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  1. Apr 17, 2011
    All these years I've been wasting money on call of duty games, COD4 being alright, MW2 was less good than COD4, and black ops just being outrageously hideous, its horrible game, treyarch f$ck it up this time, and whos even heard of treyarch before they just came out of nowhere. Zombies is what made me give a 1 otherwise it would be a 0!!!!
  2. Apr 19, 2011
    Another rushed out call of duty game. Over-hyped boring game that is too similar to all the other call of duty games. It feels like an expansion to Moder warfare 2, just worse.
  3. May 5, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I didn't expect much when i got the game but after playing it for over an hour, i knew i got ripped off. To start off. the single player campaign is horrendous. Call of duty is supposed to be a realistic war simulation game. This is anything but, the story is like a bad action thriller, it's supposed to be clever and psychological, but it's more annoying and predictable. Especially the ending, finding out that Reznov isn't real. We've already seen that in almost every movie since Fight Club. The Cold war had so much potential for a realistic story, like in the first COD's. Of course i do have to give Treyarch some credit, co-op campaign can be fun. And secondly, the multiplayer, it's a mess. You can't take a single step on any map without getting killed by a camper, claymore, noobtuber (people using the grenade launcher attatchment), chopper gunner, etc. My point being, there's no skill involved in this game. I can camp on a small map for no more than a few minutes, rack up enough kills for a decent kill streak reward without going through any trouble. The maps are designed for camping. Take Nuke Town for example. It's the smallest map in the game and by far the most annoying one. Camping on this map is as easy as possible. This is where you start to notice that killstreaks such as Chopper Gunner and Gunship are way too overpowered. Not everything is bad about this game. Zombie mode for example can be really fun with a couple of friends, or online with strangers. But other than that, i highly reccommend anyone considering to purchase this game to look further, because it isn't worth it. Expand
  4. May 20, 2011
    im speaking on behalf of the singleplayer game as that is what i mainly play on fps (i know, theres some of us out there that still do) Having played all cod games i have to say that technically this is pretty good. tight controls, pretty good graphics etc. but i have to say that i just got...well....bored halfway through the game. Maybe im getting over these shooters or ive just played too many but this game doesnt compel me to finish it. crysis 2 kept my attention alot better than this. and whats with all those inbetween interogation scenes? images flashing on the screen, dark room and an uninteresting angry character (matter of fact every ones angry in this game) make for some irritating cutscenes. best cods afor me still is 2 and 4. Expand
  5. May 23, 2011
    What a shame. The opportunities to take this franchise further and to build on Modern Warfare have been wasted.

    As I understand it, Treyarch had no hand in the previous installment and the game feels as if they haven't even played it themselves - gone are the immersive and realistic sound FX (eg. feet on gravel/earth/concrete, the attention to detail in even the individual gunfire) and
    realistic player pov animations: the sounds are poor (footsteps sound as if you're walking in squeaky shoes, the gunfire is tinny and well, simply unrealistic) and it feels more like 'just a video game' than Modern Warfare.

    I spent a few days playing it before returning to and remaining with Modern Warfare.
  6. May 25, 2011
    An okay game. While this is a step up from the rest of the Call of Duty games after 4, it still isn't that good. The story is still bad, it just has a better singleplayer experience that the rest.While I will give treyarch props for changing up the multilayer from Modern Warfare, it still isn't good multiplayer. Zombies also isn't as fun as it was in CoD WaW.
  7. Jun 14, 2011
    Let me just say that, looking at this website, it's refreshing to not see a bunch of posers who only play the newest and most advertised games hating on every other game, and finally hating on a new, advertised game. That said, this is one game I don't mind people getting rabies over. While there are a dozen or so other games I'd like to play, including one or two in the CoD series itself.
    The campaign is nice, though you don't learn much about the characters. Basically, the Russians have created a super-deadly bio-chemical weapon and you have to remember how to stop it's activation. It starts in an interrogation room, where you're told to try and remember what a cryptic set of numbers mean. The missions, which, speaking story-wise, are flashbacks, should take you about 15-25 minutes to complete, of which there are about 15 missions. The plot is good, with a few big twists, most of which seemed to come out of nowhere, but make you say, "What? Oh. Oh, yeah! I get it!". The zombies mode is back, with two built in maps, a mansion and the pentagon. Just as fun and addictive as ever.
    But as with any first-person shooter, the multiplayer is what everyone (but me) buys the game for. There are several great maps, including my favorite: a close quarters map called "Nuketown". The gamemodes include the classics like team deathmatch and a new kind of game mode called wager. In wager, you bet your currency points (called CoD points) that you'll come in the top three ranking players in the game. I don't like the wagering in this mode so much (you could win four times as much easily in a regular match without risking losing a couple), but I love the game modes, like "One in the chamber," where everyone has one bullet, and if they miss, they're forced to knife their way to victory. Every kill grants you another bullet, and it's a nice twist to regular first person shooter attitude which is, "Screw the ammo, SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!"
    All together, Black Ops is a great game, and fans of the series or genre should definitely add this to their respective collections.
  8. Jul 7, 2011
    This is the worst shooter game ever played!!!! Same old multiplayer, same old graphics, and the only good part of this game is the campaign and that's pretty much it 1/10.
  9. Sep 16, 2011
    Call of Duty provided a much more interesting story that previous games, but it wasn't great and, sadly, the story was the ONLY redeeming quality. If you haven't been living on Jupiter for the past four years, you probably already know that after Call of Duty 4, there have been no major improvements to the Call of Duty series - yet Activision still manages to pump out a new copy of the game every year and charge the full $60 for each one. Call of Duty isn't a bad game, but it's just wrong to re-sell the same game every year like that! And now they've bumped up the map-pack price to $15! If you own any other Call of Duty, Black Ops is nothing new; save your money for something that actually has SOME value. Cooking Mama would probably be a better investment. Expand
  10. Sep 19, 2011
    If I could give this game a negative score I would. Lets just say MW2 was near perfect (take out the auto run with the knifing and the noob tube and easy nukes), this game reversed EVERYTHING good with MW2 and COD franchise and nerfed it. Only 5 guns are competitve (OP more like it), shotguns, smgs, sniper rifles, and LMGs completely useless compared to a select few assualt rifles. No chieves, not nearly as good perks/killstreak awards. MP just isnt fun. (I also dominated on most games). This is coming from a hardcore CoD fan, played all the games b4 unlocking 85-90% of chievements in each.

