Mixed or average reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 45
  2. Negative: 4 out of 45
  1. While the early difficulty and repetition made it seem like the fully-formed experience would be a grueling affair, Comic Jumper really grew on me as the levels passed. By the time I was dancing to get Pling-Pling the unicorn to heaven with Star laughing at me, the smile on my face was wide enough to forget any elements that may have detracted from the full experience.
  2. There's simply too much to love in Comic Jumper, from its well-done and thoughtful presentation and gameplay to the over-the-top hilarity of the writing.
  3. 90
    Comic Jumper is definitely the game that should put Twisted Pixel on the map. Their first two efforts were tremendous games, but nothing compared to what they have crafted with this masterpiece. I literally could not stop playing the first time I booted up the game, and I talked to every single NPC just to experience all of the hilarious dialogue.
  4. Comic Jumper is probably the most unoriginal of Twisted Pixel's titles, with it sticking firmly to its inspirations. But it's not like that's a bad thing. It's still miles ahead of a lot of the XBLA titles being released at the moment.
  5. Comic Jumper offers a veritable slice of old school gaming with a sheen of modern polish, a lot of humour to make a game which stands out in the crowd of similar action games.
  6. The campaign took us just over six hours to complete with a few more hours spent in the base and on challenge levels, which is plenty of quality content for the price.
  7. Comic Jumper is a fitting third entry for Twisted Pixel. While the combat does mar things a bit, ushering in some frustrating moments, the humor does a great job keeping its tongue firmly placed in its cheek.
  8. Although the high difficulty scale (even with the unlimited lives) may leave some people thinking twice about taking on this adventure, the inventive presentation and fun gameplay definitely make up for it. Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley is a wickedly creative action game that you shouldn't miss.
  9. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Dec 25, 2010
    The latest offering from independent developer Twisted Pixel mixes reference-laden humour and twin stick shooting with considerable aplomb. [Issue#66, p.105]
  10. Oct 25, 2010
    Comic Jumper is an excellent Live Arcade title, hard and with an high challenge level but very satisfying too.
  11. 80
    Comic Jumper is precisely the kind of thing I look for in a downloadable game. It offers a clever experience but knows exactly when it might wear out its welcome, and then ends before that.
  12. With goofy stupidity and smart one-liners pepping up the otherwise simple gameplay, it's the kind of game you'll happily trudge through just to see what nonsense Twisted Pixel can throw at you next. Frankly, it's worth it for the stat screen song alone.
  13. 80
    Although Comic Jumper is Twisted Pixel's biggest and arguably most traditional title yet, it loses none of the studio's in-your-face personality and infectious irreverence. When developers tell me they had as much fun making a game as I had playing it, it's not often that I believe them.
  14. Costing the now seemingly normal 1200 Microsoft Points, Comic Jumper is worth the price alone just for the humorous experience that the game is built around.
  15. From its irreverent, laugh-out-loud script to the spot-on comedic delivery of the game's voice actors, Comic Jumper still manages to be one the most distinctive and memorable titles of the year.
  16. Comic Jumper is one of the most original games of the year. [Oct 2010, p.93]
  17. The gags don't always hit their mark, but at its low points, Comic Jumper is still one of the weirdest, edgiest pieces of snarky fun you'll find on Arcade. [Nov 2010, p.76]
  18. While I found myself disappointed with portions of the game, the sense of humor and green-screen madness on display make Comic Jumper something much, much more than a basic platformer, and it's this aspect of the game that makes it relatively easy to recommend.
  19. With refinements in some core areas, particularly the controls, this could be a near perfect downloadable title.
  20. Overall, I personally had a lot of fun with this title. What kept me going through this game was the humor I found throughout the game whether I was at my base or plowing through an episode.
  21. Twisted Pixel delivers big fun and big laughs in this varied, comic-book-themed side-scrolling shooter.
  22. Comic Jumper comes with a strong bunch of jokes and a nice and varied set of levels. Maybe it's too short in terms of mechanics, but its charm and excellent humor shines above all of its limitations.
  23. Dec 28, 2010
    Comic Jumper is an incrediblt well crafted game, which has too many design issues. Frustration may overwhelm the sheer amount of irony and good graphics.
  24. Oct 21, 2010
    There's a surprisingly big game here.
  25. The game's humor goes a long way toward making up for the weaknesses in gameplay.
  26. Unexciting shooting sections and boring beat 'em up levels make Comic Jumper's four-hour adventure feel a lot longer than it is.
  27. Comic Jumper is a fun action game full of fresh ideas and awesome level designs. Unfortunately, it's marred by dated gameplay and a lot of repetition.
  28. Definitely a game worth playing, although surprisingly more for its script than its gameplay. Comic fans will get a kick out of the extras, which reference everything from The Dark Knight Returns to Kitchen Sink Press' Scud.
