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  1. May 10, 2011
    I am giving Brink an 8.5 which I had to round so I figured I would round DOWN, to an 8 to be a little more realistic. First of all let me say, this is not your typical FPS game, if you try to play Brink like you play Halo/COD/Battlefield/Etc this game will punish you beyond words. I personally believe a lot of the negative reviews have to do with two things, #1 a supposed string of bad code(That I didn't notice in my copy that causes awful lag/slowdown/graphical distortion/etc.) and #2 You can not go into Brink with the FPS mindset of old.... If you listened to any of the developer videos they said over and over, they key to Brink is to MOVE, more than you SHOOT. I had to constantly remind myself of this as I was playing the challenges with a friend online (Which ran pretty flawlessly for us...) I found myself annoyed at first, then I found myself understanding this wasn't typical FPS fanfare, then adapting and enjoying the HELL out of this game. I believe people will have a hard time letting go of the comfort of traditional FPS, and that is fine with me, keep playing Halo/COD and the other dime a dozen FPS games out there, leave Brink to the people who appreciate something different. If you were interested in this game at ALL, ignore the reviews, go to the official site, watch the videos, give it a rent, or go out and buy it, but I promise you this is an experience of something that is slightly similar, but at the same time completely new, and it honestly has made the tired and worn out genre of FPS fun and exciting to me again, and for that I am grateful... Thank you Splash Damage! 360 GT-Waynetech B76 Expand
  2. May 10, 2011
    Brink is a solid mix of TF2 and Killzone and with it, it's something to enjoy. The game already has been patched on 360 which also voids some of the reviews, since many of the review complain about game problems that have been fixed. Story wise, their isn't much there and it's not something you will get focused on. But when we live in the COD generation where a lot of people jump right into multiplayer and skip the single player all together, you'll find little to complain about.

    The menu system is well designed and customizing your characters is a rewarding experience. Once you unlock a lot of different outfits you'll find yourself just sitting in the character room trying to make your own perfect unique guy. The computer AI isn't amazing, but it's not the worse out there. The main flaw is that since this game is based on objectives, it can be a pain to get the computer to do something. You might end up with a team of 5 medics when you just need an engineer to crack a safe. This can be frustrating as you might have to switch over and just do it yourself. The core of this game though is multiplayer and thats where it's the most fun. While I only managed to get online with a handful of people, it defiantly changes the game up a lot more . Each class also ends up with a more unique role during a multiplayer session too, in a nut shell this game is just dying for competitive gaming. Their are some downsides I have found to Brink. First off, the level cap is 20 which can be achieved very easily. So far I am about 8 hours in and I've just dinged 10. Maxing out a level in a couple of days can lead to a disappointment, this game definitely needs a higher cap. The other thing that might get some people is theirs only a handful of levels in the game. While each level is pretty fun and has different ways to approach objectives, their is a point where they could get tiresome. Luckily, with the introduction of the SMART system, the gameplay in Brink is so fast paced that you rarely feel like the game is repetitive or boring. Something is always happening and someone is always shooting. The last two things that bother me aren't too big but for some people could potentially be a turn off. When a match finishes, theirs no actual way to see how many kills/deaths you had in that match. Also, their is no option for subtitles in the game which is slightly annoying for those who want to turn down the AI voice volume as they do talk A LOT during rounds. Overall, I feel Brink is a new and fresh game in the FPS market and is definitely something worth trying for those that get bored of the typical FPS stereotype of COD and Battlefield. But I will say this, Brink is a love or hate game. You're going to play it with a big smile on your face the whole time or you're going to take it right back. Myself, I have been smiling the whole time and can't wait to get back into the Ark world.
  3. May 10, 2011
    I wanted this game to be good. Honestly, I did. I bought it today, thinking that it'd be an epic class-based shooter with polished graphics, Mirror's Edge movement, decent if not good networking, and fun, original missions. All you get is clunky, inconsistent cannon fodder that tries so hard to be playable. The AI is reminiscent of...well, just about every game with horrible AI ever made. Teammates that are supposed to be obligated to a certain task rarely ever perform said task (except, THANKFULLY, for Medics, cause you'll need those if you try anything but Normal mode). The objectives are rarely even made obvious as to what to do, and yet you somehow accomplish them anyways. Online networking is godawful, and it literally makes the game unplayable if you have even a halfway-bad connection to the host. Trust me when I say that I really wanted to enjoy this game. I played it for hours and begged it to be better than what i was seeing, but I simply couldn't accept it. I'm returning this game as soon as I can, and pray that a further attempt at anything like this is even decent. Sorry. Expand
  4. May 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. In 3 Words: I Love it.
    I miss a lobby-system and so I hope, this will be fixed. I think it is easy to learn, but hard to master and this is, what a game should be.
    So I rate it 8 Points. The time I got my Lobby you can push another point to it.
  5. May 10, 2011
    Strategy Informer's reviewer is a liar. There is no 40 minute tutorial video at the beginning, it's like not even 10 minutes long.

    This is a cool game, definitely something different. Not like other FPS games on the market.
  6. NJR
    May 10, 2011
    Big disappointment. The campaign is awful, no real story and is stupidly boring, in-game graphics are very shoddy, AI are mediocre. You can max out your character within a day or two, there are not enough maps and it is just generally way too repetitive. On the plus side though the movement system is a very nice touch, very smooth and easy to get used too and also I enjoyed playing a FPS that actually tried to be different to CoD or Halo. Could have been a good game, won't be playing this one for much longer. Expand
  7. May 10, 2011
    Brink is a multiplayer game first and foremost. The single player aspect is there only as a sort of training mode, however a number of the larger review sites fail to point this out and instead give Brink negative marks for a lackluster single player campaign.

    A classic, much-loved game Starsiege: Tribes had a nearly non-existent "single player" mode that consisted of bots that ran only
    in straight lines and could not use their jetpacks, yet the game's multiplayer experience was amazing and stood the test of time. Judging Tribes based on its single player mode would not have been fair, and the same is true for Brink...yet a small number of large review sites released their negative reviews before the reviews could have possibly had any online community multiplayer experience.

    Don't buy Brink if you are looking for a single player FPS campaign to play through. However, the graphics and level designs are amazing, and the smart movement system adds a new, skill-based game mechanic to FPS games that can only really be appreciated after spending a few hours getting used to online multiplayer games (map awareness and position understanding are key and do require some time to learn as any skill based game should). Class skills, objectives, and rewards all work to make Brink a fun team-based game.
  8. May 10, 2011
    Greatest disappointment of the year. I will not bias this review by stating how bad its graphics are; graphics do not make a game, even if they do look this bad. The game, in itself, is not that great. It's done poorly in both critic and user reviews for a reason; it's generic, boring, and took a great jump in the air but didn't land it. The game had a great hype built up for it, but it appears as if Brink had not survived it's initial fanbase. It lacked in everything it promised. It will, without a doubt, die out in about a month. Do not purchase this game unless you plan on playing singleplayer for 45 minutes then never playing a game. The download and loading overall will take longer than how many hours you will not rack up playing this game, so you're only wasting both your time and money. Expand
  9. May 10, 2011
    I love this game so far. It's NOT Call of Duty, and you have to work WITH your team in order to succeed. Once you realize that you're not going to dominate based on your K/D ratio, then you'll have a much better time accepting Brink.
  10. May 10, 2011
    I'll round down from an 8.5. The team work based approach is great and the customization is fantastic. The parkour aspects really give fluidity to the game, Run, slide past an enemy and shotgun to the face at point blank. Its great. My only criticism is that I'd like a death match gamemode and more maps, but SD has always released modding tools in the traditional bethedsa way, and there's a DLC option available, so I expect to see maps soon.

    This is a game of fluidity and team work. CoD approaches won't work. TF2 approaches won't work either. You need to adapt to the ever changing environment. I recommend getting this game. You will like it unless you are too head strong and can't stand cooperating with your team mates
  11. May 10, 2011
    This game is insanely mediocre. It lacks depth and variety which is not a trait that should be found in a game that is 100% multiplayer. There is absolutely nothing special about Brink whatsoever which is a shame because it certainly has some style and an interesting idea in the whole freerunning element mixed with an FPS. The movement is clunky, like people were saying. There are lots of issues with sprinting and bumping into teammates that will just outright stop people which is pretty silly considering multiplayer games always spawn you next to the entire team. The SMART system isn't as precise as it should be which contributes more to movement issues. There would be several times where something wouldn't work or would be really slow and pointless to use and I would just think of how Mirror's Edge did the first-person free-running thing so much better. I remember watching these trailers and I questioned whether or not the parkour would really change FPS gameplay. Imagine stuff like wall-running or jumping off walls in an FPS. They try to show some of this in the trailers but the fact is, you will die if you try anything other than random sliding in the middle of a firefight unless you're trying to run away. Some of the level design is interesting but overall it doesn't feel that the majority of them took advantage of the fact that you can run all over the place.

    There is a lack of maps and the modes are all pretty much attack/defend with an occasional escort objective thrown in, with really long time limits. The majority of the time this makes it really easy on the attacking team because all you have to do is get one good run and you will get the objective but maps are broken down into around 2-4 different objectives, all usually with a 6-10 minute time limit which can makes gameplay extremely tedious and based around camping. The classes also don't bring too much to the table other than going for class-specific objectives. There's the Medic that every class-based game has, Engineer, Soldier, and Operative, which is kind of like a poor man's Spy from Team Fortress 2. The game itself is kind of like a watered down Battlefield with a style reminiscent of Borderlands, but even the general shooting gameplay isn't really tight. It feels like someone threw a wrench in the Call of Duty machine (and Call of Duty's formula already has some dead rats twisting in the gears) and out came an extremely basic FPS in an era full of them. I don't really care about a game lacking single player but it's absolutely ridiculous to call something a 2-8 player co-op campaign when it's just playing against bots.

