Generally favorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. 95
    Try your hand at tactical, collectible, outstanding gaming at its absolute finest.
  2. If you give it a chance, you’ll be amazed by how difficult it is to put Culdcept Saga down. We found ourselves pulled away from Devil May Cry 4, Burnout Paradise and Supreme Commander, all to jump into another match of cardbased tit-for-tat.
  3. Culdcept Saga does have one major addition over its predecessor: online play. While local multiplayer is still an option, Namco Bandai has included four-player online play in Culdcept Saga and it works like a dream.
  4. Culdcept Saga is a true breath of fresh air.
  5. It may not look it, but it's one of the better 360 titles to date. It's addicting, the gameplay is fun, and anyone can enjoy it.
  6. Regardless of its obvious shortcomings, Culdcept Saga is an addictive, unique and just plain fun little game that is jam packed with content.
  7. Culdcept Saga is easy for beginners to learn, difficult for experts to master, and fun no matter who you are.
  8. A unique card collection board game that will appeal to more gamers than just the usual suspects. However, if you typically hate this kind of game then Culdcept SAGA will not convert you.
  9. 80
    It doesn't do anything you haven't seen before in an Xbox Live Arcade title, but that doesn't mean you won't get your money's worth in content and downright clever, addictive design. In reality it's a second chance for an unreceptive Western audience, but card nerds know it for what it really is: a second coming.
  10. Culdcept SAGA is not for everybody. This is a slow-paced game with ugly graphics, a steep learning curve, and a terrible story line. Yet despite all of those imperfections, this is one adventure game that I will wholeheartedly endorse ... just as long as you're the kind of gamer that can handle it.
  11. 80
    It is easy to pick up, deviously deep with strategy and extremely hard to put down. While it does suffer from some issues such as uninspiring visuals and complex menus nothing can change the fact that once you get sucked into the world hours will pass without you even knowing, which is always a sign of a great experience.
  12. A fascinating and interesting game. It won’t cause a new generation of gamers to rise up and create a revolution in gaming. Instead Culdcept Saga will please the audience that knows what to expect from the game.
  13. While the game offers a lot depth and content, there just aren’t a whole lot of frills and the game definitely lacks mass appeal.
  14. The interface may be intimidating, but the strategy is deep, and the many come-from-behind victories are near exhilarating. [Feb 2008, p.82]
  15. Be forewarned that you need to have patience to play this game. Your matches are long, and the gameplay can sometimes seem slow, but any fan of collectable card games should definitely pick up this title because I've never seen the genre represented so well as it was here.
  16. Culdcept Saga is certainly not for everyone, but is a damn solid game that everyone should at least give a shot. Those who fall in love with it will fall hard.
  17. If you’re more aligned with Bridge than you are with Go Fish, and don’t mind Lady Luck dropping into the pot every now and again, Culdcept Saga may just be the console game departure that you’ve been craving.
  18. In the end, Culdcept Saga is a title where your mileage is going to vary greatly depending on your tastes.
  19. Culdcept Saga doesn't do its best to be accessible and easy to appreciate, and that's probably its biggest downfall. But, when you get past the incredibly steep learning curve, insane match times, and sometimes cheap AI, you'll find a deep, rewarding strategy gaming experience.
  20. Culdcept Saga has a great deal of gameplay potential, but it runs into a few notable flaws that keep it from feeling like a top-tier game.
  21. 75
    While it is initially daunting, Culdcept Saga is a game whose potential grows the more you play it. [May 2008, p.84]
  22. 70
    I could see the beauty that still lurked underneath her obvious heartlessness, but it was so much harder to spend time with her now. Eventually, our every assignation devolved into the bitterest of fights, and I’d storm off, vowing never to see her again.
  23. As a strategy board game, Culdcept Saga integrates luck and skill well enough to be generally entertaining, and even more so if you are prone to obsession when it comes to collection and optimization. [Feb 2008, p.101]
  24. If you love surprises yielded by the collision of inventive card abilities, you'll get a respectable kick from Culdcept Saga. [Feb 2008, p.78]
  25. The deck-building and card-collecting aspects of Culdcept Saga have a powerful appeal, but the game-board mechanics aren't quite interesting enough to justify the excessive length of the matches. [Jan 2008, p.50]
  26. This game will require a lot of patience to play and master.
  27. If you ever wanted to play Monopoly with a new twist, have a passion for board games, and like a slower paced game, the Culdcept Saga will definitely fill your plate.
  28. 70
    The visuals and story aren't going to bring anyone new to the fold, and you have to be a very dedicated sort to want to invest the incredible amount of time necessary to play a single game from start to finish. At $39.99 dollars, though, you do get a lot of game for your money.
  29. It doesn’t seem fair to say Culdcept SAGA is bad, because it’s not. Still, it’s missing too many obvious features to really pass muster as well-designed software.
  30. 65
    Culdcept Saga isn’t a good game. It rests too heavily on the original’s mechanics and doesn’t tread any new ground aside from the requisite Xbox Live play.
  31. For the type of game it is, it really does well. Very unique, very fun, very addicting. It most definitely is not for everyone, but fans will be ravenous and doubters will be many. That right there is my type of game.
  32. 60
    The simplicity of Culdcept hides an incredibly deep system, but one that almost everyone will grasp immediately.
  33. Gamers who are into this genre will no doubt enjoy what Culdcept Saga offers, but with the game’s dated visuals, poor voice acting, so-so solo mode, and slightly broken online play, one can only recommend this for hardcore fans of this genre.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 48 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. Feb 17, 2014
    This is a great strategic blend between Magic the Gathering, Monopoly, and basic Stock Market trading. Be forewarned - a modest game can take HOURS to complete; however, if you are into deep strategy and complex, long form gameplay you won't be disappointed. Full Review »
  2. DawnO.
    Jun 30, 2008
    This game is surprisingly addictive. If you ever played a CCG your going to love this. If your looking for superior voice acting you should already know this isn't for you. It's about the cards, the fantastic artwork and the inexplicable joy of collecting them all and whooping *** in an online match. Magic players will know what I mean. Everyone else should at least take a look at the demo. Full Review »
  3. DanielA.
    Mar 26, 2008
    Culdcept Saga blends luck and strategy in a refreshing way. It's unique to the xbox 360 lineup and provides compelling gameplay for both single and multiplayer. Creating decks with new found cards to play against friends or other Xbox live opponents is surprisingly fun and simple. The lack of an option to speed up AI play is frustrating and playing large games can be time consuming and tedious. Beating the AI can be a challenge, especially if lady luck is not on your side. I would question the randomness of the dice when playing the AI. Example scenario... suspend a single player game, return to the game and play 5 turns noting the dice rolls. Quit to title menu and go back to the save point. Play five turns again and your first few 3-5 dice rolls will be identical. Full Review »