  29. Jan 18, 2011
    Once again Twistel Pixel has made a game with a good sense of humor. The game is repetitive, sure, but because of the appropriate level of difficulty you keep playing it anyway. Comic Jumper offers a good experience, but it just isn't worth 1200 Microsoft Points.
  30. At points Comic Jumper will frustrate to the extent that you'll want to walk away and never look at it again, but if the humour grabs you then it's possible to overlook the many problems.
  31. It's always great to see someone present their passion for comics in a new way, and Twisted Pixel has shown their love in spades. Were the gameplay a little tighter, and more forgiving, I think Comic Jumper could have been a great title. Instead, thanks in large to its unevenness, it's simply a good game with the occasional fault.
  32. 70
    As long as the gameplay take a much-needed dose of Ritalin the next time around, I'm highly anticipant of a bigger, better sequel.
  33. 67
    While I have some issues with the difficulty, which is maddening at times, Comic Jumper is a genuinely fun game.
  34. Oct 27, 2010
    It's horrible to say, horrible to trash something that's been lovingly put together by a dedicated group of developers, but Comic Jumper: Adventures Of Captain Smiley is, sadly, a case of style over substance.
  35. Jan 5, 2011
    Comic Jumper: The Adventure of Captain Smiley switches between different styles of gameplay and graphics, which keeps things varied. But it fails to stay interesting and fun. The humor isn't meant for everyone which can result in irritation irritated by.
  36. Comic Jumper is an idea that, when executed, becomes something far less great than its conception. It's a game that had to have sounded amazing in the planning room, but the finished product is just a disappointment that becomes a tedious experience.
  37. While the dialogue was humorous, albeit annoying at times, it doesn't catapult the title into the area of a worthy recommendation. So, with that being said, I have to say, Comic Jumper is a letdown.
  38. The comedy is an acquired taste but the presentation is an unqualified success. However, it's the gameplay that's the real problem in this tedious 2D actioner.
  39. With incredible graphics, great sound design and a fantastic sense of humor one would imagine that this game couldn't possibly fail, especially in light of Twisted Pixels' previous works. Unfortunately the gameplay is nowhere near up to the caliber of the rest of the game.
  40. Oct 25, 2010
    Comic Jumper fails to overshadow poor, repetitive gameplay with its humor and art style.
  41. AceGamez
    Somewhere in Comic Jumper is a solid game, but it's buried underneath muddy controls, terrible jokes and some odd design choices.
  42. Comic Jumper is a game that's better watched than actually played. The humor is there, the concept is there, but the execution is sorely lacking.
  43. I need to emphasize that my problem isn't that Comic Jumper is difficult – I love difficult scrolling shooters – my problem is that Comic Jumper is difficult for all the wrong reasons - and to top it off, the game constantly insults your incompetence with grating voice work.
  44. Oct 22, 2010
    The execution and the boring gameplay coupled with the heavy handedness of the humour combine to make the game a true exercise in tediousness.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 28 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 3 out of 7
  1. Oct 21, 2011
    After giving us 'Splosion Man', developers Twisted Pixel began talking about "the game we've always wanted to make". Sounded like a sure thingAfter giving us 'Splosion Man', developers Twisted Pixel began talking about "the game we've always wanted to make". Sounded like a sure thing to me. I was dead wrong. The pitch: a failing comic book super hero and his trusty side kick, rebuild their rep by blasting their way through a multitude of popular comic style worlds (manga, silver age, fantasy etc) cracking jokes and parodying comic book culture as they do it. The reality: The worst twin stick shooter you will ever play. The enemies are over powered and take forever to die, your character is too big on screen to dodge the insane barrage of enemy projectiles. You never get a single weapon change or upgrade, you have the same two pea shooters for the entire 5 hour run. The difference between the comic worlds makes no impact on the dull never changeing run and gun and yawn gameplay. There are some beat 'em up sections in the first few minutes of the game, but they are inconsistently scarce, as if Twist Pixel got board of writing them in. As for the jokes, the humour rarley reaches beyond pop culture reference riddled, self satisfied internet cartoon grade dross. It's borring, frustrating, and well, just not fun. Full Review »
  2. Oct 16, 2010
    It seems they spent so much time trying to make a funny game that they forgot about the game bit. I wouldn't even mind - but it's not evenIt seems they spent so much time trying to make a funny game that they forgot about the game bit. I wouldn't even mind - but it's not even that funny... Full Review »
  3. Nov 8, 2010
    This game was a BLAST!! I think the comedy was great, which is lacking in a lot of games and the switch up of game play was a lot of fun.This game was a BLAST!! I think the comedy was great, which is lacking in a lot of games and the switch up of game play was a lot of fun. Some parts were hard, but what fun would a game be if it was too easy. Games used to require a lot more skill and focus to play. Comic Jumper brought me back to those days. Twisted Pixel is a company known for their great characters and story, Comic Jumper has both. I look forward to whatever they put out, and hope they bring in some Smiley DLC too. Full Review »