    If you want a class-based multiplayer shooter, get Bad Company 2, Monday Night Combat, or Team Fortess 2. If you want to do cool free-running, buy Assassin's Creed or Mirror's Edge. If you want very little of both that leaves very much to be desired, buy Brink. It saddens me that this game doesn't bring anything special to the genre. I've been playing the Gears of War 3 beta for three weeks it's better than Brink.
  12. May 10, 2011
    If you enjoy team based multiplayer games that actually involved intricate teamwork than Brink is the game for you. It may take a while to get used to but once you do its one of the most addictive games you can play. The objectives are fun to achieve and the map designs are great. The graphics are pretty good but not the games strongest point but the art style is very nice. As for the sound there are currently a few bugs but these will be fixed soon hopefully. Otherwise the sound effects of the weapons are spot on and really beat most current FPS games. Gameplay is whats important and that's all that really matters its a really fun game. Expand
  13. May 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Brink is a horrible team based game for the PC. The game uses the same type of player hosted servers found on consoles. All other players will be confounded by horrible lag. Players are not allowed to pick a server and is only allowed a basic search by game types. SMART system will work best for the host player and the controls are designed best for game-pad controllers such as the 360 controller. The story is non-existent. It exists largely in disembodied voice-overs during a loading screen. The cut-scenes does not impart story but a misguided attempt to rally the player to fight. The story mode is can only possibly be done in multi-player. Single player is horrible waste of time against superhuman bots. The only pro is that the art is beautiful. The music is interesting but not memorable. Gameplay bugs
    .... every class is given a power called a buff. These buffs can either revive players, drop turrets, give ammo, give health, camo the player, etc. The buffs can only be activated by pressing and holding a particular button suited only for that role. It is extremely difficult to deploy buffs properly in a fire fight. .... bots... if the game does not have enough players, the game drops in extremely accurate bots. These bots will be accurate at ranges that the player will not have access to for a particular weapon. ...lag... the lag will ultimately be the reason why the players will not increase the difficulty in certain game type modes. Only by increasing the difficulty after beating the prior one will the player receive rewards by weapons and buffs. You can not pick a server with a low ping to guarantee that you will drop out of the game therefore you will play many matches of the same difficulty hoping in vain to actually complete the game mode.
  14. May 16, 2011
    I was going to write a long involved review about Brink but read any of the sub 7/10 reviews here and they cover pretty much most of what I was going to write. Instead I'm going to point out my biggest annoyance with the game; the bot AI scales with you. Some will say "Great! It's a constant challenge!" whereas I will say that you can get to the point where you simply cannot win some of the maps. Imagine the following scenario, you play a map and completely own it, on the next map in the campaign the game will play as hard as you did on the first map but also that little bit harder. Add in problem number two with the AI which is that 99% of the time bots will complete secondary objectives over primary objectives and you're left on your own, in a team game, trying to complete primary objectives against bots that can pretty much kill you with two bullets from rediculous distances down one of the many narrow corridors that populate the maps. The game turns into a trial of teeth grinding frustration. The solution? Create a new character and play less "hard" early on. No thanks, you're getting traded in whilst I can still get some decent money back. Expand
  15. May 11, 2011
    Unfortuantely this single player campaign in the game is unplayable. The AI is one of the worse I've seen and essentially kills the game. Multiplayer, with 2-4 buddies is much better and obviously the way the game was designed. However, the need to play the game in only that mode limits the overall value (for me) of the game. I do like the look and feel of the game but just wish it had a single player mode that was fun (or even worthwhile). Expand
  16. May 10, 2011
    +Good character customization -Awkward movement/controls -Poor single player -Not really much content -Spotty online play Again I am disappointed by a FPS that promises to change the way we play them. I will say that I tend to play mostly single player games, but I have a soft spot for online FPS. Unfortunately, in Brink S/P and M/P are the same game, seriously. Once again I was hoping for Borderlands and was severely let down, this isn't even Black Ops. If you really, really enjoy FPS Kill/Die/Respawn/Repeat mayhem, then this is for you. I however, I don't really, but at least L.A. Noir is out next week. Expand
  17. May 10, 2011
    All we seem to be playing these days is First Person Shooters and in Brink, that's what we have. Can Brink step up to the mark in the wake of the impressive Crysis 2? We're going to give you the low-down on this highly anticipated release from developer Splash Damage, produced by Bethesda.

    Set in the near future, Brink places you firmly on the 'Ark' a floating city just off the beautiful
    coast of San Francisco. The 'Ark' houses near 50,000 inhabitants scrounging for basic supplies due to the severe overcrowding. I'm going to stop right there for a moment because Brink is not about story-telling, nor is it pretending to be. Brink aims to seemlessly blend the single player and multiplayer aspect of the game, which it does albeit in a slightly confusing fashion. You can select Story Mode and join a public session to face off against human enemies as opposed to AI, or go at it Solo. The choice is yours.

    The first time you boot up the disc, you're greeted by what only can be described as an RPG style character creation screen, which is something 99% of RPG's would give a lobotomy for, it's impressive, but this is a First Person Shooter? Which begs the question, is it necessary? I think in Brink's case it is. Burning away hours in the customization screen only adds to time spent, where content is otherwise on the slim side.

    Normally I would tell you a bit about the campaign mode and the single player features however, Brink doesn't have a single player/campaign per se. This is a multiplayer game in the same context as Unreal Tournament and Quake Wars, where the single player modes are essentially the multiplayer side of the game but with bots. I would love to have had a dedicated campaign mode in Brink, whenever multiplayer got you down or frustrated, at least you could unwind, relax and just enjoy some good storytelling, not here. Single player is far more frustrating with largely inept bots replacing human counterparts in the same environment covering the same missions.

    Brink shines when the bots are replaced by cursing, sweaty men. Multiplayer is fun and teamwork is back on the menu, success and level progression is solely based on how much of a team player you are. Are you the type of player that hits the Select button after every death to check your kill to death spread? None of that here, a superb experience points based system challenges your ability to work as a group and it's refreshing to play a modern day FPS that not only encourages you to play as a team, but demands it.

    Level progression doesn't immortalise the players that have spent the longest time playing either, only makes you a more valued support team member. Newcomers will not be blown away by somebody that is higher level on a one-on-one duel by way of equipment, but by skill. Being alone out there is a scary place, stick by your team to stay alive to complete primary objectives and class specific secondary objectives. Just sticking close to a group will yield experience points. Once you reach the maximum character level, you might as well create another character and alternate between the different characters you've created, after all this is a Role Playing First person Shooter.

    It's only when you're either confronted or joined by bots that this game becomes frustrating and at times unforgiving. Thankfully an option to invite up to 3 other friends to strategically help you out through every mission is very much welcomed. Brink is a game that requires you to have plenty of friends at hand for you to fully appreciate its direction, in an era where FPS are all about lone wolves and killstreaks.

    The art styling of Brink is smooth and further demonstrates Splash Damage' ability to think outside the box. Some will like the style, some won't, that doesn't mean it's a bad looking game, just notably distancing itself from the current crop of modern day FPS titles, for which we applaud.

    The game mechanics from the upgraded ID Tech 4 engine is as smooth as you like and plays as you would expect, very well.
    Brink ushers something relatively new to the table thanks to Splash Damage' SMART system (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain). This system in theory will allow you to manoever around the lush landscape on the 'Ark' without fuss, does it work? Yes it does, however it can be clumsy and difficult to master, even after spending time in the brilliant tutorial videos you'll still inadvertantly stumble over unwanted random terrain.

    Closing Thoughts
    Brink is a multiplayer game and as such needs humans to populate the game modes. Due to poor AI, the single player side is entirely forgettable and it's hard to recommend a full priced game for just multiplayer alone.

    Read the rest - Full review >
  18. May 10, 2011
    brink is a very entertaining game that transforms the FPS game style, with attributes like the SMART system and heavy character customization. I would suggest it to you and even if you believe the bad reviews try it yourself .
  19. May 10, 2011
    From the Minute I stepped into Brink and created my character, I knew I was playing something different than the oft mentioned Battlefield, Call of Duty and Halo. I was transported into an environment that was unique and extremely cool in a stylistic manner. I found the introduction of movement unhampered by canned animation refreshing and the reliance on tactics and skill a welcome relief. The objective basis of Brink brings a fresh dynamic that allows numerous strategies and direction. This game is not meant to be populated by one type of player, but is made for a diversity of needs and desires. This is where the game excels. It allows me to get my Secret Operative on, who gathers information and infiltrates the enemy lines or be the engineer, changing the flow of battle and the landscape. I can run and gun as a soldier or be the man that everyone wants in their corner, the medic. In addition, I loved the storyline and plot. The two sides of the coins are demonstrated well in the cutscenes. Even more depth is giving to the story by the actual environment and information picked up around the way. The bots were not great by any mean, but I am not playing for the bots, I am playing for the MINGLEPLAYER. The ability to run through the game with others and still complete the campaign. Occasionally running through the regular campaign and finding myself facing real players on the other factions makes the unpredictability increase 10 fold. I personally decided to forego the use of S.M.A.R.T. (Smooth movement across randomized terrain) and manually mantle and slide through the environments. The shock to the opposing faction when I come sliding through a staircase or piping system and kicking an opposing player is unparalleled. There is a constant tension about where someone can approach... from above? Below? Behind ME? MY TEAMMATE!!!!.... I absolutely love it. This game has met and exceeded my expectations with the ease of dropping in and out of games, creating FIRETEAMS when I want to play with my friends and providing me and atmosphere unlike anything I have played. Oh yeah, I love the sound system. You can literally tell what is occurring around the corner by the sounds.... footsteps and grenades and weapons all have distinct sounds that make playing superbly immersive. I could go on and on, but I think I will stop here. Expand
  20. May 10, 2011
    Brink is a SOLID team objective based multiplayer game. Don't be expecting a SP campaign like COD, because you're not going to get it and you shouldnt even be expecting that. It DELIVERS on EVERYTHING it promised. It takes more than a quick 2 or 3 game session to realize this. I played it after the midnight release, had my reservations, but played again this morning with REAL human players and its AWESOME. The bots DO get smarter as you level up so I was glad they were so "stupid" in the beginning when I was getting my bearings. There's a learning curve, this is not some pick up and play. if you complete all the challenges and watch the videos first before diving in, it not only gives you critical weapon upgrades but also gets you up to speed on what is needed. Reading all those negative reviews may make you think like you just wasted $60 on that pre-order but I promise you won't be disappointed. I've followed Brink since 3 months ago, and I am not the least bit disappointed. I loved Bad Company 2 and that was the reason why I even considered Brink. The parkour abilities are out of this world, and change up how you even THINK about moving and dodging attacks. The bad reviews come from people expecting it to be something different. You have to judge it for what its intended for. Because with the same eye as the development team on their reasons for making things the way they are, you'll have nothing but appreciation for all the little details and tweaks to the gameplay that other FPS have NOTHING on. If you love team-based shooters (and I dont mean Black Ops or Modern Warefare) you'll love this game. You'll be frustrated for the first 20-30 minutes as you figure out how the game works, but once you figure out how it all works... you'll be flying around the map and strategizing with your HUMAN players and just tearing it up.

