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  1. Dec 13, 2013
    Another bland rehash of MW1. Multiplayer is an absolute mess: the netcoding is still atrocious, assault rifles are still more accurate than snipers, most shotguns are useless (unless you use full auto), riot shields are useless, the perk system is a clusterf***, and most weapons now kill in three hits regardless of where you get hit. Pistols are a bloody joke; despite being able to fire them as fast as an assault rifle, it takes 5-6 bullets to kill someone, despite the higher caliber round inside a pistol. Might as well not carry the damn things if you are handicapped for using a pistol. Players still have that crackhead level of speed, meaning that due to the horrendous latency, you'll get killed by someone storming a staircase before you can fire a round off. The hitboxes are also garbage: you'll hit someone 6 times with an assault rifle dead on and they'll still turn around and drop you in 2 rifle shots to the chest. The spawn system is absolute garbage, literally throwing you to the wolves as cannon fodder to the opposing team. Other times, an area you just checked and cleared will suddenly have an opponent warp in and kill you from behind. Killstreaks are pretty bland, and the devs managed to mess up iron sights of all things. The graphics are nice level wise, but the character models sometimes look like they were modeled on a gamecube. The single player is low quality drek and should be avoided. In fact, avoid this game all together. Rent it if you must but save yourself some agony and stress--don't buy this piece of crap. Expand
  2. Nov 5, 2013
    Simply not good, unbalanced as usuall, nothing new, rehash, 12 players?....come on, even BO2 had more than that, IW is dead and jumped ship to Respawn to work on Titanfall, Titanfall is your next gen shooter, not COD Ghosts
  3. Nov 5, 2013
    I'm sorry but this is yet another stale Call of Duty annual release. It's the same game released over and over each year. Tacked on single player campaign? Check. Same multi-player formula for YEARS? Check. Same old out-dated engine? Check.

    Seriously, this game is stale and boring. People will still buy it, and Activision will line re-viewer's pockets, but this game is nothing good
    AT ALL. I might play multi-player 5-10 days out of the month, but it is definitely not a GREAT GAME. Expand
  4. Nov 6, 2013
    I got this because all my friends were getting it even though its metacritic ratings have been steadily dropping year by year, but I regret it now because its crapper than last years CoD which was really crap. Another waste of money I could have spent on something else. Perhaps I should broaden my horizons a bit and play some different games rather than CoD all the time which actually... when I think about it is exactly the same as MW1 and even CoD1, just with a slightly different story and setting. OMG they've been selling me the same game for the past 10 years!!!! WTF?! i'm a complete sheep and dumb ass!!! What was I thinking? Expand
  5. Nov 15, 2013
    What a horrid game, sometimes I even think modern warfare 2 looks better and that game is really old. I don't understand why people buy this game anymore, it's dead.
  6. Jan 6, 2014
    Users write the worst things about this game, and its true. Multiplayer is the worst experience you can get out of 60 bucks. Spare your money!

    Cod MW should get better with each release, but its only a money making thing of the companies behind it., in fact its getting more with each release. I really hope there is another company with better ideas to make fun out of this genre.

    "professional reviews" are great, but the user scores show the truth.... Expand
  7. Nov 7, 2013
    I've been saying it since MW2. Same thing every year. Nothing innovative at all. Activision has figured out how to exploit addiction. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Activision and Bobby Kotick.
  8. Nov 7, 2013
    Again after 7 years the problem continue to immerge in this blockbuster serie....the same again even after all this time. Single player is not the reason to buy the game, there is a reason maybe for replayability in the aliens mode but that ends here. The multiplayer is complete trash I don't even understand how they could go from epic MW1 gameplay to this... the only reason you will play call of duty ghost multiplayer is because you can't run Battlefield 4 on your pc or you don't know how to play it on console/pc. Treyarch and Infinity ward you need a new engine for the Call of Duty serie you are stealing people. Expand
  9. Nov 5, 2013
    Didn't play the single player. I only bought this for the multiplayer. I wouldn't mind another COD iteration, but this one feels clunky and I just don't have any draw to it. After about an hour that was enough. In particular most of the maps play too large. Most of them are just a LOT of intersecting corridors with no line of sight beyond one or two rooms. As a result you spend way too much time roaming these corridors and kills just seem to be one player stumbling up behind another. Also, why are there no merc matches anymore? COD has never compensated for parties in their matchmaking algorithm, so for those of us who can't wrangle up a full squad you'll get dominated. Expand
  10. Nov 23, 2013
    Luckily i rented call of duty ghosts, mainly because i knew it wasn't going to be up to standard due to the previous game (excluding call of duty 4, MW2). I can honestly say call of duty ghost may be one of, if not the worst game i have played on any game console. everything about it from the graphics to the actual game play is lazy and lacks any sense of creativity or imagination (especially the map creation) the maps are just a mess and seems to be recycled aspects thrown together and the graphics are a feeble attempt and are as bad as blackops 1 & 2 I have said the call of duty franchise is over since black ops one but call of duty ghosts puts the nail in the coffin. In conclusion Call Of Duty Ghosts is a huge abortion. Expand
  11. Nov 6, 2013
    Completely copypastes the ending of Modern Warfare 2 (and really, steals it frame by frame). Don't reward this company with your money. They're the joke of the industry.
  12. Jan 4, 2014
    Laughably terrible. I find it funny how Infinity Ward started the franchise and now Treyarch is the top dog when it comes to the new COD games. Let Treyarch take over the Production of COD games. Infinity Ward is the laughing stock of the video game industry. Same game every year just with more BS in the multiplayer.
  13. Mar 12, 2014
    What is hilarious is that you have these people giving this franchise low numbers, and yet they buy the games anyway hoping that the next will be better.... I will tell you right now that if a game only takes 1 year to come out, then chances are that the game will be very similar to the last, it's not rocket science.... I played this one at a friends place and it's no surprise that it's the same thing.... opps forgot they added a dog that you can play as for a couple missions, oh and those fish physics......that has never been done before right>?? You idiots complain every year but you are the first one to put money in the pockets of the one of the worst companies (Activision) Ohhhh Activision, I remember the days where you use to work for Atari back in the 70s and got sick of working for a sweat shop and were sick of bad business practices... Now Activision is a company that became the thing they once hated..... Greed.... You keep dising out the money like that, they will keep making the same stale POS game, and anyone who gives this game a positive review.......please try and play other games other than COD because if you give this game a good score it is evident that you do not play many games... I think the reason why people do like this game is because it's a casual shooter that everyone can play and takes no skill... 10 year olds play this game..... I'm not saying Battelfield is the holy grail of shooters either, Battlefield use to be good but now it is following a grim path aswell.....Now you guys can buy titanfall and have an orgasm for 2 months because it's just like cod but the bots are worse and its only multiplayer online..... CoD should be buried, this game is popular for no reason, it's the most generic shooter ever and has not brought anything but BS to the gaming industry since coD 4 Expand
  14. Nov 15, 2013
    I am counting pixels in 2013...
    I am counting pixels in 2013...
    I am counting pixels in 2013...
    I am counting pixels in 2013...
    I am counting pixels in 2013...
  15. Nov 5, 2013
    Not saying this is a bad game. However, I am extremely pissed at the practice of coming out with the same game every year which effectively make my old COD and related purchased DLC content obsolete since all friends/other people would move onto the latest COD.

    Improvement? Yes, minor. Charging another $60 with god knows how many in DLC? Go to hell!
  16. Nov 6, 2013
    This crap is utter garbage. Campaign's quality went down from Black Ops 2, multiplayer is the same as ever, graphics are the same, and the game feels cheesey. Just don't buy the game. It is a waste of money.
  17. Jan 4, 2014
    Utter crap. They release the same game every year, pay reviewers to give it a good rating and mass idiots buy it every time. This sucks balls. The worst thing is they pull the whole gaming industry to the same with them. Everyone wants to be more casual and accessible, even Battlefield has copied Cod, in all the bad ways.

