Damnation Xbox 360


Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 39
  2. Negative: 33 out of 39
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  1. Damnation is the eternal story of the genre-breaker wanna be. An action game that wanted to go beyond the limits of the traditional shooter, but that finally crashes because of its repetitive, vague and boring gameplay.
  2. This is not really a case of “what were they thinking?” as it is plainly obvious what the overall intent was, sadly the game in no way lives up to the lofty goals that it was obviously straining for, partially due to sloppy design and partly due to a real lack of nuance.
  3. Blue Omega Entertainment set out with a clear goal, to change the First Person Genre with a mix of FPS and Acrobatics; unfortunately Damnation falls short on both counts and leaves gamers wanting their money back.
  4. I find it hard for myself, and anyone else for that matter, to forgive the scroll list of technical, chorographical, and design issues that are presented with this game.
  5. One of the worst game of this year. Everything's bad: creepy graphics (probably the worst use of UE3), intolerable gameplay, and a useless multiplayer option.
  6. It's ill-thought from the very start, which is demonstrated by the contradictions and flaws evident throughout the entire game.
  7. The mix just doesn't work. Good ideas that were left on the developing process, complete lack of interest during the main adventure, reuse of textures and environments, bad gameplay... Not even the multiplayer game modes are worth it. A shame, because there was potential to fare much, much better.
  8. Damnation could actually win the prize for worst game in the X360 and PS3 catalog of 2009. Probably due to the lack of experience of the developers, the game is technically and stylistically poor, and the gameplay is pure chaos. Suggested to no one.
  9. I’m sad to say that not only did the game not live up to what it could have been, it actually lowered the bar for any other steampunk western that follows; though I can’t see too many developers jumping at the chance to outdo this game.
  10. It's not even so bad that it's funny, although it certainly started off that way. It's just plain bad.
  11. games(TM)
    The huge, sprawling levels, multiple routes and breadth of choice on offer may be countered by awkward controls and uninspired vehicle sections, but there's a modicum of entertainment beneath the obvious design flaws if you look hard enough. [Aug 2009, p.114]
  12. Summing up, the first game of the moviemakers of Blue Omega is not as good as they expected. They have to work hard to polish the errors committed in this game, which better argument is the Steampunk aesthetics so enjoyed in underground genres.
  13. It had the potential, but anything that showed flair was quickly buried by more clumsy dialogue or stilted character movement.
  14. This third-person shooter is a trip into hell.
  15. Damnation sucks at every front. The futuristic cowboy setting is lame, the shootouts are boring and the story is just stupid. Damnation will ruin your day, your marriage and even your life.
  16. A sad story. The game had an interesting concept and a good amount of potential but it just never came together.
  17. It pains me to write reviews like this. I thought we were far beyond this point in the gaming industry to green light such tripe, let alone at a full price tag to boot. If this is the best that Codemasters can produce in the action genre, please, let's hope they stick to racing.
  18. At best, it's a functional third-person platformer that sometimes acts like a shooter. At worst, it's an astonishing collection of poor design decisions, half-hearted implementation and mindless narrative clutter that will only lead to buyer's remorse in all who decide to give it a try.
  19. One of the worst shooters of this generation. The clue really is in the name.
  20. Edge Magazine
    The game's ambition far outstrips its creator's abilities: damned by execution rather than intent, but damned nonetheless. [July 2009, p.99]
  21. Damnation is a perfect example of a game you shouldn't touch.
  22. Overall, Damnation is a complete mess. With the amount of quality titles that have been released so far this year it would be time well spent if you spent it elsewhere.
  23. Look, I haven't played a game like this in a long, long time. I am literally sad because it seemed like it could have at least been a solid shooter. But it fails on almost every level.
  24. This isn’t a premier blend of pulp fiction. It’s just a pulpy mess.
  25. The coolest thing about Damnation is the cover art, and you can enjoy that as you watch this game go from the shelf to the bargain bin in record time, and even then I can’t recommend a purchase or even a rental.
  26. 25
    The gameplay isn't fun, the levels are too long, the sound is bad, and the story isn't interesting. There are more problems, but I'll leave my written flogging at that. Avoid this game at all costs.
  27. The base ideas of a vertical platform-shooter and steampunk setting are interesting, but Blue Omega managed to create a really awful game, with an embarrassing gameplay, lackluster visuals and a nonexistent online component. Just avoid it.
  28. 25
    Damnation strikes you as an unconfident, unconvincing effort, and the only possible conclusion is that Blue Omega lack a basic grasp on the fundamentals.
  29. 20
    Damnation should have never been released in its current state. The setting is very original, but that doesn't make up for the terrible gameplay and graphics.
  30. Damnation had potential, but manages to do everything wrong. The game looks and controls awful and never gets fun to play.
  31. 20
    The game is a total mess. I don't want to be disrespectful to those that undoubtedly worked hard to put the game out on store shelves, but there comes a point when you need to be honest and just say it like it is; there's no reason to play Damnation either alone or online.
  32. Guys, I'll be honest with you here. I really gave my best shot at finding some redeeming feature in Damnation. Truth be told, you couldn't find such a feature if you spent several days playing this tragedy of a game. And if you do take it upon yourself to play it for more than one day, I fear for your sanity.
  33. 10
    It's almost like the time-space continuum ripped open and farted out a title from years ago which, by rights, should never exist and only does so because of some unholy pact with Satan.
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User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 10 out of 17
  1. ChrisR
    Jul 12, 2009
    I'm sorry. This game is absolutely terrible. Look at the game description and title cover. I was hoping for a nice sci-fi action game I'm sorry. This game is absolutely terrible. Look at the game description and title cover. I was hoping for a nice sci-fi action game that would keep me occupied for a nice time. But as soon as I popped this game in, I immediately lost interest. Don't get me wrong. The graphics were amazing, and the platforming was incredibly smooth. But that's about it. I'd say the biggest problem this game has is that: It's way too easy to die. The shooting system and CQC(Close Quarter Combat) system are both very unrealistic. And the game itself has too many empty room and obstacles to get lost in. A 3 is a bit generous. But since the graphics and platforming are quite nice. 3/10. Full Review »
  2. Jun 10, 2014
    Possibly one of the worst game I have ever played. Repetitive gameplay, boring, uninteresting storyline, terrible dialogues, full of glitches,Possibly one of the worst game I have ever played. Repetitive gameplay, boring, uninteresting storyline, terrible dialogues, full of glitches, lame graphics & sound effects, a game that I will definitely never play again, actually, a complete waste of time and money. I'm trying really hard to find a positive point about the game but I can't, I just can't...The game was so bad that It was the downfall of his company : ''Blue Omega was dismantled on June 26, 2009, due to the commercial failure of Damnation'' this is how bad this game is. Full Review »
  3. Dec 31, 2013
    A boring, repetitive, uninteresting game. This could be released in 1978 and only be considered decent. It's unbelievably outdated and thin.A boring, repetitive, uninteresting game. This could be released in 1978 and only be considered decent. It's unbelievably outdated and thin. Not impressed.

    Damnation gets a 2.4/10
    Full Review »