    Oh yea anyone giving this a 10 doesnt know jack or works for treyarch.
  11. Sep 21, 2011
    Call of Duty's strong point has always been its multiplayer. However, I think that Treyarch has made the most original story line in the Call of Duty series yet, not necessarily the best one, but by far the most unique. Game play (as always) is great, multiplayer can be addicting, original campaign, top notch voice acting, and satisfying graphics. All around, it's another winner for the COD series. Expand
  12. Oct 19, 2011
    GOD DAMMIT, the biggest piece of crap i have ever seen, 12 year olds can make better games on gamemaker! The only reason it sells is because it targets brain dead monkeys. AHHHHHHH!
  13. Oct 25, 2011
    Quoted from my review of the PC version.
    Daedra Oct 25, 2011 1 Oh you KNOW the **** drill about Post-MW games. The multiplayer is basically the same stuff as MW2, only with a WIKKID AWSOM new currency system. The only fun part about this is is the zombies, which is still rehashed from WaW. Zombies is the only thing saving this game from a zero.
    I also forgot to mention that it uses a
    modified IDtech 3 engine, which has been out since 1999. Expand
  14. Oct 27, 2011
    The game was good for at least 3 weeks when it came out but then the developers starting making map pack after map pack when one was just released their was just a "rumour" and "picture" of a new map pack which then made the game boring.

    The guns in multiplayer feel weak and all the powerful ones are at a later level.
    In my opinion the game isn't very good and I would suggest waiting for
    the new Modern Warfare 3 Expand
  15. Nov 7, 2011
    If there's anything I hate more than cats, it's hypocrites. Bear in mind that the following review is coming to you one day before the release of Call of Duty's next, and probably final, game, Modern Warfare 3. When everyone bought Black Ops, it was just about impossible to find someone saying, "Black Ops is **** in fact, I could hear nothing but glowing praise, praise that i'm inclined to agree with. But ever since around 3 months ago, it was like the entire gaming community turned on Call of Duty, and that's something that really pisses me off, because as far as i'm concerned, my fellow gamers all became the thing I hate most, Hypocrites. Review Starts Here. Campaign: While it maintains a lot less explosive, memorable moments than MW2, the plot of BO exceeds any previous expectations, I guarantee you'll play it through at least twice, probably once on Recruit and once on Veteran, and then there's all the achievements and intel, BO's campaign is some good **** Multiplayer: Since MW1, MP has been COD's undeniable focus, and with the exception of the less than loveable World at War, they haven't disappointed, the twelve mp maps that come with the game are the essence of variety and are endlessly playable, and to top it all off, a lot of the frustrations experienced in MW2 (Boosting, Butchering) have been majorly cut down, leaving only a manageable, minimalistic trace. Zombies: I guarantee this will have you coming back for months and months, survive for a.l.a.p against endless waves of the undead with up to 4 friends, buying new weapons and perks as you go along to compensate for the ever-increasing difficulty, Zombies mode is endlessly playable and undeniable fun, Black Ops' ace-in-hole. A must buy. ^The previous review was written three days after the release of Black Ops, but I decided to wait to publish it until now, and believe me when i say, I stick by every word to this very day Expand
  16. Nov 12, 2011
    it needed a few fixes, it lacked coop missions a la special ops, but overall it's the best multiplayer experience so far. Worlds better than MW2 and universes better than MW3. Black Ops deserves praise.
  17. Nov 15, 2011
    True amazing experience online and offline.. now that mw3 has been released people will see how much off a good game this truly is!
    Its cool to hate black ops , i cant think for one reason why !
  18. Nov 20, 2011
    Favourite COD to date. Got everything right, besides some unbalanced guns. (meh) Gives every type of player the ability to play how they want.. Very rushed based to! : ) When BO first came out I would have given it a 3 or 4. But after a year and seeing MW3's huge diappointment, I will give this a solid 10!! great game treyarch! hurry up with BO 2!!!
  19. Feb 13, 2012
    This is the best Call of Duty yet. It is diverse and balanced compared to any other one, and everythign about it is fun, just bought MW3, it's nothing compared to this game
  20. Feb 26, 2012
    Black Ops was an interesting experience. I enjoyed the campaign, it actually was enjoyable, made sense, and had somewhat of a coherent plot. This game was well made and well thought out. Multiplayer is amazing! Recommend this game out of any CoD game out there!
  21. Mar 18, 2012
    Black Ops is the best COD ever. Thats still not saying much since I still only give it an eight, but when you compare it to anything that Infinity Ward has made, it is amazing. The Campaign is kind of silly, but fun. Zombies is amazing as always, and multiplayer is really balanced and overall, good.
  22. Mar 19, 2012
    Again, I rate this game on it's two main features: campaign and multiplayer. Both have redeeming qualities one would expect from such a storied franchise. I rate the campaign a full 5/5 because I can honestly not find anything wrong with it. The story was amazing and unexpected, and kept you interested throughout. Graphics were good (if a little outdated on the engines part), and mechanics were just as good as they've ever been.

    Online is a bit of a different story. I think the core online multiplayer deserves no more than a 1/2.5, because of severe synchronization problems. You can fire off an entire clip at an enemy and he will kill you with a single shot. When you look at it again in theatre, you aren't shown to be firing a shot. This shows that you are lagging behind the actual game time, and it can be a severe impediment in head to head battles. Sometimes, it works in your favor, but it's too big a factor to ignore.

    Zombies is definitely a huge redeeming feature of this game, and for that it gets 2.5/2.5. One of the best 'swarm' style games I've played, and the innate black humour just makes it better. Weapons are amazing and the actual 'stories' behind the maps are engaging and sometimes downright hilarious.

