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  1. Nov 22, 2010
    I seriously don't understand some people? While Modern Warfare one and especially two were unoriginal neo-con wet dreams, some enjoyed it because as one put it on COD website: 'We get to nuke Arabs'! Pathetic simple minds, yet sadly common on xbox live. Treyarch for me are extremely under-rated as WAW and Black Ops are better more compelling games, yet because of mind-less fan boys they get smashed. This is the best game in the series without doubt, the longest yet best story mode, excellent and IMPROVED multiplayer, and comical (in a good sense) Zombie mode. Though yes it doesn't really stray from Modern Warfare template too often, so if gamers have any sense they would stop buying the yearly update and buy it every two years, as hopefully that's how long I'll be playing this for. Expand
  2. Nov 10, 2010
    Here you go, a bit of a read, but please expand and read or skim. CoD: Black Ops is a very good game, not the greatest of all games, but a very good game all the same. Think about it, any one of you who went out and bought it right when it came out bought the game to play, right? If you wanted to see what it was like, why not wait and buy it a day after? Your friend(s) could have bought it, and in the new version, did you know that a player can bring a guest in, who can keep their score, items, etc., with an Xbox Live Gold account, and play it losing their winnings, without? You can also create many types of weapons, clan tags, uniforms and so much more, all by yourself, with points equaling game money earned by playing? Wager your "money" for more against other players, plus? It's hard to "camp" in the new game, you can play against AI NPCs to get used to the newer multiplayer game (with or without friends)? Treyarch has their own anti-hackers and servers to do their best to keep out hackers, you have an even more even playing field for those who are not as "quick on the draw;" new and neater wins for kill streaks (attack choppers you can control, the radio controlled car, the Blackbird, and more)? Phenomenal! I do believe that Treyarch, who really could have blown away all of the other CoD games, set the release date too soon (due to Activision), actually did us a favor. How? The company now will have competition by Infinity Ward, who is creating Cod:MW3? At least hopefully there will be good competition. It has some problems, like the never present footstep sounds from behind, at times the game has glitches, and some other problems, and so on - but it's new! So, did you buy the game to complain about it, or did you buy the game to have fun with? Oh yeah, anyone with major problems about the game, I have a good friend who wants to buy a used copy. Really! So, please turn around and trade it in for another game if you don't like it so that he can buy it. Thanks. Expand
  3. Nov 26, 2010
    The game met the expectations, the story filled with trivia and lots of action, adapting all the good things and improve his predecessor, have cost it a multi-player addictive.
  4. Nov 10, 2010
    This game is everything I'd hoped 4. They have taken everything great about this series and taken it up[ 2 a whole new leval. It just makes one wonder where the next one will go to top it but I'll look forward to finding out. Its pretty interesting the range of user reviews here to btw. It seems to vary between people who actually played the game and appreciated it for what it is and the rest seem to be just lookn 4 something 2 hate on and mostly sound childish and resentful. Especially the ones who go out of their way 2 give this a 1 rating and then say how inferior it is 2 MW2 and nobody should buy it. I suspect theres alot of kids who cant afford 2 get this yet & hate that the MW2 community that they've investd so much $$ in is gonna be a virtual ghost town now. Get over it, theres a new king in town !! Expand
  5. Dec 2, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. For the full Call of Duty: Black Op's review and more gaming reviews visit us at

    Call of Duty Black Opâ
  6. Nov 18, 2010
    Treyarch, the second favourites, the underdogs, the second best. Some of the names you hear as the company's name gets bashed around. Although they have never been able to out do the brilliant work of Infinity ward, they have always delivered a game which could bear the Call of Duty Brand safely enough without the series getting ruined. Of course, feel free to disagree... World at War was overall a solid game with some stunning campaign moments and awesome characters played by some of the best actors around. Giving them that and Treyarch something to improve on, they have done splendidly! Overall Black Ops still has these awesome convincing actors, a multiplayer experience bound to draw in the millions and a campaign which is very fun throughout due to its unique time periods and settings. Yet, the plot has a typical COD twist. This game is going to cause lots of polarising views, you have to try the game for yourself and then decide for yourself. Expand
  7. Nov 11, 2010
    This game has a monster **** It's by far one of the best of its kinds. It's only a shame that medal of honor couldnt have been this good. If you havnt already got it do so.
  8. Dec 15, 2010
    Solo Player is Great! Zombie mode / multilayer is ever better. There are a few hiccups graphically from time to time; and on PSN the network drops randomly. Hopefully they can update the very and then the score will be up to a ten.
  9. Nov 10, 2010
    It seems to be the cool thing to hate the newest Call of Duty nowadays. I can tell you, if you have ever enjoyed a Call of Duty game, you will have a blast with Black Ops. The multiplayer is balanced, there doesn't seem to be any weapon or perk that really stands out as overpowered. The customization is amazing, the emblems, weapons, and character can all be customized as you see fit. However, I have a few gripes. The framerate tends to drop during intense moments or particularly in the map Jungle, and there are a few bugs, like the infinite care package glitch (which I imagine will be fixed). It's not as "solid" a game as Infinity Ward's previous titles. And Treyarch is still not as good at creating maps as Infinity Ward's, but it's by no means bad.