    The BOTS are GREAT at DEFENSE... they know how to flank, bunker down, and just keep you back. On offense, they're a little slower and have more of a support role, so its a difference of priorities. But still, its nothing I didn't expect. In fact I'm VERY impressed with the BOTS. Just now, I'm at level 8, and these guys are pulling crazy stunts to keep me from doing the objectives. I just had a great game where we had to hack a console to win. The human players and bots bunkered down and flanked... we were screwed. Brute force thru the front entrance wasn't going to cut it. I told my other HUMAN teammate to be an engineer and set up a turret and man a machine gun, providing me cover fire so I can sneak thru with my operative class and go for the objective. It took a few tries but it WORKED... and the feeling was nothing short of just immense accomplishment. THIS is what you'll never get out of Black Ops or the other FPS games... only in games like these. I love it, and I'll be playing this for a while. Give it a shot. In fact, give it like two days of playing. Go thru the tutorials and go thru the challenges. LEARN the game before you pass judgement. You won't be disappointed.
  21. May 10, 2011
    Team-based, fluid and innovative FPS, not a CoD killer, because that's not what it's wanting to be, generally people who don't like this game most likely play CoD.
    If you want something new and fresh, get it.
  22. May 10, 2011
    WTF with textures in this game???
    Graphics are so lame.
    What's wrong wrong with explodes from grenades?
    it does not worth 50$ . Max 20$ in XBox LIVE.
  23. May 10, 2011
    So far the games seems to be a refreshing change from the mindless deathmatches and lone wolf style FPS. While I realize that many gamers won't like having to play as a true team, those of us tactical thinkers should really enjoy this game.
  24. May 10, 2011
    I give this game a solid 8.5 it is a fun game i love the fact that the campaign is online. The guns are good and there are so many and so many ways to customize them same goes for you character. There are thousands upon thousands of ways to customize i would be very surprised if i saw someone who looked like me. All the jazz they were saying about the parkour is not exactly true it basically is a neat way to get from point a to point b. This is a fun game if you are in a CoD rut then you owe it to yourself to try this or Battlefield Bad Company 2 get out there and try something different i recommend this game. The only thing keeping it from a 9 is textures are not the best and can take some time to load maybe they should of not pushed it up a week. Expand
  25. May 10, 2011
    Disappointing and repetitive are two words that spring to mind, the A1 are just plain dumb, as usual the hype is bigger than the content. Good try though at doing things a little different, just needed a bit more thought...
  26. May 10, 2011
    Have to give it a 10. It's pretty much a straight rip off of Team Fortress 2, but with a little mirrors edge thrown in. Its refreshing to see the exaggerated characters and bright colors in contrast with all the realistic shooters companies have been spitting out lately. The AIs aren't quite as smart as they should, but that only challenges players to not suck themselves. Can't comment much on the online play as the servers are crap at the moment. I won't drop any score for servers as this is a common issue at the launch of a game. The story is short, but who cares. Why are people playing shooters for the story anyway, the point of the game is to blow people away, do we really need a reason why? The last comment I have is on the low level caps. 20 is really low and can be reached farely quick. Wow! I maxed my character what do I do know? Create a new one and play a different way. Or just kick some ass with your max level engineer. "You like shoot? You play Brink!" Expand
  27. May 12, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First I'd like to say I greatly enjoy the "co-op" mechanic of Brink, You can't just go "lone wolf" it in most instances you really need to buff, heal, and stick with a group of team mates to really make things work. I prefer the tactical shooter over any other and by far. Sadly I must give Brink a negative rating simply based on lag issues. Every other game I play on xbox has no lag issues my network is the best I can afford because the one thing that KILLS games for me is lag. Sadly this one is full of it. If they manage to fix the lag, which makes the game entirely unplayable 9 times out of 10 during multiplayer, which is MOST the game, I could give it a 6 at best. Lots of fun ideas, the SMART makes getting around easier than any other game (assuming your not having a massive lagfest), which is AMAZING imo, sadly the maps aren't really big enough to thoroughy enjoy it. The classes and abilities are entertianing though making Soldiers/Operatives a little more useful couldn't hurt, may also be people haven't really gotten use to that sort of class yet. I ran with a medic and pretty much stick with it throughout the game. Buffing/healing can be rather annoying when you have more than 1 person in front of you, making most intense firefights turn out rather poorly. Again, if lag is an issue (and it almost always is) this task is near impossible. ALL my buffs cannot affect me, which is harsh, I would kill for a little Adrenaline boost in order to get my team back on their feet and gladly die soon after etc. Customization is another high point in the game, though in all honestly its not as vast as I'd hoped. They could definitely use more attachments for your wpns, but still its good fun to mess around with. The way they did the weapons and how you unlock them was interesting to say the least. You can get all of them unlocked within about an hour of picking up the game which leaves you with the task of finding out which ones suits you without a "compare" button. The weapons themselves are quite entertaining, though it puzzles me the lack of rocket launchers they have. My only gripe (as with most shooters) is that sniper rifles don't do nearly the damage they should do. That, combined with the lack of high ground or any good sniping positions makes them a rather useless wpn. Clothing is purely cosmetic, and you get a decent amount of options to make your "yours". These are the items that take the longest to unlock, done so by leveling up. The "campaign" is really just the 8 maps/missions you can play online with voice over during the loading screens. You get to play those 8 maps on both sides (yay) making a wopping 16 different missions, if you can really call them that. Really one side is attacking and one side is defending is all. Playing solo is difficult as AI bots that are the enemy are TERRIBLY accurate, hitting you regardless of you jumpin, sliding, ducking or anything else for that matter. Your team mates AI sucks as they will often charge off alone to try and accomplish tasks that are either pointless or not acheivable by ones self. It would be nice to have some "control" over your AI team mates, or at least which objective they should focus on. Graphically the game WOULD be nice but it does this annoying "re-rendering" thing every time you respawn or progress through a level. Leaves most textures looking blurring and lame in comparison to what they actually should be.
    All in all the game is quite entertaining though the lack of decent campaign reminds me greatly of S8. Maps should be bigger and have more of them. Lag should be fixed. Then you'd have a solid 8, heck just fixing the lag would put the game in the "positive" range. Add some more wpns/attachments/clothing, or even armor to the game and get that score even higher. I'll still be trying to play it as the days roll on, I like its gameplay I just can't stand the lag.
  28. May 10, 2011
    Great amazing game the people who reviewed this badly are mainly complaining about the story, but most fps games have a crap story and the jultiplayer and customization is ama-a-azing beyond words!
  29. May 10, 2011
    This game was pretty meh as it is basically a team fortress knock off. I don't like the cartoony, cheesy character models and the ai is terrible. Another example of how Bethesda rushes games out the door before completion. The reviews and sales figures don't lie.
  30. May 11, 2011
    Great game. if you are bored of the typical COD/Halo fare and want an experience where teamwork is truly critical to success, then pick this up.

    It's unfortunate that so many seem to have expectations which are not aligned with the intent or design, but I would say that the various promotional materials released do capture what this game is about. One big benefit is that as a safe
    generalization, many of the player types who are criticizing this game are exactly the people I stopped playing COD and Halo to get away from. :) Expand
  31. May 10, 2011
    Looks like the publisher failed secure enough banner ads on many of the gaming websites.
    Brink is a blast and should be appreciated for what it is. Game reviewers cry all day about wanting a shooter to do something different and then cry when one actually does. Yet they continue to support and give high scores to the regurgitated Call of Duty series. Game reviewers are driven by
    advertising dollars and exclusive rights. Expand
  32. May 12, 2011
    I had really high hopes for Brink and after putting several hours into it, I come to the conclusion that the game is good, not great.

    The thing that is great about Brink is it feels genuinely ambitious and original, dripping with potential. The whole idea of objective oriented, team-based FPS, though not entirely new, is a sub-genre in the FPS arena that I feel does not receive
    enough attention from developers. I found the fact that Brink does not track K/D to be a little weird at first, but after a while of playing a game where "the objective is all that matters" I felt right at home without it and found the feeling refreshing.

    I really enjoy the presentation of the game. The slightly stylized human and gun models are visually interesting and genuinely different from the slew of realistic FPS games out there. I really like how the visuals sort of straddle the line between cartoony and realistic, like a mash-up of Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands through a Blade Runner-like lens.

    The game is chock full interesting little bits of style that I enjoy. When downed by gunfire, choosing between waiting for a medic and respawning is accompanied by piano notes. Stylish but simple. The objective wheel is visually inviting yet straight to the point and easy to navigate. Menus are clean and easy to read.

    Unfortunately, the game just doesn't feel finished. Enemies at distance have choppy movements. The parkour elements work for the most part, but at times don't feel tangible like the character is merely floating around the environment. There are several times when I would try to jump to a platform in the game and clearly miss and suddenly find myself pulling myself up the platform. It was nice to make the jump, but I felt like the game was just "giving" me the ledge; too forgiving, like the game is holding my hand. The campaigns, though completely different than any other campaign I've played in a FPS, was underwhelming. Each campaign chapter is proceeded by a short movie that tries to set the stage, but it never really comes across as pertinent or interesting. Each campaign mission is merely an online game populated with bots. While this fact isn't necessarily a bad thing, it doesn't help to pull the player into the narrative and make them feel invested in the story.

    Enemy and ally A.I. is extremely inconsistent, at times mind-numbingly stupid and others tactical geniuses, which necessitates online and co-op play. I played several private matches with a few friends online through the campaign, which definitely increased the fun factor of the game. However, the few times I tried playing public matches online were plagued by game-crippling lag. Splash Damage is apparently working on this problem.

    The plethora of guns in the game feels unnecessary as they don't differentiate between themselves very well. Most of the SMGs feel identical as well as the Assault Rifles to each other. I would prefer a smaller armory with more distinct firearms. Weapon balance feels like an issue needing attention as some guns feel completely overpowered while others feel like they're not even firing bullets.

    In the end, I have to say that I find Brink genuinely fun, however there are definite problems with the game that prevent it from reaching its full potential. The pros do outweigh the cons, but only just. Splash Damage's ambition is obvious and very refreshing, but the game is plagued with problems that I think could have been avoided had a beta been available. In all honesty, it feels like there was very little if any quality assurance conducted on the game, which is a shame, because underneath the tarnished surface, lies a shimmering game that deserves more attention. Who knows? Perhaps with a few updates this game can be as good as it should be. I hope it comes to be.
  33. May 10, 2011
    Que vous comptiez jouer à ce jeu en multi ou en solo, il faut savoir que BRINK ne tient absolument pas ses promesses. Graphiquement (sur 360), le jeu est immonde, le screen présent dans le test concernant le retard d'affichage des textures est représentatif de ce que vous serez amené à supporter tout au long de vos parties (c'est bien la première fois que je vois un jeu aussi mal optimisé, c'est du grand n'importe quoi). Même en étant installé sur le DD, le jeu reste laid, achetez le donc sur PC, si vraiment vous voulez vous y mettre. Le gameplay, déjà pas bien brillant, est complètement plombé par l'ia ennemie, pitoyable (aucune réaction, les bots sont tous plus débiles les uns des autres), lors de ma première partie, j'ai du enchainer une vingtaine de frags sans mourir une seule fois, navrant... Si l'on rajoute à ça des maps trop restreintes, pas forcément bien construites, un manque flagrant de contenu ou un teamplay inutile, on obtient là une énorme déception. Expand
  34. May 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I will rate it 10 simple because its sometime fresh in the FPS genre, and its the most fun multiplayer game i´ve played since the old TFC, so its great. Expand
  35. May 11, 2011
    I've been eagerly anticipating this game for many months. All the talk about the unique features had me drooling for something new in a shooter.

    In my opinion its a great game, but it doesn't live up to the PR hype that splash damage put out. First, the seamless experience between multi-player and single-player just means that single-player doesn't exist. Instead its offline
    multi-player with bots which have average shooter AI, which means they are morons with excellent vision.

    Also, the developers talk about rewarding teamplay, but in this case it basically means that if your team sucks, then you cannot do well. Gun skill means nothing in Brink so enemies can just run away and their health will refill. Also, no post-game stats, it only displays "points". You could be waxing fools left and right but that bot medic constantly healing teammates will probably out score you.

    Now what I do like. The characters maps and weapons are all beautiful. I love being able to customize my character. Voice acting is fantastic. It is feels great to push through the enemy and complete objectives which come at a fast pace and can vary widely from map to map. The perks are totally different from any other shooter.

