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  1. Mar 18, 2011
    Black Ops is part of the Call of Duty franchise, we all know that, but if we pay attention to the game instead of its popularity, we can see it for what it really is. PROS: the maps are decent, the campaign is better than a lot of other games, and you can play online with 2 people on the same Xbox360. CONS: The guns are really unbalanced(some guns, such as the Famas or Ak74u, can kill you in 2 shots), it takes a lot of ideas from previous call of duty games, and the main point i gave black ops a 3 is because of the BULLET LAG. This kills the game. You could run around a corner getting shot, make it to cover, but then randomly die. If you watch the kill cams, they shot you before you even made it around. You also can see other players before they see you(or vice versa) obviously getting an advantage. You can also be shooting someone in the last seconds of your life, and you could be aiming right at them, but in the kill-cam it shows that YOU DIDN'T SHOOT AT ALL. I do know the kill-cams are what the other players see because i have done tests with friends. This con outweighs all the pros by far and just makes the game aggravating to play. Expand
  2. Mar 21, 2011
    I'm going to start by saying that this game has been the only game I have ever bought that I truly regret pirchasing. Nothing about it stands out to be very good in what is the post popular fps franchise on the market. Single player was okay, though the fact that they brought back the infinite enemies until you advance thing was an unwelcome surprise. The story was short and predictable, but I didn't buy this game for the story. This brings me to the mutiplayer, which is so broken that it is hard to play it. There is no spawn system to speak of. Mw2 at least tried to spawn you where enemies weren't looking, but black ops has shown many times that such concerns such as spawning in front of an enemy of having the enemy you just killed spawn with you in their sights are not important. Maps are not varied at all. There are barely any maps that sniping can be used effectivly on besides quickscoping, which they failed to stop. On top of that, every player has an obsession with the two smallest maps. You will never see nuketown or firing range go withoutthe majority vote if either are an option, whch is puzzilng because they are not great maps bby any stretch of the imagination. The best things about this game are theatre, zombies, and combat training, but even these have issues. Theatre will sometimes cut the matches short, there is only 1 zombies map, and I will not spend 20 dollars for new ones when I spent more than enough for the game itself, and combattraining doesn't work offline for some strange reason though it is only me and some bots. I am not a **** sniper camper as my refiew might make me out to be, I am just a player that has bought 4 cod games and whatched them reach their height only to decline in the last 3 and now I think it is a game to see how bad they can make this franchise and still get sales. Expand
  3. May 1, 2011
    Highly unoriginal. A LARGE waste of money considering all the games in the past that are just like it.
    If you have lived under a rock for 5 years and missed the games that this clones, Id give it a 6. The solo missions are neat climatically if you ignore all the blood on the screen and superhuman feats that jon Mclain would laugh at, but the gameplay is just terrible. People have been
    saying it for years. Then they forgive it for its decent multi player (far to fast paced and ramboish for my tastes.

    Do the history of gaming a favor and SKIP THIS!!
  4. Jun 4, 2011
    boring, terrible gameplay. hope MW3 is better.
  5. Jun 4, 2011
    Overrated guns are terrible, Online is terrible. You die too easily. People are dumbasses calling it "Best Call of Duty game" It's second to worst after World at War.
  6. Jun 14, 2011
    One small step forward, one giant leap back. Modern Warface 2 towers over this game graphically. Shiny dull levels, can't run around stabbing anyone anymore, like running through porridge, sniper rifles don't kill in one hit making them pointless, shotguns are awful and are underpowered, levels show little creativing except awesome nuketown and summit of which the first rarely appears. The campers will say it is wonderful because you can stand still in a corner quite easily with ghost on, this is a fast paced fps, please go and play BF and stop diving on the floor, 90% of the contracts are for games like domination which i never play(pointless). Bring backthe sacked MW2 makers!! Expand
  7. Sep 1, 2011
    Visuals are probably some of the worst i've ever seen, bad gameplay, a horrible map level of effort, and overall, one of the worst Call of Duty games i've ever seen in my expiriences of playing COD
  8. Aug 30, 2011
    Boring gameplay, the charachers seem like homelesses, predictable acts but the worst thing is the multiplayer. Lots of cheaters and campers, suck at all
  9. Jun 29, 2011
    **** **** overrated game. If you're a spoiled rich, prepubescent, squeaky whining **** who likes to swear, I recommend playing this. The series has gone downhill since after Cod4 was released.
