• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Nov 16, 2005
  • Also On: PC

Generally favorable reviews - based on 72 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 62 out of 72
  2. Negative: 0 out of 72
  1. Though the game could be longer and could stand more diversity, the cold shivers that run down your spine while playing it are an undeniable rush.
  2. One of the most nicely immersive titles I’ve seen.
  3. It has exceptional gameplay, tight controls, beautifully scary graphics, and a soundtrack to wet your pants to. Unfortunately, a lack of replay value is just inexcusable when there are so many basic ways they could have enhanced it.
  4. Anyone that is a remote fan of horror games should check this game out immediately. I haven't played a game this scary in a long time and the game play remains interesting throughout.
  5. It’s like being thrown into a top quality thriller movie; you’ll feel incredibly on edge and at times have second thoughts on venturing into the darkened trail of the killer.
  6. 90
    Especially with its low price, I’d recommend you buy this game immediately if you’re into horror games. The story, although a bit short has some nice plot twists and there’s enough action to keep you busy between the moments where you’re refreshing your pants because of the scary stuff.
  7. Is it a fresh and unusual take on shooters, on horror survival, or both? Ah, let's just say it's fresh and unusual and leave it at that.
  8. Visually, Condemned will spoil you, as everything is exactly as it should be. Monolith has set the bar extremely high with its first 360 offering. [Dec 2005, p.52]
  9. CCO has all of the gameplay, story, visuals and atmosphere that you could possibly want in a mystery game and I think does them all to a proverbial "t".
  10. Condemned: Criminal Origins succeeds in making an atmospheric, vicious game with an emphasis on hand-to-hand combat and scarce gunplay. The gameplay is great, though we would have liked some more variety.
  11. Not only does it do the normal "look at the pretty graphics" common in other 360 games, but it also has excellent and engrossing gameplay to back it up.
  12. If a little more time was spent tweaking graphics, as well as fully developing the forensic elements of the game, I think Condemned could have been close to perfect.
  13. The graphics, the sound, the level designs, the characters and their voice acting - everything about this game is truly terrifying and horrific all at the same time. Revel in one of the scariest video games ever made.
  14. One of the few Xbox 360 launch titles that actually has the next generation look. While the game is a bit too short, the undeniably brutal action and the great atmosphere make it a winner. [Jan 2006]
  15. If you enjoy horror games, or if you just want to experience a true next-gen game, you owe it to yourself to pick up Condemned: Criminal Origins.
  16. 90
    Like a good horror movie, there are plenty of jump-out-of-your-seat scares, but the game is just as effective when you're imagining what could happen.
  17. More of an “experience” than a game. You’ll come away from each game session emotionally and physically exhausted and even a bit timid about walking across the dark room to flip the light switch.
  18. A consummate horror title. From the razor-sharp graphics to the pin drop audio, not to mention the visceral, frightening combat in terrifying surroundings, this game fires on all cylinders.
  19. Makes for a great experience while it lasts and should give players nightmares for weeks.
  20. Condemned is a very solid game with great horror elements, great sounds and voice work, and plenty of in-your-face action.
  21. It packs some true scares, a fresh approach to its genre, great graphics, and fun gameplay mechanics. In short, Condemned is the start of the next great horror series. [Dec 2005, p.162]
  22. An intense, exciting, experience that is sure to have you slowing down your pace a bit to make sure the boogie man isn’t around the next corner.
  23. It is by far one of the scariest games of all time, and its innovative combat system and captivating storyline make this game one hell of a ride.
  24. 87
    An unforgettable experience. At no point in the game will you be calm or feel comfortable, and that's the best part about it.
  25. With creepy moments that made me jump out of my chair, this title delivers on almost all of its promises.
  26. A solid game, and honestly one of the few launch titles that bring something new in terms of gameplay.
  27. Easily the scariest game I've played since the original Suffering, and it has that beat hands down. The immersion makes you feel like you are so far into the game that you might want a friend nearby to remind you from time to time that you are not in actuality fighting for your life.
  28. Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of the finest horror games to date, managing to mix the traditional scares with action-packed, enjoyable combat. The atmosphere is palpable, the audio downright chilling, and the storyline is compelling and well executed.
  29. The keywords are creepy, realistic and atmospheric, and taken on those grounds, the combined whole works very well indeed. Aside from some muddy texture work here and there, the game is audibly and visually sublime.
  30. The melee combat is easy to control and the ability to use the wide assortment of everyday items as weapons never gets old. The only concern I have with the gameplay is the repetitive nature of how the levels play out.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 103 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 33
  2. Negative: 3 out of 33
  1. Feb 10, 2012
    The best 360 game that hardly anyone has played. Others are complaining about it being boring because you just walk around with a pipe and hit people but seriously that's what this game is. You have to use your environment to your advantage, they aren't going to through you a AK47 so you can just blow through the game. Take the game for what it is and enjoy it. The atmosphere is the best part about it and it was very rewarding to play all the through to the end. Amazing. Full Review »
  2. Mar 24, 2014
    Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of the best launch titles I have ever seen for a system. Its not only a great showcase of what the 360 was capable of upon launch, but it was a good game in its own right.
    You play as detective Ethan Thomas who when investigating a murder by serial killer 'The Match Maker' his partner is killed by a fleeing suspect and Ethan becomes the prime suspect for the murder. As Ethan begins to try to clear his name, serial killers from the past begin to show up dead causing Ethan to investigate who is killing the serial killers.
    Condemned is a first person brawler, a game that forces you to use melee combat over firearms and does so with great success. A game that really feels like you're doing damage with your hits and not just pushing buttons.
    My only real criticisms are that the forensic investigations are too handholdy and that once finished the game offer very little else for you, but besides that Condemned is a brilliant and sometimes relatively scary game.
    Full Review »
  3. Jan 11, 2014
    This game earns a two for it's ideas and for attempting something different using light effects well in a new generation but the truth is I owned this game and never completed it and I think that says a lot for the immersion I felt with this game. I thought the combat was sloppy and got really boring really quickly and there was nothing in the story keeping me gripped. If you can get along with the combat it may be worth getting in an Xbox Live sale for a quid or two. Full Review »