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  1. Apr 26, 2013
    In no way is this game a masterpiece, but it's still fun. People are too harsh on this game. People need to quit using games like skyrim and black ops as standards for other games in their genres.
  2. Apr 25, 2013
    It blows me away that this game has scored so poorly from some people. I, for one, absolutely love this game. All I can say is that if you liked the first one, you're really going to like the second one. The story, and voice acting aren't incredible, but given the zombie slaying action, I could really care less. After all, it's a game, not an action movie. I love that you can target specific limbs during combat. You can beak a zombies arms so they can't grapple with you anymore. This game is great Expand
  3. Apr 29, 2013
    People need to understand a few things about this game. Was it meant for story? No. Was it meant for sound design? No. Was it meant to be a blockbuster to get all the press and millions of fans for the series? No. This game was meant to be played. Not drooled over, not get die hard fans, or the press's panties wet. The game lies where it was meant to be in more important aspects. The environment od a gorgeous island, the weapons that are plentiful, the scavenging of items to sell or give for EXP, the crafting to make the weapons badass and useful, the slaying of zombies by the thousands, and playing with friends to around and enjoy themselves.

    People, you need to look at the finer things, because if you look in the wrong direction it will lead you to an area that has no value or expression, but look the other way and you can find the possibilities and value. But the only value will be the time you enjoyed. Now... would you want to go on the good path or the bad path?
  4. May 2, 2013
    More of the same which isn't a bad thing. Graphics are still good, killing zombies never gets old, and roaming the island at your own leisure is still a blast. This time around there is a new character who joins the original four from the first game. New weapons, mods, and zombies are in riptide which if you havent played the original should definitely pick this one up first because riptide has wayy more content. New mechanics like a quasi tower defense mechanic have you fortifying bases with gates and help the survivors rid the undead. overall this game is for better or worse the same as the original but with more content, a new island, character, weapons, etc. I loved the first game which means i loved this one as well and you will too as long as you enjoyed the first one if not you probablly wont enjoy this at all, but newcomers to the series should definitely play this version. Expand
  5. Apr 23, 2013
    Great game,Is not a DLC cause it has a lot of stuff on it if this was a DLC would be a $40 DLC ,mechanics are great as always,F.o.V totally sucks,weapons and skills are great btw i got this game 6 days ago,my brother works for Deep Silver and I was not on the Official Beta but I was able to provide feedback,great game no more to say only 9 cause F.o.V sucks
  6. Apr 23, 2013
    Let's just get it out of the way of why critics hate these games, t hey are pretty repetitive in some aspects, but honestly I don't mind it.
    The graphics and gore aspect remains cool and fun from the original game.
    The only issue i have is that the first level is the same exact island, with like very little detail changed except that it's flooded now and your headed to some new area (I'm
    still playing it so i'm not 100% sure where i'm headed.. Started with an H I believe, I apologize.)
    I don't see much changes in weapons yet except the nailgun (which is hilarious), since i'm not too far.
    My score will fluctuate as I progress, either increase or decrease. as of right now I'm giving the coop experience a 7, i haven't had any problems with the online features.
  7. Apr 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. yo recomiendo este juego, no les den importancia alas malas calificaciones que le ponen, en verdad esta buenisimo. ofrece muchas horas de diversion. bueno yo le puse 10 de calificacion para justificar las malas calificaciones que le ponen los demas usuarios, pero en realidad merece un 90, tiene nuevas mejoras de bugs que tenia el anterior. Expand
  8. Apr 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have no idea why people are judging this game so harshly. First of all, if you love killing zombies, you'll love this game. If you liked the first Dead Island, you'll like this one as well. I played the first one, and I have to say this game met most of my expectations. I'm 24 hours into the game, and have completed 62% of it.

    There are new weapons and mods, although not as many. s I would have liked. Of course every game can use more weapons, right? However, the amount and variety of weapons was satisfactory (7/10). One new feature they added, was the ability to lvl. up your skill in each weapon class (bladed, blunt, fist, firearms) based on how much you use weapons in that class. With each skill lvl you gained, you also gained a benefit for that class of weapon, such as extra dmg. or crit. (8/10)

    Some of the new weapons include mines of different sorts, along with throwable bombs and knives, harpoon and stun guns, a few new melee weapons, and some unique weapons. Some new mods include AoE attacks amongst a few other mods. Like I said earlier, every game can use more weapons. But they did implement some new ones. (7/10)

    Combat is much of the same, but each character has their own unique fury weapon they use when you go into fury mode. Skill trees are different, but not as choice oriented as I would have liked them to be. Like the first game, you eventually fill up all the trees. So the only real choice presented regarding skills trees is what you would like to be proficient at early on in the game. (6/10)

    Graphics are much better than in the first game. Yes, there are some gliches, one of them being a very rapid change from clear weather to rain in the blink of an eye. But being a game this size, graphical gliches should be expected. (Just look at skyrim.) Combat is smooth, except for when you skull stomp a zombie underwater, the game suddenly slows down for a couple seconds, then resumes as normal. It's nothing that's awfully inconveinient, and it's not going to cause the game to crash. More than likely, these issues will be fixed next patch. (8/10)

    Continuing on combat, you can also get assisted targeting for limbs, which is a nice addition. I don't know why people are saying combat is slow. To me, it's realistic and you can "feel" weight behind the weapons. It's not like Halo where the rocket launcher is as manuverable as the pistol. Weapons swing at different speeds and have different effects based on if they are one or two handed or bladed or blunt. I think combat for as far as weapon "feel" is top notch. However, I wish there were more moves you could have via button combinations or unlocked via skill tree. Which in turn could be improved by larger, more expansive skill trees. (9/10)