    The story is a bit short but really cinematic and intense, it's very similar to Modern Warfare 2's, as you might expect. Also, zombies is always a welcome return. Point being, if you're a Call of Duty fan, you'll love it.
  10. Dec 29, 2010
    Half-way through the story I was thinking this game is SO repetitive but then at the end I couldn't beleive it. The story line was amazing and it all came together at the end so well. I am not a fan of zombies but I still think that havning a few friends round playing it and blaming them for what went wrong is hilarious. The Dead Ops arcade was fun for a while too.

    The multiplayer at
    the start I didnt like the maps but when I got used to the guns, maps and perks I realy started to enjoy the game. There is some overpowered and overused weapons and getting pro perks can be VERY annoying. E.G Sharing Care Packages with people to get Hardline Pro. Noob Tubers are basically away except a few C4 Spammers but every game I think needs some controversy. Still alot of campers but after all it is a Call Of Duty game.

    Overall I think It is a great game and people just don't like it because it says Treyarch on the packaging. IMO if it said Infinity Ward people would love it!
  11. Nov 9, 2010
    I don't get all the negative user reviews. Clunky controls? Its the same setup modern warfare 2 had. Bad graphics? Graphics are amazing. The campaign is great and so is the nazi zombies. The only reason I did not give it a ten is that it requires you to be online for the combat training. I can't get online so I would have loved to play with bots on the map. Anyway, best call of duty yet.
  12. Nov 10, 2010
    This is a review for for XBOX 360 version. Yes it's more of the same but it's still the best MP shooter available. Some people commented that the graphics were bad and I agreed at first. The smoke effects in particular looked horrible. Then I realized that I had mis-adjusted the brightness in the configuration. Once I fixed the brightness the graphics looked fine (or the same as the other COD:MW games). Same basic combat engine with new maps. A few are available to begin and additional maps are unlocked as you level up. The big change with the experience system is that you no longer have to "earn" attachments and perks. You receive $ for playing each match and use this currency to buy attachments, perks, and other items. One new item that looks interesting is the sticky cam. You can place it around a corner and then watch for the enemy. If you enjoyed the previous COD:MW game you should enjoy this one as well. The one gripe I do have is that the cut scenes between levels in the campaign are too long. Most last for several minutes or at least it seems so. Expand
  13. Nov 10, 2010
    What can i say that the others haven't already? I've been playing all of the cod's for years and this one keeps me coming back for more just like the others did. Love the customization, the theater mode is incredible, and the zombies kick ass as usual. If you don't like zombies, don't complain about it to us. We zombie lovers don't want to hear your whining asses cry about it one more second. We pure fps shooter fans know that this game is quality, and that's all that matters. Yes, the graphics are a little dated, but they are still more than acceptable by this gamer. Buy it with a smile on your face knowing it's money well invested in countless hours of vicious gameplay. My GOTY selection for sure. Expand
  14. Nov 10, 2010
    In the multiplayer aspect, which is what nearly all Call of Duty players play the most, Call of Duty: Black Ops does not disappoint. For those who were disappointed with Modern Warfare 2, do not let that stop you from trying out this game. It seems like one of Treyarch's biggest goals with Black Ops was to succeed where Modern Warfare 2 failed, and they certainly pulled it off in that respect. There is a wide variety of weapons and weapon attachments, including some brand new ones, equipment, and either new or improved perks. The weapons are less "overpowered" than many fans of the series saw Black Ops' predecessor to be, and there are also less "random deaths". And on top of that, there are new "wager match" game modes where you can put your COD Points (in-game currency) on the line in order to win more currency. These modes are extremely adrenaline-pumping and fun.

    In short, if you liked or loved the Call of Duty series before Modern Warfare 2 or if you still loved it when Modern Warfare 2 was released, you will most certainly consider this to be the best Call of Duty game to date.
  15. Nov 11, 2010
    Treyarch have done an excellent job with Black Ops. The single-player campaign is enthralling and extremely frantic. In my opinion, it's the best story in the Call of Duty franchise. The back and forth between stories might get confusing, but if you pay enough attention to it, you'll be in for a treat. It's pretty much set piece after set piece. When it comes to multiplayer, Treyarch does an extremely good job. Tons of customization, right down to face paint and logos on weapons. They introduced a credit system in the game that serves as a form of currency. After each match you get a certain amount of credits based off your performance. In turn, you spend credits on purchasing, pretty much, everything in the game: guns, attachments, camo, reticle, perks, etc. There is also much more stat tracking that you have to figure out on your own, because it really does seem endless.

    Overall, Black Ops is a fine first-person shooter. It has that same COD quality that keeps people coming back each year, plus more. It's single-player is fresh, and original, taking around 6-8 hours to finish (play of hardened your first time). Treyarch made multiplayer even more user-friendly with crazy amounts of customization and the added wager modes give Black Ops even more that it already has...Oh, yeah...Zombies have returned too.

    It's a complete package. If you have MW2 and are wary, don't be. It's a great game.
  16. Nov 11, 2010
    Call of Duty Black Ops has made the largest strides of created a new and improved Call of Duty experience, and succeeded with flying colors. The gameplay finally is balanced, no more will you die via UMP across the map. All weapons are balanced, but automatic weapons have a sight advantage due to the more shots it takes to bring down and opponent, but the M16s are best for long range shooting anyways. Also, the fact that killstreaks do not stack anymore focuses more on the shooting nature of the game, as CoD4 did. This is a huge relief, and rises out of the killstreak heavy MW2 gameplay.

    The best addition is the way you buy weapons. They are unlocked regularly, but now you can buy the attachments, instead of playing countless games, slaving to get fmj for a weapon. This addition helps the game focus more on the gameplay. The addition of diving to prone is also a helpful addition to get a jump on the enemy.

