing that might get some people is theirs only a handful of levels in the game. While each level is pretty fun and has different ways to approach objectives, their is a point where they could get tiresome. Luckily, with the introduction of the SMART system, the gameplay in Brink is so fast paced that you rarely feel like the game is repetitive or boring. Something is always happening and someone is always shooting. The last two things that bother me aren't too big but for some people could potentially be a turn off. When a match finishes, theirs no actual way to see how many kills/deaths you had in that match. Also, their is no option for subtitles in the game which is slightly annoying for those who want to turn down the AI voice volume as they do talk A LOT during rounds. Overall, I feel Brink is a new and fresh game in the FPS market and is definitely something worth trying for those that get bored of the typical FPS stereotype of COD and Battlefield. But I will say this, Brink is a love or hate game. You're going to play it with a big smile on your face the whole time or you're going to take it right back. Myself, I have been smiling the whole time and can't wait to get back into the Ark world.
  2. May 10, 2011
    Strategy Informer's reviewer is a liar. There is no 40 minute tutorial video at the beginning, it's like not even 10 minutes long.

    This is a cool game, definitely something different. Not like other FPS games on the market.
  3. May 10, 2011
    Brink is a multiplayer game first and foremost. The single player aspect is there only as a sort of training mode, however a number of the larger review sites fail to point this out and instead give Brink negative marks for a lackluster single player campaign.

    A classic, much-loved game Starsiege: Tribes had a nearly non-existent "single player" mode that consisted of bots that ran only
    in straight lines and could not use their jetpacks, yet the game's multiplayer experience was amazing and stood the test of time. Judging Tribes based on its single player mode would not have been fair, and the same is true for Brink...yet a small number of large review sites released their negative reviews before the reviews could have possibly had any online community multiplayer experience.

    Don't buy Brink if you are looking for a single player FPS campaign to play through. However, the graphics and level designs are amazing, and the smart movement system adds a new, skill-based game mechanic to FPS games that can only really be appreciated after spending a few hours getting used to online multiplayer games (map awareness and position understanding are key and do require some time to learn as any skill based game should). Class skills, objectives, and rewards all work to make Brink a fun team-based game.
  4. May 10, 2011
    I love this game so far. It's NOT Call of Duty, and you have to work WITH your team in order to succeed. Once you realize that you're not going to dominate based on your K/D ratio, then you'll have a much better time accepting Brink.
  5. May 10, 2011
    If you enjoy team based multiplayer games that actually involved intricate teamwork than Brink is the game for you. It may take a while to get used to but once you do its one of the most addictive games you can play. The objectives are fun to achieve and the map designs are great. The graphics are pretty good but not the games strongest point but the art style is very nice. As for the sound there are currently a few bugs but these will be fixed soon hopefully. Otherwise the sound effects of the weapons are spot on and really beat most current FPS games. Gameplay is whats important and that's all that really matters its a really fun game. Expand
  6. May 10, 2011
    brink is a very entertaining game that transforms the FPS game style, with attributes like the SMART system and heavy character customization. I would suggest it to you and even if you believe the bad reviews try it yourself .
