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  2. Negative: 33 out of 78

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  1. May 12, 2011
    F*ck corporation greed! i dont give a flying.. how great the maps are (they are generic cod stuff) The zombie map should be sold for 3,9e alone and the maps for 4,9e or as a bundle 8e or something. CoD keeps its place as the platform where you can charge players quad the amount of contents worth and get away with it. Some corporations *cough* valve *cough* for example have given dozens of FREE maps for TF2, left 4 dead 2 has already gotten 3 free new maps and is waiting for the port of all the rest campaign maps from the first game. Whoa you can do that, give players something for free? Nah treyarch and infinity ward are all about the maximum profit. Wont support their greed by buying any of their add on **** nor wont be buying their newest instalment to the saga of "give us all your money". But hey if you are high on money you can buy this generic map pack with little to nothing new (zombie map is cool) or i think the publishers would also accept (soon they will most likely enforce it, like say pay 2 play) direct money donations to their bank accounts. Expand
  2. May 5, 2011
    Not worth the money at all. You would think a game with so much money would actually give what the community wants. I am happily going to say that I will never be buying another CoD product again.
  3. May 6, 2011
    Better than the first map pack release. Good balance and variety in maps. If you like to snipe, there are snipe points, if you like to run and gun, you can. Worth it.
  4. May 10, 2011
    While Black Ops is not my favourite FPS and I don't play it too much but with the new map pack I've come to play it again. This is the 2nd map pack for Black Ops with new multi-player maps and a new zombie map. The maps I have to admit are better then the last ones, the maps have more explorations and more new interesting things. The problem I have with the new maps is new camping spots and one map I think is camping heaven for campers, which you say? you'll know when your on. The new zombie map is the best point of the map pack. With new level designs and interactive environment's and best of all the new boss, George A. Romero. You'll have a fun time with this and good luck killing Georgie, you'll need it. good map pack. Expand
  5. May 8, 2011
    Anyone who pays a quarter of the game's price for some silly maps should be shot on sight. And if youre one of those people reading this review, youre giving in to what is simply corporate greed and nothing more. You are a sheep, nothing more. Although I am surprised by the title "Escalation"- I was expecting a metaphor for a $20 map pack.
  6. May 8, 2011
    I find it amusing that the scores of zero seem to be just a personal gripe, with no constructive criticism regarding the game at all, pretty poor reviewing i must say.
    Anyway moving on, i did pay for this one and found a lot of variety with a lot more to them but the new zombie map we love it with regular online and system link sessions happening , maybe some should get some friends !!
  7. Jun 11, 2011
    What a waste of money. Not only this map pack but black ops itself. I definitely will never be preordering or getting any more COD games without some significant metacritic feedback from now on.
  8. May 8, 2011
    Yea, I regret paying $15 for this, way too much for a map pack anyways. The last map pack was pretty good but I can't say the same for this. Maybe it will take some time to get use to them but at this point I do not like any of them at all. I really can't tell you why I don't like them, they just don't feel right.
