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  1. Aug 17, 2011
    Please, do yourselves a favour and ignore the bad reviews given by users on Metacritic. In my eyes, this is one of the best multi-player games on the Xbox 360 today, and is still highly populated after four years of release. If you do not own it, do yourself a favour and BUY IT.

    Also notice that the vast majority of negative reviews on this website are given by either Battlefield or Halo
    marks, noticeable by their names of their suggestions of "HALO is better!" etc. Expand
  2. Jan 2, 2012
    Ok this is old I know, but this game used to be amazing, this game has gone downhill ever since, now its just people hacking... this game used to be made of gold... now the only thing made of gold in this game is some of the cammo... and hackers, if your going to hack, dont boast about it... it makes you look like a ****
  3. Sep 24, 2011
    Easily the best FPS in the past decade. The campaign has several major twists, but can be frustrating on veteran and hardened. It is also rather short, which in my opinion is just fine, because it has the ability to hold your attention the whole way through. The real attraction is Multiplayer, which in its time was revolutionary. It created killstreaks and redefined the idea of customization with a choice of your attachment, and perks. As anyone knows now those three things are all staples of FPS's now and CoD4 made it happen. It also have fantastic maps, such as backlot, vacant, strike, ambush, overgrown, crash, district, and crossfire. The only truly bad map is wetwork. In terms of weapon balance the M16 is slightly overpowered but other than that it is completely balanced. The perks offer a wide array of options and you are given completely viable perks and guns out of the gate. Expand
  4. Nov 5, 2011
    Call of Duty 4 is Probably the best cod game to date it has a number of things to praise like nice Graphics Sensational campaign and probably gets The 1st place on My XBox360 Games list with the best Multiplayer ive ever played and the characters are great Mainly talking about Price and Soap this is a great game no Doubt about it any Fan of First-Person-Shooters You cant go wrong with Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Must Buy! 10/10 A+ 100% Expand
  5. Oct 6, 2012
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare can sometimes be a fun game to play, but with an incoherent plot and a dull and repetitive gameplay, the game will soon become quite boring. The game's plot lacks cohesion and can confuse players with it's poorly connected storyline and the graphics are quite mediocre in which sometimes it can be good and sometimes it can be ugly. All the following instalments in the Modern Warfare franchise blatantly copy this game in all it's nothingness. If you are a Call of Duty fan you will surely like this, but everybody else will call it a bore. Expand
  6. Aug 22, 2010
    Call of duty modern warfare is by far one of the best games i've ever played. It has the funnest campaign ever and an amazing story with it. 2007 was a great year for gaming with halo 3 and bioshock and super mario galazy, but this is by far the best of the best. Graphics are now 3 years old and they are still the best of the best. Multiplayer is something that people are still playing today and will continue to for many years to come. With a crap load of weapons including some of the best snipers in COD history. Multiplayer maps were so good that they brought 4 of them into the sequel. Modern warfare gets a 10 out of 10.

  7. Aug 29, 2010
    Call of duty 4 is truly the best shooter i have ever played. It set new standards gameplay wise and visual wise. The single player campaign has an intense storyline and excellent gameplay that will keep you hooked till the very end. Now that is just half of this amazing experience as this game also has a great multiplayer that you put hours after hours days after days of gameplay into and it will never get old. Expand
  8. Nov 24, 2011
    Intriguing story, actually fun multiplayer (and I don't like very many multiplayer games), and great visuals for its time, this is a game that is not to be missed. One of the best of the generation.
  9. May 22, 2011
    It's really quite mediocre, as far as gameplay is concerned (and I'm only concerned with gameplay).

    The single player campaign's gameplay is entirely uninspired; it's mostly just shooting down hundreds of generic dumb-as-rocks terrorists or whatnot, which is made effortless and pointless by the autoaim feature, with an occasional minigame-like event. In any case, it's entirely scripted --
    at no point does the SP require any skill but following directions (except pressing the right button at the right time, in the case of the dogs and grenades, which are both instant kills and can be hard to avoid). The whole SP campaign really ends up being a skeleton on which to hang a bad action movie on. 1/5.