  7. May 10, 2011
    From the Minute I stepped into Brink and created my character, I knew I was playing something different than the oft mentioned Battlefield, Call of Duty and Halo. I was transported into an environment that was unique and extremely cool in a stylistic manner. I found the introduction of movement unhampered by canned animation refreshing and the reliance on tactics and skill a welcome relief. The objective basis of Brink brings a fresh dynamic that allows numerous strategies and direction. This game is not meant to be populated by one type of player, but is made for a diversity of needs and desires. This is where the game excels. It allows me to get my Secret Operative on, who gathers information and infiltrates the enemy lines or be the engineer, changing the flow of battle and the landscape. I can run and gun as a soldier or be the man that everyone wants in their corner, the medic. In addition, I loved the storyline and plot. The two sides of the coins are demonstrated well in the cutscenes. Even more depth is giving to the story by the actual environment and information picked up around the way. The bots were not great by any mean, but I am not playing for the bots, I am playing for the MINGLEPLAYER. The ability to run through the game with others and still complete the campaign. Occasionally running through the regular campaign and finding myself facing real players on the other factions makes the unpredictability increase 10 fold. I personally decided to forego the use of S.M.A.R.T. (Smooth movement across randomized terrain) and manually mantle and slide through the environments. The shock to the opposing faction when I come sliding through a staircase or piping system and kicking an opposing player is unparalleled. There is a constant tension about where someone can approach... from above? Below? Behind ME? MY TEAMMATE!!!!.... I absolutely love it. This game has met and exceeded my expectations with the ease of dropping in and out of games, creating FIRETEAMS when I want to play with my friends and providing me and atmosphere unlike anything I have played. Oh yeah, I love the sound system. You can literally tell what is occurring around the corner by the sounds.... footsteps and grenades and weapons all have distinct sounds that make playing superbly immersive. I could go on and on, but I think I will stop here. Expand
  8. May 10, 2011
    Brink is a SOLID team objective based multiplayer game. Don't be expecting a SP campaign like COD, because you're not going to get it and you shouldnt even be expecting that. It DELIVERS on EVERYTHING it promised. It takes more than a quick 2 or 3 game session to realize this. I played it after the midnight release, had my reservations, but played again this morning with REAL human players and its AWESOME. The bots DO get smarter as you level up so I was glad they were so "stupid" in the beginning when I was getting my bearings. There's a learning curve, this is not some pick up and play. if you complete all the challenges and watch the videos first before diving in, it not only gives you critical weapon upgrades but also gets you up to speed on what is needed. Reading all those negative reviews may make you think like you just wasted $60 on that pre-order but I promise you won't be disappointed. I've followed Brink since 3 months ago, and I am not the least bit disappointed. I loved Bad Company 2 and that was the reason why I even considered Brink. The parkour abilities are out of this world, and change up how you even THINK about moving and dodging attacks. The bad reviews come from people expecting it to be something different. You have to judge it for what its intended for. Because with the same eye as the development team on their reasons for making things the way they are, you'll have nothing but appreciation for all the little details and tweaks to the gameplay that other FPS have NOTHING on. If you love team-based shooters (and I dont mean Black Ops or Modern Warefare) you'll love this game. You'll be frustrated for the first 20-30 minutes as you figure out how the game works, but once you figure out how it all works... you'll be flying around the map and strategizing with your HUMAN players and just tearing it up.

    The BOTS are GREAT at DEFENSE... they know how to flank, bunker down, and just keep you back. On offense, they're a little slower and have more of a support role, so its a difference of priorities. But still, its nothing I didn't expect. In fact I'm VERY impressed with the BOTS. Just now, I'm at level 8, and these guys are pulling crazy stunts to keep me from doing the objectives. I just had a great game where we had to hack a console to win. The human players and bots bunkered down and flanked... we were screwed. Brute force thru the front entrance wasn't going to cut it. I told my other HUMAN teammate to be an engineer and set up a turret and man a machine gun, providing me cover fire so I can sneak thru with my operative class and go for the objective. It took a few tries but it WORKED... and the feeling was nothing short of just immense accomplishment. THIS is what you'll never get out of Black Ops or the other FPS games... only in games like these. I love it, and I'll be playing this for a while. Give it a shot. In fact, give it like two days of playing. Go thru the tutorials and go thru the challenges. LEARN the game before you pass judgement. You won't be disappointed.
  9. May 10, 2011
    Team-based, fluid and innovative FPS, not a CoD killer, because that's not what it's wanting to be, generally people who don't like this game most likely play CoD.
    If you want something new and fresh, get it.
  10. May 10, 2011
    So far the games seems to be a refreshing change from the mindless deathmatches and lone wolf style FPS. While I realize that many gamers won't like having to play as a true team, those of us tactical thinkers should really enjoy this game.
  11. May 10, 2011
    Have to give it a 10. It's pretty much a straight rip off of Team Fortress 2, but with a little mirrors edge thrown in. Its refreshing to see the exaggerated characters and bright colors in contrast with all the realistic shooters companies have been spitting out lately. The AIs aren't quite as smart as they should, but that only challenges players to not suck themselves. Can't comment much on the online play as the servers are crap at the moment. I won't drop any score for servers as this is a common issue at the launch of a game. The story is short, but who cares. Why are people playing shooters for the story anyway, the point of the game is to blow people away, do we really need a reason why? The last comment I have is on the low level caps. 20 is really low and can be reached farely quick. Wow! I maxed my character what do I do know? Create a new one and play a different way. Or just kick some ass with your max level engineer. "You like shoot? You play Brink!" Expand
  12. May 10, 2011
    Great amazing game the people who reviewed this badly are mainly complaining about the story, but most fps games have a crap story and the jultiplayer and customization is ama-a-azing beyond words!
