Castle Crashers Xbox 360


Generally favorable reviews - based on 49 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 40 out of 49
  2. Negative: 0 out of 49
  1. 90
    Castle Crashers takes the best elements of traditional side-scrolling beat-em-ups and adds lots of flair.
  2. Castle Crashers is a classic side-scrolling beat-'em-up infused with cartoon visuals and absurd humor, and the result is a highly amusing romp.
  3. When you play this game with a room of other people, and you find yourself laughing at all the gags and references to old games, you’ll be in love with this XBLA treasure.
  4. Castle Crashers is a great title for those who are looking for a quick romp through a magical world full of off-color humor. The controls are straightforward, the simple cartoon visuals are great, the music is perfect, and the combat is fun.
  5. It truly feels like a throwback to classic arcade brawlers in both play and design, and Castle Crashers is a fantastic inclusion for anyone's XBLA library.
  6. If you've never liked side-scrolling brawlers in the vein of Golden Axe and Double Dragon, then feel free to move on because the neat little additions and charming art style of Castle Crashers will do nothing to win you over. If your eyes fill with tears of nostalgia at their very mention, though, then don't be put off by the price of 1,200 MS points because it's worth every penny if you have the friends with whom to enjoy it.
  7. It's a big, bright and bold dollop of irreverent fun, and it could have been truly phenomenal with a little more attention to the finer details. As it is, it's brushing against greatness but falls frustratingly short of its true potential.
  8. Castle Crashers really is the great co-op experience that you were hoping it would be, but because it's just so consistently fun to play and look at, it holds up as a single-player experience as well.
  9. 90
    An excellent all-around game.
  10. Games Master UK
    Four-player joy, but lone gamers will find something missing. [Dec 2008, p.84]
  11. 83
    Castle Crashers is at its best when you've got a handful of buddies playing in the same room (four total, in this case). Taking on the campaign without companions is still sharply amusing (and completely recommended if you don't anticipate playing with friends), but the shared joy of taking in the hilarious set pieces and eliminating giant swimming felines dulls the repetition that comes naturally with beat-em-ups.
  12. Castle Crashers remains one of the best beat-'em-ups ever created and certainly one of the top games on XBLA to date.
  13. Castle Crashers takes such a tradicional genre like the Hack and Slash, and manages to turn it into a fresh and delightful experience thanks to its great sense of humour and lovely treatment. The best part is the steady pace of the action and the possibility of playing it in team mode. It's a fabulous game.
  14. games(TM)
    With friends is by far the best way to enjoy the game. [Nov 2008, p.111]
  15. Edge Magazine
    If you were that kid who was pulled away from the TMNT cabinets by an angry mum, who couldn’t wait for Golden Axe to appear on a home console, and who played Streets Of Rage 2 over and over, Castle Crashers is for you. [Nov 2008, p.103]
  16. Hardcore Gamer
    The problem is that. at press time, Castle Crashers is as glitchy as it gets. [Fall 2008, p.54]
  17. Every inch of the hand-drawn kingdom is brimming with endearing eccentricity. [Oct 2008, p.76]
  18. Stretch your fingers and invite three friends if you want to play Castle Crashers, because the game is literally a multiplayer button-bashing frenzy. The gameplay offers not much more than pressing the buttons as quickly as possible, but the humor and the fun of wreaking havoc with three friends makes the game worth the buy.
  19. The makers of Alien Hominid once again have taken a genre and have given it some fresh elements to create a game that feels unique and special. Four players on the screen, a plot that involves heroes and the rescue of various princesses, and a lot of funny moments are the ingredients of one of the best available games in the Xbox Live marketplace. If you are like us and you love the classic Beat’Em ups, you should really check out Castle Crashers.
  20. 85
    If you want a co-operative multiplayer game that will keep you hooked for hours, this is the one for you.
  21. Thankfully, we have games like Castle Crashers to remind us how fun simplicity used to be. The beat 'em up gameplay and unique presentation go a long way, and for lack of a better explanation, the game is just damn fun.
  22. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Gloriously imaginative and heaps of fun. [Nov 2008, p.100]
  23. 85
    A benchmark in downloadable content, even with all of its launch issues around online multiplayer.
  24. The gameplay is addictive and the self-referential material is charming. It also manages to hit the sweet spot between accessibility and depth that we expect from top shelf downloadable games.
  25. Regardless of how many join your fight, you’ll find Castle Crashers a content-packed offering, brimming with replayability, buoyed by unlockable characters and just-one-more-level addiction. Plan on crashing plenty castles before the holiday rush.
