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  • Summary: Champion Jockey is the spiritual successor to the G1 Jockey series, recreating the horseracing world through a variety of immersive races, intuitive gameplay with simple controls. Utilising the latest motion controllers, being a jockey is no longer just a dream. The new standard in horseracing is here! Expand
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  1. 60
    Ugly and complex, but still worth a flutter. [Nov 2011, p.110]
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  1. Jul 31, 2012
    Okay, I'm biased. When I was young my parents had all the G1 Jockeys, as well as a Gallop Racer game. When most children my age were playing FIFA, my sports games were the International Soccer games (the ones released before Pro Evolution Soccer), Pro Evolution Soccer and the Horse Racing games. I loved them, they were simple, fun to play and I became quite good at them over time. Some people, (OXM UK) said it is a complex game, but it really isn't. However that may just be because of my experience with the games. It is ugly, that is something that can be said for it, it looks like it did on the Wii. However the amalgamation of Gallop Racer and G1 Jockey is a match made in heaven; the two games were great on their own, and together they are perfect.

    The reason I give this a 10/10 is because, to me, it is perfect. It does have flaws, mainly the low graphical fidelity, but I don't hold it against the game. Everything the game tries to do it does to perfection. It's a fun horse racing game, and if you're into that sort of thing then it is well worth the low cost of admission. I paid £25 for this when it was new, and it should now go for around £10. If you loved the old G1 Jockeys you'll love this, as it basically is the old G1 Jockeys, but you don't have to pull out your PS2 or Wii to play this.