  13. May 11, 2011
    Great game. if you are bored of the typical COD/Halo fare and want an experience where teamwork is truly critical to success, then pick this up.

    It's unfortunate that so many seem to have expectations which are not aligned with the intent or design, but I would say that the various promotional materials released do capture what this game is about. One big benefit is that as a safe
    generalization, many of the player types who are criticizing this game are exactly the people I stopped playing COD and Halo to get away from. :) Expand
  14. May 10, 2011
    Looks like the publisher failed secure enough banner ads on many of the gaming websites.
    Brink is a blast and should be appreciated for what it is. Game reviewers cry all day about wanting a shooter to do something different and then cry when one actually does. Yet they continue to support and give high scores to the regurgitated Call of Duty series. Game reviewers are driven by
    advertising dollars and exclusive rights. Expand
  15. May 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I will rate it 10 simple because its sometime fresh in the FPS genre, and its the most fun multiplayer game i´ve played since the old TFC, so its great. Expand
  16. May 11, 2011
    Alright, let's get the elephant out of the room. Yes, the single player is lacking, but who gives a flying..... This was never a game that was meant to be single player! The multiplayer is absolutely superb. It is incredibly in depth, imaginative, with a steep learning curve, and the maps are well thought out, the missions are unique, and the teamwork required to complete objectives is refreshing. Anyone tired of the brainless Call of Duty will find Brink a refreshing, SMART form of similar entertainment. Expand
  17. May 10, 2011
    If your expecting a class based/balanced team based shooter with emphasis on custimazation and movement then you will be satisfied with this game. if your expecting team fortress 2 with parkour then you will be disappointed. any bad complaint you can make about this game is outwayed by the fantastic maps , smooth movement , excellent character design , fun coop, great sound quality , and balance. THIS GAME ISNT FOR EVERYONE. you cant just jump in like its cowadooty. if you try to cooperate and learn everytjhing correctly you will enjoy the game more Expand
  18. May 11, 2011
    Its Finally here!!! not Brink... A UNIQUE FPS!!!!! We have been waiting for years now to get a solid FPS and Splash Damage has finally delivered. First off I want to say NOT to give in to the negative reviews. This game is superb beyond measure. IGN gave this game a 6/10 and that is absolutely preposterous, this game has so little flaws that they were just being extremely nit-picky. I mean come on IGN took off points for repetition!? Im going to assume that you have played Call of Duty and Gears of War(i like gears of war, just not so much the multiplayer, its decent but just not my thing) these games have some of the most repetitive muliplayer in the genre, (not FPS, but shooter in general) especially CoD. No where in Brink did I ever feel backed into a corner where i had no options but to camp in the nearest corner and hop i dont die. The majority of the structures in Brink are climbable and the feeling of effortlessly gliding through and over obstacles is something that is just amazing to do. This game feels like Mirrors Edge, Killzone 3, TF2 and a slight mix of Battlefield all combined into one AMAZING package. The visuals are almost Jaw-Dropping, the art style works amazingly well in this game, the character customization leaves MILLIONS of possible combination's for your characters and not one character will ever look the same, EVER. The Gun customization is where my jaw officially hit the floor. Instead of taking the easy way out and just telling you what attachments you have and showing your character holding the "customized" gun *cough* Call of Duty *cough*. They give you an incredibly detailed, 3D, fully rotatable model of the gun that you can manipulate in any direction to give you a true feeling of the gun you will be holding. All guns in this game also have a degree of recoil that only kicks in once you fire the gun for a little over a second, but this is no big issue and all attachments have some affect over your gun besides the obvious. For example you can give your SMG a barrel magazine so you can hold like 3x as many bullets in your clip, BUT because of the weight of the magazine it give the gun slightly less stability. This keeps the game EXTREMELY balanced and nobody ever feels like they are overpowered, you choose what gun you like, customize it and you will get a feel for what range you are effective at. Alright lets move on to campaign, the campaign is very well done if you pay attention to the cut-scenes that are Beautifully rendered and look amazing then you will not be lost. I will give a very brief summary *Slight Spoilers* Basically the story revolves around, The Ark a floating city built by man to be a self sustaining, Green, and Eco-Friendly environment to symbolize the good that man can do. But as the situation with the world kept getting worse eventually Global Warming hit and the Oceans rose. This made their floating city a refuge for survivors. The city however could not sustain the number of people on the Ark so the constructed another section which was basically a Slum for the rest of the survivors. To keep the Ark working the Security started initiating water, and food rations making most of the Slums starve. The