Crackdown 2 Xbox 360


Mixed or average reviews - based on 91 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 91
  2. Negative: 7 out of 91
  1. This game is doesn't significantly build on or vastly improve any of the features of its predecessor, so those with high hopes for a stellar sequel will be disappointed. Still, Crackdown 2's core action and appeal remain very strong, and there is great potential for cooperative mayhem, making this a fun stop on your summer videogame tour.
  2. In the end, the most compelling elements in Crackdown 2 can be found in its predecessor as well, and the new features are disappointing overall.
  3. What hurts the most about Crackdown 2 is that I would have been content with a simple, by-the-numbers sequel with a few token improvements. But this isn't even a Xeroxed sequel; it's more like a photocopy of a photocopy. The structure is largely the same, but some of the colors have faded, and parts of the picture are missing altogether.
  4. I can't lie and say I didn't enjoy some of the time I spent with the sequel, it had been quite a while since I played the original after all, but I was totally disappointed in it by the time I put the controller down.
  5. Perhaps the best summary for Crackdown 2 is to say that it's essentially Crackdown with zombies and co-op. Initially, that sounds like the greatest game ever, but the real picture isn't quite so rosy. A newly designed city and seamless co-op aren't enough to overcome the game's ho-hum missions or general lack of content.
  6. 70
    Crackdown 2 is an action game with a very exciting and worthwhile set of core mechanics, complete with some interesting multiplayer options, but also a very disappointing campaign and too much familiarity after such a long layover.
  7. 69
    Crackdown 2 will entertain us for many hours in its multiplayer mode, but if you are looking for a single player experience, you would better try to rent it first.
  8. 67
    There's no question that Crackdown 2 is a mere shadow of the first game, which stands as an absolute classic. The sequel feels more like an ambitious user mod than a true follow-up.
  9. What was good is still good, but rarely better. What was bad is still bad, and sometimes worse. Changes have been made, though only the addition of four-person co-op makes much of a noticeable impact on the experience. This is a sequel you've sort of already played.
  10. Crackdown 2 is an updated version of the first chapter. The boring plot and a lot of technical issues spoil a funny progression, while the interactive structure of the missions still delivers a lot of frustration.
  11. The Crackdown brand hasn't aged well. Three years in the making don't justify the complete lack of innovation, on top of it every old drawback is still there: repetitive, lacking even a simple storytelling, occasionally bugged. Even the four player coop doesn't live up to the expectations. If you played (and loved) the first one there are no reasons whatsoever to buy this sequel. On the other hand, if you don't know the brand and can live with dated graphics and obsolete gameplay mechanics, it can still be funny.
  12. The one thing gamers quite reasonably demand from a sequel is a sense of progress, and for the most part that's strangely absent. If Crackdown's mix of free-form structure, grinding and exploration was enough to pull you in, then Crackdown 2 will almost certainly do the same. But when all's said and done, you might be left ruminating over the same question as us: Is that it?
  13. Crackdown 2 is a tough game to score because while it has a lot of flaws, it is very fun. I can see the Xbox Live-only stuff giving people months of enjoyment out of it, but unfortunately, the limited campaign mode relegates this to rental-only status for anyone without the ability to make use of those modes.
  14. Crackdown 2 is one of the most disappointing sequels of the year, a flawed action game that feels a little too much like the first game.
  15. Crackdown 2 is a huge deja-vu. The game looks too much similar to the first episode, and Ruffian Games did really few things to grant a fresh experience. Anyway, exploring Pacific City is both fun and interesting, and if you've never played the first Crackdown, you definitely must try this game.
  16. If you're coming into the series afresh, Crackdown 2 is well worth checking out, but for those of us who have patiently waited over three years for a sequel, it's a mild disappointment.
  17. Rushed, repetitive and a huge waste of potential. More expansion pack than sequel - and not even a good one.
  18. Crackdown 2 is relatively short, but enjoyable. The game cannot hide the fact that there's been little change since the original. The story is non-existent, and the lack of variation in gameplay makes it even worse. Still, the orb-collecting is as addicting as ever and saves this game somewhat.