    At this point I'm only 6 hours into the game, so I am still discovering things. I don't regret the purchase at all, but I have to shake my head at all the pre-launch PR from splash-damage.
  36. May 11, 2011
    I gave this game a fair shake, but was extremely underwhelmed in all areas. The gameplay just is not satisfying in any fashion. Most conflicts are completely one sided, with the guarding team being at an enormous advantage and the capturing team facing nothing but constant respawns and aggravation. The pace of the fights is far too fast, the parkour is a gimmick at best, and the only real reason to choose any class either than engineer or medic is to complete class-specific objectives. The AI players are also terrible - AI on your team seem incapable of even attempting to complete an objective, and will generally take the longest way to any objective, if they even decide to help with the main objective at all (many times they leave you out to dry while they complete pointless objectives at the cost of precious time). Enemy AI fire laser-accurately and are alerted simply by you running (even if they cannot see you). Apparently the sound of footsteps is loud enough to be heard over gunfire. The graphics, character customization, art direction, and sound are awesome. But realistically all this means nothing if the gameplay is poor. It's like going to an opera, and when asked for your thoughts on it you say "well the band was good and the costumes were pretty", which doesn't mean it was a good opera. Notice I haven't said anything about the storyline? Well, that pretty much sums up the story of Brink. I have played many games that were frustrating or had low production values, but there was always a payoff or some fun to be found. This is not so with Brink. Even in matches full of human players where my side won and I was the MVP with most exp, kills, and the "best engineer" title, I did not have any fun. The game is an monolith of tedium and frustration built on the charred and spoiled remains of a few promising ideas. Even though the graphics, sound, and character customization are great, the actual game is a chore. That said, I am giving it a 0/10 because it is not fun at all. Expand
  37. Aug 4, 2011
    In actuality, I'd give this game an 8.25, so I decided to round down. If you don't feel like reading my entire review than to sum it up, Brink is an interesting, new FPS that at times is utterly addicting or sometimes rage-inducing. It has many strong suits but at the same time, has numerous weaknesses that tend to plague the overall experience. I've had the luxury of buying Brink only recently, after the latest patch has fixed up online lag issues and downloading the newest free (temporarily) DLC Agents of Change, so I honestly couldn't tell you how good the game was back during release. I only know that the game is extremely enjoyable now, and provides a refreshing new online shooter since I'm bored with most of the others on the market. I'll start with the negatives, which leads me to the campaign storyline. To sum it up, it's pretty weak, and it's essentially there so that can Splash Damage can check the "Campaign" box off of the Brink to-do list. It's also very short, containing a mere 8 levels per side (Security or Resistance) which only last about 15 minutes each. Switching sides results in the exact same map layout, with a slightly different objective (I.E. Security=Defend Tower, Resistance=Destroy Tower). The graphics are outdated but won't make you cringe. Brink is host to multiple poor design choices, one of which being that the game does not support any lobby system whatsoever. You simply join a game and invite your friend, hoping that there's an extra slot open (which there usually is). Another bad choice is the lack of any actual statistics that can be viewed in-game. Sure there's leaderboards for points scored on certain maps, but no kill tracking nor any sort of interesting numbers to view. Unless of course you go online, in which case you can only view a handful of things. You can create and save up to 20 different characters, but won't they don't tell you is that there's literally no point to it unless you're bored out of your mind. There's no "Prestige" like in COD, and your rank and level begins at 1 again, but with everything locked. Extremely pointless, and I just can't imagine myself creating another character for no incentive. The online multiplayer is made up of the exact same single player campaign missions down to the last detail. Splash Damage must've become lazy at this time around during development. The maps are pretty solid when they play like they're meant to, but other times they'll wind up becoming a one-sided shooting range. One team will be required to proceed through a bottle-necked killbox while the other sits patiently and mows them down as they desperately try to escort a very slow-moving hostage to a zone. Moving on to the positives. The sound effects on this game are top-notch. Every gun is a real recording of a gunshot and it really gets the adrenaline pumping when you begin unleashing furious carnage on your foes, laying waste with your Gotlung Minigun. The shooting mechanics are excellent, and the new S.M.A.R.T. system is a breeze to use. There aren't as many weapons in your arsenal as one would expect, but they're all extremely balanced (save for a few Assault Rifles). The weapon customization is satisfying, but I wish that you could customize your gun camos. There are a ton of unlockable abilities with each class as well as some universal ones that really help keep each class fresh and exciting. The classes, however, are a little unbalanced in terms of points, with the Medic scoring ridiculously higher on average than all of the other classes. Character customization isn't as deep as I had assumed, but there's still tons of variation to keep everyone looking unique. You will max out your rank and level within a week, which is kind of a downer, but it's still a fun climb. The game awards you with points and experience for literally almost any action you can do, giving that extra incentive for players to forget about kills and focus on teamwork. This is a double-edged sword, however, since one revive (for example) is the equivalent of multiple kills. It may be worth more points, but in this situation, it's certainly not more useful to the team as a whole. Despite this, it still works, and prevents me from feeling worthless when I frantically run from teammate to teammate distributing ammo. I've been playing this with my two friends nonstop for the past few days, and I really just can't put it down. Overall, this game is highly addicting, and I would go so far as to say that it's worth a full price purchase. It's similar to other shooters, but also different. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, so if you're still hesitant, give it a rent and decide for yourself. I'm extremely satisfied and can easily see myself logging in more hours for months down the line. Expand
  38. May 11, 2011
    Alright, let's get the elephant out of the room. Yes, the single player is lacking, but who gives a flying..... This was never a game that was meant to be single player! The multiplayer is absolutely superb. It is incredibly in depth, imaginative, with a steep learning curve, and the maps are well thought out, the missions are unique, and the teamwork required to complete objectives is refreshing. Anyone tired of the brainless Call of Duty will find Brink a refreshing, SMART form of similar entertainment. Expand
  39. May 11, 2011
    To be honest this was a game I had my eye out for. I had watched all da trailers and check'd out all the articles about the game before the release. But Brink simply falls short of being a great FPS. If Brink would of had a more detail and compelling storyline rather than 45 sec cut scenes, and then throwing you into the action, then the campaign would've been decent. I know Brink creators wanted to try something different to weave away from other FPS. If it aint broke don't try to fix it. I really like to play FPS for the great long lasting multiplayer action. Brink doesn't have any multiplayer based options(NO Team Deathmatch, NO Capture Da Flag, Nada!!) One word to sum up Brink...WEAK Expand
  40. May 11, 2011
    First, let me get something rather important across: Brink is NOT a game like COD:BO or Halo, where log you log on nightly to try and achieve that 2+ Kill/Death ratio. If you're one of those players who likes dominating noobs just because you have the best camping spot/gun combination/overall know-how, you are most likely going to be disappointed in this game. Sadly. On the other hand, if you want a cooperative experience where teamwork pays off a lot more than any of the other previously mentioned games, I would recommend you check out Brink. Brink has an armload of strengths, and like any other game, a few faults as well. At first, I was confused that the campaign was essentially the same as the multiplayer. Then I realized how awesome it was that you could play it in VS. mode with other people. The story is actually very well thought out, and really depicts how two different factions look at things and misunderstand each other in different ways. For example: One team goes into a game thinking they are stopping the creation of bioweapon, while the other seeks to defend what is really a medical vaccine from falling into the others' hands.

    Maybe I read too much into the campaign, but I thought it was presented excellently. The customization is a welcome feature, which many other shooters today have lacked. Teamwork is a must-have in Brink, and I think Splash Damage really did a good job insuring that everyone on the team stays on track with the current goal. One thing that does need to be addressed is the lag. It is very frustrating to get into a good game only to have to leave because it is lagging so bad that it is unplayable. I have faith that they can fix these problems, but as it is the networking is a disappointment.

    Overall, Brink brings a completely different perspective on a shooter to the table. It doesn't feel like Black Ops or Halo. And that's a good thing.
  41. May 12, 2011
    Simply put, this was a game that bragged it would bring back SP to FPS games, and that it would blur the line between MP and FPS. Unfortunately it was all hype! The game is unplayable in SP mode, as some tasks the AI bots should perform, simply are not done. The MP game works great with friends. The Problem is that Splash Damage, didn't really promote this as a MP game, they promoted the "Lengthy, In-Depth Single Player, and how it would Blur the lines!" Well if In-Depth SP is 4 hours long and Blurs the line because you go blind from mad frustration, then they accomplished their goals. Simply put, buy this game for its multi-player component, and stay away from its single-player component. Expand
  42. May 12, 2011
    I think Bethesda has created one of the most polarizing games in recent history. Some people love the game with its medium pace, team-style, class-based system...while others hate the overly helpful aiming, somewhat tedious interactions, and repetitive mission types.

    I am, as from my #, a member of the former but only because I have played the game with human allies. The game is truly
    meant to be played online and currently this mechanic is failing some gamers with the lag issues that are reported across the board. I have been fortunate in that most of my games have been low to no lag, and if bad, upon retrying a connection I return to normalcy. This is the only fun way to play the game, I believe. The story is merely a scaffold to hang several types of missions on. Even though this came as a disappointment with such a great "theoretical" idea, the missions still stand alone in their own fun. The mission wheel, smart system, and point system are all structured to encourage team-based play. Someone interacting with an object in the world is defenseless against would be attackers without support from his team. In addition, the mission cannot progress if no one choses to perform the task. Thus, Brink allots points not only for supporting your fellow team, but also for choosing to attempt to complete the primary objective (more points for both, in fact, than simply killing enemies). This is a great idea, that fell short by the fact that once you max out your player (great abilities and weapons) your only choices to try something new are to create a new character or lose XP in exchange for resetting your abilities. It will also be troublesome to people that a chosen body-type is restricted throughout the course of the game. Thus, a heavy must stay a heavy and a light a light for the duration of the game and can only switch the tools alloted in game. This can create issues if faster players are needed or heavier weapons are needed to complete the mission as players would need to drop out and reset their character body types. (A problem for random drop in/drop out games as the player has no way of returning to the game he was in) These are not major problems to me and really apart from the slightly sluggish play and the lag issues others are experiencing, the rest just seems to be the learning curve that the game is requiring its players. I've played CS, BF2/BC/BC2/Viet, COD MW/2/BO, KZ 2/3, and Halo 2/3/Reach online as much as I could from the early days and those require only so much teamwork to get-by. A lone gunner can sneak his way in, or use powerful weapons masterfully, to infiltrate the other team and complete objectives for the win. Here, however, due to the high vulnerability (i.e. inability to shoot for long periods of time) of the objective-completer the team must be willing to stand guard and allow the "required"-class players to do their job. I usually play a support role in most of my games, thus, this is nothing new to me. For some, however, the "feeling" that they are useless 3/4 of the time may be unbearable. (As an aside, the graphics aren't that bad, I have noticed some screen splitting in opening cut-scene, and to be honest some of the animations are lame (i.e. frags), but the game-play animations aren't bad and the whole cell shading effect makes sense most of the time due to "sun bleaching" out on the high sea) Expand
  43. May 10, 2011
    If your expecting a class based/balanced team based shooter with emphasis on custimazation and movement then you will be satisfied with this game. if your expecting team fortress 2 with parkour then you will be disappointed. any bad complaint you can make about this game is outwayed by the fantastic maps , smooth movement , excellent character design , fun coop, great sound quality , and balance. THIS GAME ISNT FOR EVERYONE. you cant just jump in like its cowadooty. if you try to cooperate and learn everytjhing correctly you will enjoy the game more Expand
  44. May 11, 2011
    Its Finally here!!! not Brink... A UNIQUE FPS!!!!! We have been waiting for years now to get a solid FPS and Splash Damage has finally delivered. First off I want to say NOT to give in to the negative reviews. This game is superb beyond measure. IGN gave this game a 6/10 and that is absolutely preposterous, this game has so little flaws that they were just being extremely nit-picky. I mean come on IGN took off points for repetition!? Im going to assume that you have played Call of Duty and Gears of War(i like gears of war, just not so much the multiplayer, its decent but just not my thing) these games have some of the most repetitive muliplayer in the genre, (not FPS, but shooter in general) especially CoD. No where in Brink did I ever feel backed into a corner where i had no options but to camp in the nearest corner and hop i dont die. The majority of the structures in Brink are climbable and the feeling of effortlessly gliding through and over obstacles is something that is just amazing to do. This game feels like Mirrors Edge, Killzone 3, TF2 and a slight mix of Battlefield all combined into one AMAZING package. The visuals are almost Jaw-Dropping, the art style works amazingly well in this game, the character customization leaves MILLIONS of possible combination's for your characters and not one character will ever look the same, EVER. The Gun customization is where my jaw officially hit the floor. Instead of taking the easy way out and just telling you what attachments you have and showing your character holding the "customized" gun *cough* Call of Duty *cough*. They give you an incredibly detailed, 3D, fully rotatable model of the gun that you can manipulate in any direction to give you a true feeling of the gun you will be holding. All guns in this game also have a degree of recoil that only kicks in once you fire the gun for a little over a second, but this is no big issue and all attachments have some affect over your gun besides the obvious. For example you can give your SMG a barrel magazine so you can hold like 3x as many bullets in your clip, BUT because of the weight of the magazine it give the gun slightly less stability. This keeps the game EXTREMELY balanced and nobody ever feels like they are overpowered, you choose what gun you like, customize it and you will get a feel for what range you are effective at. Alright lets move on to campaign, the campaign is very well done if you pay attention to the cut-scenes that are Beautifully rendered and look amazing then you will not be lost. I will give a very brief summary *Slight Spoilers* Basically the story revolves around, The Ark a floating city built by man to be a self sustaining, Green, and Eco-Friendly environment to symbolize the good that man can do. But as the situation with the world kept getting worse eventually Global Warming hit and the Oceans rose. This made their floating city a refuge for survivors. The city however could not sustain the number of people on the Ark so the constructed another section which was basically a Slum for the rest of the survivors. To keep the Ark working the Security started initiating water, and food rations making most of the Slums starve. The Slums appealed to the Founders the Arks creators but they refused and tightened the Security of the Ark. The Resistance then formed under the leadership of Brother Chen and now fights a Civil War against the Founders and The Ark Security that protects them. So will you save the Ark or Destroy it? Ok so thats the basic story, You get the option at the beginning to choose your side each with a different campaign and two What-If scenarios where each side takes more...drastic measure to ensure survival. Now on to multiplayer; Brink has some very balanced multiplayer, there are some lag issues here and there but the game will reconnect to a new host often so the lag will fix itself. Like i said earlier no gun feels to over powered so that's not the issue in this game, that i feel some people have. I feel that some people including my friends were hesitant because they assumed that everyone would be a Heavy and rock the field, well let me put that to rest because it is far from the Truth. The three classes Light, Medium and heavy can all climb various heights and move at set speeds. Lights are the most maneuverable with the least health, Mediums are well... standard soldiers. and the Heavy is a walking tank that can only climb over smaller obstacles and can wield launchers and mini-guns. But each class has weaknesses, in movement speed and health so its up too you to tailor your character to your play style and you'll see what i mean. Lastly really quick, like Bullseye76 bellow me said, if you try to play the game like a basic FPS you will get rocked so play the challenge rooms to get a feel for the game and you will realize that this is no standard FPS. Brink is a must buy game that is a serious wake-up call to developers about the new age of the FPS Expand
  45. May 12, 2011
    If you play Brink like your standard old shooter it may be around a 5 or 6 but once you start to get used to the controls, mechanics and get a few levels under your belt it it turns into a solid 9. Brink is not like anything else you can buy at the moment and provide a very refreshing change to the standard FPS formula.
  46. May 11, 2011
    It is often difficult to talk about music, games, and art in general without referring to other artists or titles. It is an easy place to start for everyone. So, I'm going to throw a few names out just to get it over with: Call of Duty and Team Fortress. That said, Brink is not either of those games, but certainly has many things in common with both. To be fair, you can't really talk first-person without Call of Duty. And, for good reason. It is the gold standard and by which all others will be judged. Brink does a very good job as a first-person shooter. Yes, many will complain there is no instant kill headshots or that bodies seem to suck up bullets with little damage. But, that is only to facilitate the team and objective aspects of the game. I'm certain the damage meter has been tweaked and tweaked again to find the right balance. Although I haven't spent much time with all the weapons (and there is a lot of weapons to choose from) they seem responsive and balanced throughout. Unlike CoD, I don't think everyone will have settled on the AK47 as the weapon of choice. Again, I think a lot of energy was spent on balancing weapons so players could spend more time customizing the weapon's look. Customizing obviously being a big attraction for Brink.