Slums appealed to the Founders the Arks creators but they refused and tightened the Security of the Ark. The Resistance then formed under the leadership of Brother Chen and now fights a Civil War against the Founders and The Ark Security that protects them. So will you save the Ark or Destroy it? Ok so thats the basic story, You get the option at the beginning to choose your side each with a different campaign and two What-If scenarios where each side takes more...drastic measure to ensure survival. Now on to multiplayer; Brink has some very balanced multiplayer, there are some lag issues here and there but the game will reconnect to a new host often so the lag will fix itself. Like i said earlier no gun feels to over powered so that's not the issue in this game, that i feel some people have. I feel that some people including my friends were hesitant because they assumed that everyone would be a Heavy and rock the field, well let me put that to rest because it is far from the Truth. The three classes Light, Medium and heavy can all climb various heights and move at set speeds. Lights are the most maneuverable with the least health, Mediums are well... standard soldiers. and the Heavy is a walking tank that can only climb over smaller obstacles and can wield launchers and mini-guns. But each class has weaknesses, in movement speed and health so its up too you to tailor your character to your play style and you'll see what i mean. Lastly really quick, like Bullseye76 bellow me said, if you try to play the game like a basic FPS you will get rocked so play the challenge rooms to get a feel for the game and you will realize that this is no standard FPS. Brink is a must buy game that is a serious wake-up call to developers about the new age of the FPS Expand
  19. May 12, 2011
    If you play Brink like your standard old shooter it may be around a 5 or 6 but once you start to get used to the controls, mechanics and get a few levels under your belt it it turns into a solid 9. Brink is not like anything else you can buy at the moment and provide a very refreshing change to the standard FPS formula.
  20. May 10, 2011
    I got to give it to splash damage on this one, the game play is very good how ever the grfx are not as good as they could be. But the game does have a very urgent feel to it like you must get to and complete that objective, the weapons are pretty balanced and nothing seems to over powered. there is no story as in other games per-say just mission briefings and then the mission the cuts seances are well done and gives you the info you need to carry onto the next mission. Mp is a blast, the escort mission are nerve racking and rewarding. all in all a 9/10 Expand
  21. May 10, 2011
    This game is great, do not let IGN fool you cause you cant spell ignorant without IGN. This game is a lot like Left 4 dead in that its has no real story line but has an EXTREMELY FUN multiplayer and the bugs with network problems making a almost perfect online shooter to play with you're friends
  22. May 10, 2011
    I have been playing the game for 2 days no, and it is absolutely revetting! I love the art style and it is quite refreshing to be able to change through so many classes and complete objectives not just by killing others.
  23. May 11, 2011
    I've been playing for a couple of days now on Xbox and can say that it is more like M.A.G., Battlefield Badcompany 2 and Crysis 2 then Call of Duty or Halo.Similar to M.A.G. because you will need team work to win. Bad Company 2 because it is squad based and teams who communicate WILL Crysis 2 because your character is SUPER mobile. It does take getting used to as most FPS do. For example how many of you have prestiged in COD then went on to play Battlefield. Game feels completely different doesn't it. Same here. Once you become accustomed to the movement and the objective system, you WILL realize the game is fast paced and very strategic. The choke points that most reviewers say are in the game become a non-issue when using parkour movement to get around it, FLANK your enemy and who knows, kill em, hack their turrets, or just spot for your squad mates. All of a sudden your getting experience points for doing things other then killing your enemies so you can receive perks and customization options. The game is definitely designed for teams, a Lone wolf will be able to succeed but it is alot more difficult to do so since you will HAVE TO fall-back many times to heal up or ammo up. As a fan of FPS and innovation in FPS I will say it is something to get and keep. Look beyond what you think an FPS should be and you will have a good time. Expand
  24. May 14, 2011
    I bought Brink for Xbox, and so far, this game is awesome. It takes place on The Ark, the last bastion of humanity known on earth, with two sides fighting either to save, or escape it. The first thing you do is make your own character using Brink's robust character maker. They have it so that it's almost impossible to have the same exact character as someone else. The graphics in Brink are gorgeous. They seem like a mix of Borderlands and Battlefield. The main hook of the game, the SMART system, lets you move freely through the environment, almost like Mirrors Edge, and you just have to hold one button down to use it. In Brink there are three body types. Light, which lets you move quickly over, under and around the environment, but only lets you use SMGs. Medium, where you can't go everywhere that light can, and you get access to ARs and SMGs. And Heavy, which only lets you jump over waist high walls, but