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  2. Negative: 7 out of 56

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  1. Dec 21, 2010
    Costume Quest is really cute and fun, at the same time exciting and rewarding. What more could you ask for from an Arcade title? Definitely check it out.
  2. Oct 20, 2010
    I got the trial of this game. I played it and maybe finished 5 houses. I love the characters, art style, and everything outside of combat. But the combat is so repetitive and boring and the combat is a huge part of the game too. This is weird because i normally don't mind turn based combat but this game just doesn't seem to pull it off right. If you like it I envy you but i couldn't get into it. The only reason i'm giving it a 5 is because of everything outside of combat. Expand
  3. May 19, 2011
    I saw this game at gamestop and it looked so cute I just had to try it out. Im glad I didnt see the critics revvews becuase for once they were wrong about a gome. Costume Quest isnt some revelotionary great game lik modern warfare but its a good game that is worth playing. Especially at a small price of 15 dollars. One thing I didnt like about the game is that it can get repetitive I found myself doing the same thing at each of the 3 locations that you can warp to after you discover. THe good thing is that there is plenty of quests to accomplish and lots stuffed into the cramped but buetiful locations. I was bobbing apples finding rare cards and entireing costume contests. The battles are simple with a special attack a regualar attack and battle stamps that you can buy at a station set at eahc of the three locations. Wants you execute your attack you have to preform a quick timed buttun press or repeated pressses but this adds and element to the battles. You also have alot of stratagey to what enemy you attack first because if you attack healers last you are sure to lose. Lastly the presentation and story in this game are buitiful the art style goes along with the story of the monsters taking you brother or sister(since you are able to choose who to play in the beggining) and you constantly having to find them. Overall I think that anybody that has any time on there hands should play costume quest. THe battles are fun the story is fun and my only critism is that the game can get repetitive and the save system is highly flawed but dosent hirt the esperience to much. Expand
  4. Oct 22, 2010
    The game has charm to spare, and to me, is best played in small doses. Still, I think the game is very well put together for a RPG-lite (emphasis on the lite) game. The characters are well animated, the dialogue is occasionally chuckle-worthy, and the battles, while simplistic, have just enough to keep me coming back for more. The game definitely won't be for everyone, particularly for gamers who want something a little deeper or gamers looking for the next great Tim Schafer epic. Still, it's a great entry for Schafer and co. into the world of downloadable games, and I can't wait to see what comes next! Expand
  5. Oct 20, 2010
    One word "charming"! This game is so cute its almost sick. What I really loved about this game is how it made me feel like a kid again. I mean come on who doesn't love costumes and trick or treating. Overall the game is incredibly well crafted for a $15 XBLA title. My wife and I played through it in one sitting. This isn't to say its too short. It took us about 6 hours total. Its just incredibly addictive, fun and...charming. Expand
  6. Oct 20, 2010
    I downloaded this game today and was completely hooked from the beginning. The style so perfectly captures the mood of Halloween that it actually made me nostalgic, and the story and characters are top-notch. I have to admit that I am a big fan of Double Fine, but I honestly believe that if you have any fond memories of Halloween, you should download this game. I've read some complaints that it is too short for the price but I have to call total BS on that when most 60 dollar games are only 8 hours long. This game is only fifteen bucks! It is WELL worth the money. Expand
  7. Oct 23, 2010
    A very addicting game that is hard to put down. There's a great blend of excellent writing, unique characters you encounter, and enjoyable gameplay to be had. It's charm lies in recreating a typical night of Halloween, but ratcheting it up to 11 with epic turned based battle sequences. Exploration and puzzles round out the game as you work to unlock more costumes, for said epic turn based battles, as you progress to save your sibling. Like Super Meatboy this game is incredibly hard to put down once you start. Easily one of this years best games period. Expand
  8. Oct 26, 2010
    Costume Quest, is many things, charming, cute, funny, original, fun, addicting, and the music and atmosphere puts you into the halloween mood/spirit to sum it up. I first played the demo just because it was a halloween game and made by Double Fine-Schafer-creator of Pyschonauts and Brutal legend. After playing the demo I had to buy it, and I never buy Arcade games until they are on sale. The story is simple, you have to save your brother or sister, whichever one you do not choose to play, from the Goblins/monsters. During your quest you find pieces of costumes to make a new costume-which all have special abilities in battle and while you explore the world and trick or treat. Yes, you trick or treat door to door in between exploring the neighborhood, mall, circus/park, wood, etc. Some of the costumes range from what you start with, a Robot/mech, to a unicorn, Knight, or Frys. I have never played a game in which i was so excited to hunt and collect just to see what the next costume looks like and plays in battle. The battle is turned base, which has you punching different buttons to block/defend, and attack, as different moves are opened up as they are charged. Along w/ the different costumes, you collect candy by defeating the monsters, by trick or treating, or finding them in jack-o-lanterns-by smashing the pumpkins, he he, you get candy. The candy is used to purchase trading cards that you can give to your characters for battle, they act as a bonus by either giving you extra Hit points, or give you an