    My totals add up to an 8.5/10. Since metacritic only allows full number value ratings, I downgraded it to an 8, because I can't see a game with such an average multiplayer (main feature) being a 9/10.
  23. May 7, 2012
    This is a game you have to get, it is a must buy. It has a great story, and outstanding graphics. The multiplayer is fun, and awesome. Zombies is great, the maps are awesome, my favorite is moon. This is a must buy people!
  24. Sep 3, 2012
    This is my first XBox 360 review, as the only reason I had one was for Halo and COD games. For the most part I am now a 100% PC gamer, but I did at one point have 360 and this game. I have to say that I did enjoy it and I do like it better than Modern Warfare. The multiplayer in Black Ops is more solid, better guns, better maps, more realistic perks. Modern Warfare was alright but the followups were flops and currently the series has kind of fizzled out, COD: BO2 might change that. XBox Live IMO is much better than PSO but if I had to pick between the 2 it would be hard because the PS3 looks much better. If your a FPS fan at all, I believe this series is a must have, but I will now be moving to the PC for Black Ops 2. Expand
  25. Jun 19, 2013
    As my First Cod game, I think this one is my favorite. It isn't that good of a game, but I poured countless hours into zombies and online play. And as much as I'm done with Cod me and my friends did enjoy our time with this one.
  26. Aug 2, 2013
    CODBO is not one of the best games ever in any way, but it is one of my favorites. Zombies is what makes the game really stand out, without that it would just be a game with a slightly decent story and an alright multiplayer experience.
  27. Nov 10, 2010
    Call of duty black ops what to say ,great camagne longer then MW2 ,great multiplayer ,new cool feauters,improved graphics ,shooting is more realistic ,new wepons and more stufs that brings us new very,very satisfaying game maybe the game of the year, and i dont undrestand morons who gave it 0 why are they doing that ,a lowest score in my opinion will be 8,5 and highest 10 . SRY FOR MY BAD ENGISH :0 :0:0:):):):):):):):): C.O.D. FPS RUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLEEEEE. Expand
  28. Nov 12, 2010
    I reviewed this game earlier in the week after I had gotten it and it had gotten a higher score then. I'm not trying to take away from the game, really, as it is still a pretty decent shooter in the Call of Duty Franchise, but it's too much COD. I was looking forward to Hardcore mode, because quite frankly, core mode sucks big ones in pretty much any game. I thought with the smaller boards there would be more action going on, but sadly there's even MORE camping in this than their was in MW2. I'll probably still play this for a bit, but I'm not very well impressed with it. I like the new system and I think it's a fresh take on an aging format, but I think that and Zombies mode are about the only thing Black Ops really has going for it. I think their hit detection needs to be improved, as sometimes shots don't register when they should. There's also an issue with shooting through objects. I believe there is something that needs to be tweaked there. I've seen people should through rocks..big rocks, and I don't think that's possible with the weapons of the time(or most any time), even with the Hardened perk. There is also an issue with being able to see people through a wall, as well. If you are pressed up against a wall, chances are, someone could see a limb or something poking through the other side and will just kill you. I'd give it a 6.5 if I could, but I don't think it's worth rounding up, really.â Expand
  29. Nov 10, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The gaming industry journalism is at it's lowest these days. A game like this having so many 100% is completely ridiculous.

    1 - AI is incredibly stupid.
    2 - Physic system is completely inconsistent. Enemie shot dead fall trought walls or barricades ?!
    3 - Veteran mode is completely ridiculous. 4 - Online experience is still a dodging grenade simulator like Modern warf 2
    5 - Small maps
    6 - Already cheaters on day one ...