lets you use ARs and miniguns, and have the most health. One of the many cool things they did is made it so you have to do certain challenges to unlock new weapons and attachments. So a lvl 10 who didn't do any challenges wouldn't have the cool guns and attachments that a lvl 1 that did every challenge would, which adds to the games overall balance. there are four classes in the game, and you can change freely between them throughout a match. You'll have to in order to complete the many objectives offered throughout the matches. Solders, which give out ammo, can throw Molotov **** and can set demolition charges. Engineers, who can place mines and turrets, defuse the solders bombs and other engineers mines, and buff their teams weapons, giving them more damage. Medics, who heal and revive people. And Operatives, who act as the games spy's, and can disguise as an enemy player (but isn't able to shoot while disguised), hack the enemy's comms (which gives your teams a UAV) and hack into enemy intel. Your guns don't change when you switch classes, but your abilities (that you "pay for" with currency that you unlock while leveling up) do. Speaking of guns, there is a huge variety. The main differences are sacrifices to damage for accuracy or the other way around, but each handles in their own different way, (like, how much recoil, range, etc.) which is cool, because I'm used to the monotony of COD and Halo. Also, once you've completed your fair share of challenges, you get access to awesome attachments, from drum magazines (which about triple how much ammo you have in a clip) or one of the many sights. Even when you reach the relatively low level cap of 20, you can make a new character, with which you can you can basically start over (like the prestige system of COD) and use new abilities or try new weapons or tactics. The single player chapters are the multi-player maps. So, you could play through the whole story online, with other people playing instead of bots. (which you might want to do because the bots are brain-dead) The only downside I've found so far is that in a few online matches, I've experienced MAJOR lag, but backing out and finding a new match is quick and easy in this game, so lag is never too big of a problem. All and all, Brink is a new kind of FPS, making you abandon the conventions of old, and embrace the fast paced, beautiful, and inventive ones that Brink presents. Expand
  25. May 15, 2011
    due to all mixed reviews nearly never bought so pleased i did low on content however a unbelievable tacticial game is hidden away if u persivier free dlc june new maps and additional content keep it coming splash damage mint ps we need high level cap 50 say
  26. May 15, 2011
    The character customization and class abilities/design are really well balanced and great, I personally really like the stylized and interesting architecture and design of the gameplay world and characters. There is an overwhelming amount of customization and I love the guns too. The way you can choose between a heavy, light and medium characters is really great, and it is coming out with a FREE dlc that will be adding more maps, more guns and more awesomely fun gameplay. I feel really bad about how the initial problems with lag have given so many people a negative view of this game, but the lag has been fixed with me and I have had no trouble at all. IMO this is a great game and it will only get better. Expand
  27. May 10, 2011
    The game is an excellent team-based shooter, if you're coming from Call of Duty, there will be a learning curve. The graphics are interesting and helps differentiate the game from other shooters on a FPS flooded video game market. The multiplayer is a blast to play and is objective-based so you're not just running around killing people trying to get your k/d up, this as I've said previously is about team-work first and foremost. Overall the gameplay is solid, the controls are tight, the graphics are unique, the multiplayer is addicting, and the game is truly different from anything console players have ever experienced. Expand
  28. May 10, 2011
    Brink is a very fun 1st person shooter by splash damage. Unlike to some peoples thoughts I actually really liked the guns. Just sayin.
    You jump into it and immediately choose which side you will fight for. You jump into character customization and you get to chose face, voice, etc. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that you can only use the medium body type right away, but
    The campaign is a bit confusing, I thought it was a normal single player but you actually are with a team and no not like a halo team where you are basically a lone wolf but you have to use the team to your advantage. The AI is not the best though. And I only found that it was the team AI. The enemy AI is quite smart and acts very human like. The prominent example of this is when I was trying to hack a safe. I expected the AI to guard me and make sure I didn't die. THEY ALL RAN AWAY AND LEFT ME FOR DEAD! They then all came back with two more operatives and helped me. Besides those couple of problems I loved this game
    Definatley worth the two mile run
  29. May 10, 2011
    I was pretty blown away by this game. There was a good amount of hype for it, and then a load of bad reviews. I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I actually got a chance to play I had a blast. The AI is full blown stupid admittedly, but the online play is really fun. Throw in a patch from splash damage to fix some minor issues and this game will be a major contender.