    And, yes, I have played the game for several hours. Utter crap.
    Have to give special award to the Remote Controllable Dog! That is hilarious Expand
  18. Nov 5, 2013
    The campaign is boring and like 3 hours long.

    They ruined multiplayer by making search n destroy a respawn game mode. The whole point of search n destroy is one life per round that's what made it intense and different. The new game modes they added are garbage in place of good modes like demolition, headquarters and ground war.

    This franchise keeps changing in all the wrong places,
    and its no wonder fans are turning elsewhere. Expand
  19. Nov 5, 2013
    I can't for the everliving understand why people continue to act like call of duty is this new game every time it comes out. It still has a Playstation 2 level graphics engine, the game play is terrible beyond human comprehension, it has absolutely NOTHING going for it and yet people act like it's a been a 6 year anticipated release. It looks exactly the same as the game you bought last year it's literally like buying a new WWE game or NBA game NOTHING HAS CHANGED! It still looks like it did 4 years ago. not to mention from what I've seen looks like it has THE EXACT SAME STORY PLOT as it had since modern 2 "durr attack on the united states because we have encountered a terrorist hundreds of times and every single time he managed to outsmart us because we can't just shoot him on the spot so now he's destroying America" It's sincerely a ****ing heaping pile of steamy that gets bigger with every single brainless purchaser. I've no reason to purchase this game since I own all the others and I'll let you know why. Every 7 months down the road I have obtained these tier games from gamestop dumpsters or from my friends. All in which have been scratched up bad to make the game not work anymore and not able to be played. In which case, I rent the game from family video and install the working game on my harddrive. Child's play quite honestly. But as I was saying I don't need to purchase this game to give it a rating as I have seen it myself this game NEVER OFFERS that makes it a good game. Just new weapons and attachments THAT'S ALL YOU GET EVERY SINGLE TIME. It's ****ing BRAINLESS and the fact this tier video game series is still continuing is MIND BOGGLING. That's all I have to say you go and blow 60 dollars on what has quite honestly become the same as the WWE games. Expand
  20. Nov 6, 2013
    It feels like I played this game 4 years ago. The netcode is broken, with folks rubberbanding and sliding around. The level design has taken a step backwards and the overall experience is..."lesser." I've played the campaign and I've played hours of the single player and I am done. Back it goes to Gamestop; I am moving on to Battlefield 4.
  21. Dec 2, 2013
    A truly awful multiplayer game. Even IW came out and said cod players are not gamers! That their way of saying we're a lazy bunch of so and so's, who couldn't be arsed designing anything other than crud. Apart from a few maps, the level design is just awful. The guns sound like air guns and you dont even know if the have a silencer on them or not. The sound is the worst i even heard, and no options to change any of it. And last of all you get rewarded for having terrible aim. Just spray and pray cos accuracy doesn't even come into it. And i can never remember a cod game picking such terrible hosts, and then sticking with them for the entire match. All in all, i'm sick that i spent 60euro on the crap. I have never said that about a cod game before. I have been playing it since the beginning. COD4 and MW2 were the pinnacle. It's been downhill ever since. Only nazi zombies saved the Treyarch editions. You're nmo different to FIFA or TW golf at this stage. IW, you should be ashamed of yourselves! Expand
  22. Nov 5, 2013
    It appalls me because I had such high expectations for this game to somehow manage to pull itself out of the bad rep this series has. But nope. It proved to be the complete opposite. If had the same mindset as the elementary schooler fan base that love this game, I'd be crying my eyes out. The game feels exactly the same as MW2 from 4 years ago. Copy/Paste. Copy/Paste. Talk about innovation since 4 years ago, huh? I know that I'd be making much more use of my time playing with actual garbage from my trash bin at home.than this excuse for a game. Besides this game being a 6 year old kid's wet dream, I just cannot comprehend why the average gamer still falls victim to this robbery. Activision should be put on trial for crimes against humanity. They just take the same dump every year, slap on a new title, and call it a game. And it still reeks since Black Ops 1. It's time to flush this same familiar turd down the toilet once and for all. Please keep playing this game if you're still in grade school so that real gamers can enjoy the true high-end games that are yet to be released. Expand
  23. Dec 25, 2013
    Removed defining Call of Duty game modes (s&d, demolition, capture the flag, ground war, headquarters). 3 hour long campaign. Miniscule health in core. Party chat in search and destroy. Absolutely atrocious maps. Invasion mode fun for about 3 games. Every song in the game sounds like a refrigerator rolling down a mountain at different speeds. Every gun sound sounds like a man groaning edited at different pitches and speeds. Promised dedicated servers nonexistent. Second main character played by worst voice actor I've ever heard. First mission uses reskinned animation from mw2. Multiplayer graphics worse than mw2 (just look at pictures intensely hexagonal tires). Fun new innovative sliding and wall peeking!? Straight from medal of honor series. Explosions look like cartoon fart clouds.Worst purchase of 2013. Biggest money waster of 2013. Almost completely turned me off to video games. Never buying call of duty again. Expand
  24. Nov 6, 2013
    bsolutely disappointing game. The campaign was a total joke that lasted half as long as the previous campaigns in the other call of duty games (I beat the game in 3 hours, really????) To make matters worse, the ending was horrible and was a "cliffhanger" that I expected the moment I started playing the game. Multiplayer is ridiculous, the maps are enormous and leaves the player running around searching for enemies instead of playing the game. And I thought Call of Duty could sink no lower... Expand
  25. Nov 7, 2013
    This game is so bad that I'm doing my first ever metacritic user review. The muliplayer severely lacks variety and its maps are very similar recycled components of earlier 'COD' games. The singleplayer is a scripted exercise in boredom and cliche.

    This is what 'widening' the game audience had led to, a CRAP game. Bring back COD4 type COD games, simple and with variety in places where
    it's needed Collapse
  26. Nov 6, 2013
    I was so excited to play this game after waiting months! I am deeply disappointed. There are several things that need to be improved.

    First, either the bullet damage, multipliers, or the health needs to be adjusted. When I watch the kill cam after dying it shows the guy pumping 4-5 bullets into me then I die. On my screen, however, i take about 1-2 shots then I'm down. Not sure
    what the reason for this is but it is a HUGE flaw.

    Second, spawn systems. I don't know what infinity ward does to the spawns but it's like they gave the 'spawning' division over to a group of disabled monkeys. Playing in a FFA match (although applicable to all game modes) I decided to stay put for about 15 seconds before running around to see if someone ran into my field of view. Well, I didn't have to take ONE step (not ONE STEP) before turning my head to my left, and seeing a player who had just been killed SPAWN WITHIN ARMS REACH of where I stood. This is a HUGE flaw.

    Thirdly, I thought I bought Call of Duty: Ghosts. Not some cheap wal-mart rip-off attempt at a franchise behemoth. It is FAR too different from the past CoDs that there have been. I mean, sure, I get it. Make it different, that's fine. But keep the staples in the game. The game modes, and kill/reward streaks that we've all come to love (or put up with). They've changed far too much for this to be called Call of Duty. The squad point system is a HUGE flaw. First off, getting so few squad points, and the finding out that you don't even have any default classes so you're stuck spending your precious squad points on attachments/perks/guns/kill streaks/equipment/lethals?! GOOD GRIEF! Instead of having a point system that basically says, "Just pick what you want to play with because you ain't getting it all" they should have just left it a simple unlock system...I digress.

    Why did so much have to change? Change is not good, at least not in this context. Why can't both companies brainstorm on what the BEST parts of the game are? Or better yet, ASK THE COMMUNITY!!!!!!! We're the ones paying your bills, the least you could do is build us a game that we want. (I know nothing is unanimous but majority rules here).