    The addition of theater mode is a nice touch as well, giving players the halo treatment. Also, custom matches finally organize private no scope matches. Also, the ability to personalize weapons and emblems really gives the player a larger sense of creativity.

    Finally, with the addition of split screen online multiplayer, players can also entertain their friends with an online experience that was only provide before by halo. This is a feature that fans screamed for and someone FINALLY listened.

    The campaign in this game is much better than the previous games. The player is put into the middle of a grand mystery of the main characters mind. The government is trying to exract information that was wiped after your character went missing in action. The player goes through their characters past experiences and finds unique twists.

    The Zombies mode is slightly bumped down from WaW, with the addition of wierd crawling zombies that disorient the player. It seems Treyarch tried to complicate this mode more than it should have been. But the fact that players can control Presidents JFK and Nixon against Nazi Zombies is as humorous as it is fun. The downfalls of this game happen in the multiplayer maps and graphics department. The half the maps are fine, but some maps are too large for simple team deathmatches. Expect games to go on for the full length of time due to the large amounts of places players can hide. No one finds anyone for 30 seconds sometimes. Also, the graphics seem like a major step down from MW2. This game lost MW2's realism, but that does not mean that the game looks terrible to any extend. Just different.

    All in all, Call of Duty Balck Ops is the greatest of the series so far. The improvements shadow the minor glitches and out dated graphics. But the largeness of the maps, typical in Treyarch games, really bring down online gameplay. If you are looking for a strong predessor to the worlds top selling game, look no further than Black Ops.
  17. Nov 14, 2010
    Single player has some rough parts, but overall is decent. The multiplayer is much better than MW2. Killstreaks not contributing from higher tier killstreaks is nice, it keeps people from hitting a kill streak like a helicopter then hiding and waiting for it do to all the work for their next killstreak. And thank god for fixing QSing, I have no idea why anyone thinks it's skillful to put a dot on their TV screen and aim by using that. Expand
  18. Nov 14, 2010
    I felt the need to review this game because its low user score of 6.2. It's a great game, it's much more balanced then modern warfare 2, and much more multiplayer friendly. People complain about the spawning, and I have only spawned in front of an enemy 2 times, and i've played a good 10 hours so far. Guns are very balanced except for snipers, they seem extremely useless because most of the maps aren't designed for sniping. It does look a tad worse then MW2 in some aspectsbut it still looks great. It captured what made mw2 multiplayer so addictive and didn't use what made world at war multiplayer so crappy. Multiplayer is a heck of alot of fun but i have a few simple gripes... Wager matches are an amazing addition to the call of duty formula and are my favorite modes, especially gun game. But you can't play wager matches on split screen mode. What's up with that? You also can't play with bots when you have 3-4 player split screen. That's extremely dumb since wager matches are awesome and should be split screen playable. It's addicting and extremely well made. Anybody who says its garbage hasn't played it, or is terrible at it. Expand
  19. Nov 15, 2010
    As a stand alone game, though part of a series, this is easily 9 or 10.

    It has redundancies, just like the madden series, but as a stand alone edition, it is a work of art.
  20. Nov 15, 2010
    This is a very good game, I had my doubts but Treyarch pulled it off. The single player was amazing multiplayer was fun (not to mention the lack of hacking) and the COD point system was brilliant. Yea the were some problems like the server randomly d/cing on me every now and then but these kind of things are easily fixed. Thank god no more Nuke, Thank god no more quick scoping. Im glad I went and bought this game. FYI MW2 had problems when it first came out too no game is perfect. Expand
  21. Nov 28, 2010
    I did not expect a complete new game, but why fix it if it ain't broken. The story in the campaign is told much better, the new COD points system for online makes things much more interesting. The graphics may be a little worse than MW2 but they still look great.
  22. Nov 19, 2010
    An awesome and lengthy campaign, great story, engaging and customizable multiplayer, and great zombies make this the best Call of Duty game and gives me confidence that Treyarch is more than capable of handling the series going forward. One of my top 5 games of the decade
  23. Nov 24, 2010
    not since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare have we seen a game this wholehearted and fulfilling. Campaign was excellent, introduced to the story in media res, we are taken through Alex Masons last few missions before we learn where he is being detained. Excellent story arc and bridging. The Coop Survival mode (Zombies!) is better than it was in World at War. If you didn't already realize, I am saying that it's only rival is Halo Reach's Firefight, and only just barely. The multiplayer is fun, and balanced to what I have seen. The only downside is the terrible lag, and constant host migration. At least it's faster. Expand
  24. Nov 21, 2010
    If you asked me would i buy Black ops a week ago i would of said no but when i got the preordered ACB i decided, what the hell sure i'll try it and right from the beginning the campain was really cool though the reason i was uncertin abouth Black ops was that people are blinded by the so called awesome multiplayer when there are just a few maps and mods compared to Combat Arms, expecaily the arsenal, like wehn me and a friend were playing free for all i was shocked when i saw their were only like a handful of guns some without real brand names. Well this is what the scoring is on the Infamis COD

    (multiplayer zombies-8/10)
    (multiplayer gun's/attachments-4/10)

    (overall gameplay-57/70)

    (story plot-10/10)
    (character developing-9/10)
    (characters developed-9/10)

    (over plot/characterization-44/50)

    Extra Points-

    (the sheir realism of the graphics-+5)