  30. May 10, 2011
    First things first, ignore all the reviews from people who say that this game is bad. Yes there is minor bugs with audio and a internet hosting issue on the xbox but that will be fixed. Now with that being said this game is a completely different concept of a game from Call of duty and Halo and pretty much any FPS out there. This game is meant to be strictly a team game and for people to work together. It is very similar to team fortress which was an amazing game. The only thing that will make you bored of this game is repetitive multiplayer matches over and over. And that's with all games really over time. That's the multiplayer perspective of the game. As for the campaign "story line" it's not really well explained you get a few cut scenes here and there but that's about it and some audio logs. The campaign is basically the multiplayer with Ai's. The multiplayer of this game is very worthy of competitive gaming. Hope this is helpful for people. Also if you are hoping for a Call of duty,halo,battlefield, This game is not for you. Collapse
  31. May 12, 2011
    Wow never seen a game so divided. I have been waiting for ages in anticipation for Brink and was hoping it would deliver. Thank god it has. The character customisation is so detailed, you can really be creative. Although it multiplayer/team based you can set your own goals. Im loving the fast pace and parkour but still can't get the flips like in the trailer.
  32. May 13, 2011
    These are my First impressions of Brink on the Xbox 360. Customising your main Character is fun however any changes you make that would be permanent in real live are permanent in the game, for example tattoos and scars. Also your Character will end up looking like someone from Bo-Selecta.

    The main game can be played on-line or off you get extra xp for playing on-line plus its more fun
    shooting real people not bots. Main differences to Call of Duty (COD) are: 1.There are no points or kill count, one team has a set of goals and the other tries to stop them and run down the clock.
    2. You can take a lot more bullets before you go down. Once you are down a medic can revive you unless the other team kills you off.
    3. Games can last for over 1/2 an hour.
    4. the free running aspect. If it looks like you should be able to get some where you can, just by looking where you want to go and holding down jump.
    5. You can set up a custom match with things like friendly fire turn off or on.

    Some of the reviews for brink have been around the 6 out of ten mark. I have read their comments and I can only assume they were playing an unpatched version of the game. The version I have been playing since lunch yesterday is a smooth fun experience. I always play the game with real people on-line and I have noticed no more 'Jerking off' than in COD. Also this game is not a COD clone and I am enjoying the differences to COD.

    When you first play here are a couple of things to try. Change the control Scheme to COD there is a Something Duty control scheme that every one will be familiar with. Complete the first level of the challenges this will unlock new guns and attachments, Challenge mode is one of the game modes you can select, I recommend playing them anyway as they act as a sort of tutorial. I recommend This Game.
  33. May 15, 2011
    10/10 Brilliant game!!!
    This Brings the team work back into FPS games. Graphics are wonderful maps are fun also, i am not sure why people are complaining about lag. I have played alot of games online and its been fine for me. If you want a game based on K/D ration like cod then this is not for you. This game is about helping each other to overcome the enemy.
  34. May 17, 2011
    Patched fixed everything. Critics review based on hype, what will get traffic to their sites and who buys the most ad space. This game is fun hands down.
  35. Jun 1, 2011
    I give brink a 9 out of 10 simply because it is a great break from the bleak genre that is first person shooters. Too many games have been created that have fallen under the concept designs first laid down by either Halo 2 or Call of duty: Modern Warfare. The games design is to be team based, and if the bots, while sometimes showing lacks of intelligence, still complete objectives and allow you to play the game the way YOU want to, and there are endless ways to do that. The bottom line: if you're critical of a game based on the belief that Call of duty is the only way to make a first person shooter, and have no friends online who you enjoy playing with, then by no means buy this game. However, if you are willing to have a hell of a good time with your friends, killing other people and working as a team to have success, and be able to jump around like however you damn well please, and are willing to overlook slight imperfections that don't heed game play in the slightest that then definitely play this game, you will love it Expand
  36. Aug 2, 2011
    Not quite everything that I thought it would be. But I had this game pretty hyped up for a long time having had it preordered for almost a year. After a few months from having it released, I still think it's a great game and it has everything that I was looking for (except the "intelligent" AI) , but it was missing the execution, it just didn't feel like I thought it would. But I think I like what this game stands for the most. I hope most games start incorporating some freedom of movement now and add a more team based focus to multiplayer games Expand
  37. Aug 2, 2011
    The game Brink is one that could use a bit more polish then what is on it. The real problem with it over everything else is the lack of a decent party system which is needed for a game like Brink. The amount of teamwork required for a "skunk" isn't at all that much, just that players need to play their classes like they were designed.