    To sum up. Shame on you Infinity Ward. You turned an annual tradition into a disappointment.

    I will wait for the patch to come out before playing this game and before giving two thoughts as to whether or not I'll buy it for my Xbox One on the 22nd. There will be a patch. It will fix these issues. Or they're going to lose a LOT of their supportive, loyal, fan base.

    If not, I'll buy BF4.
  27. Nov 13, 2013
    NOTE: This review is for the campaign ONLY. My LIVE subscription ran out.

    I did not like the campaign because it committed one very big crime. It wasn't that the story had the tone of a B Movie plot. It wasn't that it painted the US as being victimized (really!? The US makes a WMD and it's only bad if the Latinos use it? Come on!) and it wasn't even because the game uses the same old
    'follow the leader linear path' formula that COD always uses (surprise, surprise).

    No, its biggest, worst crime, is that it is BORING.

    Say what you will about the previous games, but they knew how to make a campaign. They had great pacing and great action. Always kept me interested. This campaign has NONE of that.

    For a start its storyline was REALLY bad. I mean, I was expecting a B-Grade Action Movie plot from Call of Duty, but this was terrible even by those standards. Firstly, I rarely had an idea of what was going, or even what anyone's motivations were. The Federation? Who were they why did they do what they do? I sure as hell didn't know! Secondly, is that I wasn't able to give two damns about ANYONE in the story. The Ghosts have the personality of robots, everyone had bored voice actors, and all this talk about them being of almost supernatural background comes off as really dull. Like a grandad trying to spook an adult with a kids story. As for Rorke, he comes off as being an unreasonable dick rather than as this badass Spec Ops version of Bane (You'll know which level I refer to). And thirdly, is that the story is disjointed. We jump from the Jungle to the arctic to Fricken SPACE with little to no explanation. For all the talk about the US being on the defensive, you're never given that impression from the amount of hardware the army always fields. While invading Chile.

    The sound design is also just plain terrible. There's hardly ANY music ANYWHERE. I only realize it now, but the lack of music really drains any drama out of the scene. It's incredibly dull as a result (the helicopter level is a good example of this).

    But surely the gameplay, while still unchanged, still makes it a fun experience? Wrong. It's just plain dull. There's no intensity, no hooks, no drama. You're given all these cool toys, but they only last as a one mission gimmick. There's two vehicle levels, but they're poorly designed. And to make matters worse, all of the cool stuff introduced in Black Ops 2, like branching storylines, the ability to pick loadouts and the more interesting level design is gone, with nothing new to replace them with.

    And finally, even the big set piece moments suffer. I'll admit that there were two, maybe three levels that were pretty cool (including a mountain base raid involving disguises and a level with an arctic oil platform) but everything else is, well... ordinary. There's the level where you command drones, there's the level where you shoot from the back of a moving car, there's the one in which you push back an enemy army. It's all stuff we've done before, with little in the way to revive it.

    Overall, I hate Call of Duty Ghosts not because it's the same old crap. I hate Call of Duty Ghosts because it is WORSE than the same old crap. It feels like a massive step backwards, a sign that Infinity Ward is bankrupt of ideas, and is now rehashing old crap in an effort to make a yearly release for the franchise (seriously, they ripped off a scene from the Dark Knight Rises. And although the series has always taken scenes from old action movies, to take a scene from something released so recently feels different). The Call of Duty series may have always had the same tired formula, but it has always had the same solid level of quality propping that up. Now even that is gone.
  28. Nov 5, 2013
    My review is based solely on the multiplayer aspect of the game. I did not buy the game for the campaign. This is by far the worst in the series. Game has been getting progressively worse since the first black ops game. The dedicated servers they added do nothing to combat the over blown lag compensation the game has that severely punishes those with good connections and low ping. Having a low ping puts you about a half second behind all players in the game. You also die in this game with absolutely no time to react which I credit 100% to the messed up lag compensation.
    I went into the call of duty community forums to discuss my displeasure with the game and within minutes my post was taken down by a moderator. The forums are being flushed of negative comments to help sell a few extra games which is completely disgusting to me.
    The textures, skins and graphics in the game are recycled from past COD games. It seems like a very lazy made game with tons of copy and paste stuff from previous COD games. This game will quite possibly go down in history as one of the worst games ever made.
  29. Nov 16, 2013
    Disapointment, game needs some fresh ideas. Not worth the purchase. The multiplayer maps are a let down, not as good as previous CODs. The weapons layout and perk system follows a guideline from the previous games but a lot weaker in regards to weapons selections.
  30. Nov 25, 2013
    No CoD since CoD4, mw2 and mw3 campaign was ok, black ops was amazing, black ops 2 was good, and omfg this one sucks balls. No CoD since CoD4, mw2 and mw3 campaign was ok, black ops was amazing, black ops 2 was good, and omfg this one sucks balls. No CoD since CoD4, mw2 and mw3 campaign was ok, black ops was amazing, black ops 2 was good, and omfg this one sucks balls. No CoD since CoD4, mw2 and mw3 campaign was ok, black ops was amazing, black ops 2 was good, and omfg this one sucks balls. No CoD since CoD4, mw2 and mw3 campaign was ok, black ops was amazing, black ops 2 was good, and omfg this one sucks balls. No CoD since CoD4, mw2 and mw3 campaign was ok, black ops was amazing, black ops 2 was good, and omfg this one sucks balls. Expand
  31. Nov 5, 2013
    This game is an absolute joke and a total rip off. Call of Duty has been the same exact game ever since Call of Duty 4 with an exception of World at War, welcome to Call of Duty 4.5. The game has used for the graphics engine for years now. The multiplayer has been dry and stale ever since black ops 1. Don`t even get me started on the 3 hour long campaign, its even worse than previous games. Call of Duty Ghosts should have just been a map pack for $20 and not a completely new release with a $60 price tag. Expand
  32. Nov 15, 2013
    At what point do you tell yourself, no more? Call of Duty Ghosts promises to revitalise the ailing franchise, but instead of injecting new blood into it, it exposes itself as the worst Call of Duty title yet. It never reaches the highs of Black Ops 1 and repeats the mistake of Modern Warfare 2 and 3. In fact, it even borrows animation from the latter.

    My final verdict? Dire! Stay away
    at all cost. Expand
  33. sud
    Nov 14, 2013
    just another rip off from activision, halfhearted story and feeble multiplayer, this company is so out of touch with the gaming community.PROFIT OVER PRODUCT@ activision
  34. Nov 5, 2013
    The same game rehashed year after year with bringing nothing new to the table. Gamers deserve better and with lazy developers unwilling to push their own boundary's of the game you will continue to see the same crap year after year.
  35. Nov 14, 2013
    I thought COD Black Ops 2 was a very enjoyable game. COD "Ghosts" is reprehensibly bad! I really wish I could get my money back. The characters are flat, the campaign dull, and the graphics simply unremarkable. Nothing special about this at all. If you are really bored and have no other game to play, then this game might serve as a temporary distraction until you can get your hands on an actually good game! Do not waste your hard-earned money on this sack of scheisse. Expand
  36. Dec 11, 2013
    Yeah, so, uh, there's some crap in here about astronauts and guns and space battles and satellites but it's supposed to be cool and modern and edgy. What the f*ck is this?
  37. Nov 5, 2013
    the statement "it doesn't reinvent the wheel" is really putting it much too mildly for this new installment in the COD franchise as it is exactly what you would expect the same game, same formula, same mechanics as all previous entries but with new maps (none that stand out btw) and a polished engine. Yet another cash-grab that everyone just can't seem to stop falling for. Luckily I played at my friend's house and didn't spend anything but my time on this game. THIS IS THE SAME GAME we've been playing for years now. Get a clue people. GTA 5 nailed it with their in-game advertisement of Righteous Slaughter 6 lol that is exactly what this franchise has devolved to. Expand
  38. Oct 13, 2014
    Single player is garbage; the story is beyond implausible as to border on the absurd. Multiplayer doesn't fare much better, and seasoned COD and FPS players will certainly notice that skill no longer plays a part in the outcome of games, leaving Ghosts with nothing to offer to its fans.
  39. Dec 21, 2013
    This only for the single player. I gave up on multiplayer back when they decided knife trumps all. Is not a complete loss but only rent. Game looks great. A.I. is absolutely terrible. Occasionally kills you for strange events ("Avoid getting hit by car" is my favorite.) they paid for a big Hollywood screenwriting to make the story; they deserve a refund. Parts are lifted from different movies that did it better. I don't expect much from a cod story, but please don't let every line be cheesy as possible. And don't let the villain devolve into Friday the 13th style schlock. We know you're planning to sell dlc centered around it, you're not being clever. Dog is cool but under utilized and is used as an obvious pull-the-heart-strings. I've was around a military dog once and have talked with guys how've worked with them; they are not friendly creatures like the one in this game is.