    Total points-108/120
  25. Nov 25, 2010
    Great game but the formula is getting old. I love the fact they have put so much content into this game compared MW2 which I left cheated into buying because of the hype (got bored after 3 weeks), but this game have really got me back into series. I love the 3D modeling it's very well done (Normal Maps are insane close up). But again the downfall is the fact the game still feels like the game from 4 years ago and it needs to be refreshed fast. I'm not calling this the 3rd strike but if they want hardcore to carry on they better to do something big in the next game. =] Expand
  26. Nov 27, 2010
    Finally we get a better game than the trash that infinityward left behind. Treyarch are quick to patch anything that is wrong. If people cheat or boost they are banned from playing online. Zombies is an excellent mode with a hidden arcade type zombie game. Campaign was epic.
  27. Nov 27, 2010
    Treyarch has redeemed itself! The campaign is compelling and very interesting and I will be sure to play it numerous times unlike MW2's poor campaign. Multiplayer works very well and is much more balanced than MW2's. Although, my only complaint would be about the new COD points system. It's not bad, but I find myself experimenting much less because once you buy a new gun, perk, attachment or piece of equipment there are no refunds. This is not much of a problem though, for you get COD points very easily. This is game is not to be missed and you won't regret the purchase. Expand
  28. Nov 28, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of the best games that I have ever played personally. Although, there are minor things that I didn't like about it. Of course I am a Call of Duty fan so this game was an obvious pick up for me. I have to admit, Treyarch took serious risks in the way they presented the campaign. It feels like a psycological thriller, mixed with war, but this isn't a bad thing. The story was a little weird, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I only wish it was much longer, because I stormed through it in a couple of days, but it is maybe the best Call of Duty game I have ever played. Overall, this game is quite possibly the perfect game. The only other problem I encountered was the online play, which at times doesn't flow as nicely as Modern Warfare 2. What I mean is some weapons are weaker than they should be, and there is a bit of lag. Don't misunderstand me, I love the multiplayer, but it feels a bit like World at War in the 60's. I loved the game, and it is overall, a 9/10. Expand
  29. Dec 10, 2010
    Treyarch return this year with Cod 7, Black Ops. This action packed game is on of the best COD games so far. It's excellent graphics, thrilling game play and whole new weapon load-out has set the limit for this years games. Plus the epic return of the fantastic "Nazi Zombies". When I first opened Black Ops I noticed the name and counting on the side of the gun, I don't really understand that and I think that the front cover doesn't make a lot of sense because all of the previous COD games all had a picture that refers to a certain scene or a character in the game. But I still think it looks pretty cool. The main menu is very impressive. Your strapped in a chair surrounded by TVs (trying not to spoil for new players) and you are free to look around. The campain has it's high points and low points. The story follows 3 characters and their BO missions and there is even more intel to explore, but the new addition "Dolphin Dive" is pretty pointless unless your the kind of person that likes to run, jump, and dive out of windows 30ft off the ground.
    The Multi-player is extremely fun. With all new killstreaks, weapons, and the new "special weapon". The maps are even better than Modern Warfare and the gameplay has been taken to a whole new level. All the same, domination, team deathmatch, sabotage but ten times better. There is an other addition called combat training where you can play with your friends killing computer operated friends, and the ranks are pretty impressive. In this game there are only 50 ranks in a prestige but there are 15 prestige levels. The titles have changed so you can move all of the details, buy your own pics, layers and colours. I think that this game is a brilliant effort by Treyarch, but before I finish I must mention Nazi Zombies. It's new maps and weapons have never made killing undead Nazis so much fun. There are three maps. A theater, "Five" which is a room in the pentagon and 2 working elevators (it's so much fun leaving a friend on the top floor with 50+ zombies). You can use the lift as much as you want as long as you have 250 points and you must complete the campain to unlock this map. I can't tell you what the third map is because it's hidden. You must find out how to unlock it yourself. All else I can say is that the controls are basically the same, great game and have fun gaming, Chay96
  30. Nov 30, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think it is one of the best games of the series, if not the best, good graphics and good sound to what I am a great game.
    Is the best
  31. Dec 9, 2010
    Treyarch has done a fantastic job with the game. Although the singleplayer experience left something to be desired, it was diverting at the very least. Multiplayer is where Black Ops shines. The hardcore fanboys are pissed that a sniper rifle is no longer the best close range weapon in the game and that you can no longer pull off kills with a semi-auto shotgun at sixty yards, but are these things really problems. The fact is that Treyarch actually took the time to go through the game and remove all the janky crap that Infinity Ward decided to put in Modern Warfare 2. If you're looking for a game in which you can run around cleaning out entire rooms with sniper rifle at close range, you should probably stick with old, broken MW2. If you're looking for a more balanced and refined shooter, I would recommend taking a look at Black Ops. Expand
  32. Jul 19, 2011
    Despite what other people have said this game is extremely enjoyable. Weather youre doing more scripted over-the-top action sequences in the campaign. Shooting the crap out of endless zombies in zombies mode, or decimating the other team in multi player. This game is a lot of fun. While other people may say its a recycled version of MW2 I say any thing that can keep you entertained for 2 Whole days!!! is pretty good in my book. Expand
  33. Mar 6, 2011
    While I am still pretty new to the Call of Duty series I've only played World at War, COD 4, and this one, and I hated COD 4, this has to be the best one I've played so far, the campaign is epic the story mixed with the awesome gameplay kept me hooked, the multiplayer is outstanding, right up there with Halo: Reach and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and the controls still deserve praise, the only flaws are some technical issues like you and your enemies getting stuck in the environment, and some other weird glitches, even with those this is still one I can highly recommend. Expand
  34. Jan 16, 2011
    Obviously one of the finest games of the year. Most reviewers or players who aren't capable of stringing together consistently good online stats are going to be frustrated of course. Don't let upset gamers' scores fool you out of buying a strong addition to the Call of Duty series. Although it could use more singleplayer features.
  35. Jan 27, 2011
    By far the best outing from Treyarch. This iteration of Call of Duty also happens to be the best overall. Though the Modern Warfare series was better in some ways, Black Ops just delivers so much more. The most cohesive COD campaign in the series with tight controls and great gameplay. Add in a multitude of extras like zombie mode, unlockable mini games, combat training and the standard yet upgraded multiplayer and you have one heck of a game. One of the more fun and surprisingly fun options is combat training. In this mode you play with and against AI controlled bots in deathmatch and team deathmatch games on any of the multiplayer maps. You can also have your friends join in with you to take out the bots. Combat training also has the option to name the bots after the people on your friends list which is a lot more fun than it should be. Overall Black Ops is the best in the series and one of the best games of the year. Expand
  36. Feb 6, 2011
    I've got to say, this is exactly what MW2 wasn't. There is much less gay stuff in multiplayer (why carry a gun in MW2?), noob tubes have been toned down, and perks are fewer and much more balanced. I like the money system and how I can buy any perk I want and any gun attachment, while still having to level up to unlock guns. Graphics haven't changed, but that's ok with me because I prefer a high framerate to textures. As for campaign, some may call it farfetched, but it made more sense than the one in MW2. At least they explain everything, but it is short. I also like how it rewards those who played WAW. No complaints other than the short campaign. Expand
  37. Mar 13, 2011
    Decent story for the campaign, but it's extremely hard on Veteran (hardest), including hordes of respawning enemies. It's even a slight challenge on Hardened.