    The thing I don't understand is why Bethesda (the
    publisher, mind you) is getting so much flak for a game they didn't even create. Splash Damage (the developer) did a fantastic trying to bring the FPS genre out of the same crap seen in every COD/Halo/enter generic shooter title here. The addition of the free running only adds to this. The in game art, the character design and the use of color makes this one very pretty game to look at. The classes were well thought out and essentially this game is a smaller class based game like TF2 but with customizable weapon loadouts.

    The only thing I did not like about this game, other then the lack of a party system, was the fact that you could unlock almost every gun and attachment in about a good 20 minutes of playing the challenges. If they would of spread the attachments out as well as the weapons people would still be playing this like crazy just like the do with their CODs and Halos to unlock everything that they wanted to. COD with the weapons and Halo with the outfits.

    But overall, it's an excellent game.
  38. May 15, 2011
    Brink is for online players only and if your looking for a single player experiance look eleswhere. The story is cool but really it gives you a reason to shoot people in the face and do the objectives. Basically the team play is fun as hell and im in a clan and when we start playing and get into a groove the game is some of the most fun you will have. The game really demands that you play as a team and really all the perks that go with each class will give you enough customization to let you pick your own and go from there. Speakig of customization you can customize so much with your character and guns its amazing with all the tweaks you have hundreds to choose from. They have fixed alot of the issues that was plaguing the game when it was first launched and to boot they are gonna give free dlc in june. If you love online games, games that have team work give this game a try it wil give you the most fun you have had on your 360 in awhile and trust me once you get into this you wont wanna go back to black ops Expand
  39. May 25, 2011
    I was waiting for the release of this game for a while. The game is very good but the AI's need much improvement. Playing multiplayer or co-op make the game alot more fun.
  40. May 11, 2011
    If you are purchasing this game for the singleplayer, you may want to think again. If you want a well built TEAM based multiplayer game, then this is the game for you. This is definitely not a regular shooter where you can run around like Rambo and get 50 kills in one match. Heck this game doesn't even have a K/D ratio on the scoreboard, it's all XP based.

    So, if you want a fun game to
    play with friends then I would highly suggest Brink. It must be somewhat addicting, because I am currently at work thinking about what class I want to play and what guns I want to use the next time I get to play XD Expand
  41. May 11, 2011
    Brink is the kinda game you might find yourself having doubts about if you pick it up and play for 20 minutes, however if you give it some practice this fps is honestly one of the most fast paced, team based, addictive games i have ever played. Characters are gritty and all the customization matches the rough futuristic style it brings to the table. All and all i guess if your a whiny person you could find some flaws here and there with amount of content but personally i found it to be a fantastic game breaking away from the typical guidelines of fps today. ten out of ten all the way, take it from a gamer and go get this game =) Expand
  42. May 11, 2011
    Game is complete **** Bots are so **** stupid that at times, you wont win a game because they keep **** up **** you are trying to do.

    Few maps and game modes make it boring fast. Customization is nothing special. Every gun has the same few things which you wont use as they make the gun worse. The parkour is just stupid. If you want to go up a wall, just take the stupid stair as it is
    faster. They could just have put stairs where you want to jump up. Dont forget the stupid SMART system that does not know what the **** you want to do, expect to move over objects you dont want to, Expand
  43. May 11, 2011
    I have been an avid FPS aficionado since Wolfenstien, and this is by far the most tactically engaging title regarding cooperative team based action I have ever experienced. Funneling players into roles that strengthen tactically the gameplay with an amazing tug of war feel.