    1 - Zombie mode
    2 - Graphics
    3 - Acting
    4 - Weapons

    Very good challenger to whom who want to take time and give a try is Medal of Honor and Bad company 2
    Specially Bad company 2 seem to be lightyear in front of Call of duty Black Ops.
  30. Nov 10, 2010
    This is really an awesome game that should not be judged solely by the standards set by MW2 but instead by his own merits, such as the great amount of content that comes in this single package and surely the many hours of quality entertainment that are associated wit it. Just give it a chance and don't be mislead by all the bad press out there.
  31. Nov 10, 2010
    First of all how can someone give a game a 0 lol those are just bc2 fanboys anyways I love mw2 and bad company so here is an honest opinion. This game I would give between a 7 and an 8. In every game there are things you would like to change no matter what. The story mode here is interesting but I personally don't like the flashbacks style they over did it, I do like the concept that the used actual people we know from history. I personally don't know a game that has done that. I guess its the companies fear but I know there are many gamers that would love to play a game where Osama Ben laden was the bad guy. Now I believe obviously Zombies was what has saved this game its just plain fun. the Multiplayer Its okay at best. If you compare this game to mw2 then mw2 is better but compared to Waw then black ops wins. I can see why people say the graphics are sketchy, since mw2 graphics are good then they expect it to be the same or better. But once again compare it to Waw and there has been a big improvement. In multiplayer Obviously there are some killstreaks being missed but some new ones that are pretty cool. Some of the guns are less powerful for example the m16 lol it takes at least 3 shots now. Expand
  32. Nov 10, 2010
    Audio sounds like MW2 playing out of speakers in a tub full of water.
    Graphics don't measure up to MW2.
    Campy remote control car and SR71.
    Gameplay is choppy/rigid/frustrating.
    Can't figure why all the critics say it's a 9 and all the gamers say it's a 6.5
  33. Nov 10, 2010
    I honestly was not impressed with black ops...zombies is the only thing i liked but even that was not that great...i thought the campaingn lacked and the multiplayer could be a lot at war was a lot better than black ops treyarch was a hughe dissapointment....I knew what i did now i would not buy it.
  34. Nov 11, 2010
    This game does not live up to any of the hype or reviews. Outdated graphics and the unrealistic feeling make the game a bore and make you feel as though you've played it before (its just like world at war). Do yourself a favor and grab reach or MoH if your looking for a good fps.
  35. Nov 11, 2010
    just way way to buggy i mean we pay full price for an unfinished product its like ordering a **** pizza with a slice missing. while i didnt like the camping and hacking in modern warfare 2 it did look better overall, i mean that home screen is a joke. its basiclly world at war but 20 years later same old engine same old **** you have to have A GOLD MEMBERSHIP AND INTERNET CONNECTION TO PLAY AGAINST BOTS enough said Expand
  36. Nov 11, 2010
    Disappointing. I cant understand how the gameplay has got worse in the 2 years since they developed the wonderful World at War. There appear to be some obvious issues with gameplay in multiplayer. Crouching doesn't seem to work properly in Black Op, you have to depress the LEFT Thumb stick on Tactical a few times before a crouch is recognised. Also the Graphics are noticeable worse than MW2. The movement of your team-mates are very jerky as well. Compared to MW2 Multiplayer, this is a noticeable step down. Expand
  37. Nov 11, 2010
    While I do agree about the negative comments written about this game, I still think it has some positives as well, making it worth buying. The biggest pain is the location of respawn points, commonly behind you and then behind the guy behind you and so on. I think this game is alright without being awesome and I wouldnt get rid of mw2 just yet. Unfortunately, we have to hope that a patch can fix some of the problems that ire us all. The maps arent awesome either and this game feels like it has been overmarketed and under sold. It is meant to be under-promise and and over-deliver but its still OK to play Expand
  38. Nov 11, 2010
    My opinion on Call of Duty, Black Ops (CoD:BO) is based on the fact that I play the Call of Duty series games on the Xbox 360 for the overall â
  39. Nov 11, 2010
    Black ops is a great storyline combined with a nice balanced multiplayer. The game reduced the power of the noobtube, fixed some of the many glitches that came with modern warfare 2.... And delivered one of the greatest storylines of the call of duty series. The game still have a few glitches in multiplayer that adds to the frustration, but nothing that would ruin the game...Graphics were not amazing but it was clear, graphics dont play a part in the game though. Black ops is definitely the best call of duty so far in my opinion Expand
  40. Nov 11, 2010
    This brief review focuses on the single-player mode, as I have yet to properly tryout the multi-player. After all the hype, Iâ
  41. Nov 12, 2010
    I hate to say it, but COD B.O. is a huge disappointment. The campaign has it's moments, but is marred by too many cut scenes and dialog. The action scenes, while fun, are very short and seem like they were spliced together as an afterthought. Not to say the campaign was not was (Although it is on the short side). I first thought that was going to be OK due to the trade off for the usually stellar MP mode, but this was even more of a letdown. The maps are mostly poorly designed, game play is slow, weapons are inaccurate, sound is weak, and graphics are very dated. I will be returning to MW 2 for my multiplayer fix. Expand
  42. Nov 12, 2010
    To me Black Ops is the best Call of Duty to date Campaign was very fun to play zombies is great again and also multiplayer is amazing. Everything in multiplayer is balanced. The chopper gunner is overpowered but weak so all you need is someone with a launcher. A lot of people are too used to Modern Warfare 2 noob friendlyness. This new edition actually takes skill to play and i can't see why it is rated so low. Maybe not worth a full 10 like i gave it but theres nothing to make it lower than a 8. Treyarch did a great job of fixing what was wrong with Modern Warfare 2 and adding lots of great additions like Wager Matches, the CoD points system and the contracts. Its a great game with amazing multiplayer.
    Thats my 2 cents :)
  43. Nov 12, 2010
    Call of duty black will have your heart pumping like it never pumped before The single player is fantastic. Awesome game! This is an amazing upgrade from call of duty mw2 and call of duty back. Everything in the game is just so balanced. To me this is the best call of duty ever.
  44. Nov 12, 2010
    The epitome of action and the best shooter to ever be made. The single player campaign is full of twists and turns and you go through an astounding amount of different content. The multiplayer aspect is full of fun modes and non stop action. This is a must buy for any gamer out there new, experienced, young, old, male or female. GET THIS GAME.
  45. AHK
    Nov 12, 2010
    just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't understand why people just give bad ratings just because it's not made by IW. I don't unde Expand
  46. Nov 12, 2010
    Exact same gameplay as the past three CoDs. Different looking weapons, s**t maps and spawn system. Zombies is okay, not much new since WaW. Single player campaign tries way too hard and I think it suffers for it. This game is meh at best.
  47. May 25, 2011
    I really enjoyed the Modern Warfare games, but this game is a step back for the series if you ask me. The graphics are hideous to look at, which isn't surprising considering the age of the engine now, it all looks very smudged and washed out. MW2 on the other hand was very crisp and clean. The gameplay is probably the only solid thing about the game, however I've (along with; I'm sure half the planet) played enough Call of Duty for several lifetimes to find the same thing exciting. The series needs a reboot now, along with a new engine and some new game mechanics, or we will be seeing a great series dying a horrible death. Expand
  48. Nov 17, 2010
    Perfect game. Few mistakes. This game does not deserve 1 at all. 3arch listens to the community, they have made 5 updates already based on the community so those guy who give this a 1 will never be impressed by anything.
  49. Nov 17, 2010
    I cannot believe many of these reviews for Black Ops. Treyarch must be paying you for putting up such B*&& S&^% for such a Lousy, yes Lousy game. I was really looking forwards to this game coming out, what an unbelievable disappointment !! . I tried to like it but its so poorly made, so in the garbage it went. Modern Warfare 2 still tops this god awful piece of crap ten times over. If your a real first person shooter gamer, no more needs to be said. Save your money. â Expand
  50. Nov 18, 2010
    I found this game very disappointing especially online.I really should have expected this considering I hate WAW but I thought Treyarch would step up.Being an avid MW2 player I find Black Ops considerably inferior.The sound of the guns is terrible,the grenades sound weak and your own footsteps sound distant and when running like you're galloping like a horse.
    Having only recently got a
    HDTV all my games look fantastic,like having new games,especially MW2.The graphics in this look 3 or 4 years old,the weapon animations are terrible again compared to MW2.
    I did enjoy the single player although it is short and a bit dumb.Also I couldn't get past Masons terrible accent,obviously an Englishman trying an American accent.
    Well it looks like its back to MW2 for at least another year until Infinity Wards new expectations of this have dropped too considering the trouble there at the minute.
  51. Nov 18, 2010
    Call of Duty: Black Ops has a magnificent campaign that is quite in depth and theatrical in nature. Though, as with the COD series the graphics are not top notch; this is nice for the multiplayer though as it keeps the fps high. The addition of new game types (gun game, 1 bullet in the chamber etc.) adds a great deal to the online experience. Overall the online is fun, kills hours for each of my roommates and myself and it should be stated again the campaign is really well done. Expand
  52. Nov 18, 2010
    Treyarch, the second favourites, the underdogs, the second best. Some of the names you hear as the company's name gets bashed around. Although they have never been able to out do the brilliant work of Infinity ward, they have always delivered a game which could bear the Call of Duty Brand safely enough without the series getting ruined. Of course, feel free to disagree... World at War was overall a solid game with some stunning campaign moments and awesome characters played by some of the best actors around. Giving them that and Treyarch something to improve on, they have done splendidly! Overall Black Ops still has these awesome convincing actors, a multiplayer experience bound to draw in the millions and a campaign which is very fun throughout due to its unique time periods and settings. Yet, the plot has a typical COD twist. This game is going to cause lots of polarising views, you have to try the game for yourself and then decide for yourself. Expand
  53. Nov 18, 2010
    Huge disappointment. Dont buy this game! you only get to play 2 out of 5 games in multiplayer because of the constant kick outs you will experience from host connections. I cant believe they actually launched such a game in the market, its ridiculous! Plus, why do they even have snipers in the game? its useless, the maps are not designed for a good gaming experience, its just going around corners and doors waiting to be knifed. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THIS GAME HAS SUCH GOOD REVIEWS, WTF PEOPLE???? Expand
  54. Nov 19, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Fantastic... Although not as good as COD 4 or MW2, also single player story is really good better than MW2. Black Ops is going to be game of the year. Way better than Halo Reach. Expand
  55. Nov 19, 2010
    An awesome and lengthy campaign, great story, engaging and customizable multiplayer, and great zombies make this the best Call of Duty game and gives me confidence that Treyarch is more than capable of handling the series going forward. One of my top 5 games of the decade
  56. Nov 21, 2010
    I found the plot took a turn for the absurd which was surprising given Call of Duty games usually try for realism. The game levels are pretty though pitfalls are plenty and you'll be replaying from a few checkpoints because you didn't jump just right. I found that most of the Ally NPCs couldn't shoot straight (would have been nice if they could function as well as the enemies) and provided no help, mostly being on-screen to act as props (and run into my crosshairs). It became a bit frustrating they way enemies continued to stream in to replace their fallen comrades until you could move far enough into a room.