    As for multiplayer, it's better than the PC version, if only for the ability to play split-screen. I actually had quite a bit of fun after disabling the horribly overpowered killstreak gimmicks and enabling Old-School mode for the item collection skill (the default MP has a spawn-with-items system). They give you the tools to remove much of the dumbed-down FPS gameplay that's so ridiculously popular nowadays, and so it earns a solid 4/5 in my book.
  10. Nov 14, 2011
    Modern Warfare is a great game. Probably the best story mode for a FPS that I've played in a long time, but you play COD for the multiplayer. If you just bought any COD game for the story mode then you're not utilizing the full potential or the maxium level of enjoyment the game has to offer. The only complaint I have about the game is something that I will continue to see in the COD franchise I'm sure; maps feel way to restricted. I understand the game was meant to be more close quarter combat VS a more open map like Battlefield, but even Counter Strike feels like you have more room than the best COD map. MW and MW2 are in my opinion, the best the COD franchise has to offer at this point. Expand
  11. Jun 19, 2011
    My 3rd Call of Duty after COD 5 and COD 3. The graphics are better than COD 3 but not 5 which is a let down. However the main selling point is that it's modern which it does well. However for me the campaign was too unrealistic with the linear progression. A major let down for all games like COD is the regenerating health. Though it helps in real life your health doesn't regenerate. That aside the multiplayer fares better with the Old School mode especially. The amount of glitches exploited for the brilliant game Mike Myers is unreal yet fun. The campaign is the real let down for me and thats why it can't get a high mark. Expand
  12. Aug 1, 2011
    Multiplayer mode - unbeatable to say the least. The online of COD4 has NO match. The greatest online game ever to be released. Now this is a shooter. If you just bough an Xbox this is the game to get. MW2 and all other Call of Duty game are lame, this is what Started it all, this is what pushed call of duty to a new level, this is evolution and innovation. This is Call of Duty 4 Modern Warefare!! Back in the day I could play online for hours sometimes days non stop. 11/10 for online, 7/10 for story.!!!!!! No compare!!!!!! Expand
  13. Aug 18, 2011
    Instant classic, and unreal multiplayer. Call of Duty 4 has great weapons and the best online multiplayer to date. The story is a little bland but all is made up cause of the online. This is what pushed online multiplayer shooters to the limit. This game is what got everyone involved with online. This is anyone's kind of shooter, great game all around!
  14. Sep 21, 2011
    It's a great game with a great campaign experience. Although Multiplayer is Call of Duty's strong point, the story mode is an epic battlefield. If you're a fan of shooters, you can always count on Call of Duty to deliver.
  15. Aug 30, 2011
    in short: Pros: one of the best fps games of all time, brought a WW II based community into the future single player had a great story line multiplayer was fun and new cons: lackluster nowdays campaign is overshadowed by later games well, im sure if you havent bought this game by now that you dont care, but to me this was THE defining call of duty and brought fps games into the modern era, the multiplayer was absolutely amazing for the time.

    on the basis of the multiplayer, it had its unfair points such as juggernaut, but all in all it was a fair fun experience that even the lesser decent players could enjoy. returning to the game now would be useless only because the lobbies have little to no players and the ones who are left have "infections" that cloud the screen.

    the single player campaign is an amazing experience, it was my first time ever seeing something as epic as a nuke going off, and it astonished me at the time, il always remember that moment when your helicopter goes down and your character struggles to climb out, falling to the ground as his vision fades away.
  16. Oct 4, 2011
    Story: 3
    Characters: 6
    Graphics: 8
    Setting: 8
    Multiplayer: 10
    Soundtrack: 8
    Audio: 10
    Gameplay: 9
    Re-Playability Value: 9
    Fun Factor: 7