    Zombies is fun as always and this game provides the best maps yet, with more perks, guns and gadgets.

    Multiplayer has the same feel, but it plays different. After all, it IS on a DIFFERENT engine than IW's games. (MW2, COD4, COD2)
    It can be a little laggy like the game depends way too much on the host. There are no dedicated servers, but you still get the solid gameplay of Call of Duty and Treyarch took away 90% of the cheap bullcrap that MW2, like certain perks, certain killstreak, stacking killstreaks and they even provided multiple Barebones playlists. (No perks, killstreaks or attatchments).

    Overall, it's a good game. I would give it an 8.5, but since so many losers rated it so low on purpose... because they hate COD because they suck, their connection sucks or they miss the cheap crap from MW2.

    To let you know how this game stacks up in my opinion. I'll list my favorite CODs in order.

    1. COD2
    2. COD4
    3. Black Ops
    4. MW2
    5. WAW
    6. COD3
    7. Big Red One
    8. Finest Hour
    9. Classic
  38. Mar 14, 2011
    Call of Duty: Black Ops has many things going for it. Addictive multiplayer, descent story, amazing Zombies, and great replay ability. Unlike some reviewers, I do not think Black Ops is similar to previous games in the series, except in the core defining features that make it Call of Duty. I, personally, consider this the best game in the series. That being said, It is hard to argue this game is flawless. While the campaign is the best yet, the easier difficulties are altogether to easy. Honestly, in many cases you can simply sit back and let your bot allies take care of the enemies. The exception to this is veteran, which is extremely challenging. Unfortunately, there really is no medium difficulty for Black Ops. That being said, the campaign is fun and exciting, with a story that is surprisingly interesting for a Call of Duty game. Multiplayer wise, Black Ops is like any other Call of Duty. Addicting, but frustrating. Due to the majority of players buying Call of Duty for the multiplayer, I will review this section extensively. To begin, the multiplayer, like any other CoD, is fast-paced and frantic. Even though Treyarch increased the amount of damage you take, you still die quickly and you will not find yourself getting away from gunfights in most scenarios. In addition, the guns in Black Ops are disappointing. If you are trying to do well, the assault rifles are vastly superior to all other gun's, save the AK74u. That being said, in and of themselves, the assault rifles are balanced and each fun to use in their own way. Additionally, the sub machine guns, shotguns, and Light Machine Gun's are all balanced and unique, if not for the Assault Rifles outshining them in most situations. Finally, the Sniper Rifles are, sadly, useless in this game, and you will not be able to quickscope like previous Call of Duty's. While this may come to a relief to some, because Treyarch made only a couple sniper-friendly maps, the Sniper is a gun that could have easily been left out without being missed. Customization wise,Treyarch brings many new attachments, camos, perks, and kill streaks. Although some could argue kill streaks underpowered, all in all the customization is balanced and, depending on the different load outs you go with, the game can feel very different. Unlike previous Call of Duty games, the grenade launcher has a very reasonable blast radius and, when against Flak Jacket (A perk that gives you extra explosive resistance) its overall useless. On the gameplay aspect, the map's are fun and interesting, the gameplay is fluid, the control's flawless, and the graphics passable. Unfortunately, the spawns could use some tweaking. Depending on the game mode you play, you can easily be trapped in your spawn or, on the opposite side of things, switch spawns to easily and spawn behind enemies, or vise-versa. Additionally, the matchmaking is not ideal. In many cases, when playng with parties, you will get into a game with a few people missing. This never happened in previous call of duties and, even worse, you could get into a game that is already, in essence, a loss. Finally, I will address the zombie mode. Zombie's is arguably the best part of Black Ops. There is something altogether to satisfying by annihilating endless zombie hordes with a couple of friends. On the later rounds, it takes a lot of teamwork to survive. Black Ops comes with 2 map's, Kino der Toten and Five. Although Five is not as enjoyable for me, Kino der Toten is extremely fun and pack's hours of play. In addition, if you purchased the Hardened addition to Black Ops, you will gain access to the 4 zombie maps from WaW with modern weapons. While all fun, my personal favorite is Der Reise. Finally, if you purchase the fifteen dollar map pack you will gain the ability to play Ascension, my favorite zombie map. Ascension is surprisingly complicated for a zombie map, even coming with a side-objective to try if your feeling lucky. Unfortunately, its not easy and you'll need a full party of four. In the end, Black Ops is a very fun game that deserves your purchase, especially if you enjoyed the previous call of duties. Although the Multiplayer will surely attract most, be sure not to overlook Zombies and the Campaign. My only caution is that multiplayer, even the campaign in some parts, will be frustrating. However, if this happens just take a break and come back later. My final thoughts, great purchase, but if your not a fan of shooters I would let this one pass. Expand