  44. May 13, 2011
    This new title is like a FPS on crack. It is refreshing to see a new twist come to this form of game play. It's a team based, fast paced, testicles to the wall shooter. If your looking for a great new shooter game. This is it. If your a COD fan. Don't even bother. There's way to much teamwork involved so you'd probably get bored since this game forces you to be a tactical team player. It makes me sick that IGN has rated this a 6.0 when it certainly deserves better than that. Sure Brink has had a few problems at launch but what game out there hasn't? If you love FPS's then you should give this one a chance. Don't expect COD or BFBC2. Think outside the box. Don't just go on gamer site reviews out there. You will miss out on a very good game. Expand
  45. May 15, 2011
    I believe alot of people believed that this game was going to revolutionize first person shooters, but this game borrows from other shooters while providing just enough new material to make the game fresh instead of feeling like another Call of Duty rip off. The only thing wrong with the game that I found was that it lacks a deep story mode and gun play is choppy at times. But other than that I beleive Brink is a solid first person shooter that doesn't rely on being a Call of Duty clone and stands on its own merits while borrowing slightly from lesser known games and some rpg aspects. Expand
  46. May 17, 2011
    I really liked this game but not so wonderful could have been better give him a 8 has a bit of killzone 3 ok but has very beautiful graphics the gameplay is mediocre could be better.
  47. May 17, 2011
    From reading some of these other reviews it seems like they never played the game. Brink has a very distinct art style. the ark and the visuals are quite impressive. The sound is impeccable, guns have distinct feel, vibe, and sound. all of the body type (light, normal, Big) have unique play styles and weapons. the lighter the body type, the faster they more, the more places they can reach, and the less health they can have. the "SMART" system works fine and is easy to use but requires skill to run harder routes.(ex: Triple wall jump in container city) I thought the level design was super smart, short cuts can be unlocked with some classes. Completing objectives is fun. the one button method keeps annoying mini games from becoming repetitive and people speed planting bombs. The A.I is almost too good and is not the high point of the game.. The A.I. will often gun you down quicker than you can return fire. Often A.I on your team will over look objectives and A.I medics will walk over you. There is a huge difference when playing with live people. you can tell instantly. other players result in intense firefights over choke points. when playing with friends you will often yell for ammo and medics even if they are sitting in the room with you. the online connection problems are going to be patched and are a temporary problem that should not be used to judge the game. Because of the lag Splash Damage promised free dlc this summer. Overall i think Brink is a great game. if you want to try a unique FPS that forces you to work together to accomplish the impossible, Buy Brink. Viva La Revolution. Expand
  48. May 18, 2011
    Brink is a game that many may put on the back burner because it is not another Call of Duty carbon copy, but what it is is an engaging first person shooter that does lack in a story, but many people I know do not even play the story mode in these types of games opting instead to go straight for the multiplayer. If you want to play a game with great story, but no on-line play go play L.A. Noire, but if you want to play a futuristic FPS in the vein of Battlefied then hop on Brink and enjoy the ride. Expand
  49. May 14, 2012
    This is a great game and you need it. For 13.00 at gamestop this is awesome! My opinion is that the price should be higher! So, you need this game now.
  50. May 10, 2011
    First things first, ignore all the reviews from people who say that this game is bad. Yes there is minor bugs with audio and a internet hosting issue on the xbox but that will be fixed. Now with that being said this game is a completely different concept of a game from Call of duty and Halo and pretty much any FPS out there. This game is meant to be strictly a team game and for people to work together. It is very similar to team fortress which was an amazing game. The only thing that will make you bored of this game is repetitive multiplayer matches over and over. And that's with all games really over time. That's the multiplayer perspective of the game. As for the campaign "story line" it's not really well explained you get a few cut scenes here and there but that's about it and some audio logs. The campaign is basically the multiplayer with Ai's. The multiplayer of this game is very worthy of competitive gaming. Hope this is helpful for people. Also if you are hoping for a Call of duty,halo,battlefield, This game is not for you. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 85 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 85
  2. Negative: 7 out of 85
  1. Dec 12, 2011
    Brink can be awesome and annoying, euphoric and inexplicable, all in the same breath. Unfortunately, fist pumps are followed by fits of controller throwing all too regularly to make this one score much higher.
  2. Jul 1, 2011
    Interesting but unpolished, ambitious but too weak to lift the weight of these ambitions. What bothered me most was that the brilliant idea of bringing other players into your single player mode was not realized properly. [June 2011, p.80]
  3. Jun 28, 2011
    It offers a new angle on the genre and one that will excite fans. [Issue#73, p.84]