    Multiplayer is what redeems this game.
  57. Nov 21, 2010
    If you asked me would i buy Black ops a week ago i would of said no but when i got the preordered ACB i decided, what the hell sure i'll try it and right from the beginning the campain was really cool though the reason i was uncertin abouth Black ops was that people are blinded by the so called awesome multiplayer when there are just a few maps and mods compared to Combat Arms, expecaily the arsenal, like wehn me and a friend were playing free for all i was shocked when i saw their were only like a handful of guns some without real brand names. Well this is what the scoring is on the Infamis COD

    (multiplayer zombies-8/10)
    (multiplayer gun's/attachments-4/10)

    (overall gameplay-57/70)

    (story plot-10/10)
    (character developing-9/10)
    (characters developed-9/10)

    (over plot/characterization-44/50)

    Extra Points-

    (the sheir realism of the graphics-+5)

    Total points-108/120
  58. Nov 22, 2010
    Okay, so I'm gonna give this game a REAL review. As a longtime fan, I wasn't too excited to hear Treyarch was putting another CoD title out. I mean, I logged over ten days of play time on World at War, but I thought it was the nowhere near as good as Modern Warfare. And then Modern Warfare 2 came out, and blew my mind. It was a HUGE improvement over the mediocre WaW, and kept me in a trance for the better part of a year. So naturally, when I heard Treyarch was coming out with Black Ops, I was not sold. Of course, I bought it, just because all my friends do, and I like to keep up with the times. But I sure as hell was not gonna wait in line at midnight like every other person brainwashed to think this was a brand new CoD title coming out. Because let's face it, it's not. It's every other title before it, with a couple new features. In all, it has worse graphics than MW2, absolute disregard for sniper-friendly maps, a lackluster knifing system, and a horrible hosting system. Now don't get me wrong, it does have some improvements; The massive customization options, the wager matches, the in-game currency, and some of the new killstreaks are enjoyable, and make it easier to build the inevitable addiction that you undoubtedly will develop. So, all in all, I know I'll be playing it until the next installment by Infinity Ward, and yes, I am already addicted to it. But face it, just because you're addicted to something, doesn't make it good. Expand
  59. Jul 27, 2011
    Ok so most of the reviews are from trolls who started a "I hate call of duty" fan club although they still buy it every year. Anyway I hate EA more but activision are much more greedy. Now I prefer this single player campaign to all other cod games, but the multiplayer sucks mega balls. Campers, kids, noobs and the occasional Jesus on YouTube thinking the S.A.S are going to phone him up for help. Now zombie mode is cool but the maps are fail. Wager is cool but the maps are fail. Other then that online is fail. Expand
  60. Nov 22, 2010
    The single player campaign feels like Time Crisis to me. An relentless assault of guys popping up from behind boxes and through windows. The flashback narrative device works well but the missions themselves are so linear they feel like a PowerPoint presentation.

    I've been playing violent games for years and few games have made me baulk like BLOPS has. The scene where you stick a knife in
    a Vietnamese guy's neck and jiggle it around comes to mind. As does the scene where you're on boat killing loads of villagers and casually listening to a ditty by the Stones.