  39. Mar 15, 2011
    Well its good and i'll give it that, it ties everything the call of duty franchise has with a pretty bow and has chucked in what every call of duty fan wanted. I would say though before i rant about how good it is, do not get it if you havent got xbox live gold it is a waste of money. So back to the rant, zombies is a robust package and a blast with people you know and dont. I have made around twenty friends just playing zombies and my aspiration is to reach number one on ascension but i do have to say at round thirty when it last half an hour to get to round thirty-one you do get bored so i admire you glitchers for your patience. That then of course brings me onto the glitches, oh so many! each zombie map has one and even a few multiplayer ones but i wont spread them around. I must say the campaign story is a pile of **** at only seven hours or six for me, the only reason i finished it was for the bonus zombie map because i hate cheating. The multiplayer is where it stands out though, everything MW2 had and more, the sounds with my turtle beaches are awesome and the graphics are stunning in 1080p, this has to be the best COD ever for me, i hope then next carries everything this has onto it. Expand
  40. Apr 11, 2011
    Great game!! Treyarch made a neat game probably the best game on their works. The campaign is well scripted than any other CoD game,the big explosion parts are there and the funny zombies are back and more deadly than before. The multiplayer is very entertaining but not in the line of Modern Warfare 2 . The zombies already includes three maps one unlocked ,the other locked,meanwhile the third one is a secret . Very creative game but more of the same Expand
  41. Apr 10, 2011
    Maybe single player is some bored, but multiplayer gives you a lot of funny hours, if you like direct acction, Black Ops multiplayer is the best option or it could be Modern Warfare. Do not forget Gears of War multiplayer, all this games are pure acction. If you prefer more strategy, maps bigger, be able to use vehicles you should try Halo Reach, Bad Company 2, Crysis 2, Killzone 3...
    There is a lot of Call of Duty haters, but Black Ops is not only the most sold, is the most played in XboxLive too, so it is not a casual thing, Black Ops is a great game, it is not perfect but it is outstanding.
  42. Jun 13, 2011
    Well in my opinion the game as all other FPS shooters has it's flaws and and good points.
    This game was for me a favourite among Call of Duty games, being more balanced than 4 (and even more balanced with the patches). The game may not have the same graphics engine as MW2 or graphics but the gameplay is pretty much more or less the same. The multiplayer is the main part of the game as
    usual to modern gaming. Single Player to me is a warm up session before you compete with hundreds of thousands of people online in seeing if you are better or not. Zombies was a fun minigame since it retains much from WaW and improves on it, adding new elements and with newer creatures.
    The multiplayer killstreaks aren't as overpowered as MW2 , The nuke was just overpowered to end a match in a single hand, The weapon variety is actually nice (but stats with many weapons are actually similar). Camping is less of a problem because camping spots can be easily overpowered. Perks are also more balanced and less overpowered, such as Warlord (Bling from Mw2), you can't use the Grenade Launcher with anything else. And I like the COD points system, it's much like Combat Arms except weapons are kept. Many inexperienced players hated the MW2 challenge system for higher attachments but COD points are easier to obtain.
    The game is great and shouldn't disappoint an FPS player. Overall Treyarch had done a good job and is now listening to players for improvement
  43. Sep 28, 2011
    Though not a flawless game, I actually preferred this to the killstreak whoring gameplay of MW2, also it didn't get released with a slew of game breaking glitches and extreme weapon imbalances. The singleplayer was pretty typical in COD fashion as far as length, the storyline had kind of a cool twist at the end, but the singleplayer isn't where Black Ops really shines.

    I love the
    multiplayer compared to MW2, for the most part the map designs are better, its much harder for a team to killstreak dominate, and many annoying perks have been removed from the game. My only gripe would be the iffy bullet registry at times, and lack of GREAT secondary weapons.

    For as many people I hear complain about this game, none of the arguments are usually credible, it's usually player preference. "I can't quick scope anymore", grow some balls and make a real setup, I like sniping as much as the next guy but sniper setups should not be mobile setups. "The guns are broken" Really? The Famas and AK74 are the only two guns that really stand out, but are lame in comparison to marathon/commando/lightweight setups, or pre nerf akimbo 1887's, or even the spas for that matter.