    I am not alone to make comparisons to Team Fortress. It is only natural when you have two distinct teams lined up against each other competing for goals. Many players may fire up Brink and go at it just like playing a round of Team Fortress; capture point A and B, shoot enemies, rinse and repeat. But, that would be a real disadvantage in Brink. Get to know the objective wheel. Change classes. If you see the entire team focused on one objective, break off and score points by hitting some class objectives instead. This is what Brink brings to the table. And, if you're not ready to embrace it, chances are you won't enjoy the game nearly as much as someone who will.

    Lastly, it would be criminal not to mention the art style and crazy amount of character/weapon customization found in Brink. To be completely honest, I was hooked on Brink after viewing the art alone. And, I think my kids could have spent an entire evening just creating their characters.
  47. May 10, 2011
    I got to give it to splash damage on this one, the game play is very good how ever the grfx are not as good as they could be. But the game does have a very urgent feel to it like you must get to and complete that objective, the weapons are pretty balanced and nothing seems to over powered. there is no story as in other games per-say just mission briefings and then the mission the cuts seances are well done and gives you the info you need to carry onto the next mission. Mp is a blast, the escort mission are nerve racking and rewarding. all in all a 9/10 Expand
  48. May 10, 2011
    I almost feel this game should have two review categories, the single player experience really isn't great as the bots are awful players. But the multiplayer is a blast, its a frantic, balanced team game with excellent mechanics. It definitely could benefit from some sort of lobby system for playing games with a party of friends as well as some more game modes. The objective system is deceptive, it makes you feel like you have plenty to do bit its really just the same three things over and over dressed slightly differently. Bit overall it was a worth while purchase that will keep me busy for quite some time. Expand
  49. May 10, 2011
    This game is great, do not let IGN fool you cause you cant spell ignorant without IGN. This game is a lot like Left 4 dead in that its has no real story line but has an EXTREMELY FUN multiplayer and the bugs with network problems making a almost perfect online shooter to play with you're friends
  50. May 11, 2011
    I agree with Bullseye76's review - If you go into this game thinking you can run and gun mindlessly like every CoDtard out there, you're going to have a very, very un-fun time with this game. The gameplay is an intriguing mix of Mirrors Edge meets Team Fortress 2, and if you play it with that in mind it becomes very fun. Run around a little bit, don't just push the objective, guns blazing, thinking you're going to get somewhere. This game encourages strategic thought to achieve your goals, requiring you to think outside the box a little bit and expand your X/Y axis shooter mindset into the Z dimension with the parkour aspect of the game. I'll admit, there are some legitimate gripes about this game, some of them possible to solve with a patch, some of them not. The Z-Axis aspect of the parkour is possibly underrepresented in the game (though I haven't seen EVERY map yet). Places where you can climb up and get a good flank on the enemy seem pre-planned, and may as well have just been a staircase. Maybe exploring the maps a little more in-depth will reveal more opportunity, but so far I haven't seen it. Another problem people have is that the graphics look a little dated. Legitimate complaint, but not worth a negative or even mixed review over. The AI isn't the smartest, but then again most of the time AI players (at least the ones on your team) in just about all games are pretty retarded. I'm giving this game an 8/10 because of the reasons listed, but I think the AI could be patched and maps that make better use of the parkour aspect of the game could easily be released as DLC. The (awesome) character customization, weapon customization, cool and innovative movement scheme, fun team-based, objective-oriented gameplay, and fast-paced action make this game a good one to add to your collection. It might not be the best shooter of all time, but it's pioneering something that hasn't been tried together before, so support it and support innovation in games!
    Also, I get a bit of sadistic satisfaction out of seeing CoD sellouts crying over this game - that fact alone makes this game worth it in my book.
  51. May 11, 2011
    Are you guys proud to be selling this game for sixty bucks? Can you honestly tell me that "Brink is an immersive shooter that blends single-player, co-op, and multiplayer gameplay into one seamless experience" with a straight face? To say that this game contains anything remotely approaching playable single-player is an utter fabrication, as this portion of the game is simply
    broken. As someone who doesn't buy games for multiplayer only I feel absolutely cheated at having rushed out today and handed over my hard-earned cash for this unfinished mess of a game. Everybody that works in your marketing department may pat themselves heartily on the back, well done to them. But I will not forget this day anytime soon, grrrrr!!!! Expand
  52. May 12, 2011
    Disappointing when you consider the hype this game got. Was marketed as having limitless customization, alas, the appearance options are all pretty stupid looking. The character face options are weird and does not allow for making your character look like yourself at all. Gun customization is mediocre but the gun camo isn't changeable which is hard to understand.. The actual game-play is satisfying and new but the story is piss poor and barely even existent. I played the entire Rebellion campaign without learning a single character's name. Expand
  53. May 24, 2011
    Clunky controls, over-hyped, boring storyline, stolen ideas, and the "S.M.A.R.T" system makes you look like a retard attempting parkour.

    Meh, another shooter trying to act special.
  54. Sep 13, 2011
    Brink is an "intresting" mix between awesome artstyle, bad design choices and countless technical issues. I liked the locations, background story, music, amount of various skills and character creation, but thats all about it. Lets get to the lacking aspects, which are plenty by the way. First of all, the whole reasons for the conflict seems to be forced, just for the sake of having two hostile factions fighting each other, that are reason for this game to exist. In reality they could get along very easily, but i dont want to put spoilers here so lets skip that. The leveling system is unfair, it would be ok if all it gave you was cosmetic stuff like new costumes (which it does), but it also makes your character have more abilities or stronger abilities, which gives you an advantage over players with lower level. There are f***loads of bugs, ranging from the harmless ones, like text errors or wrong messages (says you have to defend, when you really have to attack etc) to those annoying and gamebreaking, like game suddenly losing sound, crashing or you cannot see other players. The netcode is really terrible too. You will lagg even with a decent internet connection, even if you wont, the game will still run so clunky that you will feel as you did. With slow internet, forget about multiplayer, the game will be unplayable, stick to playing with bots. But dont worry, you wont loose much, because even in the multi you will meet more AI bots than real players. And the AI in this game stand for Artifical Idiocy. Its as if they was purposedly coded to be so dumb, so that you can easily tell its a bot, and not a person with a brain. Talking about stupid, lets talk about the whole S.M.A.R.T. thing, which is basically climbing and jumping over fences. Sure thats cool, because it gives you more movement freedom than most games, but you wont use it that often anyway, except to gett from spawn point to the battlefield. First of all, you almost cant do any of this stuff with heavy body (which is the most efficient in combat), second, you cant shoot when doing all those tricks, making you an easy target, and thrid, the maps are not really designed for this, as you mostly fight indoors, but even on streetfights you wont be able to climp on a building and jump over roofs (like in the trailer). Also the weapons in the game are really boring, all you have are machineguns with diffirent skin and slightly diffirent stats. There are also few otherweapon types but they seem to be significantly weaker than the machineguns, so everyone just uses machineguns (which i personally hate). Overall, Brink is a game that looks good and promising, but has so many flaws that i just can't give it anything close to a positive rating, even if i wanted to. Expand
  55. Jun 1, 2011
    Brink is so far my biggest disappointment of the year. I love FPS but really don't have the time or skills to kick it hardcore on multiplayer, so a decent solo campaign is crucial to my purchase decision. Unfortunately the solo AI in Brink is so broken that there is no point in playing. Your virtual teammates are completely useless so unless you do all the mission specific tasks yourself (switching roles mid map as needed) you will never finish some of the missions, as your teammates will run off to guard command posts rather than assist with escort duty. In addition the really limited number of maps means solo play gets pretty boring pretty fast. It is not that hard to make an FPS with a solid solo campaign. Cyrsis II being just one recent example. Brink had a number of things going for it , a quirky art style, good customization of weapons and play style, a potentially good story line. But it fails to deliver where it really counts in the game play. Solo is a nonstarter and unless you are playing with a group of friends the online "team play" that should be the selling point is non existent. The two days I played everyone just went their own way. This is one more game i am glad I rented first. Expand
  56. Jun 2, 2011
    This game was horrible traded it in the day after I bought it for LA Noire and more money to put down of Gears 3. I personally like my single player a multi-player modes kept separate and was annoyed that the single player version of the game was like the multiplayer but your team mates were AI rather real people what a let down. While I like the games concept it should been made multiplayer game only not bothered with the single player experience. Bethesda is known for great games too like Fallout 3 and the Elder Scrolls series what the hell happened with Brink Expand
  57. May 18, 2011
    Brink was one of the most anticipated games of the mid 2011 quarter. Trailers accented the SMART system of movement and "endless" customization. Unfortunately those are the only things this game has to show off.
    Brink takes place in (and around) the Ark. Completing a campaign level unlocks an audiodiary that can be listened to in order to learn backhistory about the Ark. On the note of the
    campaign... it hardly deserves the name. In fact, it doesn't. The "campaign" is nothing more than an offline multiplayer match with bad A.I. team mates and some of the most sophisticated A.I. for your enemies. For example, your team's medics seem to have earned there med-school degrees by watching episodes of E.R. and House. Your enemies medics appear to have not only attended John Hopkins Medical University, but seem to be trained by Navy S.E.A.L.S. as well.
    Enough about the retched excuse for an A.I... the graphics are very much like Borderlands Game of the Year . Which I, personally, loved! Their was some minor graphical glitches and some slowdown when extreme firefights happened, but nothing game breaking.
    Apparently sub-machine guns were one of the only guns developed in this Utopian society, because that's mostly what you're limited to as far as primary AND secondary weapons for a majority of your character's career.
    The "class based objectives" can be terribly difficult to complete at times. And sometimes nigh impossible if you're relying on a fellow team A.I. Alas, it seems that the only weapons and tactics training these guys got was from playing with little green army men as children.
    The online multiplayer is currently very lagged. But I expect this will be cleared up shortly.
    The SMART movement system is definitely stellar, but not "revolutionary" as I was lead to believe. As a parkourist myself, I can tell you that there is very little of that in this game. And only the Light Bodytype is capable of it.
    I would love to give this game three stars, but I cannot give a game a review on what it will or could have become, but only what it is. Overall, this game gets 1/5 stars. Avoid until a year or so later.
  58. Jun 4, 2011
    This was one of my most anticipated games of 2011, all the cool features I heard about had me excited, but in the end it let me down, don't get me wrong it's not a bad game, and the ability to fully customize your character is cool, and it's fun to play with friends or a well organized group of people, so it's good but not great, this game was built for multiplayer, so if your not connected to Xbox Live I wouldn't recommend it, and only then if you have friends who will play this with you, if your not connected to Xbox Live you'll have to play with the stupid A.I. , who rarely work with you, when you have to stop enemies from hacking a computer, instead of working with you the A.I. will run off to hack a computer or something while your left to fight off the endless hordes of enemies by yourself, so it's frustrating at times, and the smart system doesn't always work like they said it would, but if you get some friends together and play this, and manage you time and choose the correct classes, this can be fun, but in the end it's good but not great. Expand
  59. May 12, 2011
    Shadowrun 2.0 .... those of you who played and loved Shadowrun will understand what that means. Communication, teamwork, and movement are so much more important than simply pulling the trigger. And EVERY class is important to the completion of a mission. This could potentially be the answer to Team Fortress 2 and Shadowrun that were left out to pasture and NEVER supported by Microsoft after release (you will remember the battles between Microsoft and Valve about DLC, and that Microsoft swallowed up FASA into Microsoft Games Studio). And a note about how the "professional" reviews complain about the choke points. The choke points are INTENDED! This is where teamwork, strategy, communication, and using SMART to access alternate paths all come into play. I can't get over just how exhilarating this game is when everyone is talking and working together. I'm really disappointed on how many of the "professional" reviewers don't seem to want to learn HOW to play the game (hey, just like Shadowrun), so I strongly encourage you to try the game for yourself. Take your time. Explore. Experiment. And learn. I promise you will be rewarded. Expand
  60. May 11, 2011
    After playing this game for a few hours, I have realized 1 major thing:

    No one knows how to play this game. Yes, I am including myself too.

    The problem is, no one knows how to treat this game. The Parkour mechanic is great and is very useful for the game, but no one knows how to use it. The guns and weapons that are available and customizable are perfect with the game's eb and flow, but
    no one understands how they work. People keep comparing this game to more realistic games like Call of Duty or the recent Battlefields, but it is not. This game is more of an upgraded version of the old style FPS games we played back in the days, like Quake and Half-Life. I am still learning the game and it is a tough learning curve, but people don't understand that, first and foremost, it is a TEAM GAME. You will not get far if you decide to lone wolf it past everything. The game mechanics require that all 4 classes that are available (Soldier, Engineer, Medic, and Operative) are all out at the same time, not when one is most convenient. A good team make-up can accomplish all of the main objectives and secondary objectives, which if completed can help out the team greatly when it comes to completing the mission as a whole, and can be a lot of fun.

    For those that have played the game, instead of putting 4 engineers on your team just to complete a main objective, replace 2 of them with either 2 medics or a soldier and a medic and have one of the engineers place protection around you and buff the others to defend taking over an objective. For those that haven't played the game, it is a great game as long as you have the right mindset. There are no instant kill head shots in this game, but hitting the head does cause extra damage. Grenades are not meant for killing, they are meant for crowd control; to knock others down and help the team clear them out. The only instant kill you can possibly get in the game is an up-close shotgun, and even then that isn't guaranteed if the opposing team properly buffed their teammates. You will not get far playing by yourself and standing and shooting out in the open. Even if you managed to do a lone wolf style game and you aren't a soldier, what will you do when you run out of ammo? Or the other team has medics properly checking the battlefield and resurrecting everyone you just took down? You half to work as a team and properly scan the battlefield and check your objectives. Is there a gun turret you can setup to help defend and/or suppress? Get an engineer on it. Is there a shortcut that is between you and the other half of your team? Defend your soldier to blow up the wall. Enemy turret keeping you at bay? Don't destroy it, get and operative on the other side of it to hack it and turn it on the enemy.
    The problem is that no one looking at this game for what it was meant to be. They are looking at it for what they wanted it to be. I understand, as I did the same thing. But then I saw what they were looking for and started adjusting. In fact, I noticed that as you level up higher more people seem to understand this and are working like well oiled machines as opposed to jumping into the fray think you can one-shot everyone. Mad about the number of maps available? The game has noted that it will have downloadable content. Those 8 maps will probably increase to 12 or 16 in a couple months. Think the number of guns or the variety isn't enough? Then pick the heavy body type to unlock all the guns or, better yet, what for more downloadable content to be available in the very near future.
    Once again it is a hard game to adjust to, but the learning curve is simpler than it seems. When you get past that learning curve, you will then learn that getting great at this game requires you to work with a bunch of people you may not know but be great at doing it. Listen for your team; they shout in game what someone will be doing. Go support them. In fact, make it an objective and get more experience for it! That is how this game is meant to be. Stop looking for what you wanted this game to be and start learning what this game is meant to be. I slowly am, and I am loving every minute of it.
  61. May 11, 2011
    What a terrible game. It looks and feels old. Seems like they just took bits from other games to make Brink. CoD:MW + TF2 = Brink. The multiplayer experience is useless and dumb.
  62. May 10, 2011
    I have been playing the game for 2 days no, and it is absolutely revetting! I love the art style and it is quite refreshing to be able to change through so many classes and complete objectives not just by killing others.
  63. May 10, 2011
    I bought the game yesterday and i havent had the chance to play it for more than an hour (why? thats a totally different review)...
    What i can say is this, Thou it may be somewhat unpolished it isnt anything that is critical to the gameplay. (remember Borderlands - it was awesome btw)
    Right now i am at work and i wish i was home alone - no wife, no kids - just playing.
  64. May 11, 2011
    I've been playing for a couple of days now on Xbox and can say that it is more like M.A.G., Battlefield Badcompany 2 and Crysis 2 then Call of Duty or Halo.Similar to M.A.G. because you will need team work to win. Bad Company 2 because it is squad based and teams who communicate WILL Crysis 2 because your character is SUPER mobile. It does take getting used to as most FPS do. For example how many of you have prestiged in COD then went on to play Battlefield. Game feels completely different doesn't it. Same here. Once you become accustomed to the movement and the objective system, you WILL realize the game is fast paced and very strategic. The choke points that most reviewers say are in the game become a non-issue when using parkour movement to get around it, FLANK your enemy and who knows, kill em, hack their turrets, or just spot for your squad mates. All of a sudden your getting experience points for doing things other then killing your enemies so you can receive perks and customization options. The game is definitely designed for teams, a Lone wolf will be able to succeed but it is alot more difficult to do so since you will HAVE TO fall-back many times to heal up or ammo up. As a fan of FPS and innovation in FPS I will say it is something to get and keep. Look beyond what you think an FPS should be and you will have a good time. Expand
  65. May 12, 2011
    Garbage game. The graphics are blurry, slow loading and there are only 8 maps in total! If you are looking for a good team based game I would go with Team Fortress. Much better
  66. May 14, 2011
    I bought Brink for Xbox, and so far, this game is awesome. It takes place on The Ark, the last bastion of humanity known on earth, with two sides fighting either to save, or escape it. The first thing you do is make your own character using Brink's robust character maker. They have it so that it's almost impossible to have the same exact character as someone else. The graphics in Brink are gorgeous. They seem like a mix of Borderlands and Battlefield. The main hook of the game, the SMART system, lets you move freely through the environment, almost like Mirrors Edge, and you just have to hold one button down to use it. In Brink there are three body types. Light, which lets you move quickly over, under and around the environment, but only lets you use SMGs. Medium, where you can't go everywhere that light can, and you get access to ARs and SMGs. And Heavy, which only lets you jump over waist high walls, but lets you use ARs and miniguns, and have the most health. One of the many cool things they did is made it so you have to do certain challenges to unlock new weapons and attachments. So a lvl 10 who didn't do any challenges wouldn't have the cool guns and attachments that a lvl 1 that did every challenge would, which adds to the games overall balance. there are four classes in the game, and you can change freely between them throughout a match. You'll have to in order to complete the many objectives offered throughout the matches. Solders, which give out ammo, can throw Molotov **** and can set demolition charges. Engineers, who can place mines and turrets, defuse the solders bombs and other engineers mines, and buff their teams weapons, giving them more damage. Medics, who heal and revive people. And Operatives, who act as the games spy's, and can disguise as an enemy player (but isn't able to shoot while disguised), hack the enemy's comms (which gives your teams a UAV) and hack into enemy intel. Your guns don't change when you switch classes, but your abilities (that you "pay for" with currency that you unlock while leveling up) do. Speaking of guns, there is a huge variety. The main differences are sacrifices to damage for accuracy or the other way around, but each handles in their own different way, (like, how much recoil, range, etc.) which is cool, because I'm used to the monotony of COD and Halo. Also, once you've completed your fair share of challenges, you get access to awesome attachments, from drum magazines (which about triple how much ammo you have in a clip) or one of the many sights. Even when you reach the relatively low level cap of 20, you can make a new character, with which you can you can basically start over (like the prestige system of COD) and use new abilities or try new weapons or tactics. The single player chapters are the multi-player maps. So, you could play through the whole story online, with other people playing instead of bots. (which you might want to do because the bots are brain-dead) The only downside I've found so far is that in a few online matches, I've experienced MAJOR lag, but backing out and finding a new match is quick and easy in this game, so lag is never too big of a problem. All and all, Brink is a new kind of FPS, making you abandon the conventions of old, and embrace the fast paced, beautiful, and inventive ones that Brink presents. Expand
  67. May 20, 2011
    Overview. This game went back today. I won't be pre ordering a Bethesda product again. I will also from now on be ignoring any reviewer who rated this game over 6 nevermind a corrupt 9. I have no affiliations with the , I'm just an avid gamer whose been taken as a mug. Multiplayer 1. As my wife pointed out to me the graphics are poor and everything looks slighlty blurry. 2. The lag is unbelievable and so frustrating.
    3. Weapons are dull.
    4. Why did they even bother with single player.
    5. Pathetic
  68. Jun 9, 2011
    Upon purchasing brink< I can honestly say I had my doubts as it was getting all of this nonsense PR yet I had not heard raving reviews, praising it as the new dawn of FPS games. Skeptically, I watched the tutorial video and went on to play the first mission. Right off the bat, single player AI is something you have to get used to, and coerce them into helping you do the ACTUAL objective. However, with a little patience you find yourself in a world that mixes Borderlands and Battlefield in almost a perfect blend. The resupply/aid system in the game is awesome, considering that the game is based much more on teamwork and tactics than all out slaying. This is not a game you can jump into, and expect to have your weapon as your best friend. There will be actual times where *OMG* you will have to take cover and work with your team. Another thing is the way you can effortlessly switch between classes, and unlock the virtually hundreds of items to use in the game. Customization is the name of this games revolution, and so far there is nothing that can match it. The fact that you can build multiple characters to even further the customization makes this game have thorough replay value. For all those who are bored with CoD and KIllzone, it's time to pop this game in and learn the new meaning of tactics. Expand
  69. May 12, 2011
    What a complete and under waste of money time and effort. Time and time again, we are treated to the hype and possibility of something worth the wait, and yet we are presented with this complete and utter rubbish.