    The Multiplayer however, is a definate improvement over MW2. It's buggy but I've been having a blast. The customisation options and theatre mode are great additions.
  61. Nov 23, 2010
    At times this game can be quite fun when you are doing well online, but mainly quite tedious in the fact that online its always the same kind of deaths - killed by a camper - or killed after getting several hit markers. This is so frustrating! Sometimes it takes 3 shots with a shotgun even if it is about 3 yards away. Private matches are no way near as fun than on mw2 and so finally this game does not live up to mw2. Expand
  62. Nov 25, 2010
    The latest entry in the COD franchise features one of the most memorable single player campaigns in recent memory. Ditching Modern Warfare 2's OTT theatrics, Blops tells a a grittier tale which focuses on black ops agents during the 1960s. COD's highly popular multiplayer is back and largely resembles the last few entries. New additions include wager matches and credits which players must earn to unlock new weapons, killstreaks and a host of customization options. The only real knock on this game is that some of the weapons sound very weak and flimsy. Expand
  63. Nov 27, 2010
    Finally we get a better game than the trash that infinityward left behind. Treyarch are quick to patch anything that is wrong. If people cheat or boost they are banned from playing online. Zombies is an excellent mode with a hidden arcade type zombie game. Campaign was epic.
  64. Nov 27, 2010
    Treyarch has redeemed itself! The campaign is compelling and very interesting and I will be sure to play it numerous times unlike MW2's poor campaign. Multiplayer works very well and is much more balanced than MW2's. Although, my only complaint would be about the new COD points system. It's not bad, but I find myself experimenting much less because once you buy a new gun, perk, attachment or piece of equipment there are no refunds. This is not much of a problem though, for you get COD points very easily. This is game is not to be missed and you won't regret the purchase. Expand
  65. Nov 28, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of the best games that I have ever played personally. Although, there are minor things that I didn't like about it. Of course I am a Call of Duty fan so this game was an obvious pick up for me. I have to admit, Treyarch took serious risks in the way they presented the campaign. It feels like a psycological thriller, mixed with war, but this isn't a bad thing. The story was a little weird, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I only wish it was much longer, because I stormed through it in a couple of days, but it is maybe the best Call of Duty game I have ever played. Overall, this game is quite possibly the perfect game. The only other problem I encountered was the online play, which at times doesn't flow as nicely as Modern Warfare 2. What I mean is some weapons are weaker than they should be, and there is a bit of lag. Don't misunderstand me, I love the multiplayer, but it feels a bit like World at War in the 60's. I loved the game, and it is overall, a 9/10. Expand
  66. Nov 28, 2010
    I did not expect a complete new game, but why fix it if it ain't broken. The story in the campaign is told much better, the new COD points system for online makes things much more interesting. The graphics may be a little worse than MW2 but they still look great.
  67. Nov 28, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's very good game but I don't like that there isn't quick scope.
    Call of duty. black ops is as good as call of duty: modern warfare 2
  68. Nov 30, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think it is one of the best games of the series, if not the best, good graphics and good sound to what I am a great game.
    Is the best
  69. Nov 30, 2010
    My current favorite. Not as nice as MW2 but it sure beats anything else out right now. The graphics are alright and I like the new gameplay features. A very good spend of my money and time.
  70. Nov 30, 2010
    Yes this game is similar to the last one but which games aren't?? This game has BETTER movie clips, graphics and story lines. Some think that because it is a video game it shouldn't have these clips in it but it is a war game that has a story line and if you don't know the story then it all makes no sense. That's what i think they were trying to achieve. The games levels are harder and they still keep it interesting. Expand
  71. Dec 1, 2010
    Best game to date. The campaign never ends while the multiplayer takes the Call of Duty that we know and love to a whole new level. Things that were unfair in MW2, like quickscoping, have been removed to make the experience more fun. Killstreaks are more interactive and rewarding. Wager matches allow for winning to feel that much more good. Overall, I could play non stop
  72. Dec 2, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. For the full Call of Duty: Black Op's review and more gaming reviews visit us at

    Call of Duty Black Opâ
  73. Dec 3, 2010
    Call of duty black ops its one of my favourite games that I play nearly at all the time with my friends. The first time I played it my felling was this is the best game in the world and thereâ
  74. Dec 4, 2010
    The online multi-player game is not the best. Modern Warfare II is a lot better because you have to earn your attachments rather than buying them as in Black Ops. I rate Black Ops a high eight out of ten compared to Modern Warfare II that I rate a solid nine out of ten. Don't be fooled by the exciting campaign mode and the graphics. If I had created Black Ops, I would have kept the concept of having to earn your attachments. If there is one thing that I like about Black Ops, it's that the Famas is not a three-round burst and that the game has pretty good maps. If they make another Call of Duty, I hope they change the attachments back to having to be earned and make a decent two to four player map. Expand
  75. Dec 6, 2010
    Another entry in the Call of Duty franchise, if that's your thing, and you like the way the series has changed over the years, you know what you are getting into.

    While not "bad", the game is simply average. The single player mode seems to contain one scripted scene after another, to the point that it feels like you are playing a movie. A very exciting and action packed movie granted,
    but a movie all the same.

