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  1. 100
    A freakin' work of art. It is, without a doubt, the best-looking console game to date, and the most psychotically intense World War II shooter to boot.
  2. 100
    It’s by far the best of its kind, and the variable but fair enemy AI keeps the game fresh, especially on higher difficulties.
  3. 100
    As you play the game you just can’t help dropping your jaw in amazement at what you’re seeing and getting to do.
  4. Something special. It's a war shooter that's both intoxicating yet grisly. From the game's first moments as a young Russian soldier learning the ropes, you'll be sucked in to combat.
  5. Game Informer
    Quite simply, this is the best WWII game ever made. [Dec 2005, p.146]
  6. Infinity Ward took the bar, threw it up, and jumped over it when it was still in the air.
  7. A true gamer’s dream. This is a title where every aspect of gaming comes together seamlessly to make an instant classic and quite possibly the best Xbox 360 game on the market right now.
  8. 95
    It's so pretty that it’s fun to just simply watch it rather than play it.
  9. A fantastic PC title that didn't get watered down in the conversion to console. If this is the future of console gaming, I'm sold.
  10. Call of Duty 2 is easily one of the best war games I've ever had the chance to play. It features one hell of a campaign as well as a solid online game to boot. Infinity Ward has created a near masterpiece in this amazing sequel. Call of Duty 2 is a must have game, any way you look at it. What are you waiting for? Go buy it now!
  11. 95
    Sure the health system is unrealistic and the multiplayer options may be a little drab, but the game itself is phenomenal. This is easily the best WWII shooter on the market and the best FPS on the Xbox 360.
  12. A fantastic effort, and worth the cash to own this one outright.
  13. 95
    A must have title. If this is the future of console gaming, I'm sold.
  14. The definitive, most universally appealing WWII title ever made. It's not that the game does anything more or less than its digital brothers in arms, far from it, but instead it strips the genre down to the bare essentials and this turns it into one of the most pure shooters we've seen for some time.
  15. As close as you'll come to starring in an epic war movie.
  16. I'm generally the first guy around to make fun of "another WWII-themed game," but Call of Duty 2 not only wiped that smirk off my face but turned it into a teeth-grinding, pulse-quickening, Nazi-shooting grimace. When you have to put down the controller after one mission just to gather your wits about you, you know you’ve found a great game.
  17. It is a finely tuned work of art with so much research and attention to detail incorporated into it that action gamers will become totally immersed in the unrelenting experience of brutal combat.
  18. The environments (indoor and outdoor) all scream for you to search through them all and see the effort put forth to create this fantastic game.
  19. Both online and offline, this is my frontrunner for Game of the Year until something else shows me otherwise.
  20. Stunning graphically, a pleasure to control with the 360 gamepad, Call of Duty 2 is an amazing example of precisely what gamers can expect from the machine.
  21. The single-player experience is worth the price of admission alone and must be seen to be believed.
  22. The single mission is definitely worth the full price of admission, compared to games where all of the emphasis is on the online play.
  23. An amazing single-player experience is put together with a multiplayer section that doesn’t have the features it should, but the game’s quality still shines through, brightly.
  24. Infinity Ward did a great job of capturing the feel of such an awful and devastating war. It is easy to dedicate hours of your life to playing Call of Duty 2, and when you do, you won’t be disappointed.
  25. The impressive presentation and intuitive gameplay make a surprisingly enjoyable WWII adventure despite this being part of a tired genre.
  26. The fact that you can basically throw a whole bunch of Germans and a whole bunch of Allies into an environment and play out a realistic battle is really quite remarkable.
  27. Without multiplayer, this game is great. With multiplayer, it’s amazingly fun. Definitely worth getting.
  28. If you like FPS games on consoles, great immersion, true nextgen graphics, variety in single player, fun smooth multiplayer, and everything else good listed above then you’re going to want to at least rent this 15 hour classic.
  29. 90
    The comfortable 360 controller is actually better for this game than the trusty old mouse and keyboard. Movement with the analog sticks is natural, intuitively transitioning from walk to run without having to hold down a special key.
  30. Infinity Ward has created a PC game for the 360 (with better graphics than the PC version to boot) and managed to include not only next-gen sounds and graphics, but also gameplay features that were basically impossible on the old hardware.