extra attach by T.P. (toilet papering) your enemy so they cannot fight back for a turn or two. The cards also give you other attach bonuses, splash damages, etc. You also collect candy cards with different pictures and names, such as candy Ham-yes ham and orange foam. All the cards, battle cards, and candy cards are full of halloween charm and are funny. The exploring is great as each costume has a different special ability, such as the Robot/mech is fast and can jump of ramps, the Astronaught/space fighter has a light saber tat will light up the darkness so you can walk into a cave or areas not accessible without that specific costume opening up other places you can quest/trick or treat. Obviously the goal is to trick or treat and save your sibling. The game took me almost 6 hours to complete, and extra hour to obtain all the achievements, so not a very long game, but nowadays I have purchased 60 dollar games that last only 4-6 hours so a 15 dollar game with 6-7 hours is great. Replayability-little to do once it is compelted, but it has SOOO much charm and so fun that I am playing it again. Great game for halloween lovers-the musis is also great, really put me in the mood for halloween. I will probably play this every year just for that! So, in other words this is a buy for most. If you don't like turn based at all, or hate halloween, costumes, and exploring this isn't for you :) Expand
  9. Oct 31, 2010
    It's been a while since I've laughed this much playing a game. The writing is great, and the simple gameplay had me playing much longer than I'd intended to at every session. It's full of all kinds of moments which made me nostalgic for the days of imagining my crappy costume to be on par with the Star Wars movies' own costuming efforts. It's short and sweet. I can't wait for DF's next "bite-sized" game. Expand
  10. Jan 4, 2012
    I am a huge fan of Double Fine ever since Psychonauts and this game has all the charm and witty dialogue of a good Double Fine game. The problem is that this game gets very repetitive after about an hour and a half. The combat is the exact same and in the 3 areas given, you'll find that you are doing the same exact thing over and over again.
  11. Mar 23, 2012
    Let's get it out of the way: You should probably get this game. Download the trial and you'll be able to tell by the end of it whether you want this game or not. Hopefully you decide you will because you will be hard-pressed to find a more charming and delightful game on XBLA. Even though the battles are less than basic, and the overall structure of the game is repetitive, you'll happily power through all this to find more costumes (because every single person has fantasized that they could be what they dressed as for Halloween) and to hear more of the funny and well-written story and dialogue. Your inner child is probably telling you to buy this game, and you should listen to it. Expand
  12. Dec 29, 2011
    Double Fine Productions has done one hell of a good job on this Costume Quest. The game isn't so good to be called fantastic but it is still a great game. The game has a cartoony art style which builds the childish perspective of the game adding to the creativity, and general nostalgia the game creates. For those that do not know what Costume Quest is, and what it's all about, Costume Quest is an Xbox Live Arcade title which takes place during Halloween, where you play either a boy, or his sister during the night of trick-or-treating. Without spoiling anything in the game I can say that almost immediately into the game, the character you are not playing is kidnapped by monsters who are looting candy from the neighbourhood, a simply, entertaining, and classic story during Halloween that really brings back many good memories of Halloween childhood. The game play of Costume Quest is either one of two things: walking around one of the three environments of the game, picking up candy, talking to people, or trick-or-treating; or your player, and up to two companions you meet along the way, transform into whatever costume you are wearing portrays, and you battle the different monsters of the game in a turn based style of combat. While the combat of the game does quickly become repetitive, the developers clearly tried to come up with ways to make it more interesting by providing power-ups in the form of "battle stamps" and by placing in quick-time actions to deal more damage or take less damage, which quickly becomes necessary to successful combat in the game. Overall the games quirky presentation, and nostalgic feel has made this game incredible. Costume Quest won my heart from day 1, and since then I have played through the game multiple times, and happily paid for the DLC which was also enjoyable. A must play for anyone who misses the good old days of childhood trick-or-treating or who just plain enjoys Halloween. Expand
  13. Dec 31, 2011
    I got this game for me and my son, who loves to play games with me, but cannot read just yet. I was truly disappointed, that there were no voices in the game, just text boxes. What was worse, the text was flashing too quickly, that I couldn't even finish reading them.
    I found the simple controls to be ridiculously confusing, and the combat - well after the first combat, I gave up. Its a
    cute idea, that's poorly executed, and apparently made by someone who neither has kids, nor has been around any in a long time. Expand
  14. Jan 16, 2013
    This game is great. I enjoyed the simple turn based RPG elements and the use of abilities outside of battle. It's like a short Paper Mario game. One that didn't think it'd be a good idea to replace perfect game play with stickers or side scrolling.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 39
  2. Negative: 0 out of 39
  1. Jan 15, 2011
    Costume Quest is a fun game that will make a lot of people happy with its simplistic style and its witty conversations. The only downside of this game is the lack of variety.
  2. Jan 15, 2011
    Despite all the the good premises, this last game from Tim Schafer proves to be a small project with short and repetitive gameplay.
  3. Jan 15, 2011
    From the first moment that Custom Quest takes us to a world that we love meeting.