  10. Jul 2, 2011
    Before I start this review let me just begin by saying I am not what people would call "a Call of Duty fanboy", yet I have followed the series since the beginning on the PC, all the way to Black Ops on the 360. I am not a huge fan, but I like what the "good" Call of Duty games have done for videogames. I enjoy all forms of videogames and am just giving my ten cents on what I thought when playing Black Ops. I'm also fed up with the argument between the CoD fanboys who don't know anything about videogames and the hardcore gamers.
    Now let's start with talking about Black Ops. When I first picked up Black Ops and started playing it, I loved it. It was intriging and a blast on multiplayer. I honestly thought Treyach had outdone themselves, then it settled on me. I was playing a horrible game, utterly horrible, that felt tacked on and trying to do things it had no business doing. So did a game like this become the best selling form of entertainment of all time? Well people are suckers for things that look good and entertaining. They never really investigate, they just buy, buy, buy (I'll have you know I obtained my copy free of charge). Black Ops is a game designed for simpletons, children, and people who like to complain. Why am I saying this? Because Treyach took out everything good out of the multiplayer that made MW2 a great game. MW2 was realistic, it felt like raw warefare. Call of Duty Black Ops feels like little children playing with toy guns in the sandbox. It's pathetic. Take grenade launchers (noob toobs) for instance. This was a realistic part of Modern Warfare. While it might not be right sometimes to be bombarded and killed instanteously by a grenade launching through the air, it's realistic and makes the game more enriching and detailed. This is just one instance of where the realism has been ejected from the game. The RC-Cars, the lack of good guns, the ridiculous reticles, and the lack of even one good sniper rifle. The realism that the Modern Warfare series injected into the shooter craze was incredible, Black Ops is a total backstep for the series, but then again it's all opinion. If you like dumb downed arcady dull shooters be my guest.
    Then you have the campaign, which is not much better, but shines in some areas. The biggest and best part of the campaign? The story. Which takes unexpected twists and turns every which way, and is the one area BLOPS can beat MW2 at. Everything else? Not so much. It's still the same here. Linear mission design, muddy and ugly textures, hiccups and bugs about everywhere. The set pieces find themselves interesting, but everything else is awful, including the length of the game, an absolutely ridiculous 4-6 hours.
    Lastly is the co-op mode Nazi Zombies. Whearas World at War's Nazi Zombie mode felt like true to the grime, dirty and raw, yet fun and accessible, the new zombie maps are mediocre at best. The first Kino der Toten is actually quite good. It feels more like old school Zombies than anything else. The other map however features historical figures from history all conjoined in a survival group in the pentagon fighting off the hordes. What I don't like here is the little amount of diversity within the section and the main spreadout of the map, as well as the "boss" who arrives at around 10.
    Multiplayer 1/10
    Campaign 6/10
    Zombies 5/10

    In the end, Call of Duty: Black Ops just makes it ever so clear that Treyach does not know how to make a real, true to the grid, realistic, war game. It's disappointing, lackluster, and meddles in unrealistic gameplay. Make Infinity Ward not Treyach, for if not the Call of Duty serikes as a whole might just be done.
  11. Jul 19, 2011
    this game killed gamers, and those of us that are true gamers, will almost 99% of the time agree that Call of duty killed gaming, yes it is fun for only the single player mode, and zombies; but the multiplayer hasn't changed since the first game implemented with multiplayer (hence call of duty 3/ 4) very boring repetitive online features, maps making it difficult to actually enjoy it being fun, quick kills and graphics don't make a game i wish people understood.. but they don't, its for mostly the youngsters who like to say their good and when they play a game were it takes skill to kill somebody they die and say o i lagged or that's not fair, he's higher ranked then me, and all that bull **** they say, the campaign very short and not really different then mw2 or WaW or Mw, it differs slightly but the graphics are the same since WaW
    Ratings Graphics-...... WHO cares
    Lasting gameplay-0
    Features since included into game-3
    porting since multiplatform-3
  12. Aug 9, 2011
    I think most people agree that it was a huge mistake to hire Treyarch in the making of this game. Multiplayer is broken. By far one of the worst gameplays of an FPS.
  13. Sep 27, 2011
    The singleplayer campaign expects you to read the storyboard's mind or else you die, making a supposedly thrilling experience an infurating trial-and-error experience. Not only that, but Treyarch's attempts to make a psychological thriller makes a story that is so confusing that it seems as if 300 different writers worked on whatever they felt like and pasted it all together. So beside the horrible singleplayer campaign, the rest of the game isn't that big of a redeemer. The zombies mode is a recycled, cliche, dull attempt to accomplish what games like Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor already succeeded, yet it is overrated beyond belief by Call of Duty's mindless, brainwashed zombies who take whatever is thrown at them. The multiplayer is the best part, and I occasionally find myself returning to the offline, but it becomes a "I have played longer than you, I have better guns" and "I can be selfish and make my team win when 20 dogs rush everybody". Expand
  14. Oct 3, 2011
    This is the same COD you know and love, but thats a problem. To familiar multiplayer, weird and irritating campaign, but zombies can be pretty good. Treyarck made what could be a great game, a lame game.