    It not only doesnt move the genre forward, it allows for countless other companies to just roll out the same old crap time and time again. It is no wonder that COD and
    Battlefield rule the market when no one looks at the opporunity to create greatness, but rather just uses the wave of FPS fame to produce nothing new, unique, or adventurous.

    You have played it all before, many many many times there is nothing good about the game, and any reviews that are favourable need to splap themselves into reality and get out of the house.

  70. May 10, 2011
    Brink is definitely an enjoyable experience. Sure it's not the best, but it is at least something at least trying to differentiate shooter games from the usual CoD-esque games overpopulating the shooting genre. It's a mix between TF2, Mirror's edge, CoD, and halo. It's a class and team based game where you are playing to capture objectives while fending off the enemy, like TF2. The parkour can be a big element in the game, like mirror's edge. There are realistic guns and an in depth gun an ability customizer, sort of like CoD. Finally, there is an in depth character customizer, similar to that of halo.
    If you are thinking that it will be like CoD though with the usual quick kills, killstreaks, prestiging, campaign and multiplayer, I suggest to look elsewhere. If you go in thinking this, you'll be disappointed.
    Brink is a game focused on team and friend play. The only multiplayer is matchmaking for the campaign maps. The campaign is the same as this but with AI instead of other players. There doesn't seem to be much of a story, but it's entertaining at least
    It has many elements that I like such as parkour, it being an FPS, having custom control mapping, objectives, team-play, and classes, which is why I enjoy it, but the lack of true multiplayer makes me rather disappointed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    The challenge maps are rather fun with friends though. They are basically separate maps with different styles of objectives such as parkour around a map as quick as you can, or completing an objective chain
    Overall: It's an enjoyable experience, it has in depth character creation and gun customization, but probably more a rent
  71. Oct 31, 2011
    Brink is a game you will either love or hate and probably i would say this is going to be decided by how much experience you have in gaming, especially in fps types of games. My experience with Brink for the most part was extremely fun and I view this game as completely underrated. Brink is basically a blend of almost all the best and diverse fps games of the past. Gameplay wise it is a cross between team based strategic and tactical fps, most similar to MAG and Section 8 which requires you to learn how to attack as a squad, not a lone wolf but has lightened up the approach with a bit of Team Fortress 2 arcade like feel. It has the visual inspiration of Borderlands mixed with Halo ODST and your character has customizations and cooldowns much like in Borderlands. Open character movement has been well implemented and inspired by Mirror's edge whereby it wants to allow you to climb anywhere on the run seamlessly and this works well. So basically the game is forcing you to use skills from 6 games and I think this is why i see so many moderate reviews for the game. Likely if you have not played a lot of games you are going to get overwhelmed by this game and think it's poorly designed, but if you are a hardcore player you will likely understand the game as second nature and love it. The game is technically pretty solid but i rate it an 8 for three reasons. One bad feature about the game is it is essentially a hardcore game buy only allows 8 by 8 play. I do not feel this is adequate to contribute to its freshness factor or staying power. Second problem i fell is potential for imbalance. I feel a 8 man squad of 4 engineers laying turrets combined with 4 medics to heal everyone up and advance to objectives by relying on the turrets was an overlooked flaw that could be used online. Thirdly, a lot of the guns just all seem the same. I'm ok with this though as i understand that they need to be that way to keep gameplay online balanced as much as possible. Do yourself a favor and consider my review if you are new to gaming, this is a great game that got punished by bad reviews by players not ready to adapt to this type of game. It is hardcore as advertised and technically very solid. Expand
  72. May 14, 2011
    After playing Brink non-stop I'm starting to feel disappointed mostly on the terrible map design. The AI is like something of a joke and the overall feeling you get when playing a really good game isnâ
  73. cmd
    May 17, 2011
    With it's totally unplayable online mode, even those populated with bots this makes it hard to justify the full price.

    If it would have been $15 and lag free it would have potential since it got some cool ideas but locking down kits for each objective was not fun in Quake Wars and its not fun now.
  74. May 17, 2011
    I, like many other's who have reviewed this game gave it an honest shot. Unfortunately all this game does right is initially impress us with the customized character menu - the character models look great. There is where the appeal stops for brink. My experience with the game was buggy, laggy, and helter skelter terms of what the heck was going on. Those who can forgive a game for shoddy AI, ridiculous map designs that crowds teams into hallways, can have fun enjoying this game while they can - the community will die very quickly.

    I wish people would not feel obligated to give a game an amazing score because they paid 60-70 bucks for it. This game is not good, and wouldn't even be good as an XBLA title.
  75. Jul 17, 2011
    I was really looking forward to Brink, but when it got mixed reviews I decided to think about it. But I bought it anyway early in July. I was a bit disappointed, since I did not get excited about the single player for one bit. That explains how bad the campaign is. The same goes for the A.I, since even on the Easy setting I keep getting incapacitated a LOT! There are custom settings for multiplayer, but they are for Private matches only which sucks.

    The parkour mechanic is alright, but it doesn't work well. I actually would have loved it if you just pressed LB to turn parkour mode on or off, but instead, Splash Damage just HAD to do the following: Press LB to turn sprint on or off and HOLD LB for parkour.

    There are ONLY 4 challenges to do, all have 1 star, 2 star and 3 star level. So the challenges are terrible.

    Brink is, to me, quite an unfinished title. I may hate the A.I, but I can always go on Multiplayer right? The SMART mechanic is a nice addition to the game and I will hopefully be getting the free DLC when it releases at the end of the month. If you have an Xbox 360 and Brink, I'd be happy to play with you. Brink is a great shooter, but designed for multiplayer experiences. Ignore the problems and you should have a fine shooter.
  76. May 24, 2011
    Brink was suppose to be a fps revolution, too bad it turned out to be mediocre product (at least on xbox) with more annoyances than you can imagine.Muddy, washed out, low resolution textures that constantly load here and there, unfriendly confusing GUI, unlocks for weapons that can be only obtained by playing single player challenges and extremely clunky non responsive controls that makes you feel like ur character has bunch of bricks in his pants ...throw in so called single player and you end up with a $60 game that forces you to ask yourself " what the **** did I just bought !" There are some cool aspects like classes and team objective gameplay but at the end its just not enough (at least for me) and only way I could recommend this title is to wait for a bargain bin price Expand
  77. May 15, 2011
    due to all mixed reviews nearly never bought so pleased i did low on content however a unbelievable tacticial game is hidden away if u persivier free dlc june new maps and additional content keep it coming splash damage mint ps we need high level cap 50 say
  78. May 24, 2011
    Funnily enough I quite liked Brink. I bought the game without much prior knowledge or hype and was pleasantly surprised. The character customization is great. The game objectives give you something to actually play for, and the level design is rather good for the most part. So why have only given Brink a 5? Player base. I've purchased the game a mere 2 weeks (if that) after release and there is NO-ONE playing. Or at least not in my area of the world (Australia/New Zealand). Playing against bots just doesn't have the same appeal. The game is pretty much dead, and so soon after release is disappointing. This game could have been good, but I cannot recommend it to anyone as it is no longer played. Now I have to try and sell. Expand
  79. May 20, 2011
    You have no idea how much I wanted this game to be good. Unfortunately, it's not. I implore you to do yourself a favour stay away from this mess. Everything in this this game is broken - from the disappointment of the visuals to the shooting/running mechanics. The concept may have sounded neat on paper, but the final result is not a good game. It's short, it's shallow, it's not fun, it's full of unnerving glitches. And the stupidity of the AI - oh, don't even get me started. Bottom line - save your money. Expand
  80. May 30, 2011
    Im going to start on a low note, Brink was a game i was going to get day one then i went to gamestop to have my buddies there tell me the game was horrible so i got marvel vs capcom 3 then a couple days later i picked up brink anyway got home put it in hour and a half later i beat the revolution portion of the story and i was not satisfied at all. The only idea of a storyline is the beginning cutseen. Then its just basicly capturing headcorders and protecting bases but its kept me intertained its unique to the other FPSs out there so i thoguht this was OK Expand
  81. Dec 10, 2011
    After playing Black Ops half to death, the symptoms of CoD-itis were beginning to show. I wanted to try out a new, fresh shooter that actually did something different rather than used the same old rinse-and-repeat mechanics that plague every new Call of Duty. Brink's prospect of a free-flowing parkour system, fresh ideas, joyfully customisable and teamwork-oriented gameplay.

    Well, when I
    got into the game I discovered this was not the case. The maps were as boring as a brownbread ham sandwich, the customisation elements seemed rather pointless, the SMART system felt tedious, the voice actors lacked talent, the graphics are average, and the story was.....wait, what story?

    Despite all of its flaws, to its credit the guns do feel pretty solid and the teamplay works pretty well. In addition to the multiplayer, there is a pretty neat challenge mode, but there's only about four challenges, and the only replay value attached to them is in trying to achieve more points.

    But there's yet more flaws. The game is CRAMMED with bugs and graphical issues, and in a foolish attempt to 'unify' single-player and multiplayer, there is only eight levels. In the entire game. Each of these maps have one mission. And that's it. The game doesn't even have enough replay value to keep its players occupied.

    In spite of all the teamwork-gameplay and 'freshness', the most Brink is capable of achieving is the status of 'just another shooter'. Behind the illusion, you still have unlockable guns, perks and abilities, which, at heart, makes Brink a CoD clone, really. While it's new ideas could have been revolutionary, a lack of a story and bad voice actors keeps players disinterested in the missions; you quickly tire of the eight missions; the dull graphics make you want to fall asleep.....I could go on forever.