    I think I would've given this a higher score if it was a midway decent game by a new company. Instead of a midway decent game from the leftovers of infinity ward. Don't pretend you're the same company as before in an effort to sell games and then claim it was a decent first effort at the same time. From what I saw, 10% was brilliant and the rest was either tired or substandard. I think the ten percent was from work done by infinity ward before they dissolved.

    Kudos for getting a game out under such difficult circumstances. Hopefully next year's will be better.
  40. Nov 5, 2013
    This series needs to end,i mean come on,reviews for the game have contuined to go downhill with each installment.Battlefield is the new king of hill. Just look at all the negative review's and you can tell that.
  41. Nov 5, 2013
    As many of us know, the Call of Duty series has gone on a solid decline since MW2. All educated gamers know that Call of Duty has used the "copy and paste" formula since 2008. The games have slowly gotten old, repetitive, and in general, extremely boring. While I liked MW2 and did not completely hate BO2, MW3 and BO were terrible games. Now we have Call of Duty: Ghosts. This is the first time that I did not buy a Call of Duty game; instead I decided to rent Ghosts and see how it was. After playing Ghosts for a couple of hours, I can officially state that Call of Duty: Ghosts is not only the worst Call of Duty game in the franchise's history, but the worst FPS I have ever played. This game's visuals are atrocious in motion, there are extremely rough textures as well, and the gameplay is horrible. The hit/miss marker is horrific, just like BO2 and the maps are poor as well. The story mode, unlike the previous CoD games developed by Infinity Ward, is terrible. The story is extremely short and I lost interest 30 minutes into it. Do NOT buy this undeveloped atrocity of a game, even when it goes on sale in about a year! Expand
  42. Nov 5, 2013
    The same bad game with no innovation. This old dog hasn't learned any new tricks. Spend u r valuable money and time elsewhere unless u r 10 then please play this game so I don't find u in other games
  43. Feb 20, 2014
    it is garbage. played it on and off for first two weeks.. i couldn't stand playing longer than 1 match usually before i'd turn my xbox off. even winning wasn't satisfying. it just wasn't a fun game to play. It's just more of the same. I haven't played it since the launch. this is the absolute worst. squad mode is a joke. ai is horrible. using the same builds i use to mop the floor with the enemy on my squad members produces poor results. characters i customized tend to play worse than if I had not unlocked them and tweaked them to begin with. the game doesn't make u feel like your hard work pays off in the end.. it just pushes you to waste more of your free time. blizzard activision is really going down the toilet.. wow expansion fails, starcraft 2 fail, diablo 3 fail, and now this. i can't trust anything they do anymore. Expand
  44. Nov 5, 2013
    Call of Duty has been one of my favourites for a long time, maybe thats the problem. I am so bored with having such linear campaign games, just feels like you never have the chance to change direction of events. Why after all these years csnt we have AI which works, its just the same old, with each one just feeling like a map pack. I wont bother again and that pakns me, maybe I should have learned my lesson before. Expand
  45. Jul 17, 2014
    got this game for 10 bucks off ebay and ill say it, i over paid. its a tired, regurgitated game thats just plane boring. poor game play, poor extras, poor multiplayer. over all its not worth a buy. borrow from a friend if have to play it but DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS!!!!
  46. Nov 5, 2013
    This isn't your first game Activision, the lag online is terrible, you never learn. Nothing new brought to the table, generic campaign, terrible online gaming experience,
  47. Nov 6, 2013
    Modern Warfare 3 Dogs and Fishes mod This. Congratulations, Infinity Ward. You successfully released another craptacular game, fooled kids, subordinated the gaming media, and made yourself even richer. Well done!
  48. Nov 6, 2013
    It receives so much hate (and deservedly so) and yet still makes $1 Billion on it first day. Another mediocre game and another billion dollars, this has gone on for far too long.
  49. Nov 7, 2013
    Its like a pirated DVD of a game it looks rough plays like a games from 2004 and is just bad this is not a new engine total BS lazy cash in yet again some good ideas but the choppy story and ugly graphics and 1980s story line.
    This will be traded in for BF4 i gave COD one more chance they are ripping the piss now.
  50. Nov 6, 2013
    This game is a big pile of s***. It fails so badly to keep you entertained. Already returned my copy, doesnt deserve a higher number than 0. Forget that this game exists.
  51. Nov 15, 2013
    REDUCED SCORE: After a week of 'getting to know' COD Ghosts I am reducing my score by 50%. Another year, another HACKED TO PIECES piece of crap game. Tonight I shot someone, who had juggernaut on, I couldn't kill him but my rounds rickochey'd and blew me up? Hacked code. Aimbots, wall hacks, all easily available if you want them. Cheaters and campers all accommodated. Honest, good players totally screwed. Bored of little kids on a supposedly 'mature' game. Bored of Playing HardCore Kill Confirmed where everyone camps. NO ONE IS PLAYNG THIS THE WAY IT WAS INTENDED. What a waste of money. Expand
  52. Nov 7, 2013
    People complain because they think COD has gone stale. It's not stale. It's just bad. The game tries to be innovative and has made progress with larger multi level maps. But it all comes down to gameplay, and whoever has the upperhand because of connection wins. Skill plays little to no role in most online games I've experienced.

    I refused to buy another COD game after MW3 without
    renting it first. This is MW3 all over again. If you hated MW3 because of their network code, this is exactly the same if not worse. One shot kills, bad hit registry, players being 5 steps ahead of you, etc. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you might be one of the lucky ones and enjoy this game. If you know all to well these experiences with COD, spend your money on something else. Expand
  53. Nov 5, 2013
    Absolutely appalling. Recycled garbage once again. I mean, these guys have had countless opportune windows to make this franchise feel alive again, and thet just cant. Theyre clearly thinking "if it aint broke dont fix it". No, please do fix it. And wtf did they do with search and destroy?? Dont buy this game. If you are reading this, allow me to convince you just not to buy it. Please. Buy battlefield 4 or something. Its atleast better than this trash Expand
  54. Nov 5, 2013
    I don't understand the continued draw for call of duty... This is the same thing as last year! The campaign is a huge disappointment, while they took out my favorite game type (headquarters) from multiplayer. This is a day 1 trade in for sure
  55. Feb 26, 2014
    This games campaign was cheesy but not terrible in my opinion. Multiplayer is just pathetic. Game modes like sabotage , demolition gone? Epic fail... I can say i am done with this franchise. Long live demon/dark souls / 2
  56. Nov 28, 2013
    COD Ghosts is a joke of a game, every year the same piece of crap. I would rather ride on my awesome donkey all day along instead of playing this garbage.
  57. Nov 5, 2013
    utter garbage all of backgrounds and maps have been re-hashed again in multiplayer which has had hackers a week before the game released IW ignoring it >now multiplayer is officially ruined due to lil kids 15 and younger thinking its funny to hack a video game and make everyone elses experience hell !!!