  9. May 9, 2011
    Best call of duty map pack by far i like first strike but the multiplayer maps felt like they were missing something... with this map pack i can go 20-0 no problem just running around the map they feel more safer as in you will never loose a killstreak and the zombie map is this best
  10. Jun 25, 2011
    I loved the original modern warfare game for myriad reasons, but have not enjoyed this series as much since COD:MW2 or Black Ops. The series has always blown me away in terms of graphics, replay value, and the quality of the voice acting. What I cannot stand about this series is the lack of regulation for players who cheat on the multiplayer. I experienced this the most of Black Ops and I could also tell people were using mod switches. While this is a huge detriment to my multiplayer enjoyment, I do not fault Activision, but the players themselves. Conversely, I also see this as a sign of the game's popularity. I also wish I could control the vehicles when they are earned. I'm not a huge fan of the perk system as it limits the ability of newer players to use vehicles. Pros: Graphics, sound, the best voice acting of any of the FPS games I have ever played
    Cons: Cheating, linear multiplayer gameplay
  11. May 12, 2011
    Escalation is a great experience. You have to hand it to Treyarch to actually listening to its customers and improving on an already robust map platform. People complain about the price, but to me this is more than just a map pack, it is better than some stand alone games because the experience is different than First Strike or the original map packs. It fits all players, campers, snipers, rushers, nube tubers, whatever is your flavor, you will find a home in Escalation. Great job Treyarch. Zoo, Hotel, Convoy, Stockpile are all winners and you can decide to play the edges of the map or the center. There is actually action on the edges unlike most maps where it is all concentrated in the center. Have fun! Expand
  12. May 14, 2011
    Stockpile's operating doors are useless due to alternate routes and switches on both sides of each door. It's visuals are 'blah' and design simply decent. Hotel is very interesting and fun, but snipers have an advantage. Zoo is cool and designed very well. Convoy is freaking amazing. It's the best of the bunch. Convoy has great visuals, design, and balance. Call of the Dead is the most intense zombie map of them all. I would even say it beats First Strike's Ascension and World at War's Der Reise. So, the only factors bringing down the perfect score are Stockpile and the $15 price. Expand
  13. May 10, 2011
    I have no problem with the cost, £10 for 4 extra maps is actually good value I feel. Not for these maps though, damn they are soo so bad. Unless you are a camper/sniper...yawn....then stay away from the maps. I downloaded these on release day, the day after I deleted them from my hard drive so I didnt have to put up with the rubbish maps no more. Its not that Iam unsuccessful on the maps, there just not enjoyable. Anyone that snipes I just do not understand why you play, when black ops was released it was praised for getting rid of quick scoping and having no nasty sniper friendly maps. Then they just release a whole bunch of them as an add on, backwards step for me, what a shame. Expand
  14. May 10, 2011
    It was quite disappointing, not worth the money at all. The maps are too rigid, the game play is extremely unintuitive and the overall feel of the game is accumulated and something we have seen over and over again.
  15. May 12, 2011
    This map pack was by far better then the last. Well worth the money. The map layouts play to all levels and types of players. They are designed to keep the action fast paced with limited camping.
  16. May 18, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Treyarch delivers yet again another grade A map pack. The amount of time into detail this time around is superb! The first I had an opportunity to explore was Zoo, with a unique monorail system that runs through the top corner cutting through to the middle station. Zoo offers various pick off points for snipers offering a good mixture for any mid to long range weapons. After a decent round of team deathmatch I found myself emerged in Convoy. Unlike the other maps this one doesn't provide any unique feature besides a highway that runs straight down the middle with it's center structure demolished leading to a passage that allows a quick sprint from one end to the other. Now the highway itself also provides a breezeway & traffic sign posts again great for snipers to do work. If any of the maps provide multiple choke points, tight corners with some elevated spots along with working elevators. Hotel has you covered hands down. It was the only map on release day that I found everyone was pacing themselves. Any sudden runs can likely land you a deathstreak. Stockpile is one of the more fascinating broad maps Escalation has to offer. Regardless of which side you spawn from you'll quickly notice the main building straight ahead with fully functioning entrances you can shut down. When used properly it can change any matter of life and death & forces even the greatest players to change their strategy consistently. Closing the two doors doesn't mean you've fortified yourself from gunfire however. There are various ways to find your way around below & above, allowing great use for claymore surprises. Distance is definitely offered with Escalation. Each map being obese but nothing to complain about. I find myself using an Acog sight on my AUG doing exceptionally well. When you're not earning XP, Call of Dead is a unique experience in itself featuring Danny Trejo (From Dusk Till Dawn), Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street) & Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead). With the biggest bad ass himself George Romero (Night of The Living Dead). When playing online you're thrown right onto the map witnessing George rise from the icy waters stalking you about. Despite most rumors in order to get the achievement 'Quiet On The Set' you must successfully take out George. This can easily be done with the the new V-R11 which turns him into human but doing so will not unlock those gamerpoints. You're best way is to use the scavenger (new sniper rifle with explosive tips) which you gain randomly from the mystery box but can still be accomplished with any of the other weapons. The weaker the gun the more patience is recommended. The formula in essence is the same like any other zombie mode but the new weapon choices & nemesis are great additions. Expand
  17. May 28, 2011
    What is a game? I believe it is an adventure into a storyline. So naturally, I cannot understand how anyone could even begin to play a game so devoid of character, plot, and gameplay. Call of Duty is the embodiment of all things wrong and evil with the video game manufacturers. I will not be one of the people who simply express their disgust for the game. I will take you through the faults step by step.