    Voice acting and voice animations were mediocre. Sometimes the voice animations were slightly off. However, most of the script was good. Given the setting, most of the script seemed to be appropriate. (7/10) Maybe it's just me, but i find the story much more interesting than in the first one. You are with a larger group of survivors, and some are at odds with each other, which makes things interesting. (7/10)

    One feature I thought was a great addition was zombie "dungeons". Some of which you're required to go into for certain quests. They have special zombies inside with unique names, not to mention a horde of zombies with enhanced and rare loot laying around. There are a multitude of these "dungeons" throughout the game, but they are somewhat small, usually only 2-6 rooms. Great new feature. (9/10)

    Maps are decent, with changing environments in different areas. You change areas a few times, but there are only 2-3 sizable areas that really make you explore. You become familiar with them, enough to know your way around just like the first game. Graphics are great for environments. (8/10)

    Aside from me wanting "more of everything" from this game, it did meet my expectations. It is a Dead Island game. I'm not sure what else people expected. It's definifely better than the first one, but only marginally so. Still a great game, not perfect, but it's worth buying for 50 bucks, and definitely worth renting if you're not much into zombie killing. For zombie killing fans, it's a must have. If that's not your thing, you'll probably get bored after a few hours of play. I've enjoyed every second of the 24 hours I've played. They could have done a few things better (more weapons, bigger skill tree, more combat moves, bigger maps, better voice acting/animations), but almost every game can improve on those catagories in some way. To me, it's very fun, very replayable, and well worth the money.
  9. Apr 27, 2013
    Dead Island was a good game and what it lacks voice synchronization and lacking dialogue it makes up for in playability. Even though this has not been worked out in Dead Island Riptide it still had the playability and replay ability and for those zombie fans who want to survive you will definitely love this series. If they continue the series the only thing that deep silver will have to work on is the voice syncing and dialogue. Expand
  10. Apr 27, 2013
    If you loved the first game, borderlands or fallout, you'll love this, if it doesn't mean I have to wait 6 years for a brand new massive zombie game I'm happy, loving riptide and will continue too, too many reviews seem to have forgotten the developers have come out and said it was more of the same from the first announcement.
    If it ain't broke don't fix it!
  11. Apr 28, 2013
    Loved the first one. Love the "second." Have not encountered any glitches yet and I'm over halfway through.

    If you're an unapologetic zombie enthusiast like me living in and loving the golden age of everything zombie, then you should definitely at least give it a go. Far grittier and survival-centric than most zombie games, and the attention to detail in some things (surprisingly
    common-sense at times) is a breath of fresh air for the genre. Expand
  12. Apr 30, 2013
    Riptide is the sequel that dead island needs.

    I had mixed opinions of the first game some things were bad some were good but Riptied is brilliant and it fixes some of the things that weren't that good about the first.

    There is not texture problems like in the first, less lag ,weapons are more balanced guns and headshots do more damage and zombies are a bit more easy to kill not
    like the first game. plus the game has some good replayability.

    The bad things are the health and stamina is still not the best and there were a lack of beaches one thing I liked about the first was the beautiful beaches and the story got a bit rushed at the end the final boss was not that good.

    Over all Riptide is a brilliant game and I hope to see more of the dead island franchise.

  13. Apr 30, 2013
    Dead Island is one of THE best video games EVER created. Dead Island: Riptide, thank the lord, continues in the same brilliant fashion. Everything that I loved about Dead Island made it through to this amazing game. So yes, I am very happy to confirm that if you loved the first then this is a must-have. You need this game, ASAP. It is, same as the first, a masterpiece. Perfection. Techland and Deep Silver, thank you very much, Riptide is exactly the follow-up that I wanted. Your game rocks! Expand
  14. May 11, 2013
    This is the best zombie game you can buy now ,this is what the first game should have be from the start
    if you like zombie splatter blood this is the game for you. love it
  15. May 16, 2013
    This game takes every thing the first one was and turns it up to 11! If you loved the first one the Second one is a no brainer to get. New Weapons? Check. New Zombies? Check! The visuals are amazing and the island is beautiful. And the multiplayer set up is amazing if you have a blutooth! Do it, get it!
  16. May 27, 2013
    I was wary about buying this, as even though I loved the first game, this had really bad reviews. Have been so glad I purchased this, spent a lot of time playing this game, doing the side quests, the achievements etc and had nothing but a blast.

    As other people have said, if you were a fan of the first, you will love this, if you didn't, you wont.
  17. Jul 28, 2013
    This game is a great improvement over it's predecessor from 2011. The developers have fixed most of the bugs that have carried over from Dead Island 1 however some still remain but do not effect the complete game.

    This game is amazing, I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in Zombies.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 43 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 43
  2. Negative: 8 out of 43
  1. May 30, 2013
    Serviceable co-op romp which goes out of its way to irritate. [July 2013, p.72]
  2. May 29, 2013
    The combat and weapons are fun and the levelling systems keep things interesting and give an air of replayability to the title if your Xbox is starting to get a little dusty. If we see a third instalment though, the game needs to step up a little to keep up with the competition.
  3. May 24, 2013
    Dead Island: Riptide is an unnecessary addition to the franchise and it has nothing to offer when compared to the first title of the series. Two years was a long time for a company like Techland to improve upon the experience of Dead Island, but nothing was done about it.