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  • Summary: Culdcept SAGA follows the journey of a princess and unlikely hero trying to bring peace back to their beleaguered country and free the land from the evil tyranny of their vicious adversaries. Summoning beasts of great power and skill, these adventurers will attempt to control strategic locations on the battlefield until all areas are freed from their enemies' influence. In Culdcept SAGA, individuals known as Cepters move around a game board by the roll of the dice, using magical cards to call upon creatures and cast spells to occupy each area they encounter. Using alluring cards designed by Japan's top illustrators, players can customize different decks to assist in their struggle for territorial dominance. As they maneuver their way around the board and land on occupied properties, opponents can opt to pay a fee for their brief stay or attack the guarding creature to inhabit the zone. Players can fortify their decks and develop strategies in single player mode, then apply those tactics against up to 3 friends on Xbox Live or on a single console. Gamers can further modify the game with their own unique style when they alter their characters' appearances using parts won during matches, providing a distinctive experience for every personality. [Namco Bandai Games] Expand
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  1. 95
    Try your hand at tactical, collectible, outstanding gaming at its absolute finest.
  2. It may not look it, but it's one of the better 360 titles to date. It's addicting, the gameplay is fun, and anyone can enjoy it.
  3. 80
    It doesn't do anything you haven't seen before in an Xbox Live Arcade title, but that doesn't mean you won't get your money's worth in content and downright clever, addictive design. In reality it's a second chance for an unreceptive Western audience, but card nerds know it for what it really is: a second coming.
  4. If you’re more aligned with Bridge than you are with Go Fish, and don’t mind Lady Luck dropping into the pot every now and again, Culdcept Saga may just be the console game departure that you’ve been craving.
  5. 75
    While it is initially daunting, Culdcept Saga is a game whose potential grows the more you play it. [May 2008, p.84]
  6. The deck-building and card-collecting aspects of Culdcept Saga have a powerful appeal, but the game-board mechanics aren't quite interesting enough to justify the excessive length of the matches. [Jan 2008, p.50]
  7. Gamers who are into this genre will no doubt enjoy what Culdcept Saga offers, but with the game’s dated visuals, poor voice acting, so-so solo mode, and slightly broken online play, one can only recommend this for hardcore fans of this genre.

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  1. Feb 17, 2014
    This is a great strategic blend between Magic the Gathering, Monopoly, and basic Stock Market trading. Be forewarned - a modest game can take HOURS to complete; however, if you are into deep strategy and complex, long form gameplay you won't be disappointed. Expand

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