    "No more one man army" Thank god, it should of never been in the place in the first game, it just encouraged an already bad community to noob tube even more.

    In my personal experience, people who are legitimately good at the COD series, especially those that really liked COD4, liked Black Ops and thought it was a general improvement over MW2

    In conclusion If you have not played this and just hear people hating on it, they usually just tend to be disgruntled MW2 pub stompers that were allowed to do well because of how the game was terribly designed, and they were unable to carry over that strategy to Black Ops
  44. Nov 7, 2011
    If there's anything I hate more than cats, it's hypocrites. Bear in mind that the following review is coming to you one day before the release of Call of Duty's next, and probably final, game, Modern Warfare 3. When everyone bought Black Ops, it was just about impossible to find someone saying, "Black Ops is **** in fact, I could hear nothing but glowing praise, praise that i'm inclined to agree with. But ever since around 3 months ago, it was like the entire gaming community turned on Call of Duty, and that's something that really pisses me off, because as far as i'm concerned, my fellow gamers all became the thing I hate most, Hypocrites. Review Starts Here. Campaign: While it maintains a lot less explosive, memorable moments than MW2, the plot of BO exceeds any previous expectations, I guarantee you'll play it through at least twice, probably once on Recruit and once on Veteran, and then there's all the achievements and intel, BO's campaign is some good **** Multiplayer: Since MW1, MP has been COD's undeniable focus, and with the exception of the less than loveable World at War, they haven't disappointed, the twelve mp maps that come with the game are the essence of variety and are endlessly playable, and to top it all off, a lot of the frustrations experienced in MW2 (Boosting, Butchering) have been majorly cut down, leaving only a manageable, minimalistic trace. Zombies: I guarantee this will have you coming back for months and months, survive for a.l.a.p against endless waves of the undead with up to 4 friends, buying new weapons and perks as you go along to compensate for the ever-increasing difficulty, Zombies mode is endlessly playable and undeniable fun, Black Ops' ace-in-hole. A must buy. ^The previous review was written three days after the release of Black Ops, but I decided to wait to publish it until now, and believe me when i say, I stick by every word to this very day Expand
  45. Oct 4, 2011
    Call of Duty: Black Ops is one hell of a great game, Its for anyone who is a fan of the Call of Duty franchise or first person shooters. Black Ops is a great game, but does have some flaws. First off the Campaign is one of the best of the series, it has a great story with many twist and turns, and strong characters. The Campaign just doesn't fell like a Call of Duty campaign, it has psychological type feeling to it and is not what a COD fan would expect. I'm not saying that its a bad thing thing to be different. You play as Alex Mason who has been hired to kill a Russian terrorist named Dragovich, accompanied by Frank Woods, a SOG soldier who in my opinion is a Bada$$. Black Ops has a lot of great missions, some that make you feel like you were dropped into the shoes of a Vietnam soldier, and others missions have you go to a facility where the soviets used to make Nova 6 gas during the Cold War. Next is Multiplayer which is what most people who play COD buy the game for. The Multiplayer is really good, but not the best in the series. It has a lot of new additions to killstreaks like a remote controlled car strapped with explosives, a pack of dogs to attack your enemies, or you can control your very own gunship. There is a lot of new things in the multiplayer, I really like all of the weapons and perks. There are so many perks to suit your own play style, my favorite is Perk 1: Lightweight Perk 2: Sleight of Hand Perk 3: Marathon. Which are all good for speed and agility in each match of multiplayer. The guns that I use with those perks it usually a SMG for added agility. Third is Zombies which is a round-based mode where you fight hordes of zombies on different maps, you can also buy the DLC maps like Call of the Dead which is my favorite map. In Call of the Dead, George Romero the director of the best zombie movies ever, is a zombie himself who is invincible until you get a certain gun. Zombies is really fun and there is a lot to do in each map. Now the flaws that I have found in Black Ops are when you are trying to kill someone and they are shooting at you, you can jump out of the way and be out of sight and still die and on the killcam it won't show that you even moved. Then sometimes you can shoot someone with every bullet in a clip and be reloading and the person kills you with one shot. There are a lot of problems but none that ruin the game completely. Call of Duty: Black ops is a must buy for any COD fan. Can't wait for MW3. Expand
  46. Oct 18, 2011
    Call of Duty: Black Ops may not be as big of a hit as Modern Warfare 2 but it is still pretty good. The biggest thing about Black Ops is it's story, the story has a lot of heart and depth, unlike Modern Warfare 2's story. The story is actually memorable and so are the characters. However, this may be a falacy as with the action. The action is still good but it doesn't evoke an "whoa that was amzing!" type of feeling, it feels as if it has already been done but the story is still pretty good and it kept me interested, the voice acting and the sound are all stellar. The controls are like MW2's but that is all right because the controls are still really good. Zombies is a fun addition that keeps you playing and playing to get to higher rounds. However I wish that more types of zombies were put in like a beserker zombie or something, that would make Zombies more fun. The multiplayer experience of Black Ops is the bomb as the ability to choose your perks or gear is great, the addition of contracts makes the game all the more funner but I still see more improvements that can be made but multiplayer is still good. Overall, Black Ops is a game that is worth playing as you wait for Modern Warfare 3. Treyarch has shown with Black Ops that it can make good shooters and Black Ops is a game worth playing to quench your Call of Duty needs. Expand
  47. Nov 9, 2011
    I really enjoyed this game. The campaign is just ok. Multiplayer is very fun with a good mix of maps. Graphics seem great now that I have played MW3. I has a few minor issues but overall I would buy again
  48. Nov 12, 2011
    Love this game, and even more so since MW2.1 came out , Takes nothing away from this one, From Nuketown to Kowloon this one delivers high paced action....Multiplayer is a blast....don't listen to the haters. Just give it a few days you'll be hooked (I hated it at first) ....but I hate the killstreaks and quick scopeing BS, it's the only negative, and some maps are a bit small, otherwise good stuff!! Expand
  49. Nov 12, 2011
    it needed a few fixes, it lacked coop missions a la special ops, but overall it's the best multiplayer experience so far. Worlds better than MW2 and universes better than MW3. Black Ops deserves praise.
  50. Feb 13, 2012
    masterpiece, amazing maps, zombie mode returns in stunning fascion, campaign was OK, to scripted for me..even for cod but the multiplayer is right up there with cod 4.
  51. Jul 17, 2012
    While the single player was somewhat disappointing, the multiplayer and zo mbies made this game solid. Treyarch should be making the next cods instead of infinityward.
  52. Aug 18, 2012
    The singleplayer campaign of the game is pretty solid and has some nice twists and turns, but it would have been nice if the story were changed so that you wouldn't be playing through flashback. What makes the game shine is the multiplayer and zombies mode. Zombies is ambitious, engaging, challenging, and a ton of fun. Multiplayer is hugely addicting. Honestly, I've had more fun with the multiplayer in BO than in any other CoD game. Expand
  53. Nov 25, 2012
    Call of Duty: Black Ops makes history as the first call of duty to be set in the 60s during the Cold War and is the direct sequel to Call of Duty: World at War. Campaign plot: Alex Mason is being interrogated to give up the secrets of the numbers but has no idea what is going on. He begins recalling events leading up to his interrogation which help him remember what is presently happening. Zombies plot: After Rictofan manipulated the teleporters into time machines, they reappear in Hitler's private theatre where he has given speeches fighting off the undead horde, as well as John F. Kennedy, Secretary Nacramera, Fidel Castro, and Richard Nixon defending themselves from zombies in the Pentagon. Multiplayer: For the first time in Call of Duty history, players use an in game currency system called Cod points in order to purchase loadout options as well as killstreaks, and titles and emblems. Also for the first time in Call of Duty history players can play multiplayer game types against CPU controlled players. Players can also play wager matches which gamble their Cod points in order to attempt to raise their wealth. My opinion: this game is fantastic and really brings you back to the scary nuclear arms race of the Cold War. It is thrilling to take part in the vietnam war and take part in the bay of pigs, an attempt to assassinate Castro. Anyone interested in history should play this game as well as any fan of Call of Duty. Expand
  54. Dec 6, 2012
    call of duty black ops is really funny! because it says stuff like this. gotta kill more freak bags first. but it says bad words. and has blud.
  55. Aug 22, 2013
    Solid entry into the series, and likely to be the game non fans will think of when people say call of duty, more so than the others.

