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  • Summary: Go on your dream hunting adventure as you travel to the world's most prestigious hunting locations in pursuit of the most exotic and sought after big-game trophy animals. Put your hunting skills and techniques to the test in Montana, British Columbia, New Zealand, Africa, and Argentina. You'll need all the improved mechanics such as hunter's sense, adrenaline mode and stealth, to sight in and shoot elk, moose, red stag, mule deer, cape buffalo, caribou, cougar, wild boar, kudu, and grizzly bear. Master hunting strategies like glassing, stalking, tracking, long-range shooting, baiting, stands, and blinds. Beware of dangerous game that will threaten and stalk you until a final encounter where you must use your hunting skill to bring it down. Expand
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  1. BGH feels somewhat real. [Jan 2008, p.69]
  2. 59
    Like most Cabela games, Big Game Hunter is lacking in most categories that really matter; mainly the overall fun factor that the game offers.
  3. Cabela's Big Game Hunt is fails to deliver on all fronts, failing to provide a realistic hunting simulation or at least compelling gameplay.
  4. Fun Labs need to remember the fun was never in the shooting, but the hunting. [June 2008, p.84]
  5. It's not 'Big' and it's certainly not clever. [June 2008, p.76]
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  1. Apr 8, 2011
    I found this in the discount bin and so I bought it for 10 bucks. Heellsyeh for 10 bucks it ain't bad. Got a real good laugh from some of the characters in it. For serious hunters only. Expand