    Infinityward have been trying to hide the fact that there are hacks
    (aimbotts,wallhacks etc.) already in Ghosts

    by the way this is a legit review as in no way have i been paid by infinityward like critics have to do this review!!

    campaign was mediocre best but CoD has always been about the multiplayer!!

    thankfully i played a friends copy (he lent me cause his xbox got RROD and didnt waist $60 on this trash your better off buying Splinter Cell Black list its a fairly new title and it only costs $40 you save $20 if multiplayer is your thing go with BF4
  58. Nov 5, 2013
    this game is so horrible,i cant believe that battlefield 3 has better graphics than ghosts,the history is boring as hell,in 4 hours you can finish the game
  59. Dec 22, 2013
    The funny thing in my mind is that if Ghosts actually went by its apparent ideas of guerrilla warfare, of laying traps, using stolen enemy weapons and approaching enemies with more thought than shooting anything that moves, that it would be a cult hit for those longing for an expansion of CoD4's All Ghillied Up missions Unfortunately, in the hands of a post Zampella/West Inifinity Ward, it is bizarrely as bad, even worse than its World War 3 styled predecessors in terms of bombastic set pieces, and about as stealthy as a truck with giant amps blaring out nu-metal full blast at the enemy.

    The graphics may claim to be better, but such bland art direction makes it look worse than Black Ops 2's near future style. Gameplay is as recycled as you can get, and new ideas seem to be taken as jokes by the devs, who would much rather stick with their formula than try anything remotely new, in case players have a weird fear of change.

    The campaign is very forgettable, and considering that an oscar winner wrote it that's a surprise. It is just as racially insensitive as MW3 when it comes to depicting anyone other than the U.S (come on, South america this time?), and there is no emotional connection to the player character. Crucially, it takes itself far too seriously, so there is no fun to be had at its own silliness the way Blops 2 had.

    Simply put, doesn't live up to its promises, and instead sticks to a far too worn path that most have got sick of at this point.
  60. Nov 5, 2013
    Guys what did i just played? I received copy for free and ghost ruins all cod series into pieces. Really shame into all gaming critics who made so high ratings, they all been paid by Activision for advertisement. Really disappointed by the game and all game critics wont trust them to review games again.
  61. Nov 5, 2013
    Same old crap. The multilayer well what is there to say about it, 'just insert mw3 review here'. Review done Nothing new about this game, hopefully CoD dies with this.
  62. Nov 13, 2013
    Prolonged and boring, COD GHOSTS is the new blastingly bad sequel in the epic series. The graphics are great, the physics are annoying and the acting is crap. Ghosts gives you a nice pet dog for the gaming expreriance but it's just bad. The dog is unresponsive and gets YOU killed. This game is very boring and bad but can be forgiven for good multiplayer, average guns and awesome graphics. Avoid, even if you are a die hard COd fan. Expand
  63. Nov 18, 2013
    Ghosts is disappointing because it doesn’t fix the myriad of problems that have plagued COD for the last several games. Its predecessor, Black Ops 2, is a horribly imbalanced game that failed to accomplish the one thing Treyarch promised would be emphasized: teamwork. Low incentives to achieve goals inevitably led to lone wolf behavior. The waves of insanely overpowered scorestreaks brutalized average gamers. Snipers run around the maps quickscoping while people with smg’s camp and snipe. However, Black Ops 2 delivers fun and frantic gameplay that rewards players for sticking it out.
    Is Ghosts better than Blops 2? No. Infinity Ward addresses some of the balance issues. Score streaks have been nerfed (well partially). The improved hit detection is INSANE. On the downside, health is low. So players kill quick and die quicker. Average gamers and COD newbies will not have the reaction time necessary to respond to incoming fire. So if you don’t fire first, game over. Blops 2 was more forgiving. Blame it on lag, but I like having the opportunity to evade fire. Not here. Expect to see the kill cam without knowing bullets were coming.
    Weapons balance is still off. Shotguns are a joke. The range and spread damage is the worst and most inconsistent I’ve seen. C4 has virtually no splash damage and will not always detonate, so don’t rely on it in a crunch. SMG’s spit out rounds fast, but lose all their teeth at midrange shots. On the flipside, assault rifles possess extreme stopping power and range. Other than sniper rifles, assault rifles trump all other guns at any range. LMG’s have large clips, but they have no other advantages which renders them useless. Knifing lunging is back!! In close combat don’t shoot. KNIFE KNIFE KNIFE!! Players who knife lunge are invincible. So just accept it and die with dignity. Or rage because knife lunging is freaking ridiculous. Like Blops 2, map design and poor weapon balance has once again led to the emergence of only 2 preferred weapon classes. In this game its assault and sniper.
    The upgrade system is different, but not innovative. Players can unlock guns and perks as soon as they have the points to do so. No more waiting until level 55 to unlock a favorite weapon. Play a few rounds, earn “squad points”, and unlock it. I like this, but COD loyalists’ opinions are mixed because it reduces the need to rank up. Except for a handful of perks, most are superfluous and don’t provide enough tactical advantages.
    The large maps are another point of contention. Compared to Blops 2, these maps are huge. But they aren’t strategic and lack choke points. So expect to be shot or stabbed in the back—a lot. Spawn points aren't randomized, so spawn deaths are already ruining the fun. I’ve already spawned on IED’s and been sniped multiple times by the same players who’ve memorized spawn points. Oh yeah, people I’ve just shot spawning directly behind me isn’t fun either. The 6 on 6 matches are entirely too small. Games regularly timeout before all objectives are complete. Camping is rampant. At least 8 on 8 is necessary for the larger maps. Players can run around for several minutes without glimpsing a single baddie. Developers say that current gen systems simply can’t handle larger matches. Xbox One and PS4 will have larger lobbies which will hopefully speed up the tempo. PS3 and Xbox 360 are just SOL.
    The scorestreaks are more ground based and none seem insanely overpowered except the companion dog. It’s unlocked at low score levels and the benefit lasts too long. Dogs will not go away even if their masters are killed several times. So a dog can remain alive for an entire match. Also, the dogs seem to endure 4-6 times the damage of combatants before dying and they suffer no splash damage from lethals. Their high health and persistence is irritating. They kill instantly too. I don’t see how this is any different than a combat drone or VTOL warship.It adds nothing but frustration to the game because it’s merely a different overkill killstreak.
    My biggest complaint is Ghosts’ graphics. The game textures are washed out and game elements are hard to see. Gamers will be shot by someone standing directly in front of them or bump into enemies without noticing. Traps are also hard to discern. Some maps are worse than others. Infinity Ward wanted the environments to look “real”, but the limitations on the 360 and PS3 are just too obvious. Textures look bad, colors are muted, and aliasing is painfully noticeable. Blops 2 has an arcady look, but the visuals are crisp and sharp. Seeing cloaked players on Crysis multiplayer is easier than spotting a camped sniper on Ghosts.
    The campaign is typical COD fare. But I’ve seen it all before. Literally, some of the scenes have been ripped straight from previous COD installments. The squads mode is a confused attempt to "push" multiplayer someplace new. Extinction is OK, but brief.
    Ghosts is merely an obligation to meet a yearly deadline. Pass on this game.
  64. Jun 11, 2014
    When I first got the game out and started playing I enjoyed it. About a week later it was boring as explict. The game just became boring after a while. Not only was it getting boring people started to use the same gun. Over and over after I got killed they were all using the same gun. Now im not gonna say the specific gun name but, all I know is that it was OP and everyone used it.
  65. Nov 5, 2013
    The same stupid crap every year. I really, really didn't think it could have got worse than Black Ops 2. WOW was I wrong. This game seriously plays just like MW2 with a dog. The dog is basically a drone that was in Blops 2.