    Its not perfect, in fact its perhaps balanced to a fault in its multiplayer, but its not as incredibly boring as MW3 was, nor as schizophrenic as its sequel Black Ops II. At the same time, you cant really go wrong with it, and generally you are rewarded
    for good play as opposed to your killstreaks and cheap tactics. Expand
  56. Jan 21, 2013
    I still cant believe im playing this it is such an addicting game,with a great multiplayer and not bad campaign.
    I highly respect this game and enjoy playing it for hours and hours
  57. Mar 14, 2013
    This game will always be a top game in my selection. This game is still fun to this day! I even like it a little better than BO2. Lets start with the campaign. The campaign had one of the best stories a Call of Duty could ever have. Characters are awesome and it really builds suspense, it also has a good length to it. Mulitplayer is amazing! The maps are well detailed and good sized. Has plenty of guns and equipment to chose from and aren't too overpowered. I like the fact that you can actually see the character. Zombies is by far the best mode in the game. Its challenging and fun if you play with your friends (Dont play online, people can get annoying). Also the map packs are awesome too! This is an awesome game worth buying Expand
  58. Jul 8, 2013
    BO 1 was a great game, as was MW2. The multiplayer was great, campaign was decent, and the zombies were great (would have liked more WW2 guns though). Im writing this 3 years after its release, and i look back and think this is spectacular compared to BO2 and MW3 which make COD a peice of $#O*&^$%^. But i dont give it a 10 just due to the fact the Zombies is not as good as WaW, and the multiplayer is like every COD, but still the best instalment in the past 3 years. Expand
  59. Apr 8, 2014
    Es sin duda el mejor CoD de todos, una trama acojonante, unos escenarios bien hechos, las armas. Pero que aun sigue teniendo el mismo motor que sus predecesores. Sin embargo es un gran shooter.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 89 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 83 out of 89
  2. Negative: 0 out of 89
  1. A short campaign which is never spectacular and never very clever, but always solid enough. [Feb 2011, p.99]
  2. Jan 18, 2011
    By dint of obstinacy, Treyarch delivers probably its best with Black Ops Call of Duty to date - but probably not the best in the saga.
  3. Jan 16, 2011
    There are more highlights in the first two missions of Black Ops, then in Medal of Honor. The requirements of Treyarch seemed to be better, than in the past few years. They made an interesting setting. In addition, there's a nice zombie mode and an overwhelming multiplayer. No doubt, this is Treyarchs best Call of Duty ever!