    1. No plot whatsoever.
    is there a campaign...yes. does it suck....yes. is that why people play it.....No
    2. No point whatsoever
    most people play the game for its online multiplayer. What do you get for your time....NOTHING
    3. No skill whatsoever
    the game is set up so that no matter how skilled you become at the game, you still will die. Anyone who likes this game only plays it for the online multiplayer. Read the reviews. almost all good scores are raving about multiplayer map packs.

    Is this a game worth your time....You tell me
  18. Jun 11, 2011
    People need to learn to listen, and not be ranting idiots. So many people come here review Activision and Treyarch for some god foresaken reason rather then reviewing the pack itself. I personally believe it's a very good map pack. I didn't love stockpile, but otherwise awesome.
  19. Jul 1, 2011
    Escalation was not as great as some people say, but not as bad either. It is a decent map pack that has good MP maps and, in my opinion, a simply awful zombies map. Hotel is unique, and successful includes elevators. It is also an extremely fun close range map. Stockpile is a strategy based map that is fun, unique and witty. Zoo is a very good map in that it includes many spots in which great battles can occur. Convoy, being my favorite map includes great sniping down the middle of the map, and good close range combat on the sides of the map. The MP maps are the only thing good in this map pack. The zombies map, Call of the Dead, is an open, easy map, that includes almost no strategy, and is boring. It is not a map that you are excited to play over and over again. You won't get that far and you won't care to do well. It is plainly, boring. Escalation is a good add on to Black Ops, but it is not something you need to get if you are a COD fan. Expand
  20. DME
    Jun 21, 2011
    Stockpile is terrible, Zoo is decent, and Hotel and Convoy are excellent. Then we have Call of the Dead, which is easily the best part of the map pack. This would have gotten a higher score if it wasn't for the $15 price mark. This is worth $10, no higher.
  21. Jul 29, 2011
    I think this is probably my favorite map pack of the three. The multiplayer maps are actually somewhat enjoyable and Call of the Dead isn't a big letdown, although the new wonder weapons SUCK. I say best, but not great.
  22. Nov 12, 2011
    Seriously, loved the maps- how can you give this a score lower than 8? 20$ well spent for me......especially looking back at my recent MW3 purchace & trade back. Glad I kept my Black ops!! Still good fun for my weekend lan parties if we get tired of BF3. Still an awesome game, Map pack made it better, for those cheesy ass killstreaks, G*dd*mn DOGS!
  23. Jun 9, 2013
    This has to be the best Call of Duty DLC that I have ever played. It has great multiplayer maps with Hotel being by favorite but all are great. The zombie map "Call of the Dead" isn't the best zombies map, but has to be in the top 5. If you have Black Ops. there is no reason not to own this DLC.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 19 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 19
  2. Negative: 0 out of 19
  1. Jun 6, 2011
    Compared to some of the other DLC's for the Call of Duty series, I think Call of the Dead is far my favourite because of the intricacies of the map that pay homage to all things Romero. With new weapons, enemies and some great team action to be found, Call of the dead is a must have download from XBox Live and really goes above and beyond the current DLC maps.
  2. 70
    Escalation is a good additional content and is not exactly cheap, 1200 AM (15 €), but it has its quality.
  3. May 25, 2011
    Everyone that is still playing Black Ops should consider buying this new map pack. The four new multiplayer maps are a lot of fun and the new zombie map is a refreshing bonus.