  19. Crackdown 2 is quite similar to the previous game, it lacks innovation and fresh ideas. But its 4 players coop mode is really fun, and we can spend several hours playing that game mode. If you plan on playing alone, there are much better options.
  20. 70
    Crackdown 2 is just as fiendishly addictive and recklessly enjoyable as the original, but the single player game has been unwisely compromised for multiplayer and a lack of evolution.
  21. What Crackdown 2 lacks in depth, it makes up in destructive fun.
  22. Crackdown 2 doesn't really add anything new to this franchise and because of the dated look of the gameplay and graphics, this may turn a few gamers off.
  23. Using exactly the same format as the original, Crackdown 2 is still an entertaining prospect and manages to provide an experience that is ultimately purely about having fun. The problem stems from the lack of ambition. Either at the bequest of Microsoft or not, Ruffian Games has taken a fairly lazy approach to the sequel, which makes it a little difficult to justify.
  24. Crackdown was fun back in 2007, and Crackdown 2 offers a slight update to the core ideas brought to air in the original. Whilst those ideas still may be good however, they no longer feel all that special.
  25. For every positive aspect found in Crackdown 2, there's a handful of negative ones. The game is frustratingly bland, lacking in innovation and it really feels like less of a game than the title it's meant to follow on from.
  26. This is the same game that was released in 2007. It still remains an incredibly fun game, but it is more of the same.
  27. The biggest issue with Crackdown 2 is that it feels more like Crackdown 1½ than anything else. More new stuff and more variation would've been needed for higher grades. But in the end, it's still good fun to become a super agent and save the world with up to three friends online.
  28. Crackdown 2 expands on the empowering open-world gameplay that made the first game popular. If you are looking for a brand new game, you won't find it, but a slightly darker, smoldering Pacific City is certainly worth a second spin.
  29. Ruffian Games haven't improved on the original at all. This is more like Crackdown 1.2. However much I would like to bash it for using such boring enemies and extremely repetitive missions - I can't help enjoy playing co-op with a maxed out super agent.
  30. It would have been a real achievement if Ruffian could have met or surpassed the expectations we had for Crackdown 2. Sadly they didn't, and it seems too many other games have beat Crackdown at its own game.
  31. If you really have the urge to play a game like this, go buy the original Crackdown. It'd be much cheaper. You've already beaten the first one, you say? Well guess what - you've pretty much already beaten this one too.
  32. It's a fun game, but it never reaches the heights of the original. There is no real structure to the game, and the variation in what you get to do is minimal. Chasing orbs is only fun for so long.
  33. With most of the additions aimed at streamlining elements of the first game or, at least, making them less of a pain to deal with, Crackdown 2 occasionally feels like a big patch for the first game.
  34. Crackdown 2 is so similar to Crackdown 1 that it ends up feeling a lot more like an expansion pack than a completely new game.
  35. Same city, same abilities, same combat system and same graphics. Crackdown 2 is an unsurprising sequel that loses the spark of the first game.
  36. 60
    That world, by the way, is the same one you already explored in Crackdown, if a touch more run down. Tack that on to the loads of comically plain textures and frequent slowdown and you've got a graphical package that's doing nothing to alleviate the sense of déjà vu.
  37. The only saving grace is the cooperative multiplayer, which allows up to four players to join together to complete the game's campaign. It's much more fun with friends, and obviously built around the co-op experience, but the missions are so uninteresting and repetitive that even playing with friends can't help it too much.
  38. There's no doubt that Crackdown 2 is a well made title, and there's a lot to be said for playing through the game in co-op – and you'll need to if you want to obtain all the online orbs – but there's the distinct feeling that this is just more of the same stuff, in the very same city.
  39. Crackdown 2 is a sequel made for everybody who enjoyed the original Crackdown. With the tiny changes and the heavy reuse of Pacific City, Crackdown 2 feels more like an expansion that a full game. Still it is a solid experience if you feel like another round of orb-hunting.