    I wish people would stop buying this garbage so they can make some innovation.
  66. Nov 6, 2013
    Worse in the series. Graphics and textures are dated maybe 8-10 years, mechanics are just not there, the game was WAY overhyped and not even close to a "new" gen game, this one takes a huge step backwards from its predecessors. MP was already hacked first day (see all the vides and screenshots).
    Stay away and wait for the next Treyarch release, if the franchise recovers from this mess.
  67. Nov 19, 2013
    I feel like I played this back in 2007. Oh wait. I did.

    Nothing in this franchise has really changed in the past 6 years. Guns feels the same. Maps feel the same. The community online (yuck) feels the same. Campaign is clearly worse.

    Not sure why I keep buying these games, but it won't happen again next year.
  68. Nov 7, 2013
    What a joke of a game. Still the same game every year. IGN is full of shi^ when they rated this better than bf4. IGN is full of shi^ when they rated this better than bf4. IGN is full of shi^ when they rated this better than bf4. IGN is full of shi^ when they rated this better than bf4. IGN is full of shi^ when they rated this better than bf4. IGN is full of shi^ when they rated this better than bf4. IGN is full of shi^ when they rated this better than bf4. IGN is full of shi^ when they rated this better than bf4. IGN is full of shi^ when they rated this better than bf4. Expand
  69. Jan 21, 2014
    Call of Duty: Dog Ops, I thought was gonna be a change. I kept hearing people say same COD same **** but I wanted to see and play the game for myself and man I just wasted 50 bucks. The game touted the use of the dog, but his use is very minimal with the exception of it's use in multiplayer. The story could have been more interesting if the enemy was actually believable. Really, a South American Union? The graphics are fair for the most part, but what's the point of interesting levels if you're simply moving upon a set path with no branching ways to take. Also if the squad you're controlling is suppose to be stealth killers, then shouldn't the game have way more stealth aspects to it? I'll take it Ghosts will be the new COD story arc for the next-gen gaming systems til they start talking about the next new COD storyline. Oh, well guess I'll go outside. Expand
  70. Dec 27, 2013
    Black ops is so much better than any modern warfare version that comes out. These games are repetitive and do not change enough to be interesting. Save your mullah and keep the older versions.
  71. Nov 9, 2013
    It not amazing, but its not good either. Although it is the same thing game play wise, there are enough changes behind the scenes that let me have fun with it and try something new. But they made the maps bigger, and let you play with less people. 12 is now the max amount of players you can play with because modes like Ground War are gone along with S&D. The destruction isn't even noticeable in MP and it could have been taken out of the game because I haven't seen anything happen at all yet. The campaign is much less condeluded as previous installments and although it rips off Red Dawn and Modern Warfare 2, its a breath of freash are to go into a new story not held down by previous installments. Its stupid as hell, but i enjoyed it. I honestly havent played extinction and dont really plan on doing it soon so dont ask me about that. But over all I would give it a low 50/100. Nothing spectacular and will definitely giving something for fans to do, but you can tell CoD is at the end of its life. I'll be interested to see what finally knocks it off the top in the genre. (Hopefully Titanfall of Battlefront :D Expand
  72. Nov 5, 2013
    Absolutely horrid game. Graphics are essentially the same as any previous CoD from the past 4 years besides a few upgrades, AI is still horrible, animations are better. Definitely not worth anywhere near even $5.
  73. Nov 7, 2013
    Ahh, the annual Call Of Duty. I was really hoping that somehow, the folks at Infinity Ward were telling the truth when they said they were doing something brave and not making Modern Warfare 4.
    I can safely inform you that that was a load of bollocks and in everything from the outdated graphics to the recycled themes and cutscenes, CoD: Ghost carries little to no merit as we enter an all
    new generation of games.

    The story follows poor old America, who this time is not invading some third world country in an annual death squad hunt, but rather finds itself in ruins from a large scale attack from you guessed it the clearly resource rich South America. The premise of this near post apocalyptic future was one of the few redeeming factors of the game, but because the details of why it all took place in the first place are so vague, there is near to no driving force behind why you have to set out on this mission, and so it becomes yet another mindless shooter where you and your awfully programmed AI bros, face off against even dumber AI terrorists.
    Save for the Trophies/Achievements, the campaign warrants an hour of so of your time to decide for yourself whether you want to finish it or not. Of course story is not why hundreds of thousands of gamer-bros around the world buy CoD every year. Oh no, the reason to slap another sixty dollars down would be for the majority in the games multiplayer.

    Despite disliking my experience of the most part, I cannot deny a smidgen of merit in this department. There is fun to be had, and I must commend Infinity Ward for their work in the map design department.
    That being said, this is still the same monotonous "spawn-die-spawn-kill-die" formula that has been present in the last few games.
    I fail to see the point of it even existing when the only hope you have of killing any opposing player is if you were to see them first, and even then, I was constantly outraged by how I would shoot first, and then randomly die. Upon viewing the returning "KillCam" if shows the person that killed me shoot first, thus proving the return of the infamous "Lag-Comp". Introduced in Black Ops 2, with the intention of giving players with varying internet connections similar experiences, it makes gameplay extremely bloody irritating.
    The "Redefined Multiplayer" that can be quoted from the back of the CoD: Ghosts packaging is merely a way of trying to make us believe that by adding a ton of perks, and slightly altering the "Pick 10" system in BO2, that they are truly changing the playing fields. But this does not alter the already dreadful experience, that offers zero accessibility to newcomers at all.

    A gimmick of a wave mode has been implemented and is titled "Extinction". It sees you and your gallant force of bro American soldiers duke it out with, you guessed it, aliens. A L I E N S. Have we resorted to picking new modes out of a hat filled with ideas people at Infinity Ward came up with at drunken parties celebrating the incomprehensible success of their last game? I mean, ****
    And if you hadn't guessed, the mode itself is ****

    I had hoped that we would have seen Call Of Duty thrive and die on this generation of consoles, but there is the worrying idea that that may not be the case.
    For fans of the series, what people with constructive views say does not matter, because you've already bought it. For others, stay away. In a sea of exciting new IP's, amazing re-imaginings of existing franchises, and all new consoles, CoD: Ghosts fits into the corner of games that will hopefully soon be swept under the rug and forgotten about, as the future of gaming is far to bright to be snuffed out by rubbish such as this.