    The standard multiplayer mode is here for people to play and think they enjoy it (but they really don't, they just like the satisfaction that leveling brings) and while it feels different from Modern Warfare 2, in a good way, I couldn't pick out any real improvements.
  76. Dec 8, 2010
    Ok for all those people that think mod warfare 2 was a good game get over your selves it was mediocre at best. this game gets the best qualities from modwarfare 2 like gameplay which let's face it is the only thing a game needs to be good and i'll agree the graphics are shocking but that doesn't make a game bad as a result so to all you people raging out there about how bad this game is in comparison why don't you go marry the developers of infinity ward games and hey maybe they'll love you for who you are not who you are in comparison with someone else and if you think the game isn't good because of a glitch, it worked for several million other people so stop blaming the game and get an xbox without the red ring. Expand
  77. Dec 8, 2010
    It's another entry in a stale series. Considering the walls Battlefield Bad Company 2 broke down just earlier this year alone, it's surprising to see people willing to accept the same old Call of Duty again and again. This game's single player is not good, and the multiplayer has tons of issues. This game does not deserve to sell the numbers it does. Their are nuggets of fun in the wager matches, but the standard multiplayer is the same as ever and the single player is easily the worst in the series. Expand
  78. Dec 9, 2010
    Treyarch has done a fantastic job with the game. Although the singleplayer experience left something to be desired, it was diverting at the very least. Multiplayer is where Black Ops shines. The hardcore fanboys are pissed that a sniper rifle is no longer the best close range weapon in the game and that you can no longer pull off kills with a semi-auto shotgun at sixty yards, but are these things really problems. The fact is that Treyarch actually took the time to go through the game and remove all the janky crap that Infinity Ward decided to put in Modern Warfare 2. If you're looking for a game in which you can run around cleaning out entire rooms with sniper rifle at close range, you should probably stick with old, broken MW2. If you're looking for a more balanced and refined shooter, I would recommend taking a look at Black Ops. Expand
  79. Dec 10, 2010
    This game is by far the best game Iâ
  80. Dec 10, 2010
    I have played this game lots and I think itâ
  81. Dec 10, 2010
    Zombies is amazing (and comical). Story is great, although semi-fabricated (I can live with that). Multiplayer is douche-ish, as to be expected. A fine game. I love them level designs as well. Overall, this is the best Call Of Duty game out right now.
  82. Dec 10, 2010
    Treyarch return this year with Cod 7, Black Ops. This action packed game is on of the best COD games so far. It's excellent graphics, thrilling game play and whole new weapon load-out has set the limit for this years games. Plus the epic return of the fantastic "Nazi Zombies". When I first opened Black Ops I noticed the name and counting on the side of the gun, I don't really understand that and I think that the front cover doesn't make a lot of sense because all of the previous COD games all had a picture that refers to a certain scene or a character in the game. But I still think it looks pretty cool. The main menu is very impressive. Your strapped in a chair surrounded by TVs (trying not to spoil for new players) and you are free to look around. The campain has it's high points and low points. The story follows 3 characters and their BO missions and there is even more intel to explore, but the new addition "Dolphin Dive" is pretty pointless unless your the kind of person that likes to run, jump, and dive out of windows 30ft off the ground.
    The Multi-player is extremely fun. With all new killstreaks, weapons, and the new "special weapon". The maps are even better than Modern Warfare and the gameplay has been taken to a whole new level. All the same, domination, team deathmatch, sabotage but ten times better. There is an other addition called combat training where you can play with your friends killing computer operated friends, and the ranks are pretty impressive. In this game there are only 50 ranks in a prestige but there are 15 prestige levels. The titles have changed so you can move all of the details, buy your own pics, layers and colours. I think that this game is a brilliant effort by Treyarch, but before I finish I must mention Nazi Zombies. It's new maps and weapons have never made killing undead Nazis so much fun. There are three maps. A theater, "Five" which is a room in the pentagon and 2 working elevators (it's so much fun leaving a friend on the top floor with 50+ zombies). You can use the lift as much as you want as long as you have 250 points and you must complete the campain to unlock this map. I can't tell you what the third map is because it's hidden. You must find out how to unlock it yourself. All else I can say is that the controls are basically the same, great game and have fun gaming, Chay96
  83. Dec 12, 2010
    I don't care what the **** other people say about CoD:BO, it's awesome! Single-player: Complex characters, and an excellent storyline, but it was short, as I beat it in 4 hours. Multi-player: Great character customization and experience system, excellent maps, however the size, and, or course, zombies! The occasional server switching or kicking is annoying, but its only a small nuisance. Graphics: Nothing new, but still good. Price: Expensive at $60, but should go down eventually. Overall: One great game. Expand
  84. Dec 13, 2010
    The action is still awesome, as the previous installments, but the story is very shallow and lame, and they replaced the special ops (from MW2) with boring zombie survival missions. Bad move.
  85. Dec 13, 2010
    I've red some reviews, and found out that most of the time the writers are complaining about laggy gameplay. I haven't experienced any lag yet, so let me tell you how the game is without any lag. The single player is absolutely AWESOME. Especially the story has been improved. Good plot and stuff. Now about the multi player. The system of earning XP and unlocking weapons and stuff is the same, but some has been added to it. CP. With XP, you unlock weapons, attachments, emblems, layers (talk about that later) and lots of other things. With CP you buy it. This new system gives some variation in the Call of Duty series. Also there are wager matches. You wage your CP. If you become the first till the third player, your CP will increase. You lose, you'll lose all your CP. Also Combat Training has been added. It's a training with bots fighting against you, you can adjust the difficulty of the bots. And the emblem you have in the multi player, is custom. You choose layers, give them a colour, adjust size and make an emblem. cool isn't it? Zombie mode is also included with Black Ops. Long story short, a lot of new stuff. But now, the downside of this beautiful wonderland. Again, in this game (just as in MW2) there are some overpowered weapons + attachments. The flamethrower for example (yes you can use a flamethrower as attachment) is way too strong. Just one second on fire and you die. not fun. The killcam, as smooth as it was in MW2, now lags as **** Whatever you do, how amazing your computer is, the killcam will always lag. Just at the end, when the kill is being made, you only see three frames of a weapon firing and then the killcam's over. not satisfying if you made the final kill. It only works in combat training. There isn't really a graphic improvement, but that's not really a problem. It's about the game, right? Overall, this game is good if you have some sort of super computer (which i have). But with a regular computer, you're FPS will always stay under 15. Until Treyarch comes with a patch, this game is only fun for the people with a really good computer. My suggestion: buy this game when it has been patched, unless you think you're computer can take it. The score i give this game is based on the experience i had without having lag. With lag, my score would be around a 4.0, since the single player still makes up a lot. Expand
  86. Dec 13, 2010
    This review is mainly based off the multiplayer. I really enjoy the multiplayer a lot more than MW's. So much so, that I can no longet even play MW2. Why? The game is much more balanced. That includes, guns, perks, and killstreaks. It's a lot more fun to play and it never feels unfair.
  87. Dec 15, 2010
    Solo Player is Great! Zombie mode / multilayer is ever better. There are a few hiccups graphically from time to time; and on PSN the network drops randomly. Hopefully they can update the very and then the score will be up to a ten.
  88. Dec 16, 2010
    This is my 2nd review of the game and after fully comprehending the structure and playing more of the single player campaign... I must say this game deserves a higher mark.

    I have read 5+ user reviews of this game all bashing it for little things and giving the CoD title a low mark because of one or two small frustrations with the game... IM SICK OF IT!

    Let me tell you something
    people... if you suck at first person shooters... play on easy mode in campaign because this game is very hard and unforgiving, but rewarding and fun if played at the proper difficulty...

    Another thing... Multiplayer is the same way except you don't get to choose your difficulty. The people on Xbox live are plain and simply... undeniably good. I happen to be one of those people so I have no problem keeping up with the competition. If you are not good or an avid gamer I have several words of advice....