  40. Though I'm sure the timetable may have been tight and the work not easy, especially with a newly formed studio, to make this sequel, it's simply disappointing to see such light fare being passed off as a new SKU. Crackdown is certainly a franchise-worthy IP, but if Ruffian and Microsoft plan to green light a third iteration, they need to hit more than a few nails on the head.
  41. Crackdown 2 is immense fun, but this is thanks to the fact that its core gameplay remains largely unchanged from its predecessor. In a way, the game feels more like a slightly more evolved version of the original Crackdown than a true sequel.
  42. Crackdown 2 is Crackdown with 4 player co-op, a dull new color palette, and a glide suit that doesn't glide very well.
  43. A thoroughly disappointing sequel.
  44. Yet despite this, and despite it being a blast to play, we can't help but feel that Crackdown 2 doesn't quite achieve the greatness that fans of the original were no doubt hoping for.
  45. Crackdown 2 still feels rough and unfinished. In fact, it feels even more so than the first, especially when viewed as a single player experience.
  46. As long as you enjoy Crackdown 2 in small amounts, you'll actually be having fun - if any more time than, say, 20 minutes is spent playing, the gamer will become all too aware of its shortcomings anyway and move on to a better, less repetitive game.
  47. 50
    An interesting experiment? Sure. But the changes to the game design have all but removed the most-fun parts while emphasizing the game's weaknesses. Whoops.
  48. You know what the biggest thing I got from Crackdown 2? A building excitement for Dead Rising 2. The Freaks that come out at night in Pacific City are generic, but the sheer numbers are really impressive. Driving a car through an ocean of undead is something I could really get into. So thank you Crackdown 2 for making me terribly excited about another sequel, although I hope it doesn't go down the same path as you did.
  49. 60
    It still feels like a budget project, a slice of throwaway fun jury-rigged to a more significant release, but this time there's no Halo 3 to hide behind, and the downsides are too conspicuous to ignore.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 208 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 74
  2. Negative: 19 out of 74
  1. ChrisS
    Jul 12, 2010
    If you liked the original then you will like this one since its not very different. They improved a few things but failed in some areas too. If you liked the original then you will like this one since its not very different. They improved a few things but failed in some areas too. I would recommend waiting till it drops to the $30 price range since it will be dropping soon...believe me. Full Review »
  2. IanG
    Jul 9, 2010
    I'm going to assume that most people rating this game as '0' are those that dont agree with exclusives. This game covers so I'm going to assume that most people rating this game as '0' are those that dont agree with exclusives. This game covers so many genres, there is something for everyone. Anything below 6 is drawn from a chip on the shoulder of the reviewer. Yes the graphics are nothing like RDR, FF, GoW... but that is the point. It's a comic book appeal. A look it has achieved with no flaw. A poor storyline? It does not matter, the Crackdown series has never been about a story. It's about creating your own mayhem with the tools Ruffian have provided you with. No freedom? It may not have the freedom of RDR, but then where in RDR can i attach a mag grenade to a helicopter, and another to a vehicle occupied by a friend, then watch them as they are carried off helplessly? You need to look at different games and apprecitate the differences, not draw crazy irrelevant comparisons from them. At the end of the day, Crackdown 2 is a lazy sunday afternoon pick-up that makes you want it to be Sunday everyday! Full Review »
  3. Sep 4, 2010
    Crackdown 2 was entertaining for the first few hours hours until you realize this is it.... and the credits roll. The game is short, theCrackdown 2 was entertaining for the first few hours hours until you realize this is it.... and the credits roll. The game is short, the content is weak, the orb chasing is tedious and even on (Sadistic) it is far too easy. I rate it a 6 only because I enjoy mindless games from time to time otherwise I'd say its a 4 or so. I'm not saying it isn't fun for a little while but you will soon get bored then furious when you realize you've wasted another $59.99. Full Review »