    Jack Valentine
  74. Jan 11, 2014
    By far, the worst CoD of all time. Do not waste your time with this game. Here are the issues:
    1- Maps suck, meaning they have no flow and are a clusterf***, with sometimes as many as 3 different levels with 50 different entrances and windows.
    2- Spawns are chaotic. They are the worst out of all CoDs and it's impossible to control them. For example: you're playing Domination with a
    party, nobody is rushing spawns, and you have A and B locked down. Too bad. Enemies start spawning behind you.
    1 and 2- 1 combined with 2 gives me a headache when playing.
    3- There's no demolition, headquarters, CTF, ground war, hardpoint, and I think a few more. The only thing worth playing is Domination, and that gets old reeeaaaal fast.
    4. Most of the weapons in the multi-player are the same re-skinned guns.
    5. Limited 8vs8 games online.
    6. It feels like MW3 part 2, and that's pretty bad considering MW3 was MW2 part 2. Seriously, there's nothing new.
  75. Nov 20, 2013
    It's the last game but get this DOGS. What that's not enough? How bout horrid campaigne? No? How about new maps? No? Yeah that's what I thought. I wish this series would just die!
  76. Nov 5, 2013
    This is basically just a rework of Modern Warfare 2 with a dog thrown in there. It's like they struggled to come up with anything new, then thought it would be a good idea to replace a controllable drown with controllable dog. That's all the dog essentially is, a drone with 4 feet that can detect things from the ground instead of from the air. They even go as far adding a REVERSE breach. It's like they sat down and thought "Hmmm, how can we refresh the slow mo breaches? I know! insteaad of a normal breach, we will have, and get this, are you ready for this? we will have a REVERSE breach!!! Genius!" Playing through is full of deja-vu, you feel like you have played every mission a million and one times over. There's a sneeky stealthy bit, a sniper bit, a bit where you try to escape while shooting from the back of a veichle etc etc etc, it's the same old thing. The graphics are also a step down from Black Ops 2. The multiplayer is the same as ever. I sat playing Modern Warfare 3 online over the weekend and, while playing COD Ghosts online i often forgot it was COD Ghosts, i thought i was playing Modern Warfare 3 still. It also feels odd without Captain Price and the SAS boys, i really miss them. When Ghosts was announced i got super excited thinking Ghost from the Modern Warfae would feauture in it, but sadly not. Instead they took the Ghosts theme, added a dog named Riley after Gaz and Ghost from the Modern Warfare series, reworked the story of Modern Warfare 2, then try to charge us £40 to £60 for it. Seriously, save your money. Expand
  77. Nov 10, 2013
    Just played it over the weekend... and wow. Can Call of Duty change already?? Not only did the majority of the game not change, a lot of this newest COD release was a step back for the series.
  78. Nov 5, 2013
    Single player is worse than Blackops and multi player is the same old but with a few game modes nothing really new. It's a lot like transformers movies if you can turn your brain "off" you could have fun but for a full priced game I expect something better than the previous CoD.
  79. Nov 6, 2013
    This franchise is literally destroying the gaming industry. It has alot to answer for. Its popularity amongst the mass of idiots out there (who cant see that it is the same game since 2006 rehashed) has led to games now trying to compete with it and an overall dumbing down in releases. Halo, Battlefield (and others) have all changed to appeal to the CoD casual idiots in an attempt to gain revenue. Why am i wasting my time here, we all know it's happening. Half Life 3 will either never be released or it will have care packages too! Expand
  80. Jan 2, 2014
    This is literally a joke. Never have I seen a game so incomplete in my life. I've barely been a fan of the franchise after Modern Warfare 2 and I'm starting to get sick of it now. I do not own this game, however I think playing the game for around 5 minutes demonstrates what Call of Duty Ghosts is capable of. First of the bat, this game is down right, over the moon, extraordinarily, ugly. I'm taking a computer games development course in college, I've mad maps in far greater detail in the span of a few hours and they spend a year or two on a few maps and they are by far the most horribly laid out and hideous looking I've ever seen. You can actually see the pixels up close, no game high budget games nowadays accept this. So where did the money go? That's right, into Activision's or Inifinty Ward's deep fat pockets from all of the children they entertain. Only children and low iQ people will enjoy this game because they do not understand the standards a game is suppose to set. Infinity Ward you played a pretty good joke, if this isn't a joke, what the hell are you doing? Can you please just accept you've had your moment in the sun with Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, so please, do us and every mature person a favor stop coming up with this horrible you call a game. You're the worse bunch of developers I've ever laid eyes on. It's a shame though, a lot of indie companies out there and other good developers would kill for the opportunity you guys have, and you spew up every year or two. Can't wait for the day you guys go out of business. T'will be a good day.

    Also, I absolutely loved all your hype about how a new engine. Your new engine is garbage, no gameplay feels different, feels exactly the same as the last one. It's surprising that with a new engine the style and feel would be different but no. This just shows how lame you are, that with a new engine you still catch the same repetitive feel and style you made in the previous games. That is a achievement. I never thought that was even possible.

    By the way, stop paying companies to review your game good, not gonna do you have favors when people see the audience reviews and it completed contrasts with the "critics"
  81. Jan 3, 2014
    This is beyond any doubt, the worst Cod, and the worst game ever made. First of all, campaign is written by a 3 year old. 6 guys conquer the areas that US army couldn't get?! What the f*ck?! Secondly, this is a recycled Modern Warfare. Might as well be called Modern Warfare 4. Props, sounds, effects, ALL RECYCLED. Third, multiplayer is worst. No more Search and Destroy, fellas. MP has crappily named weapons like Honey Badger. Also, the maps are... Battlefield wanna-be.

    This game is an ugly, lazily recycled Modern Warfare. And remember fellas, the game was made by Infinity Ward, the franchise creator!
  82. Nov 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. you know we all know lag bad textures recycled weapons it's a laugh of direspect no they hate us all they care about is money so they can build the next gen on there xbox one and ps4 while letting the rest in everything is to hate i can call it all know but it wont fit Expand
  83. Nov 15, 2013
    i totally wonder why the review are :
    10% omg this is sooo new and the grapichs are sooo good..."
    90% same copy paste like every year "
    i played bl2 and i enjoyed it ONLY BECAUSE MY PC ISNT STRONG ENOUGH FOR BATTLEFIELD OR SOMETHING BETTER bl2 on max setting works fine bf 3 lowest setting doesnt work)
    there is nothing inovation in inovation in the maps..same
    destryed new alien thing in new..faster zombies...thats all...faster zombies...if they would realease a game with totally new guys inovating maps etc..ppl wont hate it only cause its a cod game...but for ghosts. Expand
  84. Dec 15, 2013
    I didn't play it, but these other guys sound like they know what they're talking about.
    Screw Flanders
    Screw Flanders
    Screw Flanders
    Screw Flanders
    Screw Flanders
  85. Nov 5, 2013
    Yeh...Call of Duty has never really changed from the casual, 1 shot kill game with higher auto aim feature than any shooter. This one has aliens and a dog? Some features that let you customize an soldier so for a millisecond that its alive you can go NICE! Its near unplayable on all platforms but Xbox. For a game which is just copy and paste, it truly is a failure of modern gaming to have something so buggy coming out. Graphic and gameplay are worse than black ops. Its not a next gen game, its a failure of the industry. Expand
  86. Nov 5, 2013
    There is honestly nothing to review that hasn't already been said about previous ventures in the series. It's the same game as the last four, just with a new subtitle and a higher price tag.
  87. Nov 9, 2013
    You thought IW will give us change? Why? It does not have a point. Seeing a trailer god dammit I see much better dog than ever before. Character customization oh hell yeah. I can be a female. Etc, Etc. That stuff could have been done years ago. Pre-release of CoD 4 such things would be given for a single price. Sure that developers would run out of ideas, but at least we would admit that last Call of Duty was the best. It's all about money today; that's sad reality. Expand
  88. Nov 28, 2013
    As a person who enjoys FPS's on a regular basis, I know what makes a good one and what makes a bad one. And CoD: Ghosts has everything needed to make a bad one. Sub-par, predictable campaign? Check. Confusing multiplayer mechanics? Check. Bad spawns? Check. Maps glitched up so they're FUBAR'd? Check. Weak server protection to make modding rank and leaderboards easy? Check. And the list goes on and on. I didn't have high hopes for this game. But this is a whole new level of dissapointment, worse than Cloverfield movie dissapointment. Expand
  89. Nov 17, 2013
    I wouldn't say this game deserves a 0 but i can't give it more than 3 because, as many people said, this franchise just seems to try to do worst on each new episode, but though i liked black ops 2 thanks to its zombie mode (until the last scene in Origins that was a low blow, thanks Treyarch), here there's nothing to bring hide behind or to lure people into. The game (though being the most beautiful of the franchise) isn't at the expected level, and when you think of how much money the game brings to Activision, it shows how thoughtful they are towards their consumers. But above all the game just remixes previous scenes (from call of but even other franchises such as Uncharted or Battlefield...) and does it worse than the originals; and that's not the dog or the alien mode that will bring interest in the bad game. The online is so conventional when you've played previous episodes that i don't see anything of value with this exhausted franchise anymore. But they are right to act like this, the game still sells so why would they bother try to make something good when not needed. Expand
  90. Nov 6, 2013
    Yet another Call of Duty, yet another zero. This is a series for braindead 13-years. Avoid at all costs this piece of garbage. Lalalalala-lalalala-lala-la
  91. Nov 8, 2013
    I've enjoyed every single CoD game I've played, from Cod 4 all the way to black ops two. This however is the sole exception to those feelings. The map designs are decent but the graphics actually make them worse. The class system is overcomplicated for absolutely no benefit to it and so is the ranking system. There's no real revolutionary guns, theres no crazy setting for any of the maps, theres absolutely nothing special about this game. At all. As one reviewer put it: I'd rather play black ops 2. By far the worst of the series. Expand
  92. Nov 19, 2014
    In all honesty, I have played cod since mw2. Ghosts however is the worst yet. Originally, I thought black ops 1 was the worst, however playing it again it's not as bad as I thought. I'm going off topic here but there are good and bad points about Ghosts. Good Points 1. On multiplayer, the guns are fun and really good to use. 2. It's the first cod to customise your own soldiers which is quite cool
    3. Some new original killstreaks are added onto this game including the maniac, guard dog etc.