    1. Do not KNOCK the game because you are terrible at it.
  89. Dec 19, 2010
    Call of Duty: Black Ops definitely contains the most intricate story in the Call of Duty franchise. In addition, stunning graphics and intense game play add to the quality of this game. Unfortunately, the game costs a whopping $60, which is not a reasonable price whatsoever and is not as detailed as Modern Warfare II. Regardless, this game will provide you with a substantial amount of entertainment, however, I would advise you wait for the price to decrease before purchasing it. Expand
  90. Dec 21, 2010
    This game is OK. I bought it listening to those little voices in my head saying "This will be the best game of they year!" I get home and well, its not as good as i would of thought. The campaign is amazing! But its just the multi-player that caught my attention. It was almost exactly like MW2. Really close to it. Not enough new guns, and the "customization" sucked. They made it look so good on the trailer, but all you can do is change your guys entire outfit and face paint (witch looked really stupid anyway). I definitely wouldn't of bought this game, but its good for those kind of people that are happy with a game thats almost exactly like they're predecessor. Expand
  91. Dec 23, 2010
    It's alright, the single player is nothing really to get excited about but the multi player AND Zombies rescues it a little bit. It's not worth the money right now but might be worth it when reduced to just above £10, your choice!
  92. Dec 25, 2010
    Overly anticipated let down of the year. Campaign is the only thing keeping me from giving this a zero......The online play was overly ambitious with the interesting wager matches and nice weapon customization, but that certainly doesn't cover up the bland gameplay, graphics, maps, guns, and killstreaks. The game is below mediocre and is popular because it has the "honor" of being branded as a Call Of Duty game. Expand
  93. Dec 26, 2010
    Wow. One of the most epic games ive ever played. I liked that the environment was always changing, giving each level a different feel. But it still doesn't have the same feel as the origínal modern warfare. Very good story line though, probably the best ive seen since halo 3. Its just the ending i didn't like, it wasn't the sort of ending i was hoping for. Both modern warfare's had a good ending, but black ops really dropped the ball. But the zombie mode is awesome, could play it for days on end. Expand
  94. Dec 28, 2010
    Black Ops is a fine game. It seems a bit recycled from the previous MW2 title. "Customization" feature is meh at best. Although the purchase of perks, weapons and such through experience points is a nice touch. BO is good but not as good as MW2.
  95. Dec 31, 2010
    Multilayer only As I believe that the COD series have been a little over hyped lately Treyarch has stuck to the basic formula (kill for xp unlock from xp rinse and repeat) with adding one large exception more customization as more is good it seems as though they had the idea but didn't go as far as they could it is in the middle. All and all it is a fine game if your tired of MW2.
  96. Dec 31, 2010
    I was first introduced to the Call of Duty series when I played the first Modern Warfare, and I have played every one of the games released since, so I've had a couple tastes of the works of Infinity Ward and Treyarch. I was hesitant in buying Black Ops because of the horrific multiplayer experience that was offered in World at War (Treyarch's previous game). I began by playing the single played which I think was very decent. It is nothing compared to the experience offered in many of the other games available right now, but it is entertaining and has the best plot of the series. After that, I played zombies for a little while which I find extremely fun, as I did in World at War. Zombies can be a bit difficult and confusing to new players, but once you get the feel for it then it is surprising how fun it can be, especially when you're playing with some friends. The only real problem is the connection. It is difficult to find two more players when you have a friend or two in your lobby already, since when it connects you it usually fails in an attempt to migrate the host. When you do get it to work, it is very fun. However zombies does get boring after a point, and that is when I headed into multiplayer. Now, coming into Black Ops multiplayer, I was really only hoping for the fixes to the two problems which had ruined Modern Warfare 2 for me: grenade launchers (and other explosives), and commando. I was pleased to see that they had removed commando and significantly reduced the potency of grenade launchers. Making the killstreaks not build on each other was a much needed change as well, as it makes it much more likely that everyone will be having fun on some level, instead of one person stealing it all. But now I must move on to the topic of fun. With Modern Warfare 2, I really wanted it to be a fun and great game, and it was for a while. But there were some huge issues that arose and ruined it for a ton of people, including me. It just stopped being fun and what's the point in playing a game if you're not having fun? So as I mentioned before, I was very pleased to notice that they had effectively removed the two things that had really ruined the previous game. However, I soon noticed a problem: Black Ops Multiplayer is too similar to Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer (for me anyway). Sure all of the cool customization options are available, and there are lots of new killstreaks, but the gameplay just feels repetitive in some way. It's really as if they took Modern Warfare 2, changed around the guns and maps a bit, added some more customization and the CoDPoints system, and took out the major flaws from before (except for Last Stand/Second chance. They also took out quickscoping which I think is a good thing because it results in less people running their mouths and thinking they're amazing for getting a few lucky shots, but that's just my opinion). What I'm trying to say is, I'm not getting very much fun out of this game now. I feel like Black Ops is the icing that has been added onto the cake of the previous games; it's just becoming too similar.

    So as someone who has been following the series for a few years now, I think I may just be burnt out on the gameplay that is seeming to repeat itself from title to title. And it's a shame that if there is a Modern Warfare 3, it will most likely be horrific, seeing as it will be made by the newer employees at Infinity Ward, and not the originals who made the series as large as it is (they all either left or were fired earlier this year).
  97. Jan 1, 2011
    Black Ops is an okay game, in my opinion. I played campaign, it was pretty short, and some things reminded me of MW2. But I didn't play multiplayer, by the looks of what was happening to my brother. The multiplayer looks like crap. He said the guns bounce like crazy, which gets annoying. The hit markers don't help, since you don't know when you're shot too well. Guns are the same as in the others, and some don't even look like real guns, like the G11. Some maps do have cool things with them, like the RC-XD tunnels. But the maps are kind of boring. I think it's safe to say that Black Ops wasn't the best game, since I've played all of them, from Call of Duty 2 to Black Ops. I'm not gonna discriminate on opinion, though. It's an opinion, and that doesn't matter. Unless they take it too far. Expand
  98. Jan 5, 2011
    Well, Treyarch have finally equalled Infinity Ward. The same on-rails Hollywood BS, the same Keystone Cops animations, the same abysmal AI (cool new enemy forward-roll into the MIDDLE of a corridor I'm shooting along?), and the same blah-de-bloody-blah story. The multiplayer (enhanced by 'borrowing' Ideas from such sources as the vastly-superior Halo series), and Zombies modes manage to drag the score up to 7, as the Assassins Creed-a-like, wafer-thin, story mode fails to excite. Next-year's game should definitely just steal the AI from F.E.A.R. and Halo, hand-draw the animations, scrap respawning enemies, and use a game engine that doesn't revert to super-lo-res-patchwork-quilt-mode as soon as you get within 10 feet of an object. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 89 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 83 out of 89
  2. Negative: 0 out of 89
  1. A short campaign which is never spectacular and never very clever, but always solid enough. [Feb 2011, p.99]
  2. Jan 18, 2011
    By dint of obstinacy, Treyarch delivers probably its best with Black Ops Call of Duty to date - but probably not the best in the saga.
  3. Jan 16, 2011
    There are more highlights in the first two missions of Black Ops, then in Medal of Honor. The requirements of Treyarch seemed to be better, than in the past few years. They made an interesting setting. In addition, there's a nice zombie mode and an overwhelming multiplayer. No doubt, this is Treyarchs best Call of Duty ever!