    Score: 7.8/10 = B+
  17. Mar 23, 2012
    This is arguably one of the most revolutionary shooters of all time. The single player campaign, the story, arcade mode and especially the online. CoD4 gave birth to the new generation of shooters. Everything feels lively and full of epic, intense action. Arcade mode adds replay value to the campaign and makes it very addictive to replay and get a higher score and move up the leaderboards. What's even more incredible is how all of the online maps are based off ones in single player, but you don't actually notice the variety in map design until you see the familiar places you went through in the story online. This game is why CoD is successful. It added customisation as well as challenges and the great ranking system, including prestige mode. There's just no point in even going through the additions this has made to multiplayer shooters. As single player experience alone, this is 10/10, let alone the multiplayer counterpart. And for those of you who think it's short, well guess what? It isn't. It's compact, not short. You get so much variety and epicness in so little time and you don't want it to end so that's why it feels short- because it's soooooooooo good. The difficulty level is done perfectly. Veteran is Veteran, and not just easy. I doubt that any time in the future a campaign will ome along that has more variety, is more engaing and has a better story and characters. In every way, CoD4's single player is by far one of the all-time greats. It may be fairly short, but the amount of content it holds, the outstanding level design, the intense gameplay, the distinctive characters, the excellent plot and the beautiful soundtrack. This has it all. And when you're finished, the awesome Arcade Mode allows you to play for high scores per level. "Short and epic", in the words of Battlefield 3's lead designer Patrick Bach, is better than long and boring. In CoD4 there are no fillers, no boring points. Every single second of every mission is put to good use. It is so well scripted. The multiplayer, of course, is what this game has received most credit for. And it deserves all merits too. The variety in level design from the campaign has lead to some of the best, if not THE best collection of multiplayer maps ever, with a great variety in environments and layouts. The multiplayer really is a complete package and can be enjoyed by all gamer of all skill levels with all sorts of playstyles. The different game modes, weapons, maps and challenges accomodate for everyone, and private matches are great fun to play organised games/set rules. Not only does CoD4 ooze revolution, but it is genuinely the best FPS of all time. Expand
  18. Jan 3, 2012
    The new face of war. I was uninterested in playing this sort of action war games and rather sick of the Call of Duty series until this entry came along and completely blew me away. Very tight narrative coupled with intense combat and some truly amazing moments makes for one real hell of a game.
  19. Nov 8, 2011
    I believe that this is the high water mark of this generation's first person shooters. The story mode is a blast and the online MP is nonstop fun. Loving this game might make me a "fanboy", but I'll be damned if I care.
  20. Mar 18, 2012
    Why does anyone like this game? It looks like crap, it plays like crap, the maps are crap, the story is crap, everything is crap. This has to be the most overrated game in history.
  21. Nov 13, 2011
    The only good Call of Duty besides 3 2 and 1. This game is the epitome of solid gunplay, tight controls and great hit detection. Even today its a blast to play. Way better than crappy warfare 3
  22. Dec 7, 2011
    A Complete and total FPS innovation. If you played this game then you know the deal. The greatest Call of Duty that ever was. Truly no other compares.
  23. Dec 17, 2011
    In my opinion the last truly innovative Call of Duty. Great multiplayer and jaw dropping campaign that I played for days, literally days, and I still play now. I just wish that the rest of the COD games were as original as this one.
  24. Nov 14, 2012
    Call of Duty 4 represents a landmark in modern gaming. The franchise that started in 2003 has finally stepped out of WWII and into the near future. The year is 2012 and the Afghan war has escalated to exponential proportions and the threat of an impending nuclear war and WWIII are looming ever closer. You play as a British S.A.S operative and a US Marine in an attempt to end this conflict before its too late.
    The gameplay has made several games of the FPS genre follow suit in its innovative design of creating tense battles in small spaces whilst remaining tactical at the same time. The multiplayer has defined console multiplayer and has followed suit a thousand fold. Call of Duty 4 may belong to a tired and tarnished franchise, but there is always a diamond in the rough.
  25. May 27, 2012
    This game is probably the best modern war shooter game ive played, but still not that special to me.
  26. Oct 2, 2012
    The story of COD 4: In the career mode of Call of Duty 4 you play as 2 characters. You play as soap for the British SAS and Miller for the US Marines. At first you work separately to bring down a terrorist name al-asad. You then start to work together and find out that al-asad is a puppet for another terrorist. Suitability: Age Ratings: COD4 is age rated 16+ and is M rated for blood, violence and strong language. I believe myself that COD4 is suitable for anybody over the age of 12. The reason I believe this game is suitable for anyone over the 12 is because now a day Expand
  27. Nov 25, 2010
    The campaign and multiplayer are exceptionally well done, even if the former is occasionally too linear. It's really too bad that Activision felt they had to release 3 more games following this one with almost the exact same formula. But still, COD4 is a stellar title.
  28. Oct 29, 2012
    Modern Warfare delivers on the hype. It's a great looking game, has a solid campaign, and great online multi-player. More importantly, it shows that Infinity Ward can break from what they are comfortable with and still deliver a great game. Hopefully this trend continues.
  29. Aug 29, 2010
    I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I think the single player campaign could have been a bit longer, but altogether I did enjoy the story. This is definitely a neat look inside of the technology that our military uses to keep up safe. The graphics look great, and they are very smooth. The voice acting is stellar, and the missions are creative. Overall, I think Infinity Ward took their time and really tired to make a great game, not necessarily a game that would make them an insane amount of money. The only places Modern Warfare is lacking are the length of the campaign and the multiplayer. Although it is a lot of fun to play this game with your buddies, there are very few options to make the multiplayer interesting. There are something like 10 multiplayer maps, 10 or so preset "classes" of warrior, and very few game types. I just wish it would've been upgraded with a few more options. All that said, this game is definitely worth the time, and the story alone is worth the money. Expand
  30. Apr 24, 2011
    Call of Duty 4 was one of the first games of this generation that I played, and I enjoyed the campaign. It is an action-packed, explosion-filled thrill ride from start to finish. The missions are varied and I didn't get bored. The way the game makes you sympathise for the characters is amicable, and there are twists along the way. The multiplayer is where this game rules; it kickstarted the franchise into what it is now, and if you go back and play this game you'll notice few differences between it and Black Ops, bar killed streaks, guns, perks and maps. If you haven't played Call of Duty 4, it's worth a rent at least, but you can get it quite cheap now and there are still thousands playing it online every day. 3/5. Expand

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  1. Simply put, Call of Duty 4 does everything right and nearly nothing wrong. But where it elevates itself above even the best 360 shooters is how all of the good stuff is ludicrously good. The campaign never lets up, while multiplayer is a triple-A affair in itself. [Dec 2007, p.36]
  2. COD4 is cutting-edge entertainment, but the downside to this dense and gripping delivery is that it's over far too quickly: five to six hours on Normal difficulty...COD4 is short but immensely satisfying and we can't wait for a post-modern revival. [Dec 2007, p.73]
  3. 94
    Though the single-player lacks length, the multiplayer should keep you invested in COD4 for the long winter. This is a truly fantastic multiplayer offering that's as deep as any other online game available.