    In conclusion, Brink is probably simply best for the kind of person who's sick of Call of Duty to pick Brink up for five pounds when the price drops. They'll be entertained by the moments of fun, but to be fair Brink will probably end up being condemned to the bottom of the games collection, forcing you to wonder what this could have been.
  82. May 15, 2011
    The character customization and class abilities/design are really well balanced and great, I personally really like the stylized and interesting architecture and design of the gameplay world and characters. There is an overwhelming amount of customization and I love the guns too. The way you can choose between a heavy, light and medium characters is really great, and it is coming out with a FREE dlc that will be adding more maps, more guns and more awesomely fun gameplay. I feel really bad about how the initial problems with lag have given so many people a negative view of this game, but the lag has been fixed with me and I have had no trouble at all. IMO this is a great game and it will only get better. Expand
  83. May 10, 2011
    This game is VERY odd. Not what I was expecting at all. Brink has the same type of campaign as Star Wars Battlefront II. By that I mean it has many small missions on small maps instead of a linear storyline.
  84. May 10, 2011
    I signed up just to give this a review. I have to say I went into this game disappointed due to the reviews and was surprised to find a game I really enjoy. I have to agree with the 8.5 rounded down to a n 8 that others are mentioning. This game is pretty good and I would recommend people pick it up and give it a chance for yourself. The control is a little different than most shooters but it's not bad, just different. The class differences are fun and allow you to change things up if you keep hitting a death wall with your team. Bottom line- I normally trust the metacritic composite ratings for games but this is one that is better than you would guess based on those. Expand
  85. May 10, 2011
    The game is an excellent team-based shooter, if you're coming from Call of Duty, there will be a learning curve. The graphics are interesting and helps differentiate the game from other shooters on a FPS flooded video game market. The multiplayer is a blast to play and is objective-based so you're not just running around killing people trying to get your k/d up, this as I've said previously is about team-work first and foremost. Overall the gameplay is solid, the controls are tight, the graphics are unique, the multiplayer is addicting, and the game is truly different from anything console players have ever experienced. Expand
  86. May 10, 2011
    Brink is a very fun 1st person shooter by splash damage. Unlike to some peoples thoughts I actually really liked the guns. Just sayin.
    You jump into it and immediately choose which side you will fight for. You jump into character customization and you get to chose face, voice, etc. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that you can only use the medium body type right away, but
    The campaign is a bit confusing, I thought it was a normal single player but you actually are with a team and no not like a halo team where you are basically a lone wolf but you have to use the team to your advantage. The AI is not the best though. And I only found that it was the team AI. The enemy AI is quite smart and acts very human like. The prominent example of this is when I was trying to hack a safe. I expected the AI to guard me and make sure I didn't die. THEY ALL RAN AWAY AND LEFT ME FOR DEAD! They then all came back with two more operatives and helped me. Besides those couple of problems I loved this game
    Definatley worth the two mile run
  87. May 10, 2011
    I was pretty blown away by this game. There was a good amount of hype for it, and then a load of bad reviews. I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I actually got a chance to play I had a blast. The AI is full blown stupid admittedly, but the online play is really fun. Throw in a patch from splash damage to fix some minor issues and this game will be a major contender.
  88. May 10, 2011
    First things first, ignore all the reviews from people who say that this game is bad. Yes there is minor bugs with audio and a internet hosting issue on the xbox but that will be fixed. Now with that being said this game is a completely different concept of a game from Call of duty and Halo and pretty much any FPS out there. This game is meant to be strictly a team game and for people to work together. It is very similar to team fortress which was an amazing game. The only thing that will make you bored of this game is repetitive multiplayer matches over and over. And that's with all games really over time. That's the multiplayer perspective of the game. As for the campaign "story line" it's not really well explained you get a few cut scenes here and there but that's about it and some audio logs. The campaign is basically the multiplayer with Ai's. The multiplayer of this game is very worthy of competitive gaming. Hope this is helpful for people. Also if you are hoping for a Call of duty,halo,battlefield, This game is not for you. Expand
  89. May 12, 2011
    Wow never seen a game so divided. I have been waiting for ages in anticipation for Brink and was hoping it would deliver. Thank god it has. The character customisation is so detailed, you can really be creative. Although it multiplayer/team based you can set your own goals. Im loving the fast pace and parkour but still can't get the flips like in the trailer.
  90. May 13, 2011
    These are my First impressions of Brink on the Xbox 360. Customising your main Character is fun however any changes you make that would be permanent in real live are permanent in the game, for example tattoos and scars. Also your Character will end up looking like someone from Bo-Selecta.

    The main game can be played on-line or off you get extra xp for playing on-line plus its more fun
    shooting real people not bots. Main differences to Call of Duty (COD) are: 1.There are no points or kill count, one team has a set of goals and the other tries to stop them and run down the clock.
    2. You can take a lot more bullets before you go down. Once you are down a medic can revive you unless the other team kills you off.
    3. Games can last for over 1/2 an hour.
    4. the free running aspect. If it looks like you should be able to get some where you can, just by looking where you want to go and holding down jump.
    5. You can set up a custom match with things like friendly fire turn off or on.

    Some of the reviews for brink have been around the 6 out of ten mark. I have read their comments and I can only assume they were playing an unpatched version of the game. The version I have been playing since lunch yesterday is a smooth fun experience. I always play the game with real people on-line and I have noticed no more 'Jerking off' than in COD. Also this game is not a COD clone and I am enjoying the differences to COD.

    When you first play here are a couple of things to try. Change the control Scheme to COD there is a Something Duty control scheme that every one will be familiar with. Complete the first level of the challenges this will unlock new guns and attachments, Challenge mode is one of the game modes you can select, I recommend playing them anyway as they act as a sort of tutorial. I recommend This Game.
  91. May 24, 2011
    While I did enjoy my time with brink it also left me wondering.....what just happened? The overall interface is a little confusing IMO and I often had a hard time understanding who was on my team and who or what was a bot. Perhaps I am just ignorant and the execution of the team mechanic was lost on me. Nonetheless I was left with a feeling of wanting more by the time I decided to call it quits with Brink. That is not to say the game does not have it's strong points and should be outright dismissed, it just did not work for me. Both the movement and gun play in Brink is excellent. Hit detection seems to be overall excellent and clean. The movement system really had me smiling from time to time. It was great to run, jump and slide around the map avoiding enemy gunfire on the way to my next objective. There is also a great deal of character and weapon customization at ones disposal. Everything from grips, silencers to under mounted grenade launchers. Mostly standard fare but still cool. You have enough character options to truly craft a unique persona and probably not run into anyone else that looks even remotely like you, if you can determine when you are actually online with other human players which was my main problem. Some may read this and think I am a fool for not being able to determine a bot from the human counterpart, but so be it. I have been a gamer for over 30 years now and overall Brink left me a little confused. IMO it is worth a rent to check it out and see if it may be for you, but I do not think this game is worth the full $60 price tag by any means. Expand
  92. May 14, 2011
    Simply over-hyped and does not deliver the fun you'd expect. Laggy, hardware issues that make you doubt it has been tested and too focused on online modes.
  93. May 15, 2011
    10/10 Brilliant game!!!
    This Brings the team work back into FPS games. Graphics are wonderful maps are fun also, i am not sure why people are complaining about lag. I have played alot of games online and its been fine for me. If you want a game based on K/D ration like cod then this is not for you. This game is about helping each other to overcome the enemy.
  94. May 17, 2011
    Patched fixed everything. Critics review based on hype, what will get traffic to their sites and who buys the most ad space. This game is fun hands down.
  95. May 20, 2011
    An opportunity wasted to bring something new & fresh to an increasingly stale genre.Brink could have been so much more but instead it gets let down by dated graphics & sound,lack of maps,poor single player,lag in multiplayer & a poorly implemented Parkour system.
    It does have a few plus points though,the character customization & character balancing are good and splash damage should be
    applauded for trying something new.
    I hope they make a sequel but learn from this game as it can only get better.
  96. May 31, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm giving it a 2. I beat the game in 2 days. Unlocked every weapon, attachment, and beat every mission, all offline. The plot has 2 sides, each give just enough of a cutscene to start the next mission, but no background, no story, no depth. It doesn't tell why you have to set off a missile, or raid slums for a vaccine. The real meat of that comes from the audio logs you unlock, and even they don't tell much. The gameplay is a standard shooter. Play CoD MW2 and it's the same thing. 3 body types determine what weapons you can use. You CAN customize what attachments go on which weapons, kind of like Army of 2, but the overall impact is tiny. Most often, a game has 2 sides. 1 attacking and 1 defending. Defending is easy, just camp and shoot. Attacking feels like slogging through concrete for 10 minutes. The missions are timed, you get more time for finishing main objectives, turning a ten-minute uphill brawl into a thirty minute massacre. The game is built for online play, which I do not have. I suppose it might be easier, but honestly, it's just another shooter.

    The SMART system is ok. You can climb things really well, but you have to sacrifice your awareness of surroundings to aim where you want to go. A Heavy moves slowest, cant sprint much, and can't climb higher than his waist. A Light has the highest mobility, it's how the game is meant to be played. The problem is very little health, a pistol can kill you in three shots. And they can only use SMGs and pistols. (very little firepower). The game is about tactics. Send heavys to tank and support, mediums to complete main objectives (they are the bulk of the army b/c they can use most weapons and still have decent mobility), and lights to flank and pepper the enemy, using their skills to aid of harass. Customization is extremely good. There's a lot of ways to make your guy trulys unique. However, there are no girls in the game at all. The only mention of a girl was a faceless founder in the audio logs, no actual character model. Neither side is really likeable, both seem to be basically thugs. The Resistance has more personality in their clothes, but they're extremist thugs. The Security is smarter, and their cause is just. In conclusion, do not go out and buy this game. It is not worth the money. Rent it first, and wait until it's in the bargain bin, or buy it used for less than $20. For a game from a brand new company, its not bad. But games are expensive, and I'm not spending my money for anything less than the best.
  97. Jun 1, 2011
    I give brink a 9 out of 10 simply because it is a great break from the bleak genre that is first person shooters. Too many games have been created that have fallen under the concept designs first laid down by either Halo 2 or Call of duty: Modern Warfare. The games design is to be team based, and if the bots, while sometimes showing lacks of intelligence, still complete objectives and allow you to play the game the way YOU want to, and there are endless ways to do that. The bottom line: if you're critical of a game based on the belief that Call of duty is the only way to make a first person shooter, and have no friends online who you enjoy playing with, then by no means buy this game. However, if you are willing to have a hell of a good time with your friends, killing other people and working as a team to have success, and be able to jump around like however you damn well please, and are willing to overlook slight imperfections that don't heed game play in the slightest that then definitely play this game, you will love it Expand
  98. Jun 5, 2011
    While Brink is a wonderful multiplayer game, it is just that: A multiplayer game. The singleplayer AI lacks the intelligence to create a full experience, while the objectives are often much harder when you have no competent allies to help. Beyond the bad AI, Brink is a wonderful game. While it could use a better tutorial, and perhaps more of a backstory, the gameplay is phenomenal.
  99. Jul 13, 2011
    It's quite a depressing feeling when you discover that you've dished out £45 for something you only want to play once.
    I was really looking forward to this game, the ideas of free-running and shooting seemed to be a match made in heaven. Sadly it wasn't. The enemy A.I. Is stupid, the graphics were mediocre and the gameplay was repetitive and dull.
    There was no real feeling of
    shooting when I fired my rifle, the weapon seemed ineffective and limp as the enemy in front of me slightly wriggled while I emptied an entire magazine into his cliched urban soldier body. After all, who can't take 46 rounds to the chest from an assault rifle whilst hacking a computer?
    I have spoken to numerous friends about this game (who have also fallen foul to Brink's over confident advertising campaign), the outcome was one of anger and a an increasing lack of faith in modern computer gaming development. I'm off to sell my copy on a well know auction site now. It'll go for a cheap price but I still beg you, don't buy it from me or anywhere else.
  100. Jul 4, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bottom line up front, this game was just poorly designed. Unless you have friends that can play it too, you're at the mercy of playing with incapable AI teammates that are more interested in capturing and re-capturing command posts versus actually completing the main objective. And I swear to crap that constantly hearing "THEY"VE CAPTURED OUR COMMAND POST" just because comparable with hearing nails on a chalk board. I made the mistake of buying this, where it will remain on my shelf after possibly playing only about 10 hours of it. This game is also the reason I joined, and will be using Metacritic from now on before I buy any more games!!! Expand
  101. May 10, 2011
    Brink is a very fun 1st person shooter by splash damage. Unlike to some peoples thoughts I actually really liked the guns. Just sayin.
    You jump into it and immediately choose which side you will fight for. You jump into character customization and you get to chose face, voice, etc. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that you can only use the medium body type right away, but
    The campaign is a bit confusing, I thought it was a normal single player but you actually are with a team and no not like a halo team where you are basically a lone wolf but you have to use the team to your advantage. The AI is not the best though. And I only found that it was the team AI. The enemy AI is quite smart and acts very human like. The prominent example of this is when I was trying to hack a safe. I expected the AI to guard me and make sure I didn't die. THEY ALL RAN AWAY AND LEFT ME FOR DEAD! They then all came back with two more operatives and helped me. Besides those couple of problems I loved this game
    Definatley worth the two mile run

Mixed or average reviews - based on 85 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 85
  2. Negative: 7 out of 85
  1. Dec 12, 2011
    Brink can be awesome and annoying, euphoric and inexplicable, all in the same breath. Unfortunately, fist pumps are followed by fits of controller throwing all too regularly to make this one score much higher.
  2. Jul 1, 2011
    Interesting but unpolished, ambitious but too weak to lift the weight of these ambitions. What bothered me most was that the brilliant idea of bringing other players into your single player mode was not realized properly. [June 2011, p.80]
  3. Jun 28, 2011
    It offers a new angle on the genre and one that will excite fans. [Issue#73, p.84]