  15. Nov 1, 2011
    You cod fans are trying to rate down bf3.. so I'm here to get back at chu all . AHAHAHAHAHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHHA
  16. Nov 4, 2011
    I made a new review , because I accidentally gave a 10 to this game when I meant to give this 4. It is the same Call of Duty and an interesting story. So the thing is rent it or not get it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Nov 16, 2011
    For sure one of the worst Call of Duty -games released. I had my fun playing this game for a month and then I quit. Also, what's with the pointless amount of map-packs? And I don't understand why Treyarch tried to turn a Call of Duty -game into Battlefield. They took away the fun factor and tried to make it as realistic as possible. That just ruined the game! Although Theater Mode was a good invention. Expand
  18. Dec 26, 2011
    Just bought this for £10 & what a waste of money, horrible gameplay , unimaginative ways of making the game hard (infinite enemy spawns, grenade spam etc) all meaning you cannot use your own strategy to beat it , I should have learned my lesson from waw... no more cod for me.
  19. Feb 15, 2012
    The worst call of duty to date the controls are sloppy the graphics are awful the story line is boring and online is the same thing everytime. all the guns feel as though they do the same thing and the unbelievably unfair perks ruin online even for the people who are great at this game. The only thing really good about this game is figuring out the zombies hidden storyline
  20. May 2, 2012
    I will never buy a Call of Duty game made by Treyarch ever again. Sub-par campaign, horrific multiplayer, and the worst graphics i've ever seen. The only thing that i would prevent this from being an unrated review was the decent first 2 DLC packs.
  21. May 11, 2012
    A very bland game. This game is a copy of all the other call of dutys. Fail campaign and lame multiplayer..
    everybody camps in corners. I suggest battlefield 3..
  22. Nov 13, 2012
    Most people buy this game for the online play. The truth is that Black Ops is a failure for multiplayer use. Lobbies are never synchronized....leaving huge gaps in aiming and target hit markers. Often times you can be killed without ever having actually been in view of the enemy. The spawns are horrible. Enemy players can sit where you will spawn in front of them, allowing them to shoot you without a chance of even getting one step taken. Poor design and a waste of money. I will NEVER buy a Treyarch game again Expand
  23. Dec 1, 2012
    Pepole there's nothing new here!!!! In fact the game should be called Call Of Duty Old Ops. Did activision took me for an idiot? YES!, am i an idiot?? SOMETIMES, but not in this one!
    Multiplayer IT'S OKay. Story is boring, gameplay its good,i mean, it have worked in the past so copy/paste. Fun for some short moments. Not worth the money. Get it used and sell it again. 3 points only for
    multiplayer. Expand
  24. Feb 24, 2013
    I am someone who went straight from CoD 4 to Black Ops, and let me tell ya, this game is TERRIBLE.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops is VERY repetitive and takes no skill. The developers did not try at all to add variety to the game. It got so boring.
  25. Mar 17, 2013
    What a Horrible game, this game, blops 2, and Mw3 RUINED the COD series and could never be the same. This can show that a company cant even spice it up a bit, with Blops 1 and 2.. they both have graphics and engines. They both suck. Dont BUY.
  26. Aug 10, 2013
    Maybe I was just so looking forward to this game, but what a let down. Awful graphics, terrible shot recognition, claustrophobic maps, useless weapons. Tryarch games are garbage compared to Infinity Ward. Absolutely awful...

Generally favorable reviews - based on 89 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 83 out of 89
  2. Negative: 0 out of 89
  1. A short campaign which is never spectacular and never very clever, but always solid enough. [Feb 2011, p.99]
  2. Jan 18, 2011
    By dint of obstinacy, Treyarch delivers probably its best with Black Ops Call of Duty to date - but probably not the best in the saga.
  3. Jan 16, 2011
    There are more highlights in the first two missions of Black Ops, then in Medal of Honor. The requirements of Treyarch seemed to be better, than in the past few years. They made an interesting setting. In addition, there's a nice zombie mode and an overwhelming multiplayer. No doubt, this is Treyarchs best Call of Duty ever!