  31. 90
    It succeeds graphically, over-achieves in the audio department, and plays with such deft design and implementation that the linear paths and lack of freedom won't even matter. Your ears will be rattling and your senses bombarded with such force, you’ll actually be happy to be directed through these levels.
  32. 90
    Yes, it's a World War II shooter, but it's not just any WWII shooter -- until there's a revolutionary leap in the genre, this stands as the most polished, intense, and atmospheric war shooter for the living room, bar none.
  33. Official Xbox Magazine
    A nine-hour, tension-filled rollercoaster ride. [Holiday 2005, p.66]
  34. The environments are fantastic and smooth, the gameplay is refined, and the aggressive AI could very well have you for lunch.
  35. 90
    One of the finest FPSs ever created. Thanks to a combination of sharp visuals, teeth-rattling sound effects, and tricky enemy AI, you'll be on the edge of your seat from the moment you're dropped into combat until your dying breath.
  36. Play Magazine
    It's one of the best games of the year. [Dec 2005, p.56]
  37. It couples some extremely well executed facets such as its great sense of realism and lovely visual effects, with its rock solid presentation.
  38. The mix of spectacular graphics, marvelous sound, and solid gameplay easily make CoD2 one of the Xbox 306’s must have launch titles.
  39. This is an enthralling shooter, with some fantastic setpieces we're aching to get back to. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  40. This is the best game on the Xbox 360 right now in my humble opinion, but I fear that another game might quickly take its place that offers some of the things that this game is lacking, i.e. co-op, both online and split-screen, in addition to a more controllable Xbox Live experience through the ability to host your own games and invite only your chums.
  41. AceGamez
    The impressive presentation and intuitive gameplay make a surprisingly enjoyable WWII adventure, despite this being a member of a tired genre.
  42. 90
    Everything a person can ask for in a war-based first person shooter: Precise control, plenty of action, great visuals and sound, and a musical score that compliments the action throughout.
  43. Probably the best launch title for the Xbox 360, with killer graphics, intense gameplay and a solid, if slightly small multiplayer element.
  44. If you can look past the thin multiplayer component, the questionable decision to let player's health regenerate, and the fact there's not a lot of replay value in Call of Duty 2, you'll find a very worthy successor to the franchise.
  45. This multiplayer component caps an already stunning single-player campaign and extends the value greatly. If you can't get enough of WWII, Call of Duty 2 is the hot ticket.
  46. 90
    The pure adrenaline rush that you get from any level in this game is amazing, the mission structure actually keeps you entertained, and the presentation and top-notch AI really draw the player into the game world.
  47. An exceptional game no matter which way you cut it: intense singleplayer with stunning graphics and audio, and a rock solid multiplayer component.
  48. It outguns just about every other console shooter currently on the market.
  49. Even if you're getting a little sick of the WW2 shooter genre, I'd suggest you give it a shot, as its gameplay is the right mix of fun and realism and the multiplayer modes are plenty of fun.
  50. It allows up to sixteen players to take the battle online and delivers on all accounts a satisfying WWII shooter. If you do happen to have Xbox Live (which I hope every Xbox 360 owner at least attempts to get), go immediately to the ‘headquarters’ mode and play that to death.
  51. Almost everything that makes the PC version one of the year's best shooters remains intact on the Xbox 360 version of the game, which looks just as good and actually runs smoother than all but the most beastly of gaming PCs.
  52. What makes Duty so special is the A.I. Enemies make great use of cover; they charge when it's to their advantage and give up positions when they know they're beat; they actually seem to understand grenades, running from them or tossing them at the perfect spot to draw you out of hiding.
  53. Admittedly the game’s next-gen appeal is questionable since it shuns flashy graphical effects in favour of immense detail and smooth action, but the fact alone that it can stand alongside the PC version looking none-the-worse for it speaks volumes about how far console gaming has come.
  54. A very solid launch title for the Xbox 360 but there’s still room for improvement, like some kind of enveloping physics engine.
  55. Although the game could probably be completed in a rental period on easier settings I have no doubts that this game is one title that many players will want to replay over and over.
  56. Easily one of the most cinematic games released on any platform. The graphics and sound grab you from the first mission and carry you through to the end of the game. The only thing that is really holding the game back is the buggy/laggy multiplayer which will hopefully be fixed soon.
  57. 85
    A launch game all 360 owners should consider. An unforgettable single player experience that gets better the further you go.