    Bad Points

    1. As I said before about the killstreaks in one of my good points about the game, however these killstreaks are actually worthless they hardly kill anyone. Support killstreaks should have not been in the game to begin with,
    2. There are not enough maps in the game and most of them are too big, they suck and basically requires you to waste more money on dlc map packs which apparently are really good. If they sucked big time then playing multiplayer is basically pointless. The game has some of the worst maps in cod history including whiteout, siege, stormfront, free fall and chasm (which is the worst out of the lot)
    3. Infinity Ward added a new game mode called extinction, I only played it once I thought it was really bad and never played it since. This is basically a rip off version of black ops zombies. I find black ops zombie to be one of the best game modes in history it's so fun and addicting. It also saved black ops 1 from being a disappointing instalment in the cod series. In a cod game when would you be coming up against frickin' aliens, from the trailers it looked cool but playing the actual game mode it is one of the worst game modes I have ever played, but that's not the only game mode I find terrible which brings us to the next bad point.
    4. Search and Rescue, don't even get me started on that game mode. This is one of the main reasons I hate cod ghosts, they combined search and destroy and kill confirmed into one game mode it doesn't work that way. Many times when I play team tactical and when s&r pops up everyone votes for it, most of the time I would leave the lobby so I can avoid it and even when playing the game mode, when you kill an enemy Infinity Ward thought of the idea of having dog tags lying around and to confirm the kill you have to pick up the tag, however when trying to retrieve it about a second later you are dead because of some enemy decides to camp and makes me rage and spitting out "Stop camping you **** play the game properly" and stuff like that. If it's one ghosts 2 in the next couple of years, then that game can just go by the waste side.
    5. There are a couple of other game modes that were added into the game, Infinity Ward put Blitz and Cranked into this game. Why? them game modes are really boring and gamers would tend not to play on these game modes. The thing that annoys me a lot this that they replaced Demolition which in my opinion is the best game mode on cod multiplayer history.
    6. The graphics look really dull and depressing, where is the colour and texture? I find it really hard to see your enemies on the screen because they are basically camouflaged in the background, buildings, anything
    7. I said before the guns were really good, however they are the same guns from black ops 2 but with a few new guns featured.
    8. It's just the same as mw3 but a lot worse.

    There is not much to say about campaign, in general I think it's ok could have been longer but nothing special just an ordinary campaign mode.

    Overall, this game was a huge disappointment. Infinity Ward should have just stopped making more COD games because when they made mw3 it was not as good as mw2 but I could tell that Ghosts was going to be worse. For Ghosts 2 please do not make a copy of mw3, take out support killstreaks and in general just take killstreaks out overall and bring scorestreaks in, take out extinction because it is a waste of game data and design much better maps and have a couple of small maps to begin with.

    If Infinity Ward fail to do that then it's bye bye to the cod games that Infinity Ward make. If you want a cod game that has good guns this might be the game for you. But if want a cod game that is copy of another cod game, STAY AWAY!!! save your money on a cod game that will actually be good.

    Fingers crossed let's hope Advanced Warfare will be good.
  93. May 4, 2014
    Not really much to say about it. Never played it. But I know it's terrible. I'm giving it a 0 to counteract all the hooligans giving it a 10. Apparently this needs to be 150 characters long so... there.
  94. Nov 5, 2013
    You people giving the game tens and nines are ridiculous. Stop kidding yourselves. If you played the first COD, you played all of them. Nothing new to see here.
  95. Apr 8, 2014
    Es un CoD mas de lo mismo, algunas cosas novedosas, pero son muy pocas, un motor grafico que es ya algo desfasado, un ritmo un poco lento comparado con otro CoD, pese a todo es un buen shooter, pero que tarde o temprano aburre.
  96. Nov 21, 2013
    I am sick of Game reviewers such as IGN Rating this game High scores. This piece of is just a recycled version of MW3. Graphics look bad even on PC! Ultra 1080p still makes it look bad. the multiplayer is still garbage The guns still sound like plastic BB guns. lag, The campaign is stupid and boring and there's a brand new Extinction mode which lets you play against Aliens! how stupid is that! this comes down to a Milking of a dead Cow. Its like they only focused on making the dog look good in missions than working on the pile of crap! this Goddamn game better be the last "Call of Dogs" game Infinity Ward ever makes. Expand
  97. Nov 5, 2013
    Como siempre Activision vuelve a dar por culo a los jugadores con una puta basura de mierda genérica y sin inspiración alguna. La campaña es aburrida, el multijugador tiene menos cosas que el del BO II y aun por encima esta minado con bugs hasta las trancas. Que le jodan a Activsion, Infinity Ward y toda esa chusma que no hacen más que joder la industria del videojuego.
  98. Nov 9, 2013
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME it's the same story every year Worst game i may ever have played the exact same as every other call of duty game. Terrible it couldn't be WORSE. i wold rather play PAC man than this.
  99. Nov 10, 2013
    This review will be based off the multi player proportion of the game. Also, keep in mind I have played all the other games since Cod 4 on a daily basis.
    To be honest, it is the same game as all the others ones. Many of the guns, map layouts, and ideas are exactly the same as its predecessor. A big portion of the problem is the creativity. The maps are all generic and boring.
    I never had a couple of maps I actually enjoyed. Only one or two actually appealed to me at least. I can only have small hours of game time cause of how bored and usual it got. It felt like I already played this... Luckily, I rented the game.

    Gunplay feels simple
    Interesting new modes
  100. Nov 5, 2013
    Call of Duty is really bad these days. Rather than putting a new Call of Duty out every year, maybe spent some more time building them? Really have not got anything good to say about this one.
  101. Nov 7, 2013
    This game is so bad that I'm doing my first ever metacritic user review. The muliplayer severely lacks variety and its maps are very similar recycled components of earlier 'COD' games. The singleplayer is a scripted exercise in boredom and cliche.

    This is what 'widening' the game audience had led to, a CRAP game. Bring back COD4 type COD games, simple and with variety in places where
    it's needed Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 29
  2. Negative: 1 out of 29
  1. Dec 18, 2013
    It's strange for Call of Duty: Ghosts to be released so close to the next-gen console launches, and in a way, it feels like it was rushed to the finish line.
  2. Nov 29, 2013
    If a deep and compelling single player experience is what you crave, look elsewhere. If you just want to get online and go up against the world, then join the hordes of ghosslings already invading your online network of choice.
  3. Nov 25, 2013
    Call of Duty: Ghosts is a good game but something feels missing.