  26. X-ONE Magazine UK
    It's essentially "Golden Axe" for the 'more pixels, more joy' age. [Issue#38, p.115]
  27. The game’s difficulty will frustrate you at times but if you are looking for a game to play with friends, it’s hard to not recommend Castle Crashers. The length of the game is perfect for an Arcade title and the customization of characters also gives the game a lot more depth. It is unfortunate that problems exist online, but considering this game can still be enjoyed with up to four people on one console, you’re still getting your MS points worth.
  28. Classic beat-em-up bliss, backed by a wonderful upgrade system, several new characters and weapons (like Alien Hominid bashing people's heads in with a lollipop) and memorable gameplay.
  29. If you're a fan of Live Arcade games and you've got some MS Points burning a whole in your virtual pocket, then this should definitely be part of your collection. If you're a bit more picky about what you play though, try out the demo first.
  30. While Castle Crashers may have been the victim of some unfortunate online issues that hurt the game's great co-op potential for now, Behemoth seems committed to making sure these issues are fixed and put to rest as soon as they can get a patch out to the public.
  31. Overall, Castle Crashers is not only in my opinion, a game that stands up well with the classic greats it’s paying tribute to, but an excellent game that, at 15 bucks, deserves a space in every 360 gamer’s library, despite it’s (small) flaws (that will be fixed soon!).
  32. The only things really holding Castle Crashers back are some unfortunate technical problems, but they're not enough to entirely suppress the game's gleeful abandon for both hacking and slashing.
  33. Strong sound effects and some great background music make Castle Crashers a great game to turn up the speakers for, despite no audio within the story mode.
  34. Despite the serious online issues, Castle Crashers is pure light-hearted fun that is accessible to everyone.
  35. It's a fine line between "retro" and "rehash," and while Castle Crashers coughs up a few neat ideas, its freshest element is its art.
  36. Castle Crashers, even with the faults it currently has is quite possibly still the best Xbox LIVE Arcade game available.
  37. Castle Crashers is a seemingly steep 1200 points ($15) on Xbox Live Arcade and it's one of those games that's a chore to get working with online play, but overall the game's still well worth your cash.
  38. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    The grind-heavy mechanics may be for online obsessives, but solo players shouldn't bother. [Dec 2008, p.103]
  39. Castle Crashers is a fantastic addition to XBLA, and a must-have for your collection. There are few games on the service that can match the depth here, and those that come close do not offer Live co-op.
  40. Castle Crashers reaches for the stars and actually manages to grab hold, but immediately stutters, lags, freezes, and drops out of the sky.
  41. The game is beautifully done and manages to run on wide screen with no slow downs.
  42. Castle Crashers is a great XBLA title that nobody should miss out on.
  43. A great swan song for the Summer Live releases, don’t be put off by the faulty online modes as it should be fixed soon, and anyway the single player is worth your points alone.
  44. Castle Crashers is an entertaining brawler, but the replay value is chopped into little frustrating bits by a horrifically painful online experience.
  45. Castle Crashers is a frequently hilarious old school action game, with nice longevity and an excellent four player co-op mode.
  46. It’s one of the must have original titles on the Xbox Live Arcade – go and get it.
  47. Overall, it's a good quality title that does indeed deserve at least a look at the demo.
  48. The Behemoth has made one of the best games on Xbox Live Arcade, and it's a 2D beat 'em up that feels fresh from an early '90s arcade.
  49. If you have the capacity to overlook its technical issues and have a group of friends who like the genre, the game could be worth a download. However, until a patch arrives, the game cannot be wholeheartedly recommended.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 263 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 61
  1. Sep 5, 2010
    This game is a fun, sidescroller beat-em up with good music and fun gameplay. It also has a lot of comedy in the middle of all of the funThis game is a fun, sidescroller beat-em up with good music and fun gameplay. It also has a lot of comedy in the middle of all of the fun gameplay. For example, as you are fighting through the forest and all of the animals are dying of constipation. The game lets you also play with up to 3 other players. As you can see, this game is loads of fun and can be fun with 3 other friends too. Full Review »
  2. Dec 3, 2012
    One of the best action RPG games I've ever played on a console.
    Too much fun, full of interesting challenges and crazy enemies.
    This game
    One of the best action RPG games I've ever played on a console.
    Too much fun, full of interesting challenges and crazy enemies.

    This game deserves a sequel.
    Full Review »
  3. Jul 31, 2012
    A great game that somehow reminds me on the old consoles where I use to play when I was a kid, anyone remembers Double Dragon, Shinobi, etc ?A great game that somehow reminds me on the old consoles where I use to play when I was a kid, anyone remembers Double Dragon, Shinobi, etc ?
    It's a great game, highly recommended !
    Full Review »