  58. games(TM)
    The sense of mortality, tension and sheer scale makes for a truly stunning experience. [Christmas 2005, p.110]
  59. It will give you a ton of value as a single player game. It's also a great first effort for the genre on the next gen system.
  60. 80
    As far as sound goes, the game is loud. The rattling of chain guns, explosions, Nazi screams, the shouting of your teammates telling you to “throw some grenades in those windows!”, there’s quite a bit going on, and it’s all good.
  61. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    It's so gritty and intense that at times you can suspend your disbelief to such an extent that the couch, TV and controller simply melt away. [Issue #2]
  62. The single player is a phenomenal first-person shooter, standing firmly shoulder to soldier (sorry) with the best of the genre. However, its sorely under-developed multiplayer aspect has definitely let the side down, like a soldier who's lost his big toe in the war.
  63. It delivers unbelievable graphics and more cathartic chaos than you can shoot a luger at, but has something of a dumb head on its shoulders, an overly simple control scheme and busies itself providing greater densities of the same old content without doing anything new.
  64. Edge Magazine
    For those who can tolerate having their brain beaten numb by it, the game entails often enthralling, occasionally awe-inspiring sights and sounds. But little is there that’s new compared to much that needs renewal. [Christmas 2005, p.96]
  65. Of the shooters available on the 360 at launch, Call of Duty 2 is easily the most accessible and consistently entertaining single player offering, but if online is your thing you're better off considering what Rare has to offer ["Perfect Dark Zero"].
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 331 Ratings

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  1. Jul 17, 2011
    The First great Shooter for the Xbox 360? You bet your whole 120 million dollar mansion it is. Not only that, but out of all the games in theThe First great Shooter for the Xbox 360? You bet your whole 120 million dollar mansion it is. Not only that, but out of all the games in the Call Of Duty Franchise, this is the best. No, that's underestimating it. It is the ULTIMATE Call Of Duty Game to have. It is Infinity Ward's Masterpiece. Call of Duty 2, best played on the 360, is a testament to the modern day First Person Shooter. Unlike the original Call Of Duty, Call Of Duty 2 takes us to places in the war more epic and diverse than the Original. Normandy, the greatest and most gruesome battle of the War, is portrayed in CoD2. North Africa is portrayed in CoD2. Moscow is portrayed in CoD2. Stalingrad is portrayed in CoD2. It is an amazing experience. Not only that, but multiplayer is kick-ass awesome aswell. Very rrare in the Call Of Duty series a GREAT CAMPAIGN and GREAT MULTIPLAYER. Only two other in the Call Of Duty titles achieve this. Well done, Infinity Ward! Full Review »
  2. Aug 30, 2010
    Apparently these people don't realize that this is a pretty early xbox 360 game. It is a very solid shooter with solid graphics and gameplay.Apparently these people don't realize that this is a pretty early xbox 360 game. It is a very solid shooter with solid graphics and gameplay. The missions are fun and it keeps you busy after you beat the campaign with a solid multiplayer mode. Full Review »
  3. Jul 15, 2015
    We should never forget that at the roots, Call of Duty was one of (the ?) best FPS about World War 2, the second episode of the franchise isWe should never forget that at the roots, Call of Duty was one of (the ?) best FPS about World War 2, the second episode of the franchise is still a living proof of how great they recreated this awful, yet epic conflict in a remarkable game with three different campaign offering more than 10 hours of gameplay (if only the modern episodes could take it in example).

    Obviously aged hasn't be kind to the game and all the visual aspects feel outdated (which is pretty normal 10 years after) at the time they were great, but the audio of the game is still awesome and when playing in veteran (one false step and you're dead), you hear dozens of bullets, explosions, and germans shouting all around you, you're kind of afraid and make the game very engagin. We also have a great IA especially for your allies (it's not often in FPS than you don't feel like your teammates are just waiting for you to do all the job) and big scale combats with a lot of characters at the screen. Technically this game was fabulous for 2005.

    The only main default of the game is the abuse of infinite respawn enemies in certain areas, I'm strongly against this in FPS (except of course when you're objective is to hold a position for a certain amount of time), too bad because the rest of the level design is near perfection.

    In conclusion even 10 years after the game is still a reference for the FPS genre, and if you like shooters and don't care too much about visuals I strongly advised this game (you'll find it for almost nothing in the